Like Mother Like Son

by Mickey S


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Chapter Six


In the morning we made love again, proving that it hadn't been beginner's luck the night before. After a long, erotic shower, during which we provoked each other into yet another orgasm, we went out to brunch at a small restaurant near Washington Square.

"I hate for this weekend to end, but I should really leave for home after this, Jack. I left Friday night thinking I'd be gone a few hours and it's been two days. The shower was nice but this is my third day in these clothes."

"I know. All good things must come to an end."

"Not an end. We're only just beginning."

"You think this will go anywhere, Johnny?"

"I know it's early on, but I have a good feeling about this, about you. And it's not like we just met. We've been slowly getting to know each other for months. The more I know you, the more I like you. And the sex sure isn't a problem."

"No, that seems to be anything but. It's funny, I was thinking that maybe our age difference might be a problem, but look at our histories. Ron was 19 years older than you. Philip was 18 years older than me and Richard was 15 years older. So we've both dealt with age issues."

"As long as two people can relate to each other, age shouldn't get in the way. And I shouldn't have a mother-in-law problem, as long as Judy can keep her nose out of our business."

"I wouldn't bet on that. Mom can be quite the yenta. But at least she likes you and approves of you. Besides, once she realizes things are working out for us she'll leave us alone, for the most part anyway."

Before we left the restaurant we remembered to exchange phone numbers. We walked to where he'd left his car Friday night, slowing down as we approached it, neither of us wanting our weekend together to end.      

"I'd really like to do this again soon, Jack."

"Same here. How about next weekend?"

He paused and thought and for a minute, then frowned. My face must have registered a reaction to his frown, because he immediately gave me a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, I'm not backing off. I'd love to spend next weekend with you, but I have family plans on Sunday."

"Family? You haven't mentioned any family except for when you told me about your parents kicking you out years ago. I suppose you made peace with them at some point over the years."

"Not exactly peace but a truce, anyway. I have a brother who is two years older than me and he stood by me right from the start. Unfortunately Tom was going to college out of state at the time so he couldn't do much to help me then, but he and I have always been close. My parents are retired and living in Florida but they've never come around on my sexuality. We only see each other at Tom's family functions where we have a very stiff, falsely polite relationship. They absolutely hated Ron. His age probably aggravated their antigay feelings."

"So this thing next Sunday has to do with your brother?"

"It's his daughter's engagement party. I've always been close to his son and daughter, so this is something I wouldn't miss for anything, even though my parents will be there. Plus, I want to be there for Tom as well."

"Why for Tom?"

"Shortly after their twenty-fifth anniversary, his wife ran off with a guy she met on the Internet. It's been two years but Tom is still having trouble dealing with it and they'll be at the party, so he'll need all the moral support I can give."

"I wouldn't dream of getting in your way. How about we just spend the first half of the weekend together, then?"

"That sounds good to me. I'll come back into the city Friday and bring an overnight bag this time."

"And you'll have to leave when? Saturday night or Sunday morning?"

"Why don't we play it by ear? I'll have to check my calendar to see what time the party is so I'm not sure right now if I should stay Saturday night."

"I can make it worth your while," I said with a leer.

"If last night was any indication, I'm sure you can."

"Say, how would you like to come to my niece's party? I know it's a bit soon to be meeting the family, but I think I'd like to have you there with me. And it would drive my parents crazy seeing me with a hot young man."

"Flattery will get you everywhere."

I spent the rest of my day working. I usually got some work done on the weekends but Saturday I had been too busy with Johnny so I more than made up for it once I was alone. Also, it took my mind off him. It had been such a great weekend with our relationship progressing so much faster than I'd imagined and while I was sad it had ended, I didn't want to dwell on it either. I needed to step back for a bit and let what was happening sink in and work was perfect for that.  

That didn't completely stop me from thinking about Johnny over the next couple of days. I'd gone a long time without sex and my thoughts kept flashing back to Saturday night and Sunday morning. But it wasn't just the sex. I also kept remembering our sightseeing on Saturday and how much fun we`d had. Everything about the weekend had been great and I couldn't wait for a repeat. By Tuesday night I didn't want to wait any longer to see him. Besides, an idea had popped into my head that I wanted to discuss with him so I called and arranged to meet him at the library to go to lunch the next day.

When I got to the library a few minutes before noon Jenna was the only one behind the desk in the reference room. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Johnny's in a meeting but he should be out any time. He said he was expecting you."

"How's everything going?" It had been nearly a month since I'd been to the library and we'd become quite friendly during my visits.

