Servicing the Masters


Nick continued to watch was going on in the chateau. He saw Leonard go back to his room where his partner Brian was waiting. There wasn’t much going on there so Nick used the monitors in front of him to look elsewhere. He could see Ines downstairs ushering Ryan and his guests into the dining room. As the waiters entered the dining room wearing pig masks, things began to happen. The waiters were clearly there to be used as playthings by the attendees of Ryan’s soiree. The men in dog masks were exploring the waiters’ bodies in less than loving ways. As the masked staff served the food and drinks their nipples were tugged on hard or their asses were slapped and grabbed. The scene was becoming debauched, and Nick saw Ines make a subtle exit. He did not, however, see Ryan’s young man anywhere. Using the monitors to search the home Nick found the handsome young man alone in an upstairs room changing into a gold Greek inspired costume much like the one Leonard was wearing.

“He’s a handsome young man, that one,” Ines said peering over Nick’s shoulder.

“And you’re a quick and quiet woman,” Nick said.

“Sometimes it pays to be quick and quiet,” Ines said, “especially with that crowd downstairs. Things are bound to get rough. We should leave soon.”

Nick turned to face her as he spoke. “We can go as soon as Ryan brings out his special guest.” He turned his attention back to the monitor as Ines left the small room they were in behind the closet and walked into her bedroom.

The guests in the dog masks now had wooden paddles and were using them on the waiters leaving behind red marks on their servers’ mostly pale and exposed asses.


Ryan looked at his guests and thought the masks were on the wrong people. His Asian cohorts should be the ones wearing pig masks. Still, they were acting just like he knew they would. The waiters would be found with bruised bodies and the marks of a sex party gone bad, exactly the impression Ryan wanted to leave. He watched one of his guests lift a waiter onto the table and then push him onto his back. Another guest joined him as they unzipped their pants and shoved their cocks into the waiter’s mouth causing him to gag slightly. Ryan was disgusted at the sight but the waiters had been paid well and they knew what was expected of them. He looked away as he saw one man starting to lift the waiter’s legs in the air. Things were going too fast, and he needed to put his second plan into action. All he had to do was think about him and there was Gaspard looking splendid in his pseudo Greek finery and golden mask. Ryan noticed how the young man looked, he couldn’t see his face but he could read his body language. Gaspard moved toward him slowly.

“Ryan, what’s happening here?”

“Things are getting slightly out of hand, my love,” Ryan said, chuckling to himself a moment. “I think you’d better go stay in Leonard and Brian’s room until this is all over. Do you remember where it is?

“Yes,” Gaspard said, “but I need to use the toilet first.”

“Okay,” Ryan said. “Keep the mask on and nobody’ll bother you. Will you go to our room and bring me my briefcase after you finish in the toilet. I’ll meet you in the front hallway.”

“Sure,” Gaspard said, “but you be careful.” Before leaving he turned and looked around the room. One of the waiters had been stripped naked and was being double fucked on the table by two guests while he was giving another one a blowjob.

Things were minutes from getting out of hand, so Ryan stood up to take control. “My friends please don’t waste your energies on the waiters. I have someone more special for your pleasure. Take your seats and I’ll bring him inside.”

Ryan left the room to get his special guest.


This was the moment that Nick was waiting for, Ryan was getting his special guest. Using the monitors he followed Ryan into a small room beside the dining room—a butler’s pantry. Inside was a nude man bound and tied. He looked young, tan and blond. It could be the missing heir Nick was hired to look for but he couldn’t make out the face. Nick called to Ines who quickly entered the room.

“Yes, Nick. What do you need?” Ines said as she put her hand on his shoulder.

“Can you make this monitor zoom in on the blond? I need a better look at his face.”

Ines worked on the monitor as Nick watched Ryan bring the man into the room and walk behind a curtain.

“What’s behind that curtain Ines?” Nick said.

“A whipping post,” Ines said. “I told you the Asians were into kink. You’d better find out fast if that’s your boy before they go at him.”


Ryan came out from behind the curtain and addressed his guests with a whip and paddle in his hands.

“I’ve brought you all another present from a fine and distinguished family. Have your way with him!” He lay the whip and paddle on a table then opened the curtains to reveal the naked blond man tied to a whipping post face forward with a ball gag in his mouth. “Have fun, gentleman! When the gong rings the hunt will begin.” He turned and walked out to bide his time for a couple of minutes. Long enough for his other plan to take hold.

