PapaWereBear and UrsusMajr

(This is a work of fiction, depicting sex between consenting adult males. If such offends you or is illegal for you to read where you live, or you are under the age of eighteen, please leave now. No actual persons or events are depicted. Safe sexual practices are not used, but remember, this is fiction; in real life, get tested and play safe. We hope you enjoy the story. We can be contacted at and )

Chapter 7

The two rolled out of bed and into clothes and climbed into the Sierra. "Dunno what's open now," Sam said, gunning the vehicle out onto the road. "We'll just drive a ways... bound to be something on the highway." But they only had to drive three blocks before finding a Denny's. They parked and walked in, sitting in a booth in the nearly deserted eatery.

Sam took a menu and looked at Mack. "One of everything?" The grin that Mack was really growing to like split the big bearded bear's face.

"Maybe for you, big guy! I'll have the Pancake Lover's Breakfast... with extra sausage." Mack replaced his menu as the waitress approached. "That's good, cub. Carbo-loading. You'll need the carbs!" That grin again.

They placed their orders, and shortly were devouring everything in sight. "Heh... you weren't kidding about storing up for the winter, were you?" Mack asked between mouthfuls as Sam emptied his third plate. "I thought you just hadn't eaten in a while."

"Nope. I nearly always eat like this." Sam belched.

"Well, you've got a tummy, I'll say that. That's not a bad thing... I kinda like it." Mack grinned. "I mean, you're not fat or anything, just... big. And comfortable." Sam patted his belly and belched a second time.

When the check came, Sam reached for it and waved Mack's money away. "You get the next one, bro. This one's on me." They headed out to the SUV.

It was cold out and with the windows rolled up, Mack was getting an overdose of Sam's pheromones on the way back to the motel. He struggled against the waves of lust he was feeling, needing to ask a question of the bearman beside him before completely surrendering to his animal urges.


"Yeah... what is it, son?" Sam navigated the big vehicle into the parking lot of the motel.

"I gotta ask this, and I don't mean any disrespect or anything. I just need.... "

Sam eased the Sierra into the parking slot in front of their room and turned the ignition off but did not get out. He turned to Mack. "Son, look at me." Mack turned so he could face Sam squarely. "You're worried that my having fucked you is going to turn you into what your dad thinks you are. Am I right?"

Mack nodded and then said, "No, I mean... It's more complicated than that. What I mean is, well..." Sam interrupted him.

"Hey. Do I seem in ANY way feminine to you? Is my wrist limp? Do I lisp or come across as at all faggy to you.... at ALL??" There was just a touch of impatience in Sam's voice.

"No! Not at all... It's not that at all. I just meant that..." Once again, Sam cut Mitch's words off.

"Son, listen to me good. I've been fucked just about as much as I've done the fucking. I like both. Does it LOOK like it's changed me into a girlie-man?" Sam stared at Mack. Mack blushed. "Look. I'm not angry with you. It's a natural question for any young pup to have. I'da been surprised if you didn't have those doubts. But, like I said... it ain't harmed me none, and men, I mean real men like us, well; we know just how to take care of each other. It don't make us any less men for it. You're gonna get your chance to plow my ass in a bit and then well see if you're still worried." Once again, Sam grinned through his beard at Mack. Mack visibly relaxed. "Come on, let's head in. My butt's itchin' " Sam opened the door and climbed out.

Back inside the room, Sam asked Gertrude to bring the lights to half and raise the heat a bit. He looked at Mack and noticed with satisfaction that the young man's pants were tented out as far as they could go without splitting open. Mack hurriedly started to remove his shirt, but Sam slowed him. "Easy, hot shot. Take it slow. I wanna make this last a bit. Now come on over here and take these duds off me, nice an' slow-like."

Mack moved over to Sam and slowly began to undress him. He tugged the shirt off over his head and was hit with a wave of strong male scent that shot right to his crotch, causing his dick to ache with hardness. He knelt down and unbuckled Sam's jeans and tugged them down. His thick, heavy meat sprang out, freed from the cloth prison that had held it in check. It lengthened and thickened as he watched. Sam steadied himself with one paw on Mack's back as he lifted one leg so Mack could remove his boot. After Mack had repeated the move with the other boot, Sam kicked the jeans away and stood, naked and hard, cock oozing precum in fat drops. Dizzy with desire, Mack leaned forward and licked the partly-shrouded tip. Sam moaned in pleasure.

Mack swallowed as much of Sam as he could manage and began bobbing on the rigid pole. Sam stroked Mack's head as he worked, caressing and guiding him. When Sam gently pulled him off, Mack looked up, questioning. "Wash my balls, cub," the big bear growled, holding up his erect, unhooded meat.

