A TALE OF LOVE August, 2000

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The Morning After ....

  Tarun was almost unable to walk down the aisle for the wedding, his wedding, he felt that weak! Slowly, he went and sat down to await the arrival of his bride. He turned slightly to look at Vishaal, his best man, sitting by his side and gripped tightly onto his hand with a mixture of the memories of the previous night and the fear of losing him. Though they had decided that they would remain lovers, no matter what.


   At 22 he was still young enough to refuse tying the knot, but his parents' insistence forced him to finally consent.

  Vishaal was very supportive and helped him through the traumatic period of making up his mind. They had sworn everlasting love for each other and promised that they would continue their liaison even after the wedding. But Tarun had to promise first that he wouldn't neglect his new wife.

  As the d-day approached, their lovemaking grew more ferocious and intense! As if trying to make up for all the opportunities they would be missing after the wedding! On the final night, the day before the simple wedding, Tarun once again went over to Vishaal's place, telling his parents that his friends were giving him a 'bachelor's party' and he HAD to attend.

  Once inside and with the door closed, they pounced on each other.... gluing their mouth together, tongues darting, fencing.... chins wet with saliva. Standing there in the hall, they started clawing at each other's clothes.... buttons popping everywhere, as they pulled off the garments to get at the tingling naked flesh. Their lips still locked, kissing, Vishaal picked Tarun up, carrying him into the bedroom and deposited him on the narrow bed. Fires of lust burned in both the young men's eyes as they finally moved apart to catch their breath. This would surely be a very special night - for both the lovers!

  Like playful children, they scrambled around and got into position for a glorious 69, Tarun shaking, as he always did in Vishaal's presence, in anticipation of the fuck to come! They simultaneously lowered their face into each others aroused groins and with lashing tongues licked at the bulbous heads, lapping away the leaking pre cum..... tasting the familiar flavor of each others ooze.

  "Oh, Vishaal!" the words escaped the groom-to-be's stretched lips, "God, I love you!" He moaned as he sucked, a soft whimpering demand for Vishaal's load.

  In reply Vishaal just swallowed the cock at his lips, deep, extracting another pleasurable groan from Tarun. The night was young and they had no plans of wasting it away.... there was the promise of many things to come that night as the two slobbered at each others pubes. They would surely fuck Hell's raging fire before dawn slipped the wedding band on Tarun's finger!

  Vishaal moved his thighs further apart, shifting his legs, making room for Tarun to suck his throbbing prick. Tarun made a slight nasal whimper of approval as his nose brushed the churning balls and his stretched lips met the curly pubic hair at the base. He loved to deep throat Vishaal, to feel that thick cock pulsating down his oral cavity.... he had to work hard to learn to do it for Vishaal was THICK and LONG ! Meanwhile Vishaal himself was paying a lot of attention to his lover's cock and balls..... his fingers already opening the ass hole in preparation. They both rocked like a huge two-backed and four-legged head-less animal, groaning and moaning.... the room filled with their noisy slurping and the heavy breathing.

  As Vishaal's third finger slid into his ass hole, Tarun raised his face off the saliva-dripping groin and moaned aloud, "AAAHHHHHHH! don't stop..... Do it more... Oooooooooooo!" he wailed before returning to his phallus worship.

  Vishaal moved the cock aside and now his tongue lashed at the testicles, broad, wet and hot..... it cradled and lifted the loaded balls and rolled them in his mouth. Tarun let out another gasp at this new sensation... his hips humping involuntarily. The tongue snaked lower, beneath the sac, teasing the sensitive flesh between the thighs.... licking lower to where his fingers were boring and stretching the ass slit. Back to the churning balls to once again suck them into his hot moist mouth. Tarun shuddered with pleasure as another nasal groan left his stuffed mouth.

  Tarun too released the cock and started licking the balls.... running his tongue over the wrinkled sac, lifting the nuts to his mouth and sucking them in.... Then back again to the cock that had given him so much pleasure over the past two years, helped him to discover himself, find true joy, as it fucked his mouth, his ass and thrilled him. He licked the thick shaft and the broad head, pulling back the foreskin, he kissed the exposed glans, tickling the sensitive area just below the flared rim, probing the tiny piss slit. The boys went on and on as both lovers took each others cocks deep into their mouth once more and started sucking in all earnest. As always Tarun didn't last long, he ground his hips into Vishaal's face and let out a thick wad of hot boy-honey. It flooded Vishaal's throat and he gulped the sweet tasting cum as quickly as it was pumped into his vacuuming gut. Once emptied, Tarun lay gasping, exhausted! He looked at Vishaal and smiled as the two scrambled into position for a new game of man sex.

