Me and Jer….


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Damn, I finally have to admit I am definitely lonely. Why a kind of hot looking guy who's 6'2”, weighs in around 240 of sculpted veined muscles should be lonely is beyond me. I'm Sam, a goof who just turned 46 and realized I have this deep down empty sad feeling that only some one else can fill. Its my own fault since I was always so into ME, looking great and giving that snickery smile to anyone who I caught checking me out. Did I go with it maybe? Hell no, had no interest back then, I was just so into ME, ME, ME. When I turned 46 I threw a party for me and my best friend since high school – my right hand. Damn, what an asshole I've been all this time. Time to do something about that, somehow or another, just not sure what just yet. For one thing, I decided to actually smile at anyone who's glance I caught. That wasn't so hard and sure didn't cost anything.

I'm kind of sitting pretty as the saying goes from the killing I have been making in real estate. Not only selling it but buying up small at first as investments and even learning how to do a lot of stuff to fix things up and resell. Now, if I wasn't out with a client or checking on my properties, I mostly was at the gym or just driving around. There were a number of what you'd call serious lifters at the gym I went to which made me look like a skinny wimp, but that was fine, I wasn't interested in pumping myself up that much anymore. Not like I'm going to compete or anything. I found myself feeling relieved being around these 'monsters' since I didn't stand out really, they were the center of attention. I wish I didn't get into that frame of mind since now its nearly impossible to get out of it for some damn reason. Besides, I really like my gym, its part of my comfort zone.

Well, anyway, I decided to start doing some different things, break up my stagnant routine, bring some change into my life. I started off by finding a gay bar I felt comfy in, void of twinks which didn't do much for me. I had no interest in becoming a daddy for some free loader. Besides, what in the world could I talk with him about after the first few hours? I managed to eventually get to know the bartender Dave after going there a number of times. Dave was a vet, an ex-marine who pretty much avoided talking about his war experiences in the Middle East. I never pushed and managed to work around that pretty easily since Dave was my age. As our conversations became more personal in a way, I brought up the subject of me being lonely and wanting to change my life around so it wasn't all centered on me. He asked me if I'd consider helping out at a gay vet center he helped run and I figured it was a good thing to do, a way to maybe meet some people and who knows, maybe even find a friend to hang with. Dave thought I'd be a perfect fit to help vets get housing since I have a background in real estate, plus I'm a landlord too.

I was surprised when I first went to the center to be introduced by Dave to the staff and given the full indoctrination of mission, methods, things like that. The staff was really friendly and I felt at ease right off. One of the female staff members told me to try and keep an emotional suite of armor on to prevent my own depression after talking and trying to help the guys who came to the center. The center covered every aspect of living a decent life that it could. The office manager set me up with a small office and I reviewed case files while waiting for someone to come in who needed my help.

You the housing guy?” a deep voice said as I was deep into reading a case file.

Huuhhh? Oh sure, guess that's me alright, how can I help you?” I said standing, offering my hand for a shake and wearing a big friendly smile. “Oh, I'm Sam by the way, have a seat and tell me what you need.”

The guy had a mean yet sad look on his face. He had short cropped hair, black, a beard, well trimmed and short, obvious tats on his arms and sure was in shape from what I noticed. He looked me up and down and kind of stood there like he was making his mind up whether he'd bother with me or not.

Jer,” he finally said, no smile, but held out his hand to shake my hand with a strong grip I must say.

Have a seat Jer,” I said directing him to a seat.

I didn't feel comfortable talking to him behind a desk, so I moved to the other side chair close to him, turning it around so my full front was directed at him. I wanted him to feel I was giving him my full attention.

You ever been in the service?” Jer asked with a serious look.

No, sorry to say I have not,” I said honestly.

So how are you gonna be able to help me?” Jer said with a smirk.

Well, my specialty is real estate. I sell it, buy it, own it, am a landlord and pretty well up on all the laws regarding housing in the state,” I said making sure I wasn't sounding smug.

Huh,” Jer said as he looked me over again.

Try me,” I finally said a bit frustrated for some reason.

I guess,” Jer finally said giving me a very intense look.

He began to tell me how his landlord was trying to throw him out of his apartment because he got too loud at times and one of the tenants complained.

So what kind of lease do you have?” I asked.

No lease, just a sort of agreement is all,” Jer said.

Well, that makes things a bit more difficult but not impossible to work out,” I said.

