Me and …..


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Me and Steve, toys

We were together for over a year now and things I have to say couldn't be better. Steve's business was doing great and I did a pretty good job making sure he was kept happy and satisfied. I got the idea to set up a really nice vacation for Steve and I, not that I needed on since I was not working. Steve talked a few times about how he missed surfing and body boarding, which unless you want your skin removed you just didn't do in the desert sand dunes. So, I went over the past service calls Steve had over a 5 year period and saw that between September and January, he hardly had much of anything. I knew one of his most trusted guys could handle the few calls that did come in, so I went to work looking for just the right place for our vacation.

I found this super hidden, exclusive resort down in Central America, on the Pacific side that was known for its monster waves all year around. The resort was spread out for miles along the shoreline, set up for rich people who liked their privacy an awful lot. You could have meals delivered or food delivered or call and a service vehicle would stop by and take you anywhere you wished around the resort, like restaurants and shops. I liked that a lot since we could comfortably be ourselves and not worry about anti-gay side effects and hostility. I made all the arrangements and even made sure Steve had a valid passport, which luckily he did. I held off telling him about us going on vacation as long as I could, making sure I didn't tell him where.

Steve's birthday was in August, so that's when I surprised him and let him know his present was a special vacation for both of us. He almost freaked out. I told him everything was already taken care of and if he decided we were not going, then I'd just loose the money I already put down and screw the cost of the flights. Steve at first wasn't sure how to handle such a present. I had to really convince him it was only money that I had more then enough of and that I wanted to give him something super special that I knew he would never do on his own. He felt it wasn't right that I would do something that big for him and he didn't do anything like that for me. My birthday present was a painting and sculpture I fell in love with on one of our rare weekend holidays not far from home.

So, anyway, September came and his top guy told him he'd easily handle the few calls they got until after January so he should just go and have a great time. I made arrangements for Dan the Realtor to stop by and check on things in the house. Steve was kind of shocked we were going from September through January, but finally just decided he would have to deal with it to keep me happy. We were dropped off at the airport, got on a flight to LA and then to the city airport of the country of the resort. Steve had no idea what we were doing in that country at all. A chaufer was waiting for us and drove us from the airport through the jungle and after a 3 hour drive we arrived at the resort. We went into the main office, were greeted and given a full brochure like binder with all you needed to know about facilities, meals, bar locations and the like. Steve was still confused as we were taken to our private hut. When we were close I made him cover his eyes until the car stopped and we had to exit. The minute he opened up the door, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore was almost deafening. His arms fell to his side and her this monster of a hunk was standing there like a little kid seeing the load of Christmas presents under the tree.

Better close the mouth sexy before some weird ass bug flys in there,” I laughed and took his hand and pulled him to the shore.

The resort guide smiled and emptied the car of our bags, taking them inside the hut and making certain things were working and he left after turning on the lights. The place even had spots aimed at the shore so you could see the waves crashing on the sand at night, laying on lounge chairs right outside your hut.

Steve was a hard guy to pull somewhere by his hand. I really got a good sense of his power and weight as I struggled to pull him up to the shore. He was like hypnotized or something, big eyes, slow side to side turns of his head and that gorgeous mouth hanging open.

Surprise! Happy Birthday lover,” I yelled jumping up to wrap my arms around his neck and giving him a passionate kiss. “There is a surf board and body board waiting for you in the hut. We are all alone here with nobody to bother us at all. Meals will be delivered if you wish or we can go to a restaurant, or have food dropped off and I can cook us a meal, all up to you lover. You are going to have your fill of surfing and body boarding.”

How did you come up with this?” Steve said as he picked me up in his arms and swung me around giving me kisses.

Well, you talked a few times about how you missed surfing and body boarding, so I did some investigating and viola, here we are,” I bubbled and laughed knowing he was indeed totally blown away.

Right then and there, he had me on the beach, our feet being washed by the surf rolling in and him holding me tight and making out hot and heavy. He lifted me up, walked to a lounger, let me stand up and then he completely stripped me and himself, knelt down and devoured my cock and balls. It got super hot and heavy with me being impaled on his cock and taken into the ocean. The feeling of him fucking me slowly with the force of the waves moving our bodies up and down was unreal. I had to scream so many times, I nearly lost my voice. He filled me 3 times making me cum 2 times. I was floppy in his arms, satisfied beyond belief and also dead tired from the trip to get here.

Steve finally walked us to the hut and pulled open the sliding door. The atmosphere in the hut was to die for. Soft accent lighting, no harsh direct lighting, bright jungle colors and patterns, a monster jacuzzi for a tub with the coolest shower bar over it that actually made you feel you were in a rain storm. I wasn't just sprays coming out of a shower head or a few of them, it was a like an upside down chess board on the ceiling loaded with small shower heads just about covering the whole square that water flowed from. You could also adjust the intensity and there was even a choice of colored lighting that was unreal. I told Steve we had to get that for our shower at home no matter what!

We made love all night it seemed. When I woke up it was late morning and Steve was not in bed. I sat up, looked out to the shore and smiled. There was my hot hunk paddling out on a surf board. I knew he just couldn't wait to get back into it. I went to the galley kitchen and coffee was already made, a bowl of fruit and various cereals was laid out, sweet rolls and muffing, butter, jelly and juice. The whole batch laid out like magic. I knew I was going to love this place for sure. I loaded up a tray and headed outside to sit at the umbrella table, having breakfast and watching Steve get better and better at staying up on the board. Damn he was hot as hell up on that surf board. His muscles flexed and moved in magical ways I hadn't seen before. Heaven, yes heaven. Steve took a break, holding on to his surf board sideways across his body, floating and smiling big time at me. I knew right then and there, we were coming back here lots. The pure joy on his face brought tears to my eyes. Steve had gotten something he wanted to do for so many years it almost started to fade away.

He tried really hard to show me how to surf, but it just wasn't in the cards. It was fun sitting on the surf board, straddling it with my legs in between Steve's spread out legs. I love holding on to those super meaty, thick muscled, hairy thighs of his, them flexing as he moved his legs to keep us moving. His cock was running up my back and I loved the feel of that. Yeah, we were completely naked. The only time we put on bathing suites was when we were having a delivery of food or clothes when we decided we wanted to go out for dinner. We alternated, 2 days of me cooking dinner, simple stuff like steaks and chicken, and then we would go to a restaurant usually for lobster for me, fish for Steve. We found out that if we liked to fish, they could provide us with our own small boat fully stocked for ocean fishing. Only catch was we couldn't go past the far out buoys which marked the boundary for really deep water an a need for special equipment. Steve was all into just how much that cost, but I took over the conversation and asked if for the first couple of days we could have someone to show us all the ins and outs and how to rig our rods the best to catch stuff. Me, I had no idea at all. All I knew of were minnows and worms from when I was a kid. Steve lived by the ocean for a while and knew some of what we needed to know. I said a refresher wouldn't hurt us at all and Steve agreed. It was all set up for the following week. We had months to spend there so things could go on nice and easy, no need for a rush at all.

I could tell how much Steve relaxed and how happy he was. He never even mentioned work, just telling me one story after another about his younger days at the ocean. I was super happy my baby was having the time of his life, actually just doing simple things, together. The sex was to die for. Not that there was a damn thing wrong with our sex before we came to the resort, but it seemed much more intimate and relaxed and with the ocean, hut and beach, definitely varied. Steve laughed at me and usually ended up flopping over his shoulder because I would check for sharks before being willing to go into the water.

