PapaWereBear and UrsusMajr

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Chapter 9

Sam and Mike arrived at Sally's Diner just as Sparky and Mack were finishing up their meals. “Where's that bitch-goddess of the grill?” Sam hollered as the two entered. Sally's head popped up from behind the order hole.

“Well, if it ain't my two bestest customers! Sam, it's been a while. How you been keepin'?” Sally motioned a waitress over. “Edna, take these two walking bottomless pit's orders.” She turned back to Sam and Mack. “Your buddies are over in the front booth.”

Sam and Mike sat with Sparky and Mack. Edna brought Mack and Sparky's pie and flipped a page on her order pad.

“Too late for breakfast?” Sam said, without looking at the manu.

“Oh, hell no. Sally's always ready to do breakfast for you guys. The usual?”

Sam nodded and Edna wrote. “And for you, Mike?”

Mike glanced at the menu. “Biker's Breakfast for me, too. Thanks.” Edna took the menus and headed back to the order hole.

In short order, plate after plate began arriving at the booth. Eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, waffles, juice, and a large pot of coffee filled the space. Mack looked in wonder as the mountains of food began to disappear. “I've seen Sam eat before, but I didn't know there were two appetites that big. You guys eat like horses!”

Mike chuckled and nudged Sam in the ribs as he forked another sausage in his mouth. “No, like hungry bears!” Sam barked a laugh and poured more coffee.

“Good fuckin' makes a good appetite. You guys finished there?” Sam looked at the empty pie plates in front of Mack and Sparky.

“Yeah. And I need to take Mack back now, unless one of you wants to. I got stuff to do.” Sparky looked a bit sheepishly at his boss.

“Well, damn me, Sparky. Nah, its OK, one of us will ride him back. You got a hot date?” When Sparky colored a bit, Mike roared with laughter. “That's it.... you've got a date tonight! You finally got Fred to say yes to more than lunch! You dawg!” The good-natured kidding continued as Sparky eased out of the booth and picked up his bill. The razzing followed him as he headed to the cash register.

“You hairy bastards just see that you clean your plates or Edna ain't givin' you NO pie... you hear that Edna? NO PIE!” Sparky called out as he headed out to the parking lot, shaking his head.

Mack looked at Mike and Sam, both of whom were shaking with laughter. “What was that?”

“Oh, Sparky has been alone way too long for his own good. There's this guy, Fred, that he's been interested in for months now; but Fred's been playing hard to get. Looks like ol' Sparky has cracked Fred's defenses.” Mike poured Mack another mug of strong black coffee. “We're just funnin' Sparky. If we didn't rag on him, he'd think we didn't care about him. Which we do.”

Plates were cleared and pie arrived and was consumed. Mike looked at Sam and Mack. “You too look like you could use a good bed and night's sleep. You been drivin' all day?” Mack nodded. “Well, you're staying with me tonight.” Sam started to interrupt. “Nope, I insist. No arguing.”

Once the last of the pie had been polished off, Mike picked up the bill and the three headed to the register. While Mike paid, Sam put a big paw on Mack's shoulder and squeezed. “Don't worry, Mike's good people.” They headed out to the lot. Mike kicked his ride into life while Mack settled behind Sam. Throttles twisted, pipes roared, and the three headed out to Mike's place.

Sam hollered back over his shoulder to Mack. “Mike used to pretty much live at the shop, but a couple of years ago he bought a house a couple of blocks away. He and Larry've been working on it ever since. I call it their cave. They've got it fixed up real nice.” Within a few minutes, they had turned onto a side street. They cruised slowly down a couple of blocks, turned again, and pulled into a wide driveway and into a triple garage. Half the space was filled with a '49 Mercury, obviously undergoing some restoration. The rest of the space was intended for the bikes.

The three headed into Mike's house, through the kitchen and into the main living area. Mike had knocked out walls and turned the living and dining room into one large replica of a bar, only with couches and chairs instead of stand up tables. A bar stood against one wall, in front of a mirror and shelves filled with bottles, pictures, belt buckles, what looked like an old carburetor, a speed limit sign, and a couple of street signs. A pool table graced the right side of the area, and couches and chairs were grouped around a pot bellied stove on the left. “Told ya,” Swam whispered.

