Me and Steve….


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Damn, its hotter then hell outside, my air is dead and I'm dyin here. It's a bitch when you buy a house and one thing after another goes wrong. Oh well, not like I can snap my fingers and make it all better. I'm Pete, single, gay I think, 6'0", 220 lbs of what I guess would be called an average body for a guy in his mid 40's. I say I 'think I'm gay' because I have this thing for really big, hairy brutes, not very hetero I suppose. I've never been around anyone I've met that I just had to mess around with, never caught my eye. I was too busy all through high school and college keeping my grades up and working part time whenever I could to have some money. Family wasn't wealthy by any means and help was really limited. I figured that was a good thing as where ever I ended up in life, it was all my doing, which I liked.

I scored really good at an investment brokerage, I mean REALLY good. I no longer have to work and unless I get super bored I don't bother with it anymore. I moved out southwest, away from the sub-zero winter temps and all that damn heavy snow. I used to really like the snow, but as I got older and had to deal with driving in it all over the place, it wasn't something I figure I'd miss anytime soon.

Anyway, here I was, sweating my ass off with the heat outside at 101 and inside at 200, I swear!!! I didn't really know many people out here, a small suburban area outside a larger city, just close enough to easily get to some of the bigger city amenities, and far enough away from the crowds. Kind of neat to sit out on the back porch and see people riding by on their horses. Being a city guy, stuff like that thrilled me for some reason. I did know Dan the Realtor I used to buy the house and he was the only one I could think of to get somebody out here to fix the air. He said he was more then happy to help me out and would have a guy by the name of Steve he highly recommends pop over and see what the problem was and hopefully fix it. He said the guy was a top notch heating and cooling guy. I figured he would know so I agreed, like I had much of a choice. Random call using a phone book never seems to work out well, and they usually end up being really overpriced, like they know they have yah. So, I got out of the oven house and waited in my shorts and floppies out on the back porch which seemed cooler since it was shaded and there was a slight breeze which felt good running across my sweat soaked body. Kind of like an evaporation cooler I think, who knows.

I made a big batch of lemonade and put together a batch of frozen margaritas for later while I waited for Steve to show up. I finally heard this diesel truck pull up in my driveway so I walked around the house and walked over. I know I had to be really obvious as when Steve got out of his truck, I stopped dead in my tracks and my mouth had to be open really wide. Here was this monster of a guy who stood over 6'8" tall, had to weigh in around 290, super thick muscles which were obvious as his T was soaking wet and stuck to his body. He was wearing shades and a baseball cap, short cut off jeans and old sneakers. I had to shake my head to make sure I wasn't hallucinating from the heat. He saw me and waved, a smerky smile came on his face, probably from the look I had on my face staring at him. I figured I had to get with it or get the shit kicked out of me by this guy, so I shook it off, put on a smile and walked up to him at his truck.

"Boy, am I glad to see you Steve," I said with a big smile as I put out my hand.

"Yeah, I'm sure you are," Steve laughed. "Its a killer to have your air go out when its this hot out."

"For sure. Here I moved from the Midwest to get away from the subzero and snow, but it sure sounds kind of nice right now!"

"I hear yah. So lived here long?" Steve asked as he pulled out a large bag of stuff from the back of his truck.

"No, just bought this place about a month ago," I said shaking my head. "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Steve laughed and said, "Don't feel bad, sure its just a fluke. Did anybody live here when you bought it?"

"No, it was empty and from what Dan the Realtor said, it was empty for almost a year," I said.

"Well, stuff like this can happen from not being used that long. Lets go in and take a look, okay?" Steve said.

I led the way into the house and took him to the furnace room. He took off his shades and opened up the furnace covering, dug in his bag for some sort of contraption and started poking and prodding all over the place. I showed him where the compressor unit was outside and he went back inside for another mystery gadget and poked around on that. I didn't think of it, but I know he must have thought I was following him around like a puppy. I pretended to be interested in what he was doing, but in reality, I was ogling his entire body, hanging on every flex of a muscle when he moved. I found myself wishing I was a furnace right now.

"Would you like some cold lemonade?" I finally snapped out of my stupor.

"Yeah, that would be great, thanks," Steve said with a killer smile.

I came back with the biggest glass I had, filled with ice and lemonade, the glass sweating like crazy from the heat in the house.

"You know, if you have a garden hose out back, you would get somewhat cooler if you sprayed yourself every 15 minutes or so. Evaporation helps to cool you down. You look kind of melted from the heat," Steve laughed.

"Thanks, I think I'll give it a try," I said wishing he would strip and join me.

Luckily, the only carpeting was in my bedroom, so me dripping as I walked in and out of the house was easily cleaned up with a few big towels as I went.

"Hey, feel free to take off whatever and hit the hose if you'd like. You have to be dying working in here," I said.

"Just might do that, thanks," Steve said.

