Fun Couple

I was relaxing on the Friday after Thanksgiving figuring out what I wanted to do for the weekend. Bored, I decided to see who was around on the hook up sites. Saw this couple that I had talked to in the past and they seemed very cool. The pic in their ad was of them relaxing in a pool. Being in Arizona, that was a definite plus. So I sent them a message saying hi. We exchanged some small talk about the holiday and then they asked if I had plans that night. Hmmmm, could be fun, I have never been with two men at the same time before. We set a time for me to head over.

I cleaned thoroughly inside and out then made my way up their place. Ron greeted me at the door and I think we were both happy with what we saw. He invited me in and offered me a drink. Jack and Diet in hand we went out to the patio where Jeff was sitting. After introductions we sat making small talk while sipping our cocktails. After a few drinks we were all pretty well loosened up. Jeff got up and simply stripped his clothes giving me a good look at his very thick, semi erect cock. He turned and stepped into the hot tub which sprang to life. Ron said, I guess it's time for a soak, should we join him?

And that was that, we shed our clothes all getting a good look at what the other had to offer. I knew this was going to be a great night. We sat in the hot, bubbling water enjoying the feel of the jets. I was sipping on my drink when Jeffs hand started rubbing my thigh. Having Jeff on my left and Ron on my right, I set my drink down and did the same to both of them. Ron was bolder, he rubbed all over my thigh, stomach, chest, pulled my head towards him and kissed me passionately. We made out like teenagers while Jeff stroked my cock as it grew to full size.

Ron broke the kiss and lifted himself to the side of the tub offering me his hard, cut cock. It was beautiful, thick and I wanted it. I gently stroked it up and down, then licked around the entire shaft. Massaging his balls while I took him completely into my mouth, gagging and sucking him deep. My finger slipped under his balls and played with his very tight asshole. Being wet, I was able to slowly slide it inside him. This caused his cock to get harder as he let out an animalistic moan.

Jeff was now behind me rubbing my head, back and my ass. To give him better access I stood up and bent over to keep Ron's cock in my mouth. Jeff now had a view of my ass from eye level. He produced a rubber cock ring and wrapped it around my hard cock and balls. Then he went to town, stroking my cock, rubbing my ass and playing with my asshole. He leaned in, kissed my ass and ran his tongue up and down my crack, teasing my quivering hole. Ron seemed to really get off on this, he grabbed my head and face fucked me. I loved it, one man using my mouth while another tongue fucked my ass. I was a cock whore in heat. Wiggling my ass for Jeff while doing my best to swallow Ron's cock.

After about 5 minutes of this I thought Ron was going to feed me his cum. But instead he pulled me off his rod and panted that we should take this inside. Nobody argued. We toweled off, grabbed our empty glasses and headed in. Ron refilled the cocktails while Jeff lead me to their “playroom”. It had a large screen TV, a roomy sectional couch, a padded sawhorse in one corner and a leather sling in the other hanging from the ceiling. Jeff turned on the television and hit play on the DVD. What I saw was extremely hot. It was Ron and Jeff taking an eager young bottom from both sides while he was bent over the saw horse. I looked to Jeff and he explained that they have small cameras set up in the room that they use to record and enjoy the action later, privately. He said they were all recording now but he could turn them off if I was uncomfortable. I felt dirty and decided what the hell, might be hot.

Ron joined us in the playroom handing us our drinks after sharing a knowing smile with Jeff. We sat there watching the hot action on the screen while sipping our drinks. Jeff was fucking the hot bottoms ass on the screen and I could tell he wasn't going to last long. A few rapid pumps and I could tell he was cumming, HARD. After he slowed down, I watched his spent cock slip out along with a lot of his cum. Next they had the slut get in the sling. Ron fucked him deep and hard for several minutes before dumping his own hot, steamy load into the man.

By now we had finished our drinks and they were both stroking my cock while I watched. They laid me down on the couch and Jeff straddled my face, feeding me his cock which I eagerly sucked. His pre cum tasted better than anything I have ever had. Ron went to work on my cock. Sucking me deeply, licking my nuts and using his finger to tease my hole. Jeff was telling me how I was a good little whore and they were going to enjoy using me. Ron spread my legs and lifted them a little to give him better access to my ass. He produced some lube and a nice size dildo (which I didn't see yet). Greasing me up and sliding his fingers into my hungry hole. Then I felt the hard fake cock slide in easily. In one smooth stroke it went all the way in and rubbed my prostate, this made me moan around Jeff's long cock.

They worked me over for several minutes and I loved it. I was fucking myself on the dildo while Jeff used my mouth. When they felt I was ready, they got off me, removed the dildo and led me over to the sawhorse. I eagerly bent over it which made them chuckle at how hot I was for it. Jeff took up position behind me and without warning thrust his manhood into me. I yelped at the intrusion then moaned as he went balls deep in my loosened hole. Ron took the other side and fed me his rock hard cock. I was in heaven. My cock leaking all over the horse below me while Jeff fucked me in long, hard strokes. Alternating with short jabs at my prostate. I would have screamed if I didn't have Ron forcefully fucking my throat. After 10 minutes of this blissful pummeling, I felt Jeff tighten up, push deep inside me and his cock started throbbing. I normally can't feel the cum shooting into me, but Jeffs load was massive! I came just from the feel of it, shooting all over my stomach. Jeff held his cock in me while Ron walked around to watch him withdrawl. His cock left me feeling empty and some of his cum dripped out of my used pussy.

Ron scooped some up and pushed it back into my hole using his finger. Then he reached over and had me lick that finger clean. It got me rock hard again in seconds. Seeing this, Jeff decided to have me clean his cock with my mouth. I could taste his musk, his cum and my ass on him. Once he was satisfied, he pulled out and they led me to the sling. I could barely walk, my legs were like rubber. Once in the sling, Ron wasted no time lining up hard cock and shoving it into my well greased hole. I did my best to squeeze my ass muscles and milk his cock. It must have worked because in no time he was pounding me like a teenager and all too soon I felt him tense up and shoot his hot cum into my well fucked ass. He held it in there deep while Jeff leaned over to take my cock in his mouth. All of the sensations of getting worked over, the attention to my dick payed off quickly. With Ron's softening cock still in my ass, I came as hard as I ever have, filling Jeffs mouth with my man juice. He swallowed all of it.

Completely spent, Jeff and I returned to the couch and Ron went to refill our drinks. I thanked them both for the best night I have ever had. But they told me it wasn't over yet. They intended to recover and use me again. They also had two friends on their way over. They told me that they had been watching on camera and saw everything. I was shocked. They then explained that the video actually feeds a pay per month site they host. At least ten thousand horny men had just watched my ass get fucked. I could have been pissed but for some reason it just made me feel hot and slutty.

The rest of that night and most of the next day we alternated between incredibly hot fuck sessions with Ron, Jeff and their two friends: Bill and Ryan, and taking dips in the pool to cool off. When I finally left my ass was sore and I could barely walk. Lost track of how many times someone came in me when it got to 12. They gave me some cash for “performing”, gave me access to the site and welcomed me back any time. I knew for sure I would take them up on that!

Let me know what you think – or if you are in Arizona.