Nick followed Ryan and his companion to their hotel then went across the street to a room Emile had secured for him. He walked into the small studio apartment and took a quick look around. It was sparsely furnished with a bed on one wall, and a coffee table and sofa in front of a flat screen television. There was an extra wide, overstuffed chair next to the sofa. Dark hardwood floors were used in the space including the kitchenette to the left. There was a large window directly across from Ryan’s hotel window. The only problem with the studio was that it was hot.

Nick sat down on the sofa, slipped off his deck shoes and polo shirt, then stretched his legs out and put his bare feet on the coffee table. After a few minutes he reached for his backpack took his binoculars out and walked to the casement window. The wood floor was cool beneath his bare feet but he still felt warm. The curtains in Ryan’s room were closed, so there was nothing to see yet. Nick walked to the coffee table, put the binoculars down, and slipped out of his pants. He ran his hands through his thick, dark blond hair, then along his tight stomach. The workouts had paid off and he was in good shape. His lightly hairy chest was thick but firm, his legs were strong and muscled and his round ass was firm and tight. He also filled out the front of his briefs nicely.


Ryan and Gaspard had stripped out of their clothes the moment they’d entered the hotel room. They were naked, kissing passionately, and exploring each others bodies when Ryan broke away from Gaspard.

“It’s hot in here,” Ryan said as he walked to the casement window, pulled the curtains back and opened the two sides of the window. “That’s more like it.”

“That’s a big window and it’s right next to the bed. People across the way will see us,” Gaspard said.

“You worry too much, Gaspard. Besides I like the idea of putting on a show for others.” He grabbed Gaspard, dragged him in front of the window and started kissing him, nibbling on his neck until he started giggling.


Across the street Nick was watching the show, keeping his binoculars focused on Ryan’s window. He was with the young dark haired man again. They were kissing each others mouths, necks and chests. Nick’s fingers on his free hand traced along first one nipple tugging hard on it before moving to the other nipple. The more he watched Ryan and his companion the hornier he got, in spite of himself.

Their window was large and the sill was low so Nick could see Ryan and his man from the top of their heads to below their knees. He watched the dark haired man lower himself so he could suck on Ryan’s hard cock and he saw Ryan thrusting hard in and out of the man’s mouth.

Nick’s free hand made its way down to the pouch of his briefs and began feeling his hard cock which was struggling against its tight cotton confines then he was startled by a knock on the door.

“Shit!” Nick said. “I’ll be right there.”

He’d forgotten Marcel for a moment and after putting the binoculars on the table he rushed to the bathroom to grab a robe. There was none there so he grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around his mid section before walking to the door and looking through the peep hole. It was a nervous looking Marcel dressed in a v-neck white T-shirt and jeans, Nick quickly opened the door. “Hi, come on in,” he said.

Marcel walked in with his head hung low, dragging his backpack behind him. Nick closed and locked the door then took the backpack from Marcel, placing it on the floor against the wall.

“You okay, Marcel?” Nick asked. 

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Marcel said and then he started to take off his T-shirt before he felt Nick stop him. “I thought . . .you’re in a towel so . . .”

“I was hot and couldn’t find a robe to throw on so I just grabbed a towel, sorry,” Nick said. “Listen you don’t have to worry. I won’t force myself on you I just want to talk.”

“Too bad,” Marcel said, looking Nick up and down. “You do look hot in that towel, I’d be happy to wash your back in a cool shower if you want.” 

“Thanks, maybe later,” Nick said. “Have a seat on the sofa and make yourself comfortable.”

Marcel sat on the sofa and Nick sat in the chair where he could face the young man who was looking increasingly attractive to him. Business came first though, at least for now.

“I just wanted to hear more about that party tomorrow night,” Nick said, “I hear it’s going to be awesome.”

“Yeah,” Marcel said, “ I don’t know too much about it, just that the waiters have to wear masks, like all the guests will be doing, and the masks are supposed to stay on all night. It’s going to be at a fancy estate owned by an older lady named Ines. I’ve heard her parties get pretty wild.”

“How so?” Nick asked.

“Wild, sexual stuff. I was really nervous about taking the job but I need the money.”

“Hey,buddy,” Nick said putting his hand on Marcel’s knee. “Any chance you can get me into the party.”

“It’s by invitation only sorry Mr. Beaumont,” Marcel said.

“How’d you know my last name, Marcel.

“Emile told me.”

“Why don’t you call me Nick?”

“Okay, Nick.”

“Marcel, I’m very disappointed,” Nick said as he put his feet up on the table.

“I’m sorry Nick. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.”

Marcel got up, knelt by the chair and began rubbing Nick’s feet. Nick groaned quietly, it felt good.

“Why are you so nervous about the job?” Nick said.

 Marcel bent over and began sucking on Nick’s big toe before answering him.

“Parties like that can get out of hand quickly,” he said sucking on another toe.

“Has it happened before at one of this Ines’s parties? Damn you’re good Marcel, you need to find a good man.”

Marcel stood up and knelt on the floor between Nick’s legs then slowly slid his hands up Nick’s hard legs and under his towel.