“Guys, I gotta pee, “ Mack was all but dancing, the vibrations of Sam's ride having done a real number on his bladder.

“Through there and to your left,” Mike waved.

Sam took Mike's arm and pulled him close, speaking in a low voice. “Just to let you know. We can all play tonight, but go kinda easy on Mack. I've bred him, and he's learning to take it a lot more easy, but go slow. He's not ready for bear sex just yet. And don't change, even to half form. Just guys havin' fun, OK?”

Mike looked at his papa. “He doesn't know?”

“Well, not about that; not yet, anyway. Don't worry, I'll tell him. And show him, come to that. But not yet. By the way, he's turning into a talented fucker. You might want to give him a try.” Sam grinned at his one time cub.

“Pimpin' for yer cub? Come here, you sexy fucker,” Mike said, pulling his papa bear into a tight hug and sloppy bear smooch.

“Still horny, ain'tcha? I can read you like a fucking book!” Sam rubbed Mike's swelling crotch and tongue-wrestled with him as Mack came back from the can, zipping up his pants.

“Hey! You started without me!”

Sam extended a hairy arm and motioned for Mack to come and join in. Mack wasted no time, and was enfolded into a three way bear hug and grope. Mack's senses went into overdrive as he was assaulted with the strong bear scent of his papa along with the equally strong but tantalizingly different smell of the second bear. The feel of furry arms and paws on his body and the scratch of their beards on his face was like heaven to the young man.

“Let's git nekkid,” Mike grinned, and the other two nodded and followed Mike into the bedroom, shedding clothes as they went. Mack went last, admiring the strong, thick backs of Mike and Sam, and lusting after their meaty butts. He really hoped he'd get another chance to fuck Sam, and Mike's blond, fur-covered butt was making his cock drool.

Entering the bedroom, Mike turned on a small light on the dresser and turned to Mack. “You've got a fine body there, Mack. Put some meat on those bones and some more fur on that chest and belly and you'll be grade A prime bear meat! And speaking of meat...” Mike sank down and took Mack's swollen member into his hot mouth and began to suck and tongue the rigid pole. Sam stood next to the two, his arm around Mack and his paw resting on Mike's head. In short order, Mack was shaking and close to exploding in Mike's mouth.

“Son, Mike's a talented cocksucker. He'll drink down everything you can give him, but if he's going too fast, just let him know. He'll match your speed and make it last if you want to.”

Mack tapped Mike on the shoulder and immediately the blond bear slowed his slurping. He backed his mouth off, holding Mack's shaft in his paw and looked up at him. Mack nodded and stroked Mike's head and Mike returned to chowing down on the bear meat in his paw, but at a slower pace. Sam's cock was pounding erect, bobbing with each heartbeat. He moved behind his cub and wedged his erect cock between the lightly furred cheeks and placed his arms around Mack in his favorite 'hug from behind' move. He pumped his hips, forcing his meat deeper between and tickling Mack's asshole while driving his cub's cock forward and into Mike's hungry mouth.

Sam pulled back and spat on his hand and slicked himself with a combination of spit and precum. He bent his knees a bit and guided his rigid cock back in between Mack's butt cheeks. By this time, Mack was pumping his own cock into Mike's warm wet mouth and the back and forth motion complimented Sam's thrusting so that in a minute, Sam's meat was buried in his cub's ass, sheathed to the hilt. Sam put his hands on Mack's hips and held him while he pumped. Growls and slurps and moans filled the room as each pleasured the other. The sharp smell of sex and sweat permeated the room.

Unheard, a key rattled in the side door, and a tired figure moved in and turned on the kitchen light, closing and locking the door behind him, dropping the travel bags at the door. Hearing the sex sounds from the bedroom, he moved toward the door and stood, surveying the hot pumping action in front of him. Mike's eyes swiveled towards the door but he continued addressing Mack's meat. Sam, following the direction of Mike's eyes, turned.

“Hey, Larry! Come on in and join the party. Always room for one more!” He went back to plowing his cub's ass as Larry forgot his tiredness and shed his business clothes.

