Magic Fingers


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MAGIC FINGERS                    by Wayne Telfer


His name was Narottam Shahalia, although he preferred it for me to call him Tam.

Oh, I know what you're asking; how is it I was on a first name basis with my doctor? And not just any sort of doctor, but my proctologist. Well, now, that's an interesting story. Of course it is, or I wouldn't be putting it out here for all of you to read. So, with that in mind, let me set the cast of characters for you.

Me, I'm Trace Wilson. I'm thirty-three years old at the time of this event. I'm just an average sort of man. I'm six feet tall and weigh two hundred and five pounds. I've got dark auburn hair that I keep cut to the middle of my neck. Yes, I'm an average man everywhere...yes, there too. Oh yes, and you'll need to know for the purposes of this story...and here's the yucky part...I had a problem with hemorrhoids. That probably explains why I had to be seeing one of `those' doctors.

Now let me introduce you to Tam. He's Indian. As in, from India. He's five-ten with the typical Indian complexion and skin tone. His hair is what you'd expect; dark and sort of wavy. His name, as I've already mentioned, is Narottam Shahalia. Narottam means `best of men'. Hmm, yes he was.

I met Tam on a very rainy, South Texas, afternoon. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I was living at the time in a little town called Bay City, about eighty miles south-south-west of Houston.

My choice of Tam's office was a simple one; his was the closest office to my apartment. Very scientific.

You see, it didn't really matter to me who I saw. I disliked proctology exams. They were always painful and, quite frankly, embarrassing. The typical examination consisted of; `drop you pants and bend over the table', and then, yeow! I'd come to believe that doctors took a sadist pleasure in this sort of exam, trying their damndest to inflict as much pain as possible. I always felt as if the doctor was sticking a withered, very dry corn cob up my ass. And it didn't matter how much KY they used.

So, yeh, I'm just really looking forward to another one of those exams.

The long wait to see the doctor...well, it wasn't...a long wait, that is. I hadn't been sitting more than five minutes when the nurse called my name and escorted me to the examination room. Well, you can well imagine what I expected there. White walls, metal examination table that was too narrow and too short, lots of white, metal cabinets and drawers filled with who knew what sort of paraphernalia. Oh, yes, and it'd be cold. The room temperature would be cold, the table with paper sheet would be cold, and most definitely, the doctor's hands would be cold.

Oh yes, I'm really looking forward to this.

When I entered the examination room, I thought, surely this couldn't be the place. There wasn't one white wall in the place. It was also HUGE. I mean, your typical examination room was barely a closet. This was palatial. There was ten feet of open floor space between the door and the examination couch. The room was carpeted. The dark wood cabinets and book cases reminded me of an English library. The only ode to the modern world were the couch and the low, castered chair for the doctor. And wonder of wonders, the room was toasty warm. Almost too warm for all the clothes I had on, which implied a level of concern for a nearly naked patient.

The couch reminded me of a TV version of a psychiatrist's patient couch. It was easily long enough for my six foot frame to stretch out on. It was also wide. Almost twin bed wide. It was upholstered in fabric, not naugahyde, or vinyl. Over the upholstery was a long, wide Trace towel.

"If you'll remove your trousers, Mr. Wilson, and have a seat on the table, Dr. Shahalia will be with you in a moment," she said.

"Just my trousers?"

"Yes, sir," she smiled. "The doctor will want to talk to you before he actually begins the examination."

Well that implied a level of courtesy that I hadn't expected. I wasn't going to have to sit there buck naked while I was grilled about my symptoms and problems.

When Dr. Shahalia entered a few minutes later, I knew that even if the examination hurt it'd be worth it, if only so that I could watch this beautiful man. He seemed to be about my age. The first thing he did was introduce himself and shake my hand warmly, and smiled.

I hadn't seen many Indian men before, so I was quite intrigued by his male beauty. His skin looked soft, almost velvety. I know his hands were soft, not at all like the previous doctors who'd had their fingers where I'd rather they not have traveled.

It was a curious thing I noted at that moment. We both looked at the others' hand and checked for wedding bands. We both had them.

Oh, I suppose I failed to mention that I was married, with two young daughters. But things were not all that great for me. I was rediscovering my love of men, thanks to the internet. I'd grown up know I preferred other males. I made the realization at twelve. I'd had many experiences with guys from school, all of the experimental type. I'd even found a few adults that were willing to teach me the things I wanted to know. But seven years ago I decided I needed to be `normal'. I needed to be `respectable'. Man that fucked me up worse than being a gay man in the closet.

So, here we were, checking out our mutual marital status. I knew why I did it; I was hungry for a man again. It'd been over seven years and I missed it.

"Good morning, Mr. Wilson." He had a bit of an Indian/English accent, but nothing that hampered my understanding. It was very appealing, actually.

"Good morning, Doctor. This is all a bit unexpected," I said, nodding to the room at large.

He smiled in return and indicated for me to return to my seat as he seated himself on the rolling stool. "A proctology exam is very uncomfortable for most people and I've learned that people are more relaxed in this environment. The more relaxed a person is, the easier the exam is, for both of us. It comes partly from my religious beliefs."

I raised my eyebrows at this. "Well, that's a new one. A doctor that sets up his practice to reflect a bit of his beliefs." I looked around the room for some sign of that religion.

"Oh, you won't find and plaques or statues," he laughed. "I'm not proselytizing, Mr. Wilson. I'm not looking to convert anyone. I'm simply endeavoring to practice the best parts of my beliefs as part of my vocation."

At that point he got down to business. I won't go into all the gory details of my condition and symptoms. They are, by and large, gross. This is not going to turn into an anatomy lesson, I assure you. You want details about my problem, go read a medical text or two.

"Well, I suppose I should have a look and determine the extent of the problem," he said finally.

That's when I got my next surprise. I wasn't going to be bending over anything.

