In His Truck

By -- Angyl

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So the other night I was only chatting with one of my online buddies. I have always liked talking with him. I know he is bisexual, and we have some wicked conversations. We were constantly trying to make some type of arrangement for a little fun, but our living arrangements did not permit that. No I am not going to go into detail on that situation.

My friends name is William. We met online a couple months ago. He is 6'0", and weights about 190 -- 200 lbs. His eyes are brown and his hair is as well. His cock is an average 6.5 or there in. It is just right for sucking. His has body hair, which used to turn me off, but now I really enjoy it.

So we would get on MSN, and basically flirt...LMAO. On two occasions, I decided to go on cam and give him a little show. I just jerked off for him. Nothing too exciting, thought once about showing him, me with my dildo up my ass, but never got that far. I admit would have loved to, but do not have the courage to go for it. Well even that gets monotonous after a while. I know he has a cam, but it is not working. I wanted to really see him on cam

Well the other night we were on and we were teasing each other. I told him I would not be going on cam at all as I was tired of doing that. Well not so much tired but bored with it. Sure he got his jollies watching me, but just was not the same. I got this plan in my head that I hoped would work. I knew he had a truck, and damn I was willing to work his cock for him. As a joke I suggest we could go in his truck for some fun. I swear to god all he has on his mind is getting his ass plowed. He said his truck would be awkward to fuck in. I lied and told him I was too sore for fucking but I could still suck his cock. He laughed and asked where I was. When I told him he said the only place he knew by me was the YMCA. I said I could walk there in ten minutes and then we could go somewhere. Well imagine my surprise and delight when he said okay, and would meet me in fifteen minutes.

I rushed around threw close on and was out my door in four minutes. I thought I was making good time but he was already there. I admit I almost turned around; I was a fucking bundle of nerves. I fought that and got into his truck. We took a little drive to a secluded area. It was perfect no one could see us at all. I began rubbing him, and could feel his cock growing in his pants.

"Well let's see him." I said.

He undid his pants and lifted to pull them down. I was impressed by his cock. I took his cock in my hand and began to jerk it. He never got to full hardness, just being jerked off.

"Why don't you put the seat back?" I suggested.

He put the seat back, and I got myself in a position so I could suck him off. It was a bit awkward getting into the right position, but I had no troubles once I got into a good one. He was still semi hard, but as soon as I began going down on him, his cock reacted swiftly, and grew to full hardness. I took him all in my mouth and slowly went back up to the tip, licking and swirling my tongue around it, and then to him back to the hit. I began alternating between sucking and jerking his cock. He really enjoyed this attention. I began massaging his balls, as I was sucking him. I felt his bals tighten in my hand.

"Mmm...I am gonna cum soon." He moaned.

I gave him a few more jerks and then took his cock back in my mouth. I went down on him a few more times, before I felt his cock empty of it's load. I continued to suck him, until he was soft again. I let him rest as I lay back in my seat. I was hoping for some return action, but did not really expect it. Once we had cooled off, he started the truck and returned me home.

"Thanks for the blow was awesome." He said.

"Anytime...always will for a good cock to suck." I replied.

I watched as he drove off, before going into the house. I knew I would get more fun with him. The only question was when that would be.

The End

Well there you go. I got the idea from a friend who told me a night he had with a friend. I asked if I could turn it into a story, and he said I was more than welcome to. Any

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