Dressed, Larry was a buttoned-down, almost elegant business man. Short, to be sure; with a belly, certainly. But the cut of his suit largely concealed his overall stockiness and revealed none of his hairiness. Dressed this way, Larry exuded confidence, controlled power, refinement and shrewdness. Naked, he was a fur-covered fireplug; a hot bear who exuded raw sexuality, shameless lust and male potency. His scent spoke of his sexual need, no doubt Larry had been abstaining, saving up for his homecoming. The shiny bald top of his head, wreathed in a gray-white horseshoe of close cropped hair was the largest hairless place on his body. Head set on a corded bull neck, wide muscular shoulders, thick bulging arms, a rock hard ball belly - all sat on meaty tree trunk legs and a well muscled butt. Larry might have looked like a bit of a butterball beneath his business suit, but with it off, it was obvious he was not. Everything on the bear was covered, from head to toe, in a thick pelt of gray and white fur, and out of the center of his crotch, a thick but still flaccid stubby cock extended slightly over a nice pair of heavy balls.

Mack's head was thrown back, his eyes screwed shut in ecstasy. The intensity of being fucked and sucked at the same time was driving him over the edge, and he badly wanted to fuck at least once, maybe more. He tapped Mike's shoulder and the blond bear once again backed off. Mack panted as Sam continued skewering his cub.

Mike turned to Larry and reached for him. Larry closed the distance between them and Mike's arms went around the shorter man's legs and butt, drawing him in close. Mike buried his face in Larry's crotch and snuffled and slurped.

“God, you smell great! Welcome home, love.” Mike began to coax Larry's cock into full attention. Larry whispered so only Mike could hear while he stroked his lover's head. Mike lapped at Larry's meat, making the thick red stub shiny with saliva.

Placing his thumb and index finger in a ring, he forced back the thick hair that covered the base of Larry's cock. “Have you ever seen anything that purdy?” he said to Sam and Mack. “Solid thick bear meat; meat fit to feed a grizzly!”

What Larry lacked in length, he certainly made up for in girth. Most of his life he had been shy of his less than stellar endowment, but Mike's worship of his thick body had changed his point of view. It was obvious that Mike couldn't get enough of Larry's cock. It was just as obvious that Larry liked the attention. His cock was leaking like a broken faucet. Mike flicked his tongue against Larry's tip and drew out a long string of precum. “My lover makes the sweetest dick drool!” Mike reached up and hugged Larry again, who bent and kissed the top of Mike's head.

Sam chuckled and poked Mike. “You want to try Mack? I know he's primed and ready to nail you, and he could use the practice with someone new. What say?”

Mike stood up. “Sure, but my knees are killing me. On the bed, OK?” All nodded, and Mike got on all fours on the bed as Sam tossed Mack a bottle of lube from the night table. Mack slicked himself and eagerly got down behind Mike on the bed. His cock had a slightly downward curve to it and he had to use his hand to position himself at Mike's pucker.

“He likes it rough, bro. Just go for it.” Sam grinned and squeezed then slapped Mack's butt.

Mack needed no further encouragement and plunged in. Mike yelped, then growled. Mack started to pull out, but Mike shook his head and Sam said, “No, he's OK. He likes it rough. Go on, pound his ass.”

Mack jackhammered Mike's ass, knowing he wouldn't last long with all the stimulation he'd had in Mike's mouth. He felt his ejaculation building and grabbed Mike's furry shoulders as he attempted to climb inside the blond bear under him. Mike moaned each time Mack's down-curved shaft forced its tip over Mike's prostate. All fours was the perfect fucking position for Mack to give a prostate massage.

“Watch him, son, see how he reacts. And listen; you'll know when you're hitting the sweet spot when he moans or throws his head back,” Sam said, standing close to his cub.

Mack was a quick learner, and used the curve to his advantage, altering his angle and watching for Mike's response. Soon Mike was all but whimpering with joy as Mack plowed his ass, hitting his prostate every time.

Larry growled a surprisingly deep and loud tone. Sam snapped his head around and saw the feral light in Larry's eyes and the elongated snout beginning to reshape his face.

“No!” Sam hissed in Larry's ear. “Mack isn't ready for that yet. Stay human.”