I'd like to see the shark that thinks he can do anything to my lover,” Steve would bellow in a super deep macho voice, before lifting me up and flipping on his shoulder.

Oh, so you really think some dumb ass hungry as hell shark can hear you or knows what the hell you're talking about?” I'd laugh.

They know. They know Steve is here and means business keeping my baby safe,” Steve bellowed again then beating his chest with one his free hand in a fist and doing his version of a Tarzan yell.

I was so glad there weren't any thick vines hanging from any trees nearby since I knew he's want to hold me around my waist at his side and swing from tree to tree. Yeah, I could definitely see Steve trying that for sure. He had the chance to play the protector and guardian of me the whole time and he ate it up completely. I almost died laughing when we were sitting on the beach having a light lunch when a crab came sauntering over towards me. Steve jumped up, got in front of me and got into a judo defensive stand, glaring at the crab. The crab stopped dead in his tracks and probably wondered what the hell this goofy human was doing.

Better watch out there Tarzan, he just might think that monster cock hanging between you legs is a fallen banana or something like it,” I said seriously.

Steve turned his head around with a confused look on his face and said, “Yah think he might think its that?”

I shook my head yes and Steve very quickly put his one hand on his cock and pushed it against his body.

Hot damn crabby monster, looky there,” I said peaking under Steve's legs. “Got yourself some coconuts just waiting to be sampled.”

Steve looked down at me with a scared look, looked at the crab, looked at his low hanging balls and pulled them up with his other hand.

That's it Tarzan, get him good with your elbows,” I laughed.

The crab moved forward when Steve turned around after giving me his best dirty look, which startled Steve for some reason and he jumped about a foot backwards away from the crab.

Steve, its a little frickin crab,” I laughed.

Little, I don't think so. Look at the size of those claws on him. I bet those fast moving things at the base of his head are parts of his mouth just waiting to take me apart,” Steve said bending over and staring at the crab.

I thought I was going to die from lack of air as I couldn't stop laughing. I finally ripped off a piece of meat from my sandwich and put it right in front of the crab. It played with it then took a piece off and put it by his fast moving mouth things, snatched it up in a claw, turned away and headed back towards the jungle.

You are safe now baby, fed the predator and he doesn't want to eat you any more,” I said hugging Steve's waist from behind.

Damn, I better set up some bonfire barriers and keep a good night watch going just in case he tries a sneak attack at night,” Steve said bent over and trying to see where the crab went. “OH damn, I wonder if you just made him think you would feed him all the time, like some offering up a sacrifice or something. Shit, now you did it I bet, we are doomed.”

He turned around fast, scooped me up in his arms and ran like a mad man into the water, screaming 'crab,crab'. I couldn't help myself from wrapping my arms tight around his neck and kissing him over and over again. He laughed and smiled, looked at me and gave me such a sweet kiss I sighed. My guy was happy. It was the first time I ever got to see Steve be goofy and play around so much. This was definitely a good surprise on my part for my lover. We went on a short tour of the jungle area, even got to see some ancient Indian temple that they discovered overrun with jungle plants, hiding it for years. They were slowly opening up the entire complex and were even planning on periodic re-enactments of traditional life back then and as an evening entertainment, put on dancing in traditional garb. It was so fascinating to hear and see about ancient civilizations that were far from being wild and ignorant. It was a really great time that both of us truly enjoyed.

The weekend was spent on tours of the resort, the jungle and shopping in the closest village to the resort. Monday morning, I heard a funny noise at the back of the hut. I got up and looked out the sliding glass door and there was this really banged up and rusted truck, smoking like crazy, pulling a boat on a trailer. The guy got it onto the beach, turned it around and backed up all the way to the shoreline, putting the back of the trailer into the water. I pushed Steve so he could watch how this guy was setting the boat up for us, making it look so easy, even with his old, beat up, smoking truck. He released the winch holding the rope on the tip of the boat and it slowly moved backwards into the surf. He got in front of the boat and pushed it fully into the surf, pulled himself up into it and threw out a big rusty anchor. He jumped out of the boat with a rope and after throwing out a funning looking thing with what looked like concrete with a long metal pipe sticking out of it and a big loop of metal welded on the tip. He tied the rope he had with him from the boat into the loop on the metal, concrete thing, walked back to his truck and pulled it off the beach to the paved area behind the hut.

Hey, that's really clever,” Steve said walking up to the boat. “He used that concrete thing like you'd use a pier on a lake, keeping the boat tied up and not having to worry about the tide pulling the anchor far out. Really clever.”

Yeah, saves money on building all piers for each hut,” I said.

Couldn't have piers all up and down the beach baby,” Steve said with his arm around my back and his lips kissing the top of my head. “Hurricanes and super waves would destroy them completely. This was you only need to put out the portable pier when you plan on using a boat.”

Yeah, that sure is smart,” I said.

Hello, you like da boat,” a voice came from behind us.

It was a guy slightly shorter then me, dark long hair and beard, wearing a shirt with the sleeves ripped off and shorts that were all torn up at the knees. Whatever was not covered by his clothes was definitely covered by thick black fur. This guy could get a part in a movie as a gorilla for sure. He had broad shoulders, thick solid arms, big hands with thick, long fingers. His legs looked like tree stumps. He had a slight belly but that really wasn't what you noticed.

Pelidor, here to show you,” Pelidor said putting out his thick big hand.

Steve and this is Craig, nice to meet you,” Steve said shaking his hand.

Pelidor gave Steve a slow look-see from head to toe and then he did me. I realized we were naked then and poked Steve.

I pulled his neck own and whispered in his ear, “ We're naked for gods sake.”

Steve looked at me and cracked up. “Sorry for the show here, just forgot we had no clothes on. We can go back inside and put on some bathing suites if it bothers you.

Pelidor smiled at me, not Steve and laughed. “No, all is okay, no problem at all. Where are your womens?”

Steve looked at me and I looked at him with a questioning look. The resort knew it was just 2 men at the hut so why did this guy think we had women with us.

No womens here Pelidor, just me and Steve,” I said with a nervous smile, remembering this was a Central American country not totally in tune with world opinions on gays.

No womens? Just you and you?” Pelidor said with a confused look.

Yep, just me and Steve, nobody else,” I said with a smile. “Steve maybe we should go inside and put on something. Pelidor we'll be right back. Oh, can I get you something to drink?”

Its okay, no have to put on clothes, all okay,” Pelidor said in a hurry. “Drink be nice.”

I took Steve's hand and pulled him towards the hut. He kept looking at Pelidor like he just popped up from the sand or something. When we got inside the hut I got Steve a speedo an I put on a regular bathing suite.

Just gives me a weird feeling the way he looked me over. You I can see since you are so impressive, but me? Why did he think there were women here? The resort knows damn well its just you and me, 2 guys,” I said worried. “Something is weird about this Steve.”

Now, don't get all worried and stuff,” Steve said hugging me tight. “I am bigger then him and doubt he could do much of anything to me to get to you. You know he'll have to go through me if he wants to get to you right?”

Yeah, I know baby, but still, got a weird ass feeling about this,” I said nervously.

