M3 and Chester….


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Damn, I couldn't wait to have this trip over with and be able to just crash at my house, no commitments or interruptions for at least 3 weeks. I had just finished my last inspection and wasn't slated for anything for 4 weeks. I'm Jake and I work for an international financial group, inspecting companies they invested in or wish to invest in to make sure their investment was/would be safe. Not a bad gig for a guy 44 years old, making a super good buck and not really wanting for anything except that one special person who would need me in their life as much as would need them. I wanted the heart and mind to win out over sheer lust for body. Been there, done that and it always left me cold as hell, even lonelier, feeling used and not a happy guy at all. I had a pretty decent body for my age, worked out heavily and from working with trainers, had loads of definition and pump, lots of veining and just a slight dusting of moderate body hair. I had red hair and kept it pretty short, not wanting to have to bother with it when I traveled or was working. I stand around 6'2" tall and weigh in around 210. I always put in at least 60 minutes of hard cardio along with either heavy weights or bands. My routines from the trainers worked for me and I felt good after I was finished. I was thrilled with the end results plus, I enjoyed working up a good sweat and pushing my self physically. One of my traininers told me that if working out was like on a check list and not something I liked and wanted to do then not to bother. I knew what he was talking about and knew I really liked working out.

Anyway, I'm finally heading home after spending 2 months in India, carefully inspecting a few of my companies old and potential investments. I knew all the tricks and crap most of these companies would try to pull, even bribery with sex, money, cars, you name it. The minute the suggestion was slowly coming into the conversations and inspection trips, I really began to dig and question more then I normally would have. Nobody offers a bribe unless they know they are not living up to their end of the deal or don't have anything near what they convinced someone at the company they had in place. Amazing how many times I went on and inspection and found the company was sold a bill of goods. The sad thing is, if they would have been honest and worked on convincing my company there were buyers for their products, they would have gotten the startup money they needed and even given resources they could never afford as a start up. Hey, never amazes me anymore how dumb people think I am.

So, here I am, boarding my flight finally, not trying to think of the 18 hours flight I was going to have. I kept concentrating on being alone and not bothered by anything or anyone for 4 weeks. It was going to be my regeneration time and fun time, doing what ever the hell I felt like, no schedule, no preplanned engagements. I traveled first class of course, hey, the company paid for it and who was I to argue with them? I didn't pay any attention to any of the other passengers on the flight. I made a bee line to my seat, put my carry on up and stretched out on the reclining seats, turned the light off and covered my eyes with my handy dandy light blockers. I always used the long flights as a dead time to just sleep so I felt ready to go when I got home or to the assignment. I had no problem zonking out thanks to some great pills my doctor got for me when years ago I had a really horrible time sleeping because I was having a super jet lag problem. Yep, I'd take these babies, tell the flight attendant to please not bother me while my light was off and I was sleeping, get set up and wham, out for at least 8 of the 18 hours I would be flying. On shorter flights I'd only take one or a half, but I had my routine and it worked well for me.

I know I was out before we pushed away from the terminal as the last thing I remember was the flight attendant directing people to their seats. I never heard or felt a thing until I felt a strange rocking sensation and lots of water all over me. I sort of got scared that somehow I pissed myself. I jerked and floppd around to try and figure out what was going on, but since the pills hadn't worn off just yet, it was really hard to focus. Everything sounded like it was far away.

"Easy there guy, got you headed in the right direction finally, so just stay calm and let Chester handle this," a deep strong voice said.

"Hmmmm? Which direction?" I mumbled.

"Don't you worry, Chester is getting you to the right place now," the voice said which for some reason made me feel reassured.

"I think I pissed myself, I'm all wet," I mumbled feeling my super wet pants and not realizing my hand was in water trying to get to my pants.

"Don't matter if you do, sure the water will rinse that out super good," the voice said.

I felt water pushing over my shoulders, across my chest and arms, even hitting the top of my head. I just thought damn I really must have pissed myself really really good this time. Well, if the voice said I was getting rinsed off, then why should I worry about it. Zap, back out, deep in sleep again.

I slowly started to wake up and thought it weird that I could feel a strong breeze hitting my entire body. I thought I must have turned the air thing above my seat on to far or something. My head flopped sideways and I slowly opened my eyes. I smiled thinking damn these airlines really go all out to keep us happy. I saw the most beautiful sight of the moon shinning really bright, leaving like a runner across water going right up to the beach. I saw it reflected off of waves that had a beautiful rhythm as they crashed on the beach and rolled back out and in. How the hell did they manage to do that. I blinked a number of times but the site of the huge, bright moon reflected off the ocean fascinated me. Without looking up, I reached up to push the button for the flight attendant to bring me a drink. The scene seemed to go just right for a Pinacolada. I kept moving my hand around, my fingers trying to find the damn call button. I felt aggravated that I had to stop looking at the moon scene and see where that damn button was. When I turned my head all I saw were thousands and thousands of bright stars, fronds of huge palm trees blowing around in the wind. Holy shit, look at how real they got all this shit, I just kept thinking as my hand still was moving around searching for the call button that had to be camouflaged somewhere in the scene.

"Hey there guy, glad to see you are up finally. Feel like having something to drink?" the deep soothing voice asked.

"Yeah, thanks, how about a double Pinacolada and some sort of sandwich please," I mumbled with a big smile on my face thinking this was the coolest thing I'd ever seen on a trip.

I heard a deep long laugh and that voice again. "Well, if you know where we can order that from, I'm in with yah. Who are you waving at by the way?"

I turned my head with my dumb ass big smile, arm still stretched out and my hand still trying to find the damn buttons so I could now turn on the light, not needing the call button since the flight attendant was here. When I looked to my right, there was this very large handsome face smiling at me, not over me, but like almost even with my face. I thought he was one hell of a big flight attendant, probably the resident bouncer on these long flights.

"Oh, I'm trying to turn the light on so I can see why my clothes are all wet," I mumbled with my face still having that dumb smile.

"Well guy, hate to tell you, but there ain't no light up there, except for the stars and moon," the voice said with a laugh.

"Yeah, how the hell did you guys manage to do that? Makes it seem so real I mean. The moon reflecting on the water and the crashing waves is so damn real like. Somebody sure as hell spent a lot of money setting all this up," I mumbled.

"Well, I am gonna guess you have a concussion and haven't a clue what happened, so I'm going to take your shoe off and socks, undo your shirt buttons and let you sleep more so you can get better," the voice said with a big smile.

"Well, can I at least have my sandwich first?" I mumbled. "Please? I'm awfully hungry now. Those pills sure knock me out good."

"Pills? What kind of pills did you take?" the voice said concerned.

"Oh the sleeping pills my doctor prescribed years ago for me so I could deal with jet lag. Travel on long flights a lot for business, so its a hazard of the job. Thanks for asking by the way," I smiled wider and winked, or at least I felt like I did.

"Man are you a lucky bastard. Probably why you are alive right now. You had to be so relaxed and flexible, nothing got to you. You do have a cut on your forehead and shoulder from what I can tell, but we'll have to wait until you are back to being fully awake before we check out the rest of you. So you just relax, enjoy the moon and I'll check on you soon," the voice said with a very warm smile.

"Oh flight attendant, I'm Jake by the way. I didn't catch your name?" I smiled as my head seemed to start moving side to side on its own.

