Notice : Even though this story is written in "I" narrative, it is total fiction. Any similarity between any character in this story and any real person is purely coincidental.

"Johnny and the Birthday Boy"
A Short Story
by Avitar

I am a 29 year old gay man living a pretty content life. I have a great job doing something I really like. For the last three years I have lived in a townhouse in a small development (15 units) in a nice part of the city. My neighbors are nice but everyone pretty much minds their own business. Most are younger gay professionals with good jobs. The rent level here is too high for the party animal types. There are two units occupied by straight families, one of which had a skinny kid that looked about 15 years old when I moved in.

I have never really had a lover in the traditional sense of the word. I have several extended flings but I usually became disenchanted with their hidden personalities after I got to know them better. When in high school I had some sexual contract with boys, mostly jacking-off together with friends when we went on camping trips and drank too much. But no real hard sex. I never even thought that I might be gay since I dated a lot of girls ( and banged quite a few plus receiving blow-jobs from some) but never got really attached to any particular one for the same reason I don't have gay lovers.

I met this one really super gal at the junior college and we eventually got married. About 6 months into this relationship, she told me that she thought I was gay because of the way I was always checking other guys out and that things were not going to work for us. I had already started to feel that I had made a mistake and deep inside knew that she was probably right even though I had yet to have sex with another man. After the divorce, I became active on the bar scene but was not happy because most of the people were just too feminine for my taste. When I came "out", I decided that this was the way I was and I was not going to lead a double life. I knew that one of the executives at my place of work was gay and that the company was really tolerant. After the divorce, many of the single women at the office considered me fair game and made no bones about their intentions. I informed a few key people that I was gay and soon everyone knew and the pressure was off.

About two years ago the company had a picnic at a local park, softball and all that sort of stuff. A fairly new employee, Johnny (23), with a gorgeous face (part man, part boy) was strutting his wares in tight Levis and a skin tight muscle shirt. At the office he always wore slacks, shirt and tie and it was difficult to realize the true shape of his overly handsome body. I was sitting at one of the picnic tables enjoying a cold beer and he just idly walked up and sat down on the other side. It was obvious that he had already had his fair share of the booze. He looked around to make sure no one was in hearing range and then asked me if I really liked guys. I was a little surprised at his no nonsense approach. I mumbled a reply like, "I guess you could put it that way". He thought for a second and simply stated that he had never known a Homo before but that I seemed okay. "Thanks", I replied. He continued to make small talk and told me that he got all the pussy he wanted, which I had no doubt he did with his body and that packed basket. Then he just casually added that plenty of chicks had tried to suck his big cock but no one had ever done what he considered a good job. I was beginning to get the feeling that I knew where this conversation was headed. Since I had already had a couple of beers myself, I threw caution to the wind and told him that if he ever wanted to find out how a guy does it, he knew how to contact me and I assured him he wouldn't have to do anything but lay there and enjoy it. He thought about my offer for a few seconds and replied that he would think about it. With that statement, he simply got up and walked away. I thought to myself that he could be very interesting but that nothing would probably ever come of it. Boy was I wrong.

About two weeks later on a Friday night, my phone rang and it was Johnny, stating that he was in the neighborhood and if it was okay he would like to stop by for a visit. My whole body tingled with excitement as I told him come on over. Ten minutes later my doorbell rang and there he stood holding a fifth of Jack Daniels. He actually appeared to be sober but a little nervous.

I invited him in and offered to make him a drink. He handed me the bottle and told me he didn't know if I had any of it, that was what he liked, a triple on the rocks. I brought him his drink and we just starting talking about things at work. I found him surprising easy to talk to even though by the third triple, he was beginning to be a little wasted. Finally, he got enough courage from the Jack and just simply asked, "Say man, is that offer for a blow job still good?" "Sure", I immediately responded. "Where you want to do it?" was his next remark. I said, "Let's go to my bedroom where we can be more comfortable." He stood up and told me to lead the way.

