All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination.


[A Story by OUTLAW]


  "Why aren't you married yet?" he asked suddenly, changing track, taking me by surprise.

  "Cause I haven't married," I retorted with a grin, cursing him silently under my breath.

  "But why?" he insisted, "That's what I want to know."

  "Well, that's none of your business and doesn't concern you." I replied.

  "You have a girlfriend?" he continued.

  "Huh... well, um... yeah, I do have a few girlfriends, but not 'a girlfriend'." I replied, making the silly mistake of trying to classify.

  "What do you mean?" he asked.

  "Well, I mean I do have friends, who happen to be girls, but not any special one... not 'a' girlfriend like the way you meant."

  "What did I mean?" he asked, grinning widely.

  "Oh, c'mon... why don't you just close your eyes and go to sleep," I said, slightly taken aback, trying to get him to shut up. I had no desire to discuss my girlfriend or the lack of one with this kid.


   OK, before I go any further I guess I should be giving you a little background... We, that's me and Kashish, the kid, my boss' son, were at this hotel in Hyderabad. We were there 'cause he had to come to write a test. He was appearing for the UPSC exam, which is the exam you take when you want to join the government services, the all powerful bureaucratic wing of the Indian government. And since I was traveling to Hyderabad, to meet some clients, my boss requested me to let him accompany me. I didn't think much about it then and agreed, but every moment since then, I have cursed myself for agreeing.

  He was 17 years old, a decently enough cute kid, but acted like a grown up and usually ended up acting the fool. A thoroughly spoilt brat, talking non-stop and usually asking lots of questions, mostly nonsensical. And that night, our third and final day in town he was again at it... It was well past 10 in the night and he was lying in bed, yapping away, driving me out of my mind with his incessant chatter as I sat on the couch near the window.

  My work was done and he too had written his exams - very well, according to him and we would be leaving the next morning. I wanted him to go to sleep so that I could enjoy a bit of peace and tranquility... before I went to bed.


  "Have you been with a woman... I mean had sex?" he asked again, this time really shocking me!

  I didn't bother to answer... he was terrible with his questions but this was going too far, too personal.

  "Well...?" he drawled with mirth in his voice, like he had caught me on the wrong foot this time. "You haven't, eh?"

  I remained silent, seething with fury.

  "How come?" he persisted, "Your old enough to have tried it at least once, huh? And you are very handsome..."

  "Shut up kid," I snapped, still looking outside, watching the starry night sky, "go to sleep!"

  I heard him giggle... and then there was silence.

  "So, do you masturbate?" he again asked, incorrigible!


  "I said do you masturbate?"

  "That doesn't concern you." I replied sternly, feeling the heat creep up from beneath the collar. Well, he might be a kid, but the subject of sex or jacking off wasn't something I'd enjoy discussing with another person.

  "You didn't answer."

  "Do you?" I retorted, at the end of my leash.

  "Of course I do... most of the time, ever since I was 12." he grinned. "Even yesterday while you slept I did it, watching you and jacking off... it was massive!" he added, as if informing me about the weather last night.

  I groaned silently, feeling weird.

  "Do you?" he asked again and continued with his own deduction on the subject, not bothering to wait and see if I would answer, "Of course you do, you have to, especially that you haven't screwed a girl yet..." he said sitting up on his bed, the covers falling off to reveal the smooth pubescent torso. "Scared to confess?"

  "Why should I be scared... yes I do and that is a personal thing and I don't think I want to discuss it with you. And neither do I want to hear what you do." I said with a finality in my voice.

  "C'mon, you sound like your ashamed or something... I'm not!" he stated, his eyes twinkling, "But what I just can't imagine is a sexy guy like you still a virgin, unless of course your lying to me..." he added tilting his head to one side, his brows knitted in thought.

  "Why don't you just go to sleep buddy, it's pretty late and we have to take the early morning train..."

  "Have you ever done it with another guy or always alone?" he persisted, ignoring what I had just said, showing no sign of going to sleep.

  "Kashish, you shouldn't be talking such things with me, just go to sleep."

  "Why?" he asked, defiant. "You are a guy and I surely can talk about such things with you.

  "No you can't... if you want to discuss sex and masturbation you better do it with your friends, guys your age." I said, very uncomfortable now.

  "Are you scared of something, huh?"

  "What should I be scared of?"

  "Maybe I'm arousing you..." he replied, the same naughty grin back on his cute face.

