Me and Clem….


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So what the hell is a 56 year old man doing sitting in a gay bar at 4 p.m., on a Wednesday. Killing time and hoping his boring as hell life changes by some miracle that's what! My name is Joel and I guess in gay circles I'm a daddy, though I really don't like all those classifications we seem to dump on ourselves. Makes me think we are really nothing more then items in a Sears catalog. Dumb if you ask me, but you didn't did you? Whatever....

So, anyway, I'm retired thanks to working my ass off and almost loosing my life to bypass surgery and all that crap in my late 40's, thanks to stress, lousy eating and hardly any time to do that god awful shit called exercise. I honestly don't see why the hell there isn't some sort of pill to handle all that. I have to admit, I tried but it just isn't in my mindset; seem to have some damn block about healthy shit. I'm very weak willed when it comes to things like dieting, smoking, and exercising. Oh, and I have for most of my life attracted guys I still don't know why I got involved with them to begin with. It wasn't bodies or looks necessarily and most times I did make the wrong choice. Why the hell is door # 3 always the weird one? So I'm 5'11”, 230 lbs, auburn hair, smooth, single and still dreaming of my great big hairy monster who just loves the fact I can't get my hands off of him and worship him constantly. Is that ever gonna happen? What's that saying? Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which hand wins? Or something like that, but its another mental block thing I think. I keep telling myself that at my age, I have no business playing Don Quixote looking for huge hairy guys, what? You expected windmills? Really?

So anyway, there I am, occasionally looking around but I think the bus missed the stop at the bar and the only ones in it are guys older then me who look like they are gonna die or cry any minute. Cruel, I know, but they probably think the same about me, looser hiding in a bar. At least the bartender is nice, friendly and has gotten to know me somewhat as he likes to talk in between handling the rare drink order and cleaning up stuff. We comment about news on the TV that's always on in one part of the bar area except on weekends when it only plays porn movies. I think they do that just to drive home the point you don't look anything even close to these guys and sure as hell aren't going home with one either, so buy another drink!

I ordered a large pizza for the bartender and myself. Yeah, any of the regulars around when it comes get to share too, I'm not evil! Like always it seems, things slowly pick up after 7, when some guys come in after work and dinner. I really like the change in sounds when they start showing up. The ones that are like me sort of regulars who stop in for at least one drink to chat with friends they normally only see at the bar, always say hello. This night was strange for some reason. The regulars seemed to stay on longer then they usually do and then they told me it was one of the guys birthday. I bought the guy a drink and wished him a happy year. Then as I took my seat again, in comes this group of guys. One was really young looking, not bad looking but obviously rich and wanted everyone to know it. He was with a few friends I guess and two super big nasty looking guys who had to be bodyguards. The big guys did a scan of the bar and moved the group into a corner with tables. The one big guy came to the bar to order their drinks and was doing a once over of every sitting at the bar, all 8 of us spattered around. When I caught his eye, I did what I always so, smile and nod my head. He looked surprised for some reason and I think he had to think about it before he smiled and nodded his head. They guy was scary as shit. I think he was in those cage fight things or something like it because his face told of all sorts of battles and broken bones. He looked mean and as rugged as you could get I think. I know if I ran into him near an alley or on a dark street, I'd probably shit myself! But, I still smiled the whole time he was waiting to take the drinks to the table. I followed him with my eyes as he walked to the table with the tray of drinks. When he turned around to again check out everyone I suppose, he again caught my eye and again I smiled and nodded, probably a bit bigger smile then normal, but hey, you want to make a monster like that feel you aren't a threat or have something against him because he'd scare the hell out of his own mother I bet. But, no matter, he was definitely big, at least 6'9” or better and way over 300 lbs at least. His head was shaved and I noticed a tat moving from the lower front of his neck, from the chest I assume, winding around higher at the back of his neck and then down again on the other side but towards where his shoulder was. I tried to imagine what it looked like. It wasn't gaudy like lots of them and pushing at all sorts of other tats either. I decided it had to be very top notch and artsy, whatever that means, it sounded good to me. Again, he stared right at me, thinking again and then smiled, tiny smile, but a smile before he continued on with his scan. The other big guy ignored everyone and only bothered to glare at anyone walking near or by their corner.

I asked the bartender about the flaunting rich kid and he said he only saw him in the bar once before and that was for a very short time before he left with his friends, but didn't have any bodyguards with him. We both figured he was afraid of some kind of gay bashing or gang attack. Maybe he's a drug pusher or distributor? Who knows. Why did that pop into my head anyway? Like anybody who acts like that is a drug lord? Well, YEAH!!! LOL... They finally began their grand march to leave when the tat guy who was last in the parade slowly walked toward the door staring right at me as I stared at him, with my goofy smile. He finally returned the smile, bigger this time just before he turned to head out the door. The bartender must have caught our little smile game.

Got him to smile at you huh?” the bartender asked.

You noticed huh?” I laughed. “Guess I was a bit obvious wasn't I.”

Not for being in a gay bar you weren't,” the bartender laughed. “Sure as hell was big and nasty looking I have to say. I bet he doesn't have to lay a hand on anyone to get them to run off, real quick like.”

Yeah, isn't that just wonderful?” I swooned just about.

You are nuts. I bet that guy wouldn't know how to even hold you without cracking a rib or two!” the bartender frowned.

The pain might be worth it!” I laughed.

