Night Out


Gaspard had his arms wrapped around Ryan and he unwrapped them so he could get up on his elbows and look down at the sleeping American. They had met at a local bar just last night and there had been an instant spark between them. As much as the man made Gaspard nervous, he was there and interested. It had been a long time since anyone had been interested in him, and Gaspard was tired of having only his hand to get him off.

Ryan woke up, pulled Gaspard to him and kissed him, then jumped out of bed naked with his cock flopping around. Gaspard smiled.

“Time we were getting ready,” Ryan said as he walked to a small built-in closet behind and to the left of the bed.

Ryan took a long sleeved, button-down, navy blue shirt out of the closet and tossed it to Gaspard. 

“That should fit,” Ryan said. “I want you to make a good impression in front of my business associates tonight. Shower first then try on the shirt.”

Gaspard nodded and headed for the shower. Forty minutes later the two men had reached their destination, Les Deux Magots restaurant. Ryan decided he wanted to sit outside and wait for his friends, even though patrons paid a premium for outdoor patio seating. Gaspard engaged him in small talk while thinking how handsome the man looked in his black shirt and jacket. So refined. Ryan interrupted and motioned two men over to their table. One was tall, about six foot two and looked to be in his late twenties with a beefy but not fat build. His face was angular and framed with curly brown hair. He was wearing a button-down, plaid shirt, and jeans that hugged his full round ass. The man with him was a few inches shorter and leaner. He was black, bald, and also dressed in a button-down shirt—in red— with jeans.

Ryan got up and shook both their hands then introduced them to Gaspard.


Emile was busy with his outside tables at Les Deux Magots, but he also had his eye out for someone. He’d just finished delivering an order when he saw his friend and motioned him towards a front corner table.

Nicholas Beaumont surveyed the scene in front of him. The place might be famous but he still found the name Les Deux Magots a funny name for a restaurant. Yes, he knew the name referred to a famous play back in the day and the two Asian statues inside the restaurant but it was still funny. It looked nice enough with wooden chairs around small tables, and the weather was cooperating. He could enjoy himself here if he wasn’t here on business. He noticed Emile, his waiter friend, who’d explained the restaurant’s name and meaning to him, pointing out a table and he walked over and sat down. 

Emile handed Nick a menu and then leaned in to speak. “You’re looking good as always, Nicky,” Emile said. “The man you’re looking for is sitting diagonally in your line of sight across the way. He’s with three other men one of whom is black. Two of the men are American like him, and one is French.”

“Thanks,” Nick said. “I could go for a bowl of French Onion soup and a cola. Do you know if that group’s gonna be here long?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Emile said. I know where he’s staying, and with your help I can find out where he’s going.”

“Fine,” Nick said. “What do you need me to do?”

“When the time comes just be ready then sit back and watch that’s all,” Emile said. “I’ll just go ahead and place that order, sir.” The last statement was louder for anyone that might be listening, so they’d hear just a waiter and a customer.

Emile left, and Nick picked up the newspaper he’d brought with him and held it high in front of his face. He occasionally peered over it to look toward where Ryan Jones was sitting with his companions. The dark haired man looked younger than the others maybe twenty-four or twenty-five. He wasn’t sure who the other men were, but they looked like they were a couple. Nick looked down below their table and could see them holding hands for a brief moment before they broke off. Emile appeared in the restaurant’s entry door and waved to Nick, who got up and quickly walked toward him.

“Follow me, Nick,” Emile said. “You need to go to the toilet and use the stall. Don’t worry about the fee for usage just go inside.”

“Why?” Nick said. “What do you want me to hear?”

“Nothing. It’s what I want you to see and be witness to so we have leverage to get information,” Emile said. “When I hold my hand out to you that’s when you come out and catch us.” 

Nick followed behind Emile taking the opportunity to check out his perky round ass. The man was attractive, with short, neatly combed black hair and large brown eyes. He was middle- aged like him but and had managed to keep trim. They got to the men’s toilet, and Emile opened the door for Nick then walked away. Nick walked into the bathroom and then into a stall, where he closed the door behind him. After a few minutes he heard the door open loudly and then shut. Someone turned the lock and he heard grunting noises and heavy breathing.

Nick leaned forward to look through the open slit on the side of the door. He saw Emile shove a skinny young waiter with a brown crew cut against the sink.

“Oh, yes, fuck me Emile, fuck me,” The younger waiter said.

“Don’t worry I will, Marcel, I will,” Emile said.

Damn, thought Nick, I’m in the middle of a freakin porn.

