Me and Dan….


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Here I was, sitting in my apartment living room, in Chicago, staring out the window at the blizzard. It wasn't like I hadn't ever seen one, Christ, I lived in Chicago for 54 years. I'm Greg by the way, 5'11”, pushing 205 and not what you would think of as a gym bunny by any means, or a gym anything for that matter. I had open heart surgery, over 10 years ago, still was smoking and my exercise was walking down from the 2nd floor, through the yard into the rented garage, opening up the garage door and maybe, just maybe walking a slight bit from my car and around the store. Yep, that was the extent of all of it, unless you want to count going down 2 flights of stairs to do laundry in the basement of the building too. Not easy trying to make it all in one trip I can tell yah. I used to have super coppery colored red hair, but that only stayed on my pubes, my head, luckily with lots of hair, got to be a kind of auburn I think its called. I didn't care as I had a full head of hair which I liked to keep short, as opposed to a number of my work friends who were younger and were either mostly bald or completely silver and white.

Anyway, I am retired for a year with a damn good pension I'm told by anyone who happens to pry into my finances. It used to really bother me until I realized that for the most part, it really pissed the ask-er off when I told them a sort of ballpark figure. I didn't have a very large immediate family, and my 2 kids were grown and living far away, thank you for that. My sister and one brother lived together and unless it was an absolute necessity, I avoided them. Shit, I spent my whole life being pounded on and yelled at by them, so what should they expect? Just me I suppose, family stuff always seemed to be more of a pain in the ass then anything else. My ex lived on the east coast, or should I say southern Atlantic? Another thank you goes up for that one too. Her family kept trying to keep me involved into their screwed up circle, but I did all I could possibly do to kill that idea. I discovered in high school that looking at hairy muscled guys got me hot. Something a good Catholic boy just didn't celebrate openly. I fell into the “what's expected of you” trap and eventually married after having the first hetro sex of my life, the bitch seduced me, and the guilt I learned all through school paid off. I put my private imagination sessions to rest, taking the vows I took seriously. Hey, it was what most of us did, okay!

Right at the 23 year mark of the hell time, she decided she wanted a divorce. Well, 3 years later and lots of lawyer fees I put my foot down, came up with a proposal and for a change acted responsibly. She, thanks to her meddling mother thought she'd get 50% of my pension. Shit no. I worked and almost died to get where I ended up going and she, her choice no real reason, decided to quit the damn good job I got her which came with a good pension and loads of benefits. Anyway, long story short, she got a flat amount which initially was around 25%, but since no COLA's went her way, it quickly became just the flat fee. At one point during the divorce in a deposition, the idiot actually admitted she was fucking around on me, even when I was laid up in the hospital with my heart surgery. Talk about feeling like an ass and stupid as can be, but, hey, in the end, I became free.

The mind picked up on 'ghee, since you aren't married now, what about checking out the new internet stuff for gay things' which of course I did rather quickly. Only problem was that I knew absolutely zilch about gay lifestyle. I met a guy who was younger then me, not my type at all, who at least got me to go to a few gay bars. That was a true eye opener for me. Gay pride blew my mind completely. I ended up thanks to the net, meeting a few guys who it turned out were only interested in them getting off and drinking my booze. I quickly felt dirty, used and cheap which didn't set very well with me. I had a very few “long term” relationships, the longest being a year, always with a guy that wasn't really what I liked but hey, it was someone who seemed to like me and I couldn't possibly hurt their feelings now could I? Hey, guilt, remember? Anyway, the upshot of it all was me getting a why bother attitude about the whole thing. My right hand and I had some dates and with the internet gay porn, had a really great time. Sort of until that seemed dumb too. I did the social site junk making all sorts of friends I'd never see in person. The few times I got into online sex in a chat room it seemed like fun but that too, super dumb when you came down to it. So, get the picture? Unsatisfied, prudishly firm in old fashioned relationships with one and one only, no spreading any wealth around anywhere anyhow. So, why settle for what didn't make me feel happy? No point I learned over the years finally.

So, sorry, had to get some background in right? I think its some sort of requirement in writing or something. Anyway, there I was, staring at the damn blizzard in March and wondering what the hell was I doing in this city except bitching about the crowds, traffic, costs and weather. I had no answer at all so I decided to get off my dead ass and go on some mini vacations around the country to see what else was out there. I learned that since I was in the military, I qualified for a VA loan on a house, which I missed having since the divorce. MINE, all MINE!! well, and the banks too of course. I tried all sorts of states in the winter, then summer and was blown away by the contrasts between the 2. If it was super nice in the winter, it was like living in a volcano in the summer, or the humidity would sneak up on you and you'd feel like dying. Don't know why, but I finally settled in the southwestern part of New Mexico midway between Tucson and El Paso.

The town I picked had a good variety of restaurants, shops and services, including doctors and a hospital. It was small compared to Chicago, but then the whole state had less population then Chicago! The altitude was higher at 5800 ft which meant more intense sun during the day, but nicely cool temps as the sun set. There were 5 seasons, but not as cruel as the Chicago seasons, which suited me just fine. I bought a foreclosure super cheap thanks to the screwed up market. It was bigger then I needed but after Chicago, lots of room on both sides of you and behind you was a big, big deal. It had 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths, sat on 1 acre of land, did have city water and a back up pump, leftover from when there wasn't any city water I guess. Suited me just fine I thought and it was cheap, coming in at less then what I was paying for rent in Chicago.

The guy I hired to do some electrical work for me had a son in his late 20's that didn't have a job and was living with him. He kept telling me that his son would do anything I needed done for a super cheap rate. I got to meet the guy whose name was Jacob. He was 27, dark black hair, 5 o'clock shadow, hair sticking up out of his shirt collar, all over his arms and legs. He had this knock out smile that captured me right off and these eyes that were set off by his thick dark eyebrows and eyelashes. I wasn't really into younger guys at all, but I was completely taken by his hairy, solid body. I found out he worked in Alaska at fishing plants, on one of those crab fishing boats, at a lumbering camp and other crazy jobs. He went from there to Georgia of all places and got his Heating and Cooling license or whatever it was and then went to Florida to try and work at that but ended up doing roofing. He married, had a daughter and that fell apart quickly. He married again and got taken for a ride big time. I loved his laugh and his accent. Seems his father was from the backwoods of Kentucky and his mother was a Psychologist from Massachusetts of all places. I thought about it and of course, agreed to hire him on for various things I had to think of I should get done.

In between all this, I joined a gay old man social group just to get to know somebody around me, made a few good friends and one in particular who I ended up thinking was my baby brother. We tried doing the partner thing but that didn't work out so good, again, not really my type at all. But, luckily we remained close best friends, family. He for some reason did not like Jacob at all. Maybe it was because of the way I smiled whenever he was around and never took my eyes off of him. Sam, my little brother, thought I paid him way to much and let him get away with murder showing up late and leaving early. Like I cared? I know, I should but hey, he was just so damn gorgeous.

One day, while I was showing him stuff in my garage, I noticed as soon as he arrived in his junk pickup, he was wearing these super short cut offs, lots of rips in them, hiking boots with those macho color strips on the top, an old shirt with the sleeves torn off completely and his sexy reflector shades. I tripped a few times and even walked right into my parked SUV because he looked so damn hot. Oh, did I mention there was only one button left on his shirt which was way down on the bottom, so his hairy chest was very visible especially when he moved his arms out and up. I didn't even think of how obvious I was staring at him until he leaned back against my SUV as I babbled on about some shit I had in the garage, had on this sexy partial smile and his head was cocked to the side, never taking his eyes off of me. I know I started to blush for some damn reason which made his smile get so wide, those bright teeth glistening at me.

Greg, am I makin you a bit nervous?” Jacob said with his sexy voice and slightly southern accent.

Uhhhh, no, why?” I stammered.

Well, you keep looking at me like you're gonna explode or somethin is all,” Jacob smiled. “See something you really like over this way?”

I choked, gasped and coughed like a real pro and then said, “Damn, was I gawking at you or something?”

Uhhhhh, like ever since the first time I met you, yeah!” Jacob laughed.

I know I got the look of panic on my face as he said, “Hey, its cool, don't bother me none. Kinda makes me feel really good you know?” Jacob said taking off his shades.

Oh man, I'm so sorry Jacob, please, please don't think less of me or be angry with me but its just you are so damn handsome. I have this thing for hairy men and you sure as shit could make a fortune in gay porn movies for sure,” I blurted out, regretting what I said as soon as I said it.

Whoooooowwww, that's some thinkin you got Greg!” Jacob laughed. “Don't worry, I wouldn't beat you up really bad, honestly.”

I got that worried, scared look again.

Greg, ease up there, its okay, really it is,” Jacob said as he walked up to me and put his hands on my shoulders. “Don't know if you really noticed, but I did dress way different then I usually dress coming over. I've seen you watching me and that cute smile you always put on whenever I am around you. I like it Greg, really.”

Like I said Jacob, I'm so sorry if I made you uncomfortable,” I stammered all red as a beet.

Greg, you got to see a doctor about your hearing. You just ain't hearing me are you?” Jacob said as he took my hand and put it on his hairy chest. “There, see, not a punch or kick or anything like that. You really like that don't you?”

ummmmmm, yeahhhhh” I managed to moan out intelligently.

When he took my other hand and put it on his crotch, I gasped, shook and thought for sure I would pass out. I never really paid all that much attention to his crotch, but having my hand on it, wow. I could feel his cock was thick and not a monster but good sized. It felt hot on my hand.