“I thought maybe you were a good man, Nick. You didn’t tell on me to the manager,” he started slowly pulling down Nick’s briefs and noticed his towel started tenting in front from his now loose and erect cock. “I’ve known some people that went to one of Ines’s parties and they came back with bruises and marks from being spanked and whipped. The parties get pretty kinky.”

Nick pulled Marcel up from the floor and onto his lap where he kissed him softly on the lips.

“Marcel, I’m not such a good guy,” Nick said. “I’m old friends with Emile and I paid him good money to set you up. I need to know where that party is going to be held.”

“Why?” Marcel said. 

“I’m a private detective and I’ve been hired to find out what happened to a missing heir and heiress, brother and sister,” Nick said.

“And you think they’re going to be at this party?” Marcel said.

“No, not both of them,” Nick said. “The sister’s dead body has already shown up. There were whip marks and a brand on her back.”

“Oh, my God,” Marcel said as he started to tremble from shock. “I’ll get that address for you.”

Nick held him close for a moment. “Get it for me later. I think we both could use that shower now.”

He lifted Marcel gently off his lap and got up. The towel around Nick’s waist dropped but he didn’t bother to pick it up, instead he put his arm around the skinny waiter to help him to the bathroom. He thought of something then grabbed his binoculars and walked to the window where he could see that Ryan and his friend were still going at it. Their actions made his cock stand straight up at attention. Marcel noticed and fell to his knees to take care of it. Nick groaned and started involuntarily thrusting in and out of Marcel’s hot mouth before he snapped out of it and handed the binoculars to Marcel.

“Marcel look out the window, straight ahead, and tell me if you recognize the man across the way getting head.”

Marcel stopped what he was doing, stood up looked through the binoculars and dropped them from shock, but he saw Nick manage to catch them.

“Is he the one that hired you for the party?”

“No, no but that guy is bad news, Nick, really bad news. Is he the one in charge of the party because he’s a scary man? I don’t want to go anymore. If I do I may never come back, like that sister you were looking for.”

Marcel started to shake and panic again so Nick lay the binoculars on the floor, picked up Marcel and carried him into the bathroom.

The bathroom looked like it had been redone recently and was large by Paris standards, the shower even looked like it could hold both of them.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes, Marcel,” Nick said as he pulled Marcels T-shirt over his head to reveal a skinny but defined chest with two nipple rings and a dragon tattoo on his left arm. Next he unbuckled Marcel’s belt and his baggy pants fell to the floor leaving him in loose- fitting boxers. Nick pulled them down and Marrcel’s long, skinny cock popped out. It was so close to Nick’s face as he was getting Marcel’s boxers all the way off that he couldn’t resist giving it one long suck before turning his attention to Marcel’s sneakers and socks. He kissed each foot gently as he removed each sock.

“What am I going to do Nick?”

“We’ll figure something out. Right now let’s hit the shower.” 

Nick pushed back the shower curtain and reached in to turn on the water.

“I just noticed I’m taller than you,” Marcel said. “And I’m only six foot two.”

“Yeah, I’m only five foot ten,” Nick said getting into the shower, “now get your ass in here.” Reaching for the soap he used it to lather up the washcloth that was there and washed Marcel’s Back and ass going between his cheeks and down towards his balls. Then he wrapped his arms around Marcel trying to comfort him. “You doing okay?,” he said, reaching for Marcel’s cock and slowly stroking it.

“I’m doing better by the minute,” Marcel said through heavy breaths. He turned around and kissed Nick passionately.

Nick soaped up his dick and rubbed it up and down between Marcel’s ass cheeks while still stroking his cock. “Let’s rinse off and continue this in bed, Marcel.” He rinsed them both off then led Marcel to the bed where they rolled around kissing and exploring each other’s asses and cocks. Nick got them into the sixty-nine position where he felt Marcel sucking on his cock like his life depended on it.

“I want you to fuck me with that thick cock, Nick,” Marcel said.

Nick sat up and reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out a condom. He saw Marcel already on all fours and twitching his ass towards him. Nick slapped his ass hard before shoving his face into Marcel’s crack and licking around the asshole he’d just cleaned in the shower. He darted his tongue in and out teasing it while smelling the fragrant soapy smell.

Nick sat up and put the condom on his hard cock then slowly entered Marcel’s waiting hot and quivering hole. He heard Marcel groan and soon felt him rocking back and forth beneath him so that they were in unison. “Change position, I wanna see your face,” Nick said, changing position so that Marcel was on top, riding his cock. He reached up and gently tugged on Marcel’s nipple rings then laid him on his back and putting his thin legs over his shoulders he began thrusting faster and harder inside him. Marcel stroked his cock in unison going faster and faster until both men groaned out loud as they came.

Marcel looked for a clock as he spoke. “It must be getting late and I need to write down that address for you so I can leave in time to catch a bus.” He started to get up but Nick stopped him.

With a strong arm Nick pulled Marcel down to him, held him in his arms protectively and kissed him. “You’re spending the night then we’re going to have breakfast and lunch together. I may even invite Emile to join us for lunch.”

“Nick,” Marcel said, “Do you think you can help me? I mean I understand if you can’t, that’s not why I did this. That’s not why I had sex with you. I did it because I think you’re really sexy.”

“Thanks,” Nick said. “And I do think I’ve come up with a plan which I’ll tell you over breakfast.”  



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