Once in the bedroom he thought to ask me to make sure that he didn't have to do anything. I told him he didn't and he started shucking his clothes. My eyes almost popped when he dropped his pants and a long 7"+ was just hanging there totally soft. Nice heavy balls too. He plopped out in the middle of the bed spread eagle and said "Go to it man, it's all yours". I stripped to my shorts and tee shirt and crawled between his legs. His cock soft was almost as large as mine hard. As I sucked his cock into my mouth, he just lay there without making a sound or even acknowledging I was doing anything to him. After about a minute of hard sucking, nothing was happening, his cock was still just as soft as when I started. Suddenly, he told me to stop, he needed to take a piss. I stopped and he went to bathroom and started his big loud stream. I noticed that when he finished shaking it, he reached over, picked-up a washcloth and wet it. He then proceeded to clean the end of his dick. When he finished he came back to the bed and proclaimed , "I cleaned it after I pissed, now you can try again." I started sucking again and it immediately started to grow. I thought to myself, wow this thing is going to hit over 10 or 11 inches when it gets hard and that's way more than I could handle completely since it was also so big around. I also realized that if I wasn't going to be able to get the whole thing in, he was going to think I was a lousy cocksucker like the chicks. Suddenly he tapped me on the head and asked me if I liked to suck balls. I responded by letting his semi-hard dick slip from my mouth and sucked in one of his huge balls. He moaned with pleasure. At last, a reaction from him. The one ball pretty much filled my mouth, but I opened as wide as I could and sucked in the other one. He grabbed my head and held it exclaiming out how good that felt. I sucked on his balls and was trying to roll them around in my full mouth as best I could. He removed one hand from the back of my head, grabbed his cock and began to slow stroke it. I could tell he was really enjoying this but his cock still wasn't fully erect. I thought if he likes me sucking his balls while he jacks, so be it, as long as he gets off and enjoy's it. He stopped jacking and tapped me on the head again. He asked me, "Do you, er , do you like ever lick anybody further down there, you know?" I knew exactly what he meant and yes I had been known to rim a few holes in my time but always preferred to do it right after a bath or shower. I decided I couldn't stop now and would take my chances. He was clean, cleaner than most people right out of the shower and his hole was so smooth that I couldn't believe it belonged to someone his age. I set out to expertly eat his beautiful hole and was soon able to get the tip of my tongue inside him which almost sent him over the edge. He had pulled his legs up so I could easily get to him and was jacking his cock at a fast pace. He grabbed my hair and told me he was about to cum and to suck his dick NOW. I obeyed, and rammed his now hard big cock in my mouth as he started to shoot his gagging load. I noticed that as he shot his balls had pulled up on the sides of his dick, I had never seen balls pulled that tight and up on the sides. It was strangely sensual. He lay there and proclaimed that he never felt anything so fucking wonderful in his life. I was pleased. I desperately needed to get off but was afraid that he might freak a little if I started to jack-off in front of him.

He handled the situation as best he knew how. After a couple of minutes he suggested that since I liked sucking his cock so much, that if I wanted to he would sit on my chest and let me suck him while I beat my meat. Shit, I couldn't believe he even considered about me getting off. I agreed and he crawled on top me, shoved his soft cock between my lips and I jacked off shooting cum all over his back. He didn't seem to mind. I cleaned us up and we lay there and rested a few minutes. He suggested we have another drink and if I wanted to, we could do again.

The second time took much longer for him to cum and all total we had been in the bed almost three hours. When he left he was very polite and thanked me for making him feel so good and the we was sorry that he couldn't help me out more. I assured him that I had just as much fun as he had. He smiled and asked if we could do it again sometime. "Sure thing", I replied and he left.

After he left, I found myself feeling really warm inside. I had done a few "straights" before but none like this one. It usually was, they get their rocks off and out the door. None had been interested in even being there when you got off, much less assisting in any form.

When Monday morning came I was a little apprehensive about how Johnny was going to act. As the day wore on I was both happy and disappointed. I was happy that he wasn't giving any outward sign that anything had happened between and therefore no one else would suspect. I was disappointed because I had hoped he would give me some subtle sign that he liked me a little more. Nothing, everything was just the same as before.

The week-end had arrived and I was hoping that Johnny would call. I cleaned house and waited for the phone to ring. By Sunday noon he still had not called, and feeling a little depressed, I decided to take in a movie and find a nice place for dinner.