The bartender shook his head laughing and went to take another drink order. I finally decided I spent enough time in church and said my good nights. The parking lot was a little ways down the street from the bar for some damn reason, but at least there was one. It was located across from an old industrial area, fairly deserted and dark with a few old street lights trying to light things up but not having an easy time of it. As I walked casually thinking about the scary giant I played smiley with, I heard lots of shouting, swearing and even some screaming. Do I run like hell to my car and get out of there? NO. Like a dummy, I wander carefully over towards the sounds and stand there with my mouth wide open and my eyes too. A fight was going that involved the party group and the body guards. Each bodyguard seemed to be dealing with at least three guys wearing ski masks no less. The richy guy and his friends were getting the crap beat out of them. The other body guard finally decked his attackers and took on the ones beating on the other guys. My smiley giant did his attackers in and I saw them on the ground groaning and moaning. Then, quick as a flash, someone came charging at my smiley giant and his arms flew up and out as his back arched. He tried to turn I think but his legs just buckled and down he went. The other body guard was having a hard time since the attackers now could concentrate on him I guess. Finally the richy guy and his friends managed to get into a parked limo and they just took off, leaving smiley giant on the ground and the other bodyguard to fend for himself. He soon went the way of smiley giant, falling like a cut monster tree. The ski mask guys began to kick and pound on both of the big guys then one caught sight of me and yelled at the others. One started to walk towards me and I ran for all I was worth back into the bar. I yelled for the bartender to call the police and I like a real hero, peaked out the door to see if the guy who was coming after me was still out there. He wasn't so I got a bit braver and walked further outside to see if they were still congregated in the parking lot. Nope, nobody was there so I ran to see if I could help smiley giant and the other giant. I got to smiley and he was moaning and holding his side with a look of pain all over his face. The other giant guy wasn't moving at all. I went up to him, felt his neck to see if he had a pulse and nope, nothing. I figured from watching CSI that I shouldn't touch anything at all so I went back to smiley giant.

Here, let me put my jacket under your head at least,” I said all nervous.

Where did the others go?” he asked with a very deep voice.

What others? The guys you were guarding?” I asked.

Yeah them and the other guard,” he moaned.

Well the richy guy and his friends got into a limo and took off before your friend got taken out. I think he's dead,” I said. “Can I help you in any way? The police have been called and I'm sure an ambulance will be here soon.”

Shit, fuck, damn it,” he yelled. “Can't be here when the cops come. I have to get out of here.”

Well I don't think that's a good idea,” I said bravely.

Listen, I can't get questioned by cops and get tied in with the richy guy,” he said seriously. “Help me get to a cab and I'll be gone.”

We aren't going to get any cab around here anytime soon. We'd have to call and it always takes them at least 30 minutes to finally get here,” I told him.

Shit, fuck, damn it, I'm screwed big time,” he hissed and then moaned.

Okay, even though I probably shouldn't do this, but my SUV is parked right over there. If you can help me get you up off the ground, I'll take you somewhere to get you looked at and fixed up,” I said thinking I'm going to rot in prison probably for doing this.

Yeah, please, would you do that?” he asked finally really looking at me.

Yeah, come on we best get a move on,” I said with a smile.

He just looked at me for a bit before forcing himself over on his front and pushing himself up, finally grabbing my thigh to keep him steady. Holy shit his hand was huge and I thought my thigh was going to be bruised for months after this. I leaned in and tried to help him, finally getting my neck and shoulders under his armpit. He had to lean real far towards me to take any advantage of my body as a sort of crutch. I heard sirens and knew the police were coming finally.

We'd better get moving if you don't want to meet up with the cops,” I told him nervously, wondering how the hell I got myself into this mess.

Okay, steer me to your SUV,” he groaned.

I slowly turned him and pointed quick as one arm was around a part of his back and the other was holding on to his wrist. I was amazed how he forced himself to stand up more and really move towards my SUV. We got to the back door which I opened as he held on to the roof I think. He ducked himself down and kind of fell forward and then pulled himself all the way in and pulled his legs up towards his chest. I closed the door and ran around to the drivers door, jumped in, did the belt thing and started it up.

Okay, where do you want to go?” I asked.

No answer.

I decided I best just get out of the parking lot and away from there before the cops came and closed everything off. I took off, going the opposite way I knew the cops would be coming from and just drove through a part of the industrial park. I stopped, put the SUV in park and turned around. I couldn't see shit so I turned the interior lights on and say his face. It sure had a look of big time pain and his eyes were closed. I figured he was passed out. Great, now what.

I wasn't sure what I should do. If he didn't want to talk to the cops, I sure as hell couldn't take him to a hospital. How would I explain that? Shit. Where? Damn it, I even slapped myself to make sure I wasn't in some nightmare. Home, only place I could think of right now. Yeah, nobody would know I had him and we could hide out just like in the movies. Yeah Joel, and like in the movies you are a witness and dead for sure. Oh boy, what a great ending to a bull shit day. Dead or prison. Great choices.

Well luckily my house was not right in the city but a suburb that had a few houses spread out and both houses next to mine were empty, victims of the foreclosure virus. I pulled into the garage, waited until the door closed and then took a few real deep breaths. How was I going to get smiley giant out of my SUV and into my house? I actually thought about using my wheelbarrow, but that seemed really dumb. Nope, I had to wake him up somehow and get him to help me get him our of the SUV and walk into the house. I ran inside, got a dishtowel all wet and ran back to the SUV. I wiped it all over his face hoping the cold water would wake him. Yep, it sure did. He jumped and nearly panicked but then when he looked at me and I had put on a dumb smile again, he quickly calmed down.

You have to help me get you inside,” I said. “We are at my house, inside my garage. You are welcome to stay in the SUV, but I think it might be a good idea to see where you are hurt and at least clean it up and bandage you.”

He looked at me kind of seriously and then just said 'okay' as he moved himself towards the open door. Luckily I had a bunch of blankets on the back seat that I left in there when I let a friend's dog ride in the SUV. It looked wet and dark, which I figured was blood. Wonderful, CSI was going to analyze it and I was dead meat for sure. He made it out of the SUV and grabbed on to the wall as I closed the door and tried as best I could to get him towards the door to the inside of the house. Luckily, there was a guest bathroom right down the hallway from the garage so that's were I was steering him. We slowly went down the hallway and I reached around the doorway to the bathroom and flipped on the light. I steered him in. There was no way both of us could move through the bathroom so I suggested he used the sink and walls to get over to sit on the toilet. That's exactly what he did, flopping down kind of hard on the toilet seat. Damn I was thinking, hope he didn't crack the porcelain!

Up close, he sure did look scary, more so then in the bar. His hand was bloody and that scared me. If he died in my house I was totally screwed and I didn't even know a damn thing about whatever was going on other then the fight in the parking lot. I got him to let me take off his jacket and I took out a towel which I wet half and washed his hand off. He winced some but kept staring at me like I was going to pull out a gun and shoot him or something.