  "What do you mean..." I felt flushed.

  "I mean exactly what you have guessed... you love young guys... I have seen the look on your face whenever a cute, young guy crosses our path... the way you look at me when I get out of the bathroom after the shower or change for bed... Am I wrong?"

  "Now shut up and sleep..." I nearly screamed, angry and frustrated, "or I will have to tell your dad about this."

  "What will you tell him, huh?" he asked defiantly, getting off the bed and walking towards me. "That you dig young guys... and you love to ogle at his son... and that you desperately wanted to fuck his son while we were here, away from home? Watching him slyly as he changed for bed... huh? What you gonna tell him, dude?"

  He was standing right in front of me, his crotch in line with my bulging eyes, the thin cotton pajama bottom sticking out obscenely, pushed out by the erect teen cock. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband and with one quick shove pushed it past his slim waist and down his smooth thighs... stepping out of them before standing up again. I groaned and shook with my pent up lust, trying to look away but my eyes irresistibly drawn back to the glorious sight of the turgid phallus swaying in front of me.

  "I...ah... what are you... Kashish... please stop and go back to your bed..."

  He strutted his pubes forward, nearly pushing his throbbing cock into my face and smiled down at me... "See, you are hot for it dude... I too want you. Hey, can't you teach me... It will be our very own private secret," he whispered slyly, "Or maybe you too are a virgin, uh?" he added with a snigger.

  I roughly pushed him away, gasping as my hand touched the silky smooth, warm flesh. I wanted to slap him, hurt him, tell him to 'fuck off' and go to sleep... but I remained silent, a battle raging on in my own mind... between desire and duty... between propriety and lust...

  He turned around and wiggling his cute, plump teen ass in my face walked back to the bed. Climbing in he lay down on his back... and looking directly at me he lifted his legs and spread them wide... exposing everything to my transfixed gaze... He gripped his ankles and pulled his legs even higher, wider, pushing his incredible ass off the mattress...

  "Hey, come and get me dude," he cooed, "Don't you wanna take this cute, teen, virgin ass, huh?" he added, rotating his butt. "Sure you have it in you... you man enough I guess," he added pushing me further. "Hey, hope you can get it up, eh... you fill the crotch of your pants pretty well," he added, horrifying me with his power of observation... surprising me with the fact that he had been watching me... my privates!

  'To hell with it...' A man can only take this much and no more... if the kid was offering himself up to me then why should I refuse... What was it that should keep me back? At that frenzied moment my fevered brains didn't bother to analyze the consequences of my actions or the fact that my claim of him being the aggressor wouldn't help... if such a situation arose.

  Getting up I pulled off my clothes, seeing him watch me intently and went over to the bed, climbing in... and then getting into position over him I fitted the bloated head to the tiny slit of his virgin portal and pressed down...

  I didn't for a moment think or care about him or his comfort... I was blinded with lust and rage and blamed it all on him. He had wanted it and he was going to have it. I had denied myself for a long time now and once awakened my desire had to be fulfilled.

  I felt the head rub against the totally dry orifice, the wrinkled mouth of his virgin ass cringing shut, unprepared for the assault. And as I pushed on I felt my sensitive cock-head rub the dry skin, hurting him, hurting me...

  Surprise flitted across his face, quickly replaced with consternation and disbelief. His hands shot up first to my chest and then slowly lower, to my waist, trying to stop the relentless descent of my arched hips.

  "Ooohhh...!" he wailed, the full lips stretching over his clenched teeth, the eyes shutting tight, nostrils flared... "It hurts mighty... stop... pleaseeee..."

  "You wanted it buddy..." I hissed, grunting with the effort, never once relenting, pressing down harder, "you gotta take it now!"

  The tiny ass mouth just refusing to open up, clenching shut as he shuddered, his legs stiffening and then jerking wildly, as if trying to dislodge the encroaching stranger from the tiny portals of his rectum... The ass twisting and turning in desperation to escape the pressure and pain.

  "You're... you're killing me... you'll... ah, rip me... apart!" he whizzed hoarsely through the clenched teeth, sweat pouring out of every pore of his smooth body, tears streaking his cute face.

  I knew I was hurting him... I was large and he was a virgin and we weren't using any lubricant either. He must be really feeling the pain as my rabid cock-head lunged and shoved at his dry ass mouth. But I felt he deserved it... I wanted to hurt him... I was doing my job and actually doing a favor to him and his dad and he goes and pushes me to the limits, trying to seduce me, a mere kid...

