Me and Stan….


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'Well Brad, you just hit 45, have a body you worked your ass off for and even did the steroid thing, just so guys could cream themselves looking at you. You modeled, did some porn and even sold yourself for money and the ego trip of having some guy staring at you doing a posing routine and being able to only touch you with his mouth. Yeah, 6'3", 215 lbs of solid rippling, veined hard core muscle and what the hell is it all for? What have you done with your life to be proud of other them maybe, your body, but the motive was shear ego and self adulation. You had become a prick to anyone who even tried to be a real friend. Everyone you knew at one point you turned away and pushed them out of your life. You had money that didn't mean anything to you now and buying things just to impress was pointless since other then tricks, who the hell was there to impress? Just put an end to it idiot and jump. End this sad play that has been your worthless life,' I was thinking as I stood on the bridge over the inlet to the bay.

'Go ahead, who'd even notice? Like you know even one person who'd give a shit? More people you know would probably throw a party to celebrate your leaving earth completely, no longer to carry on as the asshole you are,' something in my mind was pushing me very strongly to just do it, end it.

I came close to putting my leg over the handrail and then, all of a sudden the thought came, 'you do know there are sharks down there and odds are with the shape you are in, you probably might break a bone, give off just enough blood to get them hungry and be slowly eaten alive piece by piece.'

SHIT, yeah, that is possible and that scared me enough to make me walk off the bridge, actually worried I might fall over the rail somehow, like divine justice or something. Damn, and I had it all worked out and had my mind made up. I was tired, so tired of being lonely and alone. I kept pushing any thought of being with someone special completely out of my head. I was so into myself that there didn't seem to be any room for anyone else in my life. It was just all me, constantly. When I felt some twinge of a need, I just made myself available for a hefty fee to some old shit who was in town for some conference or convention or just on vacation. Self centered, egotistical ass was basically what I'd become. Hitting 45 for some damn reason was super hard with one thought after another dealing with what I've accomplished and done with my life and who the hell did I have to even give the slightest thought about me that wasn't just about getting off using me as a living porn prop. I kept going down the road of super depression and got myself to the point of going on the bridge to finally do it. Figures, last minute my mind makes me think of possible pain and being eaten alive by some damn stupid fish. Yeah, that was really appealing to me, even as a way to end it, it was scary as shit to me.

Great, so now what? I headed back to my apartment, looked around and laughed to myself as I looked at all the 'toys' I accumulated that I hardly ever used. What the hell was the matter with me? Was it because I was teased and beat up as a kid? Sure, that got me to concentrate on building muscle and becoming tough, but how did that ego and self centered shit come into my life? I honestly had no clue, it just seemed to happen, which I knew to be bullshit. Nobody moved me there, I did. I made the choices and I acted like I did because I wanted to, pure and simple. It was me, all me, nobody else to point the finger on, just me. So now what? How the hell do I change my life around now? There was no way it seemed to try and do it in the city I lived in. Everyone around me knew me, how much of an ass I was and wouldn't give me the time of day anymore. I couldn't stand the idea of becoming nothing more then a high priced escort, okay, prostitute, selling my body to feed my ego and pay my bills. Then what when I'm close to 50? Some young kid going to pay for the chance to be with the ideal daddy? Right, like they could afford my prices. Shit, what do I do now?

I never paid much attention to my finances except to be sure I could buy whatever I decided at the time I had to have. It turns out that I had a very large sum of money at my disposal from my tricks, investments my broker did for me and a few inheritances. Well, at least I didn't HAVE to get a job somewhere. Luckily, I did have a degree in psychology and maybe that might get me some job somewhere and actually help someone other then myself. Well, that started me on my new quest to reform my life. If nothing else, then get me away from doing the escort and trick crap and become less self centered. That I felt was one hell of a challenge for me for sure.

I did some on line research and picked 3 places that caught my eye and seemed to be the kind of place I could blend in sort of and maybe do some good. Middle class and blue color areas, outside of big cities and yet not in the boon docks either. I wasn't quite ready to live a hermits life just yet. I mean a real hermit like those guys that live in a cave in a desert and eat lizards or berries or some horrid thing.

I bought a used car, very low miles and forced myself not to get any kind of sports car or super luxury thing. Plain old run of the mill vehicle, but yeah, it had air, power everything, wood grain dash and leather seats. But it wasn't a Cadillac or Lincoln so I was very proud of myself for not going a bit too extravagant at least. Yeah, I could have bought new, but figured it was less pompous of me to buy used. I headed out and took my time checking out the parts of the country I never saw from one spot to the next. All were away from the ocean coast way and near or within views of mountains or big hills, no flat land at all. I knew flat land would drive me bonkers. Stopping at truck stops to rest and eat and just walk around out of the car made me smile. I could probably have made a fortune from the looks, winks, smiles I got from loads of the burly truckers. This was a new me being born, so no way in hell was I going to give in to temptation even though some of them did catch my eye and looked mighty good to me.

The first place just didn't seem to do much for me. It was a bit run down and super out of date it seemed to me, so only stayed overnight in a motel and left the following morning. The second place was much better, but it too, didn't perk my interest since I didn't see anything driving around the area that made me even smile. Now, the third place which took me 3 days of driving to get to was another story. The mountains were like right in your face, there was a beautiful forest spread out from half way up the mountains all the way across the rolling hills of the place. There was a really big river and a good sized lake that looked so picturesque to me. The city itself was small, but modern in lots of ways from what I could see and there were lots of different restaurants, some bars, stores and gas stations all over the main center of town. I liked it. I got myself set up at a motel for a week so I could look around in a bit more detail, get a feel for the locals and what the issues were to people. I also picked up a local paper and picked out a real estate office to help me check out places for sale. Seemed there were a lot of medical buildings, high tech stuff, banks, and other various offices. There was a big building that had a sign on it that said "Cattlemen Coop." which I assumed meant there were ranchers around somewhere.

The real estate guy was super nice, even though I couldn't help but noticing him gawking at my body, since I didn't think about it at all and wore gym shorts, a wife beater and sandals, figured I should be comfortable and not all dressed up like I was loaded. I made a note to myself to wear a regular polo, cargo shorts and my sandals from now on when meeting anyone of the service people I'd have to deal with if I was to move to the city. He showed me a bunch of houses and small ranches for sale and we slowly whittled the list down to what I thought I'd be more interested in. Lots of land was nice, but I had not clue what the hell you did with lots of land other then posting signs warning others to keep out. I would have thought that they'd sell grass seeds that only grew so tall and killed what everyone seemed to be terrified of, weeds. I gathered they weren't the kind you smoke which was disappointing. Eventually after a super long day of driving around and looking at a ton of houses, I settled on 4 that seemed nice to me and all of them were actually more house then I needed, but there weren't any really small, practical for me, type houses that I even wanted to see. Things called 'fixer uppers' scared the crap out of me. Putting a nail in a wall to hang something, I could do, along with changing light bulbs and flipping circuit breakers on or off. Anything else, I'm a deer looking at headlights.

The real estate guy, George, asked if I wanted to get something for dinner at a restaurant that he thought I might like. Nothing super fancy but damn good meals, like mom made at home. I didn't want to tell him my mom from what I could remember only cooked TV dinners and hot dogs, period, so a statement like that was really lost on me. The place was clean, nice waitresses, good varied menu and super reasonable. He recommended the Beef Strongman special and I went for it. It was super good I have to say and there was so much on my platter, not plate, that I couldn't finish it. I checked out the breakfast menu and knew I'd be back in the morning. I was so blown way by the prices compared to the places around my apartment. People sure seemed friendly with lots of 'hello' and smiles and of course the gawking at me and the waitress bumping into tables from looking at me rather then where she was going. Yeah, I sure had to be careful what I wore for sure when in town or in public places. I asked about a health club and after dinner he drove me past a gym. A gym for gods sake! Well it was better then nothing, so spa treatments and stuff was going to be out I guess along with steam baths and sauna. 'Just remember Brad, you ain't in the big, big city now and you are changing your life around,' I thought.

I knew if I smiled right and leaned over flexing my arm behind the back of George's seat back, he'd melt and be super willing to keep me entertained all night. But nope, 'new life Brad, remember that all the time now.' I could feel his eyes following me as I left his car, walked over to mine which I left in his office parking lot, unlocked it and got in. I put the window down and waved, just to be nice and yeah, give him another look at my flexing bicep and pumped forearms, along with my perfect bright white smile and dimpled cut face. 'Damn it was going to be so hard to reform' I thought. But, reform I would do for sure, my mind has spoken.

The next morning, I went for breakfast at the same place we had dinner, took my time reading the local paper and having extra coffee until it was time to meet George at his office. He was super bubbly but I saw a look of disappointment on his face when he saw I was dressed in a polo, cargo shorts, a baseball cap and shades. I know you could still make out the shape of my muscles and body, but it wasn't screaming out at everyone and you had to really look good. The first house was okay, but some parts of the house turned me off for some reason. The second one was okay also, but again, I didn't get a good feeling about it. The third house was much better, but needed quite a few updates done before I'd live in it for sure. The fourth one, made me smile the minute we drove up the long driveway. It was spread out all over the place it seemed, nice landscaping but nothing outrageous or gawdy. Lots of windows, big rooms and up to date appliances and best of all, central air. It had a barn out back with a road leading from the driveway back to it. I thought it would make a nice studio if I was into art or sculpting. There were loads of trees all over and it was right next door to DNR land which George had to explain to me. I liked the idea that no body would be building anything behind me and most of the way on one side of me. The place next door was like a full 1/2 mile away, so no in your face neighbors to keep tabs on what you were doing. The colors of all the rooms were very neutral and earthy which fit it completely. The floors were hard wood and ceramic big tiles for the most part with a thick plush carpet in each of the 4 bedrooms. It had a huge master bath and 3 more full baths. The kitchen was super big and opened up into what would be a nice dining room. There was a very nice porch running all around the house and plenty of room behind the house if I wanted to put in a swimming pool. The garage was attached and had 3 big doors. I said, it was much more house then I needed, but the price was so damn reasonable for a house like this and this size with all the land it had. George said it was 15 acres total with a 10 acre fenced in pasture for cattle or horses. Damn, that was an awful lot of land, but like I said, the price was super cheap. I told George I wanted to put in an offer and he beamed, I'm sure because of his commission. I offered like $3,000 less then it listed for and was shocked when the bank that had the title on it accepted my offer. Damn, I was going to actually own a house. This was really an accomplishment for me. I'd be a homeowner.

I had lots to do to arrange for movers from the big city, look for more furniture to at least have some stuff in the bedrooms and the rest of the house since what furniture I had would be lost completely. I had 30 days till I closed on the house which meant I had to drive back, arrange all the stuff, cancel utilities and give notice to the management company of my apartment. George was going to handle getting all my utilities turned on, getting all the info he needed from me to do that. I talked to my broker and he guided me in dealing with my investments and making sure I had a good amount of cash to work with as I needed it. I was so excited the day before I was heading back to my new house. I got a bit depressed when I realized that I had nobody to actually share the news with. Like I said, all the friends I did have, I pushed away big time.

I'm so lucky there weren't many state police on the roads as I know I was speeding like a loony to get to my house. I was booked into the motel for 3 days so I had a place to stay until the day of closing. I must have driven by my soon to be home like 5 times a day, making sure I drove up and down roads, checked out all different roads to get to the house and back to town. I laughed to myself thinking I now knew what a newlywed couple went through when they bought their first house. It sure was a great feeling.

While I was still at the motel, I found a doctor, a dentist, a handy man and the location of the grocery store. I met the sheriff and the fire chief too. All of the people I might have to deal with were super nice, friendliest bunch of people I ever ran across. I was feeling good about my purchase and decision to move here. I swear, I was hopping around in my seat during the closing garbage. So damn many papers to sign and listen to the goofy explanations of what I was signing like anybody remembers any of what they were told. My head started to hurt after a bit and all I wanted was to be handed the keys to my house and let me loose. Finally, it was finished, the keys were turned over to me and George was thrilled with his commission check. I thanked everyone and ran out to my car, drove like a mad man to my house and pulled up in front of it and just sat there with a big satisfied smile on my face. There was a large basket in front of the door, so I walked up to it, looked at the card and it was a 'Welcome To Your New Home' basket from George. It had wine, crackers, cheese, fruit, gourmet coffee, teas and even some candy. I thought that was really nice of him. I actually jumped and giggled when I took the key out of my pocket and unlocked the door. I opened the door wide and just looked right then left a few times then walked in running my hands over the counter tops, doors, walls, you name it. None of my stuff was there yet and the new stuff would probably come within a day or 2. The lights worked and the water was running from the sinks. George did indeed take care of it all. He was also nice enough to put up yellow sticky things on stuff so I'd know where the hot water heater, furnace, circuit breakers, water shut offs, all that stuff was. I opened up the inside door to the garage and gasped. It was huge. I bet 3 big trucks could fit in without any problem at all. Funny I thought, I don't remember even checking out the garage when George and I walked through the house.