Okay, how about you let me help you take off your shirt so we can see how badly you are hurt, okay?” I said nervously.

He kept looking at my face as he just ripped the front of his shirt and started to pull it off of his arms. I helped in shock from his doing that to his shirt. His side was all bloody and luckily, nothing seemed to be shooting out of him. I took another towel, wet it really good, rung it out and stooped down between his spread out legs and gently started patting the bloodied side to clean it off. It took awhile but finally all the blood was off and I could now see he had a few slashes and what I guess was a puncture wound. There was something weird sticking into his side which I didn't want to touch. I figured if I do anything that hurts him, I'm dead like real fast.

Looks like you got sliced and stabbed a few times and there is something sticking out of you that I think might be a knife or something like that,” I said all worried.

Just yank it out,” he hissed.

Uhhhh, I'm not so sure about that,” I said.

Before I could say another word, he took a deep breath, reached his arm around, felt for the thing and just pulled it out super quick which got him to scream and yell and really swear a lot. I quickly slapped the wet towel on top of it so he wouldn't bleed so bad. I told him to hold the towel tight to his side and I ran to my bathroom and came back with antibiotic stuff, peroxide, wound cleansing spray, gauze pads and wipes, even alcohol wipes, along with some left over pain medicine I had that I thought was really good shit to be used for emergencies. I figured this qualified for sure. I took another clean towel and spread it out on top of the bathtub and laid all the medical stuff on top of that.

Okay, I have all sorts of stuff to hopefully stop you from getting an infection and let me bandage up the wounds after cleaning them good and putting antibiotic stuff on them. I also brought you some pain pills I had that are kind of good and might help take the bite out of your pain. That okay?” I spoke quickly as I was really nervous.

Yeah, have at it,” he said staring at my face again.

I had him slowly move the towel from his side, which I moved down under the wounds to catch anything that I poured over them. I took the peroxide and let it run down his side to clean out the wounds. I rinsed it off with cold water and did it again. Not a sound or movement from smiley giant who was still just staring at my face. I sprayed a lot of the wound cleansing stuff and then put loads of antibiotic stuff on gauze pads and gently put them on top of his wounds. I had loads of these neat sports wrap bandage things so I used those to wrap around his lower back and sides to hold the extra gauze pads I put over the ones with antibiotic stuff. He had to lean back so I could do the bandage thing. That's when I finally took notice of his body. Well his neck, chest, arms and abs. DAMN this guy was solid, huge and had to have part steel under his skin. I don't think I ever saw that much muscle and power except in the sword and sandal stuff I liked watching. He didn't have a thick coating of hair, just a light one on his abs and forearms. I know he saw me gawking at his body as I wrapped the tape around his waist since he still was just staring at my face the whole time.

Okay, how does that feel?” I finally snapped out of it.

Good, thanks,” smiley said.

You want to use the pot? I can go and make up a bed for you. I have guest rooms that aren't used if you'd like,” I said nervously again.

Thanks,” smiley said, no expression, no smile, nothing.

Oh, and here are the pain pills. I liked them, helped me deal with the pain I had from a severe foot injury that needed 14 stitches outside and 5 inside. Think they might help you too, but I”d take more then one cause of your size,” I said with a smile.

He took the pill bottle from me and I stood up, nervously backed out of the bathroom like he was going to pounce on me and break my neck or something. It was a bit unsettling to not see any emotion or reaction on his face at all. Just that cold, examining stare of his. I waited in the hallway, well actually I was frozen in place, like the weight of what I just went through hit me like a ton of bricks. What the hell was I thinking. Sure, just help out someone who was involved in someone else's murder and just act like you are running a B&B or something! IDIOT! But wait, its not like smiley giant killed anyone now is it? No, I watched what was happening and yeah he pounded a few of the ski masked guys to the ground, but they all got up eventually didn't they. Yeah, so the ski masked guys did the killing of the other giant, not smiley so therefore he wasn't a murderer at all. A victim, yeah, a victim, who just happened to be a fugitive from a murder scene and now I was an accessory to a fugitive from a murder scene and both of us witnesses on the lamb. Yep, the rest of what life I have left rotting in a prison for sure. Yeah, but did you see the body on smiley giant? Holy shit. Yeah, those two words kept going over and over in my head like an old record player skipping over and over.

Okay, snap out of it and get a bed made and blankets and make sure to put a couple of towels down in case he bleeds. Don't want to ruin a mattress. CSI would probably find it for sure then. I felt stupid as after making up the bed, I realized I should have asked smiley what his name was and if he wanted to take a shower before I did the bandage thing. Oh well, just play hospital and he's moving from the bathroom ER, being admitted to a private room. No shower involved there is there. I had every thing set for him to just sit down on the bed, swing his legs over and I'd cover him up nice and toasty.

I nearly had a heart attack as when I turned to go get him to the bedroom, there he was, filling up the whole damn doorway. Still just staring at me. I started to check myself to make sure I wasn't walking around with my zipper down or my pants falling or something stupid like that.

Oh, you made it here I see. Well the beds all ready for you. Hope its okay with you?” I stammered, backing away from the bed.

Yeah, its good,” smiley said.

Did you take some of the pain pills?” I asked.

Yeah, took two,” smiley grumbled as he staggered to the bed.

He did just what I thought he'd do, sat down, swung his legs over, well tried. I went over, took hold of his ankles and gasped. He had nothing on, completely naked except for the bandages I put on. He obviously heard and saw me gasp as I noticed his thick muscled hairy legs, his monstrous balls and a fat cock surrounded by a super thick patch of fur. The tat that I noticed on his neck actually went mostly around his body down to his ankle on one leg almost like a vine that attached itself to him. It wasn't like vine leaves but more intricate looking leaves of some type. Anyway, I froze of course, my open mouth and bugged out eyes putting me into a temporary coma of sorts. Smiley almost knocked me over as he yanked his legs over taking me with them as he slid them on to the bed with me laying sideways gawking. I snapped out of it and smiled of course, saying 'I'm so sorry' over and over as I reached over him and pulled the sheet and blanket over him.

Need any more pillows?” I asked with a burning blush.

No, just fine,” smiley said dryly.

