PapaWereBear and UrsusMajr

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Chapter 14

A half hour later, the four were showering up in the big gym-style shower in the back of the shop. There was some horseplay, lots of groping and a couple of blowjobs between the four. This time, Mack eagerly sucked Russ off. Sam drank all the sperm he could coax out of Jesse.

After they were dried and mostly dressed, Russ suggested a trip to Dirty Dan's Steakhouse as it was getting close to dinner. Russ handed Sam a brand new white T-shirt which Sam immediately put on. Mack thought Sam looked really good in it with the black leather vest over it, his hairy muscular arms, broad muscled chest and round belly bulging in the shirt that was purposely just a little snug.

Russ smiled smugly, "Always did love you in a tight white T-shirt. Fifties biker look; Fuckin' hot!"

"Well, I ripped up my black muscle T because I know how it turns Jesse on to see that." Sam said

"Fuckin' A, Sam!" Jesse agreed, "Damned hot to see you do that. I love to see one of you hairy fuckers rip outta your clothes."

"Yeah, cub here keeps extra T's around here for me just to do that. Loves to see me rip through one when I change." Russ said and gave his lover a kiss. "Don'tcha, buddy?"

Jesse nuzzled his papa then turned to Mack.

"Looks like you're gonna be one fine bear too," he said and patted Mack's belly, "put a little more meat on those bones, more fur on that chest and back and you'll be a growler." Jesse said and gave Mack a kiss. "Loved the taste of you man milk, cachorro."

Mack blushed, "Uh... thanks." he said, slightly embarrassed for some reason.

"If we don't get on down the road we're gonna miss out on dinner," Sam said and his stomach gave a huge growl. "My belly's talking back, so let's get goin'!"

Russ reached for a vest pocket, pulled out a cigar case selected a nice short fat stogie, stuffed one in his mouth and lit it up, "All right, let's go." he growled around the fat cigar and headed for his pickup.

When they got to where the truck was parked, right by where Sam had parked his Boar Hawg of a bike Jesse let out a low appreciative whistle.

"Damn, Oso! You got one Hell of a sweet ride! Love all the details." Jesse said, "Makes me want to buy one from Mike too."

"I didn't buy it. This is what you two call my 'ol' rattle trap'." Sam said with a bit of pride.

"No fuckin' way!" Russ said, "This is the same hunk'a junk you been scootin' aroun' on since God was a baby?"

"Well, thanks to Mike it's not 'xactly the same, he rebuilt about half of it, frame's still original, but cleaned up and powder coated." Sam said as he scratched his beard, looking it over.

"How much he charge, man?" Jesse said.

"That bastard wouldn't let me give him a dime for it, an' I tried." Sam said.

"Wow! You're a fuckin' lucky bear, Oso! Great custom ride on the road…" He looked over at Mack and chuckled, "And a fuckin' hot ride in the sack." Jesse said.

Simultaneously all three bears laughed. Mack blushed furiously. Sam pulled him into a hug and said to the others, "Yeah, I'm one Helluva lucky bear." He kissed Mack.

"Let's get gone! I wanna eat dead cow." Sam said and the four piled in. Streaks of rubber and whoops and cheers marked their departure.

Dirty Dan's was not far down the road. Set on the outskirts of town, it had survived from an earlier era when Bakersfield was just a dusty farming community. A look at the building gave the impression that the place was slated for imminent demolition; a look at the parking lot confirmed that the place was still wildly popular. The four bears entered, pushing through clouds of smoke from the BBQ pit and the racket of the kitchen and juke box. It was obvious that Russ and Jesse were well known and liked here; their route to the table was interrupted by numerous greetings, playful punches and bear hugs, accompanied by more than a few obscenities.

Sam leaned over to Mack and spoke loudly in his ear to overcome the noise level. "Dan's from Waco. He does the best BBQ in the Central Valley. Nobody does ribs like Dan. Order the ribs." Mack nodded.

Walking out into the parking lot after dinner, Mack belched and said to no one in particular, "Man, I can't believe I ate that much! I am stuffed."

