Jake and Chris were hanging out in Chris's apartment watching tv on the couch. Jake was extremely horny and had always had feelings for Chris and constantly fantasized about shoving his 8 inch cock into Chris's tight hole. They had masturbated together a few times and Jake had caught Chris staring at him multiple times. Chris was skinnier than jake and his light brown hair had been growing out for a long time. Jake was more muscular than Chris and his pecs were more pronounce. As Jake thought about Chris naked and sucking on his 6 inch cock he started to get hard. It wasn't long before Chris noticed Jake's huge hard on and asked the golden question:

“You wanna fool around a bit?” He asked in a boyish tone.

“Uhhhh yeah I guess” Jake replied a little shocked at the question. Jake never thought that Chris would be the one to initiate the foreplay. They both took off their shirts and admired their different yet equally stunning bodies. Jakes abs were almost perfect and his pecs were muscular and sexy. Chris was skinnier but his abs were still stunning. Chris made the first move and went in to kiss jake. The kiss was deep and Jake loved that Chris was taking charge. Jake wrapped his arms around Chris and caressed his back while Chris reached down to Jakes shorts and slowly began to take them off. When he finally slipped them off he took off his own sweatpants and both boys were left in their boxer briefs. Precum was oozing out of both of their hard cocks. Finally Chris couldnt take it anymore. He started kissing Jakes neck and moved down his chest. He licked his lovers nipples and went down to his happy trail. He got on his knees in front of Jake and took off his black briefs. Jakes huge cut cock sprung out of his underwear and almost slapped Chris in the face. Chris grabbed the 8 inch penis in his hand and slowly began to stroke it. He had never touched another guys cock but had always fantasized about it. After a few strokes he began to take the head of the cock into his mouth. Immediately he heard Jake moan and he knew he was doing it right. He had practiced sucking cock by trying to take a banana into his mouth completely. He had gotten pretty good at it and real cock tasted so much better. He swirled his tongue around the head of Jakes cock for a few seconds and then and swallowed most of the large cock. As he slided his mouth up and down Jake began moaning louder and louder.

“Fuck this feels so good!” Said Jake as he slowly pushed Chris's head down on his cock.

Chris loved that Jake was shoving his face deeper and deeper into his crotch. At this point he had almost the entirety of Jakes cock in his mouth. His nose was pressed into Jakes pubes and Chris loved the smell. “OH FUCK! If you keep this up I'm going to cum right now!” Chris pulled his head up and released the cock from his mouth.

“Now it's my turn to take you.” Jake grabbed Chris and threw him down on the floor on his back. He slid his boxers off quickly and immediately raised his legs in the air. He saw Chris's hairless pink hole and couldnt control himself. He started rimming him immediately and loved the taste. He licked all around Chris's hole as Chris let out low moans. Jake then slid his tongue deep into his lovers ass and then moved it in and out for a few minutes. Chris loved every moment of it and started bucking his hips into Jakes tongue.

“I want you to fuck me now” Chris said between moans.

“You got any condoms?” asked Jake.

“No but I dont care. I just want you deep inside me.” said Chris as he grabbed Jakes cock. Jake smiled and pulled Chris up onto all fours. He got on his knees and lined his cock up with Chris's hole. With one quick thrust he shoved his cock into Chris's hole.

“ughhhh” Chris moaned as he felt the long cock inside his ass. He was in a bit of pain but he loved the feel of a cock in his ass. Jake slowly began thrusting back and forth until the had a smooth rhythm going. He grabbed hold of Chris's hips and began thrusting faster and harder. Chris moaned louder “ughhh fuck me harder” he yelled. Chris's tight hole felt so good around Jakes cock. He couldnt take it anymore. “Oh my god im going to cum!!” Jake drove his cock as deep into Chris's tight ass and unloaded his huge cum in his lovers ass. He squirted 6 loads until he came out of Chris's ass.

“I want you to cum in my mouth now” Jake whispered to Chris as he turned him around so Chris was on his back and Jake was on top of him. Jake took Chris's 6 inch cock into his mouth and sucked it hard and deep until Chris unloaded in his mouth. He tried to swallow every single drop but some flooded out of his mouth and onto his chin. Both guys laid down next to each other and Chris put his head on Jakes chest.

“That was amazing.” Chris said.

“Yeah, we'll have to do that again.” Jake smiled and looked down to Chris. Both men smiled and fell asleep in each others arms.

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