"Simply lay on your side, Mr. Wilson, and pull your legs up in front of your stomach, like you are kneeling on your side. And then push your underwear down to your knees."

That was a very clear visual to imagine. It also made me more comfortable because my semi-hard cock would be shielded by my thighs. I was definitely having a strong reaction to his presence. But I was sure that wouldn't last long. This sort of exam always made me instantly limp. It's hard to maintain an erection when you were in considerable pain, after all.

"As best you can, relax. I'll go slowly. Let's have a look at the surface difficulties first." He pushed my feet forward a bit and I could feel my cheeks spreading just a bit wider. "That's better. If you could hold yourself in that position please."

Well, there was just no answer to that except to do as he said.

I felt his fingers and hands moving around my sphincter. He pushed a bit here and prodded a bit there. And gods, it was actually very enjoyable. I'd forgotten how good it felt to have someone playing with my ass hole.

"You certainly have a significant problem on the outside, Mr. Wilson. But now I'm going to have to probe inside a bit and see if the problem extends in there." I nodded. Here it comes.

What happened next will remain clear for the rest of my life. First, there was not the glob of cold KY being slathered between my cheeks. Instead, I felt one finger, lubed with something warm. That finger did not immediately invade me, though. No, it massaged my anus gently and slowly. I couldn't help it, I moaned.

"Does that hurt?"

Well, this was embarrassing. "Uh, no, doctor. Your approach to this surprised me, that's all. I'm use to much harsher treatment back there."

"It's a bit of my Sufi beliefs. One of our great teachers described it as `a science through which one can know how to travel into the presence of the Divine, purify one's inner self from filth, and beautify it with a variety of praiseworthy traits'. One of the guiding principles of my belief is that God does not wish to see his people in pain. So, I try to make what is typically a very painful and embarrassing exam, something that has almost a hint of pleasure to it."

I chuckled. "Well, I hope you won't be offended, but you're succeeding quite well."

Not a a word was passed between us for some time. He simply continued to massage my less than perfect ass hole. As he worked, I relaxed more and more. Finally, he began applying a bit of pressure to his movements until, with no effort what so ever, and no pain, I might add, his finger slipped smoothly inside. There was no pause as it entered, either, it simply moved from entry to full insertion in one long movement.

"Mmmm," I moaned. It had been so very long since I'd felt that feeling. Over the years my body had recovered from the previous years of willing abuse I'd given it there. I was once again nearly virgin tight.

I heard him chuckle.     

"What?" I said softly.

"I'm sorry. It's just that I've become rather a connoisseur of the human anus. I hope I don't offend you, but I believe this is not the first time you've experienced this type of invasion in such a pleasurable manner."

"I'm not offended. You're right, of course. I'm just surprised that you could tell. It's been over seven years. I didn't think it'd still be obvious back there."

"Oh it isn't," he laughed. "It wasn't what I'm seeing that gave you away, it's what I'm hearing."

I laughed in return. I couldn't believe how casually we were discussing this. "Well, you have only yourself to blame. You do that better than anyone I've met. But please, could you finish up, because as pleasurable as it is, it is also painful. My current damaged condition is making its presence known."

The doc returned to normal business and in a very short period of time he was slowly withdrawing, but not without first rubbing my prostate for just a moment. And it was obvious that he'd done it on purpose, because he chuckled as my ass clamped down on his finger in response.

But the surprises weren't over yet. "Just lay still for a moment and I'll get you cleaned up," he said.

I had no idea with he had in mind, but shortly I heard the telltale sound of a wash cloth being rung out. Then I felt him gently washing my ass with a warm cloth. And where he washed, the pain and itching disappeared.

"Oh my god," I sighed. And there were tears in my eyes. It'd been so long since I'd experienced any real relief from the pain and itch. I looked over my shoulder at him with a look of pure gratitude.

He smiled sympathetically. "It's a little concoction I've developed. It contains some prescription powders and Aesculus Hippocastanum, or Horse Chestnut. It usually lasts about three hours. The nice thing is that it can be applied as often as necessary. I'll give you a prescription for the powders and the name of the organic herbal shop where you can find the chestnut. You mix a tablespoon of each of the powders into a quart of boiling water. Take it off the heat immediately and let it cool to room temperature. After that, simply warm it to the desired temperature and apply like this. Just never bring it back to a boil."

"Thank you so much."

"You're welcome. So you ready to hear my verdict?"

"That sounds ominous."

"My preliminary exam suggests that you're going to need surgery. But before we make that decision, I'll need to do a laser fluoroscope to fully examine the interior issues. I won't lie to you, you have a serious problem. From what you've told me, you've been trying to deal with it long enough. It's time to make some permanent alterations." He finished his cleaning operation at that moment and suggested I get dressed.

Once dressed, we retired to a small sitting area near the door.

"I'm not thrilled about the prospect of surgery Dr. Shahalia. But, you're right, I've been trying to deal with this for too long. Even your little miracle cleaning solution is only a temporary fix. I'm just not looking forward to a month of recovery. I've known a couple of people over the years that have had the surgery."

"Ah, but that was before lasers came on the scene, I'm sure. It so happens that the local hospital has just invested in a surgical laser that will enable us to cut the recovery time in half. And the pain will be minimal after the first couple of days."

Well that sounded promising. We completed the appointment by waiting as the receptionist arranged for the fluoroscope procedure and I got instructions on how to prepare for the event. I then went and purchased all the ingredients for the relieving wash.

When I arrived home after the exam, I got the surprise of my life when my wife summarily informed me that she had filed for divorce and that she and the girls would be moving into their own place by the end of the week. She handed me a packet of papers from her lawyer and suggested that I retain one as well. And then she took the girls and went to visit a friend until the apartment she'd rented could be moved into.

As it was, I just happened to have a good friend that'd just gone through a divorce and he'd had nothing but praise for his lawyer. So I contacted him, and then the lawyer and made an appointment for the next week.