"Oh, dumb me, my name is Pete by the way, good to meet you," I said somewhat embarrassed.

"Nice to meet you Pete. I actually knew who you were since Dan told me about you and where you lived," Steve said shaking my hand which was lost inside of his.

I think he got a kick out of the way I stared at his hand swallowing mine up.

"Think I'll hit the hose if you don't mind," Steve said wiping the pouring down sweat from his forehead.

"Sure, come on out. You sure were right, damn it feels so much better already after using the hose," I said leading him outside to the back.

He took off his hat and reached down, pulled up his T over his head and I think I groaned out loud. He was so hairy and his pecs were so thick and hard. His arms looked like he worked out constantly, or he was really swollen. He didn't have what is called a 6 pack for abs, they were close, but had a nice layer of meat on them as did all the rest of his body. I fumbled with the hose and spigot, finally turning the damn thing on. Steve held the hose end up over his head as far as his arm could reach and let the water flow down onto his head and then cascade all down his entire body. Damn, I never knew wet body hair was so damn sexy and hot. I wanted to go over and lick him dry. He did his pits by holding a thumb over the end of the hose making it spray. When he was finished, he shook his whole body like a bear would after being in the stream, just like I saw on National Geographic. My god it was magnificent. I wished I had hidden cameras around so I could replay all this over and over and over after he left.

"Oh yeah, that's more like it," Steve shouted after shaking himself.

"Glad you came up with that idea, sure as shit works," I said drooling, fumbling around with the spigot again.

"Glad you liked the suggestion," Steve said as he smacked me on my shoulder, just about sending me flying across the porch. "Oh damn, sorry, don't know my own strength sometimes."

"Its fine, I'm good thanks," I stammered just about ready to go into shock. "I can see how it would be easy for you to do that!"

"Well, glad you aren't offended or anything," Steve said in his very deep, melt you down in a second voice. "Time to get back to work, ain't fixin your air standing out here."

I followed Steve back in like a good puppy and went and put a few fans pointing towards the furnace room, figuring the air movement would feel good on his wet body.

"Thanks a bunch, that feels so much better," Steve said with a killer smile.

"Sure thing. If there is anything else I can do to make it better for you, just let me know," I said really bubbly. "Hope I'm not bothering you standing here, just so fascinating what you experts do, like magic to us guys who don't know shit about such things!"

"Your fine. Don't hear many guys admit stuff like that," Steve said looking at me seriously. "I respect you for saying that. It gets a bit irritating when you got somebody watching your every move like they actually know what the hell I'm doing."

"Well, just so I'm not bothering you," I stammered with a goofy smile.

"No not at all. If you'd like, I can keep a running narrative going just so you get to know what I'm messing with. Who knows, might make figuring out the problem if it happens again much easier," Steve said with that damn killer smile.

"Oh sure, that'll be swell. I'd appreciate it, but only if its not a bother to you," I said seriously not wanting to upset Steve in any way at all.

"Good, then lets see what else we can figure out on this puppy," Steve said going back to his weird instruments and stuff.

He rattled off all sorts of things as he went from one thing to another and I did my best to pretend I understood what he was talking about. I figured I needed to ask some questions now and then which I did so he would think I'm really interested. In fact, it was just an excuse to be closer to see his muscles moving as he worked.

"Time for another hit of the hose," Steve said standing up and the bastard stretched, his arms heading up and out, biceps and triceps flexing like they would explode and his palms were flat against my ceiling.

He had to see my mouth drop open and my eyes carefully examine every inch of him from his fingers to his toes. I know I saw a smiling snicker on his face as he must have purposely made the stretch go on for more then he needed. We went outside and I again fumbled with the spigot, my hands just about shaking from the show I was watching. I got the damn thing working and Steve held the hose over my head and soaked me down before doing himself.

"Thanks, kind of feels even better with you holding it up so high, like being in a rain almost," I said.

"Figured, its all good eh?" Steve laughed.

We went back inside and he went on again about this and that, then we went outside and did whatever to the compressor. He figured out there were a few parts that were broke and he'd have to replace them. I was perfectly willing for him to rip the whole furnace apart and rebuild it all, figuring he'd take a few days at least to finish it.

"I'll have to go into the city to pick up some of the parts since I don't stock them," Steve said picking up his T and pulling it back on really slow.

"No problem. Want me to go with you so maybe at least I can buy you lunch?" I asked.

"That would be nice, thanks," Steve said carefully patting me on my shoulder this time. "I could put it on my running tab at the store, but it would make it easier if you just pay for them right off."

"Sure thing, no problem at all," I said happy as a lark I was going to go with Steve.