"I'm Chester, nice to meet you Jake," Chester laughed. "I better check and make sure your seat belt is fastened before I leave you.

"Wow, you are so damn nice Chester. I'm going to have to let your management know what a super flight attendant you are," I mumbled.

"Ain't you just the nicest man to do something like that," Chester laughed. "I'll appreciate it I'm sure."

"Think nothing of...." was all that came out before I was out again.

I finally was really coming out of the pills effects. I rubbed my nose and realized I had a blanket over me. I thought it was awfully bright when I tried to open my eyes. I looked up for the call button but all I saw was bright blue sky, big white billowing clouds, a palm fond or two blowing around but no call button. It finally registered that I was not IN the plane. I hurriedly looked to my left and right and I saw more palm trees, bushes of some sort along with big plants, lots of bright white sand and ocean, lots of ocean. I tried to get up, but my seat belt was on tight and the blanket made it hard for me to unclip it.

"Hey, easy there Jake, don't want you to flip over or hurt yourself any more," Chester said with a laugh as he came running up to me and wiped the sweat off of my forehead.

"What the hell happened? Where are we and damn, what happened?" I panicked.

"Easy Jake, you are okay, honest. The plane went through a very bad storm, a few of the engines went out and the pilot tried to glide the plane along the top of the water. The problem was the storm had kicked up some super big waves and the plane broke up into pieces. I was in the bathroom that was right in front of you, so I was protected I guess. The part of the plane we were in seemed to stay together the most for the longest time. The rest of the planes pieces were all over the place and sinking fast. Seemed to me most of the people I saw were unconscious from the crash. Your seat unhooked and you started to float around as our section slowly began to sink. I swam over and held on to your seat as I kicked my legs and steered us to this island which wasn't right there but was close. Luckily I think, the waves from the storm pushed us towards this island and the waves crashed up on shore. I saw a few other people washed ashore, but one was really hurt bad and the other refused any help and took off. I have been picking up as much as I can that washes ashore. Funny how your seat was like a little boat or something, staying up and floating like that. I think if you would have been awake, you'd have suffered some pretty bad injuries, but luckily your pills made your body so flexible, it rolled with the jerks and shakes and just went with the pressures when we hit the water," Chester said seriously.

"Damn, holy shit. We crashed and now were Robinson Caruso on a tropical island huh?" I said amazed.

"Yeah, guess you could say that!," Chester laughed as he undid my seat belt and helped me get out of my seat. "Lets hope there aren't any nasty natives coming to visit just yet."

"Damn straight, don't want any of that just now," I laughed. "Thanks so much Chester for saving me and looking out for me.”

"No problem Jake, glad to be able to help at least somebody out," Chester said patting me on my shoulder.

"Damn, that really smarts," I said rubbing my shoulder where he patted me.

"Better get that shirt off and lets see if you are hurt anywhere else," Chester said.

As he helped me up, I finally got in a really good look at Chester. I swear he was at least 6'8" tall, rock solid muscle like pro American football players used to be. He had a thick layer of fur on his chest, abs, arms and legs. His hands easily wrapped around my arm, and I didn't have skinny wimpy arms.

"Hey, you work out a lot huh?" Chester said with a whistle.

"Yeah, something I really got into and like," I said with a smile. "Hell with me, look at you for Christs sake."

Chester laughed and shook his head. "Well for one, I have always been big. Always stood out since grammar school. Some kids always thought I flunked out and was redoing grades every year since I was so much bigger then them. In high school, a coach took an interest in me and started me off lifting. In college, I was on the lifting team, football team, wrestling team, you name it, I played it. Scholarships up the ass. I was approached by one of those professional wresting promoters and offered a huge dollar contract which I agreed to for 2 years. That was just too much of a joke and as soon as the 2 years was over, I got away from that real quick. Then, I went back to school and got into medicine. Thought I'd be a brain surgeon or something. Come to find out, my big fat fingers can't deal with the surgical instruments so I switched to nursing practitioner/physical therapist/trainer. I really liked all that so it didn't seem like a job, more of being able to do my hobby I think."

"Wow, that is just amazing Chester. What the hell were you doing in India?" I laughed.

"I was asked by a client of mine to go to India and help set up a university's physical fitness and therapy program since I was good at what I did and it seemed when I talked, people listened," Chester laughed. "I spent almost a year there, my former job nice enough to put me on leave of absence and a friend took up my clients until I came back. He and I worked as physical therapists and trainers together for a number of years. He's another bigun as they call us, but a shorty to me since he's only 6'6"!"

"Damn, something else how things turn out huh?" I laughed as Chester began to examine my entire body. He helped me pull down my pants and we saw a weird ass cut on the side of my thigh and a huge bruise on my other thigh, my ass and the lower part of my back. There was a weird bruise on my chest, abs and shoulder.

"You got pretty banged up Jake. Good thing we checked you out," Chester said seriously. "I think I can make a salve or lotion from these palm trees and if I find some coconuts, maybe with those too. Who knows, some of these plants might help out too."

"Hey, how can I complain when I have my very own nurse, trainer and therapist right here with me," I laughed.

"Just you wait till you get my bill," Chester said with a serious look.

"Okay, what can I do to help you out here. I can see looking around, you have organized a few piles of things so just give me instructions and I'll get it done," I said smiling at Chester.

"Well, first off, you can't do an awful lot of bending, stretching and lifting just yet. I'm guessing you had some pretty serious trauma happening and might have some internal injuries, maybe even torn muscles. We just have to go easy and slow until we get a better idea of what's up with your muscles and organs," Chester said very professionally.

"I feel pretty good mostly, just don't want to be useless and watch you doing everything. That's not fair to you Chester, not my style," I said putting my hand on his monstrous bicep.

"Not to worry, we'll work it all out. For now, how about you do some easy stuff like walking the beach and seeing what you can spot floating close to shore. You can try to swim out to push it in the water to the shore since it'll be super light to move in the water. BUT, only if number one you can handle swimming without pain and pushing anything without pain. I'm serious Jake, if you feel pain when you try to do something, stop right away and don't be stubborn about it. You could have some pretty serious internal damage and pain is a way your body tells you to knock it off. Got me?" Chester said very seriously.

"Well shit, like I want to get spanked by you for being bad? Shit no!" I said with a pretend scared look on my face.

"There yah go, now you got the message right. Don't make me beat your ass for doing something stupid now," Chester laughed.

"Yes sir, no problem sir, I promise I'll be good," I said giving him a salute.

"Oh, so now you're gonna be Mr. Smart ass?" Chester said with one eyebrow raised and his hands on his hips.

"ME? No way in hell. Just doing exactly what I'm told sir," I said trying to snap to which wasn't going to happen.

Chester caught me easily in his hands as I was falling to the side like a cut tree.

"See, easy does it, I'm serious. I'm betting your body is going to come up with some reactions, like post trauma stuff, so please, don't make things harder on us, just do what I told you," Chester said holding his hands wrapped around my biceps.

Damn the man was huge. I couldn't imaging getting him pissed off and having him beat on me. I bet within 3 seconds I'd be in the hospital and he wouldn't even break a sweat.

I'm really sorry if you took offense at what I said, just trying to lighten things up a bit that's all,” I said with a look that said I was sorry.

No offense taken, don't know you at all, so its not easy for me to know when you are being funny or a smart ass!” Chester laughed seeing how worried I now looked.

