FRIENDS IN LOVE September, 2000

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  Ted, Grace and me, we have been friends since college and are still together after 7 long years. We met the first day and just 'clicked' and there was no looking back. Over the college years they, that's Ted Haas and Grace Wilson, fell in love and immediately after passing out, married. I was hurt, very hurt..... well, if I say I was devastated it wouldn't be very far from the truth! You see Ted was an Adonis and I was gay..... and I had this intense desire of bedding him one day and there comes Grace and takes him away from right under my nose....! But well, I really loved them both and since my interest in Ted went far beyond just the physical, we remained friends. No, they didn't know about my interest in Ted.... that's my sexual interest in him.... O yes, they did know I was gay and all that (I had told them just after college and they were pretty cool about it) and continuously teased me about finding a good guy for me to settle down with.... not realizing that the only good guy that interested me was right there in front of me and already 'taken'!

  Oh, I had been with a few guys.... but then, it didn't really interest me.... like, I wasn't really enjoying it. I felt so out of place and the only guy that really interested me was Ted. I had thought about talking to him straight..... but was afraid of loosing his friendship. So, I just 'carried' on, hardly ever sleeping with anyone.....

  Then on a rainy Friday evening I received a call from Ted asking me to come over. He sounded very agitated and wouldn't say a thing over the phone.

  "Just come over immediately." was all he kept repeating.

  "Is Grace O.K?" I asked.

  "Just come.... Please!" and he disconnected.

  Well, since I didn't have any engagements and was in fact thinking as to what I should be doing I just went.

  The apartment was a mess and Ted was in a greater mess! They, Grace and Ted had a fight over something that he was not willing to disclose, surprising, since he always told me everything and she had just walked out and he didn't know what to do...... He wanted her back and asked me to help! He cried like a baby and said he would do just about anything to bring her back.

  "So why don't you just talk to her?" I suggested.

  "I don't know where she is..... I called her parents and she hasn't gone there and I also called her friend, Betty and she isn't there either. O, Scott please help me!" he pleaded.

  Over the next one hour I tried to convince him, reason with him, assure him that all was well and that Grace was just very angry and would return once she cooled down.... and having promised him all my help and more he finally calmed down a bit. It wasn't an easy job, he had always been like this, easily agitated and upset, easily worked up. And this was indeed a very serious matter.... but then I didn't know what the whole fight was about.

  It was pretty late and he asked me to stay back. We sat in front of the TV munching on a cold pizza and watching a new show (something on the lines of Oprah). It was a program about young college guys.... about 'discovering' one's gayness.... the feelings, the guilt and all that sort of shit. About close friends' reactions to coming out and the feelings for one's straight friends.... Really silly, if you ask me!

  Well, imagine my shock (?) and joy when suddenly Ted turns and asks, "Have you ever felt that way about me?"

  It took me a moment to decide as to what I should be saying..... I didn't want to offend him in any way.... moreover, I loved them and didn't want to lose their friendship. Yet I didn't want to lie OR give up this chance (?) and live to regret it for the rest of my life. Turning towards him and looking directly into his sparkling blue eyes I said, "Ever since the day I first saw you I have been madly in love with you!"

  He seemed taken aback at my direct answer and flushed, looking away. I could see his ears turn a bright red.

  "Well, have you ever thought about me?" I asked taking a big gamble.

  He squirmed and fidgeted as he sat.... WHOA! he looked so fucking cute at that moment. His face turned red and he kept staring at the TV screen. We were sitting on the couch, pretty close, so I tentatively reached out and lightly placed my open palm on his more than ample crotch! He let out a soft moan and closed his eyes as his head fell back and his hand covered mine.

  "Stop.... Scott... don't.... !" he whispered softly but didn't attempt to push my hand away.

  I applied a little more pressure and felt him stir..... and push his groin further into my probing hand, his hand gripping mine harder.

  "You didn't answer...," I said softly.

  "Yes..... yes, I've thought about it..... " he rasped, "after you mentioned you were gay..... and.... OH!...." that was in response to my grabbing the hardening stalk and massaging the large balls with my palm.

  "Scott....oh, please.... I.... I......." and he trailed off as my lips met his.... hot, wet and pliant.

  He never made another sound. I kissed him forcefully, pressing my lips hard, licking his and as I probed with my tongue he opened his mouth to let me in! He was breathing very hard and his hand held onto mine as I kept rubbing his throbbing cock through the sheer cotton shorts. We rose and went to the spare bedroom. I sat on the single bed and made him stand in front of me..... running my hands all over.... touching....... caressing.... He just stood still, breathing hard and emitting a soft moan every now and then.