We got into his truck and he started talking about how he got into this business and how it helped him survive when his wife left him after running up just about every charge card they had. He had to file for bankruptcy to get out from under it, but over the years, he's been able to build up his business, letting him keep his head above water and getting back to a decent life. I babbled on about what I did for a living before coming out here and he seemed to be impressed for some reason. Well, guess just like what he does looks like some secret wizard stuff, so what I did with investments seemed to him. We talked very easy and joked around a lot, making the trip fun for both of us I think. Steve seemed to be more at ease now and comfortable around me. I could tell in his voice and his expressions he relaxed a lot more then he was before. We hit the supply store he said would have the parts and I was impressed how friendly the clerks were. Course they all knew Steve and he was good enough to introduce me to them. We stopped at a fast food place he said he liked and it felt super good to eat lunch in an air conditioned place. Course when we got back outside, it was like a brick hit you in the head. The heat seemed to be worse, but I know it was only because we had cooled down eating lunch.

Back at the house, Steve took his T off again, used the hose again and went back to work, telling me every thing he was doing and why he was doing it. I had no clue and something tells me he knew it. I joked around about things and started to make up my own names for parts and areas of the furnace which cracked him up.

"So do you think it will be fixed by this evening?" I said finally.

"Pretty sure. Don't want you to die on me of heat stroke or nothin," Steve laughed.

"Now don't think I'm rushing you or anything, just trying to plan ahead and if it won't be fixed, I'll check into a motel for the night," I said.

"Nawh, you won't have to be doin that," Steve said with his killer smile. "But then again, they do have pools!"

We both laughed and joked around about that. I even toyed with the idea of having an in ground pool put in just so I could invite Steve over for a dip, like every night maybe?

Finally, around 8p.m., he fiddled with some switch and circuit breaker and the furnace hummed into action, slowly but surely, cool air was coming out of the vents. I went around the house shutting the windows and doors before standing with my arms and legs stretched out under a ceiling vent. The cool air felt so damn good.

"Really like your air huh?" Steve laughed as he put the covers back on the furnace and collected all his tools.

"I never really gave it much thought at all until I was without it," I laughed. "Can't imagine how the hell they managed to survive in the old days without air."

"Yeah, well they did and they wore heavy ass clothes to boot," Steve laughed shaking his head.

"Hey, how about I buy you dinner, I'd really like to," I said.

"Well, you don't have to do that Pete, really," Steve said with a slight smile.

"No, I'd really, really like it if you would let me," I said quickly. "I feel its the least I could do after putting you through all this crap all day."

"Its my job and business Pete, its what I do," Steve said with a laugh.

"Yeah, I know, but still, I'd really like to," I said seriously.

"Well, if you are sure, that would be great," Steve said carefully patting me on my shoulder again.

"Any place you'd like, no worry about price or anything. If you'd like steak then steak it is. Whatever would please you," I said all excited, wishing I could offer myself up for dessert.

"Wow, you sure want to buy me dinner huh?" Steve laughed. "Well, okay then. I have to wash up a bit if you don't mind me using your shower. I have a spare change of clothes I keep in the truck so I'm good to go once I clean myself up."

"Sure thing, here, let me show you the shower and stuff," I said.

I led Steve back to the master bedroom bathroom which was sinfully large. The shower was a wide walk in with those fancy spray things all over the place, making you feel like you were in a car wash almost. I got out a large bath sheet, put out some of my favorite liquid soap and told him to have at it. He went out to his truck to get his change of clothes while I hurried up and made sure the bathroom wasn't all messed up. When he came back inside, I had everything set for him and showed him how the controls of the shower worked, like he wouldn't know. The musty smell of being so close to his hot sweaty body made me dizzy.

I waited until I heard the shower turn off before I used the guest bathroom to take a shower. When I came out, Steve was standing in the hallway, wiping his body off with the bath sheet.

"I was wondering if you were taking a shower too," Steve said. "Sure as hell like your bath setup. That shower is a killer for sure. Its not often I get to see a super big jacuzzi tub in a bathroom like yours."

"That's one of the reasons I bought the house," I laughed. "Just seemed like a neat thing to have. You are more then welcome to come on over and use it whenever you'd like."

"Awful generous of you Pete, thanks," Steve said with that killer smile.

I couldn't believe I blurted that out just like that. I just invited my air guy to pop over anytime he wished to use my jacuzzi. How weird was that?

I suggested we use my car as the air worked great and we'd be a bit more comfortable since we were all cleaned up. Steve liked my car and said I had good taste. We went to a nice restaurant which was very homey and comfortable. Steve said it featured some really great steaks. The drinks went well with the dinner and we had a great time. I finally said I should get him back so he could head home, sure he had something on the schedule. Steve just smiled, not saying a word.

When we got back to the house, I opened up the door and gave out a loud whoop as a blast of cold air hit me. Steve laughed and said I must be happy with his work.

"You have no idea how much torture it was not having the air on," I said, patting him on his shoulder, the front since I didn't try to reach up to the top.

"Well, I'll take that as a satisfied customer then," Steve said with a laugh.