  Lifting Tarun's legs over his shoulders Vishaal moved into position as the prone boy's hands grabbed his ass cheeks, as if hurrying him on.... Fitting the massive head to the twitching slit he applied pressure and felt the sphincter open grudgingly to let him in. Tarun lay still, holding his breath, shaking.... it was always like this when Vishaal fucked him... the excitement, the initial pain and discomfort as the monstrous prick bored in and then that unbearable pleasure....

  "Oooooo........ OH! Take it easy...... AH, Vishaaaaaaaaaalllll......!!" he pleaded.

  "Don't worry..... I won't.... hurt.... you." panted Vishaal, sweating with his efforts.

  Holding onto the boy's thighs he moved forward and pulling back slightly, shove in with force. The slit snapped open and he sank in. Tarun howled, his nails digging into Vishaal's flexing buttocks. His eyes shut tight and teeth clenched..... yet pushing back with his ass, as desirous of getting the full cock in as was Vishaal of giving it to him! He felt the increased resistance as the head of his tool entered deeper but he shoved harder, pushing the curves straight, creating a smoother passage to cram his 10" prick.

  After that single protest, Tarun only uttered a strangled whimper as he felt Vishaal's cock fill him more and more, jamming the heavy balls into his ass crack. He was helpless to resist, his naked body was impaled on that monstrous pole and his legs were now blocked by the powerful shoulders and arms..... it was another matter that he would never resist, even if he could! His ass quivered and danced, flexing the hidden muscles.... squeezing the buried shaft.

  "There, you've got it all!" panted Vishaal as he lowered his face to take one of the erect nipple between his teeth and flay it with his tongue.

  Tarun, satisfied that he had taken it in full, slid his hands between his splayed thighs and fondled Vishaal's swinging balls as he increased the pressure on the buried cock with his ass muscles. He could feel the enormous cock sliding in and out of his stretched slit as Vishaal started the delicious movements of fucking. His pelvis too performed its own assigned task as he rotated and shoved back at the rampaging cock, the ass muscles tightening and relaxing of their own volition.... milking the penis.

  "Ooooooo....... Vish, ah.... do me harder.... give me that cock...!" he babbled as the driving hips propelled the rock hard dick repeatedly into his gripping ass hole, flooding his senses with that most magnificent thrill..... almost unbearable pleasure that always filled him when Vishaal fucked. "Ah, fuck me..... Vishaal! fuck me..... fuck that ass wide open.... YES!"

  "Oh baby, you've got the best ass!...... I love tight, even after all these years!" grunted Vishaal, making the bed squeak ominously with the violence of his hunching..... And the sound added to the pleasure of their erotic coupling. Their mouth once again joined together in a lip smacking, tongue twisting kiss. Vishaal pounded the boy with savage thrusts, his hips rising and falling in unbroken rhythm, sending the stiff rod wonderfully deep with each stroke.... making Tarun wonder whether it would pop up through his throat next! driving him even closer to his second cumming.

  Vishaal felt the slight change in the working of the ass as Tarun pushed his hips madly at him and growled into his mouth. A shudder rocked his body and his hands gripped Vishaal tighter as he ground to his second explosion of the night and shot a thick wad of sticky jizz all over their bodies. Vishaal aided him by feeding the massive spear deeper into his gut with greater speed. Lifting his face, breaking the kiss, he stared at his lover's contorted face, watching the full lips draw back in a snarl, teeth clenched and eyes shut tight.... the exquisite pleasure ripping at him... and the ass seemed to chew at his buried cock like a greedy mouth. At that moment Vishaal could do just about anything for this lovely boy who had given him his all.... it was like falling in love all over again!

  Finally, the spasms subsided and he groaned with ecstasy, his arms loosened the vice grip around Vishaal's shoulders and his hips slackened. He looked up and smiled and then pouting his lips planted a light peck on Vishaal's nose. He laughed in answer and ground his lips to the open mouth of the boy.

  "Wish you had come too." said Tarun after they were forced to reluctantly pull apart to refill their gasping lungs.

  "This is your night.... I want to make you cum a million times. Don't worry about me."

  He kissed him again, licking the tongue as it entered his mouth "Ready for round three?" he asked, cock still rampant and buried in the tight orifice.

  "You bet!" smiled Tarun.

  Like a hunching animal, Vishaal rammed his cock in and out of the hot slimy passage, hearing the faint squishy sound of fucking as he reamed the tight colon. His loaded globes rapped the upturned ass and their chest and belly slammed together, spreading the sticky spunk between them.... another source of an obscenely sensuous sound! He raised the legs even higher, lifting the ass in the process. Tarun was nearly doubled up in this new position as Vishaal's knees lifted off the bed and he rested on his toes, his hands taking the weight of his body.

