M3 and the Boys….


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How I get roped into this crap is beyond me. Well, actually, no, I do know how. When Jer or Billy come up with some super great trip idea, I can't say no to either of them, yet alone both of them. My name is Kevin.

I'm the oldest of our little group at 55. I'm around 5'11" tall, not really all that overweight at 210, smooth, used to have red hair but now its kind of auburn I guess. Jer is related to Adonis I think. He stands around 6'8", 280 lbs., of muscle popping, hairy dream.

Billy, well, Billy he's around 6'2", 220 lbs., of super furry muscle, gained from hard, hard work. He did some work for me when he needed help and I gladly did what I could. Well, gladly, yeah. I am gay, single and have this out of control desire for BIG and HAIRY. Not that I'd know what the hell to do with all that, but its always been my fantasy. Billy disappeared for 3 years and I thought I'd never see him again. He had to catch on how much I wanted to service him just by the way I looked at him whenever he would talk to me. He stopped over a year ago and said he was homeless and wondered if I could let him sleep at my house. I had a 4 bedroom house with just me in it, so I figured what the hell. He put on a good amount of muscle while gone and I found out he was working all the crap jobs in construction just to be able to eat and have something left over. He lugged concrete bags, cinder blocks, wood, you name it. I felt to bad for Billy but didn't hesitate to pull him into the house and take him to what he could consider his room. I thought he'd crush my ribs he hugged me so hard while he cried which made me do the same thing. His parents thought he was a free loader and didn't want him to cramp their new lifestyle with his father being retired. Lots of burnt bridges there but that's the past. Billy and I had loads of conversations and eventually he asked if I liked the way he looked. I choked and felt I had to be honest. I told him my age old fantasy about hairy guys and even though he was younger then me, I loved watching him. He blushed and said he thought that but wasn't sure and didn't want to offend me so he just let it go, feeling kind of good when he saw me looking at him with a silly smile on my face. He stood up one night, wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me so damn sweet. He had his shirt open and took my hand to it, moving my hand around so I could feel his pecs and hairy body. He laughed as I moaned and groaned. I couldn't help myself and asked him if I could do what I've wanted to do since the day I first met him. He said I could do anything I wanted. So, I licked, kissed and nibbled my way from his neck to his crotch, getting his gym shorts down on the way, happy as hell he went commando. I worshiped his cock and balls and then to his complete shock, his ass. I wouldn't let him pull his cock out of my mouth when he was cumming, which blew his mind I guess. I was happy I finally got to do that. Well, Billy really liked that and it became an almost daily ritual. He slept with me in my bed, spooning me or moving my hand up and down his naked hairy body as we talked. I made it clear to Billy that he wasn't committed to anything and was a totally free agent, welcome to stay living with me for as long as he wanted to, no strings attached.

Jer I met at a party I was dragged to by some other friends that I really didn't feel like going. I seem to have this really hard time getting the word "no" out of my mouth. Anyway, it was a very lavish affair, celebrating the 20th anniversary of a gay couple who I met when I belonged to a social club. Jer was one of the "waiters", walking around carrying a silver tray, a very skimpy speedos that what all shiny and a formal looking collar and bow tie around his neck. Damn, they even had super shiny slip ons for the waiters to wear on their feet. It was pretty hard not to notice Jer. The other waiters were hot, just not all that hairy if at all and not as developed and tall. To say Jer was developed just doesn't seem to get across the idea that he was a heart melt-er and not from earth. I swear when I first saw him walking around, he'd turn a certain way with this you just died smile with a sparkle of light beaming out. I know I made an ass out of myself frozen in place, mouth dropped, eyes popping out and wide as I could get them, zeroed in on Jer. He finished joking with someone and looked right at me. He really put on the you are gonna die now smile which got my heart pounding and I even started to sweat. He slowly made his was up to me, seemed to me he was flexing parts of his body on purpose just so I would get a really good show. He came right up to me, his body up against mine, my face in just below his pecs and I couldn't stop moaning and panting. He put the tray down, wrapped his arms around me and laughed.