We got into the house, I turned lights on and asked him if he'd like a margarita before he left. He said sure thing and while I got the drinks, he put his tool bag into his truck. When he came back in, we went and sat in the family room which was the most comfy room in the house. Big chairs, leather, great lighting and a huge screen TV.

"Get comfy Steve, god knows you worked hard enough all day," I said handing him a drink and putting out a bowl of nachos and salsa.

"Thanks, as long as you're sure," Steve said as he put his drink down, reached down and pulled off his shirt.

I know I choked but couldn't take my eyes off of his body.

"You like all this don't you," Steve said in a deep sexy voice giving me a hard look.

"You noticed huh? I hope to god I didn't offend you or anything," I quickly apologized.

"Hell no. Its a real kick to me when a guy takes such an interest in my body," Steve laughed. "You aren't the first one to do that, just one that did it the most and best I have to say."

"Oh shit, I was that bad huh?" I blushed shaking my head.

Steve stood up, walked up in front of me, spread his legs apart and put his drink down and then took mine from me. He put his hands behind his neck and began to slowly flex and pump his muscles just like a body builders competition, but he did it so slow, watching my face the whole time.

"You are more then welcome to come up close and feel them or whatever you'd like to do," Steve said in that deep, quiet sexy voice.

I swear I came so close to pissing my pants right then and there. I reached up and ran my trembling hands up and down his abs and around to his sides. He reached down and pulled me up off the chair so damn easy it scared me. He put my hands on his chest and flexed his pecs for me. I didn't know what to feel first, I got all flustered. He put his arms on my back with his biceps right against my face, pulled me in tight to him, my face covered in his fur and the sides of my face massaged by his flexing pecs. He reached down and pulled off my shirt, undid my pants and pushed them so they slid down my legs. He actually lifted me up into the air so my pants would come completely off my legs. All I could do was moan and groan as I was panting, trying my best to catch my breath.

"You really like this huh Pete," Steve said. "I don't do this a lot. As a matter of fact, its been years. So you have to tell me if you don't like something or want to do something, okay?"

"Uh huh," I mumbled as my hands went up and down his arms as he lowered me back to the ground and I couldn't stop my face from going to his pecs and my tongue from licking slowly and then moving to one bicep then another.

I had such a hard on from the time he took off his shirt that I knew my underwear was sopping wet. I couldn't help myself when he wrapped his arms around my waist, lifted me up tight against his body and slowly flexed. I gasped, yelled out and had an orgasm right then and there.

"Oh shit, I'm so sorry," I said nervously.

"Hey, its all good, not to worry," Steve said actually kissing me on my forehead. "You just gave me the biggest damn ego boost and compliment a man could give another."

"Damn, you are so hot," I mumbled, my body melting in his arms.

"I kinda got that impression from you," Steve said laughing. "How about you slide my pants off me and explore the rest of me."

I looked up at him and smiled with a look of fear I think but my hands were already undoing his belt and then his jean button and zipper. I started moving them down and let my whole body move down with them, pressed against his body, my face brushing against his abs, then his pubes, then his jockeys and finally his thighs. He even flexed his thighs which were so damn huge flexed. I was fascinated by how they moved. I looked up and saw his cock swollen inside his jockeys. I tried my best to rub my entire face across them, feeling the wetness of his precum going across my face. He put his hand on the back of my head and moved my head back and forth across his crotch, Steve giving a nice moan now and again letting me know he liked it. In order to do that, I had to get up from kneeling and sort of stoop like I was an umpire at a baseball game. I just had to taste his cock and balls. I wanted to worship them for him. I reached up to the band of his jockeys and slowly pulled then down as my tongue and lips worked from side to side. When his cock sprung out and smacked me on the side of my face, I knew he was really, really huge. When I slid his shorts down towards his knees, I moved back to take in the sight of this monsters package. Damn it sure went with the rest of his body. He had to be at least 10" hard, super fat shaft with a penis head that was huge. His balls hung down so far and they were like plumbs inside of a thick skinned, furry sack. His pubes were monstrous even. My hands couldn't get enough of his fur covered thighs as my mouth zeroes in on his balls. I could only handle one at a time, but he didn't seem to mind at all. When he reached his one hand down and took the base of his cock and began to rub it across the top of my head, I moved back and opened my mouth as wide as I could and put it over the head of his cock, just barely able to open wide enough. My tongue explored it and played with his piss slit, which got him to actually let out a yell and hiss. I worked on it for a bit and he reached down, grabbed me under my armpits and lifted me up until our mouths were even. He gave me such a gentle sweet kiss and I outlined his lips with my tongue. That seemed to be the welcome wagon he wanted as he pushed his long fat tongue into my mouth and explored the whole thing, moving his tongue in and out and around like he was fucking my mouth with it. He also was sliding my body held tight against his up and down, making my cock super hard again as it was pressed against his abs. I was sure I was going to pass out. He then shocked the shit out of me when he lifted me up, latched his teeth on the band of my shorts and pulled them down, making my cock smack against the side of his face. Before I could react, he had my cock and balls inside of his mouth and his tongue was going wild on them. I jerked the top of my body back and let out such a yell, it kind of scared him.

