Love Refound

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 1 - Introductions

This story is based on a true story of two men who were finally able to find true love after many years. The main characters in the story are based on real people, but the names and some of the events that will be described have been changed to protect the people involved.

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Autumn Summers. I'm 26 years old and have my Master's Degree in Psychology from Emory University. My partner, Spring Winters, and I own a small spread in the horse country of Georgia. We have six horses right now. Spring is into jumping and she and her horse, Cracker Jack, jump on the A Circuit. They are quite good.

I know, your asking several questions. First, why is a young female writing a story about gay men? The answer is easy. Why not? I like to read good gay stories that are well written and have a story to tell. Secondly, my partner and I know the people that this story is about personally. Thirdly, you're probably laughing your butts off at our names. Well, we can't help it that our parents must have been into seasons of the year when they named us. It's because of our names that we initially became good friends.

Enough about me and my partner. Here are the rest of the characters:

Robert Fullerton Nixon, III - Co-owner, along with his wife, of a large and very successful horse operation located not far from where Spring and I live. Robert comes from old money and will be the primary player in the story. He is now 43 years old, and he is absolutely ruggedly handsome because he has spent so much time outdoors. While I have never seen him in a state of undress, he doesn't appear to have an ounce of fat on him.

Leonora Julia Melrose Nixon - Wife (ex-wife?) of Robert Nixon. She's a year or two older than Robert and also comes from a little money. She is dedicated to the horse operations. She is a stately looking lady, but I don't think anyone would ever call her beautiful. She seems to be mild mannered, but I have the feeling that she could be a tiger if she was ever riled up.

Trenton Fullerton Nixon - Oldest son of Robert and Leonora. Trenton is a really good looking 15 year old. It's apparent that he spends a lot of time outdoors. His hair has been bleached blond by the sun. He has dark brown eyes like Dad. He's going to be a Junior in High School in the fall. He and his horse, Prince of Tara Heights, make an awesome jumping team. He makes the heads of both sexes swivel when he walks by.

Trevor Melrose Nixon - Youngest son of Robert and Leonora. Trevor is even more stunning than his brother and that's saying a lot. Trevor is very fair and has auburn hair and green eyes that seem to dance when he looks at you. He is so laid back and nothing seems to bother him. He can fall off his horse during a jumping competition and laugh about it. He and his horse, Knight of Papillion, have taken most of the medals at most of the junior jumping events. The two of them look like they are glued together most of the time. Trevor always seems to have a swarm of friends around him.

Howard Lathrop Willingham, IV - Howie is a Johnny come lately to our community. He bought a small horse operation approximately two miles down the road from Spring's and my spread. He's in his early 40's. He's very fair. He had been working in his father's law firm in Atlanta until his father passed away. Howie sold the law firm and bought the spread to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in the big city. His family had never been in need of money and had lived in the general area since reconstruction days. He was very fair with blond wavy hair and the clearest blue eye.

Now that you have met the prime players in this story, let's get on with the story.

The story begins twenty five years ago when Robert Fullerton Nixon and Howard Lathrop Willingham arrived at Duke University to begin their freshman year in college. They checked into their dorm room where they found that they were going to be roommates. After the parents had left, it was like a cat and mouse game, because let's face it, both of them were spoiled rich kids.

There was an uneasiness as they began to get settled. They both would have much preferred to be in a room by themselves since they were not used to having anyone in their private space.

Howard took the initiative, "Robert, if we're going to be living together, we need to try to be civilized. I gather that you aren't anymore pleased than I am to be sharing a room with someone I don't know. We can't change it immediately, so can we at least coexist? What would you like for me to call you?"

Robert was taken aback by the effrontery of this ingrate, "My name is Robert Fullerton Nixon the third. Everyone calls me Robert."

Howie was miffed, "Look, Robert Fullerton Nixon the third, I'm Howard Lathrop Willingham the fourth and I am a descendant of two of the former Governors of Georgia, so I am not the slightest bit impressed with your name."

He continued, "If you don't want to try to be friends, fine. But it would make living together a heck of a lot easier if we could at least be civil with each other."

Howard turned and walked out the door and slammed it.

Robert sat down on his bed and put his hands to his chin and was thinking, `What if Mr. Willingham were to find out that I was gay? Would he still want to coexist? He'd probably blab all over the campus that he had a queer for a roommate.' He fell back on his bed and opened his fly and started to play with his sexual apparatus.

He didn't hear the door open or see Howard walk in. He jumped when Howard asked, "Do you need some help with that piece of meat? Perhaps I could provide some assistance if you could at least be civil. Why don't we go take a shower so there are no secrets, first?"

Well that shower was the start of four wonderful years of college. The two guys were together constantly: but they did play the game, and dated so no one suspected what was going on behind closed doors.

Both of the guys were accepted to The Harvard School of Law, but the boot was about to fall. It was just before the two guys were to be graduated with honors that Mr. Nixon the second announced. "Robert, you are not going to go to law school. You are going to come home and manage the company horse business and get married. Your Mother and I have found just the right filly for you. Her name is Charlene Deveneaux. Her father is a big shot in New Orleans. She will be here for your graduation, and we will announce your engagement then."

