Old Friends behaving strangely


Marcel started stirring slowly. He felt something hard and familiar against his back. When he opened his eyes he didn’t recognize his surroundings and wondered where he was for a moment. Strong arms pulled him in close and a voice he recognized whispered in his ear.

“Good morning, sexy,” Nick said as he reached around and grabbed Marcel’s hard cock.

Marcel smiled as memories of the previous evening filled his mind. He turned around and was met with a hot wet kiss. The two men helped each other take care of their morning wood then cleaned off in the shower. After drying Marcel and himself off, Nick went to check what there was to eat in the kitchen. Marcel exited the bathroom to the sight of Nick, with just a towel wrapped around his waist, scrambling eggs and making toast. He walked over to the chef and wrapped his arms around him from behind. 

“Anything I can help you with, Nick?”

“You can find us some plates and utensils and set the table. I’ve got the rest handled.”

Marcel didn’t bother to dress, he followed Nick’s lead and stayed with just a towel wrapped around his waist. He looked through cabinets in the kitchen until he found a couple of plates which he put on the table before going back to look for utensils.

They ate breakfast in the kitchenette before going to sit on the sofa. Finally Nick broke the silence. “This reminds me of how we started off last night, except then I was the only one in a towel.”

“Nick, this has all been great, but last night you mentioned having a solution to my problem.”

“I do, Marcel, don’t worry, and it’s a simple solution, I’m going to take your place. You mentioned that you’d be wearing a mask.”

“Yeah, but you and I aren’t exactly the same body type and I didn’t tell you the serving staff will only be wearing thongs.”

“Hmm … well I’ll still have to risk it,” Nick said. “Maybe they’ll think my body will be good enough. I’ll just tell them you couldn’t make it and asked me to sub for you. They’ll either buy it or they won’t.”

Marcel removed his towel, got down on his knees, and pulled Nick’s towel off with his teeth. “I’m sure they won’t have any problem thinking your body’s good enough.” He bent his head down and engulfed Nick’s cock with his mouth, teasing the head with his tongue before coming up for air. “I know it’s more than good enough for me.”

The two finished having sex for the second time that morning and got dressed. Nick changed into a clean blue polo shirt he found in the closet and handed a black polo that was there to Marcel.

“That shirt’s a little tight on you, Nick, but it sure shows off your chest. I’ll get this one cleaned before I give it back.”

“Don’t worry about it. They’re not my clothes, just what was here. When Emile comes I’ll head out to my hotel.”

As if on cue there was a knock on the door. Nick opened it after looking through the peep hole. He helped Emile with one of the bags of groceries he was carrying.

“Marcel, why don’t you give Emile a hand making lunch while I go by my hotel. I shouldn’t be gone long.”

“Anything you want me to do while you’re gone, Nick?” Emile said.

“Yeah, walk me out and I’ll tell you.” Nick walked over to Marcel, gave him a hard kiss on the lips and groped his cock. “That’s so you don’t forget me while I’m out.” He walked out onto the marble floor of the hallway and looked over the iron railing to the floors below before turning to speak to Emile. “Keep an eye on our boy in there. I’ll be replacing him at the party but there’s a good chance it won’t go unnoticed. The mask I’ll be wearing will help, but the uniform won’t disguise the fact I’m not a skinny young twink.”

“Depending how you wear the clothes you can make yourself look skinny,” Emile said. “We can do something with the uniform I’m sure.”

“Not much you can do with a thong.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know,” Emile said. “The question is how mad will the host be that their young twink has been replaced by an older he-man. More importantly will they come after Marcel because of it.”

“Don’t know, Emile. I don’t know how selective the host is being. Try to find out how exactly our boy in there was selected for the job. Just be subtle about it, Marcel’s pretty nervous.”

“What about the lovebirds across the way? Should I be keeping an eye on them.”

“If you have time, but we already know where Ryan will be tomorrow night, so first I need you to go to Marcel’s house and get the mask he’s supposed to wear to the party. Check out the thong they gave him and find me one in my size. You know my size, well normally you do.” He tugged at the snug shirt he was wearing.

“I didn’t have time to fill the closet, sorry. That shirt was just in there. Do the boy and I need to be careful going to his place?”

“No more than usual. No one has any reason to suspect anything yet. I’d better get going.”

“Don’t do anything or anyone I wouldn’t do, Nick.”

Nick watched Emile walk back inside then went down the stairs and left the building.


Nick was only half a block from his hotel when he realized he was being followed. He stopped and walked over to a newsstand across the way. One quick look back had told him who was doing the following. As he thumbed through a magazine, the man walked up next to him and whispered.

“How’s it going, stud?” The man said.

“Don’t say anything just follow me to my room and try not to be noticed,” Nick said. He paid for the magazine then continued to his hotel. Commissaire François Honoré followed close behind him. The man was a good cop, they’d worked together right after his wife, Estelle Honoré had died from cancer. Nick even remembered helping the straight, older man out by giving him some much needed sexual release in the form of a blow job. To his credit François didn’t get upset about it afterward, in fact they both knew it for what it was and had remained friends. Not that Nick didn’t find the man attractive with his tan skin, silvery gray hair and large blue eyes. But he didn’t fool himself when it came to matters of the heart. He knew the thing with François was a rare occurrence the same way he knew Marcel was nothing but a fun way to pass the time for the both of them. It’s just the way things were.