The next week at work was the same at work as the past one had been. Nothing. On Friday afternoon, Johnny approached me when no one else was around and inquired what I was doing over the week-end. My heart was racing as I told him I was free all week-end. "Great", he said smiling, "I thought I might come over about seven and if you want we can make it a whole week-end." I gladly told it was okay by me.

The weekend was one the most beautiful I have ever spent with someone. Everything went much as the first one except that we actually found time to sleep together. He slept on his side with his back to me but would let me cuddle up to him and lay my arm across this smooth hairless, mine also, chest. The one big difference this time was that his rosebud was much more relaxed and I was easily able to get most of tongue inside. Hell, this guy was as clean inside as on the outside and knew he had flushed himself so that he could enjoy my tongue inside him without any possible embarrassment. I was never much into rimming but this guy was wonderful that I was really getting into it, even though I knew there wasn't a chance that I was ever going to screw him. I didn't care because I really enjoyed sucking his big cock which was becoming easier for me. He had to get drunk before he would have sex and his dick never got fully hard until right before he came.

His third visit came three weeks later. I had sucked him off once already and now had been sucking his asshole for about 30 minutes. I noticed that his hole had opened enough that I could have stuck a finger in there if he had wanted it. He was spread eagle on his stomach. He had stopped me for a second, taking a pillow, doubling it and stuck it under his loin thereby making it much easier for me to eat his hole. After about ten more minutes he turned his head and asked, "Do you ever like to spear guys." I had never heard someone use that term for fucking, at least I thought that was what he meant. I asked him the most polite manner, not wanting to turn him off, if he meant my cock or my finger in an ass. He replied, "Your dick, man". I told him, sure I did. He didn't reply, so I went back to sticking my tongue as far up his hole as I could. After about 10 more seconds he said, "You can do it if you want". My initial reaction was that this was to going fuck everything up, as when it hurt, he wouldn't want to come back. I stopped my tongue and asked him if he was sure that's what he wanted. I told him that it usually hurt like hell the first time and I didn't want to hurt him. His answer and the logic of it caught me off-guard. He looked back at me with a grin and said, "Shit man, your dick is about the same size as some of my turds and it they can be in there, your dick sure as hell can." My heart was pounding and now I really wanted to fuck him. I told him I would get some lube but he objected. He didn't want any greasy stuff on him, I could be natural, wet his hole with my tongue and spit on my dick. I did as he requested and started to slowly push the head in. There was no resistence and he didn't flinch at all. I was trying to go slow but he told me to go ahead and put it all in. In one steady smooth stroke, I entered him up to my balls. I stopped and asked him if we was okay. Instead of answering my question, he asked, "Does it feel good to you?" What a dumb fucking question, and I breathed a heavy "Yes". He replied , "Okay you can fuck me, if it starts to hurt, I'll let you know." With that I started to make slow short stokes and gradually increased the length until I was fully shafting him. I could feel my load working it's way to a climax and wondered if I should pull out. He had sensed that my cock was enlarging and that I was about to cum, so he told me that I could shoot in him if I wanted. That sent over the edge and I blasted him full. He asked me not to move and I was afraid that I had hurt him. "You okay", I asked. "Yeah, I shot when you did and it's a little uncomfortable right now", he answered. He added, "Just lay still and let it go soft some before you pull it out. That was by far the best ass I had ever fucked. Not too loose and not to tight, just smooth, hot and velvety feeling.

We lay there talking for a while and I asked him why he wanted me to do him. He just looked at me very sincerely and stated that he could tell that I really wanted to by the way I used my tongue and he had decided that if it didn't hurt too much, that it would be his way of making me feel good since I was making him feel so good. What logic - He couldn't bring himself to suck my cock but would let me fuck him.

For two years now, we have been having fantastic week-ends usually about every third week or so but never two weeks in a row. He never talks about what he does the other times we are not together but I'm sure he is pumping every chick he can find.

Gradually, the need for large quantities of Jack Daniels before sex decreased. About six months ago he started sucking me but always wanted me to fuck him once or twice over the week-end. Fucking him had become pure ecstasy as he had learned to use his ass muscles to suck my cock. He won't let me cum in his mouth and has never learned to take it in his throat. I had even told him that he could fuck me if he wanted but his strange logic surfaced again and he told me he didn't think his dick in my ass would be all that great. I keep thinking that someday, maybe.