I tried to take my mind off the immediate shock by brewing up a large quantity of the therapeutic wash. Once it cooled, I'd poured it into several smaller containers, one of which would be appropriate to take to work and warm in the microwave. I intended to use this stuff liberally until Dr. Shahalia could decide how best to treat me.

I missed my daughters that night, but not my wife. Having that huge bed to myself was refreshing. But the silence was just a bit overwhelming. I missed my daughters' hugs and kisses and tucking them into bed. I did not miss the cold shoulder I'd been getting from my wife over the past year. At least this night I was able to relieve certain sexual tensions in the privacy and comfort of my own bed. It was a pretty satisfying session, really, as I remembered the examination earlier.

After my personal romp, I took a wonderfully long, glorious bubble bath. I even lit a few candles around the room and turned out the lights. It made for a very romantic setting there amid all the foam. Too bad it was alone.

Well, not completely alone. I just could not get the picture of doctor Shahalia out of my mind. That beautiful dark skin of his and the velvety touch of his hand in mine were electrifying still. And then I remembered the glance we'd given each others' ring fingers. I lay there amidst my bubbles wondering what the significance of that had been. It was simply a habit I'd picked over the past year. I used it to fuel my imagination when having sex with my wife. If I'd met someone during the day that was free of marital entanglements, I would imagine myself with that person, instead of having to endure the dead, missionary sex that my wife preferred.

The divorce would be a relief; a great relief. Our marriage had been a sham for over a year. I'd wanted out so that I might return to my first But I'd remained because I truly adored my daughters. My marriage had at least given me that. Two offspring of my own blood; one with the same auburn hair as me, and the other, a blond like her mother, with my quirky personality. The eldest was six and the other was only a year younger. Both were joys to be around. No matter how hard my day had been or how tired I was, I always had time to play with them, usually in one of the three pools at the apartment complex. My daughters were fish, no doubt about it. If there was water and splashing involved, they were all for it, especially if daddy was there to splash and play with them.

This new development in my life would mean that I'd have to relearn how to date. I wasn't even certain I'd ever known how. All of my dating of guys had occurred during my school years. High school and college had been great for me. I'd never had to try the bar scenes or cruising. That was an unsettling thought. Where did a guy go these days to find prospective partners? Oh well, I'd work it out, I was sure. There was, after all, the internet. I'm sure I could find the appropriate information there...somewhere.

As I dried after my bath, I took notice of the ring I'd worn perpetually for the past seven years. Over the last year, it had begun to feel like a significant weight. Not just on my hand, but on my entire life. I didn't hesitate. I pulled the ring from my finger and placed it on the dresser. I felt better already.

It was difficult getting to sleep that night. I couldn't stop imagining what my life would become. Seven years of being responsible for others, and now I was going to be free from all that. How would I occupy my free time? Would I be able to find new friends and companions? Where does one go these days to meet male friends? So many questions, and few, if any answers.

The following day passed in a kind of haze. I woke to the sound of...nothing. I left the house to the sound of...nothing. I worked in the usual uproar. When I finally returned home, it was to the sound of...nothing. Oh, this nothing was going to drive me crazy, there was no doubt of that. I suppose I could have turned on the television and gotten hooked on some sitcom or documentary. But TV had never held much appeal for me. I did have my music collection, which I'd not been able to really listen to for all the commitments on my time and energy. So, I wound up the CD player and directed it to randomly play from the collection of two hundred CD's currently stored in it.

The one bright spot in my day, if you wanted to call it that, was that my little container of wash for work had worked out perfectly.

I then sat in the living room and sipped slowly at a small glass of brandy, something I'd never done before after work. I sat. Oh, I wasn't in any danger of drowning myself in strong drink. I'd always been very careful about that, having grown up with an alcoholic father. There was no way I was going to live like that. I just wanted to relax and contemplate my future. Oh yeah, and decide what I was going to do for dinner.

I was halfway through my brandy when the doorbell rang. I opened it to find Randy standing there with a huge smile on his face. Randy was the friend that'd just gotten his divorce.

"Hey, buddy. I remembered what my first night in the empty house was like, so I thought I'd come over and try to lighten the mood a bit." He held up a large, shopping sized bag. "I brought Chinese."

I motioned him in. "Well, since I couldn't seem to decide between Mexican, Chinese or Greek, you've come at a good time."

He set the bag on the table and turned to me. "Greek? Christ, Trace, leave it to you to know where there's a Greek restaurant around here."

"Actually, it's on San Felipe street up in Houston," I laughed.

He surprised me at that point and hugged me. "You hanging in there okay, buddy?" It was a quick, guy kind of hug.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Just having a bit of trouble getting use to all the quiet." I reached over and pulled the top of the bag open. "So, what'd ya bring us for dinner?"

"Brocolli Beef, Kung Poa Shrimp, BBQ Pork with lots of that hot mustard and sesame seeds you like, Shrimp Fried Rice, white rice, of course, Wonton Soup, and Veggie Spring Rolls, and all for four people."

"Gees, Randy, you expecting more people?"

"Nah. Just thought you could use the leftovers. Helps get you back into the cooking routine if you don't have to rush into it right away. Remember...been there, done that."

"And I'm suppose to provide...?"

"The dinner ware, the wine, and some of that Chinese tea, if you still have some."

Well I did have all of that and we sat down to a very enjoyable meal. Randy could be a bit wild at times, but that night he was down to earth, pleasant, and very good company. We talked about the divorce, work, even the weather. It wasn't until dinner was over and the leftovers stowed for future use that I remembered a need I had.

"Say, Randy, would it be possible for you to get tomorrow afternoon free? I've got a doctor's appointment at the hospital and I'm going to need a ride there and back."

"For a regular appointment?"

"Well, it's for a fluoroscope exam and the doctor told me he'll be giving me some sort of shot that'll make it easier, but that I couldn't drive for three hours afterward."