Mack gave the big, heavy orbs a good tongue bath, and then pushed Sam down onto the bed in a sitting position. He moved between Sam's thick furry thighs and went back to work on Sam's cock, learning as he worked, remembering and using the things Sam had taught by example a few hours before. Soon, Sam was leaning back, growling and bucking in Mack's mouth, pumping his hips in time with Mack's up and down sucking.

"I'm gonna shoot, dammit!" Mack sucked harder, working as much of the long pole into his mouth as he could. He fought down a gag reflex, desperately wanting to drink all Sam would give him. Suddenly, Sam stiffened, his tip flared deep in Mack throat, and with a roar, he unloaded a torrent of bear seed. Mack swallowed as fast as he could. The taste was intoxicating, the smell overpowering; a mix of musk and stink and sweat, salt tang overlaid with a sharp, almost bleach taste.

Mack was dizzy, but wasn't even close to passing out. The smell and taste acted on his primitive mind and he stood up, cock pounding with blood as he pulled Sam's legs up onto his shoulders, then bent him back on the bed, revealing his fur-covered ass and pucker. Damp with sweat, the thick hair swirled around the pink opening. Mack thought he saw it wink at him. Sam grinned up at him and said, "Well, boy... there it is. What you gonna do with it, eh?"

Mack said nothing but put one hand down to push his rigid dick down so it centered on Sam's asshole and shoved in, hard. Sam winced, but didn't cry out. He reached up and held his legs to take some pressure off Mack so he could get a better position. Mack hunched down a bit and began to piston in Sam's butt. Sam growled, "Take it slow, son. We got a lot of time here. Cummin's fun, I know; and if you need to shoot now, go for it. But it's fun to take it slow sometimes, too, ya know."

It was hard for Sam to concentrate on giving pointers to Mack, his ass felt so good with a good-sized cock in it. It had been way too long since he's been fucked. But he managed to growl out a few tips. "Vary your speed, go slow for a bit, then pick up the pace. Feel with your cock, focus on that. Oh, yeah!! That's the way! Pull almost all the way out, then slide back in slow-like. Roll me back a bit so you can get a different angle... oh, FUCK,yeah, that's it! Damn, that's good! Rubs different places inside."

Sam squeezed his ass ring tight to milk Mack's cock, and that sent the young man over the edge. With a cry and a deep grunt, he drove in deep and pumped his load into the furry beast under him. He felt like he'd never stop cumming, but eventually he did; but his meat remained firm for a good time, and Sam asked him to leave it in in spite of legs that were beginning to ache. "Fuckin' A, that was a first class job for a beginner!" Sam chuckled as Mack panted from exertion.

Later, when Mack pulled his softened member out with a slurping 'pop' and lay down beside Sam, they cuddled and lay together in comfortable silence for a while. Finally, Sam broke the silence with a prod of his still semi-hard cock between Mack's legs. "Still worried?"

Mack grinned and said, "No, sir! Not at all!"

"Good man!" Sam grunted and stretched. "What say we snooze for a bit? 'Course, if you get frisky in an hour or so, jes' wake me up. I'll be happy ta play." Sam pulled Mack in close and wrapped furry arms around him and settled in for some sleep.

The both ended up waking each other, Mack waking Sam about an hour later, and Sam waking Mack just as the first faint light of dawn was edging around the curtains. They explored a variety of positions, getting Mack used to all the possibilities. They slept again, more soundly this time. It took the combined chiming of Gertrude and Jim's pounding on the door to waken them.

"Come on, guys! I got breakfast waiting!" Jim knocked again, to have the door opened by a sleepy and naked Sam.

"Aw, come on in, Jim. Wake us up proper!" Sam stood aside, fondling his cock and balls as he waited for Jim to enter.

"Nuh-uh. You know if I come in there, we'll fuck like bunnies for hours," Jim smiled.

"And your point would be?" Sam was at half staff now.

"My point would be that I have a business to run! Now get decent and come on over to the office and I'll feed you both. I know you've worked up an appetite," Jim said, winking.

Sam laughed and said, "Ok... we'll be there in two shakes of a cub's butt."

After showering and pulling on clothes, the two headed over to the office and ducked under the counter and headed into the back room. Opening off it were comfortable living quarters with a large kitchen and table laid for three.

"Just let me check these good people out, and we can get started," Jim called out. "Make yourselves at home."

Shortly afterwards, the three bears sat down to a hearty southwest version of breakfast, with quesadillas, burritos, Southwestern omelets, hash browns, crisp bacon, and a casserole of beans, onions, rice, tomatoes, peppers and sausage; along with two pots of strong black coffee. "Damn me, Jim... you do good work in the kitchen, I will say that!"

"Glad you liked it. And if you two aren't in a big hurry, I would have some free time in about a half an hour, as soon as the maids get started on the rooms." He eyed the closed door leading off the living area.