"You okay baby?" Steve asked looking up at my face.

"Oh damn yeah I'm okay, more then okay," I gasped.

He laughed and sucked my cock and balls back into his mouth. I reached down and grabbed on to his head. I yelled to him I was going to cum and his tongue and mouth just went wilder then before. I felt like my insides were being pulled out of me as he sucked my cum completely out of me while he made this "mmmmmmm" sound which also drove me insane. I went completely limp. Steve slowly lowered me down and wrapped his arms tight around my body and began to really make out with me, sharing my cum with me. Damn, I never did that and it was so damn hot and sexy for some reason Shit, I never did ANY of this before. I finally did manage to wrap my arms around his neck and do my best to join in the make out session.

I have to tell you I never did anything like this in my life, so you're going to have to direct me so I can make you feel good,” I admitted.

"Ain't a problem. You taste real good baby," Steve growled. "That's just the beginning, we got all night and I like to cum more then once or twice, so you're in for one hell of a ride now."

"Yes please," was all I managed to blurt out which made Steve crack up.

He lowered me and told me to suck and bite on his nipples which I did, making him moan and swear. He told me not to be gentle, but to go for it, so I tried my best. He moved to one of the chairs and set me down kneeling on it so it was easier for me to get to work on his cock and balls. He held the base of his cock and guided my face to it. I got the head and just a small part of his cock inside my mouth and did my best to worship it with my tongue and mouth. He started to slowly jerk his cock up and down, making his precum spill into my mouth on my tongue. I loved the taste of it which surprised me. I never imagined or got that having man sex would be this intense and powerful from some videos I watched. He put his hand on top of my head and he pulled his cock away from me by moving his lower body backward. He bent down and fucked my mouth with his tongue again and I did my best to help out. Then he kind of shocked me by turning around and pushing his ass into my face. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do at first.

"Use your tongue and lips baby, it makes me wild when I get rimmed," Steve growled.

I started slowly, and he obviously wanted more as he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed my face into his ass cheeks.

"Take hold of those hard ass cheeks and spread em," he ordered and I obeyed.

When my tongue and lips started to work on his rosebud, he started to swear like he was super pissed. I was thrilled when he also started growling and groaning as he moved his ass up and down, side to side while my tongue and lips did their thing.

"Push that tongue inside of me, make me know how much you want to please me," Steve growled.

I wasn't quite sure but figured what the hell, like I could stop him even if I wanted to. Not that it didn't feel great, just wasn't sure about my tongue in another guys ass. Surprisingly, there was no bad smell or taste. Just a musky type smell and a taste that was hard to describe. His reaction took all thoughts of that away as he really went wild, pushing his ass harder back and forth like my tongue was a cock in his ass.

"Squeeze those hard ass cheeks and pull my balls down tight," Steve ordered and I obeyed. "Yeah baby, now you got it."

My tongue was starting to get sore just when Steve moved away, turned around, roughly lifted me up in his arms and fucked the hell out of my mouth with his tongue, his breathing hard and almost wild. I kind of got the feeling Steve really liked his ass played with. He then moved me up and began to ravage my pecs and nipples. At first it hurt but then the sensations seemed to start going right down to my cock. He spun me around, flopped my body over the back of the chair and pulled my ass cheeks apart really far enough to actually scare me. Before I could say a word, his mouth and tongue were doing some awfully magical and wild stuff to my ass. I even got thrilled when he bit into my ass cheeks, slapped his hands hard on to them and squeezed, moving them around like they were some controller on a video game. When his tongue started to push inside of me, I gasped, my head and shoulders shot up and I screamed out. It was a shock and a feeling that I quickly liked. Damn he could push that monster tongue in deep and move it around. It was like the tip of his tongue was on some sort of hinge or something. He had it deep and then started to pull it out and force it back in while playing hard with my ass cheeks. I felt his body move up against mine and his mouth was working on my ears and neck, distracting me enough so I didn't notice at first a finger inside of my ass. That was unreal as it went in deeper then his tongue and moved around wildly like he was looking for something he lost. Then, he knew he found it when my body jerked, I gasped and moaned. He found my prostrate and began to rub it and poke it. I almost died right then and there. I never noticed another finger going in and moving around, it all felt so damn good. He could have put his whole hand in there for all I cared now as the feelings were driving me insane. The thought was screaming in my head that I wanted him to take me, make me his bitch, use me anyway he wanted. When he had his third finger in me, I actually began blurting that out between screams, moans and pants.

"You want me to take you baby, make you mine?" Steve growled in my ear as his tongue worked in and round it.