"What the hell's a fluoroscope exam?"

I explained my problem briefly.

Randy shuddered at the thought. "Eek, you're a braver man than me, Trace. Sure I can take off."

"Meet me here at two?"

"Sure thing, buddy. You gonna be okay now?"

I gave him a brief hug. "Yeah, Randy, I'm going to be just fine, thanks to you. I'm really glad you stopped by."

"You're welcome, Trace. Just remember, you have my number. I expect you to use it if you need an ear."

"I will, Randy."

With that he left. And I did feel much better. He'd turned a potential evening of pity and self doubt into one of good company, talk and a bit of humor. You know, this didn't have to be the trial I'd imagined it might be. Granted, Randy wasn't a possible `companion', but he was certainly a good friend. And I had others. I didn't have to become a hermit simply because my girls were gone. And when I finally figured out the whole dating scene, I'd add more friends and more possibilities for evenings with them.

I smiled as I headed for my shower and bed. Day one and nicely done. The next day would be another matter. I wasn't sure I was really looking forward to this exam. He hadn't given me much information. I figured it wouldn't be all that pleasant since he was going to be giving me a shot that would dull the pain. Just what the hell was he planning on sticking inside me?

The following day, I was led into the examination room at the hospital at two-thirty. What I saw made me nervous. The machine itself was small and had a small monitor screen on top. But it was the probe that got my full attention. The damn thing looked as big around as my wrist. No wonder he was going to have to give me a shot. Otherwise they'd hear me screaming in Connecticut.

I was directed to disrobe from the waist down and lay on my side on the table. This table was cold as hell. Jesus, didn't they believe in a little comfort! I didn't have to wait long. Dr. Shahalia arrived with a female nurse in tow.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Wilson. Sorry about my assistant, but she's the only one at the hospital that's properly trained in the use of this new technology so far, it's that new here."

I smiled. "Well, I'll just have to put up with being a bit embarrassed."

They were both very business like. I got my shot and five minutes later you could have parked a mack truck on my chest and I wouldn't have cared. I never felt a thing. I didn't have a clue as to the passage of time. It could have lasted five minutes or five hours. But Dr. Shahalia assured me that it'd taken fifteen minutes. Anyway, I got another shot and I quickly returned to mostly normal. The surprising thing to me is that I did not feel like I'd been violated by the fat end of a baseball bat. There was absolutely no discomfort what so ever.

"Well, Mr. Wilson, I'd definitely recommend surgery. Your problem is extensive and it's serious. If you want relief, we're going to have to take the drastic approach. There is just no possible way of treating this by any other means."

I sighed. But more because it only confirmed what I'd felt all along. "I'm not surprised. How soon can we do this, then?"

"I've already checked the availability of space and we could do this as early as next Wednesday." It was now Thursday.

"That will be just fine, Dr. Shahalia. I'd really like to get this over with. I've been living with this problem for years and I'm ready to be rid of it."

We arranged for me to stop by his office late the following day to get all the particulars. The when, where, the list of preparations I'd have to make to be ready; the usual details prior to any surgery.

I had quite a bit of sick leave accumulated at work, so the following day I made all the arrangements for a week off and rearranged my appointments accordingly. Fortunately, working as a computer consultant allowed me plenty of flexibility.

I spent the weekend going through the apartment, consolidating all of my daughters' toys and clothes so that when the time came for them to move out with their mother everything would be available. There's nothing worse than having to rush around trying to find this or that favorite toy or piece of clothing.

I sat down on Sunday and made a list of the items I wished to keep after the divorce. I thought it'd be handy when I spoke with the divorce attorney on Monday afternoon. I may be relieved to be getting out of the marriage, but I was not about to allow myself to be taken advantage of. I did not intend to be an ass, but I didn't intend to be the victim either.

The attorney consultation on Monday was a bit of an eye opener. I hadn't understood half of what was in the documents, but it turns out that my wife was trying to pull a couple of fast ones on me. Fortunately, my lawyer was just as good as Randy had claimed he'd be. He immediately assembled a counter offer that was ready to present to her lawyer the following day. My wife and I were there, but I simply sat quietly as my lawyer made it clear to them that they were not going to be getting away with anything.

When my wife tried to make out that she'd be destitute as a result of the counter offer, my lawyer pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat. It seemed that she'd been seeing a young twenty something guy for over a year and that this fellow was quite well off himself. He cited case after case of precedents that clearly would allow her only minimal alimony and child support, because it was clear by the evidence that she was guilty of infidelity whereas I'd been faithful to our wedding vows. It was not a good day for her. But after hearing about her boy friend, I didn't feel too broken up about it.

Yes, this man was definitely earning his significant fee.

The surgery on Wednesday went without a hitch. I awoke in my private room feeling a bit adrift and more than just a bit full in my nether regions. I'd been packed with quite of bit of gauze, it seemed. The pain wasn't that much worse than I'd already been dealing with, which surprised me. I had to spend the night to ensure that everything was beginning to heal, and then I was allowed to go home.

Randy took the time away from work to pick me up and deliver me home and promised to bring dinner by later that afternoon so that I wouldn't have to try and cook up something for myself. I spent most of that day soaking in Epson salts and napping. I won't go into all the details of how bodily functions were impacted. I will only say that it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be.

That night I regaled Randy with the details of my first meeting with my wife and her lawyer. He laughed so hard.

"Yeah, mine tried that on me. That lawyer costs a bit, but he sure made up for it in what he saved me in the settlement. Sounds like he'll do the same for you. Did you know about the boy friend?"

"Didn't have a clue. I think I managed to play it cool, though."

"You going to try and get custody of the girls?"

I paused before answering. "I'd like to, but honestly, they need their mother more. She's a good mother to them. It's not fair to take them away from her when they need her guidance. I don't have to make their lives any harder than it's going to be after the divorce."

