Love Refound

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 5 - The Days of Their Lives

Spring disconnected the phone after Trevor's S.O.S., "I'll go pick up Trent and Trevor while you make sure your brother didn't leave a mess in the guest bedroom."

Spring left, and I went to check the guest bedroom. Austin had cleaned the shower. I took the dirty towels and put up another clean set. I realized that Austin's clothes were still there and then I remembered that his car was still in the driveway. I thought to myself, `We'll need to leave the house unlocked tomorrow.'

I had just gotten downstairs when the phone started ringing, "This is Autumn Summers, how may I help you?"

"Autumn Summers, this is Austin Summers. Since you are still up, could Howie bring us over so I can get my clothes and the car now, since you will be gone tomorrow?"

"Why of course, Little Brother. Spring just went to pick up Trent and Trevor. They called and asked to spend the night here. Why don't you all come in and visit, so the guys can tell us what's happening that would have caused them to ask to spend the night with two old spinsters."

Austin was laughing, "I guess Derek and I will need to stay up all night to patrol the halls to make sure there is no hanky panky going on. We'll be there shortly."

Spring and the guys arrived, "We're expecting company shortly. Austin is coming to pick up his clothes and his car. His clothes are still in the bedroom where you two guys will be sleeping. Let me show you where you will be sleeping. I'm afraid you will have to share a room since that's the only extra bedroom we have."

Trevor giggled, "Don't worry, Miss Autumn, we've slept in the same room many times. We promise not to run around the house naked. We wouldn't want to cause you ladies to hyperventilate."

I laughed, "Spring, we'll have to remember to lock our bedroom doors when we go to bed tonight just in case there are some peeking Tom teenagers in the house."

Trenton got into the act, "Please do, or we probably would be frightened to death by what we saw."

The frivolity was interrupted by the front door opening and Austin calling, "Anyone home?"

I decided that Trevor was a clown when he yelled, "Hurry and hide, maybe they won't see us and try to rob us."

Derek commented as the three guys entered the living room, "We weren't going to rob you. We were going to kidnap you and hold you for ransom, but we decided that your parents would probably pay us just to keep you away from them."

Trevor wasn't to be outdone, "Look cousin, just because you're ten years older than me doesn't give you the right to bad mouth me. At least I ain't queer like you, according to our Granddaddy."

Trenton frowned, "Trevor, you're out of line."

Trevor looked confused, "But Trent, I wasn't referring to him being gay. Everyone, look at Derek and figure out what's so different about him. I noticed what was wrong when we were at Mr. Howie's tonight.

What's the matter; wasn't Austin there to dress you this morning?"

Everyone stared at Derek and he was starting to fidget. Finally Spring threw up her hands, "Trevor, I see nothing wrong with the way your cousin looks. He looks rather handsome to me. I have to disagree with Austin, though. He proclaimed that Derek made him look like the Phantom of the Opera. Why don't you tell us what's wrong with Derek?"

Trevor was almost bent over from laughing and had a difficult time talking, "Look at his socks. One is blue and the other is brown. I think a better comparison than Phantom Of the Opera would be Beauty and the Beast. You can decide for yourselves who is the beauty and who is the beast."

Derek made a fist, "Cousin, how would you like a knuckle sandwich? I can't help it if I'm color blind. Why are you two guys spending the night with these two lovely ladies?"

Trenton answered before Trevor could, "Derek, have you ever heard of pinning your dirty socks together so you won't get them mixed up when you sort them. Maybe you could get the Phantom of the Opera to help you if he can stand your smelly feet. We're here because your Mother suggested that we get out of the house, and we didn't know where else we could go that wouldn't cause people to speculate about what we were doing."

Trevor asked, "Pardon me for asking, but Derek, I had no inclination that you were gay. When did you realize that you were gay and how did you meet the Beast?"

Austin took exception to the question, "Trevor, aren't you a little young to be worried about such things?"

Trenton interrupted, "Mr. Austin, if our Dad and Mr. Willingham were willing to share how they got together with all of us who are here, why should you be reluctant? After all, Derek is our only cousin, so why wouldn't we be interested? First, we find out that our Dad is gay and now our only cousin turns out to be gay. Why shouldn't we be curious?"

Howie nodded, "Austin and Derek, I think it is only fair that you explain how you got together. I'm guessing that Trent and Trevor are questioning their own sexuality about now, after everything that has happened the last couple days. Guys, homosexuality doesn't necessarily run in the family. I did a lot of research after I lost your Dad trying to figure out what was happening."