Okay, I'll leave you to rest. If you need anything just give a holler, my bedroom is right next door. Oh, never thought to ask you but I'll put some water bottles and juice bottles on the night stand here just in case you get thirsty,” I blushed more.

Thanks,” smiley said with that intense look again.

I figured it was a perfect time to get out of there, get his water and juice stuff and leave the giant alone. I felt he was through enough trauma tonight without dealing with me having a heart attack looking at his body. I went and got the stuff, carried it into the bedroom and he was already out, sound asleep. I quietly left the room turning off the lights except a really dim one on the window wall far enough from the bed so as not to shine in his face. I figured it best just in case he woke up suddenly and didn't have any idea where he was.

I went out to the garage and pulled the blankets off the back seat and threw them into the washer with lots of soap and bleach. Luckily there were no blood stains on the seats or floor that I could see. Once that was done, I went into the bathroom and picked up his bloodied shorts, pants and socks, figuring I'd wash those next. His shirt was ripped so I just pitched it in the garbage. There was no way I was going to fall asleep now so I finished the blanket wash and did his clothes minus the bleach of course. I was really tired by the time the clothes were finished washing so I threw them into the dryer and headed to my bedroom. I was quietly watching the local news to see if anything was on about the parking lot thing, but nope, not a word. I took a shower in my bathroom, took a sleeping pill and hit the bed.

I jumped up in bed when I heard someone rummaging around in the kitchen. It was morning and I didn't remember about having smiley giant in my house right away. When the dawn broke in my mind, 'shit' was all that kept coming out of my mouth as I hurried around, bathroom, closet, dressed and headed out to the kitchen.

Wow, I didn't expect you to be up and about so quick,” I said with my now patented smile. “How are you feeling?”

Pretty good, thanks,” smiley said standing there completely naked making himself coffee.

Oh shit, here, I'll get you a bathrobe to wear so you are more comfy,” I blushed as I headed to the closet to pick out the biggest robe I knew I had.

I also headed to the dryer and pulled out his shorts and socks. I came into the kitchen and held out the robe, shorts and socks, turning my head away for some stupid reason like I hadn't already seen the full show and reruns already.

Thanks, appreciate it,” smiley said as he took the stuff, pulled on his shorts, put the robe on and sat and put on his socks.

He rubbed his sides some and twisted back and forth like he was warming up to exercise or something. I got out two coffee cups, asked if he took anything with it and was surprised for some reason to know he took his like I did, just milk.

Did the pills help any?” I asked trying to kill the deadly silence.

Yeah, good thanks,” smiley said dryly.

Would you like something to eat maybe? I have eggs and bread for toast,” I smiled again.

Eggs and toast would be nice,” smiley said, again with the not taking his eyes off of my face.

I got busy and made us scrambled eggs and toast.

Want me to bring you the pills so you can take one more maybe?” I asked him.

No, just Tylenol maybe,” smiley said.

You never said your name, I'm Joel by the way,” I said with of course a smile which I think was locked on my face.

Clem, nice to meet you Joel,” Clem said without expression.

I was at a loss as to what to talk about figuring getting more info about what happened in the lot wasn't a good idea. What do they call it? Plausible deniability? Yeah, sounds good to me.

So, you look like you sure work out an awful lot huh?” I finally said.

Gotta stay in shape,” Clem said like everyone should know that.

What do you do for a living,” I asked and then regretted it.

Security services mostly, some personal training, stuff like that,” Clem said while eating.

Oh, makes sense for sure with the body you have,” I said.

Thanks, you noticed eh?” Clem said.

Uh, yeah, couldn't miss actually,” I laughed.

Clem looked at me like I was going to explode or something so I just turned on the TV in the kitchen and got the newspaper off the front porch.

Clem helped himself to more coffee and I noticed he also had brought a few juices in from the bedroom which he was drinking besides.

What do you do Joel?” Clem finally asked.

Nothing really anymore, I'm retired,” I smile of course.

Retired? Don't seem old enough,” Clem said.

Well thanks for that Clem! I'm 56. I worked for over 36 years and had a great pension and health plan. No point staying longer as it didn't do much for how much I'd get so I left. Ended lots of stress and health problems for me,” I explained.

Live alone?” Clem asked.

Yep, just me. No commitments or boyfriends or partners I'm sorry to say,” I said then wanted to die for saying all of that.

Lonely huh?” Clem said. “Me too, not good to stay alone like we do.”

Wow, he actually made a statement! Holy shit, was this great or what? He must have picked up on my complete surprise as he actually gave me a smile back.

Thanks by the way for what you did for me,” Clem said seriously. “Can't tell you much at all but it wasn't a good thing that happened. Crazy gang like shit which we kind of were expecting but not to the level it did happen. Shame my fellow security guard died because of it.”

Oh yeah, I'm sorry, were you friends for long?” I asked sadly.

Never met the guy before tonight. They hired me as a fill in for someone who normally worked with him but was sick or something,” Clem said. “But again, you really were great with what you did even though you felt you were breaking the law and stuff. I saw it in your face.”

Wow, you're good for sure! Yeah, I was really shitting in my pants when I wasn't busy doing stuff for you. Dull moments were the worst. All those scary thoughts just flood in your mind,” I said blushing.

Well, maybe a bit of trouble with the law if they find out you were there as a witness who didn't give up information but that's about it. The cops know you wouldn't have had anything to do with a murder, especially with the evidence of a fight on the other guard. Wouldn't add up the way you are and how he was,” Clem said. “So, don't worry about it so much. You're not in any trouble. Honest. All you did was help a wounded guy get away from a bunch of guys who wanted to kill him too, that's all, nothing more.”

Well, I suppose taking it in that light, yeah, you are right. Just too much CSI shit I guess!” I laughed.

Damn Clem smiled again.

You did a bang up job patching me up too. Thanks for that,” Clem said reaching across the table and squeezing my hand which was lost in his.

Lots of practice on myself!” I laughed and blushed and never moved my hand.

Well, you did good for sure, thanks for that too,” Clem smiled again.

So, anything I can do for you now? Need anything?” I asked as I got up and got us more coffee.

If its okay with you, I'd like to take a few naps and maybe stay the night again if its no problem for you. By tomorrow I should be good enough to get out of your life,” Clem said.