Wanna meet my guy?” Jacob said with a small smile and raised eyebrows.

All I could manage to do was shake my head. I gasped and moaned as he slowly undid his cut off button and slid his zipper down slowly. I could immediately see his pubes which meant he was commando.

Wanna help me out here?” Jacob said softly.

Without a word other than a moan, I knelt down, slowly put my hands on the sides of his cutoffs and slid them down to just above his knees. Getting them past his thick thighs, thick with muscle of course, was a job but I loved it. I put my face right into his pubes and smelled his sweaty crotch. I could smell a faint smell of the soap he used to shower with this morning, which made me feel better that he was clean. I thought his cock and balls were the most beautiful I had ever seen, not that I'd seen a lot other then on the internet. His cock got hard when my face touched it and my nose was slowly taking in his thick pubes. I could feel his cock pushing against my chin. It seemed wide and the head of his cock was just as beautiful as the rest of him. Large, wide and shaped so beautifully. I moved my hands down and felt his ball sack move up from the chill of the air in the garage after being held snugly in his cutoffs. Jacob let out a long slow 'mmmmm' as my face moved slowly down from his pubes and my lips and tongue slowly worshiped his cock from the base to the tip. When I made it to the tip, it bounced up against his lower abs and precum slashed in his hair on his abs. I licked it up and then put just the tip of his cock inside my lips with a slight pressure as my tongue slowly licked around and in his piss slit. One of Jacob's hands grabbed on to the base of his cock and the other he put on the top of my head. I slowly moved my mouth further and further down his cock until I felt the tip touch the back of my throat. I closed my mouth and let my tongue and lips put more pressure on his cock as I pulled my head back and then back down again. Jacob gasped and panted. I used my one hand to fondle his balls and the other his ass cheeks and thigh then his abs and part of his chest that I could reach. My hands were drawn to his hairy body like magnets. Damn it felt so good to move my hands through his hair, the hairs tickling my fingers so wonderfully. He pushed my head back so I was looking up into his face. He had a very content and mellow smile on his face. He moved his cock head all around my face and across my lips before moving it inside my waiting lips and tongue.

Oh yeah baby, you make me feel so damn good,” Jacob growled.

That makes me very happy,” I said looking up at him. “I'd like to do more for you if you'd let me Jacob.”

Oh yeah? Well not like I'm gonna stop you after this unreal intro we just had,” Jacob laughed. “Have at it baby, whatever you want from my body is yours.”

I got him to sit with his legs wide open on a wood chair I had in the garage. I worked on his cock and then moved down to his balls, sucking one in then the other as my tongue and lips worked gently on them. From the sounds of his moans and gasps and hisses, he liked it. I then lifted his balls and began to lick as best I could from beneath his balls sack towards his ass. I pushed up on the bottom of his thighs and he took hold of them and lifted them up as he slouched in the chair. I gently began massaging his ass cheeks as I moved my face under his ball sack and slow licked and kissed from his ball sack down past his ass crack. Jacob was already panting. I gently spread his ass cheeks apart and let my tongue flick across his rosebud which made him shout and yell and swear. I alternated between gentle flickers and full licks with my whole tongue. I teased his rosebud with the tip of my tongue and lapped it with my full tongue, then sucked on it, kissed it and teased some more. I looked up at Jacob and his head was way back, his mouth wide open and he wasn't breathing, just panting. When I got up enough nerve to push my tongue in past his rosebud, he jumped, screamed and used some swear words I hadn't heard before, moved his arms further under his thighs and grabbed on to my head with his hands, pushing me hard into his ass. I went bonkers with my tongue and lips. Jacob screamed out and I felt his body stiffen. I glanced up and he was having an orgasm, his cum dribbling at first and then shooting out hard. I moved my hand from his ass cheek, pushed my body stiffer up and grabbed the bottom of his shaft, pulled the cock to my mouth and devoured it. I thought for sure Jacob was going to hit the floor with his back and head the way he jerked his body hard, tipping the chair. I never did that before, but I for some reason wanted to take in his cum down my throat, taste it in my mouth and have it slide down my throat. It must have become way to sensitive for him as he firmly took hold of my head and moved it back away from his cock. I watched his body shake, jerk, his abs and chest rising up hard with each strong breath he was taking. His entire body was covered in sweat, matting down his fur. I had to run my hands over it where ever I could reach. He finally looked down at me, had the warmest smile, held my head tight in his hands, leaned down and fucked my mouth with his tongue. Holy shit that was so unexpected and fantastic.

Well, did I do you good?” I finally managed to ask after I caught my breath from his kiss.

Shit man, I never had that done to me before,” Jacob laughed , bent down and kissed me again.

So I take it you liked that?” I asked sheepishly.

Liked it? Hell no, I loved it totally Greg,” Jacob laughed. “Holy shit, I can't believe you got me to shoot off by doing that to me. Hot damn it still feels so damn good.”

Well, I can do it some more if you'd like,” I volunteered with a big smile.

Shit no, don't be trying to kill me now,” Jacob laughed as he leaned down, held my head really tight in his hands and fucked my mouth real good with his tongue.

God Jacob, you are one sexy man for sure,” I sighed.

Hell no Greg, you are now,” Jacob laughed.

No, just plain old me who loves worshiping your body is all,” I said laughing and blushing. “Well, now that I got you all sweaty, how about you come in and try out my super dooper shower?”

Sure if you'd like, I'd like that,” Jacob said standing up and helping me get up off my knees.

Before I could get to the garage door to head into the house, he spun me around, wrapped his arms tight around my waist, pulled me into the hottest kiss yet.

Jacob, you know you don't have to do that,” I smiled and said softly. “You have no idea how much of a thrill it is to finally show you how sexy I think you are. I get my thrills just getting you to feel good. I don't expect or want you to do anything for me except let me have a feel or taste again.”

Greg, you might be older en me, but still, nobody tells me what I want to do especially when it comes to pleasen and sex. So if I feel like having you, then I will sure try to get my way. Just how I am and I hope you come to understand that about me,” Jacob said kissing me again. “Now how about that super duper shower of yours.”

I spent a nice sum having the master bath shower redone. It was now a full 2-3 person walk in with one of those long multi-head shower things on the wall. I had 2 more ceiling fixtures added so you could feel like you were actually in a rain shower. Jacob whistled when he saw it. I took out a bath towel for him, showed him the shampoo and liquid soap and was turning around to let him enjoy the shower.

Hey, where you goin? Get your butt in here with me. I ain't got no clue how all this stuff works and you are just gonna have to show me,” Jacob said with a serious look on his face.

I felt weird and funny since I felt my body was nothing at all to see and touch, especially by someone as hot as Jacob. I saw how his body had a very nice muscle development going from all the hard jobs he's had. He told me when I asked him before that he didn't work out at a gym or anything, just hard heavy work. I wasn't sure but he just stood there giving me this don't make me come and get you look, so I stripped, turned a bunch of knobs and asked him to tell me when I had a pattern he liked. He was like a little kid in a water park. He thought it was the coolest thing he'd ever seen. Funny, that even made me happy that he was so happy about my shower. Completely unexpected, he pulled me into his body, pushed me hard up against the shower wall and began making out with me hot and heavy. I had one hell of hard time breathing. When his hand wrapped around my cock, I choked, gasped, panted and moaned. He slow stroked it and kept making out with me. Then, he bent down and sucked in my nipple, nibbled, licked, sucked and lightly bit before moving to the other one. He went back and forth and then went back to making out. I shook, gasped and tried to yell but his mouth was on my mouth when I started the most intense orgasm I had in ages. From the medications I was on and not being in the best of shape, having an orgasm was a real treat for me since lots of times I just gave up and ended up all frustrated and pissed off. He laughed with his mouth and tongue going full force as he felt me shake, jerk and my cum hit his balls. He rubbed all around my crotch and then moved back from me.

Liked that huh?” Jacob smiled.

Yeah, you have no idea how much,” I panted.

Well, nothing like what you did for me, but seems you did like that,” Jacob kissed me softly.

I washed him a few times from head to toe, loving another chance at feeling all of his fur and muscles. We dried off and I offered him lunch. We sat in the kitchen at the island and talked about all sorts of stuff. I let him know how my sex life was and what the usual end result was for me. He said he was really sorry about that but knew where I was coming from. His did had similar issues so he heard all about stuff like that at home. Somehow we got on the subject of how I always thought how neat it would be for a guy to fuck me and mark me for his use. He asked me some questions about that and finally after not saying anything for a bit he looked at me with a gorgeous smile.

Well, whenever you feel the need, I'm your man Greg,” Jacob said with a smile and wink. “I've had some experience with heavy man sex like fucking in Alaska and even Florida. Have to tell yah, I enjoyed the feel of my cock deep inside a man's ass more then inside pussy.”

No shit! That is something I'd never imagine you'd saying,” I said in shock.

Greg, hate to tell yah, but you have been sheltered an awful lot in your life,” Jacob said seriously. “Lots of things going on you'd probably blush over and never imagine happening. Maybe its a good thing since it helped make you the person you are from what I can see. You are kind, caring, loving and selfless which is really a rare deal now. Unlike you, what I feel about a person not their body is what turns me on. Been down the road of hot bods and sex. Not what it is made up to be in my book. More attention to 'myself' then the other person. Shit, lucky if they remember your name in an hour, seriously.”

Wow, yep, sheltered for sure,” I laughed.