Okay, if it will make you feel better, I'll tell him to pack it up and leave while you call the office and tell them the guy was creeping you out so you cancel the fishing thing,” Steve said holding me by my shoulders.

No, I'm really sorry, I should be such a woos about this. I'm sure it is just a weird feeling cause we have been all alone without anyone else around,” I said forcing a smile, thinking great job there, act like some scared girl instead of being what Steve wanted, a man.

I got a juice for Pelidor, gave Steve one for him and one for me. We went outside and Pelidor was looking around at the side of the hut.

Something wrong there?” Steve asked Pelidor.

No, just looking,” Pelidor said with a big teeth smile.

I handed him his juice and he did that look up and down thing at me again. Gave me the chills for some reason. I decided we should have lunch before we started on the fishing lessons. I grilled hot dogs and had a light salad on the side. Pelidor kept thanking me foe including him in lunch but that damn up and down look he gave me again, really bugged me. I figured after he leaves I would call the office and tell them I did not want him back here, to send someone else.

After lunch, we all headed to the boat. Pelidor recommended we put on shirts and hats as there was no protection from the sun in the water. Oh and sunglasses also. I went inside and picked up a shirt for Steve, put on my shirt, took 2 hats and 2 pairs of sunglasses, picked up a bottle of sun screen and lotion just in case. When I came out of the hut, Steve and Pelidor were already at the boat.

Pelidor was showing Steve how to undo the lines so the boat didn't get swept hard to the side and dump us out of the boat in heavy waves. He told Steve how to pull in the anchor after untying the rope from the concrete pier thing. It felt funny how the boat tipped up and down with the waves, really pushing up high the back and then the front. Reminded me of a swing sort of. Pelidor sat at the oars and showed us how to row to steer and to hold tight in a really big wave. I asked why there wasn't a motor on the boat and Pelidor just smiled, shook his head and said he didn't know, again looking me up and down. I think right then if it was part of my makeup, I would have slugged him a few times and told him to fuck off. BUT, not me, easy does it, calm, no point getting all riled up about it.

Pelidor let Steve take over the rowing and pointed out the buoys and said to never go past those as it was dangerous and illegal in this boat. Steve asked him why and he just shrugged his shoulder and shook his head. Pelidor told us to watch for certain mall fish movements and that was where we should throw out baited lines. The bait was really gross and smelly, but didn't seem to bother Steve at all. Pelidor dropped the anchor and set up a fishing rod for me and handed it to me with a big tooth smile and another look up and down. At this point, I couldn't wait till the day was finished so I could make sure he never came back. Steve shouted and we turned to see his rod bending and the line start running out. Pelidor told him how to pull the rod, crank the thing that had the line in it and then lower the rod, over and over, no sudden jerks or pulling. Steve's arm and shoulder muscles were really flexing and his back muscles seemed to spread out super far and thick. I decided I did like this because it gave me a chance to see more of Steve's body in action. I was more impressed with his developed muscles the more I saw of them in action. Especially the non-standard like his pecs, biceps, forearms and thighs. I could not help but to stare at him with my dumb groupie smile, completely ignoring my line. I heard a whirling and jumped. Pelidor was at my back in a flash, his arms around mine, his hands on mine maneuvering the rod and line. I froze feeling his thick arms and monstrous fur touching my skin. Steve was all involved in what he made seem as a fight for his life, so he didn't notice a thing. Pelidor then had his chin on my shoulder, his scruffy bearded nose and mouth against my ear dragging out each word like exaggerated so his lips would brush up against my ear along with his beard rubbing against my neck, ear and cheek. I know if Steve noticed it, Pelidor would now be flying in the air off the boat. But like I said, Steve was really into his catch. I told Pelidor 'okay, I got it' several times and finally pushed my body backwards to push him off of me. He stumbled and laughed. Steve finally turned around and saw me all red and looking pissed.

Hang in there sweet thing, you'll land that sucker I just know it,” Steve said all excited before turning back to his battle.

Steve thought I was pissed because I wasn't pulling in my fish good or something. I thought about it and came to the conclusion it was a good thing he didn't know why I was pissed. I know it wouldn't have gone over very well with Steve. Steve finally landed his fish, a pretty good sized something or another. Pelidor explained to him how to tell if the fish was good to eat or not. The one Steve pulled in was definitely good to eat. Pelidor unhooked it and threw it in a cooler. I finally managed to land mine and it wasn't as big as Steve's but decent. I said it was edible based on what Pelidor explained and felt so proud when he said I was right. The afternoon started to fly by at first as we both soon landed a few fish, some edible and some not. When I landed a baby shark, Pelidor said a bunch of stuff in his language and quickly unhooked it and threw it off the boat.

See, what did I tell you about sharks? Where there are babies, there is a momma and maybe even a daddy,” I said smugly feeling vindicated about my feeling about checking closely for sharks before going into the water.

Now darlin, it was just a tiny one so I'm sure it got caught up in the current and got pulled back this way from way way out there,” Steve said as he pointed to the west.

Nope, baby means mamma and that means check the water first,” I insisted.

Steve laughed and laughed, but quickly went back to trying to land a whale or something comparable. As the afternoon went on, it suddenly seemed like it was dragging. No fish were biting and Pelidor had Steve row to several different spots to see if any were biting there. I had enough already and really wanted to head back in, but Captain Ahab Steve would have pouted for sure, so I just pretended I was having fun. Steve came over by me and sat right behind me with his legs on the sides of my legs. I leaned back into his body and it felt so good to feel his muscles moving with each breath he took. He put his arms around me, hugged me and kissed the top of my head.

Isn't this just about the greatest baby,” Steve said kissing my ear.

Yeah, I can tell you really like this stuff,” I laughed, squeezing his thighs with my hands.

Pelidor was taking it all in, I could just feel his eyes glaring at us for some reason. I was getting really hot suddenly and asked if I could jump into the water safely and not be eaten by sharks or whales. Steve cracked up and said he would keep a close watch out for whale blows and shark fins. I jumped into the water and it felt so good to cool off. Lord knows what, but something brushed across the side of my foot and I reacted like Godzilla was frenching my foot. Steve jumped up, knelt down on the side of the boat, reached over and yanked me clear out of the water into his arms.

What happened baby, what' wrong? You alright?” Steve kept asking, hugging me and moving me away to look at me and then hugging me again.

Something brushed across my foot. It felt almost furry for gods sake,” I said all panicky.

Sea weed, kelp,” Pelidor laughed. “No furry fish in ocean.”

Steve held back his laugh as best he could but just couldn't hold it back.

Okay, Okay, so I got spooked, I admit it, go ahead, laugh it up,” I said somewhat hurt.

No baby, don't get all touchy now. You have to admit the thought of furry fish in the ocean is kinda funny,” Steve said hugging me.

Yeah, I suppose so, but you never know what weird shit in down there,” I said with a pout, thinking great there you go again being a whiny girl.

Well, okay, I have to say I am ready to go back, take a nice long shower and then a nap,” I finally got out.

Okay, that's a fair deal,” Steve said surprisingly. “Nothing is biting no matter where we go, so why be so uncomfortable out here. Pelidor, we're done here, time to go back in.”