Jesse grinned and said, "I bet you are!"

Russ smacked his cub on the back of his head, nearly knocking his baseball cap off. "That's my nephew you're talkin' 'bout, boy!"

"OW!" Jesse howled, but with a good-natured grin on his dark face. "Hell, man, jus' lookit that nice white ass! Oso, we both know Sam... of course that cub is stuffed!" This time Jesse had to run to avoid Russ' swat.

Sam smiled tolerantly at the larger and smaller bear as they tussled, but interrupted the fun. "When you two're through playin' patty-cake there, how 'bout drivin' us back home? It's been a long day an' some of us need some sack time."

After one last swat on his unruly cub's butt, Russ climbed into the cab and fired the truck up. "Home, James." The others piled in and Russ eased out the clutch and rumbled off.

On the way home Mack and Jesse were talking about The Grrrizz and the modifications made since last time the Iron Bear had been to a show. Sam took advantage of his cub's distraction, leaned over, and quietly said to Russ, "Mack an' I need some alone time tonight, OK? I got business to attend to up north an' I 'd like to be alone with him. It'll be awhile 'fore I'm back." Russ just nodded.

When they got inside, Russ gave a jaw-cracking yawn. "Time to hit the sack, Osito"

Jesse looked questioningly at Russ, then Sam. The tent in his jeans made it clear what he had been expecting, but Russ nudged him off in the direction of their bedroom. Sam herded Mack in the direction of the second bedroom.

Stripped and naked, Sam took Mack into a furry embrace and probed his mouth with his tongue. Mack responded in kind, which reassured Sam. Apparently, forgiveness had been achieved. Mack buried his face in Sam's thick furry chest and inhaled deeply. They sank down on the bed and Mack reached down, placing his throbbing cock against Sam's thick warm meat.

"Damn, you leak a lot!" he said to his papa.

"Heh... ya just noticin' that, son?" He reached down and squeezed out a thick glob of precum and fed it to Mack. "Bein' 'round you is what does it."

Mack licked Sam's fingers and then sucked on them, running his tongue over the thick digits again and again. His desire rose in waves. "Fuck me, Papa. Breed my ass."

Sam growled and put a huge, hairy paw on Mack's rump to turn him over. Mack scrambled into the classic all-fours position. Sam's thick, heavy cock hardened as he moved behind his cub. He reached down and squeezed out more precum and slicked his meat. He spread Mack's butt with both paws and centered, then drove in. There was nothing gentle or easy in his manner... this was urgent breeding, a driving burning need demanding satisfaction. Again and again he drove his member deep into his cub's ass, grunting and growling, alternately holding Mack's hips and shoulders with his paw as he plowed towards his climax. And this was no slow fucking; this was jackhammer intensity. When Sam came, it was accompanied with a sustained bear growl that rose and continued rising with each powerful spasm and sent shivers through Mack's gut and mind and rattled the windows. A torrent of bear seed poured into Mack's ass, filling him with scalding heat. He pushed back as hard as he could to drive Sam in deeper. Sam panted and his cock twitched the last few squirts into his cub.

"Oh, Papa!" moaned Mack. Suddenly, he realized he was about to shoot. As if he had access to Mack's thoughts, Sam pulled out and raised Mack. "Feed me, son. Give me your seed now."

Mack pushed his upturned meat down part way with his hand while Sam knelt and took the straining cock into his mouth. Mack gasped and grabbed Sam's hairy shoulders, knowing he couldn't last. He moaned as he pumped blast after blast of his own seed down Sam's gullet. Sam swallowed rapidly and when Mack was through, rose up level with him and shared the last of his cum with him. The two bears sank back down on the bed and cuddled close, drifting between sleep and conversation.

"It was fucking hot, seeing all three of you guys as bears." Mack said quietly as he turned on his side and rested his head on his arm.

Sam nodded sleepily as he fondled Mack's balls.

"It still feels a little weird... I mean with Uncle Russ and all. I really liked sucking him off in the shower, but..." Mack spoke quietly while he stroked Sam's furry belly.