I asked him all sorts of questions as I wrote down what he told me and his answers to my questions. I explained the state law regarding tenants rights even if no lease was signed which was illegal for a landlord to do in this state. Jer was also getting disability payments from the VA since he was injured in combat. I had the name and number of a VA specialist who might help Jer out so I went back behind my desk and picked up the phone after explaining to Jer what I was doing. I got the specialist on the line and we talked about Jer's problem, with me asking Jer questions the specialist asked. I made it a point to jot down the questions as I might need that information with another client. One thing I knew for a fact in business especially, knowledge is definitely power, especially when dealing with laws and policies.

Jer never took his eyes off me me as I talked with him and the specialist. When our conversation was finished, I told Jer what we could do and what would be happening to prevent his landlord from throwing him out.

That simple huh?” Jer said without any emotion.

Well, not really simple but yeah, that should resolve the problem for you,” I said offering a smile.

So what happens if the landlord just chucks my stuff on the street and locks me out?” Jer asked.

Well, that's part of what I hope to prevent by letting him know the penalties he will be slapped with, money usually talks pretty loud,” I said. “Course I realize if your stuff is on the street, all of this is nice but doesn't get you a place to live I know, so I'll come up with some temporary plan just in case if that's okay with you.”

Jer intensified that stare and glare he was giving me, obviously deep in thought about it all.

Well, guess we'll have to see what happens won't we,” Jer said as he stood up and just turned to walk out of my office.

Wait, how can I get in touch with you. Don't you want my phone number just in case?” I said standing up kind of shocked at how he seemed to just dismiss me.

Don't do me no good since I ain't got no phone,” Jer said turning his head and then just walking away.

I was flustered and not sure what just happened. Was he not happy with what I was doing? Was I supposed to do more? I just didn't know what to think about it all. A few other guys came in who needed some help applying for a VA loan or wanted me to review a lease before they signed it, routine stuff I felt. Jer was just burned into my mind for some reason.

I talked to Dave at the bar about Jer a few days later. Dave laughed and said I shouldn't worry about it, lots of guys are like Jer and feel they have been shafted so many times its all bullshit to them. Once Dave explained things to me, I realized Jer was the classic case of being shafted way to many times already. I tried really hard to follow Dave's advice not to feel sorry for Jer as he probably would be really offended if he thought I did. He just didn't know what to do other then violence to keep his apartment and not become homeless.

A few days later, when I was back at the center, I was startled when out of the top of my eyes, a man was standing there right in front of my desk.

Oh Jesus you scared me,” I laughed. “Hope everything is okay Jer.”

Sorry, yeah, seems you did something,” Jer said with that serious intense look. “The guy ain't happy, but you must have put the fear of god in him.”

Well great, glad that's kind of settled for you then,” I said.

I wanna buy you lunch,” Jer said as a matter of fact.

No, you don't have to do that Jer, honest,” I said.

What, not good enough to have lunch with?” Jer said.

No, no, not at all. I just mean you don't have to do anything to like repay me or anything like that. I'm super glad I was able to help,” I said worried I offended him somehow.

Yeah, so lunch or not?” Jer said with wrinkled brow.

Okay, fine, if you insist, sure,” I said.

Okay,” Jer said and then turned and stood outside my office door waiting for me.

I figured out pretty quick he meant like NOW, not later or another day, so I grabbed my jacket and walked behind him. He definitely had that look like you don't want to piss him off. He didn't say a word as we walked down the street a bit to this diner. We sat down and a waitress handed us menu's, mostly burgers and stuff like that which was fine with me. Besides, it did smell super good in there.

Work out huh?” Jer finally asked me.

Yeah, kind of part of my life I suppose,” I laughed. “How about you?”

In my own way I stay in shape,” Jer said, still with no emotion at all.

Oh yeah? What do you do?” I asked very curious.

Stuff. Use whatever I can that's gonna push back,” Jer said as he examined his burger to make sure it had what he wanted on it.

Oh, sounds kind of interesting,” I said before attacking my burger.

Probably not like the fancy stuff you use,” Jer said as he munched.

But still effective it look like,” I said. “Man this is good. Haven't had a burger in ages.”

Just have that fancy stuff huh?” Jer asked.

No, nothing fancy really. Just the typical yuppie gotta watch what you eat stuff,” I laughed.

Huh,” was Jer's only reply.

I'd like to work out with you someday to see what you do to keep in such great shape,” I said.

Oh yeah?” Jer said finally with a look of surprise rather then that emotionless look.