Jacob came over just about every day, initially to work on some project, but I think mostly for the company, the lack of judgment and of course the free beer! He liked to hang out, mostly naked in my living room, watching all sorts of crazy movies and shows, pulling me over to him and moving my hand on his body letting me know he wanted some attention. My favorite was when he finally asked to stay overnight and then for a weekend. He snuggled up against my back and began kissing my neck and shoulder as his hands started to play with my pecs and nipples. I felt his cock growing and knew I was going to take care of that bad boy for him. He turned me on to my back, just about topped me and began to make out hot and heavy. He surprised me with his hands all over my cock, balls and then my ass. He rubbed his finger over my rosebud and then put lube on his finger and did it more with more pressure. I gasped when his finger moved inside of me and he began moving it around, wiggling it and then in and out. He had 2 fingers going wild inside of me.

You ready for me to take your ass and mark you baby?” Jacob's sexy voice growled in my ear which his tongue was working on.

Oh god, Jacob, please, yes please,” I moaned.

Well, not too long after that, he moved me on to my stomach, got on top of me and started to slow slide his body up and down my body, his cock sliding in between my ass cheeks. He stopped only enough to put more lube on his cock and in my ass. Then, I stopped breathing as the head of his cock slid in past my rosebud. He kept it there until my sphincter calmed down. He then slowly moved more of his cock inside of me, always stopping to let my ass get used to his cock and ease up from tightening so hard. Damn this man knew what he was doing. The feel of him inside of me, his body moving up and down my back, his hair tickling all of my back and ass and legs, just about too much for me to take in all at once. He squeezed me so damn tight as he began his orgasm, biting into my neck like a vampire in need. The feeling of his cock firing inside of me and his cum spreading around his cock and in my intestines set me off. He actually stayed inside of me for most of the night until I had to get up to hit the bathroom. When I got back into the bed, he moved over by me and pulled me into his body, putting my head on his chest. Heaven.

I had no expectations at all, knew this wasn't love, just feeling good and being in a place he could relax, feel good and not be judged. As I had fewer things for him to work on, which I paid him for by the way, he spread out the days and weekends he would stay over. It was okay as I didn't want him to feel obligated at all.

He came over one Friday night and said he had to talk to me. Of course he was welcome, I ordered a pizza which we went to pick up and stopped to get his favorite beer. While eating he told me he was leaving the state again, great sounding jobs in North Dakota or Wyoming I think. Didn't matter, I felt happy for him that he felt like trying again to find what he wanted to do with his life. I hugged him and told him I wished him the best and that if needed, he always had a home here with me, as long as he took the garbage out once a week. He laughed, hugged me so tight and kissed me so sweetly. That was the last time I got fucked by Jacob.

My doctor finally convinced me I should join a gym and at least walk for 30 minutes every day and maybe, just maybe use some of those complex machines a couple of days. I listened as always and then thought, what the hell did I have to loose. If nothing else it was something to do and would get my ass away from the PC and the internet. So, join I did. Nothing fancy but they did have free trainer sessions you could sign up for and as long as there were at least 3 people signed up, the class was on. Kind of neat as it was more like one on one training. I was going there for a few months, yeah I know, shocking, before settling down on a time period I liked since it wasn't crowded at all. That's when I noticed while looking at the TV's on the wall there were mirrors below them and you could actually watch the guys working the weights. Most times it was just interesting to watch just to see what I should do if I decided to lift some and not make a complete ass out of myself. Then, one night, he showed up. He was over 6'6” tall, thick solid hairy muscle mass, short marine style haircut, chiseled features all of it. I was amazed at the size of the weights this guy was lifting over and over. Taking some of those weights off, adding others, varying the weights I guess as he did different moves. I found myself being depressed if I didn't see him when I was there. Well, as usual, stupid me, super busy gawking at the god, not paying attention at all on the treadmill. My towel slipped and did I have that STOP thing pinned or clipped to me? Hell no. FLOPP, BANG, BANG, BANG I went as I fell, got thrown off the treadmill, still running, like an ass got back on and wham, there I went again. 3 times no less before someone reached over and pushed the stop button thing. I was bleeding from my chin, forehead and arm, all beet red from being embarrassed as hell, people being nice and asking if I was okay. I didn't notice right off but the one who got me up and dabbed the towel on my chin, forehead and arm was the god himself. He looked like he was so concerned and kept asking me if I was sure I was okay. I thanked him and apologized for interrupting his workout which made him smile and shake his head. He went back to his weights and I to my killing machine. I couldn't help but notice he kept the smile on his face just about the whole time he was lifting after that. Some nights I'd see him and some not. If he saw me when he was passing by, he'd always ask how I was and I'd wish him a great workout. I almost did it 4 more times as I was gawking at him in the mirrors, but I did learn to keep that thing clipped to me so as soon as I was on my way, the machine stopped dead quick.

I and my baby brother decided to put in a patio of those big odd cut stones. Like I knew they weighed in excess of 3 to 5 tons for the patio? Hell no. Well, macho-not me, pulled something, actually tearing a ligament in my shoulder which meant live with pain or have surgery. I went with the surgery. It wasn't all that bad but the healing and rehab sucked big time. That ended up meaning any and all heavy work in the damn super lot I owned was out of the question. I did try taking it slow, but nope, body would have none of it. When I bitched to my doctor, he just smiled and said a man my age shouldn't be doing that anyway. Great! Well, that meant I had to hire some contractor to take care of the ½ acre of sand, rocks, weeds and xerscaping. I called a few places and no luck or didn't care for the guy that showed up. I just happened to notice at the gym a flier on a bulletin board advertising landscape services, reasonable and no frills or hidden costs. Hmm I thought as I took one of the fliers and carefully read it. No job to small, specialized in handling routine care and maintenance, all year long and very reasonable. What the hell, why not. I called, left a message with my info and address and invited the person to come over and look things over.

I went to the store a few days later and when I came home, my phone was flashing that I had a message. I played the message and got goose bumps as the voice on the message was deep, had a gorgeous accent and wanted to know if it was okay for him to stop buy around 7 that evening. I called back, got the message machine and said who I was, where I lived and that 7 would be just great. I waited and around 7:30 p.m., I figured it was typical New Mexico stuff, never show or be hours late. I started laundry and was having a glass of wine when the door bell rang. I went to the door and saw the very large back of a guy obviously taking a quick look see of the property. When he turned around, I know I gasped. Yep, it was the god from the gym. I just stood there with my mouth wide open, my eyes bulging and looked the perfect idiot.

Hi, I'm Dan the guy you called about landscaping?” Dan said with a smile I never forgot from the gym.

Oh, yeah, sorry, just didn't think it would be you by any stretch of the imagination ,” I said stupidly.

Oh, I see,” Dan laughed. “Uhhh, can I come in or do you want to just show me around outside?”

Damn, I'm sorry, what an idiot. Up to you. Would you rather take a walk around first and let me tell you what I think I need and then come in to discuss it or what?” I said beet red, all embarrassed, trying real hard to find a bugger on his nose or zit or something to look at so I wouldn't look like a deer in headlights.

Yeah, how about you walk me around and give me an idea of your thoughts and what you are looking to have done,” Dan smiled stepping down the steps to the walkway.

I scrambled to put my shoes on and even smacked into the wall stumbling to get them on real quick.

You okay there?” Dan asked with a concerned look.

Yeah, just clumsy me trying to hurry up and get my shoes on,” I tried to laugh but felt like a complete idiot.

Hey, not to worry, its okay, take your time,” Dan smiled.

I did my best to calm down, telling myself that I needed to act dignified like my age said I should. The mind never heard a word. All that was going through my head was 'OH MY GOD' and nothing else.

I finally managed to get my ass outside and shake his hand which swallowed mine easily. For the amount of muscle he had on him, I kind of expected him to crush my hand completely, but nope, it was as gentle as could be. We walked around the property, I explained how I needed surgery after doing the stone patio and was told by my doctor that a man my age had no business doing that shit. I told him I tried anyway and found out he was right. It wasn't in my cards under any conditions. I was never in great shape my whole life and it wasn't going to happen any time soon either. He laughed and put his hand on the top of my back as he said he understood and being physically fit wasn't in the stars for everyone. He had seen all the New Year resolution people crowd the gym until mid February and then never see any of them again until the following January. I laughed and told him I used to do that until I woke up and realized I was just wasting money.

Hey, I know you,” Dan finally said. “You are the poor guy who flew off the treadmill awhile back and did some work on you chin, forehead and arm.”

Guilty as charged I said all beet red,” I said with my head down.

Hey, its okay, don't feel embarrassed, even though I have to admit, it was really kind of funny, like from a movie,” Dan laughed squeezing his fingers on the back of my neck.

Yeah, easy for you to say Mr. Hercules himself,” I said with a smile.

Ah, so you happened to notice my build huh?” Dan said with his eye brows lifted.

Are you serious? Who the hell could miss it?” I yelled.

Well, just wondering is all,” Dan laughed. “Be surprised how many people ignore it completely.”

WHAT?! No way in hell,” I said loudly. “How could they possibly not admire your body and wonder how much hard work you put into getting it in that shape,” I said seriously.

Thanks Greg, appreciate that. People don't say things like that all too often, especially non-lifters,” Dan said seriously. “Actually, I'm into power lifting, not body building per se.”

Oh, I've seen some of the competitions from around the world for power lifting. Amazing stuff those shows are,” I said with a smile.

Well, I'm not part of the pro set, doesn't interest me. Just in it for my own goals and feeling of accomplishment I guess. I just like it a lot,” Dan said with a killer smile.

Well, you got a groupy here for sure!,” I said before thinking how that sounded.