"Sure thing, Jim. Mack here needs some experience, don'cha, bro?" Mack looked a Jim, then Sam, his face a mixture of longing and concern.

"Ah, don't worry, son. Jim and I are play buddies from way back. He's good people."

Jim hurried off and Mack and Sam cleared the table and stacked dishes in the dishwasher.

Jim must have been eager, because is just over twenty minutes he was back in the living area, hugging both Sam and Mack and opening the door to the bedroom, seemingly all at once. Once inside, they all started to shed clothes. Mack openly watch Jim strip. He was shorter than Sam, and built like a fireplug. He turned and shucked his shirt and dropped his pants. Mack saw that his back was smooth, as were his butt and legs, but when he turned, Mack's eyes widened. Jim was blessed with a thick mat of fur so dense his nipples couldn't be seen. His belly button was obscured, too. The thick carpet ran from his neck where he obviously shaved it to his collar line, down to his crotch in an unbroken sweep. He had a compact cock and balls, the cock resting on the snugged, fur-covered ball sack, with just the tip showing through the foreskin. Jim scratched and saw Mack's stare. "Heehee. I'm a grower, not a shower. He comes out of his house when there's someone to play with." Jim walked over and hugged Mack in a solid bear hug. Within moments, Mack could feel his own crotch being poked by a thick fleshy probe. "See? He wants to make friends!"

Sam walked over and joined in the bear hug, then slipped his paw down and fondled Jim's smooth ass. "Jim here is that blessing to gay men everywhere, the talented and enthusiastic bottom. He likes being ridden hard, and he loves to be put away wet." His paw had worked its way in between Jim's chubby butt cheeks and was making the man squirm with pleasure and anticipation.

In the next couple of hours, Mack got the chance to practice some of the moves Sam had been teaching him. Sam tossed him a condom and indicated that he should use it. Mack started to question, but Sam just shook his head. Mack had used rubbers with Amy, and quickly rolled it on before entering Jim. It was different, but Mack was soon distracted by the logistics of trying to fuck the shorter Jim while standing. Bent over a chair was better, all fours better still. Jim was nothing if not willing. He worked his butt to milk Mack's cock, and rocked his butt back and forth while the younger man pumped. He pushed back in time with Mack's thrusting so that the loud slapping sounds of crotch and butt filled the room. Jim was vocal, too, keeping up a steady stream of appreciative words and noises. When Mack finally shot, Jim had a hands-free orgasm along with him.

Sam was a happy spectator, watching his old and new friends enjoying each other. Once they had caught their breaths and separated, he moved in and began rubbing the splattered cum into Jim's mat of fur. Jim turned to him and they kissed deeply. By the time Jim had moved to the bed and laid back with his legs raised, Sam had rolled on a Magnum and and was coating his sheathed member with lube. He worked a good sized glob into Jim's butt, searching for his prostate with a thick finger.

"Bingo!" he said, as Jim's eyes rolled back in his head. "Found it!" He rubbed and bent down to slurp up the glob of cum that the prostate massage had forced out of Jim's cock. He centered his thick meat at Jim's hole. "Watch this," Sam said, looking at Mack. He sank his hefty shaft in, balls-deep in one steady stroke.

Jim moaned and hollered, "Oh, baby... yes, YES!!"

Mack was frankly amazed that the smaller man could take all of Jim at all, let alone so easily. "Harder, dammit... harder, you big hairy fuck machine! Hammer my asshole, you fucker!!" Jim was lost in ecstasy, moaning and hollering and sweating as Sam worked his ass. Mack moved in and chewed on one of Jim's meaty nips while Sam took care of business.

"Ready, bear?" Sam asked, and Jim nodded. "Fuck, yeah, fill my ass, man. FUCK ME!"

With that, Sam's butt muscles clenched and pushed him cock in deep repeatedly as he unloaded into the condom lodged in Jim's ass. The room stank of sex and sweat, a heady combination.

The three were enjoying an extended cuddle when the buzzer in the office went off. "Damn. I hope Rosario gets that." The buzzing continued. "Double damn. I'll have to do it." Jim untangled himself and pulled on clothes and went out to answer. Meanwhile, Mack and Sam took a hot shower in Jim's huge bathroom ("Gee, I didn't know they made showers this big!" "They do when they're custom built and your butt makes the contractor get all hard and wet, son."). They toweled off and were sipping the last of the coffee when Jim came back in.

"You guys heading out today?" Jim asked.

"Yeah, I think so. We need to get to get over to Flagstaff and turn in that big-ass ol' Sierra and pick up my bike. I need to get this guy to his uncle in Bakersfield. He'll be thinking we fell into the Grand Canyon soon."

"Well, its always a treat to see you, Sam, you know that. Anytime, and I mean ANYtime you need a place to stay, this is it." The shorter bear embraced the taller one and held the hug for a long time. "Don't be a stranger."