Hey, no problem. Stay as long as you like and you don't need to say things like that. Not so sure I'd want you out of my life. We have kind of shared a life threatening experience together you know. Not a lot of people do that in life,” I said thinking I sure as hell don't want him out of my life.

Thanks, you are really a nice person Joel. Thanks too for all the smiling at me. Don't think I've been smiled at by anyone in most of my life!” Clem smiled and squeezed my hand again.

Well, you made it easy for me Clem,” I blushed. “I hope I didn't freak you out or anything. I sure didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable or anything.”

Joel, it would be a really big miracle if you could do anything to freak me out! Ain't gonna be possible my friend,” Clem laughed actually.

Nice to hear you might consider me your friend Clem, I like that,” I blushed.

Joel, I know you are gay, we saw each other in a gay bar and I don't think you were there selling insurance policies. I never went one way or the other. Most women I met were sluts and didn't do anything for me. I was way to intimidating for any guys that might have been interested so honestly, just never bothered. I got used to being on my own and not depending on anyone else to satisfy my sexual needs,” Clem said surprisingly.

Wow, I'd have thought you had a whole bus load of groupies just waiting for the chance to make you happy,” I laughed.

Well that's nice of you to say that, thanks Joel. Nope, no buses waiting on me at all,” Clem said with a hint of sadness I thought.

Okay, I'm going to leave you to rest and heal really well. If there is anything you need or would like, just holler. Do you eat lunch?” I asked.

Yeah, usually smoothies with all sorts of added stuff, you know, that body building stuff you see advertised, except what I use is not the commercial stuff,” Clem said.

Oh, well tell me what goes into your smoothies and I'll pick it up at the grocery store. Probably won't have the other stuff, but at least its close to what you are used to I'd guess,” I laughed.

You don't have to do that Joel, whatever you have is fine,” Clem said again with a smile.

Nope, here's a pen and paper and you list out all the stuff we need, no arguments or I'll poke you in your side mister,” I said sternly hoping he wasn't going to smack me on the top of my head and drive me into the floor.

Yes sir, okay, here goes,” Clem laughed as he began writing down stuff.

Great, I'll be back soon. Sure there's nothing else you'd like, special milk stuff or juice or anything?” I asked as I gathered my keys, wallet and list.

No, I'm good thanks,” Clem smiled.

Go ahead and relax, maybe nap a bit. Sure it will do you a world of good Clem,” I smiled as I got into the garage.

I know damn well why I was so damn bubbly in the car and store, like I wanted to do the whole damn Sound of Music thing in the parking lot. Providence has gifted me with the hottest guy I've ever seen even if its just to look and not touch. Sure he was super scary looking but that just added to the attraction for me. I liked how he looked. Macho, brutish, powerful personified. It was a full package of masculinity, none of that sculpted worked on chiseled face look stuff. Nope, the real deal. I imagined him being a great actor in a gladiator movie. See, the mind just blows out completely and there's no stopping it.

On the way home I told myself to just calm down, get over it and register the visions of his body I saw for all time future reference and fantasy. There was no way that guy was going to be interested or want to mess around with the likes of me. A relationship? Yeah, right and my ticket to a vacation on Saturn is in the mail. So what, I felt happy and like I had some purpose. Hey, who knows what would have happened if I wasn't in that parking lot or didn't help Clem out. It had to be the workings of fate, about 20 years late, but still. When I got hope, I unloaded the SUV putting all his smoothie stuff on the counter top next to the super duper blender I had never used. I cleaned up breakfast dishes and quietly went to check on Clem in the bedroom. I peaked in the doorway and there he was, sprawled out completely in the buff, sound asleep, his abs and chest slowly rising and falling with each breath. God what a beautiful sight. I backed off eventually wishing I had hidden cameras around that would have captured him napping like that. He was truly amazing all spread out like that. You got a great view of his entire body lying there all relaxed.

I pulled out my laptop in the kitchen and played with stuff after going through emails and other junk. I heard the toilet flushing and then there was Clem, only wearing his shorts, stretching out his arms and body as I just gawked like an idiot.

Good nap?” I asked with my smile.

Great thanks. Wow you sure did get all that was on the list huh?” Clem smiled walking over to the counter. “I'll whip us up a smoothie and I'm willing to bet you will love it.”

Let me watch so I know how to do it,” I jumped up and stood next to him.

He slowly went through each step which was basically figuring out how much of what to throw into the blender. He added some ice and put the lid on. It was really loud but started to take shape I could see. I got out two big glasses and he poured some into both, lifted one glass and handed it to me with a smile. I took a sip and then another. It was really super good! I imagined rum would be sweet in it too, but didn't offer that thought to Clem. He topped off our glasses and we drifted into the living room. I told him to sit in the recliner I never use and he filled it completely. He had to scoot down a bit so his shoulders weren't completely over the back of the recliner. He looked kind of funny in it like he was sitting in a little kids play set or something. I turned on the TV and did my usual flip channel exercise. I asked Clem if he wanted to watch anything in particular but he said he rarely bothered with TV himself. He started up a conversation asking me about my life, what I liked and stuff and I asked the same questions to him.

Oh hey, I should probably change the dressings on your wounds, but before I do that, maybe you'd like to take a shower?” I asked.

Oh yeah, that would feel so good right about now,” Clem said as he struggled to get himself out of the recliner.

Great, I'll get you a bath sheet and get you set up in the shower,” I smiled going to set the master bath up for him.

I didn't see him behind me so I went out looking for him. He was waiting in the guest bathroom.

Oh, I'm sorry, not this shower, come on into my master bathroom. Its a walk in that's super nice I think. Much more room for you I'm sure,” I laughed.

Clem followed me and let out a loud 'wow' when he walked into the master bath and saw the shower. It could fit probably three people easily, had 2 of those neat modern long box shower things, one for your front and one for your back, three shower heads build into the ceiling for a real rain effect, and special lighting of course to finish it all off. I put a seat inside of it so he could sit and enjoy the action of the magical shower heads. It was truly an experience of relaxation and pleasure all at the same time. I showed him how to play around with it, put out the bath sheet on a heated towel rack outside the shower and left him to enjoy it.

I turned to walk out and he stopped me.