I smiled at him and lipped 'thank you' to him. Steve took up the rowing and I sat in the front watching the shore come in closer and closer. It was really beautiful seeing the waves from the other side. When we got by the porta-pier as I named it, Pelidor told Steve to tie the boat to the ring good as he would drop the anchor. When Steve jumped into the water, I went into shock as Pelidor lifted the anchor and threw it right at Steve's head and back. It hit hard and I could see blood running from the top of Steve's head. Before I could jump in and get to him, Pelidor pulled Steve to the boat by his hair, wrapped the rope from the anchor a number of times around Steve's neck and then looked at me.

We go now, Pelidor have fun,” Pelidor said moving toward me.

Before I could get off the boat, he knocked me into the water by hitting me hard with his fist in the back of my head. He followed me into the water and took hold of my hand and pulled me to the shore, flipped me over his shoulder and walked toward the hut. I was dazed real bad and things were spinning around like crazy. I felt him tie both my wrists with a cord and had it looped around a post on the deck of the hut. He stood over me, with a sick smile, looked me up and down and then reached down and ripped off my bathing suite.

You like hard man like Pelidor eh? Like all the hair?” Pelidor said holding my jaw tight in his hand. “You have plenty of it now.”

What do you think you're doing? The office will be sending someone out here with our dinner and see what happened. You'll be fired and probably arrested,” I yelled as my head started to throb.

No, Pelidor don't get fired, no work here,” he laughed. “Take job from my cousin and made good money today. I see you faggot guys and figure I am gonna give you ride you never knew you could have. You gonna have this real man take good care of you pretty man.”

What? Are you crazy? When Steve comes too, he's going to rip you to pieces,” I yelled.

No, I make him pet maybe. He beg me to fuck him good. You see, Pelidor a real man. Now maybe you take care of Pelidor cock first to start off a nice night. Oh, if you bite or anything to try and get away, Pelidor scratch your eye and make you face real friendly with my knee, get you bloody and take you to the water and see if baby sharks be hungry. They no kill you but sure make you scream as they rip you flesh off.”

I gulped and knew I was going to get screwed for sure and there wasn't a hell of a lot I could do about it. I knew Pelidor would indeed do exactly as he said. The sick bastard had that look that said he doesn't play around and takes whatever he wants. He straddled my body and began to rub his fat long cock over my entire face. His hair from his pubes was so thick it was brushing against my face as he moved his hips all around, up and down. His cock was leaking precum and he was making sure it spread around my face real good before he started to go back and forth on my lips. He grabbed a tight handful of my hair and pushed my head backwards as he shoved his now hard cock into my lips. I opened up my mouth and let him move it in and out of my mouth, sliding along my tongue. I didn't like the taste very much. His precum had a piss like taste to it and his cock had the beginning of a dirty smell from being in his sweat all day on the boat. His hands smelled of fish since he didn't wash them after handling the fish we caught. He used his other hand after a short time to push my lower jaw up, closing my mouth around his cock.

Do nice now,” Pelidor growled.

I moved my tongue around his cock as best I could, sucked and released as I moved my whole head forward and back. He started yelling 'oh yeah' over and over as he forced his cock in deeper and harder, fucking my mouth. I figured if I tighten up my grip on his cock, he would shoot off kind of quick and this part of it would be over. Wrong, all it did was make him fuck my mouth even harder, ramming the head of his cock into the back of my throat.

Yeah, suck good you fuckin faggot,” he yelled ramming it in and out of my mouth and pulling hard on my hair.

He finally started jerking and like shivering and started to shoot his cum down my throat and fill my mouth quick. His hand on my hair was pulling hard up and his crotch was pushed hard into my face with the post behind y head keeping my head from moving backward any further. I have to admit, t his guy had one hell of a load of cum stored up. When he finally finished his orgasm, he pulled his cock from my mouth, took my chin in his hand and looked at my face. He wiped his cum from my chin, neck and lips, squeezed open my jaw and stuck his cum covered fingers on my tongue and rubbed them clean of his cum.

I should ah do this years ago. No damn women ever got me to cum so good,” Pelidor laughed. “You pretty man know how to take care of a real man good.”

I choked and gagged feeling sick to my stomach from having this ass holes cum in me. I could taste it and it was gross to me. I tried to look past him toward Steve but couldn't look past Pelidor. He was flopping his cock again all over my face and rubbing it around. He reached down and started to squeeze and pull on my pecs and pinch twist my nipples. I hissed and my upper body stiffened.

So you like stuff like that huh?” Pelidor laughed as he lifted my legs up, sat on the ground and scooted forward so my ass was on top of his lap.

He began to rough play with my pecs and nipples, reaching down to my cock and pulling at it so the skin moved up and down. It wasn't really pleasant and I did my best to fight off any feelings of liking anything he was doing. In spite of my good intentions, my cock had other ideas and I got hard, leaking precum too. He laughed, intensified his assault on my pecs and nipples and rapped his fat, long finger around the base of my cock and squeezed as he pulled it up to the tip of my cock head. My precum came out heavy and he spread it all over my cock while doing it over and over again. I made the mistake of moaning and he smiled, his eyes got wide and he leaned in and actually licked my lips with his tongue.

Jerk you cock for me, I wanna see fag get off,” Pelidor growled.

I obeyed which let him use both hands on my pecs and nipples, really getting rougher and rougher squeezing, pulling, twisting and rubbing. It hurt and I didn't want it but for some damn reason, my mind and body thought it was really hot. My head slid so my face was towards the sky, my tongue was licking my lips like mad and I was moaning and groaning like crasy. Pelidor just was going wild as he watched my body's reaction to all of it. I made my usual pained face, my body jerked and shook and I groaned long and loud as my cock started shooting my cum up in the air and then against my abs and chest. Pelidor was making all these stupid yelling sounds like he scored a goal or something. When I finally calmed down, he made me rub my cum all around my abs and chest as he watched. He then took my wrists and put my hands on his pecs.

Now you feel real man body, lots of hair and virile for you pretty man. I slowly moved my hands around his chest, pulling some of his hair as my fingers got caught up in it. I have to admit, he did indeed have one hell of a thick carpet of fur on him. His shoulders, back, ass, arms legs, all of it. Even his damn feet and toes had tons of fur. This guy obviously had an overdose of some hormone.

Ah you like huh?” Pelidor said moving my hands to his shoulders.

Yeah, nice,” I said with no emotion at all.

Pelidor get you to like really good, you see,” Pelidor said with that stupid toothy smile.

He suddenly pulled me right up against his body and moved me up and down against his whole body. The guy was sure strong, way stronger then I would have thought. He had a very tight hard grip in his hands and long fingers. He kept that up and then would hold me still as his mouth ravaged my neck all around. His beard feeling really strange as I could feel it on the top of my chest, near my eyes and over my nose as he sucked, licked and bit on my neck. Before I knew it, I felt this really wet and big thing pushing on my rosebud and I instantly knew it was his cock. I was about to yell at him to stop, but too late, He pushed me down with heavy pressure as he pushed up his hips. His slick, leaking cock filled my rosebud with his lube and forced its way inside of me. It hurt, hurt like hell as he did no prep at all. No fingering, no rimming, no nothing. He yelled out as more and more of his cock pushed inside of me and I was screaming my head off begging him to stop cause it hurt so damn bad. That was a mistake as it just seemed to excite the jerk even more. Finally once that monster thing pushed and rubbed on my prostrate, the pain started to diminish and my insides decided it was okay. Damn it felt weird, not like Steve's cock which drove me insane, but primitive in some way. The head of his cock was fat, the rim was thick and so was the rest of his cock. His foreskin and the skin on his cock was think and almost leathery. Weird for sure. Why my body liked it is beyond me as the whole time even if my body reacted like it liked it, I wanted to puke my guts out. I continued to scream and beg him to stop and then just began to cry for some reason I can't even tell you.