"I won't," Sam promised as he and Mack headed for the SUV. "Take care!" They both waved as they drove off, Jim standing and watching the Sierra grow smaller in the distance.

Led Zeppelin's 'The Immigrant Song' was rattling the speakers an hour later when Mack reached for the volume knob and turned it down. "Awww... I LIKE that one!" Sam protested.

"Well, I got a question; we can listen in a minute." Mack paused and took a breath. "Sam... why did you insist that I use a condom back there? We didn't together. And why did you? Is Jim sick?"

Sam slowed the vehicle a bit and thought before answering. "Nope. Jim's fine, strong and healthy."

"So why?" Sam could see conflict within Mack and guessed where the conversation was going.

"Jim is a nice guy, a Hell of a good fuck and one of the sweetest men I've ever met; but Jim plays it strictly safe when it comes to sex and in today's world, that's to be expected. He told me from the start that he wouldn't bareback with me unless we were monogamous and I was tested." Sam said and looked over at Mack for a few seconds before his blue eyes returned to the road.

"Were you offended?" Mack asked.

"Oh, Hell, no! Jim got to where he is today by weighing risks. When someone does that, they make sure that everything they can control, is controlled. You are more successful if you weigh your options before you leap. He's a smart man and it's in his nature. I could no more blame him for that than blame him for being gay. I told him that I couldn't be monogamous and that I have and would continue to bareback some men; he accepted that, so we do it his way." Sam said.

"But… you had sex with me bareback." Mack said.

"Yes I did and I'm strong, clean and healthy, too. I'm very careful who I have sex with and extra careful with those I bareback. You're clean and healthy." Sam said.

"But… but I didn't know…" Mack began.

Sam smiled, "You didn't know if I was clean and healthy but you allowed me in you anyway. That's called trust and it was wonderful that you gave that to me. I swear to you son, I'd never give you anything that would hurt you."

Mack had a better-than-average crap detector for someone of his age. It had taught him that adults often lied to kids, and not always for the best of reasons. It wasn't screaming now, but he could tell that Sam was holding something back. It wasn't a major concern, but there was a slight undertone of concealment. Mack started to ask something, then asked a different question instead.

"One more thing though; were you offended just now when I asked?" Mack asked.

"Do I look offended?" Sam smiled, patted Mack's crotch and gestured to the CD player. "Now how 'bout we put that back to the start and rattle those speakers some while we can. The only thing you're gonna hear on my Hawg is its roar and the sound of wind whistling past your ears. I doubt your iPod will be of much use when competing with my scoot."

Mack put the track back to the beginning of the song and Sam pushed on the accelerator.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. The miles unrolled and the music played. There was little but static on the radio, so they relied on Mack's collection of cd's. Once, when they stopped by the side of the road to pee, Mack looked down as they both shook off. "I wish I could chew on that right now."

Sam laughed a rich, deep laugh. "Son, ain't nothin' stoppin' you. We're in the desert, no one's around to care. Go for it." His cock began to inflate.

"Ummm...traffic?" Mack said, gesturing to the semi that was just roaring past. He tucked his own meat back in his jeans.

"Well, I see me a big ass boulder over there, that should shield us." Sam began to move off towards the rock.

"You sure?" Mack asked, still nervous of sex in the open air.

Sam looked over his shoulder. "Hey, don't tease! You got me interested, let's not waste the chance!" Mack followed the big bear.

Sam sat down in the shade of the boulder, leaning back, his erect cock jutting up and out of his pants, a glistening blob of precum at the tip. Mack knelt down and removed it with the tip of his tongue. The taste sent him into overdrive. Still worried about being seen by the passing traffic, he chowed down on Sam's sausage, milking it for all he was worth, moving fast. In moments, Sam was thrashing in ecstasy, bucking his hips up, driving his bloated cock into Mack's wet mouth. He reached for the young man's head and guided him gently, but Mack was beyond needing guidance. He bobbed up and down on the shaft, his tongue rubbing the underside right near the tip, and then circling the ridge before swallowing down to the root. He inhaled Sam's musky sweat scent deeply as the bear cried out and began pumping his mouth full. He swallowed rapidly, but the gush still dribbled out the sides of his mouth.

Mack leaned back and wiped his mouth, panting along with Sam. "Too fast? he asked.

"Shit, no! I usually like to make things last, but I like a quickie as well as the next guy. And you are developing a real talent for this, son." Sam put his big paw around the back of Mack's head and drew him in for a long kiss, tasting himself as his tongue lapped at Mack's. Sam wrestled his not quite flaccid cock back in his jeans and rose, extending a paw to Mack. They walked back to the SUV. "You drive," Sam said.

They pulled into Flagstaff late that afternoon. Sam gave Mike a call to let him know he was in town and a half hour or so they were at Grizzly Mike's Desert Choppers.