The hotel Nick was staying in was small, discreet and out of the way. Most people wouldn’t have found him there but François Honoré was not most people. Nick walked up the winding staircase to his fourth floor room. The room was large with a king-size bed, a small sitting area with two stuffed chairs, an armoire that served as a closet and a small but adequate bathroom. Nick saw his door, which he’d left unlocked open, and François walked in discreetly dressed in a button-down green cotton shirt and brown slacks.

François smiled as he walked to Nick and kissed him on each cheek, patted his chest then pinched his nipples that were noticeably erect under his shirt. “If I didn’t know better, Nicky, I’d think you were out trolling and not looking for a killer for hire.”

“Shit!” Nick said as he pulled his shirt off and threw it in the corner, then walked to the window and looked outside before turning back around to face François. “Shit! First off, François it’s not my shirt and secondly it’s a little nippy outside.”

“So I see,” François said looking directly at Nick’s nipples. “Still working hard on that body, eh—it shows. One doesn’t have to be exclusively gay to appreciate a body like yours, at your age.”

“Gee, thanks. You don’t look so bad yourself, gramps. But let me take a wild guess, we’re both after the same guy.”

“If you’re looking for a hired gun and assassin by the name of Alan Jones, then yes.”

“How long have you known about me being here, François?”

“Long enough to know you set up that little waiter to get into Ryan’s party. We’ve had the restaurant bugged for a while. It’s a shame what you two did to poor Marcel but I think, no I’m sure he enjoyed it.”

“So what’s going on here?” Nick said. “Your guys can’t get into this party so you’re letting me go in for you. Why?”

“I want to stop this guy, that’s why. I want to get him before I retire. You’re not from here, not part of the establishment. He won’t recognize you, but he knows my people.”

“In other words you have a mole in the commissariat. It’s a fancy name for a police station not withstanding. You’ve got moles. Does he know about me? Should I be watching my back?”

“Nobody knows about you except me, I’m not stupid. Besides I need someone outside the commissariat to help. You’ll be safe. No one knows you’re coming except the hostess Ines.”

“Excuse me?” Nick said. “The hostess knows I’m coming and you tell me I’m safe! You’ve compromised me, Franc.”

“Ines is working with me, and no one knows that except you. You’d never get in the party without her approval. Those servers auditioned and were hand picked to be there.”

“Hand picked for what, sex? And why is this Ines helping you?” Nick walked back to the window and instinctively looked outside.

“No one followed me, Nick. I’m better than that. By now you’ve probably figured out Ines is a madame with a pedigree. She’s been in the business long enough to know when something doesn’t feel right, and I’m her insurance. We’re assuming the waiters were picked to entertain the Asian associates that Ryan has coming to his party. He doesn’t usually work alone, I think this party is his way of rewarding the underlings. I’m also guessing the star entertainment will be the missing heir you’re looking for.”

“Is there anything you don’t know about why I’m here?”

“It’s been a long time, Nick, were you going to tell me you were here?”

François surprised Nick by walking up to him and sucking on first one erect nipple then the next. Before he could say anything Nick was swept up into a passionate and very French kiss. He didn’t know what to think or say. This wasn’t typical François. He opened his mouth to say something but found a finger held against his lips.

François kissed Nick again, pushed his head downward to his crotch and against the protruding outline of his engorged cock.

Nick unzipped his friend’s pants and pulled out his thick, tan, uncut cock. He started licking at the head as he pushed the foreskin back with his hand. Franc’s cock always tasted so good to him. He felt strong arms raising him up so he was even to his French cop’s face.

The commissaire kissed him again, inserting his tongue deeply. He felt his body heat rising as he fumbled with the front of Nick’s pants. Then he felt Nick’s hands as they guided his and helped him lower his pants. His cock felt hard and warm in his hands even through the tight white underwear he was wearing. He slipped his hands inside and played with the hard cock and large, soft balls. And still he kissed him, his old friend. He’d surprised himself when he kissed him, and now he was fondling him. The desire he felt was overwhelming him to the point that he yanked down Nick’s underwear and turned him around so he could see his ass. It was meaty but firm and looked so desirable. François took off his shirt and slipped out of his shoes and socks while running his flat palms along the bare ass in front of him. He took off his pants and underwear then got on his knees and began kissing Nick’s ass while his fingers explored the curve and crack. I must be mad, he thought, but it’s been so long since I’ve been with anyone and he looks so good. He couldn’t resist and dug his nose and face into Nick’s ass, inhaling.

Nick heard himself groan out loud. What the hell was François doing? It felt good, great as a matter of fact. Then it stopped and he felt himself being turned around and kissed on the mouth, followed by the neck and nipples. The kisses stopped right below his stomach, there’d be no blow job. Nick guessed that would be pushing it. He felt François grab his hand and lead him to the bed where he pushed him gently onto his back. From that position he could see that the guy still had a nice tight body with a light dusting of hair on his well-defined chest and legs.

François put his hands under Nick’s legs and raised them up so that his nice, white ass was in the air.

Nick thought he knew what was coming. It had been a while, but he was about to get fucked by a man who claimed to be straight.


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