It finally dawned on me that I had no bed, nothing to make coffee with, absolutely nothing I might need to maybe live here? I turned all the lights off I had turned on, left one in the kitchen over the sink on and darted out to the car and store. I know I overbought but hell, it was all stuff I'd need at least until my stuff came. I had a blow up queen air mattress, a coffee pot, some 4 place setting of dishes and silver ware, a few glasses and some stuff to snack on and kind of fill up the super big fridge. It was such a thrill to set thing up, wash the new dishes and glasses and set up the bed in my new master bedroom. It was soon dark out and that's when I noticed the outside light went on automatically. The driveway was all lit up as well as all around the porch and back of the house. Even the barn had a big light on it that made the whole area and entrance to it super bright. I took apart George's gift basket and sat on the living room floor with some wine, cheese and crackers. I couldn't get over all this was now mine. I felt lost almost. I heard something and then a door bell went off. I jumped as I didn't know what it was at first and then smacked myself in the head realizing it was a door bell. I got up, ran to the front door and just opened it with a big smile on my face, happy to have someone actually here to see me.

Hello, saw the lights on and figured someone had bought the place. I”m your neighbor down the road. My name is Stan” A big, older gruffy looking guy said as he put out his super rough looking hand to me.

He was around 6'6” tall, had to weigh in at 300 lbs at least, had a super weathered look to the skin on his face and arms, had very used jeans on and a long sleeve shirt on along with a cowboy hat. He had quite the 5 o'clock shadow going on but I couldn't tell if had any hair or not.

Oh, hi, my name is Brad. Really nice of you to stop by Stan. Yep, I just closed on the place today and couldn't wait to get into it,” I smiled. “Oh, excuse my rudeness, come on in!”

Well, don't want to mess up your carpets and stuff,” Stan said with a nice smile. “Just thought I'd stop by and see if I could meet the new neighbor is all.”

Don't be silly! There isn't anything really set up yet, movers won't be here for a few days and all the new stuff I bought won't be here till the day after tomorrow. Come on in and at least share some wine with me,” I said opening the door wide and stepping to the side.

Mighty nice of you Brad, thanks. I'll just stay a bit since I've had a busy hard day and am kind of tired,” Stan smiled.

Oh damn, just dawned on me! I have no chairs to sit in! I was sitting on the floor when you rang the bell,” I said embarrassed.

Hey, floor is good!” Stan laughed. “Nothing fancy about this guy for sure.”

Well please, come on in and park it anywhere you'd like,” I laughed.

I poured him some wine and put out the cheese and crackers and brought it over to where he was sitting down on the floor.

Thanks, mighty kind of you,” Stan smiled as he took his wine. “So, you pick up a job around these parts?”

No, just needed to make a change in my life and this is where I decided I'd make that happen,” I smiled.

You some kind of personal trainer guy? I couldn't help but notice you are sure well built,” Stan said.

No, just have been into body building most of my adult life,” I smiled. “Probably will be using the gym in town until I can set up my own equipment that is. Not quite sure just yet,”

Well hell, you want to work out, come on by to my place! I'll get you working up a sweat on my ranch for sure!,” Stan laughed.

Hard work I bet. You have lots of cattle?” I asked.

Yeah, real hard work, but keeps me in shape and at my age its a good thing. Yeah, have a few hundred head of cattle that I keep up with. Not as good a living anymore as it once was, but its all I ever knew, so that's what I do,” Stan smiled.

Hey, honorable profession. We wouldn't have any meat if guys like you didn't do all that hard stuff you do to get us beef,” I said not sure if that was okay to say.

Well thanks Brad, appreciate that. Well, time for me to get out of your hair and let you settle in some. Sure you've had a tiring day just dealing with all that damn paperwork and such,” Stan laughed.

Yeah, for sure. Can't believe they actually think anybody looks at that junk,” I laughed.

Gotta be a lawyer type I suppose,” Stan said as he easily got up while holding his wine glass in one hand and the plate I handed him with the cheese and crackers. “Well, welcome neighbor. You need anything you just pop over. I'll get you my phone numbers in a few days when you are more settled and stuff. I mean it, anything at all you need, let me know.”

Stan put the glass and plate on the counter top, shook my hand with his strong grip and walked towards the door.

Thanks a bunch Stan for stopping by. Super nice to meet my neighbors and all that. Coming from San Francisco it isn't normal to know your neighbors, especially in an apartment building,” I laughed.

Wow, big change for you I bet,” Stan said with raised eyebrows. “Well, best of luck with the place and good night. Thanks for the wine and stuff.”

I watched in the doorway as he jumped into a super big 4x4 truck, diesel and all with all those lights across the roof. He waved to me and I waved back.

I kind of liked how rugged and down to earth he seemed. Hard working guy to be sure and seemed really nice on top of it all. I felt happy and was glad I did the hospitality thing which wasn't my usual before. I figured out how to shut off most of the lights, went into my bedroom, stripped and explored my master bathroom. The shower was huge and fully walk in. The toilet was like in a separate part of the room and there was a huge long counter top with big marble like sinks and lots of doors and drawers. There was a big jacuzzi taking up an entire corner but still didn't seem to make the room look any smaller for some reason. George told me there were booklets for all the appliances in a cabinet right as you go from the house into the garage, so I figured now was not the time to play with the jacuzzi, just take a shower and hit the air mattress. I laid down and just laughed to myself at how big the house was but loved that it was all mine. If someone had asked me what I was going to do with the barn and land, I'd tell them 'I haven't a clue,' and I most definitely had no clue either. I was out like a light as soon as I turned on my side and closed my eyes.

I jumped up when the door bell woke me. I hurried up and put on some shorts and a t shirt, ran to the door and opened it. It was the delivery guys from the place I bought my extra furniture from. I kind of got a look like for sure I didn't belong here, but they did act pleasant and were willing to set everything up where I wanted it. That took some time as it was all the other 3 bedrooms, some living room stuff and other stuff I thought would go good here and there. What I was so glad I bought were some outdoor super comfy looking chairs and gliders for on the porch. I couldn't wait to sit outside in them and lord it over my new kingdom. They left early afternoon and took all the empty crates and boxes and stuff with them so I didn't have to do any of that stuff. The door bell rang again and this time it was the mail man who just wanted to welcome me and make sure I did do the change of address at my post office. We talked a bit and I thanked him for stopping by. He checked me out big time. I'd say he was in his 30's and must have played football in high school or something as he had that build and look. When he finally left I went into every room where new stuff was at and made sure it was looking good where I had them set things up. I made myself a salad for lunch and poured me some iced tea, walked out to the porch and took a seat. Damn it was so beautiful no matter which way I looked. I tried all the seats up front and settled on the gliders as my favorites. There was a duplicate setup out back, figured it'd be neat to sit there and watch the sunset.

I saw Stan's truck going down the road. He slowed down and waved with a smile, giving me a thumbs up. I guess that was to show he approved of the chairs and tables I had on the front porch now. I had to admit, he did look a bit hot in his cowboy hat and shirt with ripped off sleeves. He had a lot of tats and very hairy arms. Not what I would have gone after in my younger days, but kind of nice in that strong, macho, rugged way.

I strolled leisurely around the property, checked out the barn and walked all around the tree line. Damn there was a lot of land here and it dawned on me I had no riding tractor to keep the grass cut and stuff. Shit, more I needed to take care of soon.

Stan stopped by a few days later on a Friday and invited me over for a barbecue at his place on Saturday, around 6 p.m. Nothing fancy but good food for sure. I asked what I could bring and he told me nothing at all, he'd have everything taken care of so I was just to come over and enjoy. I accepted his invite and felt kind of bubbly until I panicked.

Shit, what do I wear?” I said out loud.

I went through my limited wardrobe that I brought with me and nothing seemed right to me. I decided to head into town and pick up some cowboy boots, jeans and a western type shirt. I thought about a cowboy hat but figured that wasn't right somehow for me since I sure was no cowboy. I decided to pick up some wine and small appetizers to take with on Saturday.

Why I was so nervous all Saturday morning was beyond me. This was something new for me, Mr. Confidence, Smart Ass, always better then anyone I met. Stan wasn't an old client at all and those days were long gone as far as I was concerned. It dawned on me that I had no real clue what Stan's address was. Well, I knew which way his truck headed down the road so at least that was easy. He was my neighbor yeah, but were there any others? What if there were houses on both sides of the street? How would I know which house was his? Shit, nice going Brad.

Well, around 5:45 p.m., I put the stuff I picked up in my car, made a last minute check to see if I was all dressed and zipped up, jumped in my car and took off. Luckily, there were no houses across from each other. I slowed down as I came up to a driveway and was super relieved to see Stan's big truck parked close to his front door. I pulled in and before I could get out of the car, 2 dogs came running, barking and wagging their tails like made followed by Stan with a big smile on his face.

Hey, welcome to my humble abode,” Stan said as he grabbed my arm and then shook my hand. “I see you got into the western look huh?”

Yeah, well, I figured I should fit in with the ranchers I assume are all around here plus its the look I noticed most in town so I figured just try and fit in,” I laughed and blushed.

Good choice, I approve,” Stan laughed. “Oh, this is Ricky and Stella, my kids!”

I reached down and petted both before the started spinning around and hopping around definitely telling me they were excited to see me.

If they bother you just shoo them away and tell them 'git' and they'll leave you be,” Stan said with a nice smile.

Oh, wait, I brought some stuff. I couldn't come empty handed,” I laughed as I picked the wine and appetizers from the back seat.

Now I told you not to bring anything Brad,” Stan said giving me a serious look.

Yeah, I know, just felt I couldn't just come empty handed to a dinner invite,” I laughed.

Barbecue Brad, not dinner!” Stan laughed. “Well come on in and we'll get these taken care of and get you a drink.”

He moved to the side and kept his hand on the middle of my back, directing me up a few stairs and inside his front door. The place looked like Stan lived there. Masculine and simple with little mementos here and there, some pictures and paintings but very plain and un-cluttered. A man's place for sure. He had a mini bar set up on his counter and I helped myself to a drink. He guided me to the back door and out on his porch. He had a big deck with a partial covering on it, his big gas grill and nice tables and chairs. There was a modified picnic table that had regular chairs by it instead of those planks. Nice touch I thought.

So is anyone else stopping by?” I had to ask.

Well, 2 other neighbors down the road will probably come by to meet you and join us for the barbecue. Nice folks I think you'll find. All of the folks around here seem to have big hearts and help out any way they can,” Stan said seriously as he messed around with the appetizers.

Here, I can take care of those if you want,” I volunteered.

Thanks, don't have any of this fancy stuff myself, but still nice of you to bring it,” Stan laughed.

He obviously liked cooking and eating outside as he had a built in oven and stove top, a microwave and a sink, all housed in a super neat cabinet like deal to keep it from the elements I'm sure. He had a fridge too that he kept the meat in, ice and beers. I liked the set up and would have to remember to ask him who did it for him. I chuckled to myself thinking 'yeah, you sure could use something like that Brad.'

Stan asked how I was doing and if I had settled in fully yet. I joked about still trying to find the light switches and he volunteered to help me find them if I wanted. A truck pulled into the driveway followed by 2 more trucks, 2 from one direction and the other one from the same direction I traveled.

Oh good, the other neighbors have arrived. Now just be yourself and relax. They are all good people and as friendly a folk as you could ever want to meet. They really were looking forward to meeting you,” Stan said with his hand on my back.

We walked to the front of the house and Stan went to the driveway with his arms spread wide, hugging the women first and then the men. There were 3 couples, all in their 50's at least, hard for me to tell since everyone I've met seemed so weathered to me. I'm sure a couple was in their 60's but it didn't make any difference. Stan made a big deal about introducing me to everyone and I was taken aback when all the ladies grabbed me into a hug and gave me a kiss on the cheeks welcoming me to the 'neighborhood.' That cracked me up since the neighborhood had to stretch out for miles! The men were sizing me up for sure but all had smiles and were extremely nice. I was given home made afghans and canned veggies and pickles that the ladies made as as 'howdy do.'

One of the men in particular kept looking at me strange for some reason. Nothing nasty mind you, just a really weird look on his face as he seemed to be staring at me every time I turned and looked at him. I found all about the previous owners, both having to give up ranching due to health problems and none of their kids willing to take over. I really got them laughing when they wanted to know if I needed some seed stock to start up my own cattle r ranch heard. I gave them a look of shear terror and froze, not knowing how to respond. They really enjoyed that for sure. One of the guys then wanted to know why I bought the place since I wasn't going to do cattle ranching. I went through the whole modified story of living in an apartment in San Francisco, dealing with the day to day rat race and finally realizing my life needed a new direction. I saw this house along with others and it just seemed to speak to me and I fell in love with it. Well, the barbecue was super, the company was great and I left feeling I had some new friends and at least 3 moms it seemed. In the back of my mind the guy who was staring at me bothered me for some reason. I let go of thinking about it as an older guy who had a thing for really built guys as he and his wife weren't doing any sex things anymore and he was still a horn dog.