"Hey, calm down. You are going to give yourself a heart attack or stroke if you keep that up," Jer laughed. "Nothing super special here, honest. Just a guy trying to make extra money on the side so I can get some nice things and eat. Relax, calm down please. Tell you what, you calm down, close your mouth and get your eyes back to normal and I'll give you something nice, okay?"

All I could do was moan and shake my head. Jer let go of me, picked up his tray and took my hand in his free hand and took me into the kitchen and then out to the yard. He put the tray down and grabbed hold of my shoulders.

"Okay, now, mouth closed, eyes normal and slow breathing," Jer said in a you just melted voice, deep, gravely and sexy. "Come on, you can do it, deep breath, in and out. That's it nice and slow. Okay, close the eyes and mouth, there yah go. Deep deep breaths, nice and slow."

I kind of felt like he was just waiting for the paramedics to arrive. I stopped sweating and my breathing did get back to normal.

"Now, what was that all about?" Jer asked, picking my head up with a finger under my chin.

"I'm sorry, I'm such a dumb ass. Its just when I saw you, I thought I died. You are the image I've had in my mind for as long as I can remember of my perfect man," I said trying hard to put my head back down.

"Oh wow, that's a super compliment," Jer said with that damn killer smile.

"I hope you aren't offended. I hate for you to think badly of me. Its was just such a shock to see my dream image standing there, smiling and talking," I said starting to shake; I wanted to cry I felt so stupid.

"Hey, hey, now none of that," Jer said as he used his finger to push away tears that started falling down my cheeks. "There is nothing wrong with what you did or how you felt. Personally I think its neat that you felt so taken by me. Most men just get this lecherous look and make all these suggestive movements letting me know they want sex. I'm a piece of meat that they want to put a notch on some board they have that they had me. I didn't see that in you at all. You did scare the crap out of me. I really thought you were heading for a heart attack or stroke."

"I'm so sorry, please forgive me for being such an ass," I said with pleading eyes and my hand on his hand holding my chin up.

"You know, you keep that up and I think I'm gonna have to flip you over my knee and give you a good spanking even though you are older then me," Jer smiled.

"Yeah, an old lecherous lonely fart who has nothing special to offer a guy," I said tears flowing again.

"Damn, I am so sorry I said you are older then me. I didn't mean anything bad by that, honest," Jer said hugging me. "Its okay, if you want to touch me I promise, I won't hit you."

He pushed me away from him slightly, gave me that killer smile and flexed his bicep for me. He couldn't get over how big my eyes got and how fast my mouth just fell open again. Jer laughed and then put his hand behind my head and stooped down as he whispered "kiss it." I turned into a robot, doing whatever Jer said for me to do. I kissed and licked his biceps, forearms, shoulders, pecs, abs, thighs and calves. He even turned around and had me play with his ass cheeks and kiss them too. I swear, death was just waiting for me to turn around. I was ready now. Jer pulled me up and kissed me on my nose.

"There, see, no big deal," Jer smiled and hugged me tight. "You have no idea how cute you look when you are going into shock."

"Cute, yeah," I mumbled not able to take my eyes off of his chest.

"Okay, I have to get back to work now, but I'd really like to have a chance to talk with you after this is over with," Jer said holding on to my shoulders. "Maybe we can grab some coffee?"

"Coffee, sure," I mumbled again.

Jer laughed and kissed me on my forehead. He repeated what he said about meeting after the party and made me repeat it. He spun me around and slapped my ass as I walked like a zombie back inside, his hand steering me to the right door.

"Where the hell have you been?" my one friend asked.

"Well, I just was part of a miracle and went into heaven and touched a god," I mumbled.

"Oh shit, did you get a hit of some drug?" my friend said worried.

I snapped out of it and made a dash to the bar. I needed a drink now, a really big drink. My friend went with me and kept asking me all sorts of questions.

"No, I did not take any drugs and you of all people should know that I would never do that," I snapped. "I'm fine, just had a very long panic attack is all."

"What did you panic about?" my friend asked.

I saw Jer come out of the kitchen with stuff on his tray. I spun my friend around and just said "look." I swear he had to repeat "oh my god" at least 50 times before I smacked him on the side of his head.

