New Friends, old friends and Comrades


Gaspard sat nervously in the car, looking out the window at the cityscape as it gave way to lush countryside. Ryan was playing a Vivaldi compact disc and seemed lost in the music.

In fact Ryan was lost in thought, occasionally turning to look at his nervous companion. Despite all his well laid plans Ryan had a sense that something was off. His informants said that there was talk about him, not much talk, but it didn’t take much talk to cause problems. After this party he was going to have to lay low and vanish for a while. He put his hand on Gaspard’s knee and gave it a reassuring pat. Ryan wasn’t sure what to do with this guy who was adorable and hot in bed. Earlier in the morning Gaspard had given him a blowjob that left Ryan’s body trembling. The man was a hell of a lover and a great kisser. Ryan had thought of him as dispensable, but now he was changing his mind. As far as he knew, nobody was aware Gaspard even existed. Ryan could stay with him for a couple of days after the party before leaving France. If they continued hitting it off maybe he could stay with Gaspard on a return visit. The two were strangers when they met and had no connections to one another that could be traced by others. Plus there were also added benefits sexually, and Ryan liked the way Gaspard was so pliable in his hands. He ran his fingers through Gaspard’s dark hair.

“What’s got you so nervous, Gaspard?”

Gaspard looked up at Ryan with large, innocent eyes. “The gold mask that looks like the face of a Greek god and that skimpy short gold Greek outfit I have to wear, not to mention the thong underneath.”

Ryan put his hand on the back of Gaspard’s neck massaging it then he smiled. He took a left turn on the road in front of them and they were shaded by two rows of trees on either side that formed a canopy. To the right side of the road was a large glistening lake. The early morning fog had lifted and it was a beautiful sunny day.

 Gaspard looked at the sunbeams shining through openings in the canopy of trees and watched the dancing shapes it created on the road. He wished he had his paints and canvas but there was no time for that right now anyway. Ryan’s hand was warm and felt good on his neck. It was replaced by a soft kiss on the cheek. 

“You look like a Greek god as it is,” Ryan said. “The outfit will only accentuate your good looks. Our American friends from Les Deux Magots will be there and dressed the same way and so will I. Besides, the waiters will really be the ones that are barely dressed. Only thongs and masks for them.”

“Just what kind of party is this, Ryan?”

“The business kind of party,” Ryan said. “I’m entertaining clients who like the sight of naked flesh. If things get too wild you can escape upstairs with our American friends. I won’t mind.”

“Won’t there be a hostess too? Tell me about her,” Gaspard said.

“Oh yes, her name is Madame Ines,” Ryan said. “She’s attractive enough and regal in the way she carries herself. A true lady, probably in her mid to late fifties, although she’s never told anyone her true age. One of her husbands left her the chateau where the party’s being held. He left her a large and beautiful home but no money. Ines was a smart cookie and found ways to make money fast. She is a madame in the literal sense, the kind that peddles flesh. One of the finest madames around with the best selection to be found. She chooses her product well. She’d love to have someone with your looks in her stable, but that’s not going to happen. I’ll make sure nothing happens to you.” Ryan felt Gaspard’s hand on his hand and then the young man’s head on his shoulder. He could almost feel sorry for him but it was foolish for someone Gaspard’s age to be so naive.


Nick had plenty of time to think about things during his drive to the country. His mind should be on the case at hand but instead his thoughts were on his old friend François. The man had not only kissed him but fucked him long and hard in the ass with that large cock of his. Nick thought he knew the man but hadn’t seen any of this coming. The poor cop hadn’t been with a woman since his wife had died and he and Nick were close, so in a way it made sense. Maybe it’s a French thing, Nick thought, no labels just love amongst comrades, whatever happened happened. There was no drama with any of it which was very nice especially since neither of them needed any major distractions from the case.