Hey, super great to know! Sorry it caused you to have that accident and almost a few after that day, but hey, makes my day for sure,” Dan laughed.

Oh shit, you knew I was watching you when I made an ass out of myself?” I said beet red again.

Yeah, I caught you watching me through the mirrors most of the time. Made me work harder for some reason like I had an audience,” Dan laughed. “Don't be embarrassed Greg, you aren't the only person who watched me work out and won't be the last either. Have to admit, you are the first one that almost killed himself while doing it!” Dan laughed patting me on my back.

Shit, now for sure I feel stupid,” I said sadly. “Please don't be offended.”

Offended? How the hell could I be offended? It is a compliment, really,” Dan said again with the squeezing fingers on the back of my neck.

Well, enough, come on in for something to drink and tell me what's involved in what I need done here on a regular basis,” I said steering him into the house.

I got him an iced tea and he took off his hoodie as he sat down at the dinning room table. There I went again, gawking at the close up view of his massive arms and a super good look at the huge pecs bouncing around as he moved around. He smiled kind of cute and pulled out some papers that he filled in with information and then started talking me through what he thought, what it would cost and how often he would be doing things. I was surprised he would be doing it himself, but he said he loved it and it gave him more of a workout then the gym at times. He loved working outside and being his own boss, no headache with employees, except for some college kids during the summer to handle lawns, trees and plantings which he just couldn't keep up with on his own. I asked some questions about what he had noted and quoted. We talked a bit more about things and some things were taken off the list and others added. When we were finished, I signed the documents, gave him a check for the first 2 months of service and he said he would get back in touch to let me know the exact schedule he would work up. He shook my hand a long time it seemed as we said goodbye and he kept telling me how much I could relax and not worry about the outside anymore, he would handle it all. When he left, I sat in the living room, with my eyes closed, filing the memory of his body and voice deep into my brain for lots of later use.

True to his word, Dan did stop by to hand me the schedule of work he put together. He said he'd try hard to notify if for some reason he was unable to do what was scheduled and would make it up as soon as he could. I told him not to worry, I wasn't worried something wasn't getting done per some schedule, so it was fine, he didn't have to worry about that at all.

Wow, you sure are a super customer in my book!” Dan laughed as he grabbed my hand and shook it.

No, just realistic is all. I mean, no offense Dan, but it is just yard work that isn't going anywhere schedule or no schedule. Sure you have much more pressing things to focus on then my scheduled maintenance!”, I laughed with him still shaking my hand.

I'd sure hate to have you think I was taking advantage of how you felt and screw up the whole thing on purpose or anything. I'm not that kind of guy, honest Greg,” Dan said seriously, still shaking my hand.

Uh, Dan? Can I have my hand back now?” I said with a wince as it really was starting to bother me since his hand was so much larger then mine, plus lets face it, he IS a power lifter.

Oh god, I'm so sorry Greg. I didn't even realize I was doing that. Your hand okay? Sure hope I didn't damage it in anyway,” Dan said all worried, putting my hand over his palm and examining it closely.

Dan, I'm okay, honest!” I laughed. “Not made out of china you know!”

Shit, really screwing this all up aren't I?” Dan said with a worried and sad look as he released my hand again.

Nope, no such thing Dan,” I said patting him on his rock hard bicep. “All is good, honest. Just filed in my head not to piss you off at all.”

Dan looked at me with a curious look and then finally laughed when he got it and I was laughing.

Don't think you could possibly piss me off Greg,” Dan said still laughing. “Despite my size, I'm a cream puff deep down. Very mellow and easy going kind of guy. Not much sets me off, well except someone treating another person mean and hurtful, but that's about it.”

Thanks for the info. Makes me sure feel relieved!” I laughed pretending to wipe the sweat off my forehead.

Well, think I've done enough damage for now. Best clear out before I do something dumber,” Dan laughed, patted me on my shoulder and left.

Damn, he was going to be the sole person taking up all my concentration for a very long time I think. Get a hold of yourself idiot. He is NOT going to be another Jacob so just drop that out of your head real quick. Just think, when he is here working, you get to spy on him through all the windows in the house, maybe even catch a sneaked picture. Didn't think anything wrong about that since it would just for me, no sharing and no internet use at all.

I spread the word about Dan to my friends and brought it up at the social club too. Figured he could use the free advertisement. He came over as scheduled to clean up the dead stuff all over before installing my simple drip system. No point planting anything without one, not lots of rain at all. Before he started, he rang the doorbell.

Hey Dan, how's it going?” I said opening up the door and the storm door to let him fully into the house.

Don't want to bother you, but had to thank you for the recommendations you put out there. Already signed up 3 new customers thanks to you! Just about hitting my limit I think. Hate to have to hire anybody and worry about their work and all that crap. So, thanks again and please hold off on referrals and all. Don't think I could handle them and I'd hate to get a rep for being full of shit!” Dan said again shaking my hand but I could tell he was being very careful this time.

Hey, great. Nice to hear somebody did actually listen to my sales pitch!” I laughed. “Seriously, no problem. If anyone else asks, I'll tell them you have your maximum customer base already for this year at least.”

Oh man, that would be swell. Thanks again. Better get to work and stop wasting time shooting the shit as they say,” Dan laughed with his super great smile and walked towards his truck in the driveway to take out some tools and a wheel barrow.

I was floored watching this man work. I think for the 2 hours I watched him, he stopped for like 3 minutes to stretch his back, arms and neck out, like limbering them up before going right back to work. He had just about the whole acre cleaned up of dead stuff 4 hours later. I felt bad that he didn't take any breaks so I went outside and brought him some cold bottled water. He smiled, wiped the sweat from his forehead, thanked me and downed the whole damn bottle just like that. I offered to get him more, but he thanked me and said he wanted to finish up this one part before calling it a day. I smiled and went back into the house.

The doorbell rang and it was Dan. He wanted to know if I would mind if he used my bathroom.

Oh hell no I don't mind Dan! Just come on in and I'll show you where its at. You feel free to just come on in and yell out to let me know you are in the house so you don't scare the shit out of me!” I laughed while walking him back to my bathroom, figuring he would like the set up and the crazy shower. I heard him pissing, a strong steady stream to be sure. Such a pervert as I thought about installing a hidden web cam to get a good look at his cock. Yeah, see, pervert. Hey, I was truly smitten. I figured look but don't touch was okay and safe.

Wow, that's one hell of a shower set up you got there,” Dan said as he came from the bathroom to the dining room where I went so he didn't know I was listening to him piss.

Yeah, just thought it would be kind of neat to have something outrageous like that for a bit of pleasure,” I laughed. “Glad you think its okay.”

Okay? Shit Greg, its fanominal to say the least,” Dan laughed.

Well then, feel free whenever you want to take it for a test spin!” I said with a smile.

Seriously? No, I couldn't do that,” Dan said with a warm smile.

Yeah, seriously, its fine! I had someone working for me when I first moved in and insisted he use the shower after sweating up a storm and doing lots of hard work. Sure, why not. I doubt you are carrying some horrible disease or anything. I'm very serious. You think about it and know I mean the invite honestly and its there for you to use whenever you wish,” I said seriously.

Wow, you are something else Greg,” Dan said as he held on to my arms and smiled down at me. “Okay, back to the salt mine!”

I watched him walk through the house, well, I really watched his bowling ball ass cheeks and super back and shoulders as he headed to the front door. Wow, such a treat that was. He popped in once again to use the bathroom, doing what I told him to do, yelling out that he was going to use the bathroom. Before he left for the day, he came in after announcing his entry and told me he was finished for today and hoped he wasn't too much of a bother.

Oh Dan, you? Never a bother to me, honest. Hey, if you feel like it or want, I can make lunch for you next visit. Just let me know what you'd like and I'll have it ready for you,” I said with a big smile.

No, you don't have to do that Greg,” Dan said with a funny blush to his cheeks.

I know, never said I do. I would like to so tell me what you like for lunch and I'll make sure I have something you like,” I said looking at him seriously.

Dan shook his head with a big smile and proceeded to spell out all the things he liked for lunch and warned me that with his size and being a power lifter he ate like 4 normal guys would at a sitting. I purposely didn't even flinch at that and told him there'd be enough for 6 or 8 so no worries. He laughed, grabbed my hand and shook it before leaving and saying 'good night.'

I swear, that night I was at the grocery store with a list of all the things he liked. I figured I'd get enough for a few days so it was fresh and then get more for another few days. I think that was the bubbliest grocery shopping ever.

At the gym, Dan made it a point to stop by and say hello and ask how I was doing. I told him that I probably should do some weights, but didn't have a clue about how to do it and mix it up without killing myself. He laughed and said when I was finished with the treadmill to pop over to the weight area and he'd set me up and get me started real easy. He actually smacked me on my head when I asked him how much he wanted to be a personal trainer, then walked away shaking his head. I did just as he said, walked over to the weight area and waited until it looked like he was finished doing a rep or set or whatever it was those guys do. Wow, took my breath away seeing his special long sleeved top, soaked like he went through a car wash. There was a tremendous amount of sweat all over his whole head and his pants were looking like he had a super piss for about an hour or 2. He smiled when he saw me and waved me over. He started me off with some light weight dumbbells, showed me a few exercises and told me how many I should try to do and how many times to do that number. Course he was mentioning sets and reps but caught on quickly from the pained confused look on my face to fully explain it all. He would check on me in between his sets to make sure I was okay and not over doing it. I got the hang of it and he showed me a few more exercises plus what I should do on 3 different machines. Boy, he was so patient even though I know it was screwing up his routine and pace.