I'd asked my lawyer what the child support was likely to come to. He told me what the typical amount would be. I suggested a slightly higher number, but told him that it had to include no alimony. I also told him that I wanted a full accounting of where that child support went. He'd loved that part.

Since the actual divorce decree isn't all that important to this story, I'll simply say that I got my way, thanks to my lawyer. I even gave him a bit of a bonus after all was said and done.

So, back to my surgical woes, which turned out not be much in the way of woes. By the third day after surgery, I was getting around at nearly my old pace. I felt so good, in fact, that I went back to work on Monday with a modified schedule. Meaning, I went to work late and left early. But it was enough to please the boss that I was getting some of the simple consultation issues taken care of in a timely manner. I was one of the top engineers they had and many of my clients just would not deal with anyone else.

My first appointment with Dr. Shahalia was for that Monday in the late afternoon. This would tell me if I'd rushed getting back to work. But he was very pleased with my healing progress.

"Everything looks very good, Mr. Wilson. I won't go probing around in there today. We'll give it another week before we verify that everything's good in there. Having any bleeding issues?"

"Not a bit, and that's surprised me. I've heard all sorts of horror stories about this type of surgery."

He chuckled. "And most of them were probably true. But the new laser techniques such as we used make all of that a thing of the past. For instance, the progress your body has made in healing would have taken two weeks using the old standard methods. At this rate, I expect to see you fully healed by this time next week."

"That's incredible, Dr. Shahalia."

"You said you went back to work today. Any problems?"

"Nothing insurmountable. I little discomfort if I sat for more than an hour, but I handled that by getting up and moving around. And I have my trusty donut to sit on. I'm going to stay on this reduced schedule for a couple more days."

"That's a good choice. So, I'll want to see you this time next week."

And I was done. The week passed without incident. Randy stopped by a couple of times just to visit. He was good company when he wasn't around his usual crowd. The lawyer informed me that things were progressing in an orderly fashion with the divorce and that I could look forward to a final decree in a couple of weeks. I spent that Saturday with my girls. We spent most of that in the pools.

By the time of Monday's appointment I was feeling incredible. That region of my body hadn't felt this good in years. I was all smiles and enthusiasm when Dr. Shahalia stepped into the examining room, his last appointment for the day, according to his nurse, who'd been slipping on her jacket to leave.

"I'd venture that you're feeling good," he said, noting my smile. God I loved listening to his slight accent.

"I can't remember feeling this good, actually. The pain and itch had become such a normal part of my life that I'd forgotten what it was like not to have it."

"Well, today I'll be giving you the full treatment."

"I'm all yours, doc."

The exam started out as he others had; a simple visual observation. At one point he did push my upper leg further toward my chest. "Just need a clearer view." Well, I didn't think anything of it. Then he began touching my anus a bit, checking for any soreness and proper blood flow, or so he said. Then he finally got to the internal stuff. He gently massaged my sphincter with a well lubed finger, encouraging me to relax. Well, that wasn't really a problem. Since there was no longer any pain, I was thoroughly enjoying his massage. It didn't take any time at all, in fact, before I was fully hard. If only he could see.

Finally, satisfied that I was as relaxed as I was likely to get he began to slowly apply pressure and in he slid.

It was a totally involuntary action. I hadn't planned it. I'd only been looking forward to receiving a clean bill of health. But feeling his finger sliding effortlessly, and painlessly, inside my ass was just such an awesome feeling that it just escaped my lips. I moaned, long and with real feeling. I was embarrassed when I realized how I'd reacted.

"I'm sorry, Doct..."

"Trace, let's go ahead and dispense with the Doctor Shahalia business. My friends call me Tam, short for Narottam."

I looked over my shoulder at him and he was smiling. And there was a look in his eyes I hadn't seen in another man in years and years. He wanted me!

"You're married, Tam. I couldn't..."

He held up his free hand. "I'm not, Trace. I wear the ring to put my patients at ease. I've discovered that most patients are uneasy at having a single man poking around back here." He wiggled his inserted finger a bit and hit my prostate. My eyes glazed over and I moaned again. "I'll stop if you wa..."

"Don't you dare stop." I held up my ring less finger for him to see. "I'm finally free to go back to what I love best."

"If you're sure?"

"I am so sure. You are so handsome, Tam. I've dreamed of being able to be with you for almost three weeks. My sex life has totally sucked since I got married, and now I want it to rock. But not dressed like this." I moved to free myself from his finger, but he held me down.

"Just a moment more like this. I really do need to give you a proper exam so that we can declare you fully healed." He chuckled at my anxious look. "Everyone's gone; we have all the time we want."

He promptly proceeded to give me the proper examination, and even though it wasn't meant to be sexy, I was still so turned on by it. My cock was so hard it was hurting by the time he finished and removed his finger so that he could make notes in my file that. God's, it had been so long since I'd been this turned on by a sexual situation. By the time he turned around to continue where we'd left off I couldn't stand it any longer.

"Damn, Tam. I hurt so bad right now, I've just got to get off once before we can start to really enjoy this."

He rolled me onto my back and took a long look at my very hard, very red tool. It was so hard that it was standing straight up, and it never did that. It would always lie on my stomach.

"That does look painful," he said, and then promptly began stroking it. "Would you mind if I watched you cum? I love watching the first time."

"Just be prepared for a mess. This is going to go everywhe...ahhhh!" And that was all it took. I was shooting like a Fourth of July fireworks display. It was painful and it was ecstasy. It was the worst and best cum of my life. I swear I was shooting three and four feet into the air.

It took me several minutes to recover, and when I did, there was Tam simply sitting and waiting, a slight smile on his face.

"Gods, Tam, thank you. Now I can relax and enjoy this."

Tam stood and began removing his lab coat, hanging it on the coat tree by the door. "How long has it been since you've been with a man, Trace?"

"Since college, eight long years. I started dating Emily right after college and have been faithful to her ever since. At least, physically faithful."

His tie and shirt were soon hanging beside the lab coat, and I finally got a better look at his torso. Even with the t-shirt still in place I could see that there didn't appear to be any extra weight. No love handles. I couldn't tell if there were real defined abs, but it really didn't matter to me. It was enough to see more of that dark skin of his. As he walked toward me I admired how smooth it looked.

I sat up and swung my legs over the edge of the couch and patiently waited for him to cover the distance between us. His body just more delicious looking the closer he got. I'd always admired Indian males. But I'd only been able to do it through pictures. Tam was the first live one I'd ever met. And he just got more gorgeous with each step.

When he stopped in front of me it wasn't his pants or crotch that I reached for, nor his face. I simply reached out and lightly brushed my hands over his arms. The effect was electrifying. There was no hair that I could detect. His skin was so smooth and silky. I'd never felt the like before. Here we were two human males and yet the texture of our skins was so vastly different. Not even my young daughters had ever had skin this satiny smooth.

I'd learned in my years at college that a black man could have soft skin. The darker the skin, it seemed, the smoother it was. But here was a man of vastly different heritage, whose skin color wasn't dark by the standard of the black men I'd been with, and yet he was smoother than any person that I'd ever encountered; man, woman, or child.

"You've never been with a dark skinned man before?" he asked, obviously misinterpreting my fascination.

I smiled up at him. "Many times, Tam, but never anyone with skin this perfectly delicious. I've never encountered skin this smooth. I have to see more."

I stood before him and reached down and slipped my hands under his t-shirt and moved my hands from his front to his back, moving ever upwards until I had to pull the shirt off his head and arms. Oh gods, I thought, here is a body I could worship. Not a blemish anywhere. His nipples weren't large, but they certainly did stand at attention, surrounded by a circle of skin many shades darker than any other part of his torso. And that reminded me of the few pictures I'd seen of naked Indian males. And suddenly I had to see all of him.

Before I could move, however, Tam reached up and began unbuttoning my shirt and cuffs. He then reached up and slowly pushed my shirt off my shoulders and down my arms. When the shirt was simply a pile of material on the floor, he took the time to brush his hands over the hair on my arms. He seemed as fascinated with my hair as I was with his smoothness. My auburn hair seemed almost brown to me on my arms, but it was very soft hair, or so I'd been told by my male partners. Then he reached down and began removing my t-shirt in the same manner I'd used on him.

The hair on my chest wasn't copious, but it was present there between and around my nipples. Tam took the time to trace his fingers through all that hair, gently teasing my nipples. That got my cock to once again begin to swell.

I reached down and unfastened his belt and unbutton his pants, and then I ever so slowly unzipped his trousers, revealing the stark white boxer-briefs he was wearing. They were such a contrast to his skin tone that they were almost like a beacon announcing the arrival of his most private parts. As I knelt slowly down, pushing his pants to his feet, he slipped off his shoes which allowed me to remove his pants and set them off to the side on the floor.

His boxer-briefs were not of cotton, but of thin rayon, flashing brightly there against his silken skin. I could clearly see that his cock and balls would indeed be as dark as the circles around his nipples, the material was that thin. And then a thought occurred to me as I reached up and slipped my fingers inside the waist band of those briefs. Could he possibly be? Would my greatest treat be realized? I had to know, and I had to know now. I didn't jerk them down, but I also didn't play around. I slipped them down his thighs and was rewarded for my patience in staying married as long as I had.

Here was heaven. Here was paradise. Here was manhood. Here was the perfect, long, thick, uncut vision of manhood; easily eight and a half inches long and five inches around. There was just enough foreskin to cover the glans completely with just a touch extra. But that was in its semi hard state. I could see, even as I watched it grow, that the skin was pulling further and further back. When I reached up and cupped his nut sack in my hand his cock grew even faster until it was fully hard and yet the head was not fully exposed.

I reached my other hand up and caressed the small bush at the base of his cock and was amazed at the marvelous texture. The hair wasn't the least bit course even though it was long, by the standards I was used to.

I leaned in and rested my head on his lower stomach and allowed his cock to bush up against my cheek as I breathed in his essence. I felt his hand rest itself on my head and begin running its fingers through my hair. It was so gently done. There was no immediacy to it. We were content to sample each other slowly, to prolong this event.

"Oh, Tam, it's been so long," I breathed. "You are so beautiful."

I stood up and rested my hands on his shoulders and looked into the deepest brown eyes I'd ever seen. His hands came down on either side of my face and gently pulled me toward him. Oh god, I wanted this. I wanted this so badly. Our lips met and I melted into them. I never hesitated, I opened up to him fully and his tongue gently slipped into my mouth and began massaging my tongue. It was intoxicating taking this beautiful male body to me and in me.

Our cocks meshed between us, side by side, as we held each other tenderly. The heat from out throbbing members was intense. I could feel his heart beating through the pulse of his cock against my stomach. I could feel my own heartbeat and it seemed to be in perfect harmony with his.

I tasted him, I savored him, I devoured him, just as he was doing the same to me. That first kiss lasted for an eternity of five minutes or more. Never had I experienced a kiss like this. The passion we shared was subdued, but it was definitely there.

When we separated Tam couldn't help but see the few tear streaks on my face. He didn't have to ask, he knew they were tears of joy and happiness.

"Am I healed enough to experience you fully?" I asked softly.

He smiled. "If we are gentle and move slowly toward the moment, you are."

I smiled in return. "I have to taste you first, Tam," I whispered. And then I gently guided him to the couch and pushed him slowly down onto it so that his legs were off the end so that I could nestle in between them as I worshiped his phallus completely. I knelt there for several moments, simply admiring what the gods had given him.

The contrast of the very dark cock and scrotum against the much lighter tone of the surrounding skin was unbelievable. The pitch black hair in which they were planted was like an island amidst a sea of milk chocolate.