Yeah, really. You get so used to what's at a gym. Its a good thing to see new stuff that maybe can kick it up a notch,” I said.

You gay?” Jer suddenly asked.

Yeah, guess I am,” I replied.

So your boyfriend work out too?” Jer asked.

No boyfriend Jer, just on my own,” I said a bit surprised he asked.

No boyfriend huh? Why's that?” Jer asked.

Uh, well, I've been just too involved with my life to find anyone,” I said honestly. “More to the point, to involved with just me.”

Never heard anyone admit that before,” Jer said.

Well, its the truth so being honest, I can't deny what's a fact,” I said wondering why the hell I just said that.

You like to camp and stuff?” Jer asked.

Never been actually,” I said with a smile.

Never?” Jer said somewhat shocked.

Nope, never. Always thought about maybe some day buying a place in the woods near a river or stream and just vegitate, but never got around to it for some reason,” I said thoughtfully.

You should have done that,” Jer said seriously. “Its a good thing to clear your head for sure.”

I suppose it would be. Have to be nice to be in a quiet place with just the sounds of nature all around instead of traffic and people,” I laughed.

You wanna go?” Jer asked with another intense look like he might find something behind my eyes.

Wow, haven't given it much thought to be honest with you,” I said.

Okay, never mind,” Jer said returning to his meal.

No, no, I mean just never thought of it until just now. I didn't say I didn't want to go,” I said a bit excitedly.

So you wanna go or not?” Jer asked really serious.

Okay, yeah, sure I wanna go, when?” I asked since it now seemed like some sort of challenge to me.

This weekend is good,” Jer said.

Okay, so where and how?” I asked.

You got a car?” Jer asked.

Yeah, I do,” I replied a bit testy.

Cool your jets man, don't get all pissed off,” Jer said a bit loud.

I'm not pissed off, just kind of at a loss as to how all this is gonna go down,” I said in my defense.

You pick me up early Saturday morning around 5:30 and we drive out to a camp site I know,” Jer said.

Okay, what do I need to bring?” I asked flustered.

Sleeping bag, tent if you got one, stuff to cook with, maybe a cooler with beer and stuff. Stuff like that,” Jer said like I was supposed to know. “Oh yeah, and good hiking boots.”

So we'll be hiking too?” I asked.

Gotta hike to the site. Hidden and away from the public,” Jer said. “Only kind of place I like now.”

I see, okay, I'll make sure I pick all that stuff up then,” I said.

Got a gun or knife?” Jer asked.

Uh, no, never owned either other then for cooking,” I said surprised.

Well, maybe ought to pick 'em up. Wild animals and stuff, you never know,” Jer said.

Okay, well, I'll have to see what I can find before the weekend,” I said unsure.

Don't worry if you can't, I got some to bring,” Jer said.

Well, I guess its settled then,” I said reaching for the check.

Nope, I am buying so let it go,” Jer said with a look that meant business.

Okay, just a habit of mine. Part of business and all,” I said remembering he asked me to lunch.

Just leave a tip if you want,” Jer said.

I was totally blown away by what just happened. I was committed to go camping to god knows where with a guy who seemed pissed at the whole world. I had no clue what to prepare myself for but knew there was no easy way out of what I just got myself into. We walked out of the restraunt.

Bye, see you Saturday, 5:30,” Jer said as he turned and walked away.

I stood there dumbfounded. I had never really dealt with anyone like Jer before and wasn't sure why I felt I had to humor him as much as I felt I was doing. Then I remembered my 'new leaf' I was turning and lectured myself about just being friendly and spending some time with nature and this guy.

The next night was my usual night to go to the bar. Dave was really shocked that I agreed to go camping with Jer to some unknown far off the beaten path place, especially since I never camped before. He kept asking me if I was really sure I wanted to do that, and I honestly didn't have an answer. I felt I couldn't back out of it on Jer. He didn't have a vehicle and therefore I was his only shot at doing something he obviously liked a lot. The guy sure didn't need another confirmation that people were all shit and he got shafted again. Dave told me a great place to pick up what I'd need for my camping adventure. He said the guys there were super helpful and would make sure I had all I needed. He gave me a list of things to buy for the cooler to eat and drink, keeping it simple and easy. I sort of wished Dave was going along as he seemed to know lots about camping. Well, at least a hell of a lot more then I did.