A few weeks passed with Dan having lunch with me when he was on the job and continued showing me more exercises and what to do on more machines. I felt good that I could do what he showed me, always adding on what new stuff I learned to what he already showed me. He explained that I could not do the same things every day like I was doing. One day these 3, the next a different 3 and so on. He explained why but I missed it as I was recording his face moving as he talked. I progressed to the point where he only checked on me half way through my routine he started me on to make sure I wasn't over doing it and hurting lots.

I really started to get into the whole thing, even going through my routines when Dan wasn't at the gym. Usually it was because he was on a job that he worked late on or wanted to be sure to finish up. I was doing my thing when this tough looking big guy came into the weight area, set up some heavy weights and looked around. He spotted me and put on a snicker smile before stretching out purposely long so I could see his muscles flexing and stuff I guess. Yeah sure I looked, he was big, muscled and obviously a show off. He went through a few heavy lifts with different weights and seemed to be sitting on the bench catching his breath. Suddenly, he stood up and walked right up to my machine. I was laying on my back pushing the bar up and down slowly like Dan showed me. Suddenly, there he was taking up my entire field of vision staring down with his legs straddling the bench where my head was resting.

So old man, trying to finally get a body going?” he growled like.

No, just trying to get into some sort of shape,” I smiled.

Oh yeah, well, you should put more weight into what you are playing with,” he laughed, reached down, took the bar in one hand to hold it right over my chest and then moved the pin to a way higher weight setting then I could possibly handle.

Hey, don't do that, I can't handle that much weight,” I said sternly.

You gotta work at it old man, no pain no gain as they say,” he laughed.

I was stuck for sure. There was no way for me to lift the bar up and get off the bench. I was having a time holding it up on my chest so it didn't crush my chest.

Please, don't leave this on me. What did I do to make you do this?” I said almost pleading.

Well old man, I saw you checking me out. Got this thing going for a real man do you? Suppose you'd like to have me use all my muscles on you till you cream yourself huh? Not quite sure how I feel about that,” he said with a mean look. “Gonna have to build all this up before I take notice.”

He pinched my arms, bent over and grabbed my thighs, one in each hand and squeezed. I yelled out and thought my thighs would be ripped off my legs. I gasped and almost lost control of the bar when he stooped down and put his whole crotch in my face, leaned down and grabbed on to my crotch, squeezing, rubbing and tugging. Now, if I knew this guy and let him know I wanted to play around, okay, even though I'd never do such a thing. I kicked my legs around, trying to scream but his crotch muffled my voice really well.

What's a matter old man, a bit too much for you to handle?” he laughed as he used his other hand to hard rub my abs, thighs, and chest. “Hey, you sporting a boner old man? I guess you like being handled by a real man huh? I wonder what it would take for me to make you cream yourself here.”

I was screaming and yelling into his crotch like crazy. I felt him adjusting his cock so the head was pushing right around my nose and cheek, his slimy precum flowing down my cheek and upper lip, going into my mouth. He really started to work my crotch over as he moved his crotch back and forth, side to side over my face, stooping down even further. I was in a full blown panic now. I had no idea what I could do to stop him and knew there was no way I could push him off of me. When his fingers got my cock inside my gym shorts, I was a goner. He laughed as he squeezed his fingers tighter while stroking me and managed to push his cock head into my mouth with a warning that unless I wanted him to rip off my balls, I best not bite. He made sure to emphasize the point by just about crushing my balls with his fingers. I couldn't help it, I creamed myself. He really pushed his cock into my mouth and started to fuck my mouth seriously as his hands nearly were ripping my nipples off of my chest. He'd reach down and squeezed around my crotch just to feel my really wet shorts and rub my cum all over my balls, cock and towards my ass. He pushed his cock down really hard and kept it there as his fingers clamped on tight to my pecs and his cock began filling my throat and mouth with his thick cum. I thought his thighs were going to crush my head they were clamped on so tight. Then, all of a sudden he was pushed off of me and the bar was lifted off my chest. It was Dan.

What the fuck do you think your doing here?” Dan yelled.

Piss off freak, the old man wanted me real bad. None of your business so piss off before I take you apart,” the brute yelled back, pushing Dan in his shoulder.

Dan pulled me away from the brute sliding me down the bench by pulling on my calf. When I was clear of the bar, he reached down, grabbed my arm and pulled me up into a sitting position.

Greg, you okay man? Are you hurt?” Dan asked.

I'm okay, just bruised ego and a bit shaken is all,” I said trying to catch my breath and spit out the cum that was still in my mouth.

What, you 2 lovers? Pretty boy and the old man huh? Ain't that sweet,” the brute laughed. “Okay old man, you come with me into the shower. I got an ass just waiting for your tongue to take care of him.”

Fuck off, he's not going anywhere with you,” Dan said angrily. “Now get lost before I call the cops.”

Cops? What you gonna tell them? From what I saw, this old man wanted me bad and I came over to help him out on this machine and he sucked in my cock real quick,” the brute laughed. “You think they will believe him?”

Just get the hell away from him and take off,” Dan said more seriously.

Oh, wait, maybe you want to eat my ass and have my cock up your ass? Is that it freak?” the brute laughed. “Well, come on then, I'll take care of your need for you.”

Come on Greg, time to get away from this idiot. Can you walk?” Dan asked lifting me up with his hands under my arm pits.

Yeah, I'm good, if you wouldn't mind getting me into my car, that would be really great,” I said, my mind reacting to what happened.

Okay, come one, I got you, lets go,” Dan said, completely ignoring the brute.

When we got to my car, Dan was leaned in the open drivers door, helping me to buckle in and making sure I was okay to drive. He kept saying he wouldn't mind taking me home. I felt really horrible, dirty, cheap and demoralized so I just wanted to get home, shower for an hour or so and get drunk. Suddenly, Dan's head and upper body seemed to hit hard into my lap. I turned and saw the brute standing there with a 2x4 in his hand that he used to hit Dan. Dan began to move off me and got smacked hard again. Dan fell to the ground moaning. The brute reached in and unsnapped my seat belt and took hold of my arm and ripped me from my SUV without any sign of effort.

Time for you to see a real man in action old man. You are about to get the thrill of your life now,” the brute laughed as he threw me over his shoulder, grabbed hold of Dan's forearm and dragged him towards what must have been his cargo van.

He slid open the door, threw me hard into it, reached down and grabbed Dan by the waist, lifted him with a grunt and push, threw him into the van. He stepped in and slammed the door shut, reached past me and turned on a few LED lights that lit up the cargo van. He grabbed hold of my one wrist, wrapped a bungee cord around it, tied it around my other hand and hooked the ends into a slot on the roof support that had holes in it. He ripped off my shirt, pulled down my shorts off of my body and smacked my balls and cock with a laugh.

Okay Freak, lets get you ready for Skip,” he said kicking Dan over to his side.

He reached down, yanked Dan's shirt up and whistled. Then he pulled down Dan's shorts and jock strap, pushed Dan on to his back and whistled again.

Skip's got himself a real nice piece of beef here to break in now don't he,” Skip laughed as he manhandled various mucles on Dan and then pulled his cock and balls far from his body, slapping them. “Yes sir, nice piece of meat I got me here. Gonna be loads of fun breaking you down freak, loads of fun. Gonna have you begging me to let you cum and have me fuck you so you can. Old man, you're gonna have quite a show tonight I can tell yah. I'll let you clean up my cock and balls before you eat my ass out real good so you just hold on and watch the show.”

He wrapped a bungee cord around each of Dan's wrists and his calves. He hooked up his calves on opposite sides of the van and then moved Dan's upper body up with his arm wrapped around Dan's waist, hooked one arm to the wall then the other. Dan was spreadeagled out, but since the van wasn't that high, his knees were bent. He was moaning and I saw some blood running slowly down his neck, obviously from the 2x4 hit in his head. Skip slapped all over Dan's body. When Dan finally came around and was beginning to swear at Skip, Skip just laughed and punched Dan hard in his crotch making sure to hit both his cock and his balls.

You gonna learn good there freak to only speak when asked something,” Skip laughed as he pulled Dan's head back by his hair hard. “Real nice work on your body by the way. Must have known Skip liked taking guys like you apart for fun did yah?”

Dan went to say something as he was shaking his head and trying to get it out of the grip Skip had on his hair. Skip just reached far back and punched Dan in his cock and balls again. Dan's mouth flew open, his eyes super wide and nothing but a hoarse gasp came out of his mouth. Skip reached back again and punched Dan 3 more times just to hurt Dan fast and be able to get his fun done before someone checked out the van in the parking lot.

He moved behind me, wrapping his arms around me and grabbed on to my cock which he started to flop up and down, side to side.

SO what you think old man? Right or left first?” Skip said his head on my shoulder.

I didn't say a word so he moved 2 fingers down to my balls and just squeezed his fingers as he rolled them. “I asked you a question old man, left or right first?”

I yelled out 'left' real fast as his pressure on my balls increased quickly.

That's what I was thinking too. Usually the weakest side I found,” Skip said slapping his hand on my abs.

I felt him taking his shirt and shorts off behind me. He then came fully against my body with his arms wrapped around tight across my upper chest and my hips.

Bet you really dig the feel of a real man's body up against your huh?” Skip said as he squeezed me and flexed his chest, arms, and abs against me.

I could feel how big and hard they were. He was loaded with tattoos all down one arm and when he moved back to Dan, they were wrapped around over his back down to his thigh on the opposite side plus he had a few on his pecs, on his side and neck.