Stan stopped by Sunday morning to see if I wanted to join him for breakfast, his routine for Sunday. I thought that was nice of him and got more dressed up since I was only wearing gym shorts and a ripped up t-shirt, laying around with no real agenda of things to do. All my furniture was finally coming on Monday, so once that happened I knew I'd be busy for a bit getting things unpacked and put in place. It was even better when we pulled up to the restaurant George and I ate at that I liked so very much. Breakfast was no disappointment at all. They served up the biggest portions I've seen and it all was super good. Stan told me about the couples I met, what they were like and about their family. I asked him about the one guy that kept looking at me and he said he used to travel around for various conventions, recently retired and rarely socialized it seemed. Stan was surprised he showed up as usually when he threw a dinner, Hank, the guys name, mostly was absent. It was a nice Sunday and I was getting to like Stan more and more. He took me for a ride to places around I hadn't seen and he thought I'd like, which I sure did. I paid much more attention to his smile and look, realized his built was from super heavy hard work and found out the tats were left over from his days in the Navy Seals. He was married for 6 months but that quickly went south as he put it and he never bothered to get into that situation again. He was fairly happy he said but did get lonely every now and then. I told him how I felt like that, feeling so bad I didn't have any friends. He corrected me very quickly and said I sure did now and that I shouldn't forget that. If I needed anything or just wanted to talk or share some time with someone to listen and be around, he was the guy. He gave me his phone number and I gave him my cell number as I had no intention of adding a separate phone line to the house.

I thought about our day and couldn't help but smile. Saturday turned out to be such a pleasant surprise and now Sunday was just as special. It felt really good to know Stan and the others considered me their friend. For some reason, Hank kept popping up in my mind and I couldn't figure out why. Well, Monday turned out to be really busy as the moving guys pulled up after 8 a.m. They said they got into town late last night and figured it wouldn't be wise to empty their truck then so they waited till morning.

The house slowly began to fill up with things, giving me a nice feeling as they were familiar things I liked. It was so great to have a full living room set up, a big screen TV, my computer desk and computer, lamps, books and DVD's, linen, dishes, pots and pans, all of that stuff that we don't really think of until we don't have them right at our fingertips.

Stan stopped by to see if I needed any help as the moving guys were still finishing up around 5:30 p.m. I invited him in and he was really impressed with my stuff for some reason which made me happy for another strange reason. He helped me hang up some large pictures which I sure needed help doing, moving some things around as I changed my mind how they were set up and I finally said I was finished for the day. He told me I was going with him, we were going to town for burgers and super greasy fries to celebrate the delivery of my stuff. I didn't argue, it sounded so good right then. Again, dinner was fun, relaxed and super good. Those greasy burgers and fries were to die for, something I avoided like the plague in San Francisco. I felt so good when Stan dropped me off and I thanked him for his help and dinner but told him I can't crochet an afghan for him which cracked him up.

When I got inside, I turned on the lights and just stood there, smiling as I looked over my new castle, filled with my stuff and looking so wide open and definitely new to me. I changed into my super baggy gym shorts and no shirt, flopped on the couch and put in a DVD since the cable wouldn't be connected until Wednesday. I wasn't used to my door bell yet since when it went off I jumped. I went to the door without thinking of how I was dressed. I opened up the door and there was Hank.

Hank, surprised to see you,” I smiled and told him to come in. “Can I get you anything?”

Yeah hot stuff, you sure can,” Hank said with a somewhat evil grin as he rubbed his crotch.

Hank, what the hell is the matter with you?” I said somewhat shocked.

You know what I want, don't you Brad baby,” Hank said as he moved towards me and smelled me.

Hank, I think you should go home,” I said getting pissed.

You don't remember me do you?” Hand said standing right close to me.

No, I don't other then meeting you at Stan's place,” I said confused.

Brad baby, 2 years ago, December. You did a private show for me in my hotel room and let me taste all of you but wouldn't let me use my hands. You asked a hefty price then, but I thought it was sure worth it,” Hank said leaning in to smell me again. “Damn boy, your body is even better and hotter then I remembered it being. Now that we are neighbors, I thought it would be good to get to know each other better on a more personal level. You know, you and me, Brad baby. Let me maybe lick and touch this time, what you say.”

Hank, that was a while ago and I am not into that anymore. I'm sorry, but those days are over for me,” I said seriously. “I hope you aren't offended but I'm not interested and don't want to relive those days from my previous life. So please, just get back into your truck and forget all about the past, okay?”

Brad baby, come on, can't you see the hard on I have already and you haven't even put on a show yet,” Hank smiled with a pleading look in his eyes.

I'm sorry Hank, like I told you, that was the past and I'm not doing that anymore, sorry. Please just go back out the door, get into your truck and go home,” I said with a very stern look as I slightly backed away from him.

Listen you cock teasing hokin whoer, you are going to let me get my rocks off by your putting on your posing routine and letting me kiss, feel and lick your body this time,” Hank said angrily. “That's how its gonna be Brad baby, whether you like it or not.”

Hank, that's not happening so please, get out and go home,” I said sternly.

Hank glared at me and turned to open the door. “This ain't over yet Brad boy, you are gonna give me what I want in the end so practice slut.”

He opened the door, stomped to his truck and kicked up a whole bunch of gravel and dust as he pealed out of my driveway. I was shaking and couldn't believe what just happened. What were the odds that a prior customer would live as one of my neighbors? SHIT, this was not good at all. Did he threaten me? For damn sure he did, no doubt. Maybe I should call the sheriff and report it. Right Brad, a former paid escort from San Francisco was threatened by a regular upright citizen about sex. Go look in the mirror Brad and see who is going to be believed. Yeah, but Hank isn't built or powerful enough to take me on physically, so what could he do? Shit, what would happen if he told Stan and the others about my past life? It bothered me the most about Stan, no, just about Stan. I just felt he'd be shocked and keep far away from me once he knew what I used to do for a living.

It never crossed my mind to think about everyone's thoughts about how Hank could know that. They met me and saw me at Stan's and I know I did nothing to tease in any way at all. If anything, the guys might get pissed over the attention and dotting the wives did over me if anything. No, common sense thoughts didn't come into my head at all. I was shaken and not really sure what to do except maybe sell and move away to an even smaller place where nobody could afford a trip out of town. Sure Brad, smart thinking. What the hell is the matter with you. Okay, so what's Hank going to be able to do? Talk and threaten and plead, that's it. He can't overpower me, can't possibly beat me up and I could easily keep a distance from him.

I had a hell of a time falling asleep. I filled up the jacuzzi, turned it on, got myself a double shot of bourbon and laid in the jacuzzi for a few hours before I felt I was tired enough to sleep. Nightmare after nightmare hit me all night. Come morning, I was completely exhausted. The weirdest part was that I couldn't remember Hank at all, nothing. To me he seemed like some stranger who just happened to like how I looked and started playing some sick game with me. My head started to hurt from me trying really hard to pull up some memory of Hank, but nothing at all.

Okay Brad, enough. Get on with your life and you are not letting some old screwed up sick bastard ruin your new life. The past was the past and that's it, door closed. I made myself some breakfast and decided to go into town to check out the gym. If ever I needed to nearly kill myself lifting, it was now for sure. The gym was sure basic stuff, good sets of heavy to light weights though which for some reason surprised me. Actually had a small shower and locker area and very few people were in the gym, mostly really young guys and girls who looked to be seniors in high school or college kids. There were a few older people but not a whole hell of a lot. The gym membership was like $10 every 2 weeks, so why not. I signed up, went to the truck for my gym bag with my jock strap, shorts, sweat T and knit stocking cap I had used for years. Kind of a lucky piece or something I guess. I changed in the locker room, checked out the weights again and decided on a routine I'd follow. I jumped into it with a super passion. By the time I was finally finished, all my muscles hurt like hell, I was drenched in sweat and breathing a bit hard. I knew I'd only work on two different body parts daily, but varying the weights like I did before would keep my body confused and my muscles would grow. Not that I cared about them growing, but right now I wanted to look as big as I could to keep Hank at bay by just looking at my size and knowing he wouldn't stand a chance. I figured I'd alternate between regular body building routines and heavy lifting for power and strength. I showered and changed, left the gym and picked up a salad from the grocery store for lunch along with loads of chicken breasts, steaks and roasts. By the time I got home, I felt the burn and pump for sure and felt so tired from working a bit too hard after being off of it for a month or more. I made some chicken, added it to my salad and ate lunch. The jacuzzi sounded good so I hit that for at least an hour. Mid afternoon, I had to take a nap since I was so tired from not really sleeping well all night.

I woke up to the sound of the door bell ringing. I slipped on a shirt, some shorts and headed for the door, a bit groggy. I opened the door and didn't see anyone standing there so I walked out to the edge of the porch and looked right and left to see if somebody might have gone around. Wham, total darkness before I hit the ground.

I felt someone shaking my head by holding their fingers tight on my chin as they splashed cold water on my face. I shook my head and opened my eyes to see some guy with a ski mask on his face smiling at me.

Well, nice of you to join our little party Brad baby,” Hank laughed as he walked up to me and the other guy backed off. “I told you what you were going to do nicely but you didn't want to listen to me. So, now it seems you are not going to have any choice in the matter Brad baby.”

Hank! Are you frickin nuts? What the hell is with you?” I screamed.

Now now Brad baby, no sense being all hostile and stuff. My friend here has a slight sadistic side to him and he seemed to love making big muscled boys hurt real bad it seems. I'd hate to have to let him loose on you Brad baby,” Hank said with a sick smile as his hand slowly went down my chest and abs.

I realized I was completely naked, my arms were stretched out on an angle, tied by ropes to hooks in the stall supports in the barn. My feet were tied too and spread out to the sides. I took a look at his so called friend with the ski mask and he did have a solid muscled body, not as tall as me but close. He stood there just flexing his pecs and arms as he stared at me with a sick smile. There was something familiar about the guy that I just couldn't figure out.

Brad baby, here's how this is gonna work. You are going to put on your show for us and then we are going to have one hell of an orgy with you as the special guest. If you don't cooperate, my friend here will help you to make your mind up to play our game. You will end up back in your house and able to go about your business except when I want to play again. Got that? If not, well, you will have to be broken down a bit to make you understand you don't have a choice in this. I'm sure Stan and the others would be really shocked by your past life. Even found some of your old porn movies to back up what I would say. Now, the way I see it, you cooperate, get made to cooperate or get out of dodge quick,” Hank said twisting my nipples with both hands.

Hank, don't do this. You do know its illegal right? You could spend a good amount of time in jail for this,” I pleaded.

Not so Brad baby. You see you ain't gonna have any proof I had anything to do with all this. Its your word against mine. I think the movie will push the sheriff to believe upstanding citizen Hank here over slut, hooker Brad baby, don't you think?” Hank laughed slowly sliding his hand up and down my cock and balls.

I swallowed hard thinking he was right. The sheriff would never believe me over Hank. I was in a catch 22 situation and had a choice to either go along with his plan or fight as long as I could and take my chances. I opted to fight, right or wrong.

Hank you sick fuck, ain't no way I'm going to sexually play with some old fart like you. Come on, get real. Why the hell would I want to bother with anyone that has a body like yours? Get serious you shit,” I screamed at him.

You shouldn't have said that Brad baby. Afraid my friend here is going to have to teach you some respect and how to speak to your elders,” Hank said really pissed off. “He's all yours it seems.”

With that, the ski mask guy stretched, pumped up and flexed his muscles to give me an idea of what he had which was pretty damn good. Not body builder type, but wrestler, football player, heavy weight lifter maybe. He had that big smile on his face and he started to lick his lips. He walked up to me, ran his fingers all up and down my body, my arms and legs, went behind me and did that same with my back, ass and legs again. Then he latched on to my ass cheeks, squeezed super hard and started to turn his hands like he was turning dials on an old radio. Shit that started to hurt. He had a super powerful grip and strong fingers for sure. I grit my teeth and my head looked up to try and get my mind off of the pain I was starting to feel.

He let go of my ass cheeks, slapped them super hard a few times and then got his body right up against mine, wrapped his arms around me and squeezed hard and shook me. Around my abs was okay, no big deal. When he moved his arms up around my chest, I began to feel it in my ribs and realized I had a hard time breathing as my lungs couldn't expand all that much. He slapped his arms around my chest a few times and then backed off. He either kicked or super punched me several times in the small of my back. I felt the top of his head push against the small of my back and his arms wrapped tight around my waist. It felt like a rock was being forced into my lower back as his arms flexed tight and released then tighter over and over again. I felt relieved when he backed off and punched me a few more times in the small of my back. I remembered I had worked out really hard today and my muscles were sore as it was.

