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Chapter 3

Now, you gonna tell me how you knew all this stuff was gonna happen?”

Joe and I are lying in bed, both of us recovering from the first-time blowjob Joe had provided me, both finishing up a smoke. Joe's question hangs in the air, and he's looking at me, waiting for a response.

“Let me show you a couple of other things you might like first, then I'll see about answering your question.” With that, I stubbed out my cigarette, as did Joe. I moved in for a kiss.

Shit, I love making out—and Joe apparently did as well. Hot fucking kissing, tongues battling it out, lips tingling, the flavor of smokey coffee in his taste. Can it get better? Hell, yeah!

I broke the kiss, and then started licking and kissing along Joe's jawline. His morning stubble was rough on my tongue and lips as I made my way over to his neck, kissing and licking. I teased his earlobe with my tongue, sucking it gently for a second, spitting it out, then pursing my lips and blowing on it. Joe sucked in air and gasped—I guess the combination of the intense sensation, and the new feeling of a man's scruffy face on his skin made him both hold his breath and moan.

I moved on south, pausing at the indention of his collarbone, licking and kissing as I ran into the start of the fur forest that was his chest, tasting the sweat he'd worked up while giving me the blowjob. Moving through the fur, I headed toward his obviously erogenous zone of his left nipple. Each lick, and kiss brought out a moan or a gasp or a twitch. My hand was working on his other tit at the same time. And when I lightly bit, then chewed, on his nipple, the fucker arched his back, moaned, and thrashed around on the bed to the point I thought I'd hafta tie the bastard in place. Oh, well, maybe I'll do that next time.

After keeping him squirming, moaning, and working up a sheen of sweat on his face from the left tit work, I licked and kissed my way over to his right tit for more of the same. I kept my fingers busy on his now slick left nipple as I attacked his right, and think at one point he was just lying there on the bed, eyes closed, and body vibrating from the intensity of it all. Guess no one had every played with his chest enough to make him know how much fun he could have with it.

But the fun and games were only beginning.

I moved my way down his side, over to his navel with my tongue, then started the drive down his treasure trail. My chin nudged his hardon out of the way as I worked my way down to his untrimmed pubes. He's gonna discover the joys of manscaping soon—his bush was thick and hid half his cock from view.

“Close your eyes and enjoy, buddy.”

Certain that his eyes were closed, I lifted off his belly, and slid further down between his spread legs, and lightly licked the back of his left knee. His body gave a hard shudder—I'd found another of his unknown happy spots. Yipee! Keeping my tongue on his thigh, I moved up his leg with my tongue consistently lapping until I reached the crease between his leg and crotch. Making sure his eyes were still closed, I licked then sucked hard at the crease, right on top of his hamstring. He instantly froze and let out a loud moan. Paydirt! Another spot of happiness he didn't know he had!

“Goddamn, what the fuck are you doing to me? Shit......”

Smiling an evil smile to myself, I dove back into the fun. Headed over to his balls, licking, sucking, eating one, then the other, slurping 'em into the back of my mouth till his sack was dripping with spit. He's got that musky/salts taste that I love—almost like soy sauce but sweeter. His thrashing about was so non-stop, he's definitely getting tied in place next time. I gave his nuts a good 10 or 15 minute workout, then licked my way in circles around the base of his cock, gradually making my way up to the head. The whole time I kept a hand playing, pinching, and twisting his tits.

His foreskin had fully retracted at this point, and his dick was bouncing up and down with excitement. Precum coated the head, which by now was a brighter red than the shaft. Of course, it needed attention—and I proceeded to give it to it. Cinching his balls down in his sack just like he'd done with me, squeezing and jiggling 'em, he let out a low rumble just as my tongue started swirling around the head, mopping up the tasty precum, which was salty tangy. My lips then moved down over the head and locked around the rim of his helmet as I sucked hard—and he froze in place.

“Oh, God, I'm almost there!”

Not wanting the fun to end just then, I pulled off for a ten-count, then locked lips around the tip of his cock and slid all the way down his dick till his pubes tickled my nose. He gasped. But he'd seen nothing yet. With his cock buried in the back of my throat, I stuck out my tongue to lap at the top of his ball sack and then hummed an “Ah” as best I could with my mouth full. Yeah, I've learned a few tricks along the way. The fucker had what seemed like an grand mal epileptic seizure. Oh, yeah, there's bondage in the fucker's future—the bastard damn near threw us both off the bed and could have thrown me off his saddle horn.

Profanities, more gasping for air from the head of the bed.

I pulled off, keeping my fingers working on one of his tits, my other hand still cinched around his now spit-covered swollen balls and looked up. A sheen of sweat covered his face, his eyes were glazed over, mouth open, a little bit of drool in the corner. I almost pushed him over the edge, but still had more to show him.