"I'm good, but not as good as you and Johnny from what I've been able to pry out of him."

"He told you about the weekend?"

"Not much. I could tell first thing Monday that he was in a much better mood than I could ever remember, but it took me most of the day just to get the bare facts from him. And no juicy details, damn it."

"Believe me, the details are plenty juicy but you're not gonna get them out of me, either. I'm not one to kiss and tell."

"I assume there was more than kissing to tell about?"

"Lots more. Kissing doesn't even begin to describe it."

"Damn, I don't know which is worse, Johnny's reticence or your teasing."

"Personally, I prefer Jack's teasing, but only because I know how he follows through on it."

I turned to see that Johnny had come into the room behind me.

"Hi, babe." I was surprised that he came right over to me and kissed me on the lips.

"Are you sure that's appropriate? This is your place of work, Johnny."

"And they've known I was gay forever. It's not like I'm making out on the job. It's just a little kiss."

"Sorry, I've been out forever and I never worry about things like that myself, but I just assume others do."

"Don't look at me, boys. I've been waiting for you two to start smooching ever since you first walked in here, Jack."

"Why would you have thought that way back then?"

"You should have seen the way you two were sizing each other up, Johnny. Right from that first meeting you were both interested, whether you were conscious of it or not."

"I think you're wrong about that then, but you're not wrong about now."

"Whatever. It's about time the two of you woke up and smelled the coffee. Or whatever it is you're sniffing."

"Get your mind out of the gutter, girl. I think Jack and I had better go to lunch before you lose control."

"Just remember, I'm not the one who lost control over the weekend, so make sure you have your lunch in a public place. You've only got an hour, you know."

"What have you been telling her?" I asked Johnny as we left the building.

"Not much but I think that's the problem. She's drawing on her imagination to fill in the gaps and she's got quite an imagination."

"I'm sure it's nothing compared with mine, but we'd better hold off on that until sometime when we have more than an hour."

"Like this weekend, I hope."

We went to the diner where we'd had our first lunch together several months before. Johnny made me feel like a pig by ordering a grilled chicken Caesar salad after I'd chosen a bacon cheeseburger.

"You can get away with eating something like that but I've spent far more years than you clogging my arteries so I try to be good most of the time."

"I eat healthy most of the time, but a little guilty pleasure doesn't hurt now and then."

"I couldn't agree more. So, what brings you out to the suburbs mid-week? Don't tell me you just couldn't stay away from me."

"It was partially that. I keep thinking about how much I enjoyed our weekend, all of it, and wanted to be with you again. But also, I had an idea I wanted to bounce off you."

"Oh God, you and your ideas," he sighed. "Now what?"

"Well, I was thinking about your brother."

"Tom? What, you're getting tired of me already and want to move onto the older Nichols model? I did mention to you that Tom was straight, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did. And I'm not interested in him in that way at all. You're the only Nichols I care about. But the fact that he's straight, single and a lot like you  is why I was thinking of him. How does he feel about redheads?"

Johnny looked a bit confused as he sipped his iced tea, but then a look of understanding broke across his face.

"And you call your mother a yenta!"

"Well, sure. She and I are a lot alike in case you hadn't noticed."

"I've noticed." He smiled.

"That's one reason you and I get along so well. And if Tom is that much like you, why wouldn't he and Mom get along?"

"Well, I can't speak for his physical taste in women, but I do think he'd like Judy as far as personality goes. But he lives here in Jersey and she lives in Florida."

"Only for the time being. I wouldn't have tried fixing her up with you in the first place if she hadn't already been talking about moving up here."

"So, time to arrange another blind date?"

"Yeah, I was thinking ... Since you're coming into the city anyway Friday night, why don't you invite Tom to come with you? And I'll invite Mom. And then, when you stay over at my place, Mom can give Tom a ride home. A perfect hook-up."

"What's with your family's obsession with blind date ambushes? Why not just tell them what we have in mind beforehand?"

"Do you think that would work? Would they both go for it?"

"I don't see why not. I've mentioned you to Tom a few times and he met Judy a couple of times way back when we were all kids, so even if he's not totally interested in a date, I'm sure he'd love to meet you and to see her again."

"And how about Mom? Do you think she'll go along with it?"

"I'm sure she's so thrilled about the way things are developing between us that she'd do anything to horn in on a date with us, even if it means double dating with a guy she barely knew thirty-some years ago. And she'll be even more willing if you tell her about it in advance. Dates don't have to be surprises to work out."

