PapaWereBear and UrsusMajr

(This is a work of fiction, depicting sex between consenting adult males. If such offends you or is illegal for you to read where you live, or you are under the age of eighteen, please leave now. No actual persons or events are depicted. Safe sexual practices are not used, but remember, this is fiction; in real life, get tested and play safe. We hope you enjoy the story. We can be contacted at and )

Chapter 6

Mack awoke. It was 2 am by the clock on the night stand. He felt a large warm body next to him to his left and a heavy arm lay across his chest. A furry face was nestled in his left armpit.

It was the fact that Mack's left arm had fallen asleep because it was in an odd position that he'd awoken. For a moment, Mack didn't realize where he was or who was with him in the bed. Then he remembered that he was in a motel in Arizona and that the man who was sleeping next to him with his face buried in his armpit was Sam.

Mack felt a bit awkward. If he moved, he might wake Sam and if he didn't, his arm would still be asleep. He decided that disturbing Sam would be absolutely necessary, the pins and needles feeling in his left hand and arm was getting worse by the minute.

Mack tried moving his left arm, but it was completely unresponsive. That feeling always scared Mack, because he always wondered if the blood flow had been cut off and if he'd lost circulation to the arm long enough for it to have died. He had an unreasoning fear that he'd have to have his arm amputated and it was this fear that made him move with less delicacy than he might have used otherwise.

Mack scooted his body to the right by about a foot. He had to pick his left arm up and physically move it with the right arm. This moved both Sam's head from it's resting place onto the bed and the arm that was on Mack's chest.

Sam stopped snoring, mumbled something in his disturbed state about "bathtubs". Sam in his sleep scooted that extra foot over placing his furry face right next to the left side of Mack's head, bent his left arm and placed it parallel to the length of Mack's torso and threw his left leg over Mack. Sam, in the next few minutes was once again breathing rhythmically in that soothing way Mack had noticed on the bus.

Mack turned his head slightly and looked at the clock. It was five after two. The great hairy beast of a man next to him was warm and comforting. His beard was soft and the black Harley T-shirt he was wearing had been soaked in his sweat for the last few days. Sam smelled musky and that smell had given Mack his erection. Mack also noticed that Sam had wood and it was pressing into his left thigh. Feeling was returning to Mack's left arm. Mack wanted to unbuckle, unbutton and unzip his jeans and pull out his cock for a good jerk off, but he didn't want to wake Sam.

Sam breathed steadily, softly. His warm breath on Mack's neck, the big strong hairy arm that just moved again across Mack to be draped horizontally across Mack's chest so that the forearm almost touched Mack's face. Sam's left leg was slightly bent and between Mack's legs. Sam's groin against Mack's leg was hot and the hard lump of his cock made Mack want to reach down and stroke it. For all intents and purposes, Mack was Sam's support pillow, but he didn't mind a bit. Having the big man cuddled next to him was heaven. He just hoped he could work out how to shoot a load without waking him. Mack decided right then and there that he really, really needed relief.

Mack carefully reached over and pulled out several tissues from the Kleenex box on the night stand. Slowly and with extreme care, Mack unbuckled his belt with one hand. Mack had, had a lot of practice quietly jacking off while sharing a room with his younger brother before he got his own room. His kid brother had never been disturbed enough to wake up while Mack jerked it in the next bed. This was going to be completely different though, he'd never done such a thing while someone else was actually touching him. The notion of that, the 'danger' was turning Mack on even more. Slowly, he unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped. He carefully pulled the top of his pants open, reached down beneath his briefs for his cock and gently began to stroke the thumb of his right hand over the pre come slicked head.

Sam's rhythmic breathing hadn't changed.

Mack pulled his briefs down and began to stroke his cock, gently so as not to disturb Sam. The smell, the closeness, the warmth, the feel of the big man was filling Mack's brain with images of what Sam might look like without clothes. In the extremely dim light he could see the thick hair on Sam's arm and imagined how thickly carpeted his body would be. Mack hadn't had the opportunity to relieve his building need to come since he got on the bus and now, with just a little stimulation he was getting close to shooting. He looked over at the clock, it was only fifteen after two and he was already more than half way to shooting.