Get your filthy hands off of him,” Steve bellowed.

Pelidor turned around, ripping his cock out of me which really hurt. I saw Steve staggering towards us with a look that said Pelidor was a dead man.

Ahhh, so muscle boy come to the rescue eh?' Pelidor laughed. “Come, yes come and save you faggot muscle boy. Come see how real man deal with jokes like you. Come, let Pelidor show pretty man here how easy to get a muscle boy like you beg for Pelidor fuck you and have you suck his cock and piss good. Yes, come muscle boy, come.”

I was totally amazed at what Pelidor said to Steve thinking that's no way to stop him from killing you idiot. Pelidor got up and Steve slowly staggered toward us. I don't think I ever saw a look of hate like that in Steve's face ever. Damn he was scary as shit when he looked like that and I hoped he never ever would look at me that way. I almost felt sorry for Pelidor.

Pelidor moved around Steve I guess to determine the best way to hit and run before Steve got his hands on him. Steve got close and like lightening, Pelidor like flew in the air with his foot smashing hard into Steve's knee. Steve screamed out in pain and fell down to his knee. Pelidor moved in fast and jammed his fist hard a number of times into Steve's neck. Steve grabbed his throat and gasped. Pelidor then got real close and lifted his leg backwards really far and then kicked it hard forward, smashing hard into Steve's balls. I could see how the top of Pelidor's foot actually smashed Steve's balls into the bottom of his pelvis. I saw Steve's hands grab for his balls, his face had this super red color, his eyes were wide and tears were coming down his cheeks, his mouth was wide open like he was going to yell, but nothing came out. Pelidor punched into Steve's throat again and as soon as Steve's hands left his balls for his throat, Pelidor kicked his balls again. Steve's entire upper body just fell forward like a brick hitting the sand hard. I heard him gasping for air as he laid there his hands holding his balls. Pelidor laughed and walked up behind Steve, took a hand full of his hair and pulled him up off the ground still kneeling. He used his tight forearm to smash hard over and over at the back of Steve's head and upper back, right where he was hit with the anchor. Again, when he let go of Steve's hair, Steve fell forward on the ground. Pelidor pulled him up again by his hair and put one hand on Steve's chin and the other on the back of his head and jerked it hard to the side like Steve was looking over his shoulder at something. From the tight bulge of Steve's neck and shoulder muscles I could see Pelidor was really putting on the pressure hard. Steve tried to grab on to Pelidor's hand but Pelidor just jerked it hard over and over until Steve's arms fell down and he had a look of total pain on his face. Then Pelidor let go, grabbed Steve's hair again and smashed a number of times with his forearm at the back of Steve's head and upper back. Before letting go of Steve's hair, he swung his arm back real far and punched hard at the back of Steve's neck, his upper back and his shoulder. Before Steve could fall back down forward, Pelidor slapped on his hand on Steve's chin and the back of his head and jerked hard a number of times before just leaning into it, pushing and pulling really hard. Steve was giving out a bunch of 'ah's with each hard jerk and when Pelidor would lean hard into it. Steve kept trying to get Pelidor's hands off his chin and head but I could see the pain was taking its toll on him, plus, he was still hurting from being slammed with that anchor. Pelidor again did his wind back with his arm and punched really hard into the neck, upper back and shoulder of Steve. He didn't let Steve fall back down but walked around to his front with his hand on top of Steve's head, pulling tight on his hair, twisting it as he walked around. I know it had to feel to Steve like his scalp was being ripped off his head.

When Pelidor got to Steve's front, he latched on to Steve's head, pushing it down and he put his upper chest down on it, wrapped his arms across Steve's lower jaw as he had Steve's head turned hard again. He squeezed and jerked, released and then quickly slapped it on again. That went on over and over. He must have had his hands on Steve's neck choking him because when he released it, Steve was choking and spitting, gasping for air. Pelidor seemed to really like having Steve so powerless and in his control. He grabbed on the the top of Steve's head and his chin and turned hard, holding Steve's head really hard sideways so Steve's ear was going to touch his shoulder. That seemed to excite Pelidor lots as he would release it, slap it on again jerking hard and over and over repeat the same thing. Then he'd go back to that thing where he had his upper chest on top of Steve's turned head, jerking and squeezing, releasing it and watching Steve choke and spit, sucking in air as much as he could manage.

Pelidor waited and then punched his fist hard again into Steve's throat and backed away as Steve's eyes got big, he started gasping and trying hard to suck in air and it seemed his throat was not letting him. Pelidor laughed, walked up along Steve's side, pulled his head up by his hair and slammed his clawed hand across Steve's throat. From how white his fingers and knuckles got, I could tell he was really putting the pressure on Steve's throat. When he let go, I could see his finger marks in Steve's neck. I couldn't contain myself and was screaming at Pelidor to stop, at Steve to just give up and back and forth. Pelidor laughed as he looked at me. He let go of Steve, pulled me off the poll I was tied to, tied my wrists back together and dragged me over to Steve. He pulled Steve up into a sitting position on his legs, moved me close in front of him, got behind me and just rammed his rock hard cock back up my ass. I was screaming and pleading for all I was worth. I could see the look of sorrow and pain in Steve's eyes as he watched Pelidor fuck me hard with me screaming and begging for him to stop.

See muscle boy, how real man take what yours and make you watch. Where is all your power muscle boy? Just drugs making you big? You want to beg Pelidor to fuck you next?” Pelidor laughed.

He pushed my head and shoulders down, reached over me still fucking and slammed his hand on to Steve's balls and began squeezing and pulling as his fuck rhythm increased. Steve yelled once but then couldn't even get any sound out as his mouth stayed open, his eyes wide and running tears from how much pressure Pelidor was putting on Steve's balls.

Don't think you have use for these after tonight muscle boy,” Pelidor laughed. “Maybe I just take them as souvenir for taking manhood of muscle boy huh?”

I couldn't stop screaming or crying. I reached out my hand and managed to gently stroke a part of Steve's knee.

Pelidor screamed out, began shooting his cum inside of me and at the same time was squeezing even harder on Steve's balls. Steve didn't know what to do except reach down and try to get Pelidor's had off his balls, look up to the sky and yell out in pain with an extremely hoarse voice.

Okay, Pelidor take apart muscle boy now,” Pelidor said rubbing his hands together, pulling his cock out of me

He pulled me back to the post on the hut, went in and turned on the spots directed towards the beach so I wouldn't miss seeing Steve being taken apart, piece by piece and then begging Pelidor to fuck him, let him suck Pelidor's cock and drink his piss. He moved back over to Steve who had his body lowered to the ground his hands holding on to his crushed balls. Pelidor grabbed hold of Steve's throat with his clawed hand and pulled Steve up to a standing position making him walk or stumble towards me. Pelidor went back inside and brought out a drink for himself and me He picked up a bottle of water and spilled it on Steve's head slowly so it ran down his entire body. I begged him to let me give my drink to Steve but Pelidor just laughed and said 'no'.

