Fulfilling dream with Eric 3

by john74@spray.se

It's been a while since my last story, but here's a new one.I hope you enjoy the story, and thanks for all the feedback I got after my two previous stories, keep sending it. And especially thanks to one person, who I keep in touch with now, I think you know who you are...

Chapter 4

A small recap: After a lot of dreams about having sex with Eric, it finally happened a while ago. And last night we had the most amazing sex. But I had had a lot of dreams about us together and there were still some fantasys that hadn't been fulfilled...

I woke up the next day feeling Eric lying next to me. My cock was hard as a rock and I knew what I had been dreaming about, and he was lying next to me. I just looked at him, lying there next to me, still sleeping. I lifted the covers to take a look at his beautiful cock. To my surprise he also had a hard-on, and it looked so inviting I couldn't resist it.

I reached down and took his cock in my hand, feeling my cock throbing, and my heart pounding, starting to sweat, feeling the tention. I started jacking him of, and I don't know if he was still asleep or not but he starting moaning from pleasure anyway. It was so hot, hearing him moaning, feeling his cock in my hand, being part of a dream perhaps?!

I started jacking him of a little faster and harder, feeling his cocks throbing with energy. Then I leaned down, flicked my tounge over his cock-slit, and at the same time I started jacking myself of simultaniesly. By now he just couldn't be asleep, or could he?

I got the answer pretty soon, when I felt a hand gripping the one around my cock, and a voice saying:

I looked up at him

I don't know why I said love I just guess it felt right at the time.

I felt his gentle fingers slip around my cock, and slowly starting to jack me off. It felt so great!!

In the meantime my tounge had returned to his cock-head. I started licking it again, he just had the greatest cock-head. My mind was already set on what I wanted to do. I sucked his cock real hard and then I took the lubrication we had used the day before and lubed my ass-hole. I hadn't planned this, but my dream had been so intense, I just had to go through with this. After I lubed my ass, I told him I wanted him to finger my ass and make me ready for his cock!!

He started fingering my ass, I could feel his finger pushing against my ass-hole, and then my ass slowly letting it in. And then, with two fingers up my tight ass, he started to gently fingerfuck me.

- I want to be fucked by you Eric. I want you to take my virginity, to be my first.
- Are you sure, he asked.
- Positive!!
- Ok, he said, but I'll be gentle.
I was really hard now, and I stopped sucking his cock, and mounted him. I directed his cock-head to my ass-hole, and slowly sat down on his cock. I felt his cock-head against my ass-hole, it hurt a little bit at first, when his cock-head entered me, but when I felt my ass opening up it just felt great!! Ummmmm, to feel his cock deep inside me, just as in my dream, just hours ago...

I started to gently ride his cock up and down, hearing him moaning:

I wanted him to cum deep inside me, so I increased the pace, and my ass went up and down, up and down. Faster and faster, harder and harder. Now I could feel that his cock was getting ready to shoot it's hot load.

And then he shoot his hoat load, pushing his cock deep inside me as he did. I couldn't hold back any longer either and shoot my hot load all over his chest and fast. He opened his mouth to taste as much as he could. I then leaned forward and gave him a deep toungekiss, tasting my own cum, still with his now semi-hard cock deep inside me.

There weren't any more words needed, we just lied there and enjoyd the moment, the closeness we felt was so great.