"There, does that answer all your questions?" I said with a laugh. "Yes, I was taken out to the yard with him and he made me kiss just about every muscle he has. He hugged me, gave me some very sweet kisses on my head and nose, smacked my ass and got me calmed down. Oh, and after this party, we are going out for coffee to just talk."

"OH MY GOD!" litany started up again.

"Okay, you have to stop that now and stop starring at him like he was a piece of beef," I said moving in front of my friend. "Lets go over that way and say hey to the other guys from the social group. Now lets move."

After the party, I felt like an idiot being like the only one of the guests sitting in his car. I was just about to start up the car and drive off when Jer bounded down the stairs and walkway, waved like a nut and I could see his teeth shining clearly. He had on a sweat hoody and gym shorts, gym shoes and a baseball cap.

"Hey there, didn't think you would actually be out here," Jer said as he made it up to my window.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I can just leave then," I said with a sad smile.

"Hell no, I just thought you would blow me off and head home," Jer said. "Tell you what, that's my car over there, the banged up one. You follow me and I'll get us to the coffee shop, deal?"

"Deal," I said with a much better smile.

I followed Jer to a really neat old fashioned coffee house. He moved me to a table, asked me what I wanted and then sat across from me with his knees alongside my thighs. Man did we talk. Jer was so happy to be able to actually just talk to somebody without any expectation of sex as a payoff. He was so funny as he went on this long explanation that he didn't mean he wouldn't have sex with me but that it seemed I wasn't looking for it, well, he didn't think I was and on and on he went, cracking me up. We went through our entire lives just about and he kept saying how much he loved my smile, the way my eyes lit up when he talked and how cute I looked having a panic attack. Well, that one night turned into a regular thing at least 3 times a week, often on weekends after he got off work and sometimes on a daily basis when he felt the need. I told him he was welcome to come to my house instead of us meeting at a coffee house which he eventually said he thought that was super nice of me and agreed. It got to the point where Jer would just pop in and yell to see where I was, grab something to drink and sit at the kitchen table talking away. I had him over for a number of dinners and blew him away with them. He was amazed I could cook pretty damn good and said he hadn't eaten like that since he left home. It was always an easy visit, just like a kid coming home from school or needing his laundry done and a meal. I liked it. One night, Jer actually scared the hell out of me. He helped me with dishes putting them in the dishwasher as I rinsed them off. He waited until I shut off the water, moved behind me and wrapped his arms around me, pulling my back into his body. He bent down, kissed and licked my ear and whispered he stop if I wanted him to. All I could do was moan. He easily turned me around, lifted up by my hips and sat me down on the island counter top. He started to kiss me so soft and sweet. I told him over and over that he didn't have to do it but he kept telling me he wanted to and he would stop if I told him to stop. I never knew making out on a counter top could be so damn sexy and thrilling. I kept trying hard to catch my breath. Jer nibbled on my ear as he whispered in his deep voice that he wanted more. I moved his upper body away from me and stared into his eyes. He had this look of need and desire on his face and I figured it wasn't cause he felt he had to. We made it to my bedroom and before I could do anything, he had me locked in his arms, making out like we were running out of time and took all my clothes off. For some reason, I kept my hands on his neck, face and shoulders, not touching any other part of his body. I was really into Jer, not the body of Jer now. He lifted me up and gently sat me on the bed, moved slightly away from me and without taking his eyes off of mine, began a super slow strip and flexing show. My eyes did that wide wide open thing along with my mouth and I was panting not breathing. He smiled watching me watch every move he made. I just about choked to death when he took off his sweat pants and I saw his cock and balls. They were so huge. His cock was fat, long and his cock head was the biggest I'd seen, in the videos of course. His balls were hanging down, one higher then the other and had to be the size of plums. He asked me if I liked them and I just mumbled something which made him laugh. He came close to me, bent down, kissed me so passionately and told me it was all mine, all of it. I was in a panic and couldn't decide what I should do first. Jer saw my panic, took charge and moved me through what he liked and eventually he found out what I liked. He eventually was up on the bed, his body stretched over mine held up by his arms, his cock at my lips and his balls straddling my neck. He ended up fucking my mouth and I emptied him in spite of his protests, well at first. Then, how I can't figure out, but he fucked me, cumming inside of me at least 3 times. He was a real lover I can say, not stopping with his lips and tongue until I told him I couldn't handle any more. He wrapped his body around me, holding me tight against his body as he laid on his side and we slept just like that all night. Before he left for work in the morning, he pulled me into the shower with him and wanted to fuck me again. Who was I to hinder him on his mission to fulfill his needs. I thought for sure he was going to choke me to death with his tongue when he was shooting his cum deep inside of me. He let me go and make coffee and some toast for us and we talked over our breakfast. He got up to leave, walked up behind me, wrapped me in his arms and kissed me, then licked and kissed my ear as he whispered he wanted more tonight if I would let him. So, Jer was just about a daily comforter in my bed. When Billy showed up, he and Jer got along great. Billy wanted to know if he should move out and not take his pleasure with me and Jer told him it was okay as long as he didn't do anything to hurt me. Life was now something else to put it mildly.