"Well, like I said, that's a human view. We're less concerned with it but you know yer uncle loves you and would never harm you. You can relax with him, son, this is the way our kind express affection and love for one another." Sam gave Mack's nuts a gentle squeeze and then put his paw on Mack's shoulder. "You both enjoyed it, forget that he's yer uncle. Yer a bear, he's a bear, we're all bros… and it's not like him shootin' in you's gonna get you pregnant an' make a three headed baby, right?" Sam chuckled and so did Mack.

They were quiet for awhile, Mack looked deep into Sam's liquid eyes. He saw love, concern and protection there. After a time he said simply, "I love you, Sam."

Sam hugged him tightly and caressed him, nodding, not entirely trusting his voice; but it was enough. Mack fell gently to sleep in his Papa's arms.

The next morning Mack rose late, stretching lazily, reaching for Sam. The bed was empty and Mack got up to pee, thinking that Sam had risen earlier and was out in the garage, looking over The Grrrizz. Pulling on pants and grabbing a mug of coffee from the pot in the kitchen he walked out the back door and headed to the garage.

The morning was already hot and Mack was covered with a light film of sweat after circling the garage; no Sam. He looked inside the half open door on the side of the building. No Sam. In fact, no one except Jesse. The Hispanic bear looked appraisingly at the sweaty Mack, grinned, and said, "What up, cachorro?"

"Know where Sam is? And is it always this hot?"

"No and si," Jesse responded, continuing to grin. "Your tio will be back real soon, though. He went into town to get some brake fluid and pick up some food." Again, Jesse looked at Mack with a frank appraising stare. "You look fucked."

Mack didn't quite know what to make of Jesse or if he should be pissed off at the directness of his remark. He wasn't sure he wanted to have a conversation with him just now as he was feeling a bit edgy about not knowing where Sam was. He decided to match his directness and cut things short. Besides, Jesse already said he didn't know where Sam went so further talking probably wouldn't get him anywhere.

"Yeah, well, good sex'll do that to ya. That and a long road trip. I'm gonna get a refill. I'll be in the house when Sam shows." With that, Mack headed back to the kitchen. As he left, Jesse looked after him, concentrating on the younger man's butt. He shook his head and went back to cleaning The Grrrizz's rims.

Mack found the can of coffee and started another pot. He looked out in the car port and saw Sam's bike was gone and then wandered back into the bedroom. His concern grew to anger as he noticed that Sam's clothes were gone, as was his duffle. He spun around and ran for the kitchen door, intending to confront Jesse and demand to know where Sam had gone. He collided with Russ as he reached the door.

"Hey, bro, slow down, where's the fire?" Russ' thick frame blocked the doorway and his hands caught Mack by the shoulders.

"Where's Sam?" Mack all but shouted.

"He's gone, Mack." Russ said, gently squeezing his shoulders.

"What? What do you mean, 'gone'?" Mack demanded.

"I mean he got on his bike an' took off for parts unknown, Mack." Russ said.

"You mean he just left me?" There was hurt, anger, and desperation in Mack's voice. "Why?"

"He did what he was supposed to do, Mack. He brought you out here safely to me, left you with family." Russ said gently.

"That's it? He fucks me, gets me all worked up and turned on, changes me into... into an animal..." Mack's anger was flaring again.

"Easy there, cowboy! I happen to be one of those animals you're changing into." Russ said.

"That's not what I mean, Uncle Russ... DAMN IT! He was supposed to be here with me." Mack picked up and threw the empty coffee mug at the brick fireplace in the kitchen. He looked fiercely into Russ' eyes but his voice was soft, almost a whisper, nearly trembling. "He said he loved me, Uncle Russ. He said I was his mate. Is this any way to treat your mate?"

Russ moved and encircled Mack in his arms, pulling him into a soft, but firm embrace. Mack began to cry.

"Dammit, DAMMIT!" Mack's fists pounded his uncle's chest.

"He'll be back, he always comes back, Mack." Russ said, petting his nephew's head.