Left it is then,” Skip said as he began to jab, punch and jab hard on the entire left side of Dan from his neck down to his calf. He moved behind Dan and did it again all down the entire left side, jabbing and punching very hard on the small of Dan's back. Dan winced and gasped but didn't scream out from the pain he had to be feeling. I had no idea that Skip knew exactly where to jab and punch as he had studied all the points along the body where nerve cords traveled and split out. Aggravate them and the pain won't stop. Skip went back to the front and did it all over again, adding more jabs and punches and spending more time in certain areas. Dan's head was hanging back and twisting from side to side as he tried to deal with the pain. Skip finished up another round on Dan's backside, moved around and came behind me again.

Mighty fine beef there huh old man? Kind ah sexy like all slick with all that sweat huh? Bet you would love to lick it off of him wouldn't you?” Skip said playing with my cock and rubbing his other hand up and down my body.

He moved back over to Dan and repeated his front and back routine 2 more times. Dan was gasping for air now as the pain obviously was bad all up and down his entire left side.

Okay old man, don't miss watching this part,” Skip laughed.

He moved to the right side of Dan, slammed his arms around Dan's waist and jerked his arms tight, so tight his muscles bulged really big and his veins started to pop. He put on a bear hug but on Dan's side that he was pounding on, his fingers locked right where he slammed that part of Dan's lower back. Dan let out a loud rush of air, panted and moaned as Skip yanked it harder, moved it up and down and jerked it harder again. Then he moved his arms up so his hands were locked just below Dan's armpit. Again with the hard jerks and moves like before. He went back and did the jab punch move up and down Dan's entire left side again, front and back, then slapped on his side bear hug again. Dan had his teeth tight and showing as he hissed, gasped and groaned in pain, more so then the first time Skip slapped on his modified bear hug.

You sure are one tough freak I have to say,” Skip laughed as he punched over and over into Dan's left pec.

He went back to his routine again on Dan's left side. When he released his arms before moving them up higher, Dan's head fell forward and he was panting like he just ran a marathon. Skip seemed to jerk and squeeze harder and harder each time as Dan's reactions were becoming more pained. When Dan finally did give out a loud 'ahhh', Skip laughed, concentrated his jabs and punches in the spot where his hands were squeezing which made Dan start to scream out in pain.

Yeah, now we are getting somewhere,” Skip laughed.

He moved back and looked at Dan's body hanging by the bungee cord, his legs no longer holding him up. He decided he wanted to work over Dan's ample pecs so that's what he did, except both sides not just the left. I felt so bad for Dan and tried to yell out what encouragement I could as well as apologizing for causing this to happen. When Skip stopped damaging Dan's pecs and moved to the side, I gasped as I saw they were soft and saggy, not hard and well formed. Skip reached a hand over and latched on to the left pec and squeezed it, hard massaged it like he was playing with a girl. He laughed, moved in and slid down as his other hand did the same with Dan's right pec and he made like an animal sound as his mouth hit the left pec. I could hear his sucking and slurping on the pec and nipple. When he switched to the right one, Dan's pec around his nipple was really red and there were signs of teeth marks dug into his skin. Skip walked behind Dan and reached his arms around so his hands latched onto Dan's pecs again, cupping them and squeezing.

Look here old man, the freak has got real nice tits now. Just part of ole Skips break down service,” Skip laughed.

Please Skip, don't do any more to Dan. You have proven your point good enough I think. Yeah, you are a real man and have proved it,” I pleaded.

Oh shit no old man, just getting started with freak here. See, I really get off breaking these freaks down to crying bitches begging me to fuck them. So you stay right were you are and watch me work,” Skip laughed as he squeezed, jiggled and pulled forward Dan's pecs.

I couldn't stop myself from crying, feeling so bad that all this was because I looked at Skip in the gym and Dan came to my rescue. Skip began to work on Dan's entire right side, not stopping until he got the same response from Dan he was looking for showing Dan was in some serious pain. Bruises were starting to form up and down both sides of Dan's body now. Skip opened some tool box and pulled out a long leather string, ran it over Dan's body to wet it I guess and then tied it tight to the base of Dan's cock and all around the top of his ball sack until his balls were pushed super tight on the bottom of his ball sack looking like they would shoot out if any crack in the skin happened. Then, standing on the side so I could watch, Skip began to slap Dan's cock. I watched it as it got redder and redder and Dan's hips did all they could to get away from Dan's slaps. Dan was panting, yelling and groaning in pain more and more with each slap. I saw some precum coming out of the tip of his cock. His body stiffened after awhile and jerked violently like he was going to have an orgasm but the leather wrapping stopped any cum for shooting out. Skip laughed and worked on Dan's pecs again. He reached down into his tool box again and put on a pair of latex gloves. He grabbed a tube of thick oily stuff and squirted it on both gloves, moved behind Dan and with one hand around Dan's side, latched a hand on his stretched out ball sack. He put his face right next to Dan's head.

You ready to feel some nice stuff now freak? Getting you really ready so when I fuck you and take away your pride completely, you'll enjoy it lots,” Skip said in a growl right against Dan's ear and then licked and fucked his ear like softly and all over. Dan's eyes shot wide as Skip pushed 2 fingers inside Dan's ass. Dan couldn't squeeze hard enough to stop the fingers from sliding inside of him because of the grease Skip used. He then with his other hand, pulled slowly down Dan's tied up balls until they flew up out of his grip. He then slowly worked his hand up and down Dan's cock, got to the head and twisted his hand back and forth. Over and over he did it as his tongue and lips worked on Dan's ear and neck. Skip soon had 3 fingers, then 4 then his whole hand halfway up his palm inside of Dan's ass, twisting around, wiggling, rubbing and jabbing in and out. Dan was screaming, panting, gasping and trying hard to get his body away from Skip, but Skip had too good a hold on him to let that happen. He walked back around Skip and looked at me.

I guess you deserve a treat old man. Gonna show you what freak has been feeling just now but can't shoot off,” Skip said with a tried sexy look.

He got behind me, began working on my neck and ear before his one oiled hand was around my cock with hardly any pressure and his finger on his other hand was rubbing all up and down my ass crack and poking at my rosebud. He put more pressure on when his hand was on the head of my cock and he was twisting it making me gasp and pant, using that sensation to build before sliding his finger completely inside of my ass, wiggling it, fucking me with it, twisting it back and forth. He got up to 3 fingers and my body jerked, I screamed and somehow shot a load of cum across towards Dan. I couldn't stop jerking and shaking all over and panting, gasping, trying real hard to catch my breath.

Kinda nice huh old man?” Skip said softly as he licked my ear. “Bet you ain't felt nothing like that in your life huh?”

He pulled his fingers out and slapped my ass hard before moving back to Dan. He took off one of the gloves and went to work on Dan's pecs with his hand and mouth. He put on another glove, greased it and the other up again and went behind Dan. He reached around to Dan's balls and did that pull down until they popped free a number of times, obviously had his fingers back inside Dan's ass and then wrapped his hand around Dan's cock. He was really hard fucking Dan with his hand based on how Dan's body jerked forward.

Freak getting to love it ain't you?” Skip said with a growl in Dan's ear.

He moved back in front of Dan and stepped to the side, put one greased up hand under Dan's cock and the other on top and began to rub his cock one way with one hand and the other way with another. Dan quickly started screaming his head shaking like mad. I couldn't even begin to imagine the sensation he was feeling from his cock being that stimulated. Then Skip wrapped on hand around the shaft and the other over the head and began to twist in opposite directions fast and hard. Dan's body looked like he tried to jump and jerk back and push forward, side to side, anything to try and get away from those hands on his cock.

When Skip stopped, ripped off the gloves and began to ravage Dan's pecs, Dan's breathing was fast and furious, lots of gasping and panting and his face contorting into all sorts of looks of pain, pleasure and more pain. Skip again did his hard jabbing and punching to both sides of Dan's body a few times. He then stood in front of Dan, smiled at him and slammed his arms around Dan's back, jerking and squeezing harder and harder. He had his chest smashed into Dan and Dan's body was bent far backwards. Skip jerked, released some and jerked hard again, lifting Dan completely off the floor. It looked like Dan was just about to pass out when Skip just let go of him and his body fell downward, the bungee cords stretching and then snapping him back up. Skip slapped Dan's cock again, punched him on both sides of his body then slammed on his bear hug again. This time he'd slam his arms hard around, jerk Dan up off the ground and release him. Dan was screaming out in pain every time Skip slammed his arms around Dan and jerked.

Skip finally backed away, shook his arms, neck and head walked close up to Dan, pulled his head back by his hair and got right in his face.

Okay freak, you ready to beg me to fuck you and let you get off now?” Skip snarled.

Dan seemed like he was going to shake his head no, so Skip slammed his arms back around and jerked a few more times then worked on Dan's cock head and balls.

Please, no more, please, I give,” Dan screamed.

Ain't a matter of giving freak, a matter of begging me to fuck you and maybe let you cum,” Skip spit in his face.

Yes, please, fuck me, I'll do anything but please, no more,” Dan cried obviously upset he was willing to submit.

You sure about that now?” Skip asked as he again worked on Dan's pecs and then his cock.

Yes, YES, please PLEASE no more. Fuck me please, I beg you,” Dan yelled with tears falling down his cheeks.

Yah see old man, works every time with these freaks. They all end up begging to be fucked and crying like little babies. Broken, just like I said,” Skip laughed holding up Dan's head by his chin making sure I saw the tears running down from Dan's bloodshot eyes.