"Yes, please Steve, take me, make me yours," I panted and gasped.

I felt he was doing something with his other hand and his cock but I couldn't tell what, like I cared. Then I felt something very big, thick and slimy pushing at my ass. He had his cock super slicked up and was moving it up and down my ass crack. Then, he didn't just push it straight in, but moved in for a bottom attack, somehow able to push the head of his cock in before my rosebud knew what happened. I vaguely remember my doctor doing that when he examined me. He didn't move, just ravaged my neck and ears and shoulders which he sucked on, licked and bit. Then he moved more inside as my ass seemed to relax. It started to burn and hurt some, then he made it to my prostate with the rim of the head of his cock; forget any pain or burning, I grunted and started to rock up and down his cock, massaging my prostrate on my own.

"That's it baby, my tight baby, Steve is making you his, all his now," Steve growled.

That thrilled me to no end. My wildest dreams were coming true, even if it ended up just being for tonight, I didn't care. This was an experience of a lifetime. He slowly kept rocking his body, holding mine tight with his forearm across my waist and his fingers latched on to my hip bone. He was in control and no matter how hard I tried to push back, he decided, not me and I knew it somehow. I finally felt the itchy, tickling of his pubes against my ass cheeks, telling me that monster cock was completely inside of me. My intestines and muscles were flexing, tightening around his cock and releasing, something I didn't realize they could do. My rosebud for sure was going crazy, clamping tight as his cock moved with his breathing. Then he slowly started moving his hips forward and back, slowly, deliberately, his arm still latched on to my body. He moaned and groaned and started his streak of swearing again, telling me how fucking tight I was. I felt him put some more lube I think on his cock as it helped to slide it easier. Slowly but surely, Steve increased his tempo adding a circling and side to side movement along with the slow deep thrusts and pulling out just so the head of his cock was inside of me. Then he shocked the hell out of me when his one hand moved up and took hold of my throat and the other had my cock and balls in a tight grip and he straightened up his body. I really felt his cock inside of me as I was upright, my back against his chest and abs. He started to slowly bounce me with his hips so my body would come up on his cock and then slide back down. It was unreal. He was standing upright, holding me like a rag doll against him, fucking me. He moved his hand from my throat now and again, latched on to my jaw, turned my head and fucked my mouth with his tongue. I couldn't believe the feelings I was having. My cock was rock hard and precum was oozing out. Once in awhile, the hand latched onto my cock and balls would slow stroke my cock, spreading my precum all over my cock. He had the damnedest way of holding on to my cock in that big hand so it barely felt like anything was around it. When I started panting like I was going to cum, his hand moved back over my balls and the base of my cock and squeezed stopping me from cumming. He squeezed them until I calmed down, and then he started doing it all over again.

Steve eventually laid down on the sofa with me sitting on top of his crotch, his cock firmly embedded inside of me. He put his hands behind his neck, smiled at me and began to flex his biceps and pecs. I automatically began to move my body up and down his cock, riding him for all I was worth as my hands played with his pecs and biceps. He'd pull his head up and grab the back of my neck to kiss me and bite my chin before going back to his show, just for me. He then moved us around so I was on my back and he was on top, his body up and one leg bent with his foot resting on the sofa cushion, next to my side. He lifted my legs on to his shoulders and latched on to my thighs. Then, Steve was like a piston engine, slamming his cock in and out of me. He'd stop, go slower then full speed ahead. He had his eyes closed and his head back, his face towards the ceiling. His breathing got heavier and harder. He then looked at me, slid his arms under my back and lifted me up off the sofa, hard jerked his cock in and out before he squeezed me so tight in his arms I was sure he'd break my back. I felt the blast of his hot cum shooting inside of me as I heard him scream out and yell. Without him holding my cock tight, that did it for me, I shot my cum all up and down his abs and chest. I was amazed at how much cum he was shooting inside of me and how long his orgasm was lasting. Finally, he let me loose a bit, laughed, kissed me a number of times and hugged me tight to his body.

"You belong to me now baby, just me," Steve growled. "I am going to take good care of my baby's needs from now on."

I was stunned. This was some sort of ownership ritual he did in which he staked out a claim of ownership on me. It seemed so barbaric and manly, sexy as hell. I wasn't sure how to react but my body was in pleasure overdrive, parts of me feeling tingly and jumpy nice that I never knew could feel that way. It was also amazing to feel his cock still hard, still deep inside of me.

"I belong to you now," I somehow managed to whisper out as I was licking and nibbling on his ear.

Steve yelled out a 'whoo hoo', held me super tight and then ravaged my mouth again with his tongue.

"You like how your man did you good?" Steve said.

"No, I loved it," I laughed. "So you're my man now? This wasn't just a one night stand?"