Mack pulled back from Russ then and said, "Maybe I don't want him back!"

"Mack, listen to me. Sam really loves you. He's got good reasons for up and leaving. He's got things he has to attend to and he made me promise not to tell you what those are. He said he'd be back before your first change and if that ol' man is anything, he's true to his word. He said I couldn't tell you what he was doing, but he's doing it for your future... with him." Russ said.

"Why didn't he include me? Fuck! He's treating me like a kid again!" Mack shouted.

"He said you'd say that and no, he's not. What he's doing he wasn't specific about and if he was I wouldn't tell you, he made me swear on our blood.” Russ looked steadily into his nephew's eyes. “I can't break blood oath, Mack." Russ said.

"Then what can you tell me?" Mack said.

"I can tell you that he's going back to a place he hasn't been for ages. He needs to know it's safe for you and him to go there now, and to start to build a future together there and that's all I can say. He doesn't want to get your hopes up and have it turn out to be impossible and he doesn't want unexpected surprises." Russ said, "He doesn't want a repeat of what happened at the motel with those rednecks on the way here."

“But he's strong! He could whup any ass that came to harm us. Why couldn't he take me...”

Russ interrupted. “No, he doesn't want a fight. Oh, it's not a matter of bravery or strength. He doesn't want any chance of publicity. Our kind have to live quietly. Whupping ass is a last resort, not a first response.”

"So what the Hell am I supposed to do; sit around here until he comes back for me?" Mack asked.

"No, you're supposed to learn from your uncles what it means to be a werebear and how to control that temper of yours. And you're supposed to help me out with my monster truck." Russ sat at the kitchen table and motioned for Mack to sit also. "Mack, you're gifted. You have skills with computers that will prove invaluable in helping me and all your other werebear relatives out there. I know some brothers who need to teach you a few things, they're gonna be coming by while Sam's away. If Sam were here, he'd be a distraction, because he's your mate. While he's around, you're not gonna be thinking about hacking into computer systems and rearranging data to make one identity disappear and another take its place." Russ said. "Your sexual desires and needs, Jesse and I and a couple of those brother bears I mentioned can take care of. I went into town this morning to talk to one of those bears. His name is Nate. He's gonna teach you about evading traces. He'll be here in an hour or so, so I want you to get cleaned up and be ready for him. OK?"

"But I got in trouble for that! You're asking me to do what I've been caught at before. I thought I was coming out here to straighten out my life, not fuck it up again." Mack protested.

"Mack, the only reason you got caught at school was that you were inexperienced. There are brothers who are computer literate and can help us, but we don't have any of us in major government agencies that deal with ID... like State or the FBI. There are a couple in state DMV offices and that helps some, but we need someone who can work on a national scale, and from the outside, anonymously. Someone who can hack and not be caught. Someone like you will be. You got caught because you lacked subtlety and because your motives were obvious." Russ said. "The world is changing fast. With your skills and some training, you can help werebears you've never met, those out there like me who will eventually need new identities to conceal their lack of aging."

"Now, if you're done throwing a tantrum because your lover is off tending to business, I think you should grab a quick bite to eat, shower and get ready for your first day of school," Russ said firmly in a no-nonsense way.

Mack felt a bit foolish.

"I'm gonna go work on the The Ol' Bear and I don't mean Jesse." Russ said with a chuckle, "We've got a show in less than a week and you're coming along." Russ said. "When Nate gets here let him in and help him with his equipment. You might want to dress to help him with that, but otherwise, you can be naked around him; he's certainly going to shed his clothes as soon as he gets all settled in and you can bet me and my cub will, after we come in for the night. You'll get used to it and I expect you'll like livin' that way too."

Mack smiled, "You're all really focused on sex, aren't you?"

"And you're not? Who was having a tantrum just now because his main squeeze wasn't here to give him some hot protein injections?"

Mack blushed, "OK, I'll go take my shower now."

Russ chuckled as his nephew left. The next four months were looking more and more interesting. Russ scratched his belly, and poured some more coffee.

* * *

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