His body came up against my back and his arms went around to my front. One hand grabbed my cock and the other my balls. He slow stroked my cock and moved my balls through his fingers and gave them gentle hugs with his hand.

Hot damn, look at how big his cock is getting! Shit, never had that show before,” Hank whistled. “Oh man, I wanted so bad to feel these arms and legs, those full hard pecs, those rippled hard abs. I think I'm gonna cream myself just feeling them.”

Hank began to run his hands across my pecs, along my arms, squeezing my biceps and forearms, running his fingers up and down my abs and then put both hands on one thigh and ran them up and down hard, squeezing and pulling then the other leg. Ski mask got me fully hard kind of easy as his hands were strong, felt good and his body was pushed right up against me, his forearms able to hold my hips from moving away from his body. He flexed and bounced his pecs which were moving up and down my back. I didn't like the feel of what I assumed was his leaking cock poking into my ass crack between my ass cheeks. It was fat, and strong, a real ramming machine for sure. This guy was tough and was letting me know it.

When he felt my cock was hard enough, he squeezed his hands around my balls hard and slapped my cock hard with his other hand from the top so it flopped back up and hit my abs. I hissed and then gasped as he kept squeezing, rolling and pulling at my balls and slapping my cock, hard.

Holy shit, look at that. His precum is flying out like crazy. Guess the slut likes what your doing huh?” Hank laughed as he scooped up some of my precum from my abs and tasted it. “Oh yeah, tastes even better then I remembered.”

Ski moved back in front of me, slapped my cock hard a few times and grabbed my balls in his hand again and squeezed until I gasped and started to pant. He backed off, looked me over and then started to do some sort of karate jabs and foot kicks into my pecs and abs. At first they didn't seem to be all that bad, but soon, the jabs started to smart big time. He had a lot of power behind both the jabs and kicks. His jabs were more like punches except his fingers weren't in a fist, more like just bent funny. He's stop, slap my cock a few times, squeezed my balls and then start over again. By the time he was finished, he was covered in a thick coat of sweat which really did show off his muscles and his veins were popping big time. He shook out his arms and twisted his neck and head like he was loosening them up. He put that damn smile on again and reached up and grabbed a tight hold of my pecs with his hands. They sure were smarting from all his hits and I gasped as he clamped his hands hard and squeezed on my pecs. That got an even bigger smile on his face. He backed off and started to use my abs like a punching bag. He seemed to be in some kind of frenzy. When he finally backed off, I was drenched, my pecs and my abs were now really sore along with my cock and balls and the small of my back. He slapped at my cock a few more times and put one of his hands behind my balls and the other on top and pushed one against the other. It felt like my balls were in between 2 boards that a vice was tightening.

Jerk him,” Ski said to Hank.

Hank came close and latched on to my cock and started to hard stoke me while Ski kept putting loads of pressure on my balls. When I was just about to cum, Ski moved his one hand around the top of my balls sack, squeezed tight as he twisted hard. His other hand latched on to the base of my cock and I thought he was going to rip it off he squeezed so hard. Hank kept stroking me all excited. My body tried to complete an orgasm, but nothing. The sensations started and stopped and started over and over as Hank kept stroking me. Ski pushed Hank to the side with his elbow, kept his hand tight around my twisted scrotum and then slapped my balls from below real fast and harder and harder. I screamed out and begged him to stop. Hank was just about jumping up and down and laughing all excited as my whole body flexed and squirmed trying to get free of Ski's grip on my scrotum and his hand slapping at my balls. He let go, backed off and punched hard at my pecs and abs again. He went back to one hand behind my balls and the other in front and squeezing. Hank was told to stroke me good. Again, when I was about to cum, Ski did the quick switch, turned my scrotum around hard and slammed his other hand on the base of my cock super tight. Hank was stroking me so hard and fast, the look on his face was demonic I thought and his other hand was moving up and down my abs as my breathing was super heavy making them move hard up and down as I was gasping for air. Tears were falling down my cheeks and I begged them to just stop. There I went again, almost with the orgasm, then zip, then again, then zip. Hank was pushed away by Ski again and he backed off and did that punching bag thing on my abs and pecs longer and harder then before. It seemed like my entire body from my chest to my balls was hurting big time. He walked behind me, went nuts with his fists on my lower back, slammed his arms tight around my hips as his head rammed hard into the small of my back. It felt like a stone battering ram was pounding hard at the small of my back. He stopped that and then latched his hands on to my ass cheeks again and did that rough twisting back and forth with his hands squeezing super tight. His cock was again pushing up inside my ass cheeks, covering my rosebud with a thick layer of his precum.

He had to step up on something because his face was right up against mine, his lips and tongue messing with my ear.

I'm gonna like taking that ass of yours,” Ski whispered.

I knew rape was going to be a part of this for sure. Ski put his arms under my armpits, his hands latching on the bottom and sides of my sore pecs. He slowly started to squeeze and pull but the pressure built up more and more. That really started to hurt me and I did a lot of 'ahhhhhh' stuff with my head jerking side to side and up and down. Ski was relentless to say the least. He did indeed have a sadistic streak running in him for sure from the way he was working me over and making me feel pain. I knew my balls and cock were swollen and sore as well.

No matter how much I pleaded and begged, Ski just did his thing. He told Hank to suck me dry, but slow and easy and be sure to pull down my balls tight. Hank wasted no time, taking hold of my cock and kissing, liking and then sucking as he pulled my balls down really tight and hard. Ski was really squeezing and pulling on my pecs unmercifully. I felt his body like scoot down some, felt his precum soaked cock head in between my ass cheeks and then without warning, he held my pecs tight and me still as he rammed his hips up and his cock ripped inside of my ass. I screamed and couldn't breath from the pain. It got worst when he stood upright and lifted me up higher, impaled completely on his cock buried deep inside of me with his pubes rubbing against my ass cheeks.

How you like a real man pretty boy?” Ski whispered in my ear as his tongue licked and fucked it. “Got a real tight ass for a slut boy. Sure is sweet.”

Hank was going wild sucking my cock, stroking it to fill his mouth with precum. My body jerked and I yelled out as I started to fill Hank's mouth with a massive amount of cum. It shot out of his mouth around my cock, out his nose, all down his neck and body and he swallowed a big amount as well. He wouldn't stop sucking hard after the initial flood. My balls felt like they were going to explode from the pressure his pulling down hard on them was doing.

Ski used his hands torturing my pecs to lift me up and slam me down on his cock as he growled, swore and bit into my neck. I could feel his thick fat cock deep inside of me, the head pulsing almost, swelling it seemed. I thought he was going to rip my pecs off of me for sure when he started to fill me with his cum. I thought I'd go deaf too from how loud he screamed, shouted and swore with his mouth right up against my ear and his tongue then working that over.

When he seemed to calm down,not letting up on my pecs at all, he sucked on my ear and then whispered, “That's round one slut.”

I couldn't believe it. Yep, he started fucking me up and down his cock all over again, slower then faster then before. Hank made me piss since he wouldn't let go of my cock after I stopped coming. It seemed to really please him for some reason as he let it spray under his chin and flow all down his entire body. Then he started sucking and stroking all over again.

It didn't take very long for me to start screaming and yelling with all I had as the pain was unreal. I had some rough sex in my younger days, but nothing even close to this. I didn't know I could feel as much pain as I was feeling as Ski was pounding my ass and Hank was trying to take my cock off.

The barn door flew open and there stood Stan with a shocked and then super pissed look on his face.

What the fuck are you 2 doing?” Stan screamed as he rushed up to Hank, punched him hard in the face knocking him to the ground.

He quickly was behind Ski, must have yanked hard on his balls as Ski didn't move at first. He quickly slid out of me and I felt his head moving fast downward past my ass. I guess Stan kept his tight hold on Ski's balls when he kicked the box from under Ski's feet and jerked hard, Ski's head smashing hard into the edge of the box he was on. Stan walked around and looked at me.

Ah fuck, fuck,” was all he kept saying with a really worried look on his face.

He found where the ropes were tied to the posts, undid one side, wrapped his arm around my waist and undid the other side so I flopped down on his shoulder.

Brad, you okay buddy? Talk to me, tell me if you are okay,” Stan said gently holding my chin in his fingers.

I know I mumbled something before passing out. Stan used the rope to tie Ski and Hank up together back to back on the ground. He ran into the house, found my cell phone and called the sheriff and the ER to send an ambulance right away. I think I heard the sirens but kept going in and out of being conscious. I heard the voice of the Sheriff but wasn't really sure.

What the hell happened here?” the Sheriff said looking at me then Ski and Hank.

I heard this screaming when I came over to see if Brad needed any more help moving his stuff in and I ran to the barn. There was Willy with his cock up Brad's ass, ripping hard at his battered pecs, Hank sucking and jerking him off like a lunatic. Watch Hank, he reeks of piss which I'm guessing is Brads. From the look of Brads cock and balls, they worked them over really bad,” Stan said trying to wipe the sweat off my eyes with the tail of his shirt.

The hell you say,” the Sheriff said.

Just look at Brad's ass, look at Willy's cock and take a look at Hanks mouth and smell his body. Fuckers worked Brad over big time. Look at those bruises popping up all over for gods sake. Ain't no way Brad could stop them all tied up. He was spread eagle d by the ropes I used to tie Willy and Hank up with up there. I yanked Willy out of Brad's cock by his balls and he must have hit his face on the edge of the box he was standing on while he was fucking Brad,” Stan told the Sheriff.

Stan turned my to my side so the Sheriff could see the thick amount of cum and some blood flowing out of my ass. The Sheriff walked over to Willy and ripped off the ski mask just to be sure it was indeed Willy, the postal guy. His cock was covered in my blood and cum as was his balls and it was running down his legs. He went over to Hank and covered his nose as he caught a whiff of Brad's piss all over Hank, cum was all over his face, mustache was caked with it and it was stuck on his chest hairs and abs.

The ambulance showed up and the medics rushed in with a gurney and their gear. The Sheriff said he wanted a specimen of the cum on Willy's cock, the blood on him and the cum and piss on Hank as evidence. He watched and recorded them taking the samples with the video part of his body armour. The other medic, just kept shaking his head as he was helped by Stan to put me on the gurney so he could do a quick exam and take some vitals to report to the ER on the way there.

Shit this poor guy went through some hell for sure,” the medic said loud enough for the Sheriff to hear. “I've never seen pecs this damaged especially on a super built guy like this one. His penis and scrotum are swollen and obviously abused and the size of the bruises forming indicate a super bad beating. We best get him to the ER quick just in case there is internal bleeding or severely bruised major organs.”

Well, your partner got the samples I wanted and yeah, you guys best take off quick and get this poor guy to the ER,” the Sheriff said. “Stan, help me get these 2 into the bed of your truck and to the ER so somebody can stitch up Willy. I don't want anybody to wash them up until we know who's piss, cum and blood is all over these guys.”

Stan pulled an old blanket from his truck and the Sheriff one from his squad. They each wrapped up Willy and Hank, carried them to the pickup and got them into the bed of the truck. Stan slammed the door closed and told the Sheriff he was heading right to the ER to make sure Brad was going to be okay.

At the ER, the doctor was shocked at what he saw when he began to examine me. The bruises were really blooming, my pecs looked like someone tried to rip them off and they were swollen but not from exercise. My cock and balls were now swelling big time, the bruise on the small of my back was really bad as were the ones on my abs. He rushed me to x ray to make sure I didn't have any ruptured blood vessels or damaged organs inside of me and to make sure there were no major rips in my muscles either. He did find my kidneys were bruised as well as my liver. There was a small tear in my intestine. He worked on the tear and stopped the bleeding, cleaned out my ass of the cum, ordered an IV put in with pain killers and strong anti bacterial stuff plus some other drugs.

When Stan and the Sheriff got there, I was mostly cleaned up at least and deep under sedation. The doctor briefed Stan and the Sheriff on what he observed and confirmed I was beaten severely, a death sentence severely if I wasn't in the shape my body was in, raped several time, and obviously had my cock and balls tortured big time. The swelling was really bad now and the doctor showed the Sheriff and Stan just how bad it was. He had the nurse pack it already in ice to try and lesson the swelling. Stan wanted to just get his hands on Hank and Willy and take them as close to death as he could without actually killing them.

Hey, let me go and out of here,” Hank yelled. “It was that hooker slut from San Francisco who asked for all this. He wanted it.”

Is that right?” the Sheriff said with a snicker. “So you and Willy here just did some kind of civic duty is that it?”

Yeah, that's it. Come on Sheriff, just check out his background and stuff. He 's a hooker slut prostitute from San Francisco and wanted to set up a new business around here. Go ahead, look at the video's I got in my tool box in my truck. You'll see,” Hank said with a smirk.