When I went to the camping store, they did indeed help me out. When I mentioned about hiking to the spot away from the beaten path, they changed what Dave told me to pick up reminding me that I'd have to carry all my stuff with me as I hiked. That was like a real duhh moment, like why didn't I think about that. They set me up with those MRE's and free dried stuff that all you needed to do was add boiling water and you were good to go food wise. I walked out of the store after spending a small fortune, but I had a super back pack, neat compact tent, the works, including a big hunting knife and a rifle just in case with ammo. I made sure my calendar was clear for the weekend and the rest of the week after just in case I needed recovery time or something.

I had a hard time falling asleep Friday night even though I knew I had to be up by 4:30 in order to pick Jer up at 5:30. The way he seemed I did not want to be late. I had already packed all my stuff into my double back pack and just about memorized every bit of instruction the things came with. When the alarm went off Saturday morning, I groaned and moaned like a kid not wanting to go to school. It was still so dark out on top of it. Well, I showered, got dressed, made a last minute sweep to be sure I wasn't leaving anything behind I might need and moaned again when I turned the SUV on. I drove to Jer's apartment building and was not surprised to see he was standing on the sidewalk with his stuff waiting for me. I felt proud I was actually 5 minutes early.

Didn't think you'd show,” Jer said as he threw his stuff in the SUV.

I said I was and I keep my word,” I replied with a smile. “Good morning by the way and how do I get us to wherever it is we are headed?”

Yeah. Well, just take this to the interstate and head north,” Jer said the yeah being his good morning response I suppose.

The drive to the country was a bit tense for me since Jer wasn't one for making light conversation. I babbled on about the camping store and all the stuff I bought. Jer even said he was impressed but that was about it. It took us over 3 hours to finally get to where he wanted me to park the SUV. We would have to hike to get to the camp site. It was indeed gorgeous country. In sight of mountains and loads of forest all around. I was sorry I didn't bring a camera with to capture the scenes we passed. Thankfully, even though I thought I was in super shape, we came to what Jer said was our campsite. I was nearly wiped out hiking with the equipment I had on me. The site was on a river that was so clear and clean you could see the bottom and the fish swimming around in it. That was a new thing for me to be sure. It was a gorgeous place. I knew why Jer liked to come here when he could, I sure would if I knew about it.

He told me where to set up my tent and how to hang my stuff in a tree so bears wouldn't come after it. He lectured me about not leaving things especially food stuff out and around as animals would be attracted by the smells and come looking for a free meal. Then, without a word or warning, after Jer had his tent and supplies taken care of, stripped completely and dove into the river. I was dumbstruck. I was standing there, taking in the sight of his hard bowling ball ass cheeks, his broad muscled back and thick muscled legs. You couldn't miss his low hanger balls and the tip of his cock dangling in between his legs as he walked to the river and then dove in.

Its a bit cold but nice,” Jer yelled. “Get yourself in here.”

I wasn't quite sure but thought what the hell, why not. I knew there weren't any sharks in the river so it had to be okay. I followed his lead and stripped, walked to the river and dove in. I lost my breath when I hit the water. It was really cold I thought. I started to wonder what the signs of hypothermia were. I got a good look at Jer's front as he was standing facing me in shallow water. His pecs were hard and a bit pumped, his biceps were thick and had a large vein running along them. His abs were tight and his sides even had a tight, thick layer of muscle. His tats covered his arms and one went over on to his pec which he had shaved. The other pec was hairy as well as his abs a bit with a thick and distinct treasure trail that met up with a thick, wide bushy pubes. Man the guy was not only tough looking but hot. You could tell from just looking at him naked, you didn't want to mess with this guy.

Nice body,” Jer said to me after he purposely checked me completely out.

Thanks, you too,” I said with a smile. “Its really impressive. I really like your tats too.”

Kind of just grew on me I think,” Jer laughed.

I was shocked he actually laughed.

Have them done all at once or over time?” I asked.

Over time, here and there,” Jer said slowly rubbing his hand on one arm and shoulder. “You ain't gotten any huh?”

No, never did that either. Can't say until I saw yours that I liked any I saw,” I said with a smile.

Got a body to show em off,” Jer said nodding his head towards me.

Thanks, but I just don't feel comfortable having them done now,” I said. “Probably just chicken shit of being poked so much with needles.”

You sure just tell it like you feel don't yah,” Jer said with a serious look.

Yeah, guess I do. Just always have been that way I guess. Don't feel right not saying what's on my mind or how things are for me. Seems kind of dishonest I think,” I said.