"Hell no, Pete baby," Steve said seriously as he latched on to my shoulders and moved me back so his face was right at my face. "You did something to me that made me feel special, a real man and sexy as hell. I caught on to how you looked at me from the minute I got out of the truck. All damn day you just about drooled. I know you just listened to me rattle on about shit just so you could be there, staring at every move of every one of my muscles. You have no idea what a compliment that is to me. Its not the same with a broad as it is with a man, not that I've had a bunch. You gave me this super great feeling and like a jingle in my stomach every time I saw you staring at me. Plus, it got to be so easy to talk with you which made me feel so damn comfortable. No, this ain't no one night stand, unless of course you want it to be."

"Hell no, get that thought out of your sexy, hot head," I said quickly. "I've dreamed of this all my life just about, with someone just like you. Well, none of the details and certainly nothing close to what you and I actually did. You are my dream man. Besides that, I like you. Your personality is great and I'm super comfortable around you too. I feel safe and protected for some reason with you which is also something new for me."

"That's good then cause I really want to spend more time with you if you'll let me," Steve said with a serious look on his face. "I know I'm not in the same league as you but still, I really want to try and make us work."

"Not in the same league as me? Damn, talk about having it all ass backwards," I laughed. "I'm not in the same league as you Steve. So I worked doing useless shit that made me and others money. Like that's a big deal accomplishment. You have a trade, obviously worked your body hard and have the personality of a gentle bear. Yeah, I'm the one not in your league, not the other way around."

"See, there you go, making me feel all good and stuff," Steve laughed kissing me. "Never happened like that before, Never been told I made anyone feel safe and protected either."

"I can't believe anyone would just let you out of their lives, even if you fart and snore," I laughed.

"Well, sometimes both, but I don't mean nothing by it," Steve said with this adorable puppy look on his face. "Besides, you ain't gonna tell me you don't do both!"

"No, I ain't gonna tell you that," I laughed. "Just blows my mind someone like you even looked at someone like me."

"Why? You are pretty damn good looking Pete," Steve said seriously. "Don't put yourself down."

"Yes sir, sorry sir," I said seriously.

"Oh, you into S&M stuff?" Steve said raising his eyebrows.

"NO! I couldn't do that at all," I said seriously with big eyes. "Just not part of my nature at all."

"Well, okay then, I'll forget that thought," Steve said looking sad.

"Wait, you're into that stuff?" I said holding his head in my hands, squeezing my ass on his cock.

"Nawh, just kidding you," Steve laughed. "Wouldn't know the first thing about it myself other then what I've seen in movies and on the net."

"Thank god for that," I said letting out a long sigh.

"Maybe we might get bored with the regular stuff and want to try it?" Steve said.

"Not on your life bud," I said quickly. "Course something tells me you would be able to easily convince me to do just about anything to please you. That's become something very important to me."

Steve smiled and put his hands on my sides as he kissed me then began to slowly lift me and let me slide back down. That was wild to say the least. We went through a number of repeats of before and then he spun me around on his cock, got us on the floor and he was fucking me doggy style. That was so wild, like animalistic wild. I was sure his cock was going to push out of my throat for sure. I grabbed on to his forearms and held on for dear life as he went bonkers. He lifted up so he had his feet on the floor and his knees against my sides. That was unreal. Then he spun me around, had my shoulders on the ground, my ass up in the air and my feet next to my head while he stared at me and fucked me. Then he moved to the floor, spooned behind me, pulled up my leg and was slow fucking me from behind, his other arm under my shoulders and neck and he stared at me while he fucked and kissed me, even somehow getting his mouth on my pecs and nipples. He finished up by moving in between my legs pulling my hips so my ass moved up over his thighs, leaned down and was right over me, his pecs almost in my face and his arms on the sides of my head. I couldn't grab enough of him for some reason. When he laid down on top of me and had me in his arms tight, I tried to cum but there was nothing left to shoot out. He screamed in my ear as he squeezed me so very tight and I felt his cum shooting inside of me. Again, I am amazed at how much he can shoot off, even after shooting off a few large loads already. This time, when he calmed down, he seemed to just collapse on top of me, trying hard to slow down his breathing and stop panting. I felt a lot of his weight on top of me, luckily he held some of it off of me with his elbows and knees. Damn I felt so secure and wanted. Hey, slow down Pete, don't push it farther then it has gone already. You just met this god and there will be all sorts of time you will spend with him, pleasing him any way you can.

After another sexy, slow make out session, he stood up, holding me against him, still impaled on his cock. He walked us into the bathroom and turned on the shower, stepping into it, letting the water from all those jets spray all over our bodies.

Uh, it would be a bit easier to wash up if I wasn't skewered on your weapon,” I laughed as I kissed him and hugged him tight.

Yeah, I suppose, but I am trying to make up my mind on that. Do I want to let you go or just keep you attached,” Steve growled.

Oh, I'm sure that'll go over big with your customers,” I said seriously. “Oh yeah, we called Steve out and you know he's bringing that other guy that's stuck on him too!”