Well, Mr. Model Citizen, just so you know, I did check out Brad before he moved here. He had absolutely no police or criminal record, has had absolutely no complaints ever filed against him. Not even a note from the San Francisco police saying he was any of the things you say he was. The deputy already went through your truck and tool box and found the video's you just mentioned. Seems for one they are over 10 years old for one and there isn't any law that I know of that says Brad was a criminal for being in one. My guess it was to pay for college and stuff, but that's none of my business and sure as hell ain't none of yours. I'm sure the Misses when she gets here will be just as interested as I will be as to how you would know all this supposed crap about Brad to begin with? Nice church going, upright, outstanding citizen like you? Can't wait to hear this one,” the sheriff said then read Hank and Willy their rights.

And you Willy, what's your part in all this?” the Sheriff asked. “Now I have to tell you like I told you when I read you your rights, you don't have to tell me a thing without your lawyer being present.”

Shit Sheriff, it was all Hank's idea. He told me I could have a super sex romp with Brad who was really into S&M stuff. He liked pain and being man handled. I had no idea Brad didn't really want this,” Willy said.

Bullshit Willy, you have to come up with something better then that,” Stan said angrily. “I've known you most of your life and know damn well nobody was going to convince you of anything unless you checked it out for yourself. You telling us Brad here actually asked you to do this to him?”

Well, no, can't say that, but I figured he was just playing the part,” Willy said.

Willy, you do realize you are going to be charged with a number of felony charges. That in itself means your job at the post office is history. Can't believe you's chuck all of your future away for some damn sex,” the Sheriff said shaking his head. “Well, I advise you both to just say nothing else until you have an attorney present. This ain't going to go over very well at all.”

Hank's wife came running into the ER.

Where's my Hank, what happened?” Hanks wife said in a panic.

When she moved around the Sheriff and Stan, she rushed up to Hank with a confused look wondering why he was all tied up and had cuffs on his wrists with his hands behind his back.

Hank, what's going on? Oh lord, what's that smell all over you? Oh my god, is that what I think it is all over your mustache, neck and chest? Hank, tell me what's going on here?” his wife screamed.

Think you should just wait a bit before you get anything else from Hank without a lawyer present. He's in a shit load of trouble right now and it would be best if nothing more was said about what happened tonight,” the Sheriff said to Hanks wife.

Just then, a nurse and orderly were pushing Brad past them on a gurney to take him up to a room. Hanks wife gasped and grabbed her mouth in horror when she saw what Brad looked like as they rolled him past them.

Stan, is that Brad?” Hanks wife asked all shocked.

Yeah, that's Brad alright,” Stan said sadly as he patted her on the shoulder and moved into the elevator with Brad.

Oh god Sheriff, did Hank have something to do with how poor Brad looks?” Hanks wife asked crying.

Well, afraid so, but like I said, this is now a criminal case and I can't discuss it with you, sorry,” the sheriff said as he and the deputy went off to finalize their reports and the lab reports from the samples taken.

The nurse and orderly smiled at Stan as he held on to Brad's hand with both of his hands, so gently and soft. He even brushed the hair off of Brad's head gently and wouldn't take his eyes off of Brad. The nurse told me about all that when I woke up for a bit before getting more pain killers and sedatives.

Stan made sure everything was okay at Brad's place and went back to the hospital to be with him. He wasn't worried about his ranch at all as one of the other neighbors agreed to look after things until Brad was out of the hospital. The entire group was shocked and did their best to console Hank's wife who was besides herself after she got more details about what happened.

Stan stayed right up against Brad's bed, most times just putting one hand under Brad's and softly rubbing the top of Brad's hand with the other, looking at all of Brad that wasn't covered up. He did look under the sheet that was laying on top of Brad, tears came to his eyes when he saw how bad Brad's pecs and abs looked. He gently slid his hand over both pecs and his abs, hoping Brad felt someone was there who cared about what happened to him.

I came out of deep sleeps more and more each day as they lessened the sedatives, but kept the pain killers going. Even with them I was really sore and uncomfortable. The doctor checked on me early in the morning and then told me Stan just went to make sure everything was okay at my house and would be right back.

He's been here with you the whole time Brad,” the nurse smiled as she adjusted my sheets and the damn ice packs in my crotch.

Really? Stan has been here all the time?” I said amazed.

Yes sir, all day and all night except to get something to eat and check on your place and his,” she said. “Never missed a day or night.”

I was floored. Kind of got a tingle in my tummy when she told me that. Then a fear flooded all through me as I thought about what Stan would do when he found out how I lived in San Francisco. Damn, he finally gets a good friend who seems to care and its going to be all screwed up because of his stupid life choices.

As I was thinking about that and working myself up into a super depression, the door opened and I heard foot steps in boots coming towards me. I turned my head and it was Stan walking in and a super large smile went over his face when he saw me looking at him.

Hey big guy! You are up!” Stan said happily as he walked over towards the chair I was told he lived in.

He gently squeezed my calf before he took his hat off and flopped down in the chair.

Man, its so damn good to see you awake,” Stan said taking hold of my hand with one underneath and one on top. “I was so worried you would be in a comma or something horrible like that.”

Ghee Stan, thanks so much!” I said with a smile. “I heard you kept a vigil with me the whole time huh?”

Yeah, guilty as charged!” Stan laughed with his head down and a blush. “Felt I needed to make sure you knew someone was here who cared in case you woke up or needed something and it was late at night or something.”

Wow, there you go, being so damn nice to me,” I smiled squeezing my fingers on his hand under mine. “I'm pretty sure I have you to thank for saving me from Hank and that ski mask guy.”

Yeah, heard your screams when I pulled up and was checking to see if you needed any help yet,” Stan smiled with a wink.

Well, I am most certainly in your eternal debt Stan, my savior. I really was thinking I might not survive much longer the way those 2 were going at me.”

Yeah, that's just what the doctor said. Oh by the way, the ski mask guy is, was I should say the mail man Willy. Just really happy you are awake and can talk to me,” Stan said gently squeezing my hand.

Willy the mail man? No shit? You know there was something familiar about him I just couldn't put my finger on. Now that I know, sure enough, that smile, that body of his, yeah, that was him alright,” I said thoughtfully.

Yeah, him and Hank are in a shit load of trouble, facing loads of felony charges that could send them to federal prison for a long time. Kidnapping is a big one and that's federal it seems. The State's Attorney isn't willing to take anything into consideration that will lesson the penalty for either of them. The reports on what the Sheriff, Doctor, paramedic and I saw really hit them hard and pissed them off. Those boys might just be getting all the kinky sex they can handle where they'll be going,” Stan smiled. “You need anything, can I get you more comfortable?”

No, I'm good Stan, thanks. I just can't believe either of them would do something like that,” I said sadly.

Nobody can believe it either, but its a fact and there is no denying it,” Stan said seriously. “No way in hell either of them can deny what they did with all the samples that were taken off of you and on them. Plus, stupid Hank was covered in your piss and he couldn't come up with any good reason for that at all. Tests proved it was yours.”

Damn, you know, I hope they can give me something to help me to forget all this,” I said with a tear coming down my cheek. “Guess after all this I'll have to move away and leave this all behind.”

Move away? What in the sam hell would you be doing that for?” Stan said with a look of anger on his face. “Ain't got no call for doing that Brad, none at all.”

Well when it gets out how I lived in San Francisco, I'm sure nobody will want me around anymore. I don't' think I could handle being ostracized,” I said turning my head away from Stan.

Brad, look at me,” Stan said softly.

I couldn't get myself to look him in the eye and was just crying as softly as I could. I felt his fingers gently on my chin and he made me turn my head to look at him.

Whatever you did when you lived in San Francisco is nobody's business but yours. This ain't the 1800's or anything like that. So you took advantage of your hot body and found a way to make it and make it good. So what. You didn't hurt anyone, you didn't buy or sell drugs, you have no police record and you are a super nice guy. So what's this shit about being ostracized and moving away someplace?” Stan said with a very serious look. “You are home now bud, like it or not. Can't run away from everything you think is bad in your life Brad, never works. You just get that thought out of you head and just get better so we can get you home. Home HERE Brad where you belong.”

I couldn't help it, I burst out crying and sobbing, feeling like some huge ton of bricks just came off of me and let me feel light and free. Stan stood up, walked up really close, bent down and wrapped me up in his arms and hugged me until I was through crying.

You okay now? Just get all that out of you. Its a good thing you know. Never keep emotions bottled up inside of you, they can really do a number on you for sure, so just go ahead. Got these big arm of mine to hold you with and help you get past it Brad,” Stan said so softly with his face next to my head.

I'm good now, thanks Stan. Just seems like a super weight lifted off my chest and I'm free finally of guilt and all that shit from my past,” I said as he wiped the tears from my cheeks.

Well, anytime at all Brad, I'm here for you when and if you need me,” Stan said wiping his hand gently across my forehead.

God, I'm so sorry to dump all of this shit in your lap,” I laughed. “Bet you never thought you'd get a neighbor who brought such drama into your life huh?”

Brad, you took all the boring shit away. All of it flew right out the minute you came here,” Stan said with a big smile. “You hungry now? I can round up the staff to make sure you don't starve or nothing like that?”

No, well, maybe a little bit maybe. Only thing I wish right now was that the ice in my crotch was gone,” I laughed.

No sir, you don't want that, believe me. You are swollen like a helium balloon son,” Stan shook his head. “I had to check for myself just to see how bad it was and let me tell you, its bad.”

Oh My GOD! You checked out my crotch while I was out?” I pretended to be shocked.

Well, yeah, I have to say I did, yes sir,” Stan said with a blush. “I was so pissed off and scared for you that I had to see all they did to you and keep an eye on it to make sure nothing bad started to happen. Yeah, nurses are nice, but they aren't in here with you like I was. I could spot something changing real quick that they could miss. Hope you don't mind Brad. If you are pissed off about that, then I apologize.”

Stan, no I'm not pissed off at all. Just never imagined you checking out my junk is all,” I laughed and winked.

Why? You saying I would not be interested in checking out your junk for some reason?” Stan said like he was offended.

Well, sort of I guess. “I hope you realize that I've lived a gay lifestyle and am gay,” I said with a somewhat serious face.

Brad, I might be older and country, but I spent a good number of years in the Navy Seals. NAVY Brad! Like a single guy with the body and look of you would be buying a place just for himself, no girlfriend, always dress a bit too perfect, duhhhh, hello, anybody home?” Stan said in such a funny voice.

I couldn't stop laughing. It actually hurt but it felt good for some reason. From the pain I latched on to Stan's wrist and squeezed tight as my body stiffened.

Oh shit, Brad you hurting?” Stan said all worried. “I'll run and get a nurse to shoot you up some.”

Before I could say anything, Stan was flying out of the room and then super quick was coming back in with a nurse right behind him.

You having some pain honey?” the nurse said.

Yeah, guess laughing to much isn't such a good idea just now,” I said probably with a look of pain on my face.

Well you know they say laughing is good for the soul. Don't think its so good when you are banged up like you are baby. I'm gonna give you something in your IV that should take the edge off of it real quick like, be right back,” the nurse said.

I'm so sorry Brad, I should have thought about that before being so goofy,” Stan said with such a worried and sad look on his face.

Stan, its okay, really, nothing to be sorry about. She's going to give me something and it'll be fine, honest,” I said. “Now please, sit down and breath before you are out on the floor.”

Okay, yeah, good idea,” Stan said as he wiped his forehead and plopped down on the chair.

So, you knew I was gay huh and you still wanted to be friends?” I said softly.

Yeah, I did and I did and do,” Stan said holding my hand again. “I liked you from the minute I first saw you. I figured a guy like me was way out of your league, but thought just being your friend would be super for me. Maybe I wouldn't be as lonely and depressed anymore cause I had a friend.”

Funny Stan, I moved here to start a new life after I almost committed suicide because I had no friends, the ones I did have I turned away from me. I was rather self centered, bitter and used my body and sex as an escape from reality rather then changing from being an asshole and jerk,” I said looking off into space.

There, see, repentance and the beginning of a new life. Brad, that says a lot about who you really are. You just got lost and caught up into things that really didn't matter in life. You passed up love, friends, happiness for greed, self interest and thinking it was everyone elses fault but your own,” Stan said with a gentle smile.

Yeah, you sure are right Stan. So, back to you liking me from the first time you saw me,” I smiled squeezing his hand.

Well, yeah I did. When I burst through the barn doors and saw you hanging there, I nearly lost it. If you weren't up there suffering and alive, I have no doubt Hank and Willy wouldn't be alive today. I went into a frenzy to save you and get you safe. At the hospital, I started to feel something I hadn't felt in years. Real heart break at the thought of loosing someone I really and truly cared for. I hope it doesn't make you uncomfortable, but that's me being honest with you,” Stan said with his head down.

That has to be just the sweetest thing I've ever heard in my entire life,” I said tears falling again. “Here I was all worried you'd keep away from me if you knew my past and found out I was gay. Stan, I'm going to be 46 and that's a long time not to have heard anything so sweet. I'm speechless. Really. Never ever has anyone even came close to saying anything like that to me.”