You aren't gonna leave me in here by myself at the mercy of this contraption are you?” Clem said with a faked worried look on his face.

Oh, I'm sure a big boy like you can figure it all out pretty damn good,” I laughed.

Joel, please, don't just leave me here alone, please?” Clem said rather softly which startled me. “As a matter of fact, how about you join me and make sure I do all the gizmos right.”

I know I stopped breathing right then and there. I know for a fact my eyes were huge and my mouth was full open again as I just gawked in disbelief at him.

Well, damn, I don't know Clem,” I stammered about to burst into flames.

What's to know? Take your clothes off, grab another towel and get in here, its pretty simple Joel,” Clem laughed.

Well, like I'm going to argue with smiley giant Clem? Hell no. I slowly stripped feeling like he was going to puke at any moment seeing my crappy body, but damn, he didn't. He didn't even make a face or frown at all. I kind of was shimmying past him when he just lifted me up under my armpits and turned, landing me against a back wall.

There, see, easy as can be. Now Captain Kirk, get this ship moving,” Clem laughed.

I did just that, going through all the individual cycles, played with the lights until he said he liked one, then let the whole damn thing rip all at once. I knew from experience that was the mind blower for sure. Yep, Clem turned into a little kid at Christmas morning, looking here and there in total wonder as the sprays were going goofy all over our bodies and the lights just made it like we were in some fantasy movie. I got him to move the seat into the middle so he could get the full effect all over his body. It felt super good to see his reaction and how his face completely changed from the rock hard no emotion look to a little kid having fun for a change. I moved back and soaped up a washer thing and began to wash myself. Clem turned to me, took the washer out of my hand and pulled me in front of him in between his legs and washed me from top to bottom. He handed me the washer thing, stood up and I knew I was expected to wash all of him. He had to sit down so I could do his head, neck and shoulders, but that was all he sat for. I wanted to wash his cock, balls and ass with my body, but thought that would be pushing it a bit far. I turned the side sprayers to super gentle sprays and I had him lift his arm up so I could gently wash his wounds good. They didn't seem to be all red and he didn't jump when I touched them with the antibiotic soap wash sponge, so I figured that was a good sign of no infection. I'm sure if any internal damage was done, we'd have known about it by now. Nope, I guess he totally lucked out and missed major hurt and damage. We got out and dried off, I made him lift his arm up so I could gently pat dry his side and really take a good look at the wounds. I got my wound care stuff together and went to work, spraying cleaning stuff on and following the whole routine again. Clem surprised the hell out of me when as soon as I said I was done, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tight into his body for a long hug. Holy shit I thought I was going to have an orgasm right then and there. I wanted to make sure I got a full mental recording in my head of what it felt like to be just about swallowed in the arms and body of my smiley giant. When he released me, he ruffled my hair as he saw the look of total awe on my face. It was indeed totally awesome for me.

Oh shit, I should wash your shorts for you so you have clean ones to put on,” I said.

No, that's fine, I'm going to get my act in gear and head back to my place if its okay with you. I need to check on some things and get a new set of clothes on. Would you mind taking me to my place?” Clem asked seriously. “If its a bother, I can call a taxi.”

No bother at all Clem, honest. I'd love to do it for you. Just give me a chance to get dressed and we can head out,” I smiled, a twinge of sadness that he was going to leave me now.

We got into the SUV and he gave me directions on how to get to his apartment. It was actually a townhouse he rented with the garages in between the units so there was more privacy for the occupants. Kind of reminded me of a condo on a golf course type of thing, except this was outside of a forest park. I expected him to just jump on and wave, but nope, he insisted I park the car and come inside. I don't argue with smiley giant Clem.

It was very nice inside, very macho and sparse. Earthy colors and simple furnishings. The only thing that came close to a mess was his counter with all the jars of supplements and bins of fruits and veggies covering just the whole top.

Make yourself at home Joel, there should be juice or something to drink in the fridge, so help yourself. I'm going to change and be right back down,” Clem said taking two or three stairs at a time running upstairs.

I got myself a juice and sat down on a chair at his island counter. It was nice and cozy. I could easily see it was home to Clem.

So, what do you think of my little home?” Clem said as he bounded into the kitchen, went to the counter and put together a big smoothie with all his supplements in it.

Very nice indeed. To be honest, I kind of thought it would be loaded with all sorts of weights and things,” I laughed.

Clem came up to me, pulled me up by my shoulders and moved me to a door that obviously opened into the garage. I gasped when I saw how loaded the garage was with weights, machines, pulleys, you name it, a fully stocked gym in his garage.

Wow, you sure are into this stuff big time!” I gasped looking around like I had any clue what half of it was for.

Hell yeah, its my livelihood Joel. This stuff has been my whole family ever since I can remember. I think I'd be completely lost without it. A gym isn't the same to me. Yeah, when I'm traveling maybe, but nothing like my own stuff to me,” Clem said proudly.

Super impressive Clem, I'm blown away completely!” I said.

I know you probably do think its a bit over the top, but it is my life support in here, what lets me live how I want to and pays the bills too,” Clem said with a hand swallowing my shoulder.

No, its just something you just don't see every day Clem. Honestly, I can imagine you using everything in here. Me, they'd be covered in cobwebs and junk for sure!” I laughed.

Well, maybe we can slowly change that for you,” Clem said swallowing my other shoulder in his other hand and squeezing.

That my friend would indeed be a true miracle!” I laughed.

Clem laughed with me and shook his head as we went back to the kitchen. He talked about various things, said he had a few business messages he needed to answer and then he'd be good to go. I didn't want to ask 'go where' so I just smiled and shook my head not having a clue what he intended to do that included me.

You go make yourself at home in the living room while I take care of business if that's okay with you, and I'll come back down and join you. So don't run off or sneak away Joel, promise?” Clem said holding my shoulders tight in his hands.

Promise, no sneaking off or anything like that,” I crossed my heart.

Okay, super, now just be at home and feel free to whatever,” Clem said with a big smile and bounded up the stairs.