He's still trying to catch his breath, so I moved down and started licking underneath his now stretched upward balls, my hand still tugging at his nuts. Using the pressure of my tongue, I gave this intimate spot of his body a tongue bath like he'd apparently never had before. Half-formed words are spilling from his mouth, but I continue, and head further south. At this point, I've worked my shoulders underneath his legs, his feet are on the mattress, his legs are spread—and his firm hairy ass is open, showing a line of fur in the crack of his butt, broken only by a pinkish ring surrounded by a circle of hair. Of course, I headed there.

Licking up and down his trench, he almost sounded like he was sobbing—apparently this was another first for him. And when my tongue circled his hole, then lapped at it, getting it good and slick, I was convinced that he was mostly alien—the sounds from his mouth were unintelligible, and had to be from another planet.

I grabbed his left leg behind his knee and pushed it up to his chest. He got the hint, and pulled it, and the other leg to his chest. His hole was fully open and exposed—and I took advantage of it, plunging my tongue into it over and over, swiping in circles around his hole then making my tongue into a spear and sticking it in as far as it would go. His alien sounds got louder.

At this point, my cock was leaking bigtime, and I needed to get him ready for his first fuck. Slicking up my index finger with spit, I started teasing his hole in the same motions I'd used with my tongue—circles zeroing in to his hole, then working my fingertip in. His hole was plenty slick from the work I'd done, and my finger was slick with a fresh application of spit from my mouth, so it slipped easily in to the first knuckle. I leaned forward and swallowed his dick all the way down in one shot. His ass tightened momentarily, but I started a twisting motion and felt him relax again. Now twisting my finger and pumping it slowly in and out, I managed to work a finger all the way in as I pumped his shaft with my mouth.

The alien was gone—now there was a low growl and his head was tossing from side to side. The breathless boy returned as I added a second finger, twisting and turning inside him, scissoring him open, getting him ready for my dick. (I'd now started jacking his cock as my fingers worked their magic, the constant flow of lube from his dick making jacking him off a pleasure.)


I found his prostate, and gave it a couple of nudges with my fuck finger. The first nudge tightened his ass ring in a vise around my fingers, the second started liftoff.

“God, I'm cuming!” he bellowed in a tone as much of surprise as lust.

Damn, I wanted to fuck the boy, but it was a really hot pleasure to see his orgasm. I kept poking his prostate on each stroke of my fingers in and out of his ass, and kept jacking his cock. I'm convinced that the first shot of cum left a dent in the sheetrock over the head of the bed—it was that hard. The second shot landed on his cheek, the third, on the center of his chest. The remaining shots ended up across his belly, and created a nicely-sized pool of cum at his navel. You'd think he hadn't cum in a week from the mess he made, but this was the second time this morning.

I stroked my cock a couple of times, and I fired off, too—my second load of the day as well. Yeah, it was good. And yeah, I added my cum to the cum on his belly, mostly. There MAY have been a shot that landed on his cheek, but I'm not admitting to anything. And, think I've discovered that Joe is really a BOB—a “Big Ol' Bottom”. That a great thing! But, we'll see.

After I'd caught my breath, I looked at him. He's looking sunburned, all red-faced, sweating like a pig, and gasping for air as if he were in a NASA vacuum simulator. I licked my way up his belly, getting a good swipe of his cum (and mine) to head in for a quick kiss. I pulled off, rolled over on my back next to him, and waited.

“Is it always like that? Always that good?” He sounded both surprised and amazed. “I've NEVER in my life had an orgasm like that, or shot a load that big.”

Chuckling, I responded, “Sometimes, it's even better. You'll just hafta try it again a few more times with me to find out.”

Little boy look came out to play again. “I think I'd love that. I don't think I wanna try it with anyone else. You and me, we've got it good.”

He used that phrase again--”you and me”. What exactly IS that? Guess that definition will come later.

“Just one more question....you got any other predictions I need to know about? I wanna know how I'll hafta settle up.” He grins.

Curled on his side, nestling his head on my shoulder, kissing me a couple of times, he squirmed into a comfortable position, and waited for a response.

At least at this point, I'm not confused anymore. I care deeply for the guy; hell, it may even be the start of love. And, even though he can't name it, I think he's got the same thing going on with me.

I just grin an evil grin at him and wink. “I'll tell ya any insights I come up with—and I've got numbers of ways for you to settle up then. After all, I'd hate for you to be off-balance!”

He pulls me in for another heart-fluttering kiss, and we both break up into laughter.

(Chapter 4 next week)