  He had a great body..... perfect and tight. Nothing too muscular yet rippling and sinewy. The stomach, wash board hard and nice pecs. His nipples stood up pink and proud.... the light hair on his arms and legs bristled. He had his eyes shut and his fist clenched and unclenched as I rubbed and caressed his chest and stomach, tweaking his erect nipples, running my other hand over his taut ass cheeks. My tongue darting out to lick at the hardened stalk clearly marked out under the sheer fabric of his cotton shorts.

  Hooking my fingers in the waist band I slowly lowered his shorts..... my eyes nearly popping as more and more was revealed to view.... surely much more than I had ever dreamt of..... He was everything and more! His pubic thatch was silky and jet-black with not a single strand of the curly hair out of place.... leaving the surrounding area bare and smooth..... And as I pulled it lower like a spring-loaded gun his cock sprang out, large, thick and straight. It was a real huge piece.... long as a barge pole... and amazingly thick! (Grace was indeed a lucky girl to have Ted as her mate!) The head was a perfect mushroom and glistened in the subdued light of the room. Unconsciously I licked my lips as I took him in my hand and slowly pumped the thick shaft. His balls rolled in the smooth scrotal sac, moving up and down as he flexed his cock and moved his hips ever so slightly with grunts and groans.... his hands reaching out to touch my head.

  I opened my mouth wide and took the bloated head in, flicking at the oozing 'eye'.... My other hand moved below his balls, hefting them up to squeeze lightly. In a frenzy he shoved his cock into my mouth, stretching my jaws beyond comfort.... nudging the back of my mouth.... filling me with the salty pre-cum as it liberally spurted out of the twitching cockhead! I lunged forward, taking him deep down my throat, my nose buried in the lush pubic bush.

  "Oh, Scott........!" he moaned, grabbing fistful of my hair and pulling hard.

  I sucked, scarcely believing that I was finally sucking Ted...... taking his engorged cock down my throat, living my dream! He grunted and groaned as I lapped his pubic arch, lashing my tongue over the surface, licking the throbbing shaft..... probing the leaking 'eye', and he kept a tight grip on my hair, shaking.

  I sucked him in once more, my hands fluttering over his tingling body, tweaking the erect nipples..... rolling the loaded balls in the palm of my other hand. I sucked and sucked, spittle flying all over, wetting his groin, rolling down his sac..... He was ecstatic with lust as he pumped my throat with the thick flesh poker calling my name in a thick voice. I felt him quiver and shake, felt his cock jerk and shudder, ready to unload its cream..... Squeezing the base I pulled my mouth off the shaft and looked up at him. His eyes flew open and he looked at me accusingly....

  "Climb in, Teddy." I smiled.

  Like a little child he got into bed and lay down, legs spread wide, cock sticking out like a tower. I positioned myself between his open thighs and lowered my face..... Licking the balls I sucked them in, relishing the feel of the globes filling my mouth. With my fingers I worked the overflowing saliva into the crack of his ass and got the wrinkled mouth wet. He thrashed about as I slowly inserted a tender middle finger into the gripping orifice, releasing his balls to take the cock into my mouth once more. I sucked him hard, moving my finger, soon to be joined by a second and a third, loosening him up for the final assault. He raised his ass off the bed and pushed his groin into my face..... his hands gripping my shoulders. He didn't last long....

  "AH, Scott.......... I'm........ cumming........" he yelled and went stiff in mid stroke as spurts of thick cream flooded my mouth.

  I gulped as fast as I could but even then the huge amount of cum that he had unleashed, was too much for me and my mouth was overflowing, the salty cream dribbled out to roll back down his pulsing shaft onto his pubic arch. He let out a sigh and sank back as the last spurt escaped him. I released the shaft and concentrated on the pubic arch, licking it clean of all traces of cock cream. He just lay there, pumping ever so slightly, moaning, his fingers pulling my hair.