  "Yesssssssss!" Tarun screamed, "Do me Vishaal..... fuck the shit out of me!"

  He now began to vary the length of his strokes, hoisting his hips high till the tight sphincter retained just the flared tip of the huge cock, then ramming it in with brutal force, his pubes slamming into the widely open ass crack. In and out with lightening speed that left both the guys panting. And then he shoved it all the way in and just ground his hips slowly, rotating it, as he probed the depth with short, sharp jabs. Tarun's prostate got the full treatment either way and his just exploded cock was at full mast again.... throbbing perilously close to a third explosion. His hands wrapped tightly around the hunching fucker's waist and closing his eyes tight he gave himself up to the impossibly painful pleasure that engulfed him. No sound came out of his open mouth as he licked his dry lips. Saliva dripped out of the corner of Vishaal's open mouth, mixed with the cum that he had swallowed earlier, to fall on the handsome face of his lover as they rocked the bed with their fucking.... the head board rapping the wall with a regular beat.

  Half crazed with the ecstasy of being fucked, Tarun lost all control over his mind and body.... his ass did a wild dance all of its own, as his insides seemed to melt away and froth around the probing cock.... coating the shaft and his cheeks with the natural lube. It undulated in uninhibited lust to squeeze and flex with increased fury as his stomach was jarred with the mindless jabbing of the rampant monster.

  "DAMN!" Vishaal grunted, and his body shook violently as his hips ravaged the open ass..... Out of control, he rammed in deep for one last time and came in a torrent of hot boiling explosion! It felt like his balls had liquefied and were forcing their way through the narrow corridor that ran the length of his throbbing prick. His final savage jabs pushed Tarun over the edge and both shot endless wads of sizzling spunk. Vishaal deep inside the twitching ass hole while Tarun rained it down on his own heaving torso and face! Exhausted, they fell in each others arms. Vishaal still inside the tight, clutching butt... still rock hard, his cock throbbing in the aftermath of his mind-blowing orgasm, the ass slit still churning from its recent ravishment!!!

  They lay sticky, from cum and sweat, in each others arms resting for a while and after calming down a bit they brought their lips together once more, kissing lustily.... probing each others mouth as if searching for some new area to explore, some new flavor to discover..... Finally raising his mouth off Tarun's Vishaal smiled at his friend.

  "Ready for an encore?" he teased looking down into the handsome face of his friend and lover.

  "Whenever you are....!" was the prompt retort. "O Vishaal, you know I never can seem to get enough of you.... why ask! Fuck me again.... don't stop, just fuck till I can't take it anymore!" he whispered.

  Once more Vishaal stroked the now slippery ass.... riding the clutching intestine now coated with his creamy load, probing with short gentle stabs.

  "Ohhhhhh!" Tarun whimpered, his ass bucking wildly as he felt the steel stiff cock begin its fresh journey down his hershey highway. "Oh, God.... yeah!"

  Vishaal humped the boy some more and abruptly pulled out. Tarun yelped as the fat cock suddenly popped out of his ass and opened his eyes to look accusingly at his friend.

  "Hey, relax.... I'm not leaving yet. Lets do it another way!" laughed Vishaal. He rolled the boy over and mounted him. Fitting the bloated head of his penis to the grossly open ass slit he gently shoved and immediately sank in.

  Tarun let out a soft satisfied sigh as he felt the cock sink in to the balls and he raised his ass even higher, to facilitate in its fucking. "O Yeah, fuck that ass!" he groaned as he grabbed at the pillow, biting his lower lips, choking back the scream of lust that trembled deep in his throat.

  Vishaal held onto his hips and battered the ass for all his worth, giving as much pleasure as he himself was receiving. Once more he picked up the pace and was shoving his entrenched cock between those beautifully plump ass cheeks, diving deep into the puckered slit, extracting a huge groan from Tarun with every stroke of his flexing ass. They fucked together for nearly an hour before the rising tide of a fresh orgasm roared at them and finally drowned them both in its numbing exhaustion.

  Panting, they fell apart and with limbs entwined, slept on the narrow bed.


  His legs were weak and he could hardly walk as he rose from the sweat-drenched bed to totter to the bathroom to get ready to leave for his wedding.

  "You've ruined me!" he said looking down at Vishaal, his lips puffy and coated with the remnant of his early morning blow-job breakfast. "My ass feels terrible."

  "Not really, you've been through worse," replied Vishaal, "and there is more to come in the future! You surely wont be refusing this?!" his hand gripped the limp yet huge cock and wagged it at Tarun. He quickly bent down and planted a moist kiss on the slimy head.

  "No person can ever refuse THAT!" he purred and went into the bathroom.


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