He pulled Steve's arm out and began to punch hard into Steve's armpit. When Steve started to wince, Pelidor smiled drew back his arm, made a claw out of his hand and slammed it into Steve's armpit. A look of pain swept over Steve's face, his free arm slapping at his held arm. Pelidor, let go, punched hard again and this time slammed his hand into the pit with his thumb pushed in deep inside. He then slammed his other thumb deep in and stood up on his toes to put more pressure on. He'd pull down like and then snap his arms back hard and tight, forcing his thumbs to push in deeper and deeper. He then smiled and began wiggling his thumbs around. I could see Steve was really in bad pain. I didn't know it but Pelidor knew exactly where large nerves were and how to use them to weaken a man down quickly. He'd let go of Steve's arm, grab his wrist and lift it to see how his arm reacted. He kept doing that and the thumb thing until when he lifted Steve's arm, it just flopped down like Steve's arm was paralyzed. He moved over to the other side and did the same thing until that arm just flopped down.

Then, Pelidor felt up Steve's arms, pecs, abs and neck. He slapped Steve on his pecs and began to savagely pound on them and jab hard into them. It was working as I could see the hardness of his pec muscles loosening up. Without warning, he slammed his fingers over the pecs, clawing them. I could see how much pressure he was putting on from how deep into Steve's pec muscles his fingers were. He twisted, pulled and partially lifted Steve off his knees. Steve seemed to try and move his hands to hold on to Pelidor's but they were completely useless, unable to be lifted up or moved from dangling at his side. Pelidor seemed to take a break, flexing his fingers and stretching. He moved his body right up against Steve's, slid it up and down and told Steve he was going to love licking all of Pelidor clean of sweat from breaking Steve down to a whimpering, begging bitch. He laughed as he moved back, slammed his claws back on and got even more violent with the twisting, pulling, and lifting. Steve's eyes were just running tears constantly from the obvious amount of pain Pelidor was putting on him. When he finally stopped with the pecs, there was no hard muscles left, just sagging thick pecs hanging down very strange. Pelidor laughed, fell to his knees, cupped his hands under the pecs and squeezed them like tits and then began to suck, nibble and lick Steve's nipples.

You see pretty one, already I am turning him into a bitch,” Pelidor laughed.

Just for laughs I think, he reached down and grabbed Steve's swollen balls in his hand and hard rolled them in his fingers. Steve's face was facing the sky and his mouth was doing a silent scream again. Pelidor liked that, went behind Steve, knelt down and reached under Steve and grabbed them again.

Watch his body respond to Pelidor's loving touch,” he laughed, screaming for me to watch when I didn't look up.

Steve's body was jerking, twitching and showing how bad he was hurting. Pelidor reached around under Steve's arm pit and cupped his pec and played with it roughly. He leaned his face into Steve's neck and began to bite and suck, giving Steve a monstrous hickey.

See, he even has my mark now,” Pelidor laughed.

He played more with Steve's destroyed pecs and then decided to work on his biceps. He put Steve's bent arms with his wrists behind his neck, put his inner thighs against the elbows so they stayed where he wanted them. He liked what he did, moved back, pulled out one of Steve's arms, twisted it so his bicep bulged and began to pound away and jab away right at the bicep. He'd do that for awhile, release the arm, feel up the bicep and go back to pounding and jabbing. Finally he seemed satisfied and went to the other arm and did the same thing. When satisfied he went behind Steve, set up his hands behind his back, holding Steve's elbows inside his thighs. He bent his fingers like he was going to play a piano, wiggled them and then dug in hard right into Steve's biceps. The punching and jabbing obviously did its damage and now he was putting on his finishing touches, destroying Steve's huge, god like biceps. When he finally let Steve's arms fall, he laughed as he jiggled around Steve's now sagging biceps with his finger. He played with them then with Steve's destroyed pecs and grabbed hold of Steve's head and did that hard push and twist so Steve's head was going to touch his shoulder. I wanted to die looking at how taken apart Steve's hard work on his body was just being destroyed by this sick bastard.

Well, muscle boy ready to be Pelidor now?” Pelidor said holding on to Steve's chin.

Fuck you,” came out of Steve somehow.

No my friend, I will fuck you and you will beg me to,” Pelidor said slapping his hand on Steve's cheek.

Pretty one, get your sweet ass over here and get your old lover off,” Pelidor said to me.

Again I didn't move fast enough and as he screamed at me he began twisting his bent knuckle into the sides of Steve's head behind his ears. Steve gasped, tried to yell out and had his eyes closed tight. I moved real quick, chiding myself for being so damn stupid and not doing what the sick guy wanted to keep Steve from getting more pain. I jerked rubbed, kissed and stroke Steve's cock and luckily it responded somehow. While I was working on it in my mouth and with my hands, Pelidor was leaning over Steve's head, playing hard with Steve's pecs and nipples. It seemed to take forever before I was able to get Steve to the orgasm stage, but that was okay since other then having his pecs and nipples attacked, nothing else was hurting him. His body sat up almost straight as he started to fill my mouth and throat with his cum, panting and gasping for breath, then I could feel his entire body relax. Pelidor was waiting for that. He moved in front of Steve, pushing me out of the way and knelt down toward Steve's side. He felt around Steve's abs and smiled when he found whatever he was looking for. He punched and hard jabbed Steve's abs in that one spot really hard, wrapped his hand around Steve's cock head and started twisting and turning fast then slow. Steve began panting and somehow had another orgasm, but Pelidor didn't stop twisting, just doing it harder and faster. Suddenly, piss started to shoot up and out from Steve's cock. As soon as the stream slowed down, Pelidor felt around where he was punching and jabbing, smiled again and pulled his hand far back, jabbed his finger tips in hard and clamped them tight, catching a weakened muscle it seemed. He twisted, pulled, pushed over and over again, releasing it and then ramming his fingers harder and deeper then before. He seemed to be able to widen the area he could claw into and he did just that. Steve it seemed tried to tighten his abs but that only made the pain more intense and weaken even more muscles. When Pelidor stopped to look closely at his handiwork, the entire lower portion of Steve's abs were mush just like his pecs and biceps. Pelidor slapped his hand on it hard and jiggled it while laughing and asking me how I liked the new jiggly muscle boy.

He then pushed Steve's upper body backward, went to his front and began to kick hard at Steve's thighs. He kept it up laughing more and more as he kicked harder and harder. Then he fell to his knees, pushed Steve's body further back pulling his thighs even tighter and began to punch and jab into one thigh and then another. He did that over and over until again, he felt them with his fingers, smiled and looked up at Steve's face in complete agony. He hooked 2 fingers into Steve's nostrils and pulled him forward, loosening up the super tight thigh muscles. He felt around, lifted his hands and dug in his fingers hard, one in each thigh. Then, he used his head to push Steve's body back again, pulling the thighs tight and bulging except now his fingers were clawed deep inside and around the muscles. He laughed as he twisted and pulled like he was possessed. Steve actually was screaming out in pain. Pelidor kept that up for what seemed like hours but was only 10 minutes or so. He ripped his fingers out of the thigh muscles and hooked 2 fingers into Steve's nostrils again and pulled him forward. As the tension on Steve's thighs released, the full effect of the claw, twisting, pulling and squeezing began to hit Steve. He didn't know how to move to ease up on the cramps and charlie horses I saw forming all over his thighs. His once long, thick thigh muscles looked like swollen bumps, cramping and jerking like they were out of control. Pelidor went back to jiggling Steve's abs, pecs and biceps.