Honest Chester, I'm not the smart ass type outside of work. Only time I become one is when somebody is trying to bullshit me when I ask a question. Just part of me validating the trust my company has in a company they invested in or plan to invest in. I've gotten more bullshit thrown my way then at a bull riding rodeo!, So please, if you feel I'm being a smart ass, just smack me on the side of my head, not full force hopefully, and I'll be good,” I said with a partial smile, not knowing if Chester was taking it the right way.

Got yah Jake, not to worry. Promise not to beat the shit out of you for being a dumb ass smart ass,” Chester said laughing hysterically. “Jake, lighten up! I'm not a psycho or anything. Actually very even keeled and easy going, so fear not little man, giants not gonna eat you.”

I looked at him with my eye brows lifted and then got a look of disappointment on my face for some reason.

That came out wrong huh?” Chester said. “I might actually eat you should things end up really good between us, but I mean I'd never make a meal out of you!”

Uhhhhh, okay, got it, “ I said with a blush for some reason.

He was so huge, I just couldn't wrap my mind around having sex with him. I'd be like a toy doll in his hands for sure. Not something I ever imagined as I see myself as the traditional alpha jock. Shit, up till now, where ever I went I was just that, intimidating as hell in meetings. But now, shit, I was nothing in comparison.

Chester went back to whatever he was doing and I headed to the beach, slowly. The island from what I could see was really scenic with a big mountain in what looked like the middle, some high cliffs with caves and from what I spotted, at least both coconut and banana trees. I'd check out the bushes and stuff later on to see if there were any kind of berries around too. When I started to walk along the beach, sure enough, stuff was slowly being pushed to the shoreline by the waves. There were pieces of the fuselage of the plane, some big, some small, some seats, cushions, pads, even a metal case like thing which I thought was from the galley. I figured food is first, so I slowly got myself close to the box and when I got behind it, put my arms out, hands on the metal and slowly kicked my legs. The box moved faster to the shore and I felt great that so far, no pain. Chester was right, the box did seem super light in the water and I know it weighed lots the way the flight attendants pushed them. Once I got that on the shoreline, I spotted what looked like a case or something. I swam out to it and when I opened it, hot dog, a ton of small bottles of booze! Jackpot I thought. Luggage was floating all over and I figured I'd get them closer to shore too. Never know what kind of useful things were in peoples baggage. I started to feel guilty since as far as I knew, most of the people who owned the baggage were dead. After herding a group of luggage towards the shore, my back started to begin to hurt along with my shoulder and abs. I remembered what Chester warned me about and decided it would be best if I just floated to shore and laid down on the beach for a bit.

Okay, what's hurting you?” I heard Chester's voice.

I opened my eyes and he was standing right over me, his feet straddling my head.

Well, like you told me, after pushing that stuff to the shoreline, my back, shoulder and abs started to hurt some, so I decided I'd listen to what you told me and just lay down on the beach and take it easy,” I said with a few winces.

Okay, lets check you out and see what I can figure out,” Chester said as he scooped me up in his arms without even a grunt and took me further in by the trees so I was out of the sun.

The pain was slowly building and I had no clue as to why or what was going on.

I kind of gulped and my eyes must have gotten really big when Chester without any warning, undid my pants and pulled them off of me along with my underwear. He started to gently push here and there, rub here and there, turn me on my side one way push and rub, then the other way, push and rub. You'd never guess a guy that big would be as gentle as he was.

Relax Jake, it'll make my exam easier and I'll be able to figure out what's probably wrong if you don't tense up your body. Just relax, there's nothing you got I haven't seen and I'm sure you've spent enough time in a gym to have been around other nude men,” Chester said wiping some sand from my cheek.

Sorry, just wasn't ready for you to do that,” I said with a small laugh. “I'll do my best to relax. Oh, by the way, I think the big metal thing is from the galley so there might be food stuff in there. The other thing is loaded with those small booze bottles so I figure we just hit the jackpot!”

Hey, that's super. I'll pull over the both of them and we can see what treasures you found!” Chester smiled as he patted me on my arm. “Okay now, I'm going to be rubbing, feeling, pulling and moving all different parts of your body. Its important for you to tell me when something hurts so I know where the damage probably is, okay?”

Sure have at it!” I smiled.

Chester wasted no time and just like he said, he checked just about every part of my body and muscles with the exception of my cock and balls. He did ask me if anything there was hurting and I told him that I didn't think so. He took my balls in his hand and told me to cough with my head left then right. I couldn't stop my cock from getting hard as his huge hand and fingers were moving my balls around, really gentle. Chester looked at me and smiled telling me its normal, nothing to worry about, he's had it happened on just about every exam he's done. He did give me a compliment on how my cock and balls looked which I didn't think anything of until later when I was going to sleep.

Chester moved my arms, legs, hips, shoulders, neck and head all over the place. I told him when the pain got worse and it was easy when he did whatever and the pain shot out so bad I did gasp and make a 'ahhh' like sound. He kept his face really serious the whole time.

Okay, from what I can make out, you have a few really bad pulled muscles, maybe some torn ligaments, loads of sprains and are horny as hell,” Chester said giving me a sexy smile. “I'm a little bit concerned about the pains in your abdominal and shoulder areas so we'll have to watch that carefully. The rest, I can help with massage, and easy therapy exercises to loosen up the tight muscles and stretch them out so the pain starts to go away. It's going to hurt like a bitch at first, but I can't do much about that, I'm sorry. I guarantee you though that after about the 3rd time, it'll stop hurting you so bad and you'll feel much better.”

Well, not like I can run off and get a second opinion!” I laughed. “You are the expert on this stuff so whatever you think I need done, its fine with me. I'll try not to be a baby about it.”

Now don't hold back when it hurts. Scream, yell, swear, whatever you feel like doing so I know how bad it hurts you and can adjust my pressures and moved accordingly, okay?” Chester said with a slight smile.

You got it, I'm warning you, I never seemed able to take lots of pain. Weird since I work out so much, but I tell you, when I sprained something, I was like a 6 year old going for a shot!” I laughed.

That's okay, I've dealt with really bad cases of guys who were screaming like I was ripping their arms off, and all I did was squirt some oil on them,” Chester laughed. “So you feel free, none of that macho crap. Hell if it hurts I say let the whole damn world know it does. I'm serious. The more feedback I get from you the better I can help you.”

I promise, so don't you tease me about it!” I laughed.

Chester laughed and said he was going to check out the silver things I got to shore and some of the luggage. He pulled my big toe and gave me a super smile and a wink before heading to the shoreline. I scooted up some so I could brace my head up and watch him. He didn't have a shirt on and was only wearing his jockey shorts. Man I was so fascinated by the way his muscles puffed and seemed to move like a python as he lifted, pulled and pushed things from the water to the beach. He would look my way a number of times, obviously checking on me. I knew he was a great guy and knew his stuff. I felt confident in what his knowledge was and loved his bedside manner. I laughed to myself thinking if I didn't there wasn't a damn thing I could possibly do about it. He dragged the big box through the sand to where I was and flipped open the door. Sure enough, loaded with cookies, crackers, nuts and candy. He laughed at the expression on my face. Then he went back and flipped the other one on his shoulder and walked back again. He put it down, again no grunt, and flipped the door open on it. Sure enough, tons of small booze bottles.