I casually looked around at some of the stuff around, one picture that had to be of him and his mother I'd guess, one in a military uniform, already bulked out, another in either Iraq or Afghanistan and that was about it. Some books on nutrition, some on exercising, some on meditation and some scifi stuff. I think the only thing with dust was the TV remote and the TV. I took a book on meditation and flipped through it to see if it held any interest for me. Didn't have a clue what the hell it was saying, so I put it back and looked at the pictures in the exercise books. It was pretty hard not to hear Clem bounding down the stairs.

Okay, all caught up, everything is good,” Clem bubbled.

Nothing bad about the incident I guess huh?” I asked then thought maybe I was prying.

Well, some questions and an apology for leaving me and the other guys stranded, but they paid the fee and were going to deal with the bad asses on their own. I'll never be around them again for sure,” Clem said casually.

Sounds like a smart move for sure,” I said like I had a clue.

Okay, I thought about it and I'm going to do it. You have been walking on egg shells and just about pissing yourself every time you got a glimpse of my body. So, you just park it on the sofa, relax and enjoy the show,” Clem said as he put me into the sofa and lifted my legs and slid an ottoman under.

He picked up a remote and suddenly, music was all around the room, like at the bar on dance night. He turned his back to me, spread his legs wide and then flexed his bowling ball ass cheeks at me, turned his head and smiled which started me to completely melt. He slowly moved his shirt off his shoulders then his biceps, to his forearms and let it fall to the floor. Then he shot his arms out to the sides, tightened them so his triceps exploded and somehow managed to get them to like dance on his arm. Then he bent his arm as he pumped up his biceps which made me gasp out loud. He then moved his arms down with his fists in his hips and did this wild flex and spread of his back and shoulder muscles. Things popped out that I never knew were there. He did all that so slow and yet to the beat of the music, it was mind blowing. He then slowly moved backwards, undid his pants and let his ass cheeks flexing get them to slide down off of him. He stepped out of them and he was wearing a posing jock strap thing, like a thong. I was gasping so loud and so much it got him to actually giggle. He turned his head with a serious mean look as asked in a deep sexy voice if I liked what I saw.

All I could do was shake my head yes and lick my lips as my entire mouth was completely dry. He backed up a bit then before I knew what was going on, he had his legs spread over my legs and the ottoman, his ass was down on my thighs and his arms were out towards the back of the sofa against the sides of my head. He moved his face right up against mine and slowly licked from my chin to my forehead, my body beginning to shake. I just knew I was going to have a full blown stroke, but who cared now. He moved one arm a bit, bent it and flexed his bicep, moved my face to it with his other hand.

Kiss it for me, lick it Joel, its yours, all yours,” he growled.

I didn't need another invite, I was all over that bicep. Then he did the other one and then the stroke bringer came. He slid completely over my hips, flexing his biceps at the sides of my face as he began to pump and flex his pecs right in front of my face. I think my brain started to fry at that point as I didn't know what to touch, kiss, lick whatever at all. He watched my dilemma with interest it seemed and then moved my entire body backwards and his forehead was on mine, he growled a few times and then gave me the sweetest, gentlest kiss on my lips. Not just a peck, but a long, kiss which then was followed by his tongue tip outlining my lips over and over. I snaked my arms around his neck and pulled him into as passionate a kiss as I could manage. I had to break it off so I could breath as my panting wasn't helping me out at all. It was then I felt my pants were wet and I realized I had an orgasm without touching my cock at all. He caught me looking down and he looked down too.

Wow, you sure do like this huh? Did I do that to you?” Clem said as he licked my ear and kissed it.

I shivered and just let out a long 'yessssssssss' with an exhale. He wrapped his arm around the small of my back, lifted me up, undid my pants and slid them and my shorts right off of me. He stood up holding me tight to his body, moved the ottoman back and sat down with my ass on top of his thighs. He slid them apart and I felt the head of his monstrous cock slap at the crack in my spreading ass cheeks. His precum was slimming my ass really good.

You flatter me so much by how you react Joel. I like that so much. Do I please you that much?” Clem whispered kissing my cheeks.

Oh Clem, I don't know what to say to you. I've dreams about someone just like you my entire life it seems. I don't want you to think I'm some horny old fuck who just is into your body. I really like you and think a lot about you as a person. Yeah, your body gives me a stroke every time I get to see and now touch it, but its not all there is to my feelings,” I gasped as I gently kissed his face.

Well, if we just did this after the gay bar meet, yeah, it would probably just be a kick for me and that's it, but after all the care and gentleness you showed me and how you took care of me while never even knowing a thing about me, said all I needed to hear about the real Joel,” Clem said as he wrapped his arms around me and held me in a super hot kiss with his damn pecs bouncing slowly no less.

He stood up, holding me tight, walked slowly up the stairs to his bedroom which was taken up by this huge king sized bed. He gently laid down with me under him, like a slow motion almost he had such control and graceful movements for such a huge guy. He kissed down my body and then gently made love to my cock and balls, taking his time, driving me completely insane even though I already had an orgasm and at my age it seemed it was a one shot deal daily if I was lucky.

He let his cock head move up and down my ass crack, flooding it with his precum, super lube it seemed like. I would have thought he would work on spreading me open with his fingers or tongue, but nope, he just eased slowly as can be his cock head harder and harder against my rosebud until at least the tip was in and his precum was going inside of me. Normally I think I would have gone into a panic thinking there was no way in hell a cock that size was going to use my ass as a garage, but nope, didn't cross my mind. He was so thoughtful and gentle with me I knew he wouldn't hurt me for anything in the world. My smiley giant Clem was truly a gentle giant. He moved up and down my body from my face to my cock and balls, always ending up with his cock head working its way to get inside of me and fill me with its magical liquid. I'm pretty sure he had about half of his cock head inside of me when he covered my nose and mouth with his mouth and panted, actually making me pass out. When I woke up a very short time later, I knew his cock was already inside of me, just past his cock head. His precum was super lube as his cock easily was sliding forward and back, gaining ground on each forward stroke. He had to hold his one arm behind my neck so I wouldn't just slide up and down from the movement of his cock and hips. He had his other hand under my ass cheeks, pushing upwards so my cock was massaged by his lower abs and my balls tickled by his furry bush. He was a giant on a mission and I was along for the ride. I had full access to his body and arms which I really had a wild time with. He flexed the muscle I was kissing or touching or massaging without any effort at all or distraction from his current mission. He kept a constant narrative going about how great I felt, how much he loved pleasing me and how much I was pleasing him plus always making sure I had no discomfort or pain. He moved his arm that was behind my neck so that his hand took hold of my neck and began the most intense massage I've ever felt. I swear my entire body just went completely to jello in seconds once he started doing that. His cock had made lots of progress and was ¾ of the way inside of me. I would never have believed it was possible, but let me tell you, he was doing it without any hitches so far. His big, veiny cock was really doing a number on my prostrate. I was already panting and telling him to fuck me like crazy and push his cock out my mouth. Where that came from is beyond me, but it is what it is. Clem seemed to really enjoy me saying things like that. He termed it positive sexual feedback or something like that. The things he came up with sometimes just blew me away because they fit somehow.

