The following story is fiction. Although some of the events depicted are based on actual happenings they are only incidental to the story and do not constitute a basis in reality.

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The Custodian and Mr. Chapel.

Patrick Chapel sat behind his desk in his room in B Hall in the high school. He checked his watch. Right on schedule there was a knock on the door.

"Come on in."

The custodian stuck his head around the door. "Excuse me, Mr. Chapel, `zit okay if I do your room now?"

"Sure come on in, Ray, just finishing up a few papers that need grading."

The young Black man came in and began the task of cleaning Mr. Chapel's classroom. Patrick Chapel never took his eyes off him. He watched the man move around with athletic grace: his well formed muscles rippling under his tight tee shirt. Every now and then Patrick tried to engage him in casual conversation. The shy young man usually just answered in monosyllables.

Patrick admired the firm, round full butt as Ray walked up and down the rows between the desks. He felt himself responding to the sight and tried to pry his eyes away. This had been going on for months now: Ray coming in to do Mr. Chapel's room, Patrick covertly watching his every move.

"That about does it Mr. Chapel. Good night now."

"Thanks, Ray. I'm gonna leave now myself. I'll walk with you."

They walked down the hall side by side. Mr. Chapel carrying his brief case, Ray pushing the cleaning cart.

They parted company at the end of the hall.

"Night Ray."

"Yes sir."

As Ray walked away, Patrick stole one more look at the ass that made his blood boil.

He let out a hiss between his teeth.

Even on his way home in the car, Patrick couldn't stop thinking of that beautiful body, the shy nature, his handsome face, the full package that showed through the tight jeans. He absently massaged his crotch and by the time he completed the ten, minute ride home he had achieved a complete hard on. He covered it with the brief case as he headed for the house.

Patrick put on his sweats and headed for the Blow Flex for his work out. He showered, slipped on a pair of flannel loungers and walked into the kitchen. His dinner consisted of a Lean Cuisine and a bottle of lite beer.

He watched some TV and decided to go to bed.

Patrick Chapel stretched out on his bed. He slid his loungers down to his thighs. With his left hand he rubbed and squeezed his nipples until they were hard and erect. His right hand swirled his thick pubic hair, cupped his balls and rolled his dick. As his cock swelled and rose, he began a slow steady stroking. He reached into his bedside table and withdrew a tube of KY. Lubricating himself he allowed his mind to drift, taking him back to school and Ray.

Mr. Chapel sat at his desk. He watched as the hunk of a custodian swept the floor. He loved the color of his skin, the shaved head, the diamond studs in his ears. Ray turned at last and walked up to the desk. Chapel took note of the more than adequate bulge in the man's pants.

"I'm all done. Are you ready?"

"He he," chuckled Patrick, " I thought you'd never ask."

They walked down the quiet hallway. As they stopped in front of the gymnasium doors, Patrick pulled Ray to him and kissed him. The thought of doing something this daring even though he knew there was no one in the building but them increased his arousal.

Ray took out his keys and opened the door. They walked across the dark gym floor and into the locker room smelling of male sweat and testosterone. Ray turned on a minimum of lights and they walked past the rows of lockers, the shower room to the massage and whirlpool area. He closed the door behind him. Silently they stripped.

Ray was beautiful. The mahogany skin, the muscular frame, the large cock and balls. Mr. Chapel came forward and put his arms around him seeking the firm well formed ass. They kissed. Then Ray lay down on a massage table. Patrick followed suit and they intertwined, pressed firmly together feeling muscle, cock and mouth. Mr. Chapel moved to Ray's firm hard pecs and took each nipple in turn into his mouth. He couldn't get enough of the round hard nubs. He sucked like a baby at his mother's breast.

Then he moved directly to Ray's pubic hair. He moved the hard phallus out of the way and buried his face in the course black jungle. He moaned deep in his throat. He could feel his arousal growing. Tonguing his way around between the monster cock and Ray's leg he took each nut in turn into his mouth. They were too big to do together. Finally with his lust growing by the second he engulfed the magnificent shaft. He tongued the head. Titillated the sensitive groove on the underside. Ray raised his hips from the table and encouraged Patrick to go for it.

Ray came with a deep growl, filling Mr. Chapel's mouth completely. Swallowing as fast as he could, Patrick still lost much of Ray's produce. As soon as Ray was complete, Patrick moved up to his mouth and shared the bounty with the giver.

Mr. Chapel reached for the body lotion on the shelf next to the table. He prepared himself and Ray quickly. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Ray wrapped his legs firmly around Patrick's waist. The entry was swift and effortless. Patrick tried to hold to let Ray adjust, but it was no use. He was too close. He looked into the deep, dark brown eyes.

"Oh yeah, yeah ..."

"Yeah, Oh Ray, damn it. Ray. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck."