Most people can't handle shit like that,” Jer said before just diving back into the river and swimming against the current.

Funny, I just never thought of that before. I had always been like that and it never seemed to harm what I was doing business wise or what little personal life I had. Course I didn't go out of my way to insult or belittle anyone, always being careful to choose the right way of saying things.

Jer stood up and walked to the shoreline, found a sandy spot and laid down, legs wide apart and arms behind his head.

You need a towel there Jer?” I asked as I walked out of the river.

Nope, nature takes care of that,” Jer said.

Well, guess that's what we were supposed to do, let the sun and air dry us off. This wasn't some resort place and we weren't poolside for sure. Jer patted the sand next to him as he shaded his eyes from the sun and looked at me. I laid down next to him with some space between us as I didn't want to have him think I wanted to mess around or anything.

So tell me about you,” Jer said.

I proceeded to give him the long version of my entire life. He asked so I figured he wanted to know for some reason. He actually asked me some questions as I went on and on. I returned the request and asked him to tell me about him. He turned his head and looked at me really intense before finally beginning to tell me of his life from growing up in a broken family to his time in the Marines. He didn't go into detail about combat only that he was there and for how long and how many times before he got wounded. I never really noticed the scars that ran down his one leg, across half of his back and a part of his shoulder.

You know, I'm sure you've heard this before and maybe think its all bullshit, but I sincerely wish to thank you for your service and keeping this country safe,” I had to say.

Huh. Yeah, I've heard that once or twice but figured it was just that, bull shit. You really mean that huh?” Jer said.

Yeah, I sure do, thank you,” I said putting out my hand to shake his.

Jer held my hand in a hard shake for more time then I expected, but I didn't want to jerk my hand back or anything. I found myself looking at his body, his tats and his muscles moving as he was breathing. I really liked the size and thickness of his cock for some reason. Mine was just average I guess just getting to 6” when hard and a bit thick but not a lot. I must have fallen asleep because Jer had his hand on my chest and was shaking me.

Hey sleepy head, how about a hike before dinner,” Jer said.

Sure, why not. It is so beautiful here,” I said getting up and heading to my tent to get dressed.

I came out of my tent with my shorts, a t shirt, socks and hiking boots along with a hat and sunglasses. Jer was standing there waiting for me with hiking boots and shorts on, a hat and sunglasses, with a knife in his belt and a glock in a holster.

Should I bring my rifle and knife?” I asked.

Just a knife, I got the weapon covered,” Jer said as he patted his pistol.

I got dressed and followed Jer down a make shift trail that went along the river for a long time, then up some super steep hills. I was worried he was going to take us up the mountain, but he just found a big boulder to rest on and take in the view. We talked a little bit, mostly commenting on the scenery which was absolutely beautiful. All along the hike following Jer, I was just about mesmerized by the movement of his ass cheeks, back muscles, legs and arms as he walked with purpose like nothing was going to get in his way. On the way back I tried really hard to look at the scenery more then before and less at him. When we got back to our campsite, Jer stripped again and dove back into the river. He yelled for me to join him so I could cool down after the long hike. I have to admit, the river did seem super refreshing as I was super hot and sweaty. When we got out of the river, Jer collected some wood from the ground and started up a fire. I got a pot and filled it with water so I could make us some of those MRI's I bought. Jer laughed when he saw me pull them out and began to talk about his first experience with MRI's. He actually thanked me for bringing out enough for both of us. Jer got up, went to his tent and pulled out a compact fishing rod. He said he'd get us some fresh fish to go along with our dinner. I was amazed watching him work that fishing rod. I got super excited when he jerked his upper body as he twisted and reeled in a good sized bass. He came back to the fire with an actual smile on his face, took out his knife and cleaned the fish, making a few nice fillets out of it. He used some wood as a skewer and set it up just right on the fire. It smelled so good and once cooked sure did taste really good. I told Jer how impressed I was at him catching a fish. He said he'd show me how if I wanted him too. He was super surprised I never did any fishing either. He laughed again and said I was really sheltered.

As the sun set, I got to see the millions of stars in the sky you just never see in the city. It was stunning. Jer and I laid near the fire and he began to point out various stars and planet to me. I was amazed at how much he knew about astronomy. While he was talking I found myself again looking intensely at his body. His forearms and biceps were so impressive as he stretched his arm out pointing out various things in the sky.