`Derek's Mother was correct in that it probably has to do with genes. If you were gay, you are already old enough to suspect that you might me gay. Austin and Derek, please explain to the guys and all of us how your relationship began. I want to know, and I'm sure Autumn is curious, also."

Spring added, "Count me in too."

Austin looked at Derek, "Okay, but first I need a stiff drink."

Trevor started to giggle again, "I think that Austin is asking for a frozen ice cube with a metal straw."

Austin started toward Trevor, "Watch it, Kid, or you get another knuckle sandwich if you're not careful."

"Goody, then I won't have to buy lunch tomorrow."

I decided to stop all of the clowning around, "Austin, you know where the bar is. Fix whatever you want. Trent and Trev there are some sodas and juice in the fridge. I'll get us a snack so we can listen to the latest installment of The Days of Their Lives."

After everyone was settled, Derek started, "Trent and Trev, I realized that I was different as soon as I reached puberty. All I could think about was what was between other guys' legs. Oh yeah, I played the game all through high school and dated. That changed when I got to college when there was no one watching over my shoulder. I had so many one night stands that you can't imagine."

"Anyway, I barely maintained the grade point average to stop from being expelled from Georgia Tech. I finally made it to my senior year and I had a T. A. in a lab and went to him and asked for his help. I guess he felt sorry for me and asked me to come to his apartment so he could help me. Yeah, the T.A. was Austin. Anyway when I arrived at his apartment, he was just coming out of the shower."

"When he opened the door he had this towel wrapped around him and he was dripping wet. After he let me in he took the towel off and he started to dry his hair so he was standing there naked. He looked at me, `Mr. Mitchell, I don't understand what your problem is. Let me get dressed so I can see if I can assist you.'"

"Austin put on these obscene briefs that he wears and sat on the sofa so that his manhood was displayed to the max. I was so enthralled that I couldn't remember why I was there. His briefs left nothing to the imagination. He was impatient because he had a hot date and I think he just wanted to get the ordeal over with."

Austin took over, "Derek is right about that. I had a date with the homecoming queen. But guess what; I never made that date. Derek and I just melted together and we have never looked back."

Trevor looked at them, "So, you're saying that it was like Mr. Willingham and our Dad. One shower and that's all she wrote."

Spring, Howie and I were sitting there laughing. Derek answered, "No, actually it was the third night when we finally took a shower together that I was able to corral the ugly steed."

Trent was shaking his head, "Gentlemen, I think we might be offending Miss Spring and Miss Autumn. But I have a question. What did Aunt Louisa say when she found out that you were gay?"

Derek was very honest, "Guys, I sat down and talked with Mom as soon as I realized I was different. All she said was, `I thought maybe that might be the case. Please don't let yourself think that sex can lead to love. Find someone you really want to live with before you have unprotected sex.'"

Austin added, "Mom Louisa welcomed me with open arms. I keep wondering what is going to happen if your Grandfather goes to live with her. Derek and I probably won't be making too many trips to Tallahassee."

The phone rang and Spring and I looked at each other. `Who would be calling at nine o'clock at night.'

I answered, "This is Autumn Summers, how can I help you?" I put the phone on speaker.

"This is Louisa, are Trenton and Trevor okay? I'm worried that they heard some things that they shouldn't have tonight."

Trevor approached the phone, "Aunt Louisa, what we heard at the house was mild compared to what we have heard here at Miss Spring and Miss Autumn's house tonight. Derek and his lover have been regaling us with the tales of their exploits."

Mrs. Mitchell was quiet for a moment, "I thought the guys were going back to Atlanta tonight."

"Aunt Louisa, they're so drunk that they can't even make it to the car. They're passed out on the carpet. We'll kick them out before we leave for school in the morning. I'm not sure what we're going to do about Mr. Willingham."

Louisa realized she was being given a difficult time, "Trevor, let me talk to Derek or Austin."

Trevor handed the phone to Derek.

Derek started, "What's up Mom? ... Mr. Willingham invited us to spend the night at his house. We're here at Spring and Autumn's house picking up Austin's clothes and car. ... Well, Trev and Trent rather bushwhacked us by making us tell how we met. ... I don't know when we're going to leave yet. ... Let me ask them."