Skip rubbed his cock all up and down Dan's body, turned to me and walked over and told me to get him nice and slick. I knew better then to not do as he said, so I took in his cock head and began to work on it with my tongue and lips, moving my head forward to take in more of his cock. He latched his hands on to my head and slow fucked my mouth, pushing his cock in until I gagged and choked.

Yeah old man, you sure know how to take care of a real man don't cha. I think after freak gets his fuck, I'm gonna have to reward you with your very own ride on this bad boy,” Skip said as he pulled his cock from my mouth and laughed.

He went up behind Dan, shouted 'ready or not' and then slammed his arms tight and hard around Dan's body pulling him hard back as his hips shot forward, ramming his cock deep inside of Dan's ass. Luckily Dan's ass was really stretched out from Skips hand moving around in it otherwise, for sure he would be all ripped up. Skip pulled hard, slamming Dan's body on his cock, moving his arms up and down to jerk hard on the places he knew Dan was hurting from his jabs and punches. Skip fucked Dan hard for some time like that. Then he pulled his cock out of Dan, walked around, stooped down and moved his cock back at Dan's ass, slammed his arms around Dan and lifted him up high only to let his body fall down becoming impaled on Skips cock.

Oh yeah freak, you are feeling real good,” Skip shouted as he easily moved Dan's body so that the bungee cords stretched and released like springs, handling Dan's body moving up and down Skip's cock. Skip used both hands to work over Dan's pecs again, sucking hard and pulling away to make a popping sound when Dan's nipple flew out of Skips mouth. His hands worked hard on Dan's pecs, adding to the force of his body moving up and down hard on Skips cock. Finally, Skip's head shot up, his arms slammed hard around Dan and he screamed and shouted and cursed as he began shooting his cum inside of Dan. When he stopped, he laughed and had a bit more fun with Dan's pecs before he lifted Dan up off his cock and stepped back.

Oh, forgot to undo your restraints there,” Skip laughed.

He reached down and untied Dan's balls and cock. He turned to me and smiled.

Watch this old man, never fails to happen,” Skip laughed.

He used just his thumb and index finger to rub up and down the head of Dan's cock. Cum just slowly flowed out of Dan, not shooting, just flowing out.

Ain't that something? He's just leaking cum like a faucet,” Skip laughed.

Just then, the back door of the van flew open, bright blinding flashlights were shining in.

What the hell is happening here?” a voice yelled. “Some kind of sick sex club shit?”

I couldn't hold back and quickly yelled that Skip attacked Dan and I, tied us up in the van, tortured Dan and was about to fuck me when you showed up. I had to repeat it a few times before it sunk in.

Well, that explains the screaming you heard,” the cop said to the security guard from the gym.

Yeah, I know those 2. The big one hanging here is a long time regular. Has his own landscaping business. The other one there, just moved here from Chicago and is retired. Both regular nice guys,” the security guard said.

Okay you, drippy dick, hands on your head and easy out of the van. Make any stupid moves and there will be a bullet that somehow managed to go right through your balls,” the cop said sternly.

Skip immediately complied having had a number of run ins with the law all over the southwest. Seems he traveled around looking for gyms with regular body builders that came to them and got his rocks off breaking them down like he did Dan. He had a number of arrest warrants on him and was quickly cuffed and taken to the sheriff's jail. The security guard called an ambulance and the paramedics gently got Dan untied and on to a gurney, then me. When we got to the ER, a team was already waiting. Dan went one way and I another. I had very little wrong other then my pride ripped apart. Dan was xrayed and fully examined, his insides were flushed a few times and he was given pain shots. They put on some sort of thick ointment on both his sides where his bruises were really bad. They moved Dan into a private room and let me stay with him. Since they gave me a pain pill and muscle relaxer, I was quickly out in the chair next to Dan's bed, holding his hand in mine.

I woke up when I felt his fingers moving all around my hand. I sat up and looked to see him crying as he looked at me so sad.

Hey, how you feeling Dan?” I said softly. “We are safe now. That asshole has been doing this all over the southwest to bodybuilders. He had loads of arrest warrants which should keep him locked up for a long long time. I'm so so sorry I caused this. I feel its all my fault, please forgive me.”

No its not your fault Greg. It happened and that's that. I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you from him and you had to see him break me down like he did,” Dan cried.

Hey, now just settle down, its all okay Dan. There was nothing you could do so don't beat yourself up about that. Pretty hard to stop anything when you have a 2x4 smashed over your head and back. I am amazed at how long you held off and took what he dished out the sadistic prick. You are my hero Dan, so stop feeling like that please?” I said with tears coming down my cheeks.

You okay then?' Dan said trying to wipe the tears from his eyes.

Yeah, I'm fine. Ego shot and got something new to have nightmares over, but physically I'm fine,” I said with a smile.

Awfully nice of you to be sitting here when I woke up. Didn't think anyone would be in here with me, but there you were,” Dan smiled.

Hey, I got to look after my landscape guy don't I,” I said with a pretend serious look. “I mean I did pay for a few months in advance you know.”

Dan laughed and laughed. “I see, its just keeping an eye on your investment huh?”

Yeah, that and I really wanted to apologize and make sure you were okay. That meant a lot to me Dan, you being okay,” I said softly.

Wow, I kind of figured you liked me, but not that much,” Dan smiled.

Oh shit, I was that obvious was I?” I blushed.

Yeah, Greg, you sure were. I mean all the things you did to go out of your way to take care of me was really a big hint I think. Never experienced that before,” Dan laughed. “Hey, pick your head up and look at me. I really like that Greg, honest.”

I didn't lift my head up as I felt I really wanted to die right then and there. Dan reached out and put his fingers under my chin and lifted my head up.

Greg, its good, honest. I like how you look at me and what you say and how you do things to make me happy it seems. Don't hide your face from me. I really am into your smile and the look on your face whenever you see me,” Dan smiled.

Okay. Wait, does this mean you are going to raise your rates?” I looked at him with a questioning look.

Don't make me laugh it hurts,” Dan said holding his sides as he laughed and laughed.

A nurse came in with a big smile on her face.

Great, so glad to hear you laughing Dan. That's a big step towards healing you know,” the nurse said. “How about I get you both some breakfast and then see if we can let you out of here. I think you'll heal way quicker at home.”

With that, she almost danced out of the room. We both laughed and just sat quiet and looked at each others face.

Well, guess it'll be easy does it for awhile for me,” Dan finally said looking off towards the window.

Yes sir, that's for sure. Does anyone live with you? Any girl friend? Wife, Mistress? Elderly aunt?” I asked still holding his hand.

I asked you not to make me laugh!” Dan said laughing hard. “No, none of the above. Just me and me alone thank you.”

Well, okay then. No arguments from you at all mister. You are staying at my house until you can easily get around and feel you can get back to the gym and work. Ah ah, I said no arguments or I'll poke you in your side if you don't go along with the program. I have the room for sure, a nice comfy bed in the guest room that should be able to handle your height okay and my shower will help you feel much better with the pulsing stuff and all that. So just resign yourself to the fact you are going to be held prisoner in Greg's house,” I said sternly standing up and glaring at him.

Damn, like I'm gonna fight you? Hell no, not for awhile I think. Had enough violence to last me a long long time thank you,” Dan said seriously and then laughed. “Boy, you sure can get bossy huh?”

Yeah, that I can be, especially when I know its right. Besides, didn't you ever learn to respect your elders?” I said waving a finger at him.

Yes sir, I sure did,” Dan said seriously. “Didn't mean no disrespect or nothing like that, just seems like an awful lot to ask of you considering.”

Nope, just how its gonna be I'm afraid. You'll just have to deal with it Mr. I'm older and know what is good for you right now, so on the way home from here, we'll stop at your place, pick up things you'd want and make sure everything is secured, then off to my house and you march into your room and take a nice nap,” I ordered.

Damn, pushy too huh?” Dan said with raised eyebrows.

Yep, how do you think I lasted this long?” I said seriously. “Honest Dan, no kidding. Let me baby you some until you are back to being yourself. I don't think its a good idea for either of us to be alone right now. At least together we can comfort each other and having been through it together, well except for the pain and stuff you went through, we'll get over it a bit faster maybe.”

Dan looked at me with tears building in his eyes. He stayed quiet. The orderly came in with trays for us, nice looking breakfast. Dan sat up in bed with the tray over his lap and I sat in the chair with my tray. We both smiled at each other and began eating.

Uh, do you make breakfast?” Dan suddenly asked quietly.

Yeah, I'm a pretty good cook I'll have you know,” I laughed.

Well, you do know how much I eat and all right?” Dan said sheepishly.

Dan, yeah I know. I have watched video's on the internet about builders daily grind including their meals. Besides, you have had a few lunches at my house. Did you leave the table still hungry?” I asked.

Hell no! Damn, I had to make sure I stopped so I could work after lunch,” Dan laughed.

Well, okay then, what else you want to try and push as a lame reason you can't stay at my house and let me take care of you,” I said seriously.

Uhhh, I'm sure something will come to mind over time, but for right now? Okay, vacation at Greg's spa it is,” Dan smiled his sexy big smile.

Great, now finish breakfast,” I said.

Dan raise his eyebrows and I just raised my finger aimed at his side. He quickly went to town finishing his breakfast which made me laugh. The doctor came in, told us he was going to discharge us both, gave a bunch of instructions to Dan and a number of prescriptions, most for Dan and some for me. He suggested we visit our primary doctor within a week and follow up as needed, especially if we get super depressed or start having pains anywhere. Dan told the doctor he was going to stay at my house and be nursed to death. The doctor laughed and agreed with me that it was a good plan.