  He was sobbing now, the slim body soaking wet, hands gripping my hips, nails digging in, raking the skin... the face contorted in a snarl.

  Suddenly I stopped... this wasn't me... this wasn't my style... steadying my hips I pulled back and climbed off him, laying by his side on the tiny bed, gasping for air.

  He immediately turned away, curling up in a ball, his body still wracked by the silent sobs, his naked back pale in the simmering street lights filtering in through the windows.

  After a long while, as I still lay there on his bed, unmoving, silent, he stirred, turning around, moving closer... his hand crossing over my chest, his still trembling body pressing into me as he buried his face in my arm... still sniffling, the teen cock hard! God, the kid was absolutely crazy...

  "Can't you do it without hurting so much?" he asked in a timid voice, "Do you have to be that brutal? Are you always this cruel or is it you don't have much experience..." he added, back to his snide remarks!

  Well, I had enough experience and a lot of 'knowledge' about taking a virgin... about 'popping cherries'. But I wasn't in no mood to argue over it with him, not now. Besides, I have never forced myself on anyone or raped anyone, ever. And my acts of a while ago really troubled me. But then, I wasn't raping him... he had asked for it... invited me, tempted me... Yes, I was being brutal, was hurting him, but not raping him.

  Still staring up at the ceiling I saw him rise and move lower... His hot breath washed over my, by now, deflated penis... and then his tongue lashed out to lick the shaft as it lay on my belly... licking it's way up to the tip... swishing over the exposed glans... and then he took me in his mouth!

  I didn't protest... I didn't have it in me anymore... He licked, kissed and suckled on me, holding the thickening shaft in his tender hand as he worked on my quickly stiffening cock, cradling my large balls in his other hand, making me grunt, forcing my hips to strut...


   Having been an active gay person and having had gone through the initial period of frenzied coupling of early youth, by the age of 24 I had finally settled down with Dhruv - a cute little kid of 18. He was amazing and a most willing learner and totally devoted to me. But as most things good, it didn't last very long. Within 2 years fate struck it's ugly blow and I lost Dhruv to a senseless act of violence when the bus he was traveling in was blown up. I was devastated... I withdrew into a shell... I resigned my job and set out for some unknown destination... traveling from place to place. I just couldn't return home, back to the city of my birth, back to my family, the place where I had dreamt of a new life with my Dhruv... it was too full of the memories of him, too painful now... I had no desire left in me, and the question of going back to the olden days or searching for another lover didn't arise. I was too drained, emotionally... exhausted.

  But with the constant love, understanding, advice and persuasion of my family, who never really understood the sudden change in me, and friends, I finally worked out of the depression and sense of total loss. That's when I took this job and settled down. I was doing fine... getting involved with my work, being appreciated and recognized, returning to a semblance of normality when I landed up in that hotel room with this lusty kid.

  The total denial of the past 3 years, the hurt, the anger all worked to blind my mind's eye and this two bit kid, who was trying to force me into sex, trying to do what Dhruv did so well, enraged me... infuriated me, but also filled me with a blind lust I had never experienced before... and I went wild.


   "I want you Mukul... I really do and want you to take my virginity," he said softly moving up, his face over mine, "... but could you please be a bit more gentle... I know you are angry over something but you don't need to hurt me for that," he continued, his hand still stroking my erect penis, "I really mean it Mukul, you are the one I want for my first time. Please...?"

  I was suddenly filled with a tenderness for him... His gentle plea again reminded me of my timid Dhruv but now I felt no anger...

  Slowly getting up I went into the bathroom and got the bottle of hand lotion, returning to the bed. He still lay there, watching me intently, unsure what effect his plea had on me, what I would do.

  I smiled at him, maybe for the first time, as I got into bed, giving him a light peck on his nose. He rushed into my arms, grinning with joy, his head tilted, mouth already open to receive my kiss.

  I kissed him and after all these years suddenly I felt alive again. His lips were full and pliant, the mouth warm and welcome, his tender arms around me felt reassuring and I moaned as we fell back onto the bed, gnawing at each other, limbs intertwined, our body contorted in the act of love-wrestle.

  I kissed his face, his eyes, his nose, dragging my tongue over the contours of the smooth teen face... over to the lips and back in again and heard him moan with lust... his hands roaming my lithe form... exploring, discovering... arousing.