As you probably have already guessed, I am totally in Love with Johnny and I think he loves me in his own way but loving another man is not on his list of options in life. I have never told him how I feel because I don't want him to run away from our relationship. I had thought that I could tell him how I felt a few months back when he started getting into kissing but after a few week-ends, our kissing has been reduced to a kiss and hug when he first arrives and a lingering kiss and hug right before he tells me, "Thanks, man" and leaves. If this is all I can have, I'll take it.

There is another part to this story that complicates things a little. Two weeks ago on one of my free week-ends, I had to decided to get some sun by the pool. The only other person at the pool was this neighbor boy, Eric, that I had told you about in the beginning of this story. I always spoke to him when I had seen him and he had always referred to me as Mister Graham. Over the past three years he had transformed from a skinny kid into a handsome young man. I had noticed that he always wore a black Speedo when sunning at the pool but wore the usual baggy clothes at other times.

As I entered the pool area he looked and said, "Hi Mr. Graham." I replied, "Hi, Eric" and that was the end of it. He kept looking in my direction but didn't say anything. Finally , I remarked to him that me must be on the high school swim team. He told me he had been but had graduated last month. Then he asked me why I thought he was on the swim team. I answered him that he had a swimmers body and always wore a Speedo. He grinned and said he liked the tan line from it. I told him that's why I still wore my mine. I really never paid much attention to this kid before but was now starting to notice how had really filled out and the bulge in his crotch was quite noticeable. I was wondering if he was partially hard or not, when he suddenly turned on his stomach. Oh Shit, I thought, did he catch me staring or something. His face was turned my direction but his eyes were closed. Safe, I thought and then I noticed what a cute ass he had. I could feel my cock starting to grow and knew I couldn't hide it so I dove in the water to cool off. It didn't go down as the water was quite warm. I thought, I better get out of here before he notices this and freaks out. I grabbed my towel and holding in front me told him I was going to call it a day. He raised up and told me that I had just gotten there. I mumbled something about having to do something and beat a hasty retreat to my unit. Once inside I was trembling, this was the first time I had been stirred by looking at someone since I had met Johnny. I finally calmed down and jacked-off thinking of Johnny. I felt much better then and Eric was gone from my mind.

The next week-end Johnny had come over and we were having our usual fabulous sex. Sometime on Saturday afternoon, I glanced on the parking lot and saw a moving van. Upon closer inspection I learned that Eric and his mom were moving. My only reaction was wonder about who might be moving into their unit.

The next Friday night I was home feeling a little lonely since I knew Johnny wouldn't be there. About 8 pm my doorbell rang. I thought to myself, surely not, he never comes two times in a row and always tells me at work what time he'll be here.

I opened the door and there stood Eric in a pair of blue workout short and a crop top. No shoes.

"Hi Mr. Graham, can I come in for a minute?" he asked as pushed past me like he was afraid someone might see him at my door. I was at a loss as what to say and just stammering something like did he think it was appropriate for him to be in my house alone with me. He grinned at me and told me that he knew my friend never came over two week-ends in a row and that he had been here last week. The little shit was keeping tabs on me. My mind was whirling at a fast pace as I was caught completely off guard. I asked why he was visiting me. He told me had a problem that he thought I might help him with. I asked him what and he didn't hesitate even one second before telling me he wanted to have sex with a man and didn't know how to accomplish it. I asked him if had a crush on some one. He looked at me and said, "Yeah, kinda like you." again he had caught me off guard and now I was shocked. I stammered a little and told him I didn't have sex with minor boys. He smiled really big, "I'm legal today, 18" and whipped out his driver's license to prove it. I couldn't believe he was so straight forward, no beating around the bush for this kid, or guy I should say now that he was 18. I tried to explain to him that you can't just decide to have sex with someone, it takes both people wanting it. He just smiled even bigger and told me, "I saw you checking my body at the pool the other day and when I started to get hard, I had to turn over on my stomach so you wouldn't see." "You thought I had my eyes closed but I saw you kept looking at me and then you started getting hard before you jumped in. I went home right after you did and beat off thinking about you." Whoa, I thought, this thing is really going too fast. " Now that we have moved I won't be able to keeping checking you out", he added. "Checking me out," I questioned. "Yeah", he blushed and then explained that he would sometimes leave the trash bag by the door and watch for me to come home so he could pass by me in the parking area on the way to the dumpster. It flashed in my mind that I had indeed passed by him many times while he was carrying a trash bag. He then told me that he never came to the pool when I was there because he always got a hard-on every time he saw me in my Speedo. He blushed again when he admitted that he would watch me sun bathing with binoculars from his bedroom window and jack-off. Then he pulled out all the stops and told me that the first day he saw me was when I was moving in and described exactly, I guess because I don't remember, the shorts and tee shirt I was wearing. And how he had gone to his room and beat his meat twice thinking about having sex with me. It had really made him feel different because it was the first time he had ever been turned on by someone older than himself.