Suddenly, while looking at the clock Sam moved his hairy arm. It quickly moved down Mack's T-shirt clad torso and the big paw-like left hand covered Mack's smaller right hand and the words, "Need some help with that, li'l Bro?" were softly growled out by the big man to his left.

Immediately Mack froze. He turned his head to find Sam's eyes staring into his own. A wide smile was on Sam's face as he gently squeezed Mac's hand in reassurance.

"Uh…" Mack began and Sam shushed him.

"'S'OK bro, I'll take care of ya, like a big hairy bodyguard is suppos'd ta," he growled in his sleep-roughened voice. Sam moved Mack's hand away from his cock and grasped it firmly and began stroking the young man.

"You an' I've been on the road for days without a chance to get any release. I was hopin' that you'd ask me to sleep with you, I was hopin' you'd take the hint of a one bed motel room and ask. I was hopin' that when I got into bed tonight that you'd wake up and ask but I guess you were just to tired out from climbin' around in the Canyon yesterday. So, when I woke just a minute ago and realized what you were doin', I decided that I wasn't gonna wait anymore.” Sam chuckled. “A bear could die of sexual frustration waiting on you, boy!" Sam said and squeezed a little harder on Mack's rock hard cock sending shivers of pleasure throughout the young man. Sam chuckled again. "Yeah, well I ain't gonna die that way!"

He moved his face closer to Mack's and said, "Give daddy a kiss."

Mack moved his mouth to Sam's and Sam filled Mack's mouth with his tongue. Mack moved the hand, still moist with his pre come, up to the left side of Sam's face and began to run his hands through the beard, petting and caressing the bear's fur.

The stimulation almost pushed Mack over the edge. It was then that Sam said, "Oh no, not yet, Bro!"

With that, Sam reached down, grasped Mack's balls and gently pulled them away from his body.

"I don't want you to come just yet. I want your first orgasm with me to be something a little more than a hand job. You need to cool off a little." Sam said.

After a few minutes of holding Mack's balls Sam asked, "You about cooled off, Bro?"

"Yeah, I… I don't feel like I've got to shoot." Mack said. It was the first thing he'd said since he tried to hurriedly explain why he was stroking his cock and Sam had hushed him.

"Well good, now we can get down to business!" Sam said.

Sam raised his voice to a normal talking tone. "Gertrude."

"Yes." Came the female computer voice.

"Half normal light, please." Sam said over his shoulder.

"Certainly." Came the reply.

"Take those clothes off, Bro, you're not gonna need 'em for a few hours."

Slowly the light increased in the room as Sam undressed. It was an act he took slowly, making it a sensual experience for the both of them. Mack, in his youthful exuberance, had stripped within seconds, shucking his jeans, kicking them off the end of the bed and near ripping his T-shirt off. He was about to pull his briefs off and Sam, just now beginning to pull his musky, faded to charcoal, black T-shirt off paused with the bottom somewhere below his nipples but above his hairy belly said, "Nuh uh, leave those on. I want to take those off myself."

Mack removed his hands from the sides of the underwear.

"Lay back an' wait. I know you been wantin' to see me naked since I got on the bus. You've got to learn to savor the moment, Bro! Savor the moment!"

Slowly, sensually, Sam continued to remove his T-shirt. It wasn't a strip tease, it was the unveiling of one of the great natural masterpieces of the world. When the T-shirt was off, Mack could finally see the complete furry torso of the great man before him. He was covered in fur, not an inch on his torso was bare. Sam handed the shirt to Mack and simply said, "Take a sniff."

Mack took the shirt and put it to his nose, he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. The rich musk of his protector, his 'daddy' filled his nostrils and sent a tingle through his body. Sam's long bearded face split in a wide smile.

"You've wanted to do that for awhile too, haven't ya Bro? Tonight and from now on, you're my Bro, my bear Bro. We're tight now and nothin' can come between us." Sam said and Mack felt it. He knew now that this man would be part of his life for the rest of his days.