Derek turned to Spring and me, "Mom, wants to know when you will be getting home tomorrow evening?"

I mentally went over my schedule in my head, "I should be home by 4:30. I don't have any meetings scheduled for tomorrow that I know of."

Spring looked at the calendar, "I should be home by about 4:15."

Derek started to speak, "Mom, the two young ladies said that they could be home by 4:30. ... Okay, I tell them. ... Let me ask the guys. ... Trent and Trev, Mom wants to know how you get home from school."

Trenton spoke first, "Cyndi usually drops me off after school."

Trevor added, "I usually catch the school bus."

Derek told his Mother what the two boys said. "Yes, Mr. Willingham is still here. ... Okay, I'll tell everyone to be here at five for a family meeting. ... Yep, I love you too, Mom."

I sputtered, "Why are we having a family meeting here when we aren't even members of the family?"

Derek was so cool, "What do you mean? You're my sister-in-law. Mr. Willingham is my Uncle. Trev and Trent are already my cousins and Spring is an adopted sister. So chill out. Austin and I will fix a nice dinner, so relax. Just give us the keys to the house and we'll leave as soon as we eat, so you can take care of the cleanup."

It was ten o'clock when we finally were able to get to bed. I took a shower and was lying in bed trying to decipher what was happening. `Who was this Louisa Mitchell and her son Derek? Why are they trying to take control of our lives?'

The next morning as Spring and I were walking back to the house after checking the horses. Spring commented, "Autumn, I haven't the foggiest idea what is happening."

"Don't look at me, I'm just as lost as you are. We probably should have checked on the guys before we went to check on the horses."

As I opened the door, we were greeted by the smell of bacon and eggs. Trent looked at us, "Ladies, you need to get some groceries. Your refrigerator and cupboards are rather bare."

Spring frowned, "What is it with you Nixons? You are all trying to take over our lives. If you will recall, we were kept rather busy all weekend babysitting you two guys. Now tonight, you're having a family meeting here. Why here of all places?"

Trevor nodded, "Trent and I were talking about that same thing. We decided that they want to talk about some things that they don't want Granddad to know about or hear. We decided that this would be the last place Granddad would think to look for us. Now, eat your breakfasts or we'll be late for school."

Spring and I quickly finished our breakfast and went to get dressed for school. Since April taught at the high school, she took Trenton, and I had Trevor since I was going to an elementary school near the middle school.

Trevor talked the entire trip to school, "Trent is going to turn 16 tomorrow. He can hardly wait so he can drive his truck. The parents bought him a truck so we could haul the horses to the shows by ourselves. I'll be so glad when school is out in four weeks. I can hardly wait to start high school next year. What are you going to do this summer?"

I started to laugh, "Trev, do you realize how many different things you just talked about without stopping. In answer to your question, I don't get a long summer vacation like you. I will only be off during the month of July. I have some students that need to be tested over the summer."

We pulled up in front of the Middle School, "Thanks Miss Autumn, see you tonight. I hope Austin is a better cook than Derek."

It was a typical Monday and everyone needed my help, now. `Hey, I'm one person. I can't be in three places at the same time.' I service two elementary schools and the middle school. Sometimes, I think that it is some of teachers who need my assistance more than the students.

I was late getting home and when I walked in at ten until five, Austin started on me. "Autumn, the next time we cook for you, do you suppose that you could have some food in the house?"

"Austin baby, if you will recall, Spring and I didn't ask you to cook for us tonight. This is the second time today that I've been chewed out for not having any food in the house. Some of us do have to work."

Our conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Derek and Spring, "Hey Autumn, how was your day? Neat spread that you and Spring have here. I really like the idea that you are into appaloosa horses. Why don't you get changed. The rest of the family should be here shortly. I wonder what fireworks my Mother has planned this time?"

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Editor's Notes: Well, I wonder what will happen at this 'family meeting'.

It seems we have learned a few things about Austin and Derek. They both seem to be nice young men. It is also obvious that as is the case with all of E Walk's stories, There are going to be lots of people we will be falling in love with.

Of course there is the Old reprobate, Mr. Nixon, who has to shove his prissy sensibilities and bigotry down everyone else's throats. He really needs to keep his opinions to himself and he needs to grow up and learn to live with the fact that no one is perfect, certainly not him.

I doubt seriously think there will be anyone falling in love with him, any time soon.

I am certainly ready for the next chapter.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher