Me and Brian….


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Hey, I'm Gene, 58 years old, around 5'11” and pushing 230 lbs. After over 36 years working for the government, I finally had enough time in to retire, especially since they were pushing 80% of my top 5 years salary as a carrot. I didn't really have to retire, but I just had enough of the daily rat race. It got so so old. I was divorced a number of years back and since all my kids were over 18 now, I had no more payments I had to make. The ex wanted the divorce after I had heart surgery and couldn't preform up to expectations in the bedroom. Actually, I did loose interest besides going through the normal fear and adjustment your mind goes through after a near death experience. The medications wreaked havoc on my body and it took a few years to finally settle down. No matter, she wanted out and I honestly didn't feel like fighting so 28 years of marriage down the tube. She had a good job with a financial company so she wasn't interested in alimony, just child support to keep the kids in private schools.

So, here I was, no longer tied to the daily mill stone. I stood at the window in my apartment and watched people getting on the public transportation bus I used to take every morning. Felt so weird. My body was on its schedule and was very slow in getting the message we no longer had to do all that now. I got up at the same time, no alarm either, zombied into the shower, made coffee and sat at the table moaning, until I realized I didn't really have anything to moan over now. The mind started to catch on eventually. I thought I should join a gym to try at least to get into shape, but honestly, at my age It just didn't seem to have much appeal to me. I wasn't going to do the dating game, been there, done that. I liked my independence and being able to do whatever I wanted or go wherever I wanted with anyone else to worry about. Yeah, I was lonely, but after a few years, you do get set in you ways, well at least I did. The role of the hermit suited me fine.

One day, while doing my attempt at getting physically fit, I ended up talking with a guy a bit younger then me named Paul. We seemed to meet whenever I went to the gym, which was 3 times a week. We started to go to coffee at first and then it was dinner followed by suddenly going places on weekends since he worked. It was kind of fun to talk to someone who wasn't all that serious and had an interesting take on life in general. He got me interested in the internet and I of course had to go out and buy a new computer as my laptop was rather old and super slow. He came over the the apartment and helped me set it up and showed me all about the web. YouTube, Amazon, E bay, social sites and even a few porn sites.

One day, by accident I happened to hit on a gay site. I never even thought about gay sex since high school when my best friend and I messed around, which I heard was not uncommon at all. So, here I was watching these guys making out, doing things to each other I never knew you could do. The weirdest thing was me getting a boner, just like that, watching these 2 guys getting into hot and heavy sex. I'm not sure which fascinated me more, the movie or my boner from watching the movie. Before I knew it, I was signing up for one gay movie site after another, like a kid with a super new toy. I even thought about going to a gay bar and maybe even to the gay pride celebration, but my chicken shit self decided against it. Don't as me why, just how I'm made up I think, never going out far enough on a limb for anything and backing far away if there was any chance of being hurt at all. Been that way all my life. Most of my friends pegged me as a pacifist, always willing to calm down opposing sides and sooth angry tempers down to a hot bed of cinders. If it was a bad situation that might get me hurt, I always walked away, no matter what. Luckily, I never was in a situation where someone I loved was threatened or in danger, since I'm pretty sure that would change my attitude real quick. My kids meant more to me then I did to myself.

So, here I was, a new gay porn junkie. When Paul came over on a Saturday to share a pizza and watch a movie, he just went to my computer while I was in the bathroom to make sure things were running smooth for me. I must have forgotten to close a window that had one of the gay sites in it and he just clicked it to full screen. I came out of the bathroom and casually asked him if everything was okay while I got the door and took care of the delivery guy. I put the pizza on the coffee table and looked over at Paul, expecting him to hop up and make a dash for the pizza which he loved. Nope, he was sitting at my computer with very big eyes and an open mouth.

What's happening Paul? Find something bad ?” I asked not thinking anything.

You into gay porn now?” Paul asked with an almost shaky voice.

I blushed, gulped and wasn't quite sure what to say. I finally thought, shit, its my house, my PC and my choice. I was 58 and didn't own anyone any explanations.

Yeah, actually I am, got into it by accident and it suddenly turned me on,” I said casually walking up to my computer and hitting the power button. “That bother you or something?”

Paul looked at me and obviously wasn't quite sure what to say. So I shrugged my shoulders and just said “pizza's on the table,” went to my favorite chair, took a paper plate and loaded it with pizza. I turned on the movie and relaxed, not caring if Paul was going to have pizza and watch the movie or run out of my apartment screaming. He did come away from the computer, flopped down on the love seat and got some pizza, not saying a word.

So when did you start getting into that?” Paul finally asked.

After you set up my computer and got me into the internet. Hit a site by accident and for some reason it just turned me on, got a boner watching it,” I laughed.

Wow, I didn't know you were gay,” Paul said with a socked look.

Don't know that I am Paul, hadn't had sex with a guy since high school,” I said calmly before chomping down on my pizza.

Paul didn't say a word for awhile as we both settled in to drinking soda, eating pizza and watching the movie. When the movie was finished, I asked Paul if he wanted anything else and he just sat there looking at me in a strange way.

So you haven't had any gay sex since high school?” Paul finally asked.

Yep, way, way back then. Just 2 horny teens seeing what sex was about I guess, I don't know. I read it isn't at all uncommon and mostly the norm,” I said cleaning up the pizza and paper plates.

Wow, I never thought you were into that,” Paul said still like in shock.

Well, up until recently, neither did I, but it is what it is Paul. At my age if it can give me a boner without me rubbing myself, then I say its a good thing,” I laughed.

Can I get you anything else?” I asked as I sat back down and opened another soda.

Well, actually yeah, there is,” Paul said with a funny smile and a blush I noticed. “Can I give you a blow job?”

I spit out my soda and began to choke.

WHAT?!!!” I shouted.

Well, you said you have gotten into it and I've been gay most of my adult life, so yeah, can I give you a blow job?” Paul said with a bit more conviction.

I looked at him like he was an alien come from the moon or something. I never expected that from him and in all honesty, I had no clue how to respond.

Well, I don't know Paul. Like I said, I never actually DID anything gay so I wouldn't have a clue where to start,” I stammered.

You don't have to do a thing, I'll take care of it all. Just slouch down in your chair and relax. I'll do it all and you just either watch or close your eyes and pretend whatever you'd like,” Paul said with a smile.

Well, okay, if you really want to,” I said nervously.

Now Paul wasn't a super body builder or anything, but he did have a compact, strong muscled hairy body on him. I had no idea how he was hung or anything. I was pretty average I guess with my cock getting slightly over 5 ½ inches when hard and my balls weren't like those low hanging monster balls I saw in the gay porn movies. I wasn't hairy at all, well just my pubes, some really light on my legs and body, but barely noticeable. I slowly slouched down in my chair as Paul moved over towards me on his knees, moved the coffee table to the side out of his way. He looked up at my face with a blush and a sort of sexy smile. Then he moved his hands on to my thighs and started to slowly rub them from my hips to my knees. I adjusted myself to get a bit more comfy as it was feeling nice already. He startled me when he put his face into my crotch after he spread my thighs wide apart and was moving his face around. I wasn't sure what he was doing, but as long as it didn't hurt, I guess it was fine. He looked up and told me to relax and just enjoy the feelings. I smiled sort of and said I would try. He undid my snap on my jeans, pulled down the zipper and started to tug on the waist to pull them off of me. I finally lifted my ass and he pulled the pants right off of me, clear off my feet and all. He rubbed at my thighs again and his face went back into my crotch, except now he was taking in my cock and then my balls into his mouth. I got a boner and he even said “oh yeah,” which made me smile for some reason. He nibbled through my underwear and licked and nibbled on my belly button as he slowly worked my underwear down. My cock peaked out when he was sliding my shorts down and he gently licked the back of the head of my cock and ran his tongue over across the whole head. I gasped. He was so gentle and his tongue was barely putting any pressure on it but he was getting it covered in a layer of his saliva somehow. Before I knew it, he was teasing my cock, taking it all the way into his mouth to my pubes then going after my balls. Damn it did feel really good. When he lifted up my balls and began to lick and nibble between the base of my testicles and my ass, I gasped and moaned. Shit, that felt so damn good I couldn't believe it. I had to look down to see if he was using anything else, but nope, just his mouth and tongue. I automatically spread my legs farther apart and I could feel my entire body relaxing. It was feeling better and better the more he worked on me. Then, he had his finger massaging between my testicles and ass as he concentrated his mouth on my cock. It made me moan when he would move down my cock with his mouth and tongue, get to the base and clamp on with his lips, do this wild thing in his mouth like sucking and slurping as his tongue went all over the place. His tongue all slimy and hot felt unreal. When he got to the head of my cock, he held the shaft with his hand and moved his mouth and tongue all over the head, sucking it in and putting that slurping move on it. I had to yell at him that I was going to cum and he didn't stop at all. As a matter of fact, he made his mouth, tongue, hand and lips move with more power, faster and with purpose it seemed. I was jumping like an idiot in the chair, gasping, panting and moaning. When he slid his finger into my ass, that did it. I shouted, screamed, yelled and thought I would die as he sucked the cum from me. I had to move his head from my cock to make him stop so I wouldn't piss all over and my nerves would stop firing up.

Shit Paul, that was so damn awesome,” I panted.

Good, so you liked it then?” Paul said with a smile.

Shit yes, I sure did like it,” I laughed.

Well good, maybe you'll let me take care of you every now and then if you don't mind,” Paul said rubbing his hands on my belly.

You know I'm not sure I can return the favor Paul,” I said honestly since I didn't know that I could do that same thing to him or any other man.

I know, didn't expect you too. I love sucking cock and what I just did to you will be my closed eye scenario when I jerk off tonight, tomorrow and probably a few days after that,” Paul laughed.

Boy, I feel kind of bad like I'm cheating you or something,” I said looking at Paul's happy, contented face.

Nonsense, you did me a favor and I said you didn't have to do a thing didn't I? So don't dwell on it. If you do want to try it some day, let me know, I'd be more then happy to help you learn how to,” Paul said rubbing his fingers gently across my cheek.

Okay, I'll keep that in mind if it's okay,” I smiled.

Yep, please do. Well, thanks for the pizza and movie and the bonus too,” Paul laughed as he patted my crotch and got up off the floor. “Hate to eat and run, but I don't want to ruin your evening by us staring at each other or me trying to drain you again!” Paul laughed.

He helped me up and gave me a sweet kiss, patted my cheek and my crotch, took his jacket and left. I was dumbfounded to say the least. I got worried, smiled, happy, nervous, all sorts of things, even going into the bathroom to see what my cock and balls looked like. Yeah, dumb I know. I thought about him putting his finger in my ass and that didn't bother me at all. Shit, it set me off like a rocket for sure. Maybe I was really sensitive down there and didn't realize it.

Well, things did progress as days went by. I told Paul I wanted to feel what it was like to give a man a blow job and he agreed to become my test subject. He came over one Friday after work and I already had pizza waiting, since I knew he loved it on the weekend. We ate, talked and he suggested we go into my bedroom for now. I agreed and kind of felt weird when he just undressed and flopped on the bed on his back with his hands behind his head. He had on a soft, sweet smile which calmed me down as soon as I looked at him. I stripped and got into bed next to him. He slowly told me what to do with my hands, how to slide down his body, licking, kissing and nibbling on his pecs, nipples, abs and around his cock, just lightly licking the head of his cock and moving on. We went through it all, me tasting and learning how to use my lips, tongue, mouth and hands to give him pleasure. I was thrilled when I heard him moaning and gasping as I got the gentle touches with my lips and tongue right I think. He had me actually suck in his balls into my mouth and roll them around with my tongue then pull my face away from them with a small amount of suction. I was nervous doing that knowing how much it hurt when you pulled your balls and squeezed them too tight. But, I passed that test with flying colors it seems as Paul gasped, panted, yelled and made me do it a few more times. We went through all sorts of things, more then he did to me for sure. I was so into the look and feel of his cock. It was wider then mine for sure and a bit longer, but not difficult at all to take all the way in my mouth. He grabbed my head with his hands, pushed and lifted my head up and down fast and hard and then started shooting his cum into the back of my throat. I gagged, choked not expecting it and not sure about how it tasted. It was a completely new taste to me so my mind had to analyze it to see if it liked it or not. He released my head and after his breathing slowed down, apologized for making me choke and gag. I told him it was fine, nothing to worry about since I just wasn't ready for him to cum then. He smiled at me, told me to come lay next to him which I did. He turned to his side, softly and gently rubbed my arm and back before leaning in and kissing me gently. I didn't fight it and kissed him back, even running my tongue tip slowly and gently across his lips. He pulled me into a super tight hug and kissed me again.

Wow, that was so good,” Paul said. “You my friend are a natural if I've ever met one for sure. For somebody who never did this, you sure picked up some great moves from your porn movies I tell yah!”

Really? Wow, I feel like I just aced a final exam or something!” I laughed.

Well, if I had any, you'd have gold stars all over your forehead now!” Paul laughed.

Okay, good, now I don't feel so bad thinking I'd make a fool of myself or make you scream out in pain cause I bit to hard or something,” I said seriously.

No, nothing even close,” Paul said kissing my nose which I thought was kinda cute.

So we're good then?” I asked just making sure.

You bet we're good. Now, if you want to take this a few steps further, just let me know and I'll get you right into it,” Paul said as he got up, got dressed, leaned over and kissed me. “Don't get up, I can let myself out. Good night and thanks.”

I smiled, waved and spread out on my bed, going over in my head what just happened. I thought over the next few weeks meeting at the gym might be a bit uncomfortable, but far from it. Paul was funnier and seemed way nicer if that was possible then he was before. We kept that up, me undergoing training and both of us getting off. He gave me a blow job, I gave him one. He rimmed me, I rimmed him. He fucked me, I fucked him but knew I didn't really like that, I preferred to be fucked. He told me that meant I was a bottom which I didn't understand so he explained it all to me. Boy, I became a novice gay person with some knowledge of gay sex. Luckily I was 58 otherwise I'd become a slut in bars I just know it. Yeah, I really liked it, lots.

Things progressed and became routine I guess. Paul suddenly seemed to be getting really serious about us and kept bringing up the subject of being boyfriends, lovers and partners. I wasn't ready for that at all, besides, I had no other person to compare it all with, Paul was like the only one which didn't seem to me to be a good way to get into partners and stuff. I liked Paul but knew I sure didn't “love” him and thought that would not be fair to him or me. Normally, how I ran through life is rather then dealing with conflict, even though I really didn't want to do something, I'd push my feelings down and do whatever it was the other person wanted. My job, my marriage, having kids, buying a house, living in the city, all of it. No more was my mantra after the marriage fell apart. I was at an age where I didn't have to bow down to the wants of others sacrificing my own wants and needs.

When Paul brought it up again, I told him how I felt and that to be fair to him and me, I didn't love him enough to get into all that with him. He looked hurt and surprised, but admitted I never told him I loved him or gave him any indication I wanted us to live together and become partners and lovers.

He left sad but understood and thanked me for being so up front and honest. He left and I never saw him at the gym anymore after that. I felt bad but yet I knew I crossed a major milestone in my life where I finally did stick to my guns and do what I wanted and needed.

I had enough of living in the city, dealing with the winters, traffic, crime, prices, taxes, the whole ball of wax. I decided that since I was in a new phase of my life, it was time to cut the security cords and move into a completely different town, area of the country and maybe travel some. I went on short vacation all over the place and settled in New Mexico. I was a vet and they had great benefits on taxes and stuff for veterans. The housing was really cheap compared to the Midwest cities and taxes were fine too. I liked that the whole state had a population nearly less then the city did that I lived and worked in. I didn't like Arizona since it was so hot in the summer and seemed to be flooded with retired people. California was just to expensive and crowded. So New Mexico it was. I flew out, made arrangements for meet with a Realtor and we started house hunting. Since the housing market went belly up, there were an awful lot of nice homes around that were foreclosures. Yeah, some were dives and the people ruined them before they left, but others were nice. Sure they needed some work, but nothing screamed out at me to be careful.

I ended up buying a 4 bedroom, 3 full bath, built in pool, 3 car garage monster that I fell in love with since I had a gorgeous view of the mountains from my backyard. I didn't need anything that big, but hey, why not. I figured if my kids ever decided to visit, they'd have nice rooms to stay in and save on motel costs. I loved it that I could an hour away from the house in any direction and it was a completely different landscape. It was! Blew my mind. The house was in a development hit hard by the housing bust so lots of empty houses. They were spread apart so you didn't have a neighbor right next to you like in the city, but more like at least a full wide lot or 2 between each house. The houses on both sides of mine were empty, but that seemed to be fine then, not thinking about what if something happened and there was nobody close to help. Wasn't at that stage in life just yet so that didn't matter to me. Stores were really close, a bigger city was a couple of miles away, well the boarder of it anyway. It was 35 miles to drive to the center of the city, but I had very little intentions of making that trek unless it was absolutely necessary. Pretty much all I needed and wanted was close by including stores, restaurants, fast food, even some bars, auto mechanics, doctors, hospitals, you name it.

I was able to get a super low interest VA loan and the principal, interest and insurance was less monthly then I was paying for rent in the city I moved from. I was amazed to say the least. I had some money put aside that I used for more furniture and appliances, had central air installed and decided to work on a watering drip system on my own. I liked trees and flowers, but found out quickly that I was at a pretty high altitude, the sun was super intense therefore and most plants I was familiar with baked or fried quickly. I learned slowly and found out about xerscaping. I shopped around and found a good price on different stones and had them delivered. Macho me was going to spread them around, make some designs and plant stuff meant to grown here. Right. A now 59 year old, not in the best of shape, having had big time heart surgery 15 years ago, was not meant to be in the landscaping business by any stretch of the imagination. I got frustrated, overdid it with large flat stones for a walkway and patio and ended up tearing a tendon in my shoulder. Very much an OUCH! I had to have surgery which I did and luckily had a nurse come by to help me out for the first couple of days. Rehab was a bitch, but worked it seemed. I slowly got better, more able to move my arm around without pain and felt I was soon back to my normal. WRONG. I had 3 different specialist lecture me on how I could not do what I was doing if I intended to have a decent life outside of a rehab place or nursing home. That woke me up for sure, nursing home? Damn that was super scary.

So being the dumb stubborn ass I always was, I decided I could do little bits at a time in order to get things finished. I didn't even notice the moving truck pull in next door, well I did, but for some reason didn't pay all that much attention to it. I saw lights on at night, heard a truck coming into the garage and leaving, but had no clue who moved in.

One day, I got myself all hyped up and put on my hat, sunglasses, work shirt, gloves and nasty cut offs, headed outside, opened the garage and pulled out my handy dandy big ass wheel barrow and flat end shovel. I was determined to take it slow and easy, but to start moving the huge pile of rocks sitting there all around. I started out nice and easy, not paying much attention to how bad I was sweating and how tired I kept getting. I figured it was from just laying around too much recouping from the shoulder mess. WRONG!

I felt myself getting wobbly and then thought it was so weird that the pile of stones was coming up to meet my face. I had no idea how long I was passed out and laying on the pile of stones, head and chin bleeding, my sun glasses busted. I felt big hands moving me on to my back and someone was asking me questions and lord knows what else. I couldn't focus on their face, I guess I just kept mumbling and groaning. I was lifted up into someone's arms, carried over to a truck and slid across what I guess was the back seat. I heard more people talking and touching all around me and then someone was wiping my face, another was wrapping something on my arm, another had taken my clothes off and another was poking me with a needle. I had no idea I was in an emergency room. When I finally managed to wake up, I couldn't see out of one eye, I had IV's plugged into both my arms and I was in a hospital bed. A nurse came in, smiled at me and asked me if I knew where I was. Of course I had no idea other then it had to be a hospital or something like it.

She confirmed I was in a hospital, had a bad bout of heat stroke, over exhaustion, super low blood sugar and probably a concussion. I had several stitches over my eye, on my forehead and chin which was bandaged, the reason I couldn't see out of my eye since the bandage took care of my eye and forehead. She said my nice neighbor Brian luckily spotted me go down as he was working in his garage unpacking, ran over, put me in his truck and got me to the emergency room. She said I had no identification on me so wondered if there was someone who could get it from my house for me. I didn't know anyone just yet so that was not going to happen. She asked if it was okay for them to ask Brian my neighbor to go into my house and pick up my wallet to bring to the hospital. I could hardly think, but what choice did I have? I told her that would be fine, very kind of him if he agreed to do that. She smiled and said he was very nice and told them if you needed anything to just give him a call. She said he actually came to visit me a few times while I was unconscious to make sure I was doing okay. I smiled and then, blackness.

I felt hands on my arm, a stethoscope on my chest and someone pumping up the blood pressure thing on my arm.

Well, good morning Gene, nice to see you awake. Have a good sleep?” the nice voice said.

My vision was a bit blurry so I just smiled and said 'yeah.'

I'm sure your vision is a bit blurry now but it will clear up. Things are getting better and now that we know who you are and where you came from, we are contacting your previous doctor who you still had a business card for in your wallet that Brian your neighbor picked up from your house, so we are reviewing your full medical history, including what your surgeon for your arm injury had on file. My goodness you have been a very naughty boy since moving here haven't you!” the nurse said laughing and patting my hand.

I had hardly been able to keep up with what she was saying since I was somewhat dizzy and more concerned with my blurred vision right now.

I'm sorry, I hardly understood what you just told me. I am having a hard time with blurry vision and its starting to freak me out,” I said moving around.

Okay, just relax. The blurry vision will clear up fine, I promise. I'll take the bandage off of your eye so you can see through both eyes, okay?” the nurse said as she moved her arms to my head and started doing just that. “I bet you are a bit hungry huh? Well I'll order you up a light tray just so you can have something to fill your stomach up some.”

Off she went, my eye uncovered and finally, I could see. Not the best, but way better then before. When she came back in a doctor or intern came in with her, asked me all sorts of questions, moved me this way and that, played with my arms, fingers, legs and neck before doing their usual grunt, smile and off he went. I had no clue what he was looking for or why. The nurse raised the back of my bed so I was just about sitting, slid that tray thing they have over my tummy and took off a cover that was on a tray of food. It was like soup, jello, mashed potatoes, juice, milk, coffee and I think pudding.

I know, not all that thrilling huh? But, believe me, once you get all this down into you, you'll feel much better. The meds they have you on do some pretty weird stuff when taken on completely empty stomach. So I want you to eat as much as you can until your tummy has a full feeling. You can hold off on the pudding and jello for later. Good idea to pace yourself all through the day. I'll put in orders so you will have jello and pudding along with juice for the rest of the day. We want to get you to the point where you can handle more solid stuff, okay?” mother nurse lectured.

I figured I had to do my best so these barbarians didn't try and put a feeding tube up my nose or something nasty like that. The soup did taste good as did the juice. The mashed potatoes were bland but washed down easy with coffee and milk. As I was eating, I brushed my fingers across my crotch under the sheet and felt something strange. I lifted the sheet and gasped. They had a catheter in my cock. I remember having that with my heart surgery and remembered I didn't like it much either.

Everything still there?” I heard a deep voice with a laugh.

Yeah, just extra piping I wasn't expecting is all,” I laughed then looked up.

There, coming slowly into my room was this giant. He had to be around 6'9” tall, solid, short black hair, beard and mustache with hair popping out from his open top polo shirt. I smiled not having any clue who this was.

I'm your neighbor Brian,” the giant said with a very wide smile as he put his super huge hand out for me to shake I think. “Just thought I'd stop by and check in on you.”

I know my eyes were super wide, I was holding a spoon full of pudding half way between the tray and my mouth, my mouth was really wide open as I gawked at him like I should scream or something.

Oh, yeah, big one here huh?” Brian laughed. “I get that all the time from people who don't know me. Hope I didn't scare you or anything like that?”

Oh, no, so sorry, its just I had no idea you were so big!” I said in shock. “I mean, no, just not expecting anyone so big. No, I mean I never really met anyone so big. No....

Easy there Gene, its okay, really,” Brian said laughing as his monster hand rubbed up and down my arm. “So any word on what's happening with you and what is the plan?”

Uhhhh, no, I think I just came out of being out mostly. Have no idea what they have been babbling about to me. Just hope I didn't sign anything that'll get me shipped off to some body part recycling plant or something,” I said slowly putting the spoon back into the pudding.

Ah, yeah, makes sense. You sure gave everyone including me one hell of a scare for sure,” Brian laughed as his monster hand rubbed up and down my arm.

I bet. Good thing I wasn't awake or I'd shit myself I think,” I said somewhat serious.

Oh man, you are funny Gene, like that,” Brian laughed squeezing my arm, his fingers easily wrapping all the way around.

I looked down at my arm to make sure it wasn't turning blue or anything.

Oh, sorry, hope I didn't hurt you or mess up any tubes you got going there,” Brian said with a concerned look.

Huh? Oh no, its fine, just kind of amazed me when your fingers completely wrapped around my arm is all,” I blushed. “You didn't hurt anything Brian, honest. By the way, thank you so much for all you've done for me, especially since we never had the chance to even meet yet. I really do appreciate what you went out of your way to do. You'll have to let me know what I can do to pay you back for your time and stuff. Had to be a pain trying to move in and deal with an old goof hitting the dirt like that.”

Hey, Gene, no, its fine, honest. I'm glad I was there and able to get you to help as fast as I did. Hate to think what would have happened if you were laying there all day and maybe the night. No sir, glad I could help you Gene, no big deal really. Hey, its my good deed for the year now!!” Brian laughed.

Well, sure there will be something I can do for you once I break out of this place,” I smiled patting his forearm with my hand.

Nawh, don't you worry. Hey, now we know our neighbors don't we! See, something good came out of all this huh? I heard you just moved here recently from a Midwest big city. Sure has to be one hell of a change for you. I'm from further up north, moved here for my job actually. Better position and pay,” Brian said with that super wide warming smile that just put me at ease so quickly.

Bet your wife isn't happy you are taking all this time dealing with idiot me huh?” I laughed.

Probably would be if I had one!” Brian laughed again. “Nope, just little old me is all. No kids, no family, no lovers, friends or suitor.”

No shit, you? I find that awfully hard to believe Brian. You are one hell of a handsome good looking stud,” I said without thinking about it.

Well Gene, thanks so much,” Brian said with a blush. “Don't think of myself that way, but nice to know you think so!”

Oh jezz, I'm sorry, must be the damn drugs. Didn't mean to be so forward and all,” I blushed.

Nonsense, I liked it, thanks. Great compliment Gene, mean it. Not often I hear anything other then giant, freak, holy shit, stuff like that!” Brian said with his head down.

Well, okay, but I can't imagine any fool saying shit like that to you! They'd have to be missing lots and lots of brain cells for sure,” I laughed.

You'd think so wouldn't you?” Brian laughed. “Well, don't want to keep you from eating that super nice meal you have there. Makes me kind of jealous,” Brian said with his eyebrows scrunched.

Well, seems its all they want me to have so I can slowly get into normal food. Have to get something in me because of the meds they say,” I laughed. “I'm willing to share if you're hungry!”

No no, that's fine thanks, I'll pass I think,” Brian laughed, stood up and brushed his hand over my head. “Glad you are getting better. I was really scared there. I won't bother you anymore so you can rest and get better.”

No please, don't do that. I mean if you don't want to I understand, don't want to become a bother to you. I don't know anyone here and it would be really nice to see you once in awhile. I mean it. It would mean a lot to me. Oh shit, that sounded like you'd have to do it or make me feel bad. Not what I mean. Damn this medications shit screws with my head,” I said all flustered.

Hey, Gene, calm down. I'm really super glad you want me to visit with you. I'd like that lots myself. Hey, we're neighbors and that is way better then just strangers ain't it. So yeah, I don't mind and would like to be able to stop in and check on you if you don't mind. Kind of feel we have a bond now since I saved your ass,” Brian said with a serious look and then that smile.

Yeah, for sure you did that my friend. Well, thanks again Brian. You'll probably get sick of me saying that, but I don't think I could say it enough,” I smiled holding out my hand.

Brian's hand swallowed mine and he also brushed his other hand over my shoulder a few times before he smiled again, waved and left the room. I didn't know what to think other then “OMG I live next to a giant hunk!” I had so many mixed emotions running through my head. What if he hates gays? What if he's one of the bornagainers? Damn why am I thinking things like this now? Shit, my head started to hurt. The nurse came in and decided my blood pressure was just too high and came back with a shot of magic juice. I think that was the first time I had a wild vivid dream of being fucked upside down by Brian. Don't ask me where that came from, had to be in one of the gay porn movies on the net I watched. As I was waking up, I felt so good. Hands were rubbing on my body, turning me on my side, massaging my back, even my ass, then turning me to the other side and taking care of that side. I moaned in pleasure even before my eyes opened.

Well, good to see some important parts of you are working very well,” a male voice laughed.

My eyes shot open, I know I blushed from head to toe as I was looking at a young male nurse with a bald head, scruffy beard and big gray eyes.

Oh jeezzz, I'm so sorry, I was just having a super nice dream and when I was finally waking up, you were rubbing my body so wonderfully. I'm really sorry,” I said super embarrassed as my cock seemed to be waving at him to the beat of my heart.

No big deal Gene, that's a good sign actually. Means your nerves and artery network are working fine. Nothing to be sorry about. I have seen lots of this believe me. Its like a natural response for a lot of guys when I give them a bed bath and rub them with lotion. Oh, I'm Dave your nurse for the next few days,” Dave said with a big smile and put out his hand.

I shook his hand and smiled, “Glad to meet you Dave. Say, thanks for the massage and bath, bet I stunk bad huh?”

No, you didn't really so don't worry about it. All comes as part of the service!” Dave laughed. “So you feel like eating something again? Be good to start getting real food into you Gene.”

Yeah, now that you mentioned it, I do feel hungry thanks,” I said not thinking anything as I was infatuated with my cock bouncing around.

Just between you and me, I can take care of that for you later on if you'd like, a service you can have if you want it,” Dave said with a sexy smile.

Oh man, it is a bit embarrassing to lay here with my cock waving around like that. Think I was a young buck or something!” I laughed.

Hey, you should feel good about that. Not a lot of men with your conditions would be doing that so soon. You should be proud Mr.!” Dave said seriously as he gently pinched the head of my cock which made me jump.

He laughed, turned around and left the room. I again didn't know what to think. Did Brian take me to a gay hospital? How the hell is this happening to me all of a sudden?

Dave came back smiling and set me up with a dinner tray. This time besides the jello and pudding, I had a small chicken breast with the mashed potatoes, a dinner roll with butter and a small slice of apple pie.

There, see what kind of damage you can do to that. Take it slow and make sure you chew every bite really good before swallowing. Don't want you to end up with a bad upset stomach,” Dave said patting my shoulder. “I'll be back to check in on you later. Now if you feel dizzy, any kind of pain, just push the call button. Don't ignore it Gene, its important, okay?”

I shook my head 'yes' and smiled. “Yes mom,” came out of my mouth for some damn reason.

Oh, so Mr. Gene is not only a horn dog but a smart ass as well huh?” Dave said with a scowl. “Well young man, you best behave yourself or mom is going to have to spank you good.”

Gene laughed and walked away leaving me with my mouth open and a full body blush. I suppose I asked for that and god, I hope I didn't give him any idea that I was into that S&M stuff. Oh well, nothing I could do about that now.

I was half way through my dinner when I heard heavy foot steps coming down the hall. Sure enough, it was Brian. I had to laugh as he ducked to come through the doorway.

Hey Gene, good to see you up and eating!” Brian said happily with that killer smile of his. “Looks like you got better color going. I see they managed to give you some real food already, good for you.”

Hey Brian, yeah, surprised me for sure. Only thing is I have to chew every fork full really good so I don't get an upset stomach otherwise Dave my nurse will spank me! Can you believe that?!” I laughed.

Well, see there, better do as you are told. Who knows what kind of torture they can come up with in these places,” Brian laughed, took my whole shoulder socket in his hand and gently gave it a squeeze then patted my hand that was on the tray thingy.

Yeah, guess you're right about that,” I laughed. “Boy, its so so so nice to see you come visiting,” I bubbled really taking in how huge he was.

Well, like I told you before neighbor, we're almost family now so I have to make sure you are doing good and all. Rack up those points up there,” he smiled as he pointed to the ceiling.

Oh, religious are you?” I asked.

Not really. Just playing the odds. I do believe in Jesus and his word, but don't go for the church stuff at all,” Brian said seriously.

Yeah, know what you mean. Anyway, want some of this fantastic meal?” I laughed holding out a fork with chicken on it.

No, thanks anyway, you need to eat all of that, and don't forget to chew real good or else huh?” Brian laughed. “You go on and eat your dinner before it all gets ice cold. I want to check out a few things and will be back in a bit, that okay?”

Course it is! No reason for you to just sit there and watch me eat!” I laughed.

Okay then, now chew good remember!” Brian said with a super serious look on his face as he had his whole damn hand over the top of my head.

Brian turned to leave, got to the doorway, turned around and gave me one of those 'I'm gonna die' smiles of his before heading out. I almost choked on the chicken seeing that. I did pretty good damage to the tray of food, saving the pudding for later along with a juice. I pushed the tray thingy away and adjusted my bed so I was sitting up with the bottom part of the bed bent up lifting my knees. It felt so comfortable. My tummy was full and nothing was hurting.

Dave popped in, smiled when he looked at the tray and asked how I was feeling.

Great! No pains, no upset stomach, my tummy is nicely full and I am really comfy. Oh, if you see a super big guy around, that's my neighbor and savior Brian who brought me in when I collapsed. He's like the only person I know here so if he wants to know anything, its fine by me. He's like family you know?” I said happily.

Good to know. I believe your chart already had a note about Brian, but I'll double check just to be sure. Glad you are feeling good, no upset stomach and no pains. Think we are making good progress now Gene. Have to keep up the good work!” Dave laughed, patted my thigh and took the food tray away.

When I looked towards the doorway, there was Brian waiting for Dave to move out of his way. Brian smiled, Dave said something to Brian and Brian looked at me, winked and patted Dave on the shoulder. Brian came in all smiles, pulled up the chair next to my bed and plopped down.

How you feeling Gene?” Brian asked with his hand over my forearm.

Pretty good Brian. Kind of surprised for some reason, but I guess their treatment is working on me,” I laughed. “Thanks again for all you did and are doing for me Brian, I really, really am grateful.”

Now there you go again Gene. You don't have to keep saying that to me. I'm really glad you do seem to be getting better already,” Brian smiled.

We talked about small things, he told me how he made sure a light was on in my house, took my keys with my wallet and locked up the house making sure nothing was left on and stuff and hoped that was okay. I laughed and thanked him again and again and he just kept shaking his head.

Oh, they asked me if I would be able to pick you up when they discharge you since you will not be able to drive for like a week. They want to be sure you don't have any weird ass dizzy spells or some goofy reaction to the medications they are using. I told them I would gladly do that, but I'd have to see if it was okay with you since I'd have to use your SUV to pick you up. Don't think it'd be a good idea for you to try and jump up into my 4x4 truck. So, is it okay if I use your car to pick you up?” Dave asked seriously.

Brian, of course it is. Just none of that joy riding stuff Mr.” I said sternly.

Yes dad, promise, no joy riding in the SUV,” Brian said holding his hand over his heart.

Wow, again I have to thank you Brian. I'm not sure what I would do to get home when they release me. One of those things that doesn't seem to come into your head regularly, you know?” I said.

Yeah, who sits there and thinks about stuff like that. I'd guess most people do have family or close friends around that would do stuff like that, but seems you and me don't except for each other huh?” Brian laughed putting his hand on my thigh and giving me a gentle squeeze.

I smiled, put my hand on his hand and laughed. Strange, he kind of left his hand there for awhile as we continued talking. Didn't think much of it right then, but it somehow seared into my mind as later on while going to sleep, the full feeling of his monster hand on my thigh happened over and over again. I asked him what he did for a living and found out he was a certified fire fighter, paramedic, forest ranger. He was called when a forest fire was raging as well as locally when needed but mostly drove ambulances and responded to 911 calls. Oh and he was also in the National Guard, did serve in the Army and saw combat duty in Iraq II. I was somewhat surprised as he sure as hell would make one hell of an easy target with his size.

I asked him about that and he laughed and told me the Army was good about that and he stayed mostly on the bases or drove in heavily armored vehicles. He saw lots of action with all the attacks on the bases and while driving with convoys In the vehicles.

Wow, thanks for your service by the way,” I said giving him a happy look.

Well thanks Gene, nice of you to say that,” Brian said with that damn smile of his. You know, I'm really luckier then most guys I served with. I don't seem to have that PTSD stuff. Think its because I saw and see so much of that stuff doing what I do that my mind found a way to adjust to it. Pretty hard on guys who have absolutely no previous experience with killing, dying and that stuff. Really traumatic for most guys. Just glad to see they are trying to do something for them now.”

Yeah, I always thought how bad this country treats the men who served in the armed forces when they returned. Like 'thanks, have a good life' and that's it. Can't imagine how the guys from the previous wars managed to survive without any help then. Shame,” I said sadly.

Okay, enough heavy stuff there Gene. Got to lighten up and think of the positive stuff, no doom and gloom!” Brian said squeezing his hand on my thigh and then removing it to sit back in his chair.

Hey, before I forget, not knowing how long I'm in here for, check out what's in the fridge and help yourself, please. No point in any of it going to waste,” I said with a smile.

Well thanks Gene, I just might do that,” Brian smiled.

I don't know why but as we continued talking and laughing, my eyes went to his crotch when he spread his thighs wide. Damn, he either had a flash light tucked in his cargo short pocket or this man had a cock and balls to match his size perfectly. Don't know if he noticed me staring, but he sure didn't close his thighs if he did. I tried real hard to look at his face and shoulders, but my eyes just went down there almost automatically. I finally adjusted my bed so I was laying down more rather then sitting up so I couldn't see his spread thighs anymore.

Well, don't want to wear out my welcome, so I'm going to head out and leave you to relax before beddy bye,” Brian said again with my thigh in his hand gently squeezing.

Thanks again Brian for visiting and all. Hope you have a great night too,” I said with a big smile patting his hand. “I really hope I'm not screwing up your social things or nothing. I'd feel awful if I was.”

Nope, not at all Gene, its all good, honest,” Brian said squeezing my thigh a little more forcefully before getting up, doing that squeeze thing on my shoulder and headed out the doorway.

I laid back some smiling at the ceiling thinking about his visit and then that thigh thing hit me. Well that on top of his flash light in his cargo pants. There I went, boink, instant hard on again. Of course just then Dave came waltzing in with his naughty smile on.

Well, and hows my best patient doing tonight?” Dave almost sang. “We ready for out nighty night massage?”

I looked at him with very big eyes and he laughed as he began taking all my vitals and stuff.

Okay, I”m going to get you to really relax and then give you something to make sure you have a great nights sleep, okay?” Dave said seriously.

Okay, that sounds good,” I said somewhat leery about what that meant.

Dave put my bed down flat, pulled out a bottle of lotion, pulled the curtain all around my bed shut and then slipped on latex gloves. He shut off the brighter lights so that only an indirect light was on. Mood lights I thought, how nice. He undid my hospital gown, gently took it off, pulled down the sheet all the way and began to put loads of lotion on his gloves. He started on my shoulders and arms, worked down slowly to my chest, spending some time on my pecs and nipples, down my abs, my thighs, my legs and feet. I thought this was really nice of him as I sure felt relaxed. He helped me to turn over on my back and went from my neck all the way down to my feet. He sure knew how to do my feet so it felt so damn good. My eyes bugged out when he started working on my ass cheeks, my ass crack, my balls and that spot in between the balls and rosebud.

Just breath deep, relax Gene, it's feeling good isn't it?” Dave said softly.

Yeah, sure is Dave thanks,” I moaned and did force myself to relax.

Man it was so damn good the way he worked over my ass and balls. He helped me to roll over on to my back, pulled my thighs apart and slowly started going from my thighs to my pubes, up my cock and back again. When he had both hands on my cock and was moving up to the head, he had his thumbs moving side to side ever so gently. When he reached the head of my cock, his thumbs rolled around and around, up and down making me gasp and moan. Didn't take long for my hips to start moving up and down. Then he changed things by holding my cock in both hands and twisting one one way and the other the other way with some pressure around my cock. Holy shit I couldn't catch my breath it was so intense. I think he only did that 3 times and my cock exploded with a nice load of cum. Dave slow stroked my cock from base to tip, making sure all my cum was drained. He took his gloves off, then washed my cock and balls with very warm water, cleaned up the cum from my abs and put another layer of lotion on my cock, balls and abs. He patted my abs gently, smiled and put back my hospital gown, pulled up the sheet and a light blanket, smiled as he picked up a syringe and injected my IV with some magical juice. I felt my body relaxing with each breath. Before I was out I thought my arms and legs would just float away.

I had no idea how long I slept, but I just slowly moved around feeling so damn good all over. Some kind of monitor they had attached to me must have notified the desk I was awake. The shades went up, sunlight was shinning in and I had a nice satisfied smile on my face.

Well, good morning Gene. How are you feeling this gorgeous morning?” Dave almost sung.

Really good Dave, thanks,” I smiled.

Good. Today we are getting you out of that bed, letting you take a shower and sit on the pot, probably giving you something to help you take a dump before a shower, let you do the usual teeth and shaving thing and then have you sit in a chair for breakfast. How's that sound to you?” Dave said removing some things stuck to my body here and there.

Great, I think I'd really like that instead of laying here like a plucked vegetable or something,” I laughed.

Good, okay, I'll be back with something guaranteed to make you have a dump, some stuff so you can shave and brush, and soap and towels for your shower. Its all going to be set up in the bathroom for you so you don't have to worry about that. Now, there is a pull string thing by the pot, the sink and the shower. If you feel dizzy, off balance or weird, pull the cord, okay?” Dave lectured.

Yep, got it,” I said with a smile really wanting to get up and moving finally.

I'm serious Gene. You have to take it slow, react to how you feel. Any weird feeling and you pull that string or else, got me?” Dave said sternly.

Yeah honest Dave, got it!” I said.

Okay, be right back,” Dave said with a smile.

When he came back, first thing he did was remove that tube from my cock. It did smart a bit but felt so good now that it was out. I forgot about it and now was amazed I was able to have an orgasm with it in me. Dave helped me sit on the edge of the bed, put his arm under mine across my back and told me to use him. It was weird as hell trying to walk at first like my legs forgot what they were supposed to do. By the time we made it to the bathroom, their memory kicked in. He helped me get on the pot, took my gown off and pointed to the strings with a very stern look. I smiled and said 'okay I got it already' which made him smack the top of my head gently before he left me to do my business. He sure was right as I think everything I ate for the last year came out of me. It felt good though after all that was finished. I used the bars to get to the sink, brushed, shaved and slowly made it into the shower. It felt so damn good to have the warm water running over my head and down my body. Dave popped in the door and wanted to know how I was doing. I told him super fine which made him laugh.

He came back after he thought I should be finished showering which I was, helped me dry myself off and helped me get into loose pajama pants and a wrap around top, then a robe. Way better then the gown thing for sure. I even had neat footy socks with rubber designs on the bottom so I wouldn't slip and fall. He helped me walk to the big comfy looking chair in the corner, pulled over a tray thingy. He came back with a tray of food, lifting the covers like it was a birthday surprise. It was. A nice helping of scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes, fruit, toast, juice, sausage and bacon. Damn it all smelled so good I was rubbing my hands together waiting for him to get out of my way. Dave laughed told me to enjoy and left.

I completely enjoyed every bite of my breakfast. Regular food and I got to use salt and pepper too! I was stuffed by the time I finished the whole breakfast, but I made sure I took my time and chewed every fork full very thoroughly. I laughed imagining I would see the image of Dave lecturing about chewing each bite for every meal I'd have from here on out.

After they took my tray away, I switched on the TV and watched the national news. It was just voices in the room after awhile, talking heads saying nothing important. I must have dozed off and took a nap cause when I woke up, a pillow was at the side of my head held by the wing thing on the chair, the chair was back a bit and a light blanket was on my lap. I drank some juice that was there for me as I just kept running through my mind all that had happened since I became dumb and pushed my limit.

Hey, look at you!” Brian's deep sexy voice boomed. “Sitting up and dressed all nice, I had to see it for myself. Dave let me know you were up out of bed and I figured I'd shoot over during my lunch break to see.”

Brian you are crazy! You didn't have to do that silly,” I laughed.

Yep, I sure did. You have no idea how worried for you I was,” Brian said seriously. “Seeing you all cleaned up and no willy tube and all, sure is a sight for my eyes I'll tell yah.”

Well, glad to be able to make you happy guy!” I laughed. “So you're gonna miss eating lunch huh?”

Nope, timed it right so you and I are going to have a lunch together,” Brian smiled that damn smile. “Dave told me when you'd get lunch so I ordered myself one too. Should be coming here any minute.”

Wow, that is so very nice of you and Dave I have to say,” I smiled

Yeah, he sure is a great caretaker. Kept me informed of everything. Super nice guy,” Brian smiled as he set up a try thingy and pulled over a chair.

Hey, maybe if they let me go for good behavior, if you'd like we can head to the cafeteria for dinner rather then being stuck in this room,” I asked. “Well, that's if you were planning to come visit of course.”

Great idea and yeah, your damn right I was coming to visit you,” Brian said seriously then laughed. “Not to worry, I'll make all the arrangement with Dave and we should be good to go tonight.”

Great, that would be just so wonderful. I can't tell you how great that would be,” I laughed.

Dave came in all smiles pushing a tray thingy with both our lunches on it.

Enjoy guys,” Dave said as he left us.

It was a simple lunch with turkey club sandwiches, fruit, salad, coffee, milk and juices. We talked and laughed all through lunch.

Well guy, sorry to say I have to leave and get my butt back to work,” Brian said as he stood up, put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

Ghee Brian, thanks again for making this special day for me really special,” I said holding my hand on his wrist.

You really like me coming here don't you?” Brian said somewhat seriously.

Yeah, I really do I'm afraid. Makes my whole day actually. I look so forward to you visiting,” I said with my head down feeling guilty.

Thanks for saying that Gene,” Brian said as he put his fingers under my chin and lifted my head up. “Warms my heart to hear you say that. Well, gotta get going, till tonight then!”

I just smiled like a goof ball. He put his hand on the side of my head and gently gave it some pressure, like he was giving me a hug. Boy, I sure liked that for sure.

Dave came in with a therapist. They helped me stand up, pushed over a walker and told me to explore the whole part of the hospital we were in. I asked Dave why there wasn't a horn or something on the walker.

Well mister smart ass, its simple. You fall down and its no dinner with Brian. I think that is enough to keep you walking really well,” Dave winked.

He was right. I now knew it was walk without any issues or no dinner with Brian which was like the only thing in my life I had to have now. I thought about that as I went on a walking tour of the floor. Kind of strange in a way that having dinner with someone would mean so much to me, but it did, it really did.

I did my walk inspection of the floor 2 times before I headed back to my room, flopped in the chair and had a nice nap. Again when I woke up, there was a pillow next to my face and a light blanket on my lap with the chair leaned backwards. I looked towards the table next to the chair and there was a nice big juice, water and some pudding. I smiled and knew it was Dave making sure I had stuff to keep my energy level up and my sugar too.

Honestly, I can't remember when I watched the clock as much as I did that afternoon. It seemed to drag and drag. I went to the bathroom, washed my face and made sure my hair was okay, brushed my teeth again and tidied up my pajamas and robe. I laughed at myself thinking I was so weird like I was going on a date or something.

There was a loud knock on the door and when I opened the bathroom door, there was Brian, all smiles and looking thrilled.

Holy cow, look at you walking and stuff!” Brian laughed as he took both of my shoulders in his hands, pulled me into him and gave me one hell of a hug.

Well, thanks Brian! Wow, nice hug there guy!” I blushed. “I have to tell you. I was watching the clock all afternoon trying to make it move faster so dinner time would happen.”

That's funny cause I was doing the exact same thing,” Brian laughed and hugged me again, a little bit longer this time.

So, are we ready for dinner now?” I asked all nervous all of a sudden.

Yes sir, sure are, lets get moving here,” Brian laughed as he moved to the side, put his hand on the small of my back and slowly walked with me and my walker.

We rode down the elevators talking up a storm, Brian telling me all about his day and me telling him about my inspection of the entire floor. We went into the cafeteria which surprised me. It had 2 sections, one the usual slide your tray thing and the other, just open for dinner was like a tiny bistro. We sat at a nice table for 2 and ordered. It was so great to be sitting with Brian in a restaurant. In my mind it was sort of a date, even though I had no reason to actually think that. Brian's legs moved right up against the sides of my legs and I didn't move them at all. As a matter of fact, I slowly pushed them closer into his legs which was funny since his thighs were like above mine a lot. It still felt good to feel the heat of his legs against mine for some reason. He kept looking at me every now and then with a super sweet smile , not looking away when I met his stare. He suddenly kept touching and rubbing my arms during our conversations, watching my face the entire time. I liked it for some reason, not feeling uncomfortable at all. I kept telling myself to calm down, don't read anything into any of this, he's just being kind and caring is all, nothing more you idiot.

He had wine after we ate and I had juice. We were both super relaxed which was really nice since when you think about it we really didn't know each other all that well. Brian insisted on picking up the tab, quickly walked over to my chair and helped me up and get steady with my walker. He did the same thing again, his hand on the small of my back and slowly keeping pace with me. When we were just about at my room I mentioned to him that I think I wanted to get into bed now since I was getting really tired. We got into my room, he helped me get my robe off and then shocked the hell out of me by lifting me up in his arms rubbing his face across my head and gently placing me into my bed. I couldn't stop looking at his eyes and took his hand into mine and held it tight to my face. I felt I just wanted to do that and if he was going to smack me, hell I was in a hospital, how bad could that be.

He really surprised me when his fingers went under my chin lifting my head up as he sat on the bed right up against me, leaned down and gave me a super gentle kiss on my lips. He moved slightly away looking deeply into my eyes. I reached up and put my hands behind his neck, pulled him down and kissed him a few times before outlining his lips with my tongue. He moaned this deep sexy moan which sent chills up my spine. Next thing I knew, I was wrapped tight in his arms his tongue was fighting mine and we were making out like teenagers. I had to push him away to catch my breath it was all so intense.

Brian, I'm sorry, I just wanted to do that so so bad,” I whispered with my head down on his chest.

Hey, Gene, if you don't stop saying your sorry for every damn sweet thing you do, I'm going to put you across my lap and make your ass cheeks redder then a red balloon,” Gene said with a slight smile as he lifted my head up again.

Okay, I'm sorry, wait, that was just natural, no fair counting that for spanking or anything!” I quickly said. “Its just I can't get straight in my head what a young guy like you would see in an old fart like me. I don't have a great body, I”m not rich, I'm not exciting, I'm just plain old me.”

Okay, I'll let that sorry pass, but I'm warning you!” Brian said holding my jaw in his fingers. “Now listen up and pay attention. I like you, I feel for you in my heart already and don't ask me why, I can't answer that question, but I know I do and like it. I don't care about any of that bullshit you went on about. I don't see your age, your bad physical condition or any of that stuff. I'm a down to earth, unexciting guy who likes simple things and is starving for affection and attention. I want to take care of you, keep you safe and hopefully make you happy. Is that such a bad thing?”

Brian, I just....” I didn't get to finish.

Brian began giving me the most passionate kiss I've ever had. Every time he let me catch my breath and try to say something, my lips were locked in his and his tongue was raping my mouth so wonderfully. I finally just went with his program and let myself feel the joy. He finally let me push my head under his chin and squeeze so tight in to him. He nuzzled his head over mine in his neck and put his hand behind my neck and gently rubbed it.

You see, like it or not, you got this big guy who feels like a puppy around you and its going to take an awful lot to make me give up Gene. If you don't want me to show you how much I feel for you, I'll understand and leave you be, no hard feelings, just lots of hidden sorrow on my part,” Brian said kissing my head and rubbing his had from my neck to the small of my back.

Brian, you have no idea how happy I feel right now. I'm completely blown away that you would think that about me, me, goofy me. Yes, I truly do want you to express your feelings any way that makes you happy as I hope you will let me do the same. I never want you to go away or stop showing how you feel to me, ever. I want you to not hold back anything good or bad, always being up front and honest with me, no matter what. Deal?”

Brian pulled me away from him, looked seriously in my face and then just about crushed me as he squeezed me tight and kissed me like he was going to be pulled away. I had to push him off so I could catch a breath and as soon as I did, wham, back to being squeezed and drowned with his kissing.

Hey you 2, this ain't no sleazy hotel you know,” Dave's voice shouted as he came into the room.

Brian stiffened up and moved me away like he was reluctant to do so. I was beet red of course and Dave thought that was just the sweetest thing ever.

If you want, I can arrange for a deluxe room with a jacuzzi for a slight extra charge boys,” Dave said patting Brian on the shoulder as he cuffed me and did his vitals thing. “Okay hot stuff, ease up on this poor man and let his blood pressure calm down some, okay?”

Oh, god, sorry, didn't mean to hurt Gene at all,” Brian said nervously as he got up off the bed and stood there like a bad boy caught breaking a rule.

Relax tiger, you didn't hurt him from what I can see, just got his blood pressure a bit higher then I'd like to see, but I'm sure it'll slow down after a short time, don't worry,” Dave said smiling at Brian. “I was teasing about the jacuzzi you know. BUT, if you want to, I don't see any reason for you not to stay the night if you'd like. I wouldn't recommend anything super strenuous, but easy does it stuff would be okay. Up to you.”

Wow, would that be okay with you Gene? I'd really like that a lot,” Brian said all bubbly and happy all of a sudden.

Well, yeah, sure I'd like that. Just not sure how intense it would get and how much we can control it. I'd hate to see Dave get in trouble for allowing me to die out of heavenly pleasure, that's for sure,” I said partially serious.

Promise, I will be sure to keep things easy and at a safe level. I am trained in stuff you know,” Brian said with his eyebrows way up.

Okay then, lights out by 10 and no screaming and wall banging if you please. The other nurses and patients would not like that I assure you,” Dave said patting me on my head and Brian on his back. “Brian, you may want to trek down to the cafeteria and pick up some drinks for both of you. I'm sure you'll need them tonight. Don't want my patient to get dehydrated from swapping a bit too much spit.”

Brian and I both blushed but he knew what Dave was talking about. He leaned in put his hand behind my head, pulled me into his face and gave me a nice sloppy wet kiss.

Be right back, don't go no where on me,” Brian said waving at me.

You got you one good catch there Gene. I know a whole bunch of guys that would fight to the death to land that one. He's got it REAL bad for you my man,” Dave said as he finished up, took the IV out and put on a bandage.

Yeah, I'm getting that picture but still don't see how. Just won the lottery I think,” I laughed.

Baby, you sure as hell did. Enjoy, be careful and don't overdo, you hear me!” Dave said waving a finger at me.

Yes dad,” I said with a laugh.

Okay then, see you guys in the morning. I'm assuming you both will wander down to the cafeteria for breakfast?” Dave asked at the doorway.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure we will, thanks Dave,” I smiled.

Brian was back like a flash. I swear he looked like he was nervous and was going to jump out of his skin.

Okay hot stuff, you come over here after you put that stuff down, sit in that chair and behave yourself,” I said sternly.

Brian looked at me with big eyes and did just what I said. I got out of bed,walked over to him, pulled up and off his polo shirt, took off my pajama top and straddled his legs which he had to pull together tight. I pushed his head back and licked, nibbled and sucked on his pecs, his shoulders, neck and chin. I could see and feel the goose bumps coming up all over him. With every touch of my mouth or lips he moaned and groaned. I had to really push hard against his head to keep him from ravaging my mouth. After I figured I tortured him enough, I let his head come down, smiled at him and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips. He gently wrapped his arms around me and was going to kiss me, so I went along with him. I moved to the side of his head and started working on his ears. God did he moan and groan, even growled which sent a super shiver up and down my spine. I could feel his cock coming to life as my ass was spread over his thighs right about where his cock was trying to move up, my ass holding the shaft from going straight up. The more I worked on his ear, using my tongue, lips and teeth and moaning right over his ear, the bigger the wet spot I felt growing on my ass. He finally reached down maneuvered his cock so it was resting up against his lower abs. He really gasped when I bent down slightly, pulled his pants open and smeared a bunch of his flowing precum on my hand, lifted it and looked directly in his face as I slowly licked it off my fingers. He went bonkers then. I had no choice in the matter any more. He had the back of my neck in his hand and was attacking my mouth, lips and tongue so passionately and softly. I slid my hand down his long abs and took the head of his cock which was up out of his shorts and began gently turning my hand wrapped around the head, sliding his precum back and forth, gently twisting and slowly stroking up and down very gently. Damn he was so hot, so worked up and so passionate. I know he was purposely holding himself back so he wouldn't harm me in any way.

I got myself free of his grasp, moved off his lap, stood before him and let my pajama pants just slide down. I was in front of him completely naked. He slowly stood up, his fingers moving up my whole body, fully undid the zipper on his cargo shorts and pushed them down. I was in a trance when I saw the real monster and balls he had. His cock was like a weapon, really veined and super thick. The head of his cock was so long and wide and an angry reddish purple color. His balls were super big, like plums at least, in a thick skinned, hairy sack that seemed to be struggling to keep his balls from falling. Man his pubes were like wild bushes and his body had a gorgeous layer of black long hair, straight, not curly. His body was so long and I thought so sexy. His pecs were well developed and his nipples were in good sized aureoles that seemed to invite you to suck them and nibble. I was just about to fall to my knees and pull down his cock when he put his hands on my hips and lifted me up off the ground like I was a melon. Before I knew it, my entire cock and balls were being ravaged inside of his mouth. I was gasping, pulling at his arms and head, feeling completely at his mercy. He did that until I was jerking and gasping just about to have an orgasm. He released me, slowly moved me back down as his mouth and tongue worked over my entire body as it moved slowly toward the floor. When my face was even with his, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me so gently, then asked if I was okay and not hurting. He laughed when I said I was hurting for his cock. He let me down and I was trying to figure out how best to attack his cock as kneeling was dumb since his legs were so long and I don't think I could stay slightly bent over and do my thing. He obviously saw my dilemma, had a soft laugh, put his hands under my armpits, lifted me up and walked us to my bed. He sat down slid onto the bed so he was laying on it, grabbed me and lifted me on top of him. He used the controller to lift the back of the bed slightly up leaving the bottom flat. I was on top of his abs and chest. When I lifted myself to slide down towards his cock, the bastard put his hands behind his head and began to flex his biceps and pecs slowly. My mouth shot open and my eyes didn't know which to watch. He leaned forward, gave me a kiss a smile and laid backward doing that again. He help remind me of my desired mission by slowly moving me down his body. I woke up and moved myself down, caressing his cock and balls, kissing, licking, nibbling, worshiping. I mean what else was one supposed to do with them? They were so demanding of attention and worship. I attacked his balls first, just able to barely get one in my mouth at a time. I worked up and down his cock with my lips and tongue, taking in just the top half of his cock head, sucking gently, rolling my tongue all around it and teasing his piss slit. I swear I never heard anyone growl so much as Brian. I pushed at his thighs to spread them farther apart and up. He lifted them up and spread them wide. I slowly worked licking, sucking, nibbling and kissing from the top to the bottom of his perineum. That really seemed to hit a super wow button in Brian as he squirmed, gasped, growled and moaned the whole time. When I moved further down to his rosebud, I know he stopped breathing. I quickly looked up and saw his head facing the ceiling, his mouth wide open and his eyes scrunched tightly shut. Yep, Brian loved his ass rimmed, no doubt in my mind. I went to work, moving from the top of his perineum to the bottom of his ass crack and around his rosebud. I stopped on his rosebud after it was starting to pucker, pushed my tongue slightly in and covered it with my whole mouth, sucking and moving my lips hard all around it as my tongue fucked his rosebud. Brian was panting like crazy, gasping like he needed oxygen and growling like he was going to turn into a werewolf. I couldn't help but smile, knowing I was really giving him some super good pleasure feelings. I felt his upper body moving, then I was pulled up on top of his body, wrapped in his arms and being kissed wildly and forcefully. Brian was feeling super good I took it to mean. I pushed away and went back down to ravage his ass. This time, I did the exact same thing but forced my tongue as deep inside of him as I could, wiggling and darting in and out. When I thought I had done a good number on his ass, I moved up, grabbed his cock in one hand and started slow jerking it up and down as my mouth worked on the head of his cock. I did manage to slide the whole head in and then out, but that was as far as I could manage it. His hips began moving, his hands were on my head, gently helping me work on his cock. I felt the precum coming harder so I added more pressure to my hand stroking and became more forceful with my mouth and tongue on his cock head. I thought what the hell and pushed 2 fingers of my other hand slowly into his ass and then turned them and rubbed them around slowly. Well, Brian started panting and his hips were going faster and faster, actually lifting me up off the bed, so I got nervy and put another finger in his ass. That seemed to do it as Brian grabbed a pillow, held it tight over his face and I heard the muffled yell and nearly had my head pushed back hard as his cock fired shot after shot of cum, a bigger amount each time. I sucked hard, swallowed what I could but I couldn't keep up with the volume that was coming out. I backed off his cock just to get some good breaths and my face was quickly covered by shots of cum. I didn't care, it obviously made Brian feel good so I felt good. He let the pillow down after awhile of shouting, swearing and yelling into it, reached down, pulled me up and licked my entire face taking off his cum then tongue fucking my mouth, sharing his cum with me. I couldn't help but to stiffen and hold on so tight I thought I'd strangle him. Not likely but still, I felt that way. He slowly calmed down, kept kissing me, licking my face and growling! That was so hot, I found out I just loved his growling, so primal and macho.

Baby, that was the god best orgasm I've ever had in my life. I never dreamed being rimmed was so damn hot and felt so good, thank you sweet thing,” Brian said between gentle soft kisses.

My pleasure baby, loved how you reacted,” I smiled.

Okay, now you,” Brian said.

Before I could say a word, I was turned around my head down towards his cock and my cock and balls were in his mouth again. Then, his tongue and mouth were working on my ass. It was so wild how big his tongue felt as it slid up and down my ass and perineum. When he attacked my rosebud, I didn't know what to do. My whole body wanted to jump, shake and shiver. When he started pushing his tongue inside of me, it felt like a huge slimy cock was fucking me slowly, it was so wild. His tongue was long and he could flatten it out wide. When he started wiggling it and sliding it against my insides, he had to have hit my prostrate as I felt electricity shooting up my body. I don't think my cock ever leaked that much precum before. I shivered, stiffened and gasped as I was about to have one hell of an orgasm. Brian quickly moved from my ass back to devouring my cock and balls and his mouth, tongue and lips went wild. That did it, I buried my face into his abs as I screamed and shouted as he sucked every ounce of cum from me. My entire body went limp when I finally calmed down. Brian turned me back around, continued his gentle sweet kissing and lifted me away from him to look at me. He had the most satisfied smile on his face.

Well, did I do good baby?” Brian whispered with such a sweet smile.

Oh shit baby, you did REAL REAL good, thank you,” I managed to moan out.

You don't ever have to thank me for pleasing you Gene, never. Its what makes me happy and I sure as shit love doing it,” Brian said kissing me again.

Okay, hows about a nice hot shower, some drinks and then beddy bye?” Brian said.

Sure, anything you'd like baby,” I mumbled holding on to his neck and snuggling my face in his chest.

Brian put one hand on my ass and got up out of bed, walked to the shower, picked up some towels Dave had to have left for us, got in, turned the shower on and held me tight to him, kissing the top of my head until the water was nice and hot. He stepped in holding me and kissed me as the water spread from the top of his head down on to my head, and down our bodies. Man it felt so good. He grabbed for the soap, soaped me up, rinsed me under the water, slid me down, turned me around and pulled my back against him as he bent down and washed me from my thighs to my head. He was slowly massaging my entire body with his massive arms and hands. Damn it was so good. He stooped down and handed me the soap. I washed his entire back slowly, his head, shoulders, arms and sides, he rinsed off and then spread his legs apart. I slowly played with the soap on his entire ass, his monster bowling balls fascinated me. He flexed them after awhile which was so hot. I slowly moved my soapy hand up and down his ass crack, feeling the force and power of his ass cheeks as he flexed them tight around my hand. I did his legs and lower back. He moved under the shower, rinsed off and turned around then stooped down again. I smiled as I washed his front, arms all of it, playing with his pecs and biceps which the bastard flexed for me as I was moving my soapy hands over them. I guess I must have had that same dumb look on my face when he did that cause he laughed and kissed my forehead and continued doing it. He stood up and I did his legs and kept his cock and balls for last. I soaped them up real good and massaged them with my sliding hands. He liked that I could tell. So when he rinsed off, I knelt down and pulled at his hips so he slid down braced against the wall so his legs were wide apart and I had a perfect place to get at his cock kneeling. I did just that, strictly concentrating on his full cock. His hands kept rubbing my entire head, shoulders and arms as I worked the head and stroked his shaft. I waited until his breathing changed and then I moved my hand that was soapy down to his ass, began playing with that and eventually had 3 fingers up inside of him. Real short time later, I was drenched in his cum, swallowed a ton of it again and couldn't keep up. This time the water washed it off of me. He grabbed me, slid up and wrapped me in his arms as we kissed passionately and gently.

You are so bad,” he whispered in my ear as he licked around the edge and tickled it with the tip of his tongue inside.

Yeah, and I love it so much baby,” I snarled.

I love it when you are so bad you know,” Brian laughed. “You know I'm going to want to do this lots once you are released don't you?”

Yeah, I'm counting on it,” I said kissing him.

Good, cause that's what's in the cards for sure,” Brian growled.

Okay, dry up, have some juice and its beddy bye,” Brian said smacking me on my ass and pushing me out of the shower.

He dried me off and I tried to dry him off but all I could deal with was his hips on down. He took care of the rest. We went towards the comfy chair where the juices and soda were. He sat down on a towel and pulled me on to his lap like he was Santa. I snuggled into his body as he handed me a juice and he had a soda. It was so nice just cuddling like that, no conversation necessary at all. We did talk some but I think we were both tired. We finished our drink, Brian scooped me up in his arms and took me to the bed. He gently put me into it, adjusted the bed so the back was slightly up and the foot part too, got in next to me, turned me on my side and spooned me holding me super tight into his body. His arm was my pillow. We fell asleep after adjusting positions and ended up with him on his back and me mostly on his chest, his arm holding my ass and my arms stretched across his shoulders, my head snuggled under his chin. Man it felt so good, safe and loving.

Okay you 2, party is definitely over!” Dave's harsh voice seemed to yell as he opened the blinds and let the sun try to fry out bodies.

Jeeez Dave, have a heart will yah?” I said squinting and trying to cover my face like the sun was going to start my whole body to burst into flames.

Yeah, please Dave,” Brian said with a big yawn.

I'll give yah a heart alright, lover boy here has to get ready to go down for some tests so we can throw his horny ass out on the street finally and this place can get back to actually treating sick people,” Dave almost sang.

Oh, horny ass being thrown out on the street is it? What, my insurance rejected the ridiculous charges this quackery charges?” I said a bit put out.

Now, now, lets not get our britches all tied in a not, not a good thing for getting better is it,” Dave laughed. “Seriously guys, gotta clean up this act and super man here has to vacate otherwise the doc in charge is going to have a cow.”

Okay, okay, I understand, job security is at the root of this evil,” Brian laughed as he hopped off the bed and got dressed.

Ummmmm mmmmmm, thank you SO much for that heart stopping display Brian, I think it'll take me at least a month to calm down after seeing you in the buff,” Dave said in a high pitched voice.

Watch it Brian, something tells me Dave here has eyes on you,” I laughed. “Better head for the hills before he shoots you up with something and you wake up in his basement or garage.”

Now why the hell didn't I think of that, damn,” Dave said standing with his hand on his head.

Forget it buster, he is definitely spoken for,” I said seriously.

I am?” Brian piped in.

Yeah, he is?” Dave looked shocked.

Yeah, he most and you most certainly are so get over it,” I said sternly.

Well, guess we've been told huh Brian?” Dave huffed. “Okay darlins, Brian you go clean up, I can help if you feel the need, and crabby Gene, you hit the pot and shower and be ready for inspection and testing within the hour.”

Brian and I both had a hard time keeping a straight face on after that outburst. Brian came over to me, wrapped me in his arms lifting me off the ground, laid a super sweet kiss on me and said he'd be back for lunch and of course dinner and another pajama party.

Don't be too sure guys, I'm guessing if the tests come back good then lover boy here will be discharged today,” Dave smiled.

What? Holy shit! That is SO great,” Brian said all excited. “Well if you let me know I can get out of work early and rush over here.”

Hey, I can wait until you are off of work you know,” I said smiling.

No you cannot. Once they set you free, that's it, out you go within 2 hours max or you're waiting in the lobby until someone comes for you. They are real strict about that since the insurance companies won't pay for any time after discharge. I know, weird, but hey, it is what it is,” Dave said sadly. “So, if the doc discharges Gene, I'll either text you a message or call you and leave a message, whatever. Hopefully you can come within the time slot and take Gene home. I'd hate to see him languishing in the lobby all by his lonesome.”

Nonsense, I can just take a taxi home,” I said seriously.

I thought my head would fly off from the sound of the “NO” that came at me in stereo from Brian on one side and Dave on the other.

First off, against policy and I can't sign the release forms if you aren't picked up by a friend or relative. Very explicit about NO TAXI pickups, so that can't happen,” Dave said with his face super serious.

There see, ain't gonna happen, besides, ain't no way I'm letting you just hop in some damn taxi and get dumped off at home like that. No sir, just ain't in the cards, no way, no how,” Brian said with his arms crossed giving me a super stern look.

Okay, okay, I got it, no taxi, gosh, think I was going to jump off a bridge or something,” I said with a pout look.

Okay Dave, I'll be looking for your call so I can come pick Gene up,” Brian said rubbing his hand in my hair and then giving Dave a hug.

Wow, don't suppose I can get redo's on that huh?” Dave said with a dreamy look on his face.

No, you most certainly cannot,” I said as I turned Brian around and tried to push him towards the doorway.

Sorry Dave, boss has spoken,” Brian laughed as he walked out the doorway.

He's one hell of a great guy isn't he?” I said to Dave.

Yeah, you sure are lucky Gene. He's a once in a lifetime catch for sure,” Dave sighed.

Yeah, look how many years of my life went by before him,” I sighed.

Okay, before we have ourselves a great pity party, off you go, testing awaits,” Dave laughed and left me to take care of the morning routine.

The tests were aggravating for some reason, like lots of push me here in a wheel chair, leave me alone for awhile, do a stupid test then push me there, on and on it seemed, actually it was 3 tests, no big deal.

When I was wheeled back up to my room I asked the nurse at the desk if I could have breakfast since I was really hungry. She smiled and said Dave already had it ordered and should be coming up within a minute or 2. I got out of the wheel chair and being an optimist, I began to pack up my stuff and took out an outfit I would wear home. An orderly came in with my breakfast tray and wished me the best. I sat myself down and just started to organize my food when Dave came in all smiles and just wanted to be sure I had returned and that the breakfast was okay. It sure was since I was really hungry.

I did my usual nap thing after eating and woke up to that pillow next to my head and a blanket on my lap, my tray gone except for the coffee and juices. I went into the bathroom and washed my face in cold water to wake me up some as I felt tired for some stupid reason. Dave came in singing some goofy tune calling out my name as if I was going to be hiding somewhere.

I'm in the bathroom Dave,” I shouted.

Well, I already called Brian and I'm a bit worried he's going to kill somebody driving over here from the way he sounded. Great news, got here your discharge instructions, some prescriptions you need to fill and a schedule of made appointments with 2 of your doctors. I'll go over some things you need to know and watch out for, but otherwise you are good to go baby!” Dave laughed.

I let out a 'whooo hooo' and hurried up what I was doing. Dave had me sit down and spread out the papers on the tray thingy, making me sign and or initial each page as he covered it. He kept stressing how important it was for me to pay attention to my body for signs of trouble and get my ass into the ER rather then take any chances. I thought that was a bit of overkill, but hey, how would I know. I had a feeling that if I even hinted to Brian I didn't feel good, he'd scoop me up, throw me in his truck and rush over to the ER before I could blink.

Okay Gene, you are good to go now. As soon as Brian comes up, we'll get you into a wheel chair and home you go!” Dave smiled gently rubbing his hand over mine.

I got dressed, packed up my new pajamas, robe and footies since Dave said they were all for me. Kind of a nice touch I think, even though I was certain I paid for a full box of them or more anyway.

I swear, when I heard the soft ding of the elevator and it sounded like a herd of elephants was stampeding towards my room, I just knew it was Brian. Sure enough, he actually slid around into my doorway with his hand holding on to the side wall.

Ready to fly away with me sugar baby?” Brian said with the biggest smile I've ever seen.

Yep, all packed, debriefed and ready,” I laughed as he scooped me up and spun me around in his arms. “Guess we have to wait for Dave to come for me with a wheel chair, but other then that, think I'm all set. Got my instructions, prescriptions, appointments, all of it all packed away in the backpack you brought for me.”

Well while we are waiting, let me look at them okay?” Brian said sheepishly.

I knew darn well he wanted to see what I wasn't able to do and what I needed to watch out for so he could mother hen me to death. Kind of nice after I gave it some thought. Here was this giant of a hot hunk, who I really didn't know all that well, who saved my life and seemed overjoyed that I felt for him, needed him and he had the assigned task of protecting me, taking care of me and killing me with sex. All around, not a bad deal I think.

We made it down to the lobby and Brian went and pulled my car around to the entrance, Dave wheeled me out and allowed me to finally stand. I hugged Dave which I know he really liked since he hugged me back and gave me a sweet kiss on my cheek. Brian was right there, opening my door, scooping me up and setting me down on the seat.

You do know that I can walk and move around right?” I laughed.

Yeah, but you just came out of a hospital and I'm not taking any chances on you falling or anything like that. Safety first,” Brian said seriously.

I knew not to fight him on this, he was on a mission and nobody was going to distract him from that. We had a nice talk on the way home, me smiling as I noticed how careful he was driving like stopping to soon or going to fast would crack the delicate rare china set I had on my lap! When we got to my house, he pulled into the garage which is attached to my house, ran around to my door, scooped me up again and carefully walked me into the house, managing to hold me and unlock the house door without any problem at all. He took me into the living room, sat me down in a nice chair and told me to stay put or else. Yeah, like I was going to argue with the man.

Okay, the garage is closed up, the car is locked, the keys are on the hook by the door. You want anything for now? What can I get you?” Brian asked kneeling down next to my chair with such a sweet smile.

Well, lets see. Something cold to drink would be nice, and seeing you naked would be even better, and laying in my bed with you would be just about the best right now,” I smiled.

I swear, I never saw anyone move that fast in my life. He shot into the fridge and came back with 2 large soda's and handed them to me. As soon as I took them from his hands, he took all of his clothes off like they were on fire. He scooped me up and walked us into my bedroom, pulled down the covers, laid me down and took the drinks from my hands. He gently began to strip me naked, kissing me wherever he was pulling my clothing off. He gently got into the bed and scooted right up against me on his side, pulled me up into a sitting position against the headboard with pillows behind my back, took one of the soda's, opened it and handed it back to me, took the other, opened it and smiled at me, leaned in and took my breath away with the kiss he gave me.

There, all better now?” Brian growled like melting me completely of course.

Wow, you are good really good,” I laughed and rubbed my hand down his cheek with a super smile on my face. “Brian, I have no idea what I'd do without you. You are indeed my savior and I can't thank you enough or even begin to know how I can repay you for all you have done.”

He smiled, kissed me and then said, “For one, I thought we covered all that in the hospital. You have to quit with the thanking me stuff, please. It really ruins my having good points up there you know. For another, I can't seem to do enough to make sure you know how much you already mean to me and how much I have this deep feeling in my heart that I have to care, protect and please you as much as my entire being will allow. Now, do we have an understanding or what?”

I had a tear coming down my cheek and after he kissed it off, I kissed him and said, “Brian, pinch me, I know this is all a super dream and I'm really terrified it'll all be over once I wake up.”

Nope sugar pie, ain't happening, unless like I told you before, you tell me to take off and leave you be, otherwise, you are gonna be one black and blue dude from all the pinching I'm gonna have to do,” Brian laughed.

Okay, I'm going to quickly get dressed, run over to the pharmacy and fill your prescriptions, pick something up for dinner for us and then I'll be right back here for you, okay?” Brian kissed my nose.

Yeah, that will be so wonderful,” I said with sleepy eyes as suddenly I was so tired.

Brian took my drink from me, scooped me up and moved me down the bed so my head was on the pillows, kissed me and pulled the sheet up over me, closed the blinds and curtains and I was out, never seeing him leave. When I finally woke up, something smelled really good in the house.

Who's screwing with my kitchen,” I shouted slowly getting out of bed.

I put on my robe and slippers as I headed towards the kitchen. Brian was coming for me with a great big smile.

Hey sugar plum, feeling good after your nap?” Brian said hugging me into his body and kissing the top of my head.

Yeah, I'm so sorry, but I just got so tired,” I yawned.

Well, 3 hours is a good indication of how much you needed that nap. Here, got your prescriptions all laid out for you, come on,” Brian said ushering me into the kitchen. “Now these 3 you have to take 2 times a day, this one once a day at night, this one is for if you feel light headed, dizzy or off balance, and this neat thing here is a testing kit for your blood sugar to make sure your levels don't fall super low which is NOT a good thing. I have fruit juice in the fridge which you need to take right away if your sugar is below 70, and then some hard candy to boost your level up high faster. I have dinner in the oven. I hope its okay, but I stopped at that Chicken place from out east and got up a whole chicken, potatoes, biscuits and a veggy.”

Wow, you sure have all the bases covered huh?” I laughed as I sat down on a stool at the counter, rested my chin in my hands and just smiled as I looked at him.

Yep, that's important to me when it comes to carin for you sugar,” Brian smiled sliding his fingers across my cheek. “Oh, I hope its okay, but I stopped by my place, picked up some of my toiletries, undies and stuff so I had stuff here. I can run back to my house if I need anything else, just thought it would be easier to have that stuff handy if you let me stay here with you.”

I sat up and had a look of total surprise on my face.

Shit yes its okay, more then okay. I never expected you to completely screw up your life because of me Brian. I'm okay, really, just need to take things slow until I get my body steady again is all. You can stay here if you like or just come over now and again, or just call me maybe,” I said looking at him with a smile.

Oh boy, see, there you go again, not listening to what I've been telling you. I AM TAKING CARE OF, PROTECTING, MAKING SURE I KEEP YOU HAPPY, and there is no way around that other then you telling me to piss off. Now, do I have to write it in real big letters on every wall of this house or what?” Brian said with a serious look.

Okay, my bad, I have to stop thinking I'm a bother to you and you feel obligated or something. I have to get used to the idea you truly care about and for me, so please, be patient and give me some time. I'm old you know and it takes a bit longer for the brain cells to pass on the message once you're over 50,” I snickered.

He moved right up to me, lifted me up and sat my ass down on the counter with his hands on my shoulders and said, “You are so damn lucky you just got out of the hospital and I'm a nice guy buster. You are not old, its a stupid number is all. Its all about how you feel and what's in your heart. So you are gonna have to get some punishment I'm afraid for that major foo pah.”

Before I could say a word, he pushed my back fast but gently down to the counter, pulled apart my robe and sucked in my cock and balls completely in his mouth. His tongue and mouth were going bonkers on me and all I could do was gasp, pant and suck air in fast. He'd stop until I started to breath normal or close to it then started up again, a bit more gently this time, I'm sure making certain I didn't hyperventilate or anything. I held on for dear life to his head and had my legs wrapped onto his back, since there was no way they would wrap all the way around him. He let go of my cock and balls, looked up at me with a super sexy look, latched his hands on to my thighs and lifted my ass up in the air, wiggled his tongue at me and dove into my ass. Well, I probably should have taken some of my pills first, but this was a miracle cure if I ever heard of one. I didn't care about anything in the world except what Brian was doing with his tongue in my ass. He didn't stop until I was yelling and screaming as I was shooting cum all over my abs. He looked up with a big smile, licked the cum off my abs slowly and pulled me down towards his mouth as his tongue, lips and teeth played all the way up to my lips. He wrapped his arms around my back and held me tight to him as he kissed me so sweetly and gentle and then nuzzled his face into my neck.

He made me laugh when his head shot up and he looked at me with a crazy look of surprise and said, “Okay, how about we eat dinner now huh?”

God he was something else. He made me decide, dinning room or right here on the counter. I didn't really want to move so I said counter. He slid me off the counter into a stool, set out the plates he already had waiting and pulled the dinner out of the oven. He wanted to know what I liked with stuff and I settled for a juice to drink and he had a beer. He sat right at the side of the corner so our hands could touch which they did, our pinky fingers locking together. It was so surreal.

Doc Brian made sure I took my meds, went through all the instructions on the blood testing kit and insisted we give it a dry run. He was like a little kid with a new science kit even though I know he did this hundreds of times a day as part of his job.

So, you never answered me about me having my stuff over here,” Brian finally said after carrying me into the living room and on to the love seat where he sat right next to me with his arm over my shoulder, me pulled towards his body.

Yes, its wonderful,” I said softly.

Good, cause I'd hate to have to lug all that crap back again,” Brian laughed.

Brian took a few days off just to keep tabs on me and be sure I was getting somewhat normal since he really didn't know what that was for me. I'm sure to him my normal was laying on top of some rocks with a bloody head and mumbling!

Once he went back to work, he would check on me 2 times or more a day. He seemed to never get enough of making out, taking care of him and letting me play as much as I dreamed of with his body and of course driving him wild almost nightly. One night, right after dinner, I approached the subject of him fucking me.

What? Are you crazy? I'd rip you in 2 for gods sake,” Brian shrieked.

Now come on, you most certainly would not. We could take it slow and easy, taking our time. You just have to really open me up, I slick up your bad boy with tons of lube and you squirt a bunch up my shoot. I'll sit on top of your willy and let me control my moving down on him. See, nice and easy, no problem at all,” I reassured him.

Geeez, I don't know Gene, that scares the hell out of me,” Brian said with a very worried look.

Don't you want to fuck me?” I asked.

Shit no, I mean shit yes I do, its just look at the size of my cock and the size of the opening of your ass. Does not match up Gene,” Brian said nervously.

Hey, like I said we'd do it and you'd be amazed how far it will open and stretch. Besides, I want so much to have you deep inside of me, taking me, making me completely yours, staking a primal claim to me. I really and truly want that Brian, silly as it may seem to you, but its really important to me,” I said holding his face in my hands.

Brian didn't say a word and just kept staring at my face, our eyes never loosing contact. Finally he kissed my nose and said, “Well, if it means so much to you then I can't keep from you what you really desire. I would love to feel my cock deep inside of you, make you all mine, claim you as mine and mine alone, making us one, just one being, joined tight together,” as tears fell from his eyes.

Gene, no one has ever made me feel so loved and needed In my whole life. Every little thing you do is a wonder to me and I can't imagine not having that in my life. Whatever it is you want or desire, I have to give to you, no matter what. You are all that's important to me now, just you,” Brian said burring his face on my shoulder.

Oh my sweet, gentle, loving Brian. I feel the same my lover. Yeah, I said it, you are without a doubt my lover and I love you with all my being. So like you said to me, like it or not, you are stuck with me lover,” I said with tears coming from my eyes.

He scooped me up and held me against his body as he kissed me the whole way in to the bedroom, laid me down, got out a big bottle of lube I had, pulled out a towel from the bathroom and put it on the bed. He laid down on the towel, pulled me on top of his body, started moving his hands all up and down my body as we began a super make out session. I hit every part of his body I could with my hands, lips, mouth and tongue. He scooted up the headboard, flipped me around and had my ass right up to his mouth. He had this technique of driving me absolutely wild with his mouth and tongue. His sucking and slurping as his tongue fucked me deeper and deeper drove me insane. God how he loved teasing me, letting me slide down towards his cock, just get my mouth to the tip and lick and suck and then he'd pull me back up. It was maddening. He slid down, turned on his side so I slid to my side and we 69'd for a long long time. Soon, Brian was on his hands and knees over my body, with my legs locked under his arm pits and his hands were working my ass cheeks as his mouth and tongue were ravaging my ass. I could only get to his cock by pulling it towards me so I played with it and his balls, kept licking my fingers and rubbing them over his rosebud which always got a bunch of deep guttural growls from him. He worked on my ass with one finger and his tongue, then 2 fingers and his tongue then 3 fingers and his tongue and finally 4. He was gentle yet relentless, playing with his hand this way and that way making sure it easily went in and out of my ass before he was satisfied. He reached over for the lube, put the tip in my ass and squeezed. I could feel the cool lube spreading inside my ass. Brian put his hand back in to make sure it was completely spread around, put more in and then turned on his back. I climbed up on top of him, kissed him, latched on to his pecs and played, bent down and sucked on his nipples before reaching back and lining up his monster with my pulsing ass. He had slicked up his cock with a ton of lube. I was surprised I didn't skid right off the bed. I squatted down holding on to his pecs. He had his hands on my waist, I know to lift me up in case something was wrong or I was in lots of pain. I told him I knew it was going to hurt at first, but it would fine. I had to promise that if I didn't think I could go down further I'd tell him and it would no problem at all. I slowly began to push down, lift up, push down, bounce some when I was down. I could feel more and more of his cock head was moving in or should I say sliding in from all the lube in my ass and on his cock. Since I knew what was going to happen and Brian had no clue as nobody ever rode his cock, ever, I pretended to go slow and easy. I could feel more and more of his cock head push in past my rosebud, the sphincter pulsing without any problem after what Brian did with his tongue and hand. I knew I could just let it slide really far up inside of me which it would do from the lube, yeah hurt some only because it was so damn huge, but that would pass for sure as my prostrate was massaged by the veins on his cock and the rim of his cock head, but thought he'd have a stroke and panic, so I kept it slow which was sexy and hot as hell I have to admit.

When I had the entire head of his cock inside of my ass, I purposely squeezed my ass muscles a few times. Watching the look on Brian's face was so worth it. The super wide eyes, the open mouth in the shape of an 'o' and the panting on and off like labor practicing. I played more with his pecs and nipples which made him throw his head back and close his eyes, but always back to watching me carefully just in case. I slid down half way down his cock and man it did feel so weird as that thing was pushing my insides out of its way since it meant business for sure. I was right about the pain going away which it did real quick as the rim on his cock head and those veins pulsing with his heart beat drove my prostrate insane. I never felt sensations like I was now. It was so hard to concentrate on going slow so I wouldn't freak out Brian in any way. He had to feel I was okay and that he wasn't hurting me. When I think I was over 3/4th of the way down his cock shaft, I squeezed and moved up until I felt the rim of his cock head at my sphincter, squeezed a few more times and then let my body slide me back down his cock. That got Brian yelling, swearing and making all sorts of wild animal like sounds I never heard before, not even in the porn flicks. I was grunting, gasping, panting and moaning, my body wanted me to ride his cock like it was a wild bull, but no, nice and easy. Both of us were covered in sweat, Brian's body hair was all matted down and shinny. I was so taken by how his muscles were contracting, flexing, like flowing from the sensations he was obviously getting into now big time.

Don't ask me how, but finally I felt his pubes tickling my ass cheeks. Shit, I actually had his monster all the way inside of me. I looked down as I moved myself a bit backward and sure enough, I could see it like something pushing against my stomach wall from the inside. I moved forward and started to slow move up and down his cock shaft. Brian shot up, pulled my body into his and started to kiss me so wildly it stunned me. His tongue was fucking the crap out of my mouth, all the way to my throat. He was biting into my neck and shoulders, sucking and hard licking like crazy, then he'd fall back down hard on the bed and pant, growl, grunt and yell, swear, all that stuff.

Okay, that did it, my body and mind said screw this, you want to get the life fucked out of you and this monster cock can do it so have at it. I wanted it so damn bad now, I stopped worrying about Brian's worries and became a wild horny slut on his cock. His arms and hands hit the mattress hard as he had this total look of shock on his face as I was grunting like some animal, screaming 'yeah, fuck me, fuck me' at him, my face looking at the ceiling, my entire body pounding up and down his cock. The feeling was so damn erotic and hot, I didn't care. He was going to fill me completely with his cum or I was going to choke the shit out of him!

Brian suddenly let out this horrifying scream, growl, his body shook and then his muscles went nuts bulging as his head shot up, he almost crushed my ribs as he squeezed me, sunk his teeth into my neck and started blasting loads of his cum inside of me. That set me off for sure which drove him really goofy as my muscles were flexing and my insides were tightening and moving all around his cock. I couldn't believe how his cum felt shooting and filling my insides so far up inside of me. I thought it was unreal when he nearly drowned me in his cum filling my mouth and throat, but this, this was completely different. His cum felt hotter, thicker and feeling it shoot out and then slowly slide down around his cock head and dribble down slowly around it was wild as hell. When I moved up and down holding my insides tight, Brian yelled, swore and latched on to my waist holding me still so I couldn't move up and down. At first I thought maybe somehow he was having some unending orgasm or something as it seemed his cum just kept filling and filling, his cock expanding and contracting. Brian had this look of absolute pain and pleasure all over his face. He opened his eyes and looked at me. I reached out my arms towards him and he pulled me down on top of him and held me so tight. I pushed up and managed to get him to let my chest up some so I could touch his face, kiss him and bite his chin, which I have no idea why, just seemed sexy to do. I couldn't take the big smile off of my face as I watched him go through so many different expressions on his face. His breathing finally settled down with an occasional gasp thrown in.

So, did you like that lover?” I whispered nibbling and licking his ear.

Oh fuck baby, you have no idea what you did to me. I never imagined it could be so damn intense. Holy shit you wore me out completely,” Brian said kissing me.

Well, your bad boy is still hard as a rock and seems to want to have another go at it, so what do you say?” I said with a nasty look.

Oh man, I'm not sure I can handle that again,” Brian laughed.

What, big strapping guy like you? Come on wimp, show me what you got,” I said.

Wimp, you just called me a WIMP?” Brian yelled with a pretend angry look, flipped us around so he was on top of me and looking down, my ass firmly clasped on his cock only half way out.

Yeah hot shot, sure as hell did,” I laughed. “Now, got balls enough to fuck your lover silly or you just gonna wimp out on me?”

Now your gonna get it,” Brian said in a very low, sexy, guttural voice.

He pushed his body up and moved my ass further up his thighs, looked down at me with this mean look and started to move his hips forward and back, sliding his cock all the way in and out, just leaving his cock head in. None of this waiting stuff, just in and out, long and slow. He had to have watched some gay porn because then he shocked me by moving his hips side to side and up and down. WOW that made me gasp, scream and start panting like a goof.

Now who's the wimp?” he growled as he lowered his chest, pushed it down on top of my face and chest pinning me down as his hips moved faster in and out.

My god I thought he was going to push his cock out of my throat because suddenly it seemed longer, fatter, meaner. I didn't know what to pull on grab on to squeeze first. I know I was biting his pecs like mad which just seemed to make him growl louder.

He lifted up his chest, looked down at me, moved his hands to the sides of my head holding it tight, bent down and gave me such a hot passionate, wet kiss. He lifted up again, stared down at me and moved his hands above my shoulders so my body wouldn't slide up. Then, he fucked me not super hard but with purpose for sure. Damn I loved it. I felt like he was marking me, staking out his claim that I was his now, only his. He was blending our bodies into one now. I could see he was getting closer and closer to filling me up again. I was shocked when I screamed out and had one hell of another orgasm, which had to be a first in years.

That did it for Brian, he slid his hands under my shoulders, holding me up and move towards his body as he sat back, head up to the ceiling, screaming and yelling as his cock fired off like a cannon load after load of hot, thick cum. God this man's balls were production machines for sure. When he managed to calm down, he stayed sitting with his ass down on his calves, his shoulders angled back, me hanging on for dear life to his neck, his arms slid off of my back and he just stayed that way as I kissed, bit, nibbled and squeezed him. I waited a bit and then pulled his head down so his forehead was on my shoulder, I moved my mouth to his ear and whispered slowly, 'now I'm all yours.'

Brian's arms slammed tight around me, his head lifted and he fucked my mouth with his tongue again.

Yeah, now you are mine, all mine,” Brian managed to get out while trying to catch his breath. “We joined tonight, became one for real Gene. That is as close as 2 people could possibly get I think. You gave me that, thank you lover.”

I snuggled my face into his neck and squeezed. Damn he made me feel so good, safe and for sure he marked me as his.

Well, that was the start of a new phase of our relationship for sure. Brian wanted to fill me with his cock and cum at least 2 times a day. First thing in the morning while taking a shared shower and then before going to sleep. On days off it was 3 times, had to have it before lunch, no if's and or buts.

Brian was actually leasing the house he moved into next door. So even though he wanted to just move completely in with me, I convinced him to let the lease run out which was only for a few more months and then he could move into my no I mean our house. He had furniture and stuff which was fine since I hadn't finished buying things to fill up the house.

I still can't get over how he keeps his cock deep inside of me, takes me into the kitchen to make coffee, sits on a stool pulling my legs on top of his thighs and we have coffee as if it was as natural as can be to sit that way. I loved it completely.