"We know what you and Mr. Willingham have been up to and we aren't going to tolerate our son being queer. I don't care if his Daddy is a big shot lawyer. We're moving you into a private room until you are graduated. This is not negotiable, or we are going to take away all of your income. Now get your things packed. If you try to see Mr. Willingham again, you will not even be given the opportunity to graduate. We'll take you home and have you reprogrammed."

Howard was devastated by what happened. He called his Dad and told him what had happened. His Dad was very pragmatic. "Son, it's probably better that it happened now. I know of Robert's family and they are definitely social climbers even though they are wealthy. They would probably have made your and Robert's life hell if you tried to continue your relationship. I know it's going to be hard, son, but try to cope with it and move on with your life."

Robert and Howard went their separate ways. Howard became a lawyer and went to work for his Father's law firm.

Robert, in the meantime, married Charlene Deveneaux and it soon became apparent that she was a nobody who only wanted to get her hands on the Nixon money. Robert's Dad bought her off and the marriage was annulled.

Robert couldn't have been happier, but his parents were relentless and they arranged the marriage of Leonora Melrose and their son. While the Melrose family wasn't exactly rich, they were very knowledgeable about horses.

It was a year after the elaborate wedding that Trenton was born, so everyone was sure that this was a match made in heaven. Two years later, Trevor was born and everyone except Robert and Leonora were euphoric.

The night that Trevor was conceived was the last night that Robert and Leonora ever slept in the same bed together. There was no outward animosity or indications that this wasn't the perfect marriage.

When Robert and Leonora went out in public, they appeared to be very happily married and no one, and I mean no one, even suspected that it was a loveless relationship.

The two of them made sure that their two sons had everything. Their horse operation became one of the biggest in the area. Leonora managed the horses, and Robert took care of the business end, since he had majored in accounting in undergraduate school.

Trevor and Trenton were involved in almost every school activity, but their first love was their horses. They had learned to ride almost as soon as they could walk.

Everything changed one night when our next door neighbors decided to have a have a party to welcome the new owner of the spread down the road. Spring and I thought it was so cool that we were invited. Robert, Leonora, Trent and Trev were there with Mr. Nixon the second who had moved in with them after his wife's death. They had combined the two operations and they were definitely the biggest horse farm in all of Georgia.

The hosts were two gentlemen who had lived together for years and everyone knew them, so they had no problem. There were several other families and their children present when the guest of honor, Howie Willingham, arrived.

The first person to react was Mr. Nixon the second. "Mr. Willingham, what are you doing here?"

Howie looked perplexed until he looked around and saw Robert and he realized who was questioning his presence, "Mr. Nixon, I was invited here by the hosts, so I could meet the people in the area. Perhaps one of us should leave, since I understand that you think I'm queer."

Talk about putting the kibosh on a party, Howie's comment did just that. Howie turned to George and Michael, the hosts. I'm sorry if the neighbors find my presence offensive. I'll leave and your other guests can have a good time."

Howard started to leave and Robert's two sons took off after him. Trent started to speak for the two of them, "Mr. Willingham, please stop. Why did you make a statement like that in front of the mixed crowd that was here. Please come back. We don't understand what's going on between you and our Grandfather, but could you please be civil? If you are going to live here in this community, we are a very closely knit group of people so we have no secrets."

Trevor took over, "Mr. Willingham, something must have happened between you and our Grandfather earlier, and I'm guessing that it had to do with our Father. Granddad is an old man with lots of prejudices, so ignore him. Come meet the other people of our horsy community."

Trevor and Trenton introduced Mr. Willingham to the people in attendance and I noticed they avoided their parents and grandfather. When Mr. Willingham shook my hand I was mesmerized by his good looks. He had obviously taken good care of his body.

I watched as the two boys finally introduced the gentleman to their parents. Leonora smiled and shook his hand. Robert, held Mr. Willingham's hand for an extremely long time and they didn't seem to be talking. I watched as the two teenagers approached their Grandfather with Mr. Willingham.

Mr. Nixon the second motioned for Trevor and Trent to leave and he walked away and was talking to Howie. It was impossible to hear what was being said. They shook hands and then they separated and Howie came back to talk to Spring and me since we were the only two single ladies in attendance.

Trevor and Trent came over to us and Trent asked, "Hey Mr. Willingham what kind of horses are you going to be primarily dealing with?"

The hosts interrupted the conversation by announcing that dinner was being served. We walked to the serving line and Spring and I were joined at a table by Trevor, Trent and Mr. Willingham. Trevor and Trent kept Howie talking about horses.

Trent offered, "Yeh, Ms. Spring and Cracker Jack are about the smoothest team in the A circuit around. Ms. Autumn and her horse aren't too bad either. It's too bad that Ms. Autumn doesn't take jumping seriously."

Our conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the boys' father, Robert. "Excuse me, but I would like to talk to Mr. Willingham in private, if I may?"

The two men left and the two guys looked at us. Trent asked, "Do you have any idea what is going on?"

Spring and I were as confused as Trent and Trevor were. I looked at them and laughed, "You two will probably know before we do. We'll talk to you at the show tomorrow. Don't make us look too bad."

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Editor's Notes: Well I am very intrigued by this story. E Walk has written some wonderful stories and this one is shaping up to be right there with them. I can hardly wait to see what happens next. I would definitely like to talk to the young lady who inspired E Walk to write this interesting story.

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