Getting What I Want 2

By Angyl


After Danny had gotten kicked out and moved to god knew where, I saw him a few times on the bus. The sightings were few and far. It was two years ago that I had done him, and gotten what I wanted. I admit to guilty feels but he had said it was cool. I even had the opportunity to talk to him on the bus once. Although he was older he really had not changed much. He was still a pothead. Then I lost contact with him again.

A few months pasted since I saw him on the bus, and we chatted. I was online and he logged onto MSN. We chatted and joked. He was under house arrest and could not go out. It was his suggestion for me to come and hang out with him. His mom was away for the whole day and he would have the house to himself. I thought about it and agreed. Getting directions I headed to his place.

I'll skip the boring details of the bus ride. When I arrived at his place he greeted me at the door, in nothing but shorts. He had gained a nice six pack, and his hair was darker. His skin was darker from the sun. Other than that he had not changed a hell of a lot. I almost popped a boner, but was able to stop myself.

"Hey man sup?" He asked as he let me in.

"Not too much and u?" I replied.

"Stuck in this shit hole."

We headed into the living room and I sat in an overstuffed chair. He sat across from me. He brought his legs up, and I could see right down the leg of his shorts. He had nothing on underneath. I also noticed he was high. We sat and chatted for a bit. He excused himself and stepped outside for another spliff. Shit I began getting bad thoughts in my head. Would I be able to have him again? I was still deep in thought when he came back in and plopped down on the couch. I looked at him and he was totally fried. He was again sitting so I got a good look down his shorts. I knew I had to have him again.

I did not make a move right away. I waited; after he excused himself and had another spliff I knew it was time. He took his spot across from me. I moved over to be nearer to him. I was sitting next to him, and I put my hand on his leg as we chatted. He looked down, and then to me.

"What are you up to man?"

"Nothing at all."

He shrugged and went back to rambling on. I was slowly rubbing his leg move up closer to his crotch every time. He would occasionally look down, but then would just go right on chatting away. AS I moved my hand up I lightly brushed his ball sac. I left my hand there, and began lightly running my finger on his balls. He seemed to take no notice of the fact, but continued to jabber. I slowly moved my hand over and found his cock.

"Whoa dude!"

I smiled at him as I wrapped my hand around his cock.

"No way man...not like that!"

His cock had other things in mind as it grew hard in my hand. Danny was not making any attempt to stop me either. In fact he spread his legs to give me better access.

"Hmmm...I would say your cock seems to like the attention." I said.

"Fuck man...this is weird."

I continued to stroke him. He sighed as I worked his cock. I reached up and pulled his shorts down. For someone who was not into it, he was sure eager. He lifted up and helped me pull his shorts off. Then he laid back and I moved so I was between his legs. Then I leaned in and took his cock in my mouth. He began to moan as I slowly worked his cock.


Unfortunate for me, he shot too fast, not biggy, I figured I would have another go. I should mention that as I was sucking him off I had got my own pants off. Danny was kind of leaning into me after I got him off. I took his head and slowly guided him to my hard cock. I thought he would resist but he opened his mouth as I got him closer and took my cock. He handled it awkwardly at first, and gagged a couple times, but soon he got the hang of it and handled my cock like a pro. Shit he was good. I moaned a few times as he bobbed up and down, and licked my shaft.

"Shit dude you keep that up Imma gonna blow soon."

Danny made no attempt to stop. He just kept sucking me. Shit this was too much.

"I warned you dude!!"

I blasted my load in his mouth. The fucker swallowed ever drop and kept sucking until I could not handle it. My cock is always sensitive after a good sucking. I had to push him off to stop him. I just shook my head.

"Here I thought you were a straight boi." I said laughing.


Danny made no effort to get his shorts on, so I reached down and started playing with his cock, getting him hard again. I pushed him back so that he was laying down on the couch. I positioned myself so I could take his cock. Although I had other areas in mind, I figured it was best to start with his cock and work my way to my goal. I took his cock in and gave it some attention, before moving to his balls and gently sucking on them. I lifted his legs as I did so, and slowly moved towards his pucker. I looked as good as the last time I had indulged myself on it. Danny had lifted up and spread wide. I dove into his pucker with abandon. I licked around his pucker and then drove my tongue in.

"Oh fuck...that feels good!!"

I brought my hand up and slowly pushed my finger in. I felt Danny shiver as I did. Between licking and fingering I started open him up. Danny began to squirm.

"Fuck me...I need you in me!!" He shouted.

I continued working his hole as I moved so I could enter him. I lined up my cock, and slowly began to push in. I felt my cockhead enter his sphincter and I began to push deeper inside him. I pushed until I was completely in him, and then slowly pulled out to my cockhead and then back in. I looked at Danny, his head was back and his eyes closed. Quiet moans came from him. I looked down just as his cock emptied. He clenched his ass muscles as he did. Shit this was a turn on. It made it tighter and the fuck move intense. Most guys I fucked did not do this. It was harder to push, but I continued to fuck him. His moans increased as he kept his muscles tightened around my cock.

" good!!" He moaned.

I was getting close and wanted to empty into him badly. I knew I had to warn him though.

"Fuck I am so close!!" I warned.

"Fill me up!"

I gave a few hard thrusts and emptied in him. I leaned down and kissed him as I filled him. I stayed in him until I went soft. I continued kissing him as we sat up. He broke the kiss and looked at me.

"Wow...that was as good as the first man." He said smiling.

"You remember that?"

"Fuck yeah...was not all that high...same as now."

I looked at him as he smiled. He admitted to planning this day, as soon as he knew his mom would be gone for the weekend, then invited me to hang out. He deliberately put then shorts and nothing else on. The little bugger had in a way seduced me. I laughed; it was all I could do.

Danny and I ended up having several times together, although it never went further. Eventually it stopped thought. I got what I wanted, but wished it could have gone further than it did.

The End