PapaWereBear and UrsusMajr

(This is a work of fiction, depicting sex between consenting adult males. If such offends you or is illegal for you to read where you live, or you are under the age of eighteen, please leave now. No actual persons or events are depicted. Safe sexual practices are not used, but remember, this is fiction; in real life, get tested and play safe. We hope you enjoy the story. We can be contacted at and )

Chapter 10

It was pitch black in the bedroom. Outside a coyote howled and in the room, the sound of three burly bears sleeping soothed Mack. He'd have gone back to sleep, but his bladder was what had awoken him and he needed release. Sleeping on the outside of the bed, Mack easily rolled out and padded into the bathroom. He closed the door softly and turned on the light. He stood at the bowl and relieved himself, he was just about finished when the door opened and in padded Larry.

He growled in a sleep roughened voice, "Mind if I join you?"

Larry moved next to Mack and draped his left arm with the 'Grizzly Mike' logo tattoo on the bicep around Mack's middle. He gave him a kiss on the cheek and added his stream to Mack's. Mack slipped an arm behind Larry and stroked the fur on his lower back and ass as the stocky bear pissed.

Mack finished up and watched as Larry continued. He reached down with his left hand and gripped Larry's thick cock, with his right and continued to pet Larry's muscular butt. Larry finished up and Mack shook him off, stroking the muscular bear's cock to full hardness; Larry closed his eyes, turned his face to the ceiling and moaned in pleasure. Mack's fingers found Larry's hole, Mike's cum oozed out and slicked it and Mack's fingers slipped in easily. Larry squeezed Mack's fingers with his anal muscles then looked into the young bear's eyes with a quizzical look and asked, "You wanna play a little?"

Mack grinned, "Yeah. You wanna fuck me?" he asked.

Larry smiled, "Not all bears want to do the fucking, Mack." Mack gave him a strange look and Larry smiled gently. Mack had assumed that because Larry was a sliver bearded older bear, he would do the fucking. Larry explained, "I like to shoot as much as the next guy, I love to have my cock sucked and my ass munched but I'm what you'd call a bottom and I'm pretty much completely a bottom. I have fucked other guys and I came, but it just doesn't do as much for me as being fucked. I didn't get the same charge out of topping that I do from being the bottom. Mike's trying to teach me to be a top and who knows, I might learn to enjoy that in time, but the truth is I'll probably always prefer to be a bottom."

With that, Larry pulled Mack into a hot tongue wrestling session. Mack's passion rose with Larry's. Wordlessly they parted and Larry moved to the sink. It was a vanity set up with two sinks and a marble top. Larry stood between the two sinks, leaned over and offered his ass to Mack. Mack's hard tool nuzzled at the opening, Larry squeezed his ass and a little of Mike's cum oozed out. Mack, totally turned on by the thought of pushing his cock into Larry's ass with all that bear sperm still in it, put his cock to the hole and gently pushed. Larry opened up and Mack sunk in to the root so fast it made him gasp with unexpected pleasure. Larry's gray ass fur tickled his groin, their balls nestled together.

Larry chuckled, "You like that?".

Mack moaned an affirmative, but the look on Mack's face in the mirror spoke far more eloquently. Larry loved to bottom with a new guy.

Mack caressed Larry's bald head, feeling the contrast between the smooth shiny skin and his short cropped gray hair as he thrust into Larry. Larry gently coached Mack to get the positioning right so his cock would find Larry's nut. Larry's muscular ring squeezed and teased the glans and shaft, gently milking the young bear's cock. Soon Mack was gripping Larry's furry shoulders, thrusting into Larry. Larry gripped and massaged the cock, squeezing on the pull out and opening on the thrust in.

Mack was nearing climax when Mike walked into the room squinting in the light. He chuckled, moved close wrapping a hairy arm around Mack, kissing him on the cheek. Looking down at his mate he growled, "I'm next."

"My cub is a fantastic bottom, ain't he?" Mike whispered in Mack's ear.

Mack moaned his reply. Mike began to gently kiss and nibble on his neck, tickling Mack's neck with his lush golden beard. Larry intensified his workout and within seconds Mack began to tremble and buck. Mike moved his furry mouth over Mack's new beard and to his lips. Mack moaned into Mike's mouth as their tongues twined. Mike massaged and pinched Mack's nipples and with the added stimulation, Mack unloaded in Larry's ass. Mack pulled almost all the way out and Larry squeezed the cock in rapid oscillations, almost sucking on the cock with his muscular rings. Mike gripped Mack's body hard as he growled in the throes of orgasm. He spat on two fingers and quickly shoved them up Mack's ass. He found his nut and rhythmically pressed the organ. Mack came again, violently, growling, trembling; he thrust hard and deep into the bottom bear, Mike urging him on, telling him what a hot fucker he was. Mack unloaded four more shots and soon was spent. Larry had shot all over the cabinets, he too was spent and panting, bent over the marble top vanity. Mike bent and shared a long, deep kiss with his love as he fingered Mack's prostate and withdrew.

As the pair cooled off and regained their strength, Mike patted Mack's ass and said, "You two get on back in the bedroom an' wake up the ol' man, I think he's ready for another round. I'm gonna take a piss an' I'll be right in."

Larry and Mack parted and cleaned each other off. Larry kissed Mack, "Your daddy's a big hot fucker, mind if he fucks me next?"

Mack smiled, "Not at all, mind if I suck you while he does?"

Larry laughed, "Just how long have you been having mansex?"

Mike interrupted, "Save room for me, damn it! I like to watch, but I like being in the thick of it more."

"Oh, you know there's always room somewhere, daddy," Larry answered over his shoulder as he left the bathroom.

Over the next three days Mack got a thorough education in multiple partner sex. Larry and Mike did have to leave for work, but while Sam and Mack were there, they took half days, coming home around noon for sex and then dinner. The last night, they all headed out on bikes to a biker pub called "Smitty's" favored by Mike and his lover both for the atmosphere and the good food. Sam was right, when Larry put on his biker gear, he was a natural. Larry was like some sort of ursine chameleon. As soon as he stuffed a large cigar in his bearded maw and fired up his custom fat boy he looked and acted every bit as if he'd been raised on a hawg. He took off down the road, his black muscle T-shirt showing off his huge arms. Anyone seeing pics of Larry in his business suit would think it couldn't be the same person as the bro' who now sat astride his mechanical beast. Mack noticed how Larry's demeanor and language had changed and that no one in the pub doubted that he belonged there.

They spent the evening with good food, good drink and great stories; and when they returned home there was, of course, more sex. It was a good farewell as Mack and Sam would be on the road to Bakersfield tomorrow. That night, Mack slept between Mike and Larry, with Sam curled around Larry, his huge cock nestled in Larry's crack. When Mack would wake, he would wake one, both or all three of the men for sex. Mack found that his lustful appetite had increased. He was not insatiable, but he was extremely hungry. The trio wanted Mack to have as much bearsex as he wanted while he was there.

The next morning, after breakfast, Sam and Mack got ready to hit the road. Sam was in his worn biker gear, with big sweat stains under his arms on his new black Harley t-shirt in the warming morning sun. Mack wore jeans, a 'Grizzly Mike' black T-shirt and a pair of engineer boots gifted to him by Larry. Larry and Mike waved, their arms around each other, as Sam and Mack roared off on Sam's ride.