François had told Nick that Ines was helping him but no one else knew that. If things got really out of hand Nick and Ines might be able to help one another but had to be inconspicious about it. Ryan couldn’t have any suspicions about Ines or her life would be in danger. Nick tried to remember what else François had told him while they were laying together naked in bed. Ryan was a hit man and the police were watching him. There were definite suspicions but no real proof. François suspected he had something planned involving the two men Nick had seen him eating with at Les Deux Magots. Both were from America. The white man—Brian Atkins—came from a powerful conservative political family. He’d caused quite a commotion when he threw open the closet door and announced plans to marry his black, liberal, boyfriend—Leonard Chapman. Nick thought back to the conversation.

They were lying in bed still exhausted from sex and trying to discuss business, when Nick had said, “But Franc, do you really think Brian’s own family would hate him enough to take out a contract on him. Couldn’t they just ship him away somewhere if they felt they had to do something.”

François stretched his arm out and put it around Nick bringing him in close to him. Nick lay his head on François’s chest and looked up at him. He could almost see steam coming from the policeman’s ears. The man was deep in thought.

“I’ve been thinking about it, Nick, and I do believe the family would hire a hit man to get rid of Brian. He has an older brother going into politics as a conservative. The whole family is extremely conservative and Brian is a huge embarrassment to them. Brian’s boyfriend Leonard has an agenda he’s pushing, a very liberal one, and he enjoys being in the limelight. He’s not one to be shoved away somewhere, and wherever he is so is Brian.”

“I do see your point now,” Nick said. “The man’s from a conservative southern family that’s probably devoutly religious too and he brings home a black, liberal, boyfriend. Yeah, that would do it. More than enough to motivate them to take a hit out on him and or his boyfriend. Which one do you think the hit’s on?”

“Your guess is as good as mine, Nick. If they pick either one to put the hit on, the other would surely go to the press with a story.”

“Either way,” Nick said, “with two people that high profile even if someone took them both out there’d be a story. But it would put them in a position to control what story got out there. One that would put more of the blame on the black lover.”

François leaned over and kissed Nick hard on the lips then the neck making his way down until he was sucking on Nick’s nipples, first one then the other.

“What’s gotten into you, Francois? Not that I mind but this is different than the last time. This time has been more like making love and less like sports fucking. Didn’t you get together with any fine French ladies after I left.”

François rolled over on top of Nick and propped his head up with his elbow on Nick’s chest and kissed him on the lips again. “No. There are no more ladies for me, my wife was the last. There was no one since you were last here. You’ve been a good friend Nick, we understand each other. I’m not sure I understand all of this but it feels good. I don’t know if this will lead anywhere.”

“Okay,” Nick said. “I won’t rush out and book a church where gay marriage is legal. Don’t worry about it, pal.”

François held Nick’s face in his hands and looked him directly in the eyes as he spoke. “I don’t call anyone a friend unless I mean it, that’s why I don’t have many friends. No matter what, I love you as a friend and more. How much more I still don’t know. I don’t want you to think I’m being selfish and just using you to get off.”

“That’s fine,” Nick said. “Use me, it’s nice and I love you at least as a friend. Now shut up and fuck me one more time.”

Nick smiled to himself as he drove—François was one hell of a top man. After their session Nick went back to the apartment he was using for surveillance and talked to Emile. He had him take Marcel to a safe place just in case of anything. Nick turned his focus back to the road and continued driving until he got to the rear entrance of Ines’s estate. As promised there was a small convertible car waiting, alongside of which was a tall slender woman. She wore a wide brimmed hat, long flowing scarf and cream colored pantsuit. She had long, shoulder-length, red hair and was wearing large tortoise shell sunglasses. Nick looked her over as he parked by her car. She looked good, more like a woman in her forties than in her fifties. He checked himself in the car mirror—hair nicely brushed, teeth clean, discreet black polo shirt, jeans and sneakers. The outfit works he thought as he got out of his car and headed toward Ines.

“Good you’re on time,” Ines said in a thick, low, voice. “Leave your car here in case we need to make a quick escape. It’ll be safe.”