Mr. Patrick Chapel let out a gasp and pumped the last of his sperm onto his belly. Then he lay there catching his breath and hanging on to the images and sensations. Finally he got up, cleaned off, used the bathroom and came to bed kicking off his loungers on the way.

Climbing into bed, Patrick pulled the covers up and embraced one of his oversized pillows.

"Damn, Ray, why can't you be queer?"

* * * * * * *

About the time that Patrick Chapel was pulling his pillow to his chest and whispering Ray's name, Ray was just finishing up the last of his duties at school. He went from classroom to classroom making sure the doors were locked. At a certain room in B Hall he stopped. After considering a minute, he unlocked the door, turned on one set of lights and walked into the room.

Ray looked over the motivational bulletin boards, the displays of student work, the neatly organized desk. He sat down in the high backed leather chair and leaned back. Yes, when he finished his degree and started teaching this would be what his room would look like. Mr. Chapel would be the kind of teacher he would pattern his career after, popular with students, respected by the staff, admired by the parents.

It wasn't only for his teaching skills and reputation that Ray admired Mr. Chapel, he thought the man was hot. That handsome face, the dark curly hair, the trim, well muscled body. He'd caught a glimpse of him in the shower after the teacher had done his work out here at school. It gave him fantasy material for more than a week. Maybe he should take Mr. Chapel to the shower now? While Ray had been musing about Mr. Chapel, he had begun rubbing himself through his tight jeans. He felt his erection. He decided that the shower was a great idea.

Ray unzipped his jeans. With a bit of difficulty he extracted his ample manhood. Pre cum was already flowing. The addition of a bit of spit was all that was necessary to make things nice and slippery. Leaning farther back in the chair, Ray closed his eyes, and set up a slow rhythm.

Ray was done for the night. Walking down the hall he checked the doors to make sure they were locked. He saw the light on in Mr. Chapel's room. He stuck his head in.

"Everything Okay?"

"Yes, Ray, just finishing up a few papers."

"Okay, well good night then. I'm gonna take a shower before I go home."

"Sounds good. Good night."

Ray walked down the empty hallway to the gym. He entered the deserted locker room turned on the lights, stripped and walked to the shower. His erection pointed the way to the nearest showerhead. He stood under the warm spray. He felt his muscles relax. Soon he sensed rather than heard someone behind him. Turning his eyes, they fell on the one person he most wanted to see in the shower at that moment, Patrick Chapel.

Looking at his trim body - seen through the mist and steam of the shower - Ray could see Mr. Chapel was naked. As he walked toward Ray his cock rose higher and higher until it stood against his hairy belly. When he reached Ray he took him in his arms and kissed him. Ray ran his hands down Chapel's muscular arms, his firm buttocks and began to kiss him back. Ray licked along the groove between Mr. Chapel's chest muscles. He then swirled his tongue around and around the man's nipples. Using the tips of his fingers, Ray explored his partner's mat of thick, dark chest hair.

He moved farther down and swallowed Mr. Chapel's cock to the base. With one hand he massaged the ample balls, while the other sought the tight entrance to Patrick's body behind. Soon Mr. C was groaning through clinched teeth and with a powerful thrust began his climax. Ray pulled off and stroked the throbbing cock, causing spurt after spurt to fly to his face and chest. When Mr. Chapel had finished Ray stood up and kissed him again and again.

Turning Mr. Chapel to the wall Ray lathered him with soap from the dispenser. He pressed his body against him sliding slowly back and forth while at the same time manipulating his genitals.

"Now, please Ray."

Ray obliged by slowly inserting his long curved dick into Patrick's ass. They both moaned in pleasure. Ray tried to go slowly, but this was so hot, so fuckin' hot. He felt the point of no return whisk past him. He called out Chapel's name.

Over and over, he called his name as sperm shot from his cock all over his hand, belly and desk. Ray shuddered and opened his eyes. "Man, what a mess."

He rose from the leather chair, grabbed some tissues from the box on the desk and cleaned himself and the desk as best he could.

"I guess I better really take a shower, now," he mused.

As he left the room he took one last look around. His eyes fell on the desk top. There was a slight stain where his cum had landed. `I wonder if Mr. Chapel will notice? Well, don't really matter he would never be interested in me even if he was gay.'

Ray turned out the light and headed for the gym.

* * * *

Mr. Chapel checked his watch. As he did he heard a soft knock on the door. Ray, the custodian poked his head around the corner.

"Mind if I clean in here while you work?"

"Not at all, come right in."

After a minute or two Mr. Chapel looked up. Took a deep breath and said, "Ray?"

The custodian stopped his work, turned and looked expectantly at the teacher.

"Yes, sir?"

Their eyes met for a brief moment.

"Um... nothing Ray, thanks."

"Uh, okay, yeah."

The End.