Here, pick your favorites and slug down at least 3 of them, like shots,” Chester said.

You think I should?” I said looking at his smiling face.

Yeah, it'll take some of the edge off the pain. Your muscles are cramping up from the pain and these will help you to relax which will relax them and cut back on the pain. Next best thing to la la drugs!” Chester said pulling my big toe again.

I wasn't going to argue since the pain was indeed getting worse and I could feel my muscles cramping up adding to the pain. I drank 3 bottles of whiskey I think and just like he said, started to feel my body relaxing as that warm feeling started to spread around.

Atta boy, have a few more since it looks like its already working. Probably because you don't have anything in your stomach. I'll try to find something you can eat. Now take it slow with the next few. Don't want you getting sick from drinking on an empty stomach,” Chester said pulling my big toe again.

I smiled at him and reached over taking another 2 bottles out and this time, slowly sipping them. He smiled at me and took off for the shoreline again. I really started to relax and got super comfy watching the muscle show of Chester lifting, carrying, pulling and stretching. I didn't care that my cock was flopping and wanting attention. My precum was even flowing. I didn't care, have another bottle Jake, its doing good shit for you.

I sort of remember seeing Chester standing above me, smiling with his hands on his hip. He scooped me up in his arms and took me over to the seat I was in, had the back down and gently laid me down. It was cool in the shade and the afternoon breezes started so that felt good too. I woke up feeling his big hand on my forehead and then the side of my neck.

How you feeling Jake?” Chester asked with a big smile.

He was kneeling down on one knee so he was down to my level, his head close to my face.

Boy, that booze sure did a trick on me huh?” I smiled. “How long was I out?”

Well, can't really say since my watch stopped working before we made it to the island, but I'd say at least 3 hours,” Chester said with that deep sexy voice of his. “That's a good thing. You rested, your body relaxed and that should have helped.”

Yeah, actually it did. I feel sore but none of the sharp pains I was having, thanks!” I said with a big smile.

You are very welcome. I got a fire going and caught us some fish. So its cooking and I'll bring some over to you so you can eat a bit. I found some berries too, so its fish, berries and bananas, washed down with coconut milk,” Chester said with a sexy smile.

Holy shit, you have been one busy boy haven't you?” I laughed. “I can get up and help you out some,” I said as I started to get up.

Uhhh, no, you just stay put. I'll lift the back up for a while, but you are just staying put mister,” Chester said with his serious look as his hand spread over my chest and pushed me down.

But I can help. You don't have to do all this stuff for me,” I protested.

Hey, its good. I'm not complaining am I? It keeps my mind off of what happened to us and keeps me from worrying what we'll do next,” Chester said gently moving his hand over my pecs.

Damn, why do you have to be so nice about all this,” I said frustrated.

Cause I'm a nice guy and want to be nice,” Chester laughed.

He stood up, pulled my big toe again and went off somewhere. I suddenly realized he had pulled my big toe a number of times already. Wonder what that meant?

Okay, ready or not, here I come!” Chester said almost in a spooky voice.

I laughed and said, “Okay, come and get me!”

Chester laughed and laughed until he came up next to me. “You are one funny guy Jake. I'm glad for that. Okay, time we limbered you up some and get your body on the road to healing. Now, here's what's gonna happen. Luckily I found some baby oil in one of the suitcases, so that'll make massaging you easier. I'm telling you its gonna hurt like a mother, but then it will get better with each treatment. I brought you over a bunch of bottles and I want you to chug them real fast so they make you loopy as shit.”

I reached out and took the bottles one at a times as I opened one and sucked it down, then another. Finally I think it was on the 6th bottle, I missed my mouth completely and Chester moved my hand so the bottle got by my mouth.

Okay, think you are ready as you'll ever be,” Chester said. “Believe me, I feel real bad for you Jake, but there is no other way unless we leave it alone and just let you keep suffering.”

I smiled at him and winked, reaching out to touch his cheek but my hand completely missed the target. Chester began rubbing the oil all over my front, arms and legs too. Then I felt his big fingers moving deep into my muscles and it kind of hurt but the feeling of his hands seemed to keep my attention more then the pain. He gently flipped me on to my stomach and covered my neck, shoulders, back, ass and legs with oil and went to work. Now it did hurt, I think, I just wasn't so sure since I was drunk as a skunk. I heard him laugh when he grabbed my ass cheeks in his hands and began to move them around and hard massage them and I moaned and kept doing a 'mmmmmmm nice', even trying to flex my ass cheeks while his hands had them. When he finally finished, I felt like a gummy bear drunken skunk. I thought my arms would just slide off, my legs would float away and my entire body would just slowly melt. He lifted me up, carried me over to the fire he built and sat down with me on his lap, cradled like a little kid. He made me drink some stuff and it wasn't more liquor. It made me feel all nice and full and warm inside. I snuggled my face into his chest in between him making me drink.

I finally began to snap out of it and realized I was still cradled on his lap and he was leaning back against a tree trunk, his arms holding me tight and secure. I couldn't help but to brush my hand along his hard pec and bicep, marveling at the power those bad boys had to have.

How you feel?” Chester almost whispered.

Not bad really, thanks. Sure feels good right now held on your lap,” I blurted out.

Okay, time to get some stuff out of the way I think,” Chester said, sitting up straight, standing up and sitting me down on the ground.

He got some fruit, fish and coconut milk and brought it back on 2 pieces of the aircraft which he somehow bent into really neat platter like plates. The coconut milk was right in the cracked coconut which I would just bet he cracked open with his bare hands.

We both started to eat slowly, me sneaking in quick looks at him when I thought he wasn't looking.

So Jake, married? Girl friend? Serious dating going on?” Chester finally asked very casually.

Nope, none of the above. For one, haven't had much time to work on that, for another, not all that attracted to females for some reason. Tried it in college but my physical fitness habit took precedence always. Didn't really feel like I was missing out on anything either,” I said just as calmly. “How about you Chester? Got some adoring woman out there waiting on you?”

Nope, me neither. Same thing, no real interest in the opposite sex. My business partner Jim and I were lovers and partners for 5 years. He decided he felt locked in and trapped, so we ended our sexual relationship and just stayed in business together. Been on my own for a long time. No dating, always felt doing the normal gay thing wasn't for me. I mean guys would be so into my muscles they forgot I was actually there. Got tired of feeling like some chunk of meat in a store window. I have, or had a good life I thought, kept myself busy and usually too tired to worry about that,” Chester said.

Wait, you and Jim were lovers?” I said shocked for some reason.

Yep, sure were. You sound a bit shocked I think,” Chester laughed.

Well yeah, I mean look at you! Shit, can't believe you didn't have broad pounding down your door,” I said excitedly.

Me? Nawh, you yeah for sure, but me? Hell no, to big, to obvious and to threatening,” Chester laughed.

What do you mean 'me yeah for sure',” I said curious.

Well hell guy, look at you. Your handsome, sexy as hell, exceptionally attractive and well put together body, a really model like package down there and a personality to boot,” Chester said looking at me almost seriously.

Uhhh, you can blink your eyes and chew up what's in your mouth Jake,” Chester laughed as he pushed my chin up with his finger.

Huh? Oh, sorry, gross huh? Its just coming from you it blows me completely away,” I stammered even blushed.