  I got up and turned him over laying him face down. Placing a pillow under his groin, raising his ass high, I kneaded the twin globes, squeezing the soft, rounded flesh mounds..... He moaned and squirmed, pushing his ass up at me..... wanting more? I parted the cheeks and let out a groan of lust as the cute, puckered ass slit seemed to wink at me, twitching ferociously! Unable to delay any further I lowered my face and ground my open mouth to his anal opening and sucked hard. He wailed and shivered as my tongue lashed out to lick at him, probing hard. I licked the crack and darted my tongue against the pulsating hole..... my fingers once more invaded the puckered orifice, as the wet tongue licked around the stretched ass mouth. He was shaking like a leaf in the autumn wind as I continued to probe and stretch him...... opening him up for my glorious cock. I pushed my other hand under him and grabbed his spent cock, squeezing it, my mouth at his oversized globes. He pushed back with lust, grinding his balls into my oral cavity. I had had enough.....

  I crawled in behind and mounted him.... this was so unbelievable!!! I was finally about to fulfill my ancient desire.... I was about to fuck my Ted!!! The feeling was awesome...... awe inspiring. Placing one hand on his upturned ass cheeks I gripped my bursting cock with the other and as he raised his ass higher and spread his legs wider I pressed the swollen head against the pulsating ass ring..... I too was shaking now, with lust and anticipation, scarcely believing what was happening.... holding my breath I applied more pressure and pushed down. Nothing happened for a while and then suddenly something seemed to give way and I sank in!!!

  "OOoooooooooo............ Scoooooott!" he wailed raising his head off the bed and gripping the head board tight.

  I grunted and panted as inch after throbbing inch of my rampant cock slid into that incredibly hot and tight ass chute. This wasn't the first time I was fucking a guy in the ass, but this was so different, so fantastic...... simply mind boggling! My large cock strained down between the parted cheeks, spreading them wider with its girth as in entered the shuddering butt hole of my long time buddy. It filled his belly as I probed deeper into him, straightening out all the turns and curves to make a smooth passage, cramming in the whole rod up to the hairy base!

  He fell silent and just whimpered softly as he shook, his ass rising ever so slightly off the pillow to push back at me.... rubbing my pubes in a circular motion before grinding back into the pillow again.... The virgin muscles gripped me like a vice, a million tiny fingers working the length of my buried shaft. I waited, giving him time to adjust, settle down.... slowly lowering myself to rest on his back, I slid my arms under him holding him tight around his heaving chest.

  "AaaaH, Scott........ Fuck me....... Scott, fuck me hard....!" he whispered in a hoarse voice, pushing into me.

  I didn't need a second invitation.... I moved.... and he moved with me, back and forth we rocked, in and out, in and out, his hands still holding the head board, head rolling from side to side in pleasure and pain(?). I thrust and shoved ruthlessly as the heat caught up with me and he matched every move, slam for slam, as the bed creaked and groaned under our brutal hunches.

  Biting on his shoulders I speeded up, ramming my cock into his tight ass hole for all my worth. I pulled back and then with just the head inside, shoved right in. My groin slapping in a sensuous way against his smooth ass, filling the room with the sound of flesh on flesh..... squishy with sweat and lust.

  "Kiss me...... Oh, kiss me, Scott." he cried lustily, as he lifted and twisted his head sideways, his tongue jabbing out, in search of my mouth.

  Leaving his neck I reached out with my mouth and our tongue met, wiggling. Straining further, I crushed my mouth to his, his arm reaching behind my head, pushing..... He was one hot and horny dude, everything that I had ever imagined! A perfect match for me!

  "This is sooooooooooo beautiful.......... ahhhhhhh.........SHIT !!! I love it........ Ughhhhhhhhh. FUCK ME....... HARD!" he yelled yanking his mouth away and pushing back at me with tremendous force... He went on rambling as I buried my face in his shoulders, licking, nibbling..... It felt awesome, fucking Ted.

  The stabbing hardness probed his unexplored depths, pounding his ass walls with the determined head of my cock, the abnormal circumference expanding his ass mouth wide. He answered with his own pelvic gyrations, the flexing of his hidden muscles heightening my own pleasure to a numbing high.

  "Oh God yes, fuck me hard!" He yelled pushing back at me. "Yeah, that's the way, do it harder!"

  "I'm coming!" I whispered hoarsely.

  "Yes, Scott, fill me up," he screamed, "flood me with your seeds."

  He worked his own hips higher, sliding his ass hole up and down my slippery pole, forcing his rectal grip along the throbbing length.

  "Fuck me Scott, come in my ass! Fill my belly with your hot cream!" he yelled, voice filled with lust.