I laid my hands upon his thighs and bent forward and nestled my nose in the crease between his thigh and sack and breathed deeply of his masculine musk. It was a gentle fragrance, not overpowering. But it was distinct and unlike any I'd encountered. I slipped my tongue out and caressed that skin.

Tam moaned. It was a delight to hear. It'd been so long that I was understandably concerned that I might not remember how to get the most from the experience, but this was an encouraging beginning.

I worked that spot for several moments before I began licking at his large, satin and fur covered orbs, wetting them generously before taking one into my mouth and massaging it completely. His cock was beginning to stain a bit when I released that first one and moved over and repeated the procedure with his other large nut. So big, I thought. I'm going to drown in his juices when these two let go.

When I was sure I'd stimulated them as much as I dare, I moved over and massaged the crease on the other side of his nuts. I didn't prolong it, because Tam was beginning to squirm. I moved my hands under his thighs and pushed his legs up just enough so that I could get under his nuts and tongue that knot, cherishing the feeling of its pulsing as his cock bounced to his heart beat. I didn't leave him guessing long, I worked my way down until I was able to begin sliding down that crevice, pushing his legs further back until I was able to land my tongue squarely on his pulsing pucker.

The groan that came from Tam was deep and loud and long. "Oh, Trace, I'm close," he breathed.

When I'd knelt down, I'd seen the open jar of lubricant there just under the table, so I reached down and scooped up a bit on two fingers. I began massaging it all over his sweet spot as I leaned up and over and took hold of his cock with my free hand. Tam reached up and grabbed his legs so that I'd be able to give him a full treatment.

His cock was finally so hard that the foreskin was pulled fully back, exposing his huge head. I leaned down and sucked that mushroom into my mouth as I pushed my finger slowly into his ass. His dripping tool hardened in my mouth, the head expanding. I took as much of him into my mouth as I could. I knew I was out of practice and wasn't about to try and force this monster down my throat. I'd work on that later if I ever got the chance for a second go.

I bobbed on his penis and finger fucked his ass in perfect rhythm and he very quickly let fly. I wasn't the least bit disappointed in the quantity of cum he released. I swallowed as fast as was humanly possible and still some leaked out of the corners of my mouth.

There was nothing tame about Tam. He shouted his release. He bucked and squirmed and humped my face. His ass clamped down so hard on my finger that it was a surprise he didn't break it. I really had to apply force to continue fucking him as he orgasmed.

When he collapsed, I immediately released his cock, remembering how sensitive an uncut one would get after cumming. I slowly pulled my finger from his ass and took hold of his legs and gently lowered them to the floor.

"Holy gods above, Trace," groaned Tam, "That was incredible."

I simply knelt there and smiled at the praise. Despite the years, I hadn't forgotten my lessons. I suppose it really was like riding a bike; you never really forgot how. I licked the escaped cum from around my mouth and scooped up the stuff that was trailing down toward my chin and sucked it off my finger. I then reached down into the warm water on the floor and wrung out the wash cloth and then lifted one of Tam's legs and gently washed his ass. When I'd finished his, I did my own remembering that he hadn't done it after my exam. There, all squeaky clean for whatever would come next.

There'd been many times over the years of my marriage that I'd regretted my decision to try and be a normal heterosexual male; but never more so than at this moment. Yes, as I've mentioned, I had used the image of gay sex when making it with my wife, but those had been images that were devoid of the sensations. As the years progressed it became more and more difficult to conjure up the memories of the specific feelings.

I was relishing the satisfaction that comes from a well given blow job, and the receipt of my reward. I felt like I was glowing from my satisfaction.

I stood and crawled up onto the couch, without actually laying on Tam. I wasn't certain if he would welcome that type of attention, so I was going to give him the option to accept or decline having me lay on him. Well, his response was immediate and unhesitating. He reached up and pulled my shoulders toward him, which forced my entire body onto his.

"I'm all amazement, Trace. I can't remember the last time I had a man on this couch who wanted anything more than his own satisfaction. The number of men who've reciprocated have been very few and far too infrequent." He brushed a few wayward strands of hair from my face. "I've never had one insist on giving me satisfaction first."

I chuckled. "But I was first to get off, Tam."

"Shh. That didn't count. That was a simple relief of agony. That wasn't sex or loving. What you just did for me was much more than just sex, too."

"Oh yes. I've always admired the Indian physique. But it's always been in pictures. To have such a magnificent body within reach?....oh this was definitely adoration. This is far more than I ever expected for my first time in eight years of abstinence. I won't insult you by saying that I'm in love with you, we both know it's much too soon for something like that. But I certainly do love you for what you're sharing with me." I caressed his face as I lay on his body, every inch of me absorbing the feeling of this silkiness beneath me. "You are just so beautiful."

I kissed him gently, but with all my heart. This WAS a magnificent gift. I wanted him to feel my appreciation in this kiss. I also wanted him to feel my desire for this evening to continue. I had arrived, after all, at just past four. We had all the night before us, if we so chose to. Yes, we both had to work on the morrow, but we still had ample time to experience all we could hope to. And there was definitely much more of him I wished to experience.

As we kissed Tam began to explore my back and butt. His silky smooth hands were electrifying against my over heated skin. As he spent more and more time massaging my cheeks I simply got hotter and hotter. And then he slipped one finger down the crack of my ass. I immediately spread my legs a bit so that he'd have better access to my canal and all its delightful areas.

Tam took full advantage of my willingness. He even pulled me further up onto him so that he could reach my nuts from this position. It was an incredible sensation feeling him exploring me so fully while I lay on top of him. This was a man who knew precisely what he was about, what he wanted, and how to get it. I soon felt both his hands exploring my nether regions. One hand kneaded my nuts and perineum while the other pushed at my newly healed opening. He never pushed hard enough to actually penetrate, and I knew he was being careful.