Now is that in a good way or bad way?” Chester said looking at my eyes intently.

Good, sure as shit good,” I stammered, suddenly all nervous. “I mean, yeah, good. Yeah, real good.”

Calm down Jake, don't want your blood pressure to hit the roof,” Chester laughed. “So I have seen you looking at me. Like all this?”

Oh god, I'm so sorry, bet it freaked you out huh?” I said with my head down and my skin burning red. “Its just with all the gym time I've spent, yeah I've been around the show types, Mr. Olympia, Mr. America and all those types, but never, ever have I seen anyone as put together as you. Add in your total size and you are completely mind blowing Chester.”

So like or no?” Chester said with a serious look.

Like for damn sure. And as far as your personality, damn guy, I don't think I've met anyone as warm, caring and interesting as you my whole life,” I blushed again. “Okay, you can now pound me into the ground, I understand.”

Chester laughed and laughed. “Come on, finish up your fruit, fish and milk like a good patient.”

I smiled and of course did as I was told. Chester took my tray and put it on top of his, stood up and took them someplace around like a corner. I couldn't really turn around enough to see, but what the hell, what difference would it make. Like he was going to run off the island? He came back, smiled at me and scooped me up in his arms.

Nice easy swim and washing will help you to relax. We'll go in and out of where the waves are crashing so it'll be like a jacuzzi to you. I've got you so don't worry about being swept away or anything. I just want you to keep your arm around my neck and relax, I've got you good and safe, promise,” Chester smiled.

I really just then noticed, he was naked just like me. At first I wondered why he would have a club tied on to his waist and then it dawned on me, it was his cock. I didn't get a good look at his balls, but I'm sure they were huge and hung really low. He got into the surf and turned so that he took the brunt of the crashing waves and yeah, it did almost feel like a jacuzzi with the fast, hard swirling water and the bubbles. He walked us out of the water and shook his head, splashing water all around like a sprinkler.

So, did that feel good Jake?” Chester smiled down at me still holding me close to his body in his arms.

Oh yeah, damn if that didn't feel like a super jacuzzi,” I laughed. “Thanks for all the care Chester, I'm deeply in your debt.”

Hmmm well, okay, I take VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Payment plans can always be arranged and if you can't afford it then I just might have to drown you,” Chester said serious.

My eyes for some reason bugged out and were super wide as I just stared at his face. He took a quick glance down and started to laugh.

Relax Jake, its a joke, okay?” Chester said between laughs.

No, I'm just shocked you don't take Diners Club along with the rest,” I said.

Chester kept laughing and squeezed me then said, “So you tired now?”

Some, I'm sure as hell relaxed for sure. Some hurting where you tried to rearrange my body parts, but not as bad as I thought from what you described,” I laughed.

Good, that's real good. I like to paint the worst case scenario so that when the patient sees its not as bad as I said, they feel much better about the treatments,” Chester said.

He walked me over to the chair and was going to just put me down.

Can't I just stay up a bit and maybe sleep next to you?” I blurted out.

Yes you sure can if you'd like,” Chester said with a huge smile.

He moved me to an area he had set himself up, sort of a shelter made from larger pieces of the plane body or wings, cushions from chairs and openings just right to catch the evening breezes. He laid me down and then laid next to me, sneaking his huge arm under my neck and head, as he laid down and let out a long, deep sigh. I laid there just watching his chest and abs moving up and down as he was breathing.

You comfy Jake?” Chester asked.

Oh yeah, really nice,” I answered.

Having a hard time going to sleep huh?” Chester asked.

Yeah, don't know why,” I said.

Chester move on to his side facing me, looked down at my legs and smiled.

Well, might be cause of that nasty looking swollen thing there between your legs,” Chester said with a sexy smile.

Shit, I didn't even realize I was sporting one hell of boner.

How about I take care of that for you so you can sleep good?” Chester said almost in a whisper.

Before I could say anything, he moved himself slightly down, put his body across my abs resting it on his elbow so he wasn't putting his weight on top of me, took my balls in his hand and with the same hand using his index finger and thumb, slow stroked my cock. He then slowly put his head down as his tongue slowly licked all around the head of my cock and up and down my shaft. I gasped and my hands latched on to his side. He used his lips to gently suck in the head of my cock and massage it with his tongue, while his other fingers on the hand holding my balls and stroking my cock, began to play with my balls. Holy shit it was like nothing I ever felt before. When he started to like hum, I screamed out and started to shoot cum into his mouth. He sucked gently, but strong enough to help my cum exit nicely. I was gasping, jerking and panting

There, feel a bit better now?” Chester whispered in that deep, low sexy voice.

I think I'm dead now,” I gasped.

Chester laughed and said well, guess he'd have to keep at it since my cock was still hard as a rock and that couldn't be good for me. I felt his full mouth moving down my cock to my pubes, tighten and suck a bit as his tongue moved wildly all around my cock. He'd loosened it up on the way down, and then do that magical stuff again. I don't think I've gasped and moaned that much in my entire life. I tried to sit up so I could at least lick and kiss his shoulder or side, but he moved his body slightly up, making it impossible for me to sit up. God he was torturing me in the sexiest was imaginable. After getting me to cum 2 more times, I was having a hard time catching my breath and couldn't stop moaning and groaning.

He slid his body around, slowly crawled up my body with his body held up with his arms so the rest of him sort of slid over mine, not hard, just enough for me to feel all of his muscles against my body as he slowly moved up. He was licking, kissing and nibbling at the same time. When his face was right over mine, he smiled and kissed my nose so gently.

Now, did that part of the treatment work out okay for you?” Chester whispered as his tongue licked my cheeks and chin.

I couldn't stop myself. I reached my arms up and pulled his face into mine, my tongue trying hard to force its way inside of his mouth, pushing all around his lips. He slowly let his mouth open and let my tongue slide on his and run in his mouth on the inside of his lips. When he growled and hummed, I swear if I had anything left I would have cum again.

Okay, I think I'll take that as a really definite yes then,” Chester smiled, kissing me so sweetly and then nearly choking me to death with his tongue rubbing on the back of my throat.

He lifted his upper body and head up to look at me.

You okay Jake? Didn't hurt you any did I?” Chester said with a worried look.

Fuck no, you didn't hurt me at all,” I gasped still trying hard to settle down my breathing. “That was so damn amazing. Damn, if that's part of the treatment, I'm going to be out there every damn day to injure myself just so I can have more of your heavenly treatment.”

Chester laughed, kissed me gently and sweetly then said, “Well that makes me feel really good Jake. Hope you don't feel put upon or forced in any way.”

Chester, no way in hell could I feel like that. If that was rape, please do it some more until I get it right,” I gasped. “Now I need, no want to make you feel good.”

Nope, not yet Jake, you ain't ready for that. I'm good, really. If it'll make you feel better, I'll hold you on top of me, we can make out while I jerk off. I'd like that Jake,” Chester said kissing my nose again.

That's all I can do for you?” I said sadly.

Yep, doctors orders. You are NOT ready for a romp with Chester for sure. I really would like to do what I just said if you feel up to it,” Chester smiled.

Okay, sure thing, damn straight, lets do it, please?” I said in a pleading voice.

Somehow, that isn't what I'd think is your normal response, that pleading voice thing,” Chester laughed.

Hey, its the best I could come up with after having my mind blown away,” I laughed.

