I Needed This

I have always known that I was bi. For some reason the thought of being with a masculine guy just turns me on. I am very straight acting, my friends would never guess in a million years that I love being fucked by men. I have this small group of good friends, in fact I have fucked most of the girls in the group. So when it was time to move, one of my female friends invited me to be her roommate. Now this is one of the girls that I have not been with and have no intention of changing that.

Well one of our other good friends who is completely out was breaking up with his partner of 9 years. Very depressed and now looking for a change, we invited him to stay with us. He, like my other friends, had no idea of my sexual interests. The first few nights we would stay up late drinking, him telling me about the fun he had in college – mostly with straight men. He also made it clear that he was a 100% top guy. So one night after getting sauced and everyone else going to bed, I decided to test the waters.

We were sitting outside with our beers and the talk went to sex. Finally I admitted that I have had a few encounters with men. This got him immediately interested. I told him about the first experience I had. That I had met up with a guy who gave me a fantastic, very professional massage. Which quickly turned to more when he noticed my reaction. This man ended up fucking me hard, deep and raw. Shooting massive amounts of cum into my straight ass, causing my own climax. I was hooked.

I could tell Brent was very turned on by my story, and the large tent in his sweat pants made me even bolder. He had told me that he had a large cock and now I wanted to see it. He got up and walked over to me. My hands instantly sliding up his legs and massaging his impressive dick. Growing bolder, he pulled his meat out and fed it to me right there on our patio – our other roommate sleeping just feet away. I gave him the best head I could, licking his cock and sucking it deep. He seemed to really enjoy when I would gag on him, ramming it deeper into my throat.

We couldn't take much more of this so I suggested we go inside. I went straight to my room and he made a stop by his. By the time he came into my room and closed the door, I was already down to my boxers under the blankets with a fresh bottle of lube on the night stand. He quickly stripped all the way, slipped under the covers and we began caressing each other. This was going to be fun. He rolled over on to my back, my stomach on the mattress, where he gave a fantastic massage. From my shoulders, to lower back, over my ass, pulling my cheeks apart. I could feel him let some saliva drip down onto my hole, which he used to let his finger enter me. I blindly reached back, handing him the lube.

Wasting no time he coated his cock and my ass in the slippery substance. Sliding his gorgeous cock up and down my crack, teasing my hole. I wanted him inside me and I was rocking back and forth trying to align myself so he would enter me. His mushroom head caught the ridge of my hole and I gasped. Suddenly his hands came around producing a fresh bottle of poppers. I took two large hits while he ground into my ass. On the second hit his cock slid into me. In a single, slow stroke his cock was balls deep in my ass and my mind spun from the poppers. God I needed this. He pulled my ass back so I was on my knees and he held perfectly still. Wanting to please both him and me I rocked back and forth on his cock. My hole being focused on the intense pleasure in my ass. He groaned, telling me how hot it was to watch me fuck his cock.

I couldn't get enough, it was definitely the largest cock that I had ever had. After a few minutes of me doing all the work, he grabbed my hips and started pounding my hole. The bed rocking against the wall. If our other roommate woke up, there would be no way to disguise the pure animal lust going on in my bedroom. He fucked me from behind with multiple angles. Slamming down into me and grinding around in circular motions. I loved it. My own cock was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum and I was ready to get off. I grabbed my cock and jerked it in time with his thrusts. He pushed my hand away and replaced it with his own. Milking my cock with his hand while my ass milked him.

He fucked me harder and I knew he was close. A few more thrusts sent me over the edge, my cock erupting in the most intense orgasm I have ever known. As most guys know, once you start cumming that hard, your whole body convulses. That caused my ass to clench tight around his rod sending him over the edge. He shoved the entire length into me as I felt him spasm into me. Hot cum filling my used ass.

This has turned out to be the best living situation I have ever known. We make sure that he fills my more than willing ass with his cock and cum at least three times a week. It is the nights when he is really horny and go a second time that really gets me off. Feeling dirty as he uses his own cum as lube to fuck a second load into me. We have talked about inviting others to join us. Maybe one of these days we will make that happen. Until then, my ass is very happy.

If you are in the Scottsdale area and think this sounds fun, let me know. azbttmguy73@yahoo.com.