  Working my way down to the tiny boy nipples I sucked them in, first the left and then the right and felt his body spasm, jerking with passion, a constant gurgle emanating from his open mouth, the tongue licking the reddened lips, his hands now gripping my hair, pulling at the very roots, pushing my face into the heaving chest.

  Pulling back I rolled him over...


  I had always been fascinated with teens and preferred the smooth, coy virgins... loved to introduce the willing ones to the joys of male-male love, the only condition being that they had to be totally willing... They had to be sure of themselves and their sexuality and also had to be comfortable about it, only then would I touch them. I didn't believe in converting someone, 'breaking-in' a straight guy, convincing him to the ways of gay life... And, I hated force!

   I had had my fair share of such virgins... and without really boasting I can say that I had 'perfected' the art of taking a boy without hurting him even remotely. It just needs a slow, gentle approach and tons of patience. If you're horny and plan to ram it in, it's better to get yourself an experience guy, not a cute first-timer. Never did I have any kid cry in my bed for pain... And now that the all-consuming anger had left me totally, I didn't feel the need to hurt...


  The sight of the slender, smooth body lying there in front of me reawakened all my past lust... making me want... and to give, give the pleasure he desired, he thirsted for.

  Running my strong hands over the soft back I moved lower towards the full teen rumps... kneading them lovingly, my heart thumping with desire. He moaned as my hands worked their masterful magic on the pink, smooth mounds... Slipping a couple of fingers into the clenched cleft I heard him groan and spread his legs wider, raising his pelvis off the bed, opening his ass to my touch. It was warm and moist... totally hairless...

  Kneading the ample cheeks I worked the fingers along the cleft... up... down... nudging the tiny center and hearing him moan... his hips jerking, lifting higher, pushing back at my probing fingers.

  Uncapping the bottle I poured a generous amount of the liquid into the crack of his ass and heard him groan as the cool liquid rolled down, coating his ass and the crack. Pouring some more in the palm of my hand I massaged the fluid into his ass... now pulling the cheeks apart as I lubricated the deep valley of his buttocks...

  Some more lotion and more rubs... I rolled my hands over the smooth contours of the teen butt, massaging and kneading the ample cheeks with the palm of my hands and fingers... working the liquid in... making the skin softer... sliding fingers into the deep cleft... More lotion and I rubbed on harder... using a bit more pressure, feeling the whole area relax and soften... making the cheeks and the cleft wet and slippery. And now as my fingers crossed over the tight opening I nudged it... feeling him tense and groan... and as I poured more of the liquid into the hairless crack, I pushed in a finger. He bucked and jerked his ass, his head pushing into the soft pillow.

  He was tight, very tight and hot inside. Probing deeper I slid in the finger up to the third knuckle, rotating it and then pulling back to slide it in again... It gripped me hotly, the tender lining pulsing around the buried digit as he rotated his ass, his fingers gripping the pillow, face still buried...

  More lotion and a second finger and I felt the slight loosening of the muscles... the almost reluctant surrender of the sphincter. The whole area was now slick, the skin soft and pliant... the mouth totally relaxed. My fingers were sliding in and out without any hindrance and soon he was taking in three fingers without a whimper, his inner muscles pulsing around the buried digits in a joyous welcome.

  Pulling out I asked him if he really wanted it... and for the first time since we were traveling together, he was silent, just nodding his head in reply his whole body trembling with anticipation and desire.

  "Close your legs," I instructed him, capping the bottle and keeping it aside.

  I mounted him, my legs over his, thigh over thigh and my toes locking over his ankles. "Keep your legs close and just relax," I whispered into his ears as my hands came to rest on either side of his head, "Don't move or do anything, just relax, it wont hurt."

  I heard him whimper as I lowered my pelvis, my pubes coming to rest on his upturned buttocks. I removed one hand and slowly guided my rampant cock into the trench of the teen ass and slowly began to rock my hips.

  Hands back in position beside his head for support I began the process of deflowering Kashish... It takes time... and a lot of patience but this one method never hurt... The cock slides in, no matter how large and thick (which mine was), and no matter how tight the opening...

  Dragging the engorged phallus along the deep cleft I slowly shifted my hips and with the drooling tip located the wrinkled opening... Holding it steady, aligning myself for that perfect angle I began to nudge... Slow and steady... no pressure... just a regular, unbroken series of nudges, making the virgin mouth aware of the presence... and as the tiny opening slowly responded, pushing out as if on it's own, I increased the pressure ever so slightly...

