Most of the places mentioned in Dancing to the Music of their Hearts are real. If you would like to see something of them, this is a list—though by no means exhaustive—of most of the places where the action takes place.

If the links don't work directly (I'm a bit of a novice at this), try pasting the urls into your browser.

Chapter 1

Lancashire: (not a particularly useful site, this, but it might give you some idea).

Hyde Park Hotel

Brompton Oratory:

Patisserie Valerie

Chapter 2


Kells, County Meath, Ireland: (just text, but interesting history of the town) (lots of black and white photographs)

Nice, France:

Civitavecchia, Italy:

Bay of Naples/ Capri / Piccola Marina:


Chapter 3

Chris’ school is imaginary, but there are many schools like it in England. This is one, called Charterhouse.

Chapter 4


Holy Week at the Oratory:
See above for the Oratory; there used to be photographs of the Holy Week ceremonies on this site, but they seem to have been deleted. Shame. Perhaps there will be a new set this Easter. You can see an ordination, though.

Rembrandt Hotel:

Chapter 5

Piccadilly Circus:



St James’ Piccadilly:



Buckingham Palace:

The Ritz:

Chapter 6


Brancacci Chapel:

San Marco:

A good set of general photographs of Florence, including the Cathedral, the baptistery, the Uffizi and the Ponte Vecchio.

The portico of the orphanage where Justin first met Madre Maria Maddalena by night.

Siena and Pisa:

San Gimignano:


Mount Athos:

Chapter 7

No new locations in this chapter

Chapter 8

Rhodes Harbour:



Travellers (something about):

Chapter 9
No new locations

Chapter 10

Great Barrier Reef:

North Stoke (the wedding church)