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"Dave, do you believe in God," Greg asked as they lay about in bed one Saturday morning.


"Sure; why do you ask?"


"Just wondering. I do. Do you go to church at all?"


"No, I don't. I was raised Catholic, but I stopped going years ago; too much hypocrisy and anti-everything rhetoric. What about you?"


"I used to when I was in Boston. They had an Episcopal church that was very accepting and welcoming of gay people. In fact, there's a world-wide ministry and fellowship program called Integrity. I was a member and it was really great."


"Are you telling me that you want to start going?"


"I would like to, and I'd like you to come with me. I'd also like to see if we can get Integrity hooked up with the task force that Gwen and I are setting up."


"Will they accept me, being as I'm Catholic?"


"You could always convert," Greg said teasingly, which earned him a pillow to the face.




"I'm sure they will. We just have to find one."


"As I recall, there are three or four of them in P-town. Kyle would know. He knows every gay and gay-friendly group around. Let me give him a call." He picked up his phone and dialed.


"'Morning, Dave. What's up?" Kyle's cheerful voice came over the phone.


"Greg and I were just lying around and we got to talking about church. Do you know of any Episcopal churches that have the Integrity program?"


"Yeah, St. Stephens, the one that Jay and I go to. Wait. I thought you were Catholic?"


"I haven't set foot inside a Catholic church in years; too much bullshit. Greg's Episcopalian though and he wants us to go."


"Well, you could always convert," Kyle said.


Upon hearing this Dave smacked Greg in the face again with a pillow. "What was that for," Greg asked, smacking him back.


"Kyle just told me I could convert. He had to have picked that up from you telepathically."


"Bitch," Greg declared as he smacked Dave again with a pillow.


"Hello? Dave? Are you still there?"


"Yeah, I'm here; just had to deal with that brat of a boyfriend of mine."


"TMI and I don't want to know. Seriously though, Integrity is a great program. We have a lot of good times. It meets every other Saturday at seven. The next meeting is a week from today and I'd love to have you guys come with us."


"If we're not working, we'll definitely be there."


"Cool. Listen, why don't you guys come over for the day? We could have cookout."


Dave looked over at Greg, "Cookout at Kyle's?"


"Hell yeah. We'll bring the salads." Greg jumped out of bed and headed for the shower, his mind already listing the ingredients he needed.


"We're on. What time would you like us to be there?"


"Come over any time. Jay's on assignment for the magazine, but he should be home by two."


"Okay. See you guys later." Dave hung up and rushed to join Greg in the shower. After a bit of foreplay, Greg was deep inside Dave who was facing the shower wall, hands braced on the wall above his head, which was thrown back as Greg sucked on the junction of his neck and shoulder, drawing blood to the surface.


"Ohhhh...that feels so good," Dave moaned.


"Not. As. Good. As. It. Feels. To. Be. Inside. You." Greg punctuated each word with a deep thrust, all the while stroking Dave's hard dick in time with his thrusting. With a shout Dave unloaded, coating Greg's hand and hitting the shower wall. Greg quickly followed, filling the condom almost to the breaking point. Greg gently withdrew and they slowly slid down the wall to the shower floor. "That's what you get for smacking me in the face with your pillow twice," Greg growled playfully.


"If getting my brains fucked out is the punishment, remind me to do it more often."


"I need to get my ass in gear if I want to get the salads done." Greg quickly finished washing, hopped out of the shower and dried off. Padding naked into the kitchen he took stock of what ingredients they had on hand.


Dave came out of the bedroom dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, drying his hair. Greg told him that he needed to go to the store to get some ingredients.


"You're going undressed like that?"


Greg looked down and realized that he was still naked. "Sure, why not." He twisted his hips back and forth causing his generous endowment to slap his thighs. "If you've got it, flaunt it!" He snickered, running around Dave towards the bedroom to get dressed. He wasn't quite fast enough as Dave snapped him on the ass with the wet towel.


"You'll pay for that later!" Greg warned.


"I'm counting on it. Do you need help with anything?"


"Yeah, can you cut up some potatoes and start them and the macaroni boiling? I need to get lettuce, carrots, cheese and cold cuts for the chef salad."


"Okay. Hurry back, baby."

The food was great and the conversation even better. The four men agreed to meet at the church the following morning where a surprise awaited Greg, Kyle and Jay.


Meeting up in the church parking lot the next morning, Dave was surprised to see how warmly everyone greeted them. The greeting that surprised them the most was when Kevin approached them Nick, Kyle's cousin Karin's wife Denise's little brother. Even more surprising was that they were holding hands. Nobody knew that they were together. Introductions and hugs abounded. It wasn't long before Kyle pounced on Nick.


"Okay, so how long has this been going on, and why didn't you tell anyone, and does Denise know?" Kyle fired off the questions rapidly.


"Not long, we wanted to make sure it was going to work between us and yes, she knows but we asked her not to say anything to anyone yet."


"And," Kyle prompted.


Nick pulled Kevin close and replied, "I've never been happier."


"Good enough for me. Welcome to the family, Kevin. You hurt my cousin and your ass is mine."


"Thanks, Kyle, but I'm afraid my ass, and the rest of me for that matter, belongs to Nick."


Everybody groaned and chorused "TMI!" as they headed into the church.


After the service, which Greg and Dave enjoyed immensely, was over Kyle took them around and introduced them to everyone. Dave was a bit overwhelmed by everything, especially when the Priest took him aside and talked with him for almost an hour. Dave decided right then and there that he would definitely be returning as often as he could.

The next couple of months found Dave and Greg immersing themselves in the church and especially Integrity, the Episcopal Church's LGBT fellowship and outreach program which also brought them into a closer friendship with Kyle, Jay, Tommy and Andy.


At last the big night was upon them. "Dave, are you ready to go?" Greg asked, slightly nervous as tonight was the first meeting of the Fellowship of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Officers that he and Gwen had been tasked to create by the Police Commissioner.


"Yeah, as ready as I'll ever be," Dave responded with a note of nervousness in his voice.


"Baby, you'll be fine," Greg soothed. "You've made dozens of speeches in front of large crowds. This won't be any different."


Neither man had a clue as to how different the night would be, nor did they have any idea of the events that would unfold and irrevocably change their lives forever.