We left the hospital by early afternoon, stopped off at the drug store to pick up the prescriptions which they sent in before we left. We drove to Dan's house and I went with him to pick up some things he wanted including his I phone and laptop. He carried a box of all his supplements and powders to the car. The security guard was nice enough to drive Dan's truck over to my house after I called and asked if it was a problem to leave it in the lot.

Once at my house, Dan dropped the box of his supplements in the kitchen and I took his duffel bag of clothes into the guest bedroom. He came in the bedroom and flopped down on the bed.

You know, I am exhausted for some reason,” Dan said a bit worried.

Its from the stress, the pain killers and muscle relaxers, so should be no surprise I'd think,” I said with a soft smile. “Okay, the dresser is competely emptied, the linen on the bed is newly changed and your toiletries we can put in my bathroom since you are going to use the shower an awful lot I think.”

Dan looked at me with this soft smile. He got up off the bed and walked over to me, wrapped his arms around me and bent down, giving me the softest kiss on my lips.

I've wanted to do that for so long,” Dan said softly with his face right against mine.

Oh boy, you just had to do that huh?” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him such a passionate kiss which he quickly returned.

He backed up to the bed and flopped down holding on to me. I know it hurt his side but he didn't let go of me or the kiss. I had to push against his upper chest so I could catch my breath.

Wow, that sure was something else I can say without a doubt,” I gasped.

Well, if you like that, then good, we'll have to do it often I think,” Dan said with a very sexy low voice.

Dan, are you sure? You know, I am not a slut or anything like that..” I never got to finish before his lips and tongue were on mine.

Finally I ahd to push against him again so I could take in some deep breaths.

Okay, its off to the shower for you and then a nice nap after you take a few pills. Same for me,” I said seriously.

Okay, only if you join me in the shower, you take a nap with me and you take your pills too,” Dan said in that damn sexy voice of his.

Well, suppose I have no choice it seems,” I laughed after kissing his nose.

It was heaven in the shower with Dan. The various pulsing shower heads felt so good on my body and I'm sure his as well. I washed him with nice smelling body wash and he washed me, very slowly since it wasn't easy for Dan to stretch and bend too much. He loved how the shower felt like a really gentle massage and made his muscles relax more. We both took our pills and didn't go to the guest room, just laid down on my bed, my body pulled into his with him on his side and me with my head tucked on his arm. He moved to his back as his side gave him some pain, and I just pushed my body up against his arm, holding on to it with both my hands.

Damn this feels so good,” Dan said before going sound asleep, his hand holding on to my balls and cock.

He woke before I did and when I woke up, he was laying partially on his side, his head held up by his hand, watching me. I looked up at him and smiled with sleepy eyes and stretched. He leaned over his other arm and gently rubbed my body with his fingers, very slowly. It gave me such goose bumps I shivered. I scooted up along his other arm I was holding on to when I slept, went on my side, held his head towards mine and began to kiss him as gently and sweetly as I knew how. Before I knew it, he pulled me fast on top of his body, flopped his arms around me and we began a very long, hot make out session.

Finally we broke it off and both needed to hit the bathroom. I was shocked at the time. We had napped for 3 hours. It was almost time to take more pills. I felt it would be dumb to take them on empty stomachs, so I made us something to eat, with juice as the drink along with water. Dan make up his supplement stuff and drank that before we ate. As I was taking things from the counter to set on the table, I suddenly realized both of us were going around completely naked. It was strange but seemed so natural and regular. I knew I was so comfortable around Dan that nothing like that bothered me. I have to assume he felt the same as he never put on shorts or a robe which I laid out for him. After eating and then taking our pills, Dan said he wanted to relax in a comfy looking chair I had in the living room. It was a double chair I think its called. Since it was leather, and he was butt naked, I threw on a fleece throw blanket that I knew would feel really good and soft on his skin. He sat down, adjusted himself, looked at me and patted his thigh.

Oh, I don't know if its such a good idea for me to be sitting on your lap Dan,” I said a bit worried I might hurt him.

You going to sit here or do I have to get up, pick you up and plop you on my lap?” Dan said with a serious look.

I quickly moved over and sat as he directed me so that my legs were over the side of his thigh and his arm was around my shoulder. Damn it felt so good. His body was to die for in my mind. His pecs looked so raw and bruised I was leery of hurting him if I leaned in against him. He put that to rest just pulling me sideways so the side of my body was leaning against his front.

There, now see, wasn't that easy?” Dan laughed.

I just worry that I'm going to hurt you Dan,” I said brushing my fingers along his cheek.

Greg, seriously, do you think there's any way you can hurt big ole me?” Dan laughed, hugging me in tight to his body.

No, but your body is hurt and has to be sore still. I just would die if I thought I did anything that caused you pain,” I said seriously.

Look, you aren't going to cause me any physical pain. You are so gentle and careful, I don't feel even the slightest twinge of pain when you are close to me. It makes me happy and feel really good. So stop worrying about hurting me and just let me have you as much against me as I want,” Dan said kissing my forehead.

Okay, I behaved after that. We spent the entire early evening and some of the night just talking and talking. He told me all about his life and I did the same about my life. He teased me about how I gawked at him and my eyes took in every movement of his body as he moved. I told him of my age old infatuation of big, muscled guys, hairy especially handling me and me having free reign on their bodies. He laughed and said well, I hit the jackpot.

Well, yes and no. You are big, and you are certainly muscled,” I said. “However, you are most certainly not hairy except for your crotch that is.”

Wrong. I use a cream to keep my hair from growing fast. Its just a thing I had for turning people off because I looked like some big hairy gorilla. Besides that, in bodybuilding, its rare to see a guy who's hairy. Just how it is,” Dan laughed kissing my nose.

No shit! Well, you don't have to stop using the cream on my account,” I said looking up into his face.

Yep, never again. Sorry, you are soon going to be assaulted by a big, muscled, hairy gorilla I'm afraid,” Dan said seriously. “Besides, its a chemical I don't really like using. It has to be absorbing into my system and doing some nasty shit, so nope, it is what it is I'm afraid. Guess you'll just have to suffer is all.”

I couldn't help it, I poked him with my finger. He did a pretend loud 'ouch' and rubbed himself where I poked.

Well, there goes the whole idea about causing me pain I guess,” Dan said to himself.

See, what did I tell you!” I shouted all worried.

Before I could say another word, he bent down, held my chin in his hand and began another make out session. I was surprised to feel his cock building up, pushing in between my legs right up against my perineum and pushing my balls up. I slowly moved my hand down and used the tip of my fingers to gently swirl around the head of his cock, spreading around his precum. His head went back and he moaned, spread out his legs and began to enjoy me messing with his cock.

Eventually, I made it to my knees and was soon worshipping his cock and balls with my mouth, tongue and hands. He was gently moving his fingers through my hair, moaning and groaning. He stiffened up and yelled he was cuming trying to push my head off of his cock. I wouldn't have it. I went down super far on his cock, just starting to gag as his cum was shooting hard down my throat, filling my mouth and running out around his cock. The pressure of his hands on my head was almost painful until he began to calm down. I looked up at his face which to me seemed to be so happy and content it made me smile. He looked down at me, grabbed me under my arm pits, pulled me up like a pillow, wrapped his arms around me and gave me such a passionate kiss. He then licked all his cum from my face and then shared it with me. Damn that was hot.

We had a small snack, more pills, more juice and decided to take another shower together. We went straight into bed and I thought we would cuddle and just fall asleep. Nope. Dan pulled me up onto his body, pushed me up towards the headboard as he slid down until his mouth took in my cock and balls. Wow what his thick tongue was doing to me. All I kept doing was gasp, moan and wiggle around. When he growled and made these unreal deep sounds with my cock and balls in his mouth, that set me off big time. He sucked so hard I swear my balls were going to be pulled up into my cock and out into his mouth. I don't think my body shook and jerked that much before. I went completely limp. He slid me down slowly, his tongue and lips working on any part of my body that slid past his face. Finally our faces were together and he gently kissed me over and over again.

There, now we should sleep real nice,” Dan said softly. “I really like how you taste by the way. So I guess you should be prepared to give it up often.”

Dan, I'm old, I wouldn't count on that,” I laughed.

He slapped my ass cheek and went on about age is just a number and it all mattered how you felt in your heart and mind. I knew not to bring that up again unless I wanted a really sore ass and a long, long lecture.

After a year of him being nursed back to health, he was back for sure. He picked up on his business again and made sure he hit the gym like before, making me go at least 3 times a week, like it or not. I suggested to him that we should both sell our houses and buy a new one. He didn't want to give up living in my house so he rented out his house and move all his stuff in. Man it was so great to be swallowed up in his arms so easily. His hair had come back with a vengeance all over his body, sending me into fur heaven. He laughed so hard at how excited I got playing on his fur covered muscles. He kept telling me that he knew I only wanted him around for his body, but that was okay since he liked being the center of attention anyway. I immediately went off on him about how I loved him as a person. He laughed and said he knew but liked to set me off once in awhile just to see me all excited and try to convince him I wasn't like he said.

Life was so damn good. Yeah, we did have some minor disagreements over what was going on politically and all over the world, but we respected each others opinions and our different views on things so it never hurt our relationship. He said he loved how my face looked whenever I saw him, just like when he first met me. Well, yeah, I mean I had a black and blue underarm from pinching myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.