  "AAAhhhhhhh!" with a half moaned, half cry I surrendered to that churning heat of his ass hole. My prick sliding in and out, swelling and jerking, stretching his slippery ass hole into a constricted, spasming chute that touched me at every point from pulsating cock head to the throbbing base. The semen shot through my shaft and forced its way along the narrow corridor expanding it further to burst forth in a shower of liquid heat filling him up, flowing through his inside, to finally ooze out around the stretched mouth and my pistoning prick.

  He arched high, as if offering me a better target to ram into and fill up, and shuddered as his cock tensed and then spewed a second load of rich, sticky cream all over the rumpled sheet. We lay there panting, drenched in sweat. My arms wrapped around him, my wilting cock still snuggled between his tight buns.

  After a long while he slowly turned over, forcing my cock to slip out of the hot grip of his twitching anus and smiled as he kissed me on the mouth.

  "Thank you Scott, for everything..... I.... I really liked it.... I never knew it could be this beautiful...." he whispered shyly. "I love you Scott."

  'O, baby....' I thought, "I love you too..... very much!" I said.

  We didn't sleep a wink that night as Ted, like an inquisitive little child 'discovered' and explored another male body..... running his hands and mouth all over my torso and groin, turning me over and giving my back the same treatment. I offered him my ass but he declined saying he wanted me to do it to him and as he got me hard once more I plumbed his bottom to my hearts content finally falling apart, exhausted, drained....... but very happy. We slept then, as the eastern sky turned rosy with the approaching dawn.


  I felt the warm breath on my naked cock..... I blinked......'where was I?'...... it took a few moments and then it all came back to me.... As I opened my eyes I saw Ted kneeling over me, watching my cock intently as it stirred and stiffened. His hands slowly reached out and touched me.

  "Good morning!" I chirped.

  He nearly jumped and quickly pulled away his hand.

  "That's OK, go ahead, he loves it in the morning....." I smiled.

  He looked at me blushing and then back at my cock, now fully erect. His fingers curled around the throbbing shaft as he licked his lips, his breath coming hard.

  "Suck it buddy......." I whispered in encouragement, "suck it for me!"

  He grinned and lowered his face to my raging groin and opening his mouth wide took me in. He swallowed too much, too fast and gagged. I pulled back a bit and as his coughing stopped fed him a bit more of my dick. This time he was ready and took me in. One hand held me at the thick base as his other hand played with the refreshed nuts, urging them to unload their nectar. I closed my eyes and enjoyed Ted's oral caress. He wasn't a pro but had his own sensuous style and the fact that he was so new to all this and also so willing, made my blood boil with lust and within moments I was moaning and calling out his name..... I ground up and shoved more of my pulsing shaft into that hot, clutching throat of my dream boy and came!

  I heard him gulp audibly as I filled his mouth with blast after blast of thick cock juice, his hands squeezing my balls ever so lightly, as if urging them for more of the thick cream that he was getting.... As I slumped back he released his oral grip and looked up at me smiling. His lips all puffy and red, chin glistening and a thin drop of creamy white cum rolling down the corner of his mouth. He looked so cute, I got up and kissed him on the mouth, hugging him tight.

  We finally got up and took a shower, together and later as we sat sipping coffee in the kitchen he spoke.

  "Thank you Scott...... for everything...... for being there and also for giving me such a good time..... and..... I..... but I think..... that.... we must never do.... it again.... I... I love you very much... but.... but..... I don't want to loose Grace! I mean I really value your friendship and never want to loose you...... and thanks for ..... but...... I hope you understand? This shouldn't happen again......."

  "Oh, Teddy....." I said as I got up and went over to his side and hugged him close, "don't worry..... everything will be OK .... and we will still be friends" I said releasing him. "You too mean a lot to me and I never want to loose either of you. And I should be thanking you for yesterday...... for letting me fulfill my dream..... I would love it to happen again but if you feel otherwise its ok with me." I added, my heart somewhat heavy.

  I could never forget the magical night..... the night I had my desire fulfilled, my wish granted. He said he didn't want it any more..... but then maybe I could live on, with the memory.... but again, I could never go back to my old lifestyle, sleeping with guys I didn't care about, not after I had Ted...... Well, only time would tell.......

  We decided to clean up the place and soon it was done. He asked me to stay back, go out for lunch but I declined, I wanted to give him some time alone, to reflect on what had just happened...... and also to try and contact Grace. I asked him to call her parents' again and see if she was there and then left.


  Time did answer that..... He came back to me...... many time and now after nearly a year we are still going strong. I'm enjoying life once again and feeling so alive...... so fantastic. And no, he didn't loose Grace, she didn't have to know!


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