I told him to slow down a little and asked him why he thought he wanted to have sex. He told me that he had known for a long time that he liked boys more than girls and that he really enjoyed seeing all the guys on the swim team but never had the courage to try anything. And just what made him think he could just ask me. His reason was simple, he thought that since I had gotten a hard-on looking at him that I would have sex with him as well. Sometimes the reasoning of youth can be so simple.

I admitted that yes I had enjoyed looking at his body but that....before I could finish my sentence he stood up and dropped his shorts and his beautiful 6" was standing straight up and his medium size balls were pulled tight. He told me he was willing to try anything except up his butt. I just sat there on the edge of my chair, feasting my eyes on his beautiful body. He was more beautiful than I had allowed myself to imagine by the pool. I could see the hungry passion that was being emitted from every wonderful muscle on his body. His eyes were not twinkling, they were flashing with desire. His blood was pumping hot. I could feel his body heat from five feet away. I could smell his lust as it sprang from every pore in his body. I could feel him mentally begging me to make his wildest dream come true. I knew then there was no stopping as this young man's desire was captivating me beyond my control.

He moved over in front of me sitting on the chair and dropped to his knees and immediately started feeling my crotch. He told me he wanted to see it. I thought, what the hell, I might as well. I stood up and dropped my jeans and shorts. His eyes were dancing with joy as he reached out and took my cock in his soft hand. "Wow," he said, "I think you are bigger than me." "A little", I replied.

He stood up and put his arms around me and pulled closer. His eyes were looking straight into mine an he whispered, "Please kiss me". I was too far gone to resist and moved my lips to his and kissed him long and deep. This kid knew how to kiss or he was so horny that it just came naturally. He finally backed away from our passionate embrace and asked me if I would suck him with my beautiful mouth. I dropped to my knees and faced his meat. Without a word he pushed forward and rammed his cock into my mouth as far as I could take it in that position and started to pump. After about ten strokes he withdrew and said, "I've got to stop, I don't want to cum yet."

I stood up and took him my arms and told him just to relax a little. Maybe we should talk for a little while and make it last longer. He nodded okay and we lay down on the sofa and cuddled.

I asked him how he had come to this revelation about sex. He told me even though he knew he liked seeing naked guys, he didn't really know how to go about having sex. He would like for me to teach him how to do some of the things he had seen on the net. I explained that he should be very careful about what he did on the net because if his mother knew very much about computers she could find out where he had browsed. He just laughed and told me he knew more than she did and that he knew how to wipe out his tracks.

Then he a got a little serious and asked me if I would do one of his fantasies. He told me that for a long time he had beat his meat thinking about me doing something to him. I asked and he told me his fantasy was to suck my cock. I told him that was pretty easy but then he added that what really turned him on was that he resisted and I forced him to suck. I asked if he meant bondage or something like that. He said it was more like verbal stuff and me holding his head. I asked him if he was sure that was what he wanted and he nodded yes.

