Danny and Matt

By Angyl

Yeah hanging out with Danny and Matt is alright, I guess. First time sucked though. Both he and Matt got drunk. Danny ended up passing out, and Matt spent his time in the bathroom puking. I ended up going home. That was definitely a lame night. I was choked to say the least. Well I guess not too choked. I did suck Danny off for a bit, while Matt was in the bathroom, but I stopped and decided against it.

    I am not going to go into detail about Danny because I already have in two previous encounters. Matt is a bit stockier than Danny. He has brown hair and a smooth body. His cock is bigger than Danny, and uncut. 

    So When I had last done anything with Danny it never really went anywhere at the time. Well that all changed a few nights ago. Again I had ended up at Danny's place. We hung out and chilled. Matt came home a bit later with his girl and proceeded to fuck right there. I admit seeing him fuck his girl was not pleasing. I did get a look at his cock. I was almost salivating when I saw it. 

    After she took off home, Matt was in the shower. Danny was buzzed from the drinking. I was not as bad. Danny was lying on his bed, and I slowly began feeling him up. He did not move to stop me; in fact he lifted up so I could pull his pants down. His cock was sticking straight up looking for attention. I shifted and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking. We were both so into it, that neither of us heard Matt get out of the shower. 

"Dudes what the fuck?" He said shocked. 

   Danny turned and looked at him. I thought fuck it and kept on sucking him. I could see out of the corner of my eye, that Matt was hard, and slowly stroking his cock. He was close enough that I reached and pulled him towards me. I took hold of his cock as I was sucking off Danny and began to stroke him slowly. He moved onto the bed and was now lying next to Danny. I took turns sucking off Danny and then over to Matt's cock. It was no real shock to me when the two of them started making out. In actuality it was a big turn on. I stopped sucking them and watch, a thought slowly creeping into my mind.

"You know one of you should fuck the other." I suggested.

"No way, I ain't taking it up there!" Matt stated.

We both looked at Danny. He shrugged.

"Sure why not Matt can fuck me." He slurred.

He moved up on the bed, and rolled over with his ass in the air. I grabbed a condom, and some lube that Matt had brought for other thing. I rolled the condom on his cock, and lubed it and Danny's waiting ass up good. Matt moved and got behind Danny. I help guide his cock in. Danny's virgin hole gave resistance as Matt began to push in.

"Oww...fuck me that hurt!" Danny screamed.

Matt did not even attempt to stop and he slowly pushed in until his was completely inside Danny.

"Fuck man that is a nice tight hole!" Matt moaned.

He began to pull out and then push back in slowly. Danny was now moaning as Matt opened his ass up. This was some hot show. I had taken my own cock out and was slowly stroking it as I watch matt fuck Danny. I decided to see if Danny would suck me off, so I moved and sat spread eagle in front of him.

"Come on man take my cock in your hot mouth." I said.

He looked hesitant at first, but it did not take long for him to open up and take my cock in his mouth. He was getting it from both ends not. Matt plowed his ass as I face fucked him. He moaned.

"Damn his hole is nice and tight I am gonna blow my load soon at this rate." Matt Grunted.

I watched as he pulled out and ripped the condom off, and began jerking his cock. He stroked his cock hard and fast.

"Oh god!!!"

His load shot all over Danny's back and down his ass crack. I gave a grunt and emptied my cock in Danny's mouth. He had no choice but to swallow. Matt rolled over and lay next to Danny. I moved and started to jerk Danny off. It did not take him long to shoot his built up load all over himself and my chest. I moved and play next to Matt and after a bit started playing with his cock. He and Danny had started making out again.

I got bored watching them make out so I moved and got between Matt's legs. I started sucking his cock, and moving his legs up and worked my way down to his hole. When I started licking around and inside his hole, he jerked.

"Yo dude what ya doin down there?" He asked.

I looked up at him and then went back to eating his ass. I reached over to the lube and lubed him up. Bringing his legs up as I moved for the next part of the plan, I lined up and started to push my cock in.

"Whoa dude!" He said.

He was kind of in no position to argue. He never offered any argument or resistance as I continued to push in, and heard my cock pop inside him. He was nice and tight. I slowly started to push in more of my cock.

"Damn you go a nice tight hole." I grunted.

Matt eyes were rolled back in his head. I looked to Danny and he had now moved so Matt could take his cock.

"Hang on Danny I am gonna turn him over."

Without pulling out I got Matt Turned so he was on all four. I continued to pump my cock in and out, and his ass muscles began to relax. Slowly I began to pick up pace. Matt arched his back. Danny moved so he was sitting in front of Matt, his cock ready to be swallowed.

"I dunno man."

"Aww come on dude, I did you."

Matt looked at Danny's cock. He licked the tip before swallowing the whole thing. I just kept fucking him. Nice long hard thrusts into him. He had stopped sucking Danny so I pulled him up and looked over at Danny. He got the idea right away. He turned and offered his ass to Matt once again. I stopped and let Matt enter into Danny. I held him as he thrust into Danny and then pulled out of him. Each time he pulled out, he took my cock in his ass. I just held fast as Matt thrust in and out of Danny, and my cock into him with each outward thrust. I reached around and was able to take Danny's cock and stroke it in time to each thrust. Danny did not take long to shoot his load on my hand. I took it to my mouth and licked all his cum off. Matt grunted a couple times before he emptied into him, and then I followed suit. I kept pumping before pulling out. Matt and Danny collapsed on the bed. Both covered in sweat. Matt's cock was still inside Danny and he made no effort to pull out. I moved and collapsed next to them.

We must have passed out at some point. I awoke and looked over at Danny and Matt. Both were fast asleep, Matt was still buried inside Danny. I smiled as I carefully crawled off the bed. I quietly got dressed and headed off. As I looked back Matt had wrapped his hands around Danny and pulled him close. He was thrusting slowly into Danny. I am not sure if they were awake or asleep. I left and headed home.

A few days later I had a chance to talk to Danny. He said when he awoke and Matt was still in him, he shook Matt and woke him. They had fucked each other a few more times, before passing out again.

Apparently after that Matt started having issues getting it up for the fat bitch he was dating. Only time he seemed to get hard was when he was with Danny. Danny always eagerly offered himself to Matt. They had even gotten another friend involved in the action, he had been more difficult to convince, but once they did he was always eager to fuck or be fucked.

I hopefully will get the chance to go at it with them again, but until that time I will just find other guys to do stuff with.

The End