Well, then I'm really glad I told you how I felt,” Stan said still with his head down but with a slight smile.

So, when do I finally get to have something to eat in this excuse for a hospital?” I said seriously.

Oh shit,” Stan said just as the nurse came in with my shot.

He's hungry and I'm going to pick up something for breakfast. That okay?” Stan said like he was in a rush.

As long as it isn't anything spicy or super heavy like pancakes or waffles with loads of butter and syrup, should be good. I'd stick to scrambled eggs, toast, some apple juice and coffee is okay I think. Our boy has been through lots of stuff and we don't need for him to have a bad tummy on top of it all. Besides, it'll be good for him to have some solid food in his tummy with all the meds he's been on,” the nurse said, gave me my shot and left.

Okay, you heard the lady, sound good to you?” Stan said with a smile.

Yep, sure as hell does,” I laughed.

Stan turned to head out of the room, stopped and turned part of his body around as he opened the door.

Oh, just my observation. In that one film with you and the track star, I think it would have come across much more intense if you delayed shooting for a bit longer,” Stan said with a wink and then left.

My mouth dropped open and I couldn't think of anything to say. He actually saw me in a porn movie for goodness sake's? Holy shit. He really didn't care at all what I was like or did before. I was really trying hard to figure it all out and to think how I should react to him. I didn't even think of any kind of relationship with him other then friends. That for me was a leap in itself. A relationship? Damn, could I deal with that? Would it work?

He came back into the room with a big smile, pushing a cart with 2 trays on it. He slid over on top of me that hospital table thing and pulled another one over by his chair. He adjusted my bed slowly so I could sit up as much as the ice would let me, lifted the sheet and told me to use the bed button to move myself more into a sitting position as he adjusted the ice so it wouldn't push into me hard or smash my junk. Nothing said, no big deal on his part at all, but total shock on my part as he so casually moved my junk and the ice until I said it was fine. He lifted the covers and slid the tray with just scrambled eggs, toast, coffee and juice on my table, and moved his tray which had the same plus bacon, sausage, pancakes and syrup besides along with a nice sized bowl of cut up fresh fruit.

I got a big fruit bowl that I thought we could share if you want since she didn't say no fruit,” Stan said sitting down like he was all excited to be eating.

Sound great, thanks,” I smiled.

The food smelled so good and I was really hungry. I took my time and it felt so good chewing it and going down. My stomach did gurgle some but calmed down as I drank some milk and juice, making sure I took small sips and bites under the watchful eye of Stan.

Right after we finished breakfast and Stan cleared off the trays, the doctor came in and checked me over. He asked if Stan should leave the room and I said no, I'd prefer if he stayed. Stan got this big wide smile on his face. The doctor did his full exam, was really pleased at how my internal stitches in my intestines seemed to be healing very well, there was no bleeding at all. From the blood tests, I didn't have any sign of infection and the bruises were beginning to fade slowly. He recommended a massage therapy to help heal up my pecs and said a physical therapist would visit me after I was discharged to show me how to slowly get them back into shape again, warning me several times about pushing to hard to fast and risking major muscle rips and damage as a result. He said that I would have to have a few more scans and x ray's to be sure my insides were healing up good and there were no blood clots or signs of internal bleeding. If all checked out okay, he'd probably discharge me tomorrow or the next day at the latest. I don't know who looked happier, Stan or me.

All the tests came out super and I was discharged the next day, in the full care of Stan. I was not to be left on my own as I was prescribed some strong pain killers and sedatives if I needed them to sleep. I had to keep ice in my crotch until the swelling of my balls and cock went down almost completely. They were going down kind of quickly so the doctor felt by the end of the week I should be good. He cautioned about not having sex for at least 2 weeks, just so nothing got accidentally re-damaged. I thought that was a bit severe, but after a 10 minute lecture I got the message.

Discharge day came and boy was I ever ready to get out of the hospital. I wanted to be home and with my stuff again for some reason. The nurse said I'd have to go down to the lobby in a wheel chair and I laughed when Stan said he would carry me without any problem. She said it was regulation and him carrying me would not be tolerated until I was off the hospital grounds.

She thought Stan was kidding, I knew he wasn't. When we got down to the lobby, he ran to get my car which he brought so I didn't have to jump up to get into his truck. He ran out of the drivers door, opened up the passenger door, actually scooped me up out of the wheelchair and placed me gently into the seat, reached over me and buckled me in.

You comfy? Need the seat moved any way to make it better?” Stan asked all concerned.

No, I'm fine, honest. Stan, please relax and calm down. At the rate you are going, I'm going to have to bring you back here after you have a heart attack or stroke!” I laughed.

Sorry, just want to be sure you are comfy is all,” Stan said with a blush.

I swear, the whole ride to my house, he somehow managed to miss every single pot hole, big break in the road sections and any possible air pocket that might be across the road. I laughed as he looked so intent behind the wheel of my car, watching the road and me like a hawk. When he pulled into my driveway, he ran to the door, opened it, ran back to the car and opened my door, leaned in, unbuckled me before I could reach down, scooped me up and walked me into the house, right into my bedroom, gently sitting me down on my bed. He ran out parked the car in the garage, came in, closed the door and came into my bedroom.

Okay, so what do you want to wear so you are comfy?” Stan asked seriously.

I don't know, something loose maybe and nothing tight for sure,” I said thinking what I might have that fit that description.

Okay, how about just this robe, some slippers and that's it?” Stan said holding up a very soft and comfy looking robe and slippers.

I didn't even know I had those!” I said with a laugh.

You didn't, I did, so I figured you could use them more then me. Never used them myself so no worries there,” Stan said seriously.

Oh like I would worry about wearing something you wore?” I said giving him a look.

No, just wanted you to know they were clean and unused so no worry about infection or that stuff,” Stan said honestly.

Oh, okay, thank you so very much again,” I smiled

Need help getting into them or you good?” Stan asked.

No, I think I'm good. Just if you hear a big bang its just me hitting the floor,” I laughed.

Stan looked at me and frowned, bent down, took my shoes and socks off, wrapped an arm around me and lifted me. Pulled my pants and shorts down carefully so as to not touch my stuff. Sat me down on the bed and took off my shirt, put the robe on me and lifted me so he could wrap it around me, sat me down and tied the robe up, lifted one foot then the other putting on my slippers and took my clothes he took off to the hamper.

Okay? Good, now to get you where you want to sit or lay and I can set up the ice thing for you,” Stan said seriously.

How about on the couch in the living room so I can have the TV on,” I asked.

Wham, I was scooped up, walked to the living room, gently placed on the couch and handed the remote. He looked at me, the TV and me again, went to the end of the couch, easily lifted the end and slid it around so I didn't have to turn my body sideways to see the TV. I just looked at him in total amazement. He went into the kitchen, set up the ice packing the hospital gave us for my crotch, brought it over and handed it to me, standing there to make sure I had no problem setting it up. He went back to the kitchen and came back with some coffee and juice, already on a table he carried it in on and placed it right in easy reach.

There, you good now?” Stan asked with a smile.

Yes I sure am thank you nurse,” I laughed.

Okay smart ass, I'm going to go pick up your prescriptions, something for lunch and be right back. You best be in the same position as when I leave or else you are going to be in big trouble,” Stan said wagging his finger at me.

My eyebrows went up as he totally shocked me. I knew he was really serious about it and promised I wouldn't move even if I had to shit myself on the couch.

You have to go?” Stan asked seriously.

No, I'm just pulling your chain,” I laughed. “I'm fine Stan, really.”

He gently smacked me on my head and left in a hurry. I found myself hoping he didn't kill anybody in his rush to get the prescription and make it back to my house. I suddenly got a thought about whether it would have been better for me to stay at his house rather then making him stay at mine. I made a mental note to talk to him about it. I was sure he had everything at his house that I might need. There was really no good reason for me to stay at my house and force him to be away from his house. He had things he had to do running his ranch and all. I didn't have a clue about what that involved, but was sure all those cattle caused loads of things to have to be taken care of.

I have no idea how the hell he made it into town, waited for the prescriptions, picked up lunch and came back so damn quick.

Holy cow, did you take a helicopter or something?” I laughed as he put stuff on the counter top and came over with some pills I had to take and a bottle of water.

No, I didn't use the helicopter, smarty. I thought it would make too much noise and kick up a bit too much dust,” Stan said wrinkling his nose. “I picked up some baked chicken for lunch if that's okay. Figured it would be easy on your stomach.”

Oh that's great. I'm sure it'll be just fine thanks. Can't wait for lunch now!” I said with a smile. “Stan, you know I was thinking. We can move over to your house rather then you having to stay here. No real reason I have to be here other then selfishness on my part. I am sure you have a ton of things you need to be doing to get your ranch back on track. If it will be easier for you, and you think it'd be okay for me to stay there, we could just go to your house.”

Stan froze, looked at awhile and sat down in deep thought. “Well, yeah, it would be much easier for me that's for sure, but you wanted to be with your stuff in your house. So I'm sure I can make do and just go home while you nap or something and then come back here. Or, we could take you to my house and I could come back and bring lots of your stuff to my house so you'd feel good about it.”

Stan, you are so lucky you are sitting over there. NO, I don't need 'MY STUFF' at all. Clothes and toiletries yeah but that's it. So tell you what, lets have lunch when you feel like it, I'll get dressed and we can take the meds and some of my stuff from my bathroom and bedroom in a bag, get my ass in the car and head over to your house. I can sleep with the dogs too,” I laughed.

Damn, the dogs,” Stan said worried. “What if they jump up on you and hurt you? Well, I can take them to a kennels or just keep them in the barn.”

Stan, you will do nothing of the sort. They live there and I don't. Not fair at all to those guys. They and I will be just fine,” I said wagging my finger at him.

Well, if you are sure, then okay. We'll see how it goes and no matter what, if they hurt you or act up bad, they are out of there, period,” Stan said wagging his finger at me.

I laughed and shook my head. “Okay, so where's lunch? I'm starving.”

Stan set up lunch on tables and brought them to me, lord forbid I moved any. After lunch, he carried me into the bathroom to throw stuff into a gym bag I thought would be just perfect for my stuff. I threw in my tooth brush, shaving stuff, special soap and shampoo. We next hit the bedroom where he sat me on the bed and I directed him to the draws with the things I thought I'd need like underwear, shits and shorts, socks and shoes. I said okay, ready to change and he gave me a look like I was off my rocker.

Why do you have to change? We're going into the car, to my house and into my house. What's the big deal? Stay just like you are Brad ,” Stan had spoken.

He was right of course, it made no sense at all to change. He carried me and my bag to the garage and into the car, went back in to make sure nothing was left on and off we went to his house. On the way, I suddenly got the thought that I really was getting to like how he just scooped me up like I was nothing, which I sure wasn't and carried me so easily around without a grunt of big breath, just like it was so natural and easy for him.

In his house, the dogs were so happy to see him and then me, but seemed to know I wasn't well and became very gentle and calm, laying around by me as soon as he put me down on his couch and handed me his remote, brought over the ice thing and there I was, back in position like before. I never really took notice of his house when I was here last time other then it was definitely manly and a bit spartan. While Stan went off to call the man who was watching out for his ranch that he was home now, I took a slow look around from my position on the turned couch. There were some pictures of what looked like his parents, him I'd guess in a military uniform, another picture of a group of military guys in swimming trunks I thought, some others I couldn't make out. Some documents in frames and a Navy Seal emblem in a frame.

Well, all taken care of. No big thing needed attention and Dave sends his regards and is glad to hear you are out of the hospital. I have to tell you, I could not stop them in any way, shape or form, but the ladies you met have insisted they were going to visit with home cooked things, some home made blankets to make sure you were comfy and cookies and pies to make sure you have a good supply of comfort soup. Oh, and I hope you like chicken soup, cause we are gonna drown in it for sure,” Sam laughed.

Wow, that is so so nice!” I said somewhat shocked. “They only met me once here at your house.”

Yeah, well, you seemed to have made quite the impression on them and brought out their motherly instincts I think. They all feel so terrible with what happened to you and I'm sure want to let you know in an unspoken way they feel for you,” Stan said thoughtfully.

Wow, another first for me. That's really sweet,” I said with a smile.

Well, don't know about that yet. Sure they will overdo it lots. Once they get it in their heads that you need mothering, you are a goner,” Stan laughed. “They do mean well and do care Brad.”

I'm starting to get that,” I smiled.

I nodded off in the late afternoon and woke up with my head on a pillow, my body covered with a very nice soft blanket and my ice thing changed. Stan had taken care of it all.

Have a good nap?” Stan's voice said.

Yeah, sure did, thanks,” I yawned. “Were are you at?”

Over on the desk behind you, just thought I'd do some financial stuff while you napped. You need to hit the bathroom at all?” Stan asked.

Yeah, I am pretty sure I do, where's it at, I'll get there,” I said making a move to get up.