You see stuff you like?” Jer suddenly asked.

I looked at him with a completely confused look as I didn't get what he was referring to right away.

You been really looking me over all day,” Jer said. “So you see stuff you like?”

Uhh, yeah, I do for sure. Please don't be offended or mad at me. Just can't help but to admire your body,” I confessed.

No offense or anger here,” Jer said. “You can touch if you want.”

I was not sure if I should or not. Then, before I could decide, Jer took my hand and put it on his pec. Then he slowly moved it over his tat on his arm and around his abs. He didn't ask or say anything but he released my hand which was now on autopilot and his hand felt and massaged my pecs and biceps. Before I knew it, Jer was just about on top of me, kissing me and hugging me tight. I got an instant hard on which he moved his hand to and slow stroked me. I felt his thick hard cock pushing against my side.

You okay with this?” Jer asked in a deep yet soft voice.

Oh yeah, sure am,” I said.

That seemed to be all Jer needed to hear as he moved on top of me, kissed me passionately, then worked on my neck, shoulders, pecs and nipples, my abs and finally sucked in my entire cock as his fingers worked on my balls. I was actually stunned, never expecting anything like this to happen, especially with Jer. I felt he was making love to me, not just finding sexual release by how tender and caring he was, gentle and yet forceful. I hadn't had close contact with anyone for so many years I forgot how wonderful it felt to have someone exploring your body just to give you pleasure. Jer moved back up to kiss me and then went right back to my crotch, except this time he grabbed my calves, lifted and spread them wide, my ass going off the ground. He then began to slowly rim me which made me yell out, gasp and pant. I wanted him to do more, to keep taking me to long forgotten levels of pleasure. His tongue pushed into my ass and I couldn't catch my breath. His hands moved to my cock and my abs which he slowly and gently massaged and stroked as his tongue ravaged my ass. I was gasping, begging, pleading and yelling suddenly. It just seemed to build up so quickly. I wanted him to take me which was something I hadn't done before. I can't remember feeling like he made me feel.

Jer's mouth left my ass and he sucked in my cock, his tongue really working over my cock head when he came back up from nibbling and sucking on the shaft of my cock. Then without a word, he flipped me over on to my stomach and was over me, biting my neck and kissing my shoulders as he slid his cock up and down my super wet ass cheeks. At first, I didn't even realize his cock head had slid past my sphincter and was mostly inside of me. When I realized it, I felt the burn and a sharp pain. Jer froze and just kept kissing my neck and shoulders, one hand hard massaging my back and then turning my head so he could kiss me. He slowly moved his cock inside of me with small movements, nothing forceful and hard. When his cock was fully inside me, he slowly moved his hips side to side and around like in a circle. Holy shit my insides came alive and I felt bolts of pleasure shooting through my body from my ass. I was grunting and gasping along with moaning and sounds like I was going to cry.

I'm gonna fuck you till you cum,” Jer whispered as his tongue ravaged my ear.

He then began to move his hips far back and then forward. I felt his entire fat, long cock moving inside of me. His cock head when it moved across my prostrate drove me insane. Jer moved his body up but kept his cock inside of me, turned me on to my side lifting one leg on to his shoulder. He like bear hugged my leg and began to long fuck me again, this time with a bit more force. He did that for awhile, really seeming to like my pleasure agony looks and sounds. When he turned me on my side and spooned behind me, holding up my leg, his cock head really was pushing and rubbing on my prostrate as he moved it in and out of my ass. When he would grab my face hard and turn it so he could give me sloppy hard wet kisses, I thought for sure I was going to have an orgasm. Jer then moved himself in between my legs, his body over mine and he really began to kiss and fuck me. He bit, sucked and licked my pecs and nipples. He would lift his upper body up, put my legs on his shoulders and really ram his cock in and out of my ass, then his body was back on top of mine. My mouth was worshiping his biceps and pecs whenever I could get to them and he wasn't kissing me.

Jer knew somehow that I was going to have an orgasm as he lifted his body up so he was just kneeling, my ass pulled over his thighs, my legs bent with my shins under his armpits and his hands clamped tight on to my pecs. Man did he ram his cock long in and out of me. His hips were pistons.

Come for me baby, now,” Jer growled.

