Nick was impressed with Ines’s home which was a large stone French chateau with turrets on each side. It was large by his standards but small compared to truly large chateaus in the region. He checked out the back of the house as they drove up. There was a stone patio running the full length of the home. Wood shutters framed the many window of the home.

A thin older man dressed in a black shirt and slacks exited the home, opened Ines’s door and took her car keys. Nick let himself out and listened to what the man was saying.

“When should I come back for you?”

Ines looked at Nick before speaking. “I’m not sure. I’ll call you. Ryan says his people will be spooked if they see any cars.”

“Understood but I don’t like this,” the man said before getting in the driver’s seat of the car.

Nick listened to the sound of the driveway gravel crunching under the car’s tires as the man quickly drove away. “Was he your bodyguard?”

“Yes. But now you are if need be.” She led him in through a back door leading directly into a large kitchen. The servers were already there and waiting, so she said, “Why are you all still dressed. Follow me quickly.”

The group of men followed Ines out of the kitchen and into the two story library with a large stone fireplace that dominated the room. Two walls were filled from top to bottom with books. Both sides were twins with ornate gold circular staircases leading an openwork metal floor and railings from which to access the second story of the bookcase. Heavy burgundy velvet curtains hung on the windows blocking out any outdoor light which could be damaging to the books.

“Change and be quick about it,” Ines said. “You can leave your clothes in this room. Our client will be here soon. I’ll be back with him so be ready.”

The group of ten men started undressing. As Nick looked around he realized the term “men” to describe the others in the room with him definitely didn’t accurately describe them. They were all skinny and young looking, most looked to be in their early twenties. He reminded himself that he was here on business as he looked around at all the naked cocks and asses around him. He stripped, and after taking the black latex jockstrap out of his pocket, put his clothes safely under a chair to the left of him. More than a few of the others in the room were looking him up and down so he quickly put his jockstrap on before anything started to stir down below. Nick looked up to see Ines enter the room followed by Ryan who was carrying a box. The young man Nick had seen him with in Paris also entered the room. Ryan’s taste was impeccable, his companion was easily the best looking male in the room under thirty. As an experiment Nick deliberately tried to lock eyes with Ryan’s date. He managed to hold his attention for a second before the young man lowered his face, flustered. The guy’s got no idea who he’s involved with or what’s going on, poor kid, Nick thought.

“Line up, please,” Ines said.

The men all lined up sticking their non-existent chests out. Ryan walked up and down the line never once taking his eyes off Nick. He stopped and ran his flat palm down Nick’s chest then faced Ines.

“He’s handsome Ines, but not what I asked for,” Ryan said. “Explain.”

“The last boy, the one your friend recommended from the restaurant backed out,” Ines said. “No explanation.”

“Not very professional,” Ryan said. “Who is this man? He’s no waiter.”

Nick started to open his mouth but saw Ines motion him back.

“All right,” Ines said. “He works for me as security. I figured he could do double duty. Why not? You said yourself he was handsome.”

“He’ll scare my clients,” Ryan said. “Make sure to keep him out of the way, and he leaves when you do.”

“Understood,” Ines said.

Ryan put the box he had on a table and opened it. While his back was turned Nick continued trying to flirt with the handsome companion. The box was opened and Ryan held up a rubber pig mask.

“There’s one for each of you,” Ryan said. “They fasten tightly in back. You keep them on for the entire evening. That is if you want to get paid.”

Ryan gently grabbed Gaspard’s arm and led him out of the room.

The men in the room put the masks on their heads and helped one another fasten the locks on the back. Ines looked up and down at their bare feet and bodies, naked except for the small jock straps.

“Wait in the kitchen until they call you to come out then follow their orders,” Ines said.

Nick had already turned around and gotten dressed again. “Now what?” he said.

Ines put her finger to her lips and said, “Shhh.” Then she closed the door to the library. “Follow me.” Without looking back, she walked up the spiral staircase on the left side of the room.

Nick followed her up the stairs and watched as she removed a large book of love poems from a shelf at eye level. She waved him over and when he walked up he noticed that he could see into the large formal dining room which was set up for a party.

Ines replaced the book then walked to the end of the walkway and pulled on a world atlas but the book didn’t come out. Instead the whole section opened. They both walked through and into a hallway and the secret door closed behind them.

“Handy,” Nick said as he followed Ines into a room directly to the left of the secret door.

He was inside a bright bedroom done in shades of grey satin with a large plush bed in the center. The walls were padded grey satin. Nick felt like he was inside a jewelry box. Ines walked over to her dressing table and sat on a low upholstered bench. The drapes in the room were opened but the sheers were closed.

“You can go to my curtains and look out.” Ines said. “The special fabric will allow you to see without being seen. Ryan would like me to meet the guests before leaving. He thinks it adds a certain finesse to be greeted by the lady of the house. You may want to get a look at his special entertainment. No one will be using the library just be discrete when you go in there so you don’t get caught. The rest of the time wait up here. It’ll be safer for both of us that way.”