Before I could even get the blanket off of me, Stan had me scooped up in his arms, gave me stern look as he shook his head and walked me to the bathroom right off the hallway. He set me down, told me to yell out when I was finished and he'd get me back to the couch. I did my duty and washed up before I called him so he wouldn't do it for me. I was scooped up and taken back to the living room where my throne was waiting for me, with pills on the table and water.

Sam, you know what? I'd feel much better if your not busy with your work if you sat next to me or I sat next to you. I'm feeling a bit weird here all by myself and you back there. I can sit up for sure as I did fine in the bathroom and the chairs here are way more soft then the pot. I'll keep the ice thing on me, but really, I am so tired of laying and feeling so helpless. Please?” I said in my most pleading voice I could make up.

Well hell sure I can sit with you. As long as you are sure you won't hurt or anything, its fine with me,” Stan said as he came around from behind and sat on the couch kind of close to me as I swung my legs off to the floor and adjusted that damn ice thing in between my legs.

Much better, thank you,” I said with a smile as I leaned over and brushed my hand along his arm on the back of the couch close to me. “Stan, I need to ask you something. Say if I felt more for you then friendship, would you be okay with that?”

Sam gave me such a deep look with no expression on his face.

Brad, I'm 55 years old, 10 years older then you. It wouldn't be fair to you for me to become involved in any kind of relationship with you. Not that I'm saying I don't want to, just that maybe its not the best thing for you,” Stan said seriously.

Stan, so 10 years, that's a big deal?” I asked moving to face him more. “I've been around so many guys my age that did nothing for me, never acted like they cared about me, the real me. I've been alone and looking for something, someone to share life with and never found anything. Till I moved here and you came into my life. Your rescue and friendship changed my life completely. Now I'm not saying we should get hitched or anything, but I sure would like the chance to maybe date, become boyfriends, then maybe move on further, little by little. I have no point of reference for what a relationship is like and need to learn as I go. I sure don't want to force anything on you that you don't want or are comfortable with. Your age doesn't even enter into my thinking, so don't let that be any kind of yard stick for you, okay?”

Stan gave me that serious, searching his and my soul look. He slid over super close to me, took my chin in his fingers and gave me the softest, sweetest kiss ever.

Okay, deal. No push, no rush, easy does it and one step at a time. I can handle that Brad for sure,” Stan said with a smile his face so close to mine.

I couldn't resist. I grabbed his neck and pulled him into my lips for a long, passionate kiss.

I guess we are in agreement then?” he said with a very happy look on his face. “You do know I'm a bit hairy right? If you don't like that, I can shave for you.”

Hell no, nothing changes, you the real you like you are, nothing different at all,” I said seriously.

I had no real idea what his body was like at all other then it was solid and I did know his arms were big, muscled and his hands were rugged and big too. His neck was thick and his veins were big, his hair was curly and white with some light brown I think in it as were his eyebrows and his thick mustache. He had those rugged lines and tough looking skin on his face and neck which I began to think of as sexy as hell. It didn't matter. Somehow, that stuff seemed superfluous, unimportant. Who he was in his mind and heart was what caught me, not how his body was shaped. He sure knew what mine was like since he saw me completely naked hanging in the barn and held me as he took me down. Still, I could care less and wasn't going to go down that road of wondering. I'd know when it was right.

His hand was behind my neck, his fingers gently stroking my neck and the back of my head. I leaned into his hand as it felt so nice. He slid even closer, moved my head on his shoulder and wrapped his arm around mine. I liked that so very much and let him know I did. He gave me a kiss on my head for that remark. The door bell rang and he said it must be the chicken soup brigade. Sure enough, I heard the commotion as soon as the door opened. The ladies put stuff on the counter, inside his fridge and gathered around me, gently hugging me, patting me on my shoulder and head, all talking at the same time asking me how I was, was I being cared for by Stan okay and what could they do for me. I laughed and tried my best to answer them, but they weren't looking for answers, just needed to make sure I knew they were there for me. I had a very soft home made afghan put on my back and shoulders, another dug out bowls and Stan and I were made to sample the soup which was really good I have to say. Another made home made bread and that was to die for. Another had brought over some cake and home made cookies. It was just so much and way over the top. I never experienced all this mothering in my life for sure. Stan beamed and looked on like he was proud of them for mothering me that much. Then, after a little bit of conversation, they said they had to leave me to rest and would be back in a few days with more food and that I had to eat to regain my strength. No one word was said about what happened and I liked that very much. It wasn't something I wanted to relive right now. I wanted it to stay in the far background for now. I knew I'd have to deal with it some day, but not now for sure.

We had another bowl of the soup, some bread and snuggled on the couch for a bit before it was time for my pills again. I was really tired soon after that and Stan said it was bed time. He lifted me up in his arms, kissed my head and carried me to a guest room since it was large but definitely not his bedroom.

What are you doing?” I asked.

Putting you into bed. Why, need to hit the pot again?” Stan said.

Well that would be nice, but is this your room?” I asked looking around.

No its a guest room. I thought you'd be more comfortable without any of my movements during the night,” Stan said. “Here, lets get you into the bathroom with your stuff and we can see what's up afterwards, deal?”

I did my thing in his bathroom I know since my stuff was in there for sure. I tried to slowly walk myself to the bathroom door, but I sure wasn't ready to do that just yet. I called out for Stan and he came in, scooped me up and walked into his bedroom.

Well, this is my bedroom. You sure you want to risk sleeping in bed with me?” Stan said looking concerned.

Yes I'll take the risk as long as you promise not to stay up all night worrying about rolling me over or kicking me out of bed,” I laughed. “Stan, to be honest, I don't want to be alone. If I have a bad dream, it would mean so much to me to be able to push my face into you and feel safe.”

Stan smiled at me, kissed my head and laid me down in his bed. I asked him to take my robe off and he did, asked if I wanted any pajamas or underwear to sleep in and I said I never wore anything to bed.

That's kind of good since I don't either!” Stan laughed. “Is that okay with you?”

Stan, what did I say before? No changes, you as you are,” I said seriously. “I fully meant that down to the simplest of your habits or quirks, you, just you as you are, nothing changes.”

Well, okay then, deal,” Stan laughed.

I really don't want to sleep with this ice thing either. Its uncomfortable as it is and I'm sure I'll hurt something if I end up rolling wrong over it or moving the wrong way in my sleep,” I said.

Well, that sounds logical for sure. Okay then, off it goes. But, if you need it, you just let me know, okay?” Stan said holding my chin in his fingers.

Yep, promise,” I said with a smile.

He took it from me and damn it felt so good to be free of it. Yeah, it eased any pain and reduced swelling, but hell, it was not comfortable to have all day and night in your crotch around your junk. I must have let out a long sigh because Stan laughed and shook his head. He went to the other side of the bed and started to take his clothes off. He sat down and pulled off his boots, socks, stood up and pulled off his shirt he unbuttoned, dropped his pants down, kicked them off, turned around and saw me staring at him. He smiled, dropped his underwear and stood there as I had to check him out. Man was he solid. Nothing at all skinny about Stan. He was indeed hairy and it looked so soft and thick, but since it wasn't super dark, his body was nicely visible. His pecs were big and solid. His shoulders spoke of strength and power and sure fit his biceps and forearms. His total package was really beautiful. His cock was thick, long and had a very nicely shaped head, his foreskin just partially down on his cock head. His balls were really big low hangers, thick and hard to miss. He had a good tan on his upper body which told me he spent lots of time out in the field without a shirt on. The only pale part of him was his ass, crotch and legs.

Well, that's a good sign, you didn't scream or turn away,” Stan said with a smile.

No I sure didn't. You are really stunning Stan, you know that?” I said softly.

Yeah, tell myself that every morning while checking myself out in the mirror,” he said with raised eyebrows.

Well, I sure wouldn't blame you for that,” I smiled.

Brad, I do NOT check myself out every morning in the mirror. I'm lucky if I use a mirror. That's not me at all,” Stan laughed.

I should have asked. You sleep on your right side or your left or your back,” Stan asked before getting into bed and hitting the light.

Well, mostly on my right side I think,” I said having to think about it.

Okay good, I'm left or back so I'm going to move you to this side and I'll get on the other side. That was if you need to, I'm right there for you to hide into my chest or arm, okay?” Stan smiled.

Yeah, that would be great,” I smiled.

He slid me easily over, went around the bed, got in, reached over and turned the light off. He was on his back with his hands behind his head. I moved over, put my head in his armpit, my arm over his abs and a leg on top of his. He moved the arm I was in the pit of, wrapped it behind me and pulled me into him tighter. I sighed so loud and long. I felt him laugh a bit. It felt so damn good sleeping with him. I did feel safe and secure without any doubt. I woke up after a few hours, not used to the sounds of another man breathing next to me. I was surprised I hadn't moved from the position I fell asleep in. I moved my arm down over his body and felt his hard cock push against my forearm. I gently took it into my hand and slowly explored it. He let out a long moan and his precum was now flowing. I slowly and with hardly any pressure, stroked his cock as far down as I could reach and all over the whole cock head. The more I did, the more his entire cock head became slick with a thick layer of precum. I moved his foreskin off his cock head and used my fingers to lightly move them all over his cock head. Man did he moan and growl. I was having loads of fun now. I managed to slide down a bit more so I could play with his big balls. His scrotum was tight probably from the cool air in the bedroom and no blanket covering him or me. I loved the way they felt. I paid each on of his balls attention and then his cock and cock head. When I began to rub my thumb on the underside of his cock head, his hand grabbed on to my hand.

Doc said no sex for 14 days,” Stan said in a growl.

Yeah, for me, not you,” I whispered back like who was I going to wake up?

You don't have to do this Brad,” Stan said.

Yes I do, my hand needs to do something constructive and it'll help me sleep, licking your cum off my hand and your body,” I said.

All Stan did was growl and release my hand. Man did I get into it, obviously driving him bonkers. I just wished he would let me slide down and take his cock into my mouth, but I knew that was not going to happen just yet. His hand behind my back rubbed all over me he could reach and his other arm was crossed over his body and his hand was rubbing my head as he growled, moaned and groaned. He spread his legs apart more and I really had fun with his cock and balls. When I wrapped my hand just about fully around his cock head and began to slow stroke his full cock, his hips moved up and I could tell his head was going from side to side. His leg on the other side was sliding up and down, but he wouldn't let the leg I was against move other then side to side like he was turning it from his foot but keeping the leg straight. I could feel his thigh muscle flexing as I stroked him a bit more faster and put more pressure in my grip. When he started to pant and really moan, I increased the speed and pressure. His body jerked, he yelled and swore and he shook as I felt his cock fire like a cannon, shells of thick cum. I could feel the head of his cock get bigger, his shaft wider as it fired one after another shots of cum, lots of cum. He grabbed my hand when his cock couldn't handle any further stimulation. He was squeezing me as much as he could, his face just about buried in the top of my head. I did just what I said, taking my hand, which was covered in his cum to my mouth, licked it clean, then ran my hand over his body until I was pretty sure I got all of his cum off of him and into me. He used just one hand and arm to grab me and slide me straight up along his body until he could kiss me so passionately and long. His breathing felt so hot and wonderful. I loved how it took so long to calm down.

Thank you for that Brad,” he whispered as he kissed me more.

You are very welcome Stan, I hope it did please you. Just wish I could take your cock down my throat and your balls in my mouth,” I said playing with his pec and nipple.

Shit, trying to get me hard again?” he growled and squeezed me tight. “You and I will be exploring pleasures together soon baby, patience is what you have to have right now.”

He called me baby! Wow, that sent shivers up my spine. Me, he called me baby. I snuggled so close into him and was out before I knew it. When I woke up, he was laying on his side, watching me sleep. I smiled and stretched.

Morning hot stuff,” I said with a stretch.

Morning baby, you sleep good?” Stan asked as he held my chin in his hand and kissed me a number of times gently on my lips.

Yeah, sure did, how about you,”I asked.

Like a baby thanks to you being bad,” Stan laughed.

Well good, mission accomplished. Makes my heart glad to hear that,” I laughed.

Okay, coffee first or bathroom shower?” Stan said sitting up.

I think bathroom first, then coffee, then shower if that's good for you?” I said looking at him.

Perfect. Okay, I'll hit the bathroom, come and get you into it, go make coffee and then bring you into the kitchen before getting you into the shower? Deal?” Stan said happily.

Deal,” I laughed.

He did his thing, came and scooped me up, got me into the bathroom making sure I had everything I needed close to me before he left to make us coffee. He came back and asked me if I was ready and then scooped me up when I said I was, carried me to the kitchen and asked if I wanted to sit on a chair with a pillow or 2 on it, the couch in the living room or a stool by the counter. The stool by the counter was my first choice. He set the coffee and cream in front of us, scooped me up off the stool and onto his lap.

You didn't look so comfortable on the stool. This might be better huh?” Stan said kissing me on my forehead.