Ryan left and made his way into the hallway where he met Gaspard who handed him the suitcase he’d asked for earlier. “Thank you now go upstairs and stay safe with our friends.” He kissed Gaspard lightly on the lips then turned to go back in the dining room.


It didn’t take long before Nick was seeing the guests in dog masks starting to whip the blond tied to the post.

“Ines, do you recognize the man on the post?”

“No,” Ines said, “and soon neither will anyone else. We’ve got to get to the library and look through the peephole.”

Nick got up and followed Ines to the library where they exposed the peephole.


Gaspard knocked on the door of the two Americans’ room. He heard Leonard welcoming him in and opened the door. That’s when he felt the man jump on top of him pinning his arms back and throwing him onto the bed. It was Leonard behind him and Brian was grabbing his legs but Gaspard kicked and fought. He felt his hands being tied to the posts of the bed with a thin fabric like a scarf. 

“What’s going on! Stop!” Gaspard said before he was gagged and could only moan.


“Did you hear that?” Ines said to Nick. “It sounded like someone yelling.”

“Probably just one of the waiters,” Nick said. He was scrutinizing the man’s face on the post which was being beaten by the dog masked guests. “It’s not him. Take a quick look and see if you recognize him. Also see if you think they’ll kill him.”


Gaspard felt Brian reach under his costume and rip off the thong he was wearing. He struggled as Leonard grabbed at his legs and pulled them up over his shoulders exposing his ass.

 Brian reached over and unleashed Leonard’s cock from his thong and aimed it right at Gaspard’s asshole. He looked at Gaspard with an evil grin on his face, and Gaspard mentally prepared himself for his inevitable rape.


Ines looked at Nick after her turn at the peephole. She had a shocked expression on her face. “Yes I recognize him. He’s new to the scene, and is or was beautiful. Nick, the face is usually off limits in this kind of thing, but they’re going at it, too. I have a feeling I know what’s happening.”

“So do I,” Nick said. He heard the noise of a gong being hit. “We can slip out once everyone’s at the hunt.”

“Hunt?” Ines said. “Nick, I have no dogs or horses here right now or any animal to hunt.”

“You’ve got dogs and pigs,” Nick said with a look of full awareness on his face. Then he heard the sounds of someone heading towards the library screaming. He grabbed Ines, pushed her through the hidden door which they’d left open and followed behind her leaving the door open enough so he could peer out.

A waiter was struggling to get his pig mask off while being chased by one of the guests who had a knife in his hands. The waiter couldn’t take his mask off and was so distracted he never saw the knife coming at him until it was too late.

Ines covered her face. “Oh my God!”


Gaspard saw the door of the Americans’ room burst open and Ryan came in holding a gun. He saw the man look at both Americans and without saying a word shot each in the head.

Nick and Ines came running into the room and saw Nick untying Gaspard and then the two Americans dead on the floor.

“We heard gunshots and came running,” Ines said.

Ryan looked at Ines with eyes filled with a mix of surprise and shock. “Ines! What are you still doing here? The Asians have gone nuts. I had no idea what they were planning with the masks.”

“My driver got delayed,” Ines said. She spotted blood on Ryan’s leg. “You’re injured, my darling.”

“Listen,” Ryan said, “don’t worry about me. They won’t hurt me, but you get out of here. They don’t know who you are and my uncle will never forgive me if anything happens to you. Take Gaspard with you. The Americans were about to rape him.”

“No,” Gaspard said as Nick tried to help him up. “I won’t leave you. We can carry you or I’ll stay here with you.”

“Don’t be stupid, Gaspard,” Nick said. “They won’t hurt me, trust me. If they find you, they’ll kill you. You’re a witness to what’s happening. We’ll be together again in two days come midnight I promise. Please get him out of here, Ines.”

Gaspard stood, picked his thong up off the floor and put it back on. He looked at Ines. “Sorry.”

“That’s the least of my worries right now,” Ines said.

Blood curdling screams and mad laughter could be heard coming from down the hall. Ines ran for the bedroom door and locked it. She then ran to a picture on the left wall and moved it slightly to the left. A secret door opened and Ines walked inside looking back at the others.

“Quickly, let’s go,” Ines said. “Ryan you can hide in here if things go too badly.”

Nick walked up to Gaspard and, grabbing his arm, led him towards the hidden passage half dragging him. A few steps inside the passage were stairs leading downward.

Before the door closed behind them the three heard the sound of a horn, the kind used in formal hunts.

* * * *


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