“When will you call your security man to pick you up,” Nick said.

“I’m not sure,” Ines said. “I’ll play that by ear. Let me show you something, pay attention.” She stood up and walked to a door by her bed. “By the way the padding in this room isn’t mere decoration it’s also to keep it completely soundproof.”

“Clever,” Nick said.

Nick followed Ines to the door and once it was opened he found himself in a luxurious closet filled with everything a society woman would need. There were racks of clothes and a wall of shoes. Ines walked to a pair of black rhinestone covered stilettos and tilted the left shoe back which opened the wall to unveil a small dark alcove with several television monitors above a desk and chair.

“I don’t have much time to explain everything,” Ines said, “but these monitors will show you most of the rooms in the house. The images are not always clear so you’ll still want to go to the library for a look at Ryan’s special entertainment.”

“Do you think it’s the boy I’m looking for?” Nick said.

“I don’t know but it could be him,” Ines said.

Nick watched and paid attention as Ines showed him how to use the monitoring system. He stayed in the room while she went to change. It wasn’t long before he saw Brian Atkins and Leonard Chapman on the monitor as they arrived at the house and were greeted by Ryan. Following their progress into the house he made note of the fact that their bedroom was at the end of this hall.

Ines, dressed in a shimmering, sheer gold robe over silky gold pants and a top, excused herself after making sure Nick was well acquainted with everything.

Searching the rest of the house on the monitors, Nick didn’t see anything particularly important so he went back to Brian and Leonard’s room turning up the volume on the headphones he was wearing so he could listen in on their conversation.

The room the two men were in was tastefully decorated in a hunting lodge theme with creamy yellow walls, a large, wood, four poster bed and two chairs under a window. There was a tall armoire in front of the bed with a full length oval mirror on the door. Ryan was checking his appearance in the mirror before he turned to face the men.

“Gaspard will be here in a bit,” Ryan said. “You won’t be interrupted. Feel free to do whatever you want with him.”

“Thanks,” Brian said. “A forced three way has long been a fantasy of mine. I’m glad you suggested it, Ryan.” He took his wallet out from inside his jacket pocket and took a check out of it which he handed to Ryan.

Ryan looked down at the check. Chump change, he thought before he folded it and put it in his jacket pocket. “Have fun, boys. Leonard, my guests would be impressed to meet you if you wouldn’t mind once you’ve changed. After a quick hello you can come back upstairs.”

“No, problem,” Leonard said

* * * *

Nick wondered what Ryan was up, to but would have to wait and see it play itself out. One thing was clear, Gaspard was in trouble. He was probably being used to set up the two men somehow. Hopefully the young man could handle himself because Nick needed to see if the missing heir he was hired to find was somewhere in this house. Scanning the rest of the rooms he saw only the waiters preparing in the kitchen. Ryan was busy checking things so Nick looked in on Brian and Leonard again.

Someone’s having fun, thought Nick looking at the monitor in front of him.

The two men were kissing in front of the mirror on the armoire.

“Time to get you ready to greet your public,” Brian said standing in front of Leonard and helping him take off his shirt.

Nick could see that Leonard had a large well defined chest with six pack abs. He also noticed Brian starting to go down on his knees in front of Leonard.

Brian unbuttoned Leonard’s pants then pulled them down and helped him step out of them. He put his face in the musky pouch of Leonard’s briefs and inhaled deeply before licking and chewing on the growing cock beneath the thin cotton.

Still watching the monitor Nick saw Leonard’s large ebony cock pop out of the confining briefs he was wearing and into his partner’s willing mouth. He watched Brian lick the length of the cock while pulling the briefs down and off.

Once the briefs were on the floor Brian turned his attention to the two smooth balls in front of him. He tugged on the ball sack with his mouth then sucked gently on one then the ball before turning Leonard around so he could shove his face into the beefy black ass.

Nick glanced at the other monitors and noticed a limo driving up to the chateau. When he looked back at the boys, Leonard was dressed in a gold Greek style outfit that went over one shoulder leaving half his chest bare. It had a short skirt which showed off muscular legs. The costume was finished off with gold sandals. He saw the two men kiss before Leonard left the room. Time for a change of view, Nick thought looking at Ryan and Ines joined by Leonard and greeting five Asian men dressed all in black. They wore black T-shirts jackets, pants and shoes.

Ryan stood off to the side and let Ines and Leonard officially welcome the men. There was still no sign of a special guest though. Nick noticed Ryan was handing the men something off to the side. It looked like he was giving each man a mask much like he’d given each of the waiters. There was only one reason someone wore a mask—that was to hide their identity. What was going on here that the men would want to hide who they were. Nick had a feeling things were about to get down and dirty in the chateau.




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