I did, right then an d there like on command. My cum was shooting all over the place, covering my chest and abs, even my face as well as Jer's abs and chest. He kept egging me on with 'yeah, give me more' with his deep growl like voice that sent shivers up and down my spine. When I finally was going to stop, Jer's body fell down on top of me and his arms wrapped tight around my chest, squeezing super tight as he started to fill me with his cum. It felt like I had a cannon inside of me and his cum were shells being shot out. I could really feel his shot of cum hitting my insides. I thought for sure I was going to have another orgasm. When Jer finally started to calm down and his cum was slowly flowing out of his cock, his entire body just went limp on top of me. We were both completely drenched in sweat, both our chest heaving as we tried to slow down our breathing. My body was like a noodle, completely spent. I put my arms around Jer but didn't have the strength to squeeze and hug him hard. He lifted his head and began to kiss me so gently.

You listen good,” Jer laughed. “I said more and you gave it to me for sure.”

Holy shit that was amazing,” I gasped. “You are a sex maniac expert for sure.”

That's a new one, never been called that before,” Jer laughed and kissed me. “Was it okay baby?”

Oh it was wonderful,” I smiled. “I really like you calling me baby too.”

Oh yeah? Good cause unless you got other plans, I just claimed you as mine and you are my baby now,” Jer said biting my chin.

Oh, you did huh? Is that what this was?” I said pretending to be serious.

Yep and don't try and tell me you didn't love every second of it,” Jer said biting my neck.

I can't tell a lie. Yes I loved every single minute of the ecstasy you put me into,” I sighed.

Good, cause you are gonna have lots of that from now on,” Jer growled. “Is that okay with you?”

Sure is hot stud, it sure as hell is,” I smiled. “So I take it you like me?”

More then that babe,” Jer said softly. “When I first saw you behind that desk, I was taken by how you looked. I wasn't sure about your personality and all until we had lunch. It took guts for you to come here with me, I know that. I needed to know you were honest and kept your word.”

Well that's a relief,” I laughed. “When I first met you and even up until we came here, I thought you didn't like me for some reason.”

Sorry baby, just had to be careful that I wasn't gonna get screwed again. Happened to many times in my life already, can't deal with more. I've been played by some really selfish assholes who left me high and dry, adding to the hurt and mental pain I already had from the service,” Jer said with soft kisses.

I'm sorry to hear that lover,” I said easily. “Can't understand how anyone can do things like that to another person without a thought about how they were hurting them.”

Well it is how things are,” Jer sighed. “I'm going out on a limb here, so if you aren't serious and don't want any commitment then you have to let me know right quick before I get even more into you.”

I'm for sure serious lover. I told you how horrible I felt not having anyone to share life with and be true friends with,” I said hugging him tight. “Hopefully you will soon know I won't ever do what others have to you. I know my saying it isn't enough, but time will help you see how serious I am.”

Don't know if you noticed, but I'm hard again and you are about to enter round 2,” Jer growled.

Oh god, he's going to kill me with sex,” I pretended to whine.

Nah, just take you to the brink is all,” Jer said as he jerked his hips making his hard cock ram in my insides.

Well, I swear the rest of the weekend and into Tuesday I had more sex and felt more love then ever before my entire life. By the time we were driving back to the city, I completely belonged to Jer and would give my life for him if I had to without a doubt or hesitation. It scared me how intense I felt about him in such a short time, but I truly did. It wasn't just the sex, he began treating me as if I was the most important thing in his life now. He opened up and wasn't at all like he was when we first met.

I insisted he move in with me which he didn't want to do as he thought I'd think he was looking for a free ride or something. I took his balls in my hand and told him either he moves in with me or his balls will. That seemed to settle the issue completely. We moved what little he had from his apartment to my house the same day we got back. I convinced Jer not to change a thing he was doing or wanted to do. I wanted him to be completely happy and at ease, able to loose that feeling he was always being shafted.

Dave was super shocked when we came in to the bar and Jer actually was smiling and talking. He couldn't believe Jer moved in with me and we were actually a couple now. He eventually came out of shock and hugged us both.

It was somewhat touchy at the beginning as I wanted to buy Jer anything and everything like if he was orphan Annie or something. I quickly understood how his pride would not allow that to happen that way. We worked around that slowly and I finally convinced Jer money didn't have any hold on me and I felt it was useless unless it gave me pleasure. It was only used and gotten to give us a good life and the ability to do whatever we wanted. We hit some bumps along the way but together we managed to ride over them and come out even closer then before. I have my love and friend now and nothing or nobody is ever going to hurt him again. I am no longer sad, lonely and regretting my past life. Jer wiped all of that from me completely.