Steve laughed and smacked me on my ass. He slowly slid me off of his cock which was just so unreal a feeling. He kissed me and lowered me to the ground. I reached around, soaped him up and made him turn around so I could wash his back. When he turned around again, damn if his cock wasn't all hard again. I couldn't help myself and knelt down, yanking on his balls and sucking in the head of his cock. He moaned and groaned and growled with pleasure which made me feel proud. He bent down, pulled me up and held me against him as he shut the shower off, walked over the jacuzzi and got us in it.

How do you turn this puppy on?” Steve asked looking around for a switch.

Here, turn around to your left and I'll point it out to you,” I said chewing on his chin.

He pushed the on button and sat down, adjusted some jets and then without warning, slid his cock fully inside of me again. I gasped, yelled and grabbed on to his arms so tight I'm surprised I didn't leave marks. He stretched out his legs and body with his hands behind his legs. I told him to put his knees up and when he did, I leaned back, moving my feet on the sides of his chest. I began to slowly slide up and down his cock, squeezing my rosebud tight on the up stroke. Steve had this super sexy smile on his face, his eyes partially closed but he was looking at me the whole time.

Damn you can make me feel so good,” Steve growled.

Likewise hot stuff,” I said as sexy as I could.

Steve easily bent down, latched his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me into a passionate kiss. He laid back down with a smile on his face, obviously content and I continued my slow movement up and down. Then after awhile, suddenly Steve flipped us around, set me up so I was on my hands and knees and he latched on to my chest and abs with his arms, his thighs on the outside of my thighs. I had to grab on to the side of the jacuzzi in front of me to hold my head and chest up. He started to jerk fuck me like, alternating between long slow movements and then piston ram rod ones that took my breath away. He flipped on his side and wrapped his legs around my legs, his arms wrapped around me tight and screamed and swore as I felt his huge loads of cum filling my insides again. He even bit me on my shoulder and while that was happening, my body jerked wildly and I had another orgasm. I was totally drained and exhausted. In one night, I've had more sex then I've had my entire life, me and my right hand not figuring into the equation. Steve had his face on the side of mine. I was feeling and hearing every pant and breath he was taking and that growling of his gave me shivers. If I closed my eyes, I could see me being fucked by a horny bear in the wild. So damn hot.

Finally, Steve stood up, turned off the jacuzzi and let me down off of his cock. I turned around and grabbed it in my hand, I had to see that weapon. I saw it was leaking some cum and I knelt down, sucked in the head of his cock and let my tongue and mouth work on it to get out every last drop of his cum.

Ahhhhhh fuck,” Steve yelled as his hands latched on to the back of my head and he pushed my head so more of his cock pushed inside my mouth.

I swore he had another orgasm as my mouth and throat were suddenly filled with his cum. I was swallowing like a mad man, moaning and groaning as he jerked, swore and yelled. For the first time I ever had my mouth filled with cum, it was so damn good. I loved the taste of his cum and knew I'd have to do this as often as he'd let me. I didn't push myself back from him until I didn't feel anything more coming out of his cock. It drooled out of my mouth while he was flooding my mouth and throat and my lips, chin and neck were covered in a nice layer of his thick cum. Steve was looking down at me when I moved off of his cock. He reached down and pulled me up off the floor, up against his body and licked my face, neck and upper chest of his cum and then we made out again, him sharing his cum that his licked from my face. He held me close, one hand on my ass and the other on the middle of my back, holding me so tight to his body, mine got chills as I felt his body moving with his breathing and his hair was rubbing against me. Finally, he let me down and I got some bath sheets, dried him off and he dried me off.

How about we hit the bed for awhile,” I said exhausted.

You got it baby,” Steve said as he lifted me up in his arms like I was a damsel being rescued.

He walked us into the master bedroom, pulled down the sheet with one hand and carefully got into the bed before he moved me down on to the bed. He kissed me and wrapped one arm under my head and pulled me into his body, he spooned behind me. All I could manage was a long, deep sigh and I was out, sound asleep. I woke up during the night moaning as I had a hard on and Steve was jerking my cock for me. As soon as I shot off my load, I wiggled my ass against his body and passed out again. As I was passing out, I thought that every bed should come with a Steve. Yeah, I was delirious.

Things went like that day after day, me waiting for Steve to come home after a job and me doing my best to get him all comfy and clean. I spent one week at his house and he spent one at mine. We did that for just about a year, becoming very close and sharing everything with each other. Finally, Steve was the one who said it was dumb to keep going from one house to another and said he was going to sell his if I wanted him too. I was surprised, but it did make sense since mine was bigger, I had more land and I did have that killer master bath setup. So, he and I moved all of his things into my house, well now our house and my life got really better. I don't think I could want for any more attention then Steve gave me and I felt needed and wanted for the first time. Yeah, thank god for a broken air conditioning unit.