  Gently my hip beat a silent rhythm at the entrance of the teen hole and as the mouth relented, I felt the broad head pushing the tight lips apart... and gradually felt it begin to slide past the entrance... more and more of the glans pushing past the now relaxed portal of the teen opening... I kept rocking my hips, back and forth and his steady breathing and still body told me that he wasn't experiencing any pain, in fact, he may not even be fully aware that his ass had been breached already!

  Panting with the long effort I gradually increased the pressure and finally felt the whole head pop in... I had taken him... I was his first fuck...

  He just moaned and flexed his ass... "Hold still baby, don't move..." I grunted, feeling the tight hot passage grip me in a vice, the ass-ring stretched tightly around the flared rim.

  I pulled back a little and slowly pushed in and returned to my gentle hunches... and ever so slowly his ass opened wider, pulling me in... inch after thick inch sliding deeper... And when over half way in I felt him flex and squeeze again and heard him groan, trying to open his legs wider... now aware of the entrenched visitor in his ass, his whole body shuddering with the knowledge of having finally lived his dream!

  "No... Don't," I commanded, "Just hold still... relax the muscles... you've got more than half of it in..."

  He tensed... and lifted his head to turn it around, looking at me over his shoulders, with wonder and disbelief... He flexed his ass once more trying to gauge the depth of my entry, the veracity of my statement. And as he moved he felt it and like some spell had been broken he experienced the first pangs of pain...

  "Ooowww..." he wailed and went back to hiding his face in that pillow.

  "Told you, don't move..." I panted into his ears, "Just relax and lie still...

  He nodded again, moaning softly and I felt his ass relax... the tension around the cheeks and thighs gone.

  Pulling back slowly I thrust forward again and sank in further... my pubes finally rubbing his smooth cheeks, my cock fully in!

  I paused a while letting the inner muscles to relax totally and adjust... and then still holding him under me I began the act of fucking... slow at first and then picking up the speed... pulling back and then shoving in, sending the raging cock deeper into the tight, flexing bottom... It was smooth, as it always is, and totally painless... It was once more like old times!

  He now knew that he was taken... that I was fully in and fucking him... could feel the bulk within himself, but he lay still as I had told him to... just moaning into the pillow with the incredible feelings that must have been going through his young body, his ass flexing every now and then, forced to react to the continuous riveting.

  He was totally loose now... all resistance melted away... the inner muscles, the delicate linings of his anal canal pulsing around my pumping penis, fluttering in a welcome dance around the throbbing column as it plunged deep and deeper still.

  Bending my elbows I slowly fell over him, pressing him down with my bulk, my legs sliding off his to press them even closer together, holding them in place as my hips rose and fell with a steady beat enacting the ancient ritual of mating... My pelvis audibly slapping against his smooth boy buttocks, adding to the thrill of the fuck.

  Snaking my right hand under him I reached between his thighs and found his teen cock, hard and throbbing... his belly and the bed, sopping wet. For a moment I thought that he must have wet himself but soon realized that it was his pre-cum, all slimy and sticky, leaking steadily out of the tiny slit, forced out by the pressure of my sliding cock on his swollen prostate.

  He moaned as I gripped his penis and his hips moved, trying to fuck my hand and in the process aiding me to fuck his ass... I tightened the grips and felt it flex, once, twice and then he shuddered and turning his face let out a scream, his hips humping the bed and my hand like crazy, the cock spewing out liquid heat in a torrent.

  He shot for nearly a minute and then slumped forwards, whining, his whole body limp... but his ass was still working, gripping at my probing cock like crazy, trying to pull it in, gobble it up... the colon ravenous in the dying throes of his explosive orgasm.

  I wanted more.... I wanted to fuck harder... I wanted him to enjoy it too and see the pleasure reflected on his face as I took him, the pleasure of his first fuck... I wanted to kiss him... have him kiss me back. I wanted his slender arms wrapped around me... I wanted to feel his heaving chest under me.

  Pulling out gently I rolled him over once more and throwing his legs over my shoulders mounted him.

  Placing the throbbing tip at the open mouth I lunged forward... His ass jerked and retreated but there was no place to go and as the mattress blocked further retreat I pushed his legs even higher and moving my knees closer, slammed in, shoving more than half of the rigid rod up his bucking tail, sinking in.