Emile yanked down the back of Marcel’s pants revealing his small white ass. He took some gloves out of his pocket and put them on before taking out what looked like a small bottle of lube and squirting some of it into his hands. Emile used his greasy and gloved hands to spread Marcel’s ass open, and worked first one of his fingers than another into the younger waiter’s hot and anxious asshole.

 Emile lowered his own pants to his ankles and then his underwear. Nick saw that he was right about his friend having a perky ass but he had no idea that he was carrying such a big piece of meat between his legs. It was not only what looked to be eight inches long, but thick as well. He noticed a long line of precum leaking from Emile’s cock, and then saw him put a condom on before slowly entering the younger man’s ass.

Emile started slowly, then began pumping harder and faster and faster. Nick saw the younger man beating his long, skinny cock and breathing heavily. Emile then raised his hand in Nick’s direction. Nick threw open the stall door and walked out.

“What the hell is going on here?” he said in an angry tone.

Marcel tried to get up startled but Emile pushed him back against the sink and kept pounding until he let out one last gasp as he came.

“I come in here to take a dump and I find this going on,” Nick said. “I should go report this to the manager.”

“No, please,” Marcel said standing up. His cock had gone limp and he had his hands on Nick’s shoulders pleading with him.

“Let me go, boy,” Nick said. “I should tell your boss what kind of perverts he has working here.”

“Noooo, please, sir,” Marcel said. “I need this job.”

“You should’ve thought about that first,” Nick said.

Emile had taken off his cum filled condom and thrown it in the trash. Now he turned to face Nick. “Can we give you money to forget this?” Emile said.

“I don’t need any money right now,” Nick said.

“How about women or drugs?” Emile said.

“Don’t need those either,” Nick said. “I came here to party, know of any good parties.”

“My friend does,” Emile said. “He wouldn’t tell me about it, but I’m sure he’ll tell you. That’s if he doesn’t want you to tell on him.”

“Yes, yes. I know of a good party,” Marcel said. “It’s tomorrow night at an estate in the countryside but it’s by invitation only.”

“Do you think you can get me the address for this party?” Nick said as he put his arm around Marcel’s shoulder in a friendly manner. “I sure would appreciate it, friend. Maybe we can even come up with a way for me to go while you’re keeping me company tonight.” 

Nick reached forward and grasped Marcel’s uncut cock giving it a gentle stroke. “I noticed you didn’t get off. We’ll have to do something about that later.”

“Yes, sir,” Marcel said nervously. “Does this mean you won’t say anything?”

“That’s what it means,” Nick said. “You get your pants up and write that address down for me, then have your friend bring it out to me with my soup.”

“Yes, sir,” Marcel said putting his pants back on and thoroughly washing his hands before leaving the toilet.

“You’re a heartless bastard aren’t you, Emile,” Nick said when they were alone.

“Whatever it takes to get the job done,” Emile said. “I’ve never claimed to be a saint I leave sainthood for others.”

“Won’t your boss wonder why you’ve been gone so long.”

“The regular boss is gone for tonight,” Emile said. “I made sure he was called out of town and a temporary night manager called in to work. One I’m friendly with and who for the right amount, was willing to turn a blind eye to our business.”

“You’re a sly dog, Emile,” Nick said. “And might I add, a hung dog too. I knew you had a fine ass, but had no idea about the rest of you.” Nick reached down and patted Emile’s spent cock. 

“If you ever want to experience it first hand, just let me know.”

“I’ll do that,” Nick said, “but now I’m in the middle of serious business.”

“Yeah I heard you mention that serious business to Marcel.”

“I’m just going to pump him for information,” Nick said as Emile removed his plastic gloves, dressed and washed his hands. “The gloves were a nice move.”

“This is still a food business, and cleanliness is important,” Emile said. “Listen, Nick, be careful with this case. Find out all that boy Marcel knows no matter what it takes. Bad things happen around that guy Ryan, really bad things. I’d hate to see you go down.”

“That’s funny,” Nick said. “I just got the distinct impression you’d love to see me go down.” He laughed.

“Ha, ha,” Emile said. “In all seriousness, Nick, be careful.”

Emile kissed Nick softly on the lips then turned toward the door.

“Sure could use that soup now, don’t forget,” Nick said.

Shortly after Nick went back to his table Emile arrived with the soup and a piece of paper with directions on it.


Ryan put his arm around Gaspard’s shoulders and held him close as they walked back to the hotel. “Did I do well with your friends?” Gaspard said. “Did they like me?”

Ryan kissed Gaspard’s forehead. “You’re sweet, and I think my friends did like you, very much. Their looking forward to the party tomorrow and I hope you are too.”

“So I’m definitely in, then,” Gaspard said.

“Oh yeah,” Ryan said turning to kiss him on the lips.

The two were in their own world oblivious to the fact they were being followed.


To be continued

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