Larry started, then nodded. The fire in his eyes damped somewhat and his face returned to its normal roundish shape. He scooted under Mike and took his cock in his mouth to receive the load that Mack was fucking out of him. Mack hollered that he was cumming, and gripped Mike's shoulders hard as he drove in one last deep time and unloaded in the bear's ass. At nearly the same moment, Mike came, flooding Larry's mouth with hot bear seed almost faster than Larry could swallow. Sam laughed out loud and grabbed his straining cock and jacked until he shot his own load over the three coupled bears on the bed below him.

Panting and gasping, the four sank down onto the mattress. “God, this place STINKS of sex,” Larry said.

“Yeah... ain't it GREAT?” Mike said, smooching him.

Later, as Larry slept curled up on his larger lover's chest and belly and Mike's snores rasped, Sam and Mack talked quietly as they stroked and petted each other.

“Larry sure is eager. They make an odd pair, but they really do seem to fit together well,” Mack said softly to Sam.

“Yeah, they do. “ Sam glanced over at the sleeping couple. “Kinda the Odd Couple, in size at least. Well, looks, too.”

“Well, they sure match in hairiness. Damn, but they are furry! How did they meet... you know?”

“Oh, yeah. 'Course, I knew Mike long before he met Larry. Larry was an accountant for some hotshot firm in New York. Not a big company, but high-powered, only the best clients. Larry started with them out of college and grew with them. Then they got engulfed and devoured. 'Hostile takeover', they call it. Larry told me the details one day when we were out riding. This company strip mined his company for all their best assets and clients, blew off the rest, and sacked a lot of the little people. The executives they either absorbed into the few positions they had open, or bought them out. Larry was so mad he took the money and told them exactly what he thought of the way they treated the people that worked for them and just where to shove their office tower . Mind you, this was in front of some new clients, who must have had second thoughts about going with the firm after that. Way I heard it, he didn't even clean out his office, just stormed out.”

“Well, he took some time off and considered what to do with the rest of his life. Believe it or not, Larry has a bit of the gypsy under all that business drag. He'd always liked the independent life he imagined bikers had. He bought a used bike, and rode around the midwest for three, four months. He ended up in Sturgis during the two weeks of the rally. He was like a kid in a candy store there, bikes and bikers everywhere. He met Mike, got to talking and drinking with him. The next day at Mike's trailer, they skipped the drinking, got right down to fucking. Then they talked some more. The next morning, Larry says that he and Mike should go in together and make Mike's dream work. And that...” Sam paused and gave Mack a deep kiss, with tongue, “...was how Grizzly Mike's Desert Choppers was conceived. A couple of years later Mike was one of the hottest new bike designers in the Southwest.” Sam pulled Mack close and nuzzled his beard against his neck.

Mack still had questions. “Larry's a lot older than Mike, but Mike seems almost protective of him, like you are with me. I'm the young one, so that makes sense, but with them...”

“Yeah, well.” Sam realized they were edging into potentially dangerous territory and chose his words carefully but without seeming to. “You see, Mike is a genuine biker, Larry was new to all this. Larry has business smarts, but he needed to learn biker smarts and ways. So Mike was kind of a daddy to him. Larry came to all this kind of late in life. Mike grew up with it. Larry has become a real bro'; you should see him in biker gear, he wears it like a second skin now and when he and Mike walk into a biker bar, he blends right in, even his language changes. At home or around customers he's more genteel like.”

Mack thought, then nodded. “Something else, though. Mike seems.... I dunno, different when he's around Larry. More... well, more...”

“Courtly.” Sam said, smiling.

“Yeah, I guess,” Mack said, slightly surprised at Sam's choice of words.

“Son, after eleven years, Mike still can't believe his luck in snagging Larry. Any more than Larry can believe his luck at getting Mike. They treat each other with tenderness, mutual respect and courtesy. They really deeply love each other. Mike shifts his demeanor with Larry. It's the way Larry was brought up and that touches something in Mike. 'Course, Mike also responds when Larry begs him to get dirty with him in the sack!” Sam nudged his thickening cock in Mack's backside.

“Oh, man... I gotta get some sleep!” Mack moaned. Sam chuckled and gave his cub a squeeze.

“All right, son. You rest up. I guess we have been working you kinda hard.”

The two joined the already sleeping pair in sleep and soft snoring.