No Jake, now lets get it straight. You just had your cock blown, not your mind,” Chester laughed. “Must be a concussion.”

Whatever, cock, mind, what difference since both were blown,” I said seriously biting his nose gently.

He laughed, rolled on to his back as he held me with both arms and slid me up on top of his body. I slid up so my face was above his and began to make out with this giant of a hunk. I felt his arm moving as he slowly started to stroke his cock. We made out for awhile before his breathing got jerky and his body seemed to tremble. He moved his head backward away from my face as he yelled out and growled like a pissed off bear or something. I felt his hot cum hit the back of my head, neck, upper back and lower back. It even started to flow down my ass cheeks. Man just like the rest of him, his orgasm left no doubt about this mans virility. I don't' think I even saw anyone in a porn video shoot as much as Chester did. I was biting and sucking on his chin and neck. He finally calmed down and lowered his face back down towards mine and I thought he was going to choke me to death. It was as if his tongue was fucking my mouth and his arms were holding me so tight up against his body. The feeling of his muscles flexing and moving underneath me was really hot. He finally settled down and switched to gently kissing me.

So I take it that was good for you?” I laughed.

Man, you have no idea how much I needed that Jake,” Chester laughed. “Oh shit, I'm sorry, I just creamed your whole backside. Let me get it all cleaned up for you.”

Nope, just rub it in thank you,” I said. “Protein never hurt anybody. Besides, I heard once it was really good for the skin.”

Chester laughed and squeezed me as he moved his hands up and down my entire backside, gently rubbing in his cum. He slowly slid me back to his side on my back, pulled me on to his arm as a pillow and up against his body which he turned towards me. I felt him kiss me on my head and hold his lips there for awhile, then he said 'good night Jake' and his breathing slowed down more and more. I had my hand on his pec and slowly rubbed it around, taking in the feel of him as I fell sound asleep.

When I woke up, I thought last night was a complete dream I had. I felt only the cloth of the cushion under neath me, no Chester, so therefore, it was only a dream, but damn it was one for the books since my entire body still felt the post sex tingles going on. Bit old for a wet dream I thought, but then again, I'm sure trauma can do funny things to a guy.

Well, good morning sunshine,” I heard Chester say.

Good morning, how are you feeling,” I asked a bit sleepy still.

Well, really good. Thanks for last night, I needed that real bad,” Chester said flopping down hard next to me and putting his arm over me and his hand holding on to me. “Believe me, I was very happy Jake, sure hope you feel good and nothings damaged.”

I feel super Chester, thanks. I have to admit, when I woke up and didn't feel you next to me, I figured I had one hell of a dream brought on by looking at you and trauma,” I smiled sheepishly.

What? So that's what I was huh? Just a wet dream?” Chester said like he was hurt.

No, no, please, I'm sorry it came out that way, just I never imagined a guy like you would have any sexual interest in a guy like me and that you couldn't be bothered less about stuff like that with me,” I stammered looking all worried that I hurt his feelings.

Okay, just relax there Jake, just teasing you. Actually, that is one cool compliment the more I think about it. Never been thought of that I know of as a wet dream for a handsome guy,” Chester said with a smile as he leaned down and gave me a super sweet kiss. “And just what is this shit about a guy like me a guy like you stuff? What do I have to do to convince you I think you are super handsome and sexy as hell and that I feel privileged that you even had a slight interest in me.”

Oh man Chester, I feel so bad that somehow I offended you and hurt your feelings. You have no idea how horrible I'd feel if I did that to you,” I said sadly.

Jake, you didn't hurt my feelings at all, honest,” Chester said with a soft smile. “Here, I'll prove it.”

As he just finished saying that, his body was over mine again so I couldn't sit up and his hand had my balls and cock again just like last night and his mouth and tongue went to work driving me totally insane. Well he sure took care of my morning wood for sure, 2 times for sure. I just had my arms out to my sides and my legs spread out, panting and completely exhausted.

He moved around, got me into his arms facing me, and kissed me so passionately and sweet, I didn't even want to breath.

Now, do you believe me?” Chester smiled kissing me on my nose.

Mmmmmmmmmm, yeahhhhhh,” I sighed and sighed.

Chester laughed and squeezed me into a hug, scooped his arm under my butt, behind my back and stood up, walking me to the water. I had my arm around the back of his neck and kept kissing his neck and chin, until he lowered his face and I was able to kiss his lips, his tongue teasing my tongue. Damn this man knew how to make me into putty. I wasn't a push over or slut by any means, always the one in control and in charge of my emotions and actions. Well, used to be as of now. Chester might not have known it just yet, but even if we ended up rescued somehow, he was going to a very important part of my life from now on. Don't ask me how I suddenly decided that, but I did and knew he was a major opportunity in my life for happiness I wanted and needed for such a very, very long time.

Okay there sexy, we're going to do our morning bath, rub you down again and work those muscles and your limbs nicely, have some breakfast and you are then taking a nice long nap,” Chester said as we were in the water and he let me slide down in front of his body, facing each other, his one hand on my ass and his other behind my upper back. I know we were in a deep spot, but I'd never know it since my feet never would touch the sandy bottom. He played around twirling me around and bobbing up and down stealing kisses and nibbles.

Chester, I have to ask you, do you really like doing this?” I said seriously.

Well, if you weren't here or weren't so damn sexy and warm and caring, no, I don't think I would. I'd be like a caged animal wanting to escape and getting all angry and frustrated because I was helpless and unable to control my situation. With you, here, right now, I'm loving it Jake. I feel like a huge lonely spot has been taken from me. I know its just cause we are here alone and not any chance of a quick rescue soon, but still, even if you said so long after this and never wanted to see me again, I'd have this time to remember for a long, long, long time,” Chester said giving me a sweet kiss.

Wow, pinch me please Chester, I don't believe this is all real. You have to know something. I made up my mind this morning that you have become a very, very important part of my life from now on. Deep down, you are the guy I've wanted to share life with for as long as I could remember. The physical fitness stuff was an escape to keep my feelings held down and sweat the thoughts out of my head since I'd never be able to have what I hoped for. I gave up Chester, completely. You changed all that and even if I have to become a stalking groupie, I will just to keep you in my life,” I said holding on to his cheeks.

Wow Jake, I really don't know what to say,” Chester said with almost a sad look.

Hey, its okay, I understand. I have no right to lay that on you right now after just really meeting you and all. I'm sorry, just thought it was important for me to let you know how much you mean to me already. Not to worry, I'll get over it eventually and won't become a stalker, groupie, I promise,” I said letting me forehead smack into his upper chest.

Jake, look at me,” Chester said picking up my chin so I was looking into his face. “I am just completely blown away by what you said just now. I mean it, and for sure not in any bad way at all. If I made any face it was one of fear that you might just be playing with me or making sure our relationship stays on a certain level. I'm afraid Jake, so afraid that I'll get so wrapped up and in need of you that once we're out of here, you'll walk away and I'll never see you again. That I think would kill me. Yeah, already I know it would kill me. I'm a big guy, yeah, confident and in control, but not when it comes to this. My heart is an open book right now and I'm just so terrified you will rip out all the pages.”

