Jesse Taylor & Old Friends


This story is fiction and contains details of sex between three 18 year old males. It is meant to be erotic yet still portray deep affection. If you don't like it. Don't read it.

I've known Jesse for ten years now - we went from two pre-pubescent boys to two young men together and stayed friends most of the way. I have fancied Jesse for years but never really done anything about it. There was that night in the wood where I stroked his arse suggesting that we experiment but it didn't come to anything.

Over the last few months we have grown closer and closer together - there has developed a strong bond, but we are now split up at different colleges. I stayed at Jesse's house the other night after a party and as usual lay in his spare bed in his room marvelling at his honed chest - he never really did much sport, instead he bought some weights and pumped them every night. This meant that he had a slim but toned body - practically no fat. He also had a great arse, and long slender legs. This was all topped off with full but not pouting lips and boyishly tousled brown hair. In short he looked like he had just strolled in from a hard days work in the fields. Beautiful.

Anyway, I lay in bed looking at him and then he got into bed. When I went to the loo wearing only my white briefs I noticed him looking at me for what I thought was the first time. Lying in bed that night I wondered.

I woke up early the next morning to go and catch a train. Jesse wasn't stirring but I brought him up a cup of tea and then said I was going. I said I would go and visit him at College, and, not wanting to make it harder got up and walked downstairs. As I walked towards the front door I heard Jesse coming after me. I turned round and saw him standing in the hallway wearing just a tightish pair of jeans. No shirt. He said something like "See you in 12 weeks" and gave me a hug. The feel of his naked skin against my arms made my stomach ache. I was really going to miss him - apart from the physical thing, I would miss his company. I returned the hug and we stayed like that for about 30 seconds. After what seemed like an embarrassingly long time I started to rub his lower back. I could feel his firm muscles lying across his back. He didn't complain and I started to rub him lower down until my fingers were just slipping under his waistband. My fingers were just tickling that part of the bum where the back starts to split when he gave me the biggest surprise of my life. He pushed me away slightly and then kissed me passionately. I could feel his warm lips sealed against mine while his warm tongue explored the depths of his mouth. After a few moments I could feel his dick start to harden against the inside of my leg. Removing my arms from his back, I started to unbutton his jeans and then eased them of his arse until they slipped to the floor. He stepped out of them until he was standing in his boxer shorts with hi half erect penis hanging out. At this stage we decided to go up to his room as there was another friend of ours staying. However as we started up the stairs, he appeared. There was a rather stunned silence until he exclaimed "Looks like I'm missing out here." For the second time that day I was completely amazed - I had never considered the possibility that either of these two were gay, let alone both!

Taylor, the third friend could be aptly described as your stereotypical Swedish ski instructor - blond with light freckles, the most perfect pair of lips and a perfect body accentuated by the tight clothes he always seems to wear. As I carried on upstairs I heard him follow me and then felt his hand rest against the inside of my bum. This was heaven.

When we arrived Jesse's room, we undressed each other and were soon heavily petting - I would kiss Taylor hard on the lips and play with his penis, bringing it to its full nine inches, while Jesse kissed the back of my neck and rubbed my crack. Pretty soon I turned around and started kissing Jesse's back whilst I slowly rubbed my fully erect dick in his arse. Bending him over slowly, I noticed Taylor sit down in front of Jesse and position his cock next to his mouth. Taylor lay with his head towards me and, twisting sideways making Jesse moan as my dick twisted in him, I was able to get off with Taylor. My thrusts into Jesse grew stronger and stronger as did Taylor's stifled moans. Pumping my cock into my best friend's arse harder and harder whilst wanking him off with my hands, I came with a gasp into Jesse's tight ass. As I opened my eyes I could see Taylor come into Jesse's mouth - the thick semen dripped from Jesse's pert lips as he licked every last drop off Taylor's penis. Realising that Jesse had come off worse, Taylor and I turned him around and pinned him down, taking turns to rub our tongues up his penis and around his head now smeared with pre-cum. When he came, I had his dick right down my throat and as he shot his warm load into me I swallowed, eating every drop of my best friend's cum.

Finally we collapsed into a heap - three eighteen year old boys lying naked over each other's hard, sticky bodies. Jesse had spilled a bit ;-)