  He stared back at me with utter disbelief... his eyes wide with wonder... His first experience with sex had started with excruciating pain and I hadn't even entered him then... and now this smooth, almost magical entry totally surprised him... While I fucked him from behind he did sense my entry but not the pain associated with the breaching of a virgin ass... he just felt the bulk inside of him. His expectation of pain, but the lack of it and his not seeing my cock impaling him had somehow made it seem unreal. But now that he could see me... see me enter him and feel my pubes crash against his parted thighs repeatedly... it must have been fascinating... pleasantly surprising!

  His arms went round my broad shoulder and he pulled me closer, asking me to kiss him...

  Lowering my mouth I brushed his lips lightly and he lifted his head off the pillow, lunging at my open mouth, kissing me with a ferocity that both surprised and pleased me. I was the recipient of double pleasure... and felt my stomach muscles tighten and flex... The sight, the sound, his utter submission and more incredibly, my re-entry into that hot and tight clutch of his virgin anus! It was a heady combination and I really had to control myself, forcing my balls to desist from relinquishing their bubbling treasure all too soon.

  The tip of my cock pushed on blindly, stretching the tiny orifice wider and sliding in further... pushing the constricted walls, now relaxed and smooth from my previous entry, further apart to make room for the swollen girth... inching deeper and higher into his convulsing belly.

  "O God!" he gasped pulling his mouth away, his nails digging into my hollowed butt cheeks... "your so... ah, so big.... I... I can hardly... breath...!"

  "You wanted it... now just relax and take it," I panted with the effort, "Just open up and push out..." I advised, my hips never stopping in their rhythmic hunching, his body rocking in response to the steady beat of my rising and falling pelvis.

  He smiled a big smile and rotating his ass pushed back at me, now back in his elements, "Yes... give it to me Mukul, fuck me hard.... rip it wide... ah, make me you slut!" he screamed hoarsely, the words punctuated with harsh gasps, his breath coming in spurts... forcing me to cover his mouth with my own to keep his voice low, keep it from traveling beyond the confines of the silent room.

  I drove in with more force now feeling his ass yield further, the teen torso rolled up in half as I pushed down his knees further, beyond his shoulders, my steady strutting pushing his ass higher and higher... And as my probing cock poked his prostate with each inwards thrust his cock began to grow again... dangling over his face now, like a tantalizing lolly, the healthy teen balls crawling up to the cock base in a tight knot.

  His rectum spasmed around my cock, chewing at the buried shaft mercilessly, extracting heavy groans from me, driving me on to shove in further, harder...

  And then I felt his body go taut, his legs first stiffening as I held it down on the pillow on either side of his thrashing head and then jerking violently as his cock jetted a copious discharge right onto his face, splashing it with it's creamy expulsion, covering his forehead and cheeks and lips...

  His famished ass, which was already suffocatingly ravenous in it's hunger for more meat, now went into overdrive... grabbing and squeezing the shaft in a vice, sucking me deeper into the rapacious depths of his belly. Like a million tiny fingers the walls clawed at the exposed glans one moment and then rolled over the plunging shaft in a hot embrace... tugging at the very root. His fingers digging into my pumping butt cheeks, pushing me further into him as he gasped and growled, his head thrashing about on the rumpled pillow, the pink tongue licking the parted lips, tasting himself there.

  The familiar tingle started deep within my belly and I knew it was coming... I growled and drove in, burying the whole length of my cock into the spasming bottom and went still, my hips frozen in place, the pubes shoved flat into the widely spread bottom of the teen boy as the contractions of the inner muscles sent a volley of my long withheld passion gushing into his gulping innards... my legs jerking uncontrollably as the ass mounds flexed with the ferocity of the explosion. I was numbed...


  We lay that way for a long while, me still on him, his legs still over my shoulders, limp now, recovering our breath, when finally, disengaging myself from his embrace, I pulled out. I heard him whimper as the large cock-head popped out, snapping his still tight sphincter back, freeing the muscle to start returning to it's normal closed position. I lay down by his side and pulled him closer, our heart slowly calming down from the heights it had climbed, the body slowly undulating as the muscles relaxed.

  "Gosh, that was cool..." he whispered after a while, bending down and kissing the slimy glans in gratitude before returning to my side and finally closing his eyes.


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