Chester, my sweet loving Chester. You sure don't know me at all, and why would you since we just met. But that's not me. I'm like you, defensive when it comes to leaving my heart open and vulnerable. Always afraid I'll end up getting it ripped out and smashed on the ground. So please Chester, don't think that of me cause it just ain't so, never will be. I'm afraid too that you'll wave to me as you walk away and laugh about the jerk who kept you satisfied while stuck on a stupid island. Yeah, I'm scared too, but if cutting my arm and taking a blood oath would convince you I'm telling you the truth, then find a knife or sharp shell, cause I'd do it. I'll do anything you ask of me to prove to you I'm sincere, honest and caring.”

Chester had tears coming down his cheeks. He had a sweet smile on his face and just kept staring at my face. Finally, he took my chin in one hand and kissed me so passionately and deep, I actually did loose my breath.

Oh shit, you okay?”, Chester panicked. “I'm so sorry Jake, just got too carried away.”

Sure, I said cut my arm not suck the breath out of me,” I laughed as I took hold of his cheeks in my hands and pinched and shook.

Without any warning, he dunked down into the water and I got water down my throat and in my nose. When he came back up, I was coughing and gagging like a goof.

Oh my god, I did it again, didn't I. Shit Jake, I'm such a dumb ass idiot,” Chester said holding my head tight in the crook of his neck.

Chester, I'm fine, honest. Just from now one, give me a hint maybe of what you plan to do so I can at least get a little bit ready for it?” I said squeezing my arms around his neck.

Promise, I will figure out an early warning system for you so you will know before I am going to do something stupid,” Chester promised.

Hey, did you say something about breakfast?” I said pulling my head from his neck and looking up into his face.

No, I said we were going to do your therapy and THEN have breakfast and THEN you are going to take a nice long nap,” Chester laughed as he kept kissing my head as he walked back to shore.

Damn, he's got a good memory too,” I whispered to nobody.

Chester actually smacked me on my ass for that comment. He repeated the techniques of the previous day, making me drink a few bottles of booze to get drunk and then oiling me up and rubbing me all over, pulling and twisting limbs and stretching them which I”m sure I”d be screaming murder if I wasn't drunk. When he was finished and I was a melting mess of putty laying in the sun, he kissed my forehead and laid me down in his shelter. I was out fast. When I woke up, he was right there, laying on his side against my body, watching me sleep.

Nothing good on the cable huh?” I said yawning.

Nawh, figured I'd save some electricity and just watch a handsome sexy guy dreaming on my bed,” Chester smiled.

Hey, did you hit my private stash of booze?” I said pretending to be angry.

Nope, don't need that, just watching you does it for me,” Chester said softly before kissing me. “Okay lazy bones, up you go and time for breakfast, or rather lunch more like it.”

Chester scooped me up and walked me outside his shelter to a few set up cushions with his home made trays all set up with fruit and coconut milk. I told him that I really needed to walk to keep my legs from giving out from non use. He said he was the therapist and would say when I could walk on my own. Like I was going to argue? Over breakfast, we told each other all sorts of stuff about our lives from growing up to just before the plane crash. I couldn't get enough of listening to him talk. He took the empty tray from me, made me finish my milk and scooped me up and walked into the water again, letting the waves play jacuzzi.

So doc, what's the prognosis,” I asked him after we came out of the water.

Well, seemed pretty good while I was working on you. How about I do another exam and see if I can tell if things have gotten better or not,” Chester said.

Down on the cushion in his shelter I went, on my stomach as his fingers went on their exploration of all my muscles and joints. I told him that where I had the bad bruises before, just felt somewhat sore, but no real pain anymore. He cracked me up when he straddled my body as I was on my stomach and his cock started to slide up and down between my ass cheeks.

Might just have to do an internal probe to be sure Jake, better safe then sorry,” Chester said as he then started to lick, nibble and kiss my ear and neck.

Anything you want doc, just don't stop doing what you are doing,” I moaned.

Think you'd like me inside of you baby,” Chester mumbled in his deep sexy voice right in my ear.

Yeah, pretty sure I'd like that as long as you took it slow. A virgin you know,” I laughed.

Really? Holy shit, I get to pop your cherry?” Chester said all excited.

Now there's some really professional medical talk if I ever heard any,” I said seriously. “Pop my cherry, good lord where did that come from?”

Well, it'd be true wouldn't it? I mean pretty much says it all don't it?” Chester said fucking my ear with his tongue since he now knew my ears were set me off zones.

Still, not very medically professional I'm sure,” I laughed. “Chester, you are not getting away from me until I at least feel the head of your cock inside of me. We can slowly work on getting the rest all cozy and comfy slowly and carefully.”

Baby, I don't know, I sure as hell wouldn't want to hurt you in even the slightest way,” Chester said working on my other ear. “ I know, I think I have a way to make sure you can handle at least the head of my cock.”

Before I could ask how, he slid his body down, spread my legs apart and held my ass cheeks wide apart. I felt his tongue, hot, wet and wide, slowly licking from my balls to the top of my ass crack. I choked and gasped, not ready for that at all. His tongue lapped up my balls and he sucked them into his mouth, another thing I wasn't ready for at all. I had to keep telling myself to breath so I wouldn't pass out and miss anything. His tongue then went back to working on my entire ass. He moved from the back of my balls to my rosebud, pushed his tongue tight against me and slowly moved it up. Then on the way back down, he had his lips pushed on my rosebud and sucked it in towards his mouth as his tongue wiggled on it. I didn't know what my body was doing anymore as things moved and jumped I didn't know were there. He had me panting and begging him from that point on. His tongue slowly wiggled into my rosebud and insistently pushed in. He got his tongue slowly to get really wide the more he pushed it in and out of my ass. Damn that felt so hot, like a hot, slimy wet cock was fucking me. When he reached under me with one hand and took hold of my cock, I thought for sure I was going to cum right then and there. He let my cock cover his fingers and palm with a thick layer of precum and then just kept it under my cock over the cushion so as I moved my hips my cock was sliding on his hand, which he held so there was pressure on the sides and bottom of my cock. Boy that was feeling so good. His tongue was really far inside of me and hit something in there that made my eyes shoot open and my mouth to fly open and very long, low gasp flew from me, followed by grunting and panting.

You liking that baby,” Chester growled more then said and went right back to fucking my ass again and working on that magical spot.

He slid himself back up my body, ravaged my neck and ears then slowly slid back down, licking, sucking and nibbling as he went back to my ass and that damn heavenly spot. He felt I was going to cum so he tightened his hand under my cock and moved some fingers somehow so they were pushing my cock tighter down on his hand. Man did I have one hell of killer orgasm. He moved his hand like wild under and around my cock like a snake was swallowing it. I couldn't stop cumming. Finally, as I calmed down, he moved his head from my ass, started licking, kissing and biting my ass cheeks and pushed in a finger to replace his tongue. Right to that spot again, like he had it mapped in his mind and it couldn't hide from him from now on. I had no idea when he had the 3rd finger inside of me and all 3 were spreading, pushing, pumping non stop. He got his 4th finger in and I loved it by then. I think he finally moved his entire hand up to the tops of palm where the fingers start, slowly turned it around back and forth as he moved it in and out. He did that for awhile and then slid up my body and started to bite and kiss me on my upper back and shoulders. I felt something different pushing on my rosebud which was really stretched out now. I felt a thick warm liquid slowly going inside of me from this new thing. I realized then it was the head of Chester killer cock. He was actually going to get the head of his cock inside of me.