I stood up and told him to get on his knees. "Why" he asked me in a low voice as he dropped down. "Cause I want you to suck my cock real good you little cocksucker"...."please don't make me do it, please", he whined. I grabbed his hair and pulled his face up to my hard dick and pressed the head against his lips. His mouth didn't open and I knew what he wanted. I pulled slightly on his hair and told him if didn't start sucking my big dick, I was going to rip his fucking little head off. He emitted a pleasure moan and parted his lips. I rammed my cock in his mouth, gagging him as it hit the back. He just held his mouth on my dick and did nothing. I knew he waiting for further instructions. I barked at him to suck me good or I was going to shove it down his throat and choke him. He moaned again in pleasure and started to suck me. And was he sucking, it was like he was trying to suck my cum out before it was ready. I knew I wasn't going to last long at that rate and could already feel the cum rising. He sensed my dick getting larger and knew what was about to happen. He stopped sucking and pulled off my cock. While holding it in one hand he looked up at me and said, "Please don't cum in my mouth". Suddenly, I was a little ashamed and realized this was his first time. I looked down at him, "Don't worry, I won't". He let go of my dick and slapped his thighs, "NO, NO don't say that, you're supposed to make me do it." Now I understood that his asking me not to do it was part of his fantasy. I grinned and barked back at him, "you little cocksucker, you are gonna suck every drop of my cum, swallow it and like it, if you lose one drop I will pull your balls right off your cocksucking body". He lunged on my dick and started sucking as fast and hard as I had ever been sucked by anyone. He was so furious in his sucking that I didn't last another 30 seconds. I grabbed his hair and head and pumped my large load into sucking mouth. It was gagging him but he wouldn't stop until he had sucked every drop and gulped several times to get it down. He went back to sucking but my head was too sensitive and he had me dancing trying to get it out of his mouth. When I finally did get it out, he sat on the floor in front of me smiling, "Man that was Awesome, I didn't lose a drop."

I collapsed on the floor to rest my shaking legs. He crawled over beside me and stuck his hard cock to my lips, "Your turn, do me real good." I took him in my mouth and started to suck him at the same pace he had done me. He reached down, grasped my head and whispered "Slow, do it slow". I started making long slow sucking stokes on his lovely pole as I fondled his tight balls with my hand. With each stoke I was using his balls as handle to pull him back into my sucking mouth. He was whispering loudly, " oh God man, that feels so fucking good, please don't stop, please suck me, oh please suck me."He didn't last a minute and pumped his sweet load into my eager throat as he screamed, " Fuck man , I'm cumming, oh shit I'm fucking cumming, oooooh". He collapsed on top me as I let his cock slip from my hot mouth. His body was in total shock and his muscles were heaving. He looked at me smiling and was trying to talk in between gasps of air, "Oh man....that was totally....fucking awesome....I never dreamed something....could feel that fucking good....shit man, I love it". He grabbed my face and was trying to ram this tongue in so hard that our teeth clashed together - his breathe was hot and full of lust - my nostrils flared with the sweet smell of his passion.

After we had rested we talked more about his situation and I suggested that he should try sex with guys more his own age and he agreed he would like that. I told him that until he met a few more people that if he stood around in front of Gay bars, since he wasn't 21 he couldn't get in, that he might find some people he liked. I then gave him a thorough lecture about AIDS.

I also learned that his mom had received a promotion and a transfer to the other side of town and she had decided to relocate closer to work since he had already graduated high school. He already hated his new home because there was nothing but older people and no pool. I told him I didn't think anyone would mind if he came back and used our pool. He smiled and thanked me and assured me he would take me on my offer, besides he would need some place to change clothes.

As he was leaving he gave me a bid kiss and thanked me for the wonderful birthday present. "It was better than I ever imagined", he beamed. " I might even be back if I don't find someone" he whispered as he went out the door. Five seconds later he knocked on the door. I opened it and he asked if he could come again for more lessons even if he did find someone his own age. Without thinking I blurted out, "Sure".

I started thinking of Johnny after he left and felt a little guilty...it was like I had cheated on him. His next visit he said something very strange and made me think he suspected something, "You know, it's pretty neat that you don't ever ask me who else I have sex with, I like it that way and I don't want you to tell me about yours either." I felt much better. If I only knew that Johnny and I could last. I am fully aware that each visit might be his last or he might come for a week-end and never leave. The only hitch to this dream is Eric. I really like that young guy, he's so fucking hot. Who knows, maybe I now can occupy all my weekends.............

I can hope, can't I ???????