Finally, he rolled us over so that I was flat on my back and he began kissing his way down my torso and stomach, drawing ever nearer to my newly hard member, dripping and anxious. He only paused long enough to firmly, yet gently, manipulate my nipples to full hardness. That drove me wild. There's nothing that could bring me full attention and excitement than to have someone play with my nipples.

When he finally reached the head of my engorged organ, he licked at it, capturing all the already escaped fluids. Then he sucked in just the head and began to wash it fully with his tongue, while his one hand continued to knead my balls. He'd release that sack once in a while to run a finger down to my asshole and press firmly, reminding me of where he was eventually going to end up.

Well, this simply excited me more. But he sensed this and released my cock and moved down and knelt on the floor and began to lick over my nuts, down my perineum and finally directly onto my man cunt. And I went wild.

"Ahhhh!!!! Oh gods, yes, Tam. Oh Jesus. Oh hell!"

It was excruciation ecstasy. My cock stopped dripping and began flowing. The precum poured from my slit onto my stomach, filling and then overflowing my navel. I grabbed the edges of the couch and bucked. But Tam was strong and held me in place as he began to really work my ass. He kept stabbing at my tight hole in a probing sort of way, waiting for that moment when I'd be able to relax that muscle and allow him entrance.

But I was so caught up in my enthusiasm that I'd forgotten that I had to be more cooperative in this intrusion. The tingling that coursed though my body at that moment was all consuming. It'd been so long and I wanted it to last an eternity. And Tam was patient.

After a few minutes, I remembered my role and forced myself to relax so that Tam could proceed with the initiation of this newly re-perfected asshole. And proceed he did. There was no hesitation. He pushed his way through my relaxed sphincter and entered me with his tongue.


As he worked me I relaxed further, remembering that the more I relaxed the quicker we would be able to get to the main even. So now I was fully committed to this preparation. I reached back and spread my cheeks as far as I could. As I did, that freed up his hands so that he could begin inserting first one then two fingers inside my well lubricated hole, in with his tongue.

I was remotely amazed at how easily he was able to get all that much flesh inside me at one time. I say remotely, because I was far more absorbed in the marvelous fullness of it all. There was no pain, only a feeling of being pulled open. Oh surely there was enough room for him now.

Then, just as I thought that Tam rose up and stood between my legs and pulled his fingers from my ass and positioned his dripping tool at my most sacred of openings. He leaned over me as his cock made contact with my ass. He looked me in the eyes and began to slowly, yet commandingly, push.

I winced a little, but did not whimper. I wasn't about to give into the momentary pain and discomfort, because I knew what the result would be once he got inside me. The anticipation of that moment of fullness and ultimate pleasure of two men fully sharing themselves kept me silent.

We stared at one another as he pushed and pushed. I pushed back from within; doing everything I could to open myself more fully. And finally we succeeded. The head of that monster cock poked past the threshold and we stopped. We both waited for that moment when my body would decide that it really, totally wanted this invasion.

I breathed deeply, forcing my entire body to relax. So long; it'd been so long. And yet it was such a welcome invasion of my person. I desperately wanted a man inside me. And I wanted it to be this man. Not just because he was the man of the moment. He was everything I'd always loved in my best partners; loving, gently, patient, and competent.

We both felt it, the moment my body decided it was ready for more and Tam began to slowly stroke me from within, first with short strokes, but steadily increasing his penetration. It must have taken a good five minutes for him to finally bottom out; my nuts gently nestled in his soft pubes.

Instead of beginning to fully stroke me, he stopped and rotated his hips for bit, and I felt the head of his cock moving around deep inside my guts. I could almost imagine his precum coating my insides. When he finally did start to pull out I was more than ready.

"Oh, Tam, fuck me," I whispered. I didn't want it to sound the least vulgar. "Love my ass. Fill me with yourself completely."

Tam let himself go and began to slowly increase his stroke and his speed. It took a couple of minutes, but soon enough I was receiving his full stroke. I eagerly accepted each increase in tempo. And that cock was so huge that it couldn't help but constantly rub against my prostate. So not only was I getting my ass drilled, I was getting the most incredible masturbation from inside.

We were both so hot, so excited that it was now only a matter of short moments before we'd be tumbling over the edge of our combined excitement.

And I wasn't the least bit disappointed when it happened. My nuts started to tingle, then to buzz and then to course with electric fire.

"Oh Tam! I can't hold it any longer!"

I exploded all over us. My cock was bouncing and throbbing, throwing cum everywhere. But I was not so absorbed in my own orgasm that I missed Tam's final slam into my ass and his arching back and the feel of his pulsing cock inside my bowels. Our mutual orgasm went on and on, each feeding off the other's release and excitement. The best orgasms in the world are those that you share simultaneously with your partner and this was surely the best of my life.

Tam finally collapsed on my body, releasing my legs, which I immediately wrapped around his ass to prevent him from pulling himself out. I desperately wanted to feel him go limp inside me. I wanted that cock in me for the maximum amount of time.

We heaved and sucked air into our tortured bodies for many minutes, neither of us capable of a single utterance. My cum, combined with our shared sweat, acted to glue us together in the final display of union.

When I could finally breath normally, I began to chuckle. Tam surprised me by joining in.

"We've made quite the mess, Mr. Wilson," he said.

Well, that was all it took for both of us. We dissolved in heart felt laughter, because we knew, even without looking, that it was true. Our laughter caused my legs to loosen their grip on Tam and he slipped out. I could feel his juices begin to leak out of me and that only set us off even more.

We rolled onto our sides as we calmed down, still facing each other. And just as we looked into each others' eyes, I had a sudden thought that was just too good to waste.

"So, Doctor Shahalia, just how long do you think you'll have to be examining me so that you can properly document the results of this remarkable breakthrough surgical technique?"

We dissolved once again into uncontrollable mirth.

I don't know if Tam ever wrote a paper on the results of that surgery, but the examinations lasted for over two years before we finally gave in to the inevitable and established a single household. But that's another story...