He slowly moved his hips forward and back, putting more pushing motion so his cock head would slide in more and more. It worked as I actually felt the rim around his cock head go past my rosebud. My rosebud clamped down around his cock and I could feel his whole cock head with my insides. A truly unique feeling that I really liked.

Okay baby, the head of my cock is in you all the way now,” Chester panted.

Jerk off and fill me up with your cum baby, I want it bad,” I grunted.

Chester was smiling I could tell as he raped my ears and neck again and managed to hot kiss my mouth as he stretched his neck and head around and I turned mine as far as I could. I felt his hand move down since he slowly moved it with full contact on my body all the way down. I could feel his forearm and wrist moving forward and back as he was stroking his cock. I was moving my ass up and down and squeezing and releasing my muscles all around his cock head. He growled, grunted and moaned. He did it for some time before I felt more of his precum filling me and his cock head seemed to swell up some. Then, all at the same time, his entire body jerked, went stiff and I felt a flood of hot liquid shooting up inside of me, his cock head throbbing and pulsing. As I discovered the previous night, he had one hell of an amount of cum he would shoot out. I came again and he was biting, sucking and kissing my neck, shoulders and upper back, his hand still slow stroking his cock to get all of his cum inside of me. I felt he was about to pull out.

No, please stay right there. I want to feel you inside of me and feel your cum moving inside of me. Please just stay Chester,” I pleaded.

He growled, moved his hand that he was jerking his cock with, reached up to my face, turned my face to the side and fucked my mouth for all it was worth with his tongue. His entire body was drenched in sweat so every breath and slight movement make it feel like his body was sliding on mine. I was drenched too, but not like Chester. God it felt so hot and sexy. Yeah, I just confirmed that this guy was not leaving my life for ever. I know if he really wanted to leave I couldn't and wouldn't stop him. If its what he wanted, then I'd do it. Whatever Chester wanted from me was his now. Chester's cock slowly moved out of my ass as it was loosing its hardness. Even that drove me insane.

Chester finally was breathing again and slowly turned me over, kissing all of my body from my cum covered cock to my forehead.

Nobody has ever done that for me baby, never,” Chester said with some pants still hanging on. “Damn how you can make me crazy with lust and want of you Jake. That was amazing and it was just the head of my cock.”

Yeah, I really really liked that. So now we have a class project, getting the rest of that bad boy all the way inside where it belongs,” I said with a huge smile.

You are something else for sure baby,” Chester said with a big smile. “Why did it take a frickin plan crash to get us together.”

Fate, yep, thanks to you and me, a whole plane hit the ocean just so we could find each other on this island,” I smiled.

Oh, now I feel really bad. All those people,” Chester said sadly.

Yeah, that wasn't a good thing to say, I'm sorry. Its not our fault and we didn't cause it at all. Just seems so weird that neither of us met each other before the flight. We were even in India at the same time, in the same cities. Well, whatever it is, I'm sure as hell thankful to the almighty that you saved me and liked me,” I said seriously.

There you go again, giving my heart a thrill and bringing tears to my eyes from you saying just the sweetest things to me,” Chester said squeezing me to his body.

Okay, now, how do we get off this island and get home? I'm tired of no running water, weights and cooked meals of steak, veggies and wine,” I said with a thinking look.

I can handle giving you some weights if you want,” Chester said with a smile. “Yeah, see you lay on your back and I'll hold my legs out until you put your hands on my calves and then I'll stop holding them so you can do bench presses. Then, you can sit in between my legs, I'll hold my arms forward till you get a good grip on my wrists and push them apart and I'll build up the resistance so you get a good pump going. See, that's at least one thing you mentioned I can do for you baby.”

Hey, that's not such a crazy idea. You can use my body to do dead lifts and stuff,” I laughed.

Sure I can, okay, see, now we got a work out planned, super,” Chester laughed.

You are hopeless my sexy guy,” I laughed.

I like that,” Chester said with a sweet smile.

Like what?” I asked.

Hearing you call me your sexy guy,” Chester smiled.

Well, just like my heart jumps when you call me baby,” I said hugging him.

Really, you like that huh?” Chester said.

Well yeahhhh!” I exaggerated my head movements.

Chester laughed, kissed me and kept squeezing me in his arms.

Things kept moving that way for what had to be weeks. I did get better and worked with Chester to collect food and fish. I didn't know it but while I was zonked on, he found the highest and longest flat part of the beach and using rocks and fallen trees, spelled out in huge letters 'help'. One day, we heard a strange sound that we hadn't heard before, well not since on the island.

Damn, it was a sea plane, flying low. It turned and came in lower as the 2 of us were jumping and waving like crazy on the open beach. A few days later, we saw a ship in the distance heading right towards us. Sure enough, the plane had our location and radioed in our position to a rescue navy ship. A launch headed from the ship to the island and we scared the hell out of the seamen as we both wrapped our arms around them and lifted them up into a hug spinning them around. They cracked up when I said it would only take me a minute to pack my things up. After being checked out by the medics, we were given rooms with showers no less. They found some clothes that just barely fit Chester and it was great having other people around us. I think we would have been alright just living on the island, since neither of us went off the deep end about getting rescued. It really was like it if happened great, if not, great. We were into each other more and more each day we were together. No distractions from finding out what we liked and didn't like, how to please each other and talk freely. A damn good relationship came out of that experience and as far as I was concerned, Chester made it worth every minute of it.

It was funny how when we got back to the states, both of us wanted to fly to Denver. Chester's practice and house was there and my house was in western Colorado, almost secluded with just a small town for necessities about 2 miles away. I had a condo in Denver that I usually stayed at between assignments and used the house as my get away retreat place, where I planned to spend 4 weeks when I got back from India. We both had lots of things to take care of since we were gone nearly 3 months even though it didn't seem that long to either of us.

My company paid me a full salary for 3 years up front just for my mental anguish caused by taking care of their business interests. Nice bonus I think. Besides that, they promised to limit my trips to the Americas or Europe only, no more exotic places. That was just fine with me, even though I made them agree to me taking a cruise ship rather then a plane if any anxieties came up. It was sheer bullshit on my part but what the hell, I figured they owed me. Chester was torn between selling his place and moving in with me or me selling the condo and moving in with him. I told him that there was no hurry now at all and wherever he wanted to be together was where I'd be. We settled on living mostly at his house since it was very large, no neighbors upstairs or down, left or right. We could get as wild as we wanted and scream our heads off, which during sex I always did it seemed.

Chester's business came right back to levels as before, even more since he was now somewhat of a celebrity. We both couldn't wait to be alone with each other. Work was a distraction now, all that mattered to me was Chester. Oh, he finally granted me my wish and got his entire cock up inside of me. I loved every inch of that monster weapon. He'd walk around the house with me impaled on it , stop and jiggle his hips up and down and then continue walking, always ending up in either the jacuzzi, pool or bed. He even kept it in me all night. I told him it was my security blanket. In reality, it made me feel he had taken me as his, kept me safe and feeling needed, wanted and loved. He wanted to take me to work that way but I convinced him the clients might get freaked out like he had a mini me stuck on his body. Our life just got really better every day. I still am so grateful for meeting him and being able to spend really quality time with him, no other distractions. Wow, maybe it is true that eventually, dreams do come true.