Yep, sure is thanks,” I said leaning the side of my face into his chest.

We talked about all sorts of things. He told me what his typical day with the cattle was like, making sure they were all accounted for, spreading out fresh hay, feed and water and then riding all around the property to make sure the fences were in tack and fixing any that needed fixing. Seems that in itself kept him going from 7 a.m. until 6 or later every day. Sounded like lots of hard work for one man to do. Obviously Stan was doing it and didn't sound like he was complaining in the least.

The shower was really great. His shower was big, not as big as mine but still big enough for 3 or more people to easily use it. He carried me into it after making sure the water was nice and warm. He let me stand up, leaning my back against his body as his body was partially scooted down on an angle with his feet forward and shoulders down some. I was secure in between his legs and against his body. He soaped up and washed me. He turned me around and I washed his body and crotch. I laid my upper body against his upper body with my arms around his waist. It felt so good to hold him that way, I loved it. He maneuvered us around so I could lean against the back of his body and wash his back and ass. He did mine and my legs and then did his own legs which I couldn't reach without sitting down in the shower and he'd have none of that right now. He sat down in a chair in the bathroom without any back, wrapped me up in a bath sheet and dried my entire body off. He let my body lean against his and he dried himself off, wrapped me in the bath sheet and carried me back to the bedroom so I could put on his robe again as that was the most comfortable thing to wear. I was placed on the couch, kissed and then set up with the ice thing, took my pills and watched the news channels. Every time Stan got up from his desk and laptop, he'd lean over from behind me, gently move my head back then kiss me so passionately. It was like a dream to me.

A few days later, a physical therapist came to his house and we all went over a program he thought would be good for me. He wanted me to start walking around the house, with a walker or a cane, but walking was important to keep my muscles from getting way to soft. Stan watched very carefully as he demonstrated some exercises he could help me with to slowly regain my strength back and also get my pecs back into the shape they were in. He was the one who suggested I start to use the ice thing less every day so force my body to adapt and help heal down there a bit quicker. I sure felt better that I could actually get around without Stan feeling like he had to scoop me up and take me where ever I had to go. He did a few more visits and felt I was doing well enough to begin using light weights to slowly get back into the routines I was doing, but not as intense until no bruising was evident and nothing really hurt bad while exercising.

The only thing I was counting closely was a countdown from the 14 days of no sex. I had a mission in mind to drive Stan nuts with my mouth and tongue and the only way I could was to be able to get down there without any problems and be able to get off myself as he kept saying he wanted me so bad it hurt. Finally, it was 15 days after the incident and 1 day more then the doctor said. My cock and balls were not swollen and looked like they got back to normal.

I purposely didn't bring anything up about it at all. When dinner was over and we were cuddling on the couch watching some movie, I excused myself, went into the bathroom, pulled out my handy dandy douche kit and cleaned myself out a few times to be super sure. I came back into the living room, smiled down at Stan who was looking at me to make sure everything was okay. We were both naked of course, our 'normal' in his house it seemed. Without a word, I knelt down in between his legs, pushed them wide apart and began to worship his cock and balls.

“Brad, Brad, please, you shouldn't be doing that,” Stan moaned and pleaded in between his head flopping back and lots of 'oh shit' and 'damn' coming out of him. I got really serious and took in the head of his cock and spun my tongue all around it, flicking gently at the piss slit. Stan's hands were on my head and squeezing and rubbing more and more as I kept up the attack on his cock. I moved to his balls and licked, kissed and suck then one at a time into my mouth and let my tongue swirl all around slowly. I slid slowly up using my lips and tongue to his pecs, licked, kissed, sucked and bit his nipples, did both sides of his neck, then his ears and then his lips. I thought he was going to break me in half he held me so tight.

“Slide down some,” I whispered in his ear.

Stan slid down and I went slowly back down his body doing everything in reverse. I thought for sure he would leap up off the couch his body was so sensitive to my lips and tongue. I lifted his scrotum up and slowly, gently kissed and licked from under his balls to the bottom of his ass crack. Man did Stan jerk up when my tongue just barely grazed the bottom of his ass cheek near his rosebud. I pushed his legs farther apart and pushed up on his thighs. I had to tell him to hold them up for me which he did, as he stared down at me having no clue what I was going to do it seemed. I licked and kissed his ass cheeks and slowly as I spread them apart, kept kissing and licking and even gently sucking all around his rosebud which was now in my sites. I looked at him as I moved my tongue super slow and light across his rosebud. I didn't know his eyes could open that wide. His face got super red and his mouth shot open as he started to pant. I had some mercy and took his cock in my hand and played with the head of his cock for a short time then went back to his rosebud. I added more pressure to my tongue but not lots. I wanted to make sure he felt all the stimulation he could before I pushed my tongue inside of him. He slowly slid down a bit further on the couch and spread his legs really wide without me saying a word. I loved his hairy ass for some reason, it fascinated me completely.

When I finally began to slowly push my tongue in and out of his rosebud, going in further and further each time and pulling out all the way too, he screamed, swore and moaned, groaned and was breathing super heavy, would stop when my tongue was moving inside his ass and then start breathing again when I pulled it out. My Stan loved being rimmed for sure. I gave him some rest by moving up to his balls and then took hold of his cock, dove my mouth as far onto his cock as I could and pushed in 2 fingers inside his ass, moving them around in sync with my stroking of his cock. Boy, I'm surprised the Sheriff didn't come with sirens a blazing he was yelling and swearing so much and loud, I mean loud.

“I'm gonna....” Stan managed to scream out when I thought his cum would come out the back of my head it hit my throat so hard and it was an unreal volume.

It didn't stop for awhile and I made sure I stroked and sucked every drop out of him. I slowly slid up his body stopping to suck and nibble harder this time on his nipples and then was gently moving the tip of my tongue across his lips. He was moaning and groaning and then, those strong arms were around me and his tongue was fucking my mouth like his life depended on it. I think I did manage to please him a bit.

His head flopped back on the back of the couch and he said, “Holy shit Brad, what the hell did you do to me? Man that was so damn good.”

“Well, it is called rimming. I'm sure you have heard of it and seen it in some porn movies,” I smiled gently brushing his face with my fingers.

“Do you like that rimming thing?” Stan asked me not moving his head just taking in the attention.

“Yeah, I sure do, although it was rare for me to let anyone do it to me,” I said honestly.

“Damn, I'm still hard for god's sake,” he laughed.

I felt his cock throbbing and jerking right across my ass crack. I smiled, kissed his lips, reached back and grabbed his cock, rubbed his precum on my rosebud and then started to push my ass down on his cock. Stan's head shot up and he was looking at me like 'why'd you murder that guy.' I just kept my evil smile on and kept closing my eyes and moving my head back when his cock moved further past my rosebud. It did hurt some but I wasn't going to say or do anything if at all possible to let Stan know it hurt. I knew he'd yank me off his cock, kiss me and give me a lecture about him not ever hurting me.

I decided it was just too much slow pain torture so I put my head down to his chest so he couldn't see my face and pushed down as hard as I could. The head of his cock felt like it ripped through my sphincter and was like pulsing as my insides were flexing around it a lot. Damn that did hurt for sure, but as I moved more in and his cock was over my hot spot, it changed to 'hot damn' pleasure real quick. I moved slowly up and down to help me get used to his cock and let it massage my prostrate nice and easy. It sure was fat and veined. I could feel the pulse of his heart beat in his cock veins. I felt it was safe now to lift my head and look at Stan. I smiled really wide when I saw his head was really back, his mouth wide open, his eyes closed, his shoulders back and arms just laying against the couch like he was dead or something. I had him under my control for now so I figured I'd milk it for all it was worth. The more of his cock I got inside meant the more my ass could slide up and down on, just making sure the head of his cock didn't pop out. I massaged his pecs and then worked on one with my lips and tongue, sucked it a bit and moved to the other one, my finger and thumb rolling and pinching the nipple I just worked on. Back and forth very slowly. Finally, I felt his pubes bush at my ass cheeks and I knew I had all of him side of me. I purposely squeezed my ass as I went up and down super slow. Stan gasped, panted and then seemed to wake up.

He grabbed the back of my head with a hand and passionately kissed me, would stop and look at me and then do it again. His other hand was going up and down the front of my body, feeling my abs, my pecs and thighs. I wanted him to fuck the shit out of me all of a sudden.

“Stan, fuck me. I want you to ride me like you were an animal in heat,” I growled at him.

He moved me back and looked at me with a look that said he wasn't really sure I wanted that.

“Stan, please, I need you to take me. Make my ass yours,” I said with a pleading look and then kissed him.

Stan easily moved holding me tight to his body so I was on my back and he was on top of me. He kissed me and then straightened out his body and his pecs were over my face. My legs wrapped around him and he growl as he began to fuck me big time. Long slow then jack hammer style. He moved his cock from side to side, up and down and then wham, slammed it in me full force. Good thing the arm of the couch was behind the top of my head or I think I'd be flying across the living room. He bent his body to fuck my mouth with his tongue and then get back to business. He surprised the hell out of me when he lifted his body up, grabbed my legs and held them on his one shoulder with one hand and continued to pound into me, watching my face the whole time. I was moaning, groaning, panting and screaming at him to fuck me, take me. He had a look of pure sex on his face, like some demon took him over. Stan meant business for sure.

Then after a bit, he moved my legs so they were touching my shoulders and he was bent down on top of me, fucking my mouth, biting my neck and shoulder, sucking and biting my pecs and nipples, the whole nice package as his cock got into a nice rhythm of ramming in and out of me. I had one hell of an orgasm as he still kept fucking me. He moved us again, turning me around on his cock so his front was against my back and I was laying flat on the couch. He supported himself on his forearm, the weight of his body just enough to keep me down and not slide away from him. I felt his pecs flexing as he moved up and down, forward and back, taking his cock just to the sphincter and then slowly back all the way. He slowed down and man it felt so damn good. It was like he was letting his cock make love to my insides.

He did that for a bit and then he gasped, growled and hissed, his body pushed against mine hard and his cock was pushed as much inside of me as it could go. He started another orgasm, his cock getting fatter and like jerked with each shot of cum. It felt so damn good to feel his cum filling me. This guy had super loads with huge spurt or gush more like it. I felt it building up pressure and then slowly moving all around his cock, heading down to the opening of my ass. Stan was jerking, his muscles flexing and his super sweaty body was really up against mine.

Stan finally calmed down and I knew he was trying to get back to normal breathing. He wrapped an arm under me held me tight to his body, got up, somehow spun me around on his cock and my head was down to the floor as he sat down pulling my upper body against his. I sighed, latched my arms around him and pushed my face into his chest as his arms wrapped around me and held me so tight.

“That was completely out of this world baby,” Stan said softly. “Do you think you are mine now?”

“Shit yeah, bucko, you done made me yours for sure,” I smiled squeezing him.

“You aren't hurt are you?” Stan said moving me back from his with his hands on my shoulders.

“Nope, honest, perfectly content and happy. No pain, no nothing bad at all,” I said pulled him to me with my hands on his neck and kissing him again and again. “Oh shit, we'll probably have to buy you a new couch now. Sure we made one hell of a mess on it.”

“Nope, it is covered with a washable fabric throw, so no damage done. Besides, I'd keep it now forever as a reminder of you making me make love to you,” Stan said kissing me.

“Wow, not only are you sexy as hell, intelligent, kind, sweet, loving, but now a romantic on top of it all,” I said with a big smile.

“Yeah, and I can do laundry too,” Stan laughed.

“And a sense of humor on top of it all now,” I laughed and hugged him tight.

“Okay mister, time for some pills, exercise and lunch or dinner or whatever its time for,” Stan laughed.

“I think I had my exercise for the day already stud,” I laughed. “ I got a good dose of protein besides, so I'm good.”

“Yeah, you liked that didn't you?” Stan said with a funny look.

“Boy, did I ever like that. Your cum tastes so damn good to me Stan. I can't get enough of it,” I laughed.

“Never tasted it myself. I think I want to try and take yours down into my throat. Might like it,” Stan said thoughtfully.

“Well, whenever you are ready, its yours stud,” I smiled.

“I have to tell you, when you were yelling for me to fuck you and that stuff, it scared me and then something inside, like an animal seemed to just get all into it and do what you wanted me to do. I was marking you, making you all mine. Felt like I was mating with you,” Stan said.

“That's so cool. I'm glad you just let go and let yourself take the pleasures,” I said kissing his nose.

“How about we take a nice slow shower, maybe a nap and just cuddle all evening,” Stan said softly.

“Sounds like a very wonderful plan to me, I'm in,” I said happily.

Well, that secured our relationship and made us a couple for sure. Every day was a new experience of his deep feelings for me. I finally had someone who really cared and who I could share life with from now on. We eventually worked out an arrangement with the houses that was good for both of us. Life my new life was set in place. My Stan was my friend, lover, guardian and protector. Everything I wanted in my new life.