Sam slowly unbuckled his black leather belt, unbuttoned the top of his jeans, unzipped his pants all the while Mack was breathing in the musky scent. Sam wasn't wearing underwear and as he pushed the jeans down he freed what had to be a good ten to eleven inches of thick bear cock that stood up proudly and glistened in the dim light of the room. Heavy balls hung down, touching his hairy thighs. Sam never took his eyes off the young man and saw how his cock twitched at the sight of his thickly veined monster. Sam turned round and bent over as he took the top of his pants all the way down to his ankles. Mack could see Sam's hairy back, a back as thickly carpeted as his front and his equally hairy ass and legs. It was just as Mack had imagined, Sam was furry all over, thickly furred. Mack saw that Sam's asshole was hidden by thick curly brown fur in the crack. Sam stood up and stepped out of his worn jeans. He turned around and said, "Like what you see?"

All Mack could do was nod in agreement.

"Its can touch if you want to." Sam stood there, the half light making his fur glow.

"I've never seen a guy so hairy," Mack breathed. He stepped up to the big man and ran his hands through his thick chest and belly fur, then reached for his cock.

"Like it?" Sam chuckled.

"Oh, FUCK yeah!" Mack was in heaven.

"Well, we can stand here all day and stroke, or we can get down on that bed there and make use of what we were blessed with!" Sam growled. Mack silently stepped back and the two lay down on the large bed.

Mack hesitated, then blurted out, "Sam....I, uh, I've been with a girl and all, and I liked it; ad I messed around with a buddy in school some, you know... looking and touching and once a blow job; and I liked that, too. But I've never done it with a guy, I mean, a man. I got a general idea of what to do, but....."

"Son, don't worry. You're in good paws with this ol' bear. I guarantee you'll like it, and it will certainly change your life." Sam grinned through his thick beard. “Now, let's get those tighty whities offa you.” Sam's furry paws reached for the underwear.

Over the next hour or so, Mack learned a whole lot about man sex. He was a quick study, and eagerly put to use the things Sam showed him. Sam carefully brought Mack to the point where the young man was open and willing and begging for more.

"Bro, this is going to hurt a bit, but that can't be helped the first time. And you just give it half a chance and it will feel real good, I promise. I'll take it easy, jes' relax a bit." He leaned forward over Mack and said, "Here... sniff my pit... take a good whiff. It'll make ya real horny."

Mack did so and was hit with a wave of sexual desire so strong he thought he'd shoot right then. At the same moment, Sam pushed his thick cock into Mack's asshole.

"God DAMN! That fucking HURTS!" Mack shouted. Sam held still and shushed the young man.

"I know.... I'll stay quiet for a bit, let you get used to my size. I know I'm kinda big. But it gets a lot easier." True to his word, Sam held still until he felt Mack's sphincter relax, and then began to push slowly in. "See... easier, innit?" Mack nodded, not trusting himself to speak. It still hurt some, but he found he SO wanted this bear of a man in him.

Sam slowly picked up the pace, pumping his great swollen cock deeper into Mack. Mack's eyes closed and he threw his head back, moaning as pain moved to pleasure and he began to shoot all over his own belly and chest. The first shot hit his face. Sam grinned and drove towards his own climax, firing off a huge load deep inside Mack. He leaned forward again, bending Mack nearly double as he gave him a wet sloppy bear kiss.

He backed off so Mack could lower his aching legs and lay down on his side beside him, a huge paw resting on the young man's cum-coated belly. "Looks like you kinda liked that," the big bear chuckled.

"Damn! That was.... that was great!" Mack was still panting. Sam's breathing had returned nearly to normal. Mack turned towards Sam's chest and belly and began snuffling and nosing through the fur. "Fuck, I just can't get enough of you... I just love this!" He stroked and petted and ran his fingers across and through everything he could reach on the bear's body.

Sam grinned his huge grin and rolled onto his back and stretched his arms above his head. "Yep... nothing like some good ol' fashioned man sex to blow the cobwebs out. I feel like I could eat a horse and a half. Wanna get some grub?"