Well muscle boy, ready to beg yet?” Pelidor asked with a laugh.

Another “fuck you” came out of Steve's mouth.

Pelidor got pissed off and started kicking and punching all over Steve. He didn't focus on just one area but all of Steve. His attack on Steve was forceful and extremely brutal. I could see large bruises forming on Steve's biceps, thighs, abs and pecs. Steve's balls were swelling and looked alien almost. Pelidor calmed down it seemed walking around Steve who was now flat on the ground, breathing heavy and moaning. Pelidor reached down and pulled Steve up into a sitting position and attacked his head and neck again with that powerful twist and jerk of Steve's head. Then Pelidor let go of the head and pushed down on Steve's shoulders to put him into a sitting position. Pelidor carefully moved his fingers up and down Steve's neck and the part of his shoulders right at the neck. He started to squeeze his fingers into a pinch like and wiggled them to burrow deep into Steve's muscle. He actually stood on Steve's calves and began to push down hard and pull up hard with his fingers dug deep into Steve's lower neck and upper shoulders. He looked like he was trying hard to rip Steve's shoulder muscled from his neck. Steve's eyes were closed tight and his teeth were showing also closed tight and I could hear a hiss and 'ahh' coming from Steve. Pelidor just kept it up, pushing and pulling harder and harder. He finally let go and wiggled his fingers some, latched on to Steve's head and did that turn, hold thing like Steve was looking behind him. He did it for a while one way then switched to turning it in the other direction. He let go of that and slammed his fingers back into the spot he was working on before. Besides pushing and pulling he now added twisting. He alternated between that and working on twisting Steve's head hard left then right. When he stopped, Steve's head looked like it was bobbling his chin really low. His shoulders were slumped down an awful lot.

Pelidor laughed, walked around Steve, bent down in front of him and started slapping Steve's cock back and forth. Steve got hard somehow and that made Pelidor laugh. He fell to his knees, grabbed Steve's hair to force Steve to look into his face as he put loads of spit on his palm, reached down and latched on the the head of Steve's cock, doing that twisting thing again. Steve was soon panting and gasping then I saw his cum shooting into Pelidor's palm, out in between his fingers and running to the sand. He stood up, pulled Steve's head really far back and slammed his hand filled with Steve's cum over his mouth while laughing hysterically. He gave Steve a bunch of hard smashes of his knee into Steve's chest, played with his pecs again and even pushed up on Steve's balls with his foot. He reached his hands up to that spot on Steve's neck he was working on and dug in his fingers really deep. He pulled, twisted and pushed Steve's body backward then pulling hard toward him. Steve's head was just flopping around. Pelidor moved his fingers into Steve's armpits and pushed his thumbs in deep, wiggling them as Steve screamed out and panted. Pelidor went back to the neck again then back to the armpits. He became really vicious when he slammed his fingers back into Steve's neck. He put his face right into Steve's.

More Pelidor do muscle boy, you ready beg me now?” Pelidor hissed as he put even more twisting and pinching to work.

Steve gasped, “stop, please stop, no more pain, please. Do anything you wish but please just stop the pain.”

So you wish to beg Pelidor to fuck you good now?” Pelidor laughed.

Yes, please fuck me, do whatever you wish, just please, no more pain,” Steve cried.

You sure?” Pelidor teased twisting and pulling his fingers in Steve's neck.

Aaaahhhh, yes, please, fuck me, anything just please stop, no more,” Steve screamed, actually crying and sobbing.

Okay muscle boy, as you wish,” Pelidor said patting Steve's cheek. “You see pretty one, I take apart and he beg me to fuck him. So much for Mr. powerful eh?”

I didn't know what to say or do. Pelidor pushed Steve backward, sat on top of his face and yelled at Steve to work on his ass real good and maybe he might not hurt Steve for awhile. I could heard the slurping of Steve's lips, mouth and tongue working hard on Pelidor's ass. He hissed, yelled and bounced his ass up and down, side to side as he got into the intense feeling of his ass being played with by Steve's mouth and tongue.

I slowly backed away from them and moved towards the door of the hut. Pelidor was so into having his ass rimmed by Steve's big mouth and tongue that he paid no attention to me. I quietly moved into the hut and found a big knife to cut the rope around my wrists. I looked around and spotted a big red fire extinguisher in the corner. I lifted it up and felt it was heavy enough to do the job. I slowly walked back out and stood behind Pelidor as he was in ecstasy since he'd never experienced that. I lifted the fire extinguisher up high and slammed it down on his head. He didn't react at first so I slammed him again with it. He keeled over like a fallen tree. I had the rope around my neck and quickly tied his arms behind his back I found more rope and tied his ankles together and then tied it around his neck and back to his hands so that if he moved too much he'd choke. I was personally hoping the bastard jerked around and slowly choked to death. I ran back into the house and picked up the telephone. I was screaming at the poor person on the other end that we were attacked by one of their people and wanted the police, an ambulance and the air force at our hut right now.

I soaked up some towels with cold water and went running back out to Steve. My poor guy was in so much pain. It seemed every where I tried to clean him off and sooth him with cold towels, he winced and gasped. I don't think there was one part of his body without a bruise. I was getting really impatient for the help to arrive when I heard the sounds of sirens and looked back past the hut and saw flashing lights coming closer and closer. Security was the first to arrive along with the night manager.

The manager was horrified at how Steve looked and I must have been quite a sight but not as bad as my poor guy. I kept beating myself up for making him go on this stupid secluded vacation. If other people were around none of this would have happened I reasoned. When the paramedics arrived, they examined Steve carefully, gave him oxygen and got the okay over the radio to sedate him so he would be out of agony at least. Security and the manager wanted me to tell them what happened but I was not leaving Steve's side for anything. I told them if they wanted statements to get to the hospital where I'd be with Steve. I pointed to the tied up Pelidor and screamed that he was the slime ball on their staff who did this to Steve and me, and they better well be prepared for my lawyer to initiate a law suite. The security guy pulled Pelidor up on his feet, not worrying about the rope choking him.

He doesn't work for us,” the manager said confused.

Well, we ordered that damn boat there and someone to show us how to use it and the fishing crap and this is the shit head that brought the boat and took us out before trying to kill Steve and raping me several times.”

The manager gasped in complete shock not knowing what to say when a very healthy looking American said he was raped. The paramedics had Steve all secured on the gurney and headed towards the ambulance. I walked with them, holding on to Steve's hand. They rushed us to the hospital and the doctor was really patient and concerned. I told him as much as I could remember without going hysterical and loosing it as the memory came flooding back into my mind. He gave me something that really calmed me down and he examined me and confirmed I was indeed raped. He carefully examined Steve and would ask me to describe as best I could what Pelidor did to each part of Steve's body. He had x rays and cat-scans done to be sure no internal organs were damaged and there was no internal bleeding. He assured me all was well, although some of his major internal organs did seem to be bruised and he had to give Steve several stitches on the back of his head where the anchor hit him. He promised me that he gave Steve some very powerful stuff to keep him knocked out for a long time, giving his muscles time to relax from the trauma and begin to heal. He said Steve might need physical therapy and could have some unseen problems down the road but nothing jumped out at him during the tests and examination.