I thought finally I was going to die right then and there when he moved his upper body off the bed and he was in a kneeling position, me impaled on his cock. My weight meant nothing it seemed to Clem, which I guess it didn't as he regularly lifted way more then I weighed as warm-ups. His body got so much more beautiful to me as he was drenched in sweat. I was too, but who cares. It made our bodies slide so easily and he made it all so effortless. Then he amazed me again as he went into a passionate kiss, his body flexed and pumped but his grip on me was so gentle and soft it seemed as I felt his cock expand and then a flood of hot cum was flooding my insides. God he was something else. I was like a wild animal and he was so gentle and kind but yet extremely macho and in charge of it all. I had my arms wrapped tight around his neck and my whole body shivered from the feel of his hot cum just flooding me.

You okay baby?” Clem asked.

More then okay, you okay?” I asked with some shivers still.

Oh yeah, more then I can ever remember Joel baby,” Clem said as he kissed me and squeezed me into a hug.

Man, you are still hard as a rock inside of me,” I said with a smile.

Yeah, I'm guessing I have at least three more loads in me if that's okay with you,” Clem said rather calmly.

THREE MORE LOADS!” I shouted pushing away from him as I had to look at his face to see if he was giving me some bullshit.

Yeah, if its too much just tell me and I'll jerk off if that's okay with you,” Clem said softly.

Oh no, go for it big boy, I'm all yours,” I said seriously, clenching my ass muscles tight.

He smiled and took me by my hips in his hands and started to slide me up and down his cock again, a bit more forceful, really lubed by his flood of cum. He changed position and had me with my back on the bed and he was like stooped with my legs bent in his arms, then he was standing up and fucking me with my body hanging down towards the bed with only my shoulders touching the bed. Then my favorite, he spooned behind me, held up one of my legs and slow fucked me until he filled me up again. I swear my insides felt like they would explode from how much cum was inside of me. It was slowly dribbling out of my ass but the size of his cock was keeping it from really flowing out. I bet if I could walk I'd slush. He rolled on to his back, pulling me over and turning me around on his cock still deep inside of me, my legs spread out to the sides of his abs and my head buried under his chin, hands holding on to his shoulders.

Thank you for this Joel,” Clem said kissing my head. “I can't tell you how much I wanted to do that with you but was afraid you'd freak out or something.”

Well, yeah, I might have but you baby are unreal when it comes to making love I have to tell you. I've never imagined your weapon could have gotten inside of me without me screaming in pain for a week. How you did that I don't know but damn you are so good at it. You have made me feel so wonderfully full of your essence. I felt like we joined into one for a time Clem. It was almost religious,” I cooed.

Well, guess we just might have to make sure you come to church often then,” Clem laughed.

Oh yeah, if you are willing, I sure am, anytime you wish or have the need. Clem, even if you just want to spoon or cuddle or make out, I'm here for you babe, no strings attached,” I said seriously.

Well yeah but what if I want strings attached?” Clem said lifting me up to look at my face.

Tie them on babe, as many as you need and want, I'm willing,” I smiled. “I just want you to know I don't want to force you into anything or make you feel like you have to be exclusive with me or any of that stuff.”

Well, you have to know something. I feel deeply for you Joel. I know we haven't known each other long at all, but we have experienced more in that time then most people do I think. Me, I'm into you big time and how I am, I don't want nobody else touching what's mine, all mine. How I am and that ain't going to change,” Clem said softly.

God you are so unbelievable! First off, deep down, I'm the same way. If I'm in a relationship, I want to spend all my energies and thoughts on that one special person and him only. If I can't do that, then to me its not a relationship at all, just a convenient sex match up to keep each other from getting super horny. So my man, if that's what you feel and want, then that's what you have,” I said giving him a very gentle and passionate kiss.

So I guess this means we're going steady now?” Clem said with a silly look on his face.

Only if you give me your lettered sweater and jacket,” I said seriously.

Okay then, lettered sweater and jacket coming up,” Clem laughed as he got up out of bed with me impalded still, walked into the other bedroom, opened up a closet and handed me a hanger with his lettered sweater and then he held his lettered jacket. “Done, delivered and taken position.”

I laughed, totally not believing what he just did to make his point he was indeed very serious and I was his and his alone, pity the guy who made the mistake and crossed that line.

We did all sorts of things together, me always making sure Clem took all the time he needed for his clients and work outs, even joining him at times for workouts even though he knew it wasn't in me, but I tried anyway. He made it worth while just by letting me mess around with him while he worked out, even using me as a weight at times which was a stitch for a guy my age. I went to competitions with him and met a whole group of guys he was friends with. We even got to be fairly close to a couple of couples that we vacationed with, always to private beaches with nobody around so we could just be ourselves completely. No group sex or anything like that, Clem would not allow it and I was really happy he was like that with me. I once felt bad and told him he could go ahead and mess around with a younger body builder who obviously had goo goo eyes for him. Clem's response was to flip me over his knee and smack the hell out of my ass cheeks until they were fire hot. That was the last time I suggested anything like that and the only spanking I ever got in my entire adult life. I knew I deserved it and he felt bad afterwards, but I forgave him so quick it made his head spin or so he said.

Life for both of us was great, we had each other no matter what happened. No it wasn't the fairy tale life. There were bumps, set backs, tragedy the whole nine yards, but we held tight to each other and lived life, finally I got to.