“You’re worried,” Nick said, “but you haven’t checked my credentials.”

“I wouldn’t be talking to you if I didn’t know who you were the minute you drove up, Nick Beaumont. Our mutual friend showed me your picture although I must say you’re much better looking in person.”

“Thank you,” Nick said. “I can say the same about you. The red hair is a change but it works well.”

“A change of wig, make up and clothes keeps people guessing,” Ines said, “and never quite sure of the woman they know as Ines. Makes me feel a bit more secure, foolish as it sounds.” She clicked her car doors open and walked to the driver’s side.

“Doesn’t sound foolish to me,” Nick said. “It throws people off their game when they deal with you and anything that gives you the upper hand is intelligent in my opinion. Hardly foolish.” He opened the door to the passenger side of Ines’s car and got inside.

Ines drove through the open immense iron gates at the back entrance to her estate. They drove on a small one lane road surrounded by wild nature on both sides.

“The estate consists of fifty hectares or 125 acres, like you Americans would say, most of it left in its natural state,” Ines said. “Occasionally we hunt on the property.”

“Why are you worried?” Nick said. “You’ve dealt with Ryan’s sort before, but you sound like you think we may have a serious need for a contingency plan tonight.”

“I have dealt with Ryan’s sort before, Mr. Beaumont.”

“Nick will, do.”

“Alright then, Nick,” Ines said. “Hit men usually like to work alone. Sometimes they have help but not often. It’s very unusual for them to invite all their associates to a party like Ryan has done tonight. There can only be two reasons for why he’s done just that.”

“He could be ready to retire,” Nick said. “Which means we may have a very big problem tonight. If he’s retiring he’ll want to do so in peace and feeling secure. Meaning he’ll want to get rid of anyone that knows him. Would that include you, Ines?”

“That’s one reason and no it wouldn’t include me. Men like him don’t worry about madames or whores unless they think they’re mixed up with the police. Besides,there are others who would take offense to him killing me off. It’s easier for him if he keeps me alive.” 

“You’re well connected, good for you Ines. Our boy Ryan would get someone higher up very angry if he did anything to you huh?”

“Something like that,” Ines said. “But you haven’t asked about what his second reason might be for the party.”

“I’m guessing Ryan has something to sell or show off,” Nick said. “ I’m hoping it’s the missing heir I’m looking for. What do you know about the guests?”

“Not much, Nick. At first I thought they would be from the Middle East. They’re the usual clients for handsome blond men, like the boy François told me you’re looking for, but they’re not Arabs. He’s hosting a group of Asian men which means the party is bound to get kinky.” 

“Are you being prejudiced or speaking from past dealings?” Nick asked.

“I’ve noticed different people groups have certain tastes when it comes to entertainment of a sexual nature. The Asian and Dutch groups have been amongst my kinkier clients. Oh and Nick, I do know Ryan is bringing a special guest to entertain his group. Maybe you’ll get close enough to see whether or not it’s your missing heir.”

“Do you think Ryan will buy me as a waiter?”

“No. He asked for a very specific type. Slender, twink, types. You definitely don’t fit the description.” She drove over an old stone bridge with a small stream running under it. “That’s not an insult, Nick. You’re not only masculine but handsome as well. François is a good judge of people and he thinks highly of you. But Nick, be on guard tonight, my gut is telling me something isn’t right.”

“You’re right Ines, our friend is a good judge of people so I’ll trust your gut and watch both our asses.”


They were running early so Ryan had given in to Gaspard and pulled off onto a shaded country road. He allowed Gaspard to distract him with hot wet kisses. Ryan was really indulging himself as he lay back with his eyes closed and enjoyed Gaspard’s hot mouth which surrounded his throbbing cock. Now he knew he was ready to retire when he let a naive kid like Gaspard get to him to this extent. If need be he wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet in the French man’s head but damn he was enjoying himself with him more than he ever had with others. Maybe this time he’d leave France with a souvenir. That’s if there was no need to kill him.


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