He asked how long we were going to be at the resort and I just couldn't get that out for some reason. The manager piped in and said we were to be there until January. I gave the manager a look that said no f'n way bitch. Then I remembered I took this insurance out just in case of emergency. If either of us were injured and wanted immediate transportation back to the states to our local hospital, they would arrange for it within 24 hours, fly both of us back and make sure medical transportation was waiting, along with a full report to our doctor, including all results of exams and tests. I asked for the phone and called the number, explained what happened basically and gave them the location we were at, the name of the doctor here, our doctor's name, our hospital and which pharmacy we used. They were really nice and understanding, offering up their sympathy for the experience we had and assured me a representative would meet me at the hospital with all the needed information and get us on a plane and make sure we were met by another rep and a medical team. Even though there was no direct flight to the resort, they would fly us to the closest local airport to our town. Since it was a long flight, I teased and asked if we were getting an in flight meal and drinks. The rep asked me to hold on a second, came back on and asked me what I'd like for to eat and what were my preferences for drinks. I was floored, but she insisted it was no problem at all, just part of the service. I really wished Steve was awake as I know he would have been all excited about all this stuff, especially a private plane and landing at the local airport. I'm sure it would end up being hot local news as nothing like a private medical plane landing and rushing off to the hospital ever happened. I asked if I could please take a shower with lots of disinfectant and told it was already waiting for me. The manager had our stuff packed up and brought to the hospital so it could be taken with us on the private flight. Another bed was set up in Steve's room for me and my shower was indeed waiting for me when I walked in the room. Steve was looking all relaxed and all looks of pain were gone from his face. I saw a bump in between his legs and knew it wasn't a hard on. They had large bags of ice around his balls to keep the swelling down. Somehow I just knew it felt really good to him even though he was knocked out good.

True to their word, a rep from the insurance place showed up at the hospital, got all the records, test results and medications together, had a team of paramedics from the company take us down with our luggage on a cart, get us into an ambulance with the rep and rushed off to the airport. Someone was actually there from customs, guiding us through the normal paper mess while apologizing constantly about our bad experience in their country. I had to say I was really impressed. We were rolled out to the runway and I was expecting one of those turbo prop private planes. Boy was I ever surprised. It was a large, 2 engine jet with a cool elevator underneath to take us up to the main cabin where a very comfy looking set of beds were waiting for Steve and myself. They got Steve all situated with IV's and monitors and then I was made to lay in a bed across the isle from him. I was given an IV and when I said I really didn't need one, the nurse practitioner asked me if I was a medical professional and if not, then to behave and go with the program. I behaved. Right after the jet took off, an attendant came back, lifted the back of my bed and slid a tray across my lap. He came back with a really good smelling chicken diner, salad, rolls, wine and coffee. I was told that anything I wanted I should just ask and if they had it, it was mine. I realized I was very hungry and couldn't remember the last time we ate. It did feel good having something to eat. Between fork fulls I kept watching Steve. I felt bad that he couldn't enjoy the treatment, but I was sure his being heavily medicated was much better right now. The nurse gave him a shot in his IV and told me what it was. A sedative that would keep him nice and dreamy and pain free for a number of hours. I was given one and told the doctor wanted me to feel no stress and be completely kept relaxed after the ordeal I went through. I even watched a few movies as we flew home.

Sure enough, there spread out underneath us was our home town. I was told what to expect and that my doctor was already waiting for me at the hospital we would be going to. All expenses were covered by the policy and that they hoped I was kept comfortable, informed and well taken care of. I couldn't possibly rave more about this company. When the plane pulled up close to the super small terminal, I looked out the window and a team of medical professionals were rushing towards the jet. We were transferred on to gurneys, taken down the elevator and moved into the waiting ambulance. A rep from the company was there taking possession of all the documents, medical reports, medications, all of that stuff. The ride to the hospital didn't take more then 30 minutes and there too, a group was waiting for us. We were taken to a room already set up for us. My bed was right next to Steve with just enough room in between for staff to do their thing. Our doctor came into the room, reviewed all the medical information, sat on my bed and took my hand in his.

You have been through one hell of an ordeal. I'm going to make sure you are kept relaxed and calm since it often happens that a number of days after a trauma like this, all hell breaks look with the victim physically and mentally. So expect to be kept nice and floaty for a time, okay? Steve will remain sedated with injections of various vitamins and drugs to help give his body the boost he'll need for it to heal properly. Lucky for him he is in such fantastic shape, otherwise, I'm sure he'd be undergoing a lot of surgery now. I will examine you very carefully and I want you to tell me if you feel any pain or discomfort at all, that's really important. I'll review all the test results and doctor reports and if I have any questions, I'll talk with you about it, okay?”

Thanks doc, I really feel better already and most importantly, feel Steve is safe now and will be helped to heal faster now,” I said with tears in my eyes.

That's a good attitude,” the doctor said patting his hand on my foot. “Oh, I almost forgot. All of your luggage is in that closet there and that one over there. If you need or want anything from them, tell a nurse and they'll get it for you. Don't want you being crushed by an avalanche of baggage now do we?”

It was a full week and then some before they let Steve slowly come out of sedation. He said he was just a bit sore until he tried moving around and his body let him know it just ain't so. I had a hell of a time keeping him calm and in bed. His bruises were beginning to slowly fade away. At first all he wanted to do was go after Pelidor and rip his guts out. I told him we'd have to fly back there and I wasn't about to let that happen. He listened to me explaining all he missed with the private jet and all. He felt bad he missed it, so I told him if he behaves, I'd get us a nice ride on a private jet. I had to promise a couple of times before he agreed to behave himself and just go easy. The doctor had a physical therapist come in and work with Steve to come up with a program he was comfortable with and didn't put too much stress on his still damaged muscles. He assured Steve that they would return to their normal state with some light weight training, movement exercises and lots of rest. He gave me a really dirty look when I made the physical therapist repeat the rest part at least 5 times. Both of us underwent psychiatric counseling to help us work out issues we may have had after experiencing all that trauma. The doctor sure was right about all hell breaking loose several days or weeks after a trauma. I thought for sure I was going to completely loose it one day. I couldn't stop crying, shaking and wanting to hide in the bathroom. Thanks to the great sedation and relaxing stuff, and Steve's loving help, it slowly eased up and went away, at least it seemed like it did. Steve had the same thing happen to him earlier, but like me, between us and the doctors, we got past that. By the time they began to cut down the sedation for Steve, the swelling in his balls had finally been taken care of. Other then some tenderness, he was pretty much back to normal down there. Of course that meant he was roaring to go sexually. I had a hell of a time convincing him that we had to go slow and easy for awhile. He settled for making out, snuggling, cuddling and blow jobs. He insisted the build up of cum was not healthy for us and might affect our brains. Who was I to argue with such logic. After walking in on us a few nights, the nursing staff realized they didn't need to disturb us during the night, unless they needed a free porn show. We left the hospital after 40 days and were so happy to be home, in our bed and in our house. I promised Steve that I would not set up any more secluded vacations, and the smart ass made me promise 5 times.

I know one thing for sure. The horror we went through, Steve mostly, did manage somehow to get us closer together and tied our bond to each other even tighter then it was before.