"Yeah, but they're more fun to plan that way. So, how should we do this?"

"I think your idea about Friday night would work. But the three of us can drive into the city together if they're both in on it. And even if sparks don't fly between Judy and Tom, I think they'll both have a great evening. Good food, good music, great company - us - what more could they want?"

"I'm starting to see signs of that ego that Jenna warned me about when we first met."

"Ego? Moi? I'm sure you're mistaken."

So Johnny and I planned our double date for Friday. He took care of inviting Tom and I called Mom. She was doubtful but pleased that at least I wasn't planning on surprising her. And she made no bones about being interested in observing Johnny and me together.

"But I wouldn't hold my breath about magic occurring between Tom and me. Weren't you the one who said people are interchangeable just because they were similar?"

"Yeah, but what's happened between Johnny and me has shown that sometimes it does work out that way. Who knows? Maybe lightning will strike twice."

"Well, I'll keep an open mind, but don't bet on it."

After talking to Mom I spent some time thinking about exactly what it was about Johnny that appealed to me. Actually, I did a bit of review of all of my past relationships as well. I wasn't a big fan of self-analysis but I had always assumed my attraction to older guys had something to do with looking for a father figure. It didn't take a degree in psychology to understand that. While Mom had done a great job raising me, I still wanted a male to hold me, reassure me, comfort me. A man who would take care of me, emotionally at least.

Philip and Richard had both seemed to fit the bill in the beginning, but it turned out they each had their own agendas which didn't include taking care of me. They were both strong, independent and, ultimately, selfish older men. All I had seen in them at first was their strength, their willingness to take care of me. I hadn't seen the selfishness until it was too late.

Johnny was different, though. He had a vulnerability, fragility Grandma had called it, that neither Philip not Richard had had. While I could also sense the inner strength that Mom had talked about, it seemed that Johnny needed someone to take care of him as well. His history with Ron showed that he was able to give of himself to satisfy the needs of another. That relationship had been a two-way street. He took care of Ron and Ron took care of him.

I began to realize that as much as I wanted to have my emotional needs taken care of, I had a strong nurturing instinct myself. For most of my life I had been trying to take care of Mom, to be the dependable man in her life when others failed her. I was still doing that, as my efforts to hook her up with first Johnny and now Tom proved. And so that vulnerability in Johnny, his need to be taken care of, appealed to me as well. Right from the beginning, I'd seen in Johnny something I couldn't put my finger on that appealed to me. Maybe that was it, or part of it anyway.

We'd arranged to meet at Cay's at seven, a half hour before my first set was to begin, to give us all a chance to talk. It turned out to be more of a chance for me to get to know Tom, since Mom had had 45 minutes in the car with him on the ride into the city to renew their acquaintance. It also gave me a chance to look into the future and see what Johnny might be like in a few years. Tom was just what I expected, a slightly older version of Johnny. He had a few more lines around his eyes and a bit more gray at the temples. He was maybe an inch taller and a bit heavier, though still in good shape for his age.

In personality, he was also similar to Johnny. They both had the same wry sense of humor. And Tom also seemed to have that vulnerability about him, although that may have been explained by what he'd gone through with his ex-wife. In any case, he seemed to be much the same kind of sensitive idealist Johnny was. I kept my eye on them as I performed my sets and they acted like old buddies, chatting and laughing. Even though I was the odd man out, the younger generation who hadn't even existed back when they all knew each other, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening myself.    

Afterward as we walked to Tom's car, Johnny and Tom moved ahead to talk and Mom and I lagged behind. I'd grill Johnny on Tom's reaction to the evening later but first I wanted to question Mom.

"So what do you think, Mom?"

"I think you and Johnny are even better together than I'd imagined."

"No, dummy, not Johnny and me. I meant about you and Tom."

"Oh, that. Well, a few hours isn't really enough to tell anything, but he seems to be a nice guy and I like him. We're going to have dinner next week, just the two of us, so I'll know more after that."

"A second date is a good sign."

"Don't be such a noodge. I don't know where you get that from."

"Yeah, right, I can't imagine. But I'm not going to push you. I'll just say what you told me about Johnny. Keep an open mind. He seems to be a nice guy, so you could do a lot worse. In fact, you have."

She sighed. "What a pair we are, Jack. We've both made more than our share of mistakes with men and had terrible luck besides."

"Maybe our luck is finally changing. Maybe these Nichols men are what we've been waiting for."

"Could be. But remember, for better or worse, we've always got each other."

The End