So, after all that, I move on!!! We were going to a cabin Billy knew about and found out we could rent it for a week really cheap. It was somewhere in the Ozarks and that was an easy 5-6 hour drive from my house. We left super early in the morning so we would be there way before dark. We stopped in the town that was super close by and picked up a whole bunch of stuff that we didn't already have, just in case. We met the local sheriff who was a really nice guy, very much on the older hunky side, brawny, tall, a building hard belly and hair popping out from the top of his collar. He wanted to know where we were staying and when he found out, he gave us some ideas about what we should have with just in case. I was really starting to wonder about this trip with all the "just in case" I was starting to hear. Jer saw my look of concern and laughed, telling the sheriff that now I was going to be paranoid after hearing what he said. They all looked at me and laughed real hard. I huffed and walked into a store pretending to be looking at something. Jer and Billy came in and one was on one side of me and the other on the opposite side. They reached out and grabbed on to each other, squeezing me in between them, telling me in an almost baby talk manner that I shouldn't be mad or scared, they'd take good care of me. The clerk in the store cracked up and looked at me like I was senile or something. I just huffed and said "Kids" as I walked out.

It was a super beautiful drive to the cabin which was down a dirt road that was winding back and forth. The cabin looked like something out of a horror movie to me, but had lots of character I had to say. Billy was super excited and he got Jer wound up. They were like 2 teenagers let loose for a school bus prison. I laughed, opened the door and took a look around. It was a bit dusty and unused, but cute, kind of bigger then it looked and seemed to have lots of dishes and pots and pans, all over the kitchen. The bathroom was big and clean as was the main bedroom with a king sized bed. Okay, I was happy, it had running water, normal kitchen appliances, a gas stove and a gas space heater. I started to unload the SUV and the 2 of them finally decided to take care of putting things inside before they went back to playing around. After we unpacked I asked them if they wanted me to make dinner or we could go back into town and try out a local restaurant. They voted for going into town convincing me that I was on vacation and was not to do all that stuff. They made me laugh over that. We headed into town and found a super nice little mom and pop restaurant that had a limited menu but the food smelled so good. We ended up with burgers, I had a really hard time getting even close to finishing mine. Boy, they were to die for. The boys finished theirs and mine, we had coffee and they split a piece of home made pie. It was starting to get dark and I wanted to be back at the cabin while there was enough light to see where the hell we were going. We headed back and made it to the road to the cabin. Jer was driving and suddenly slammed on the brake. There was this guy, in bib tops, long stringy hair, beard and old beat up boots, smiling at us as he waved and was walking towards the SUV.

"Howdy there folks," the guy said when he got to Jer's window. "You be stayin at the cabin?"

"Yep, we are here for the week," Jer said a bit nervous since the guy looked and sounded weird.

"Well then, be nice to know someon be around," the man said giving a really big smile, showing he was missing a number of teeth. "Say, no women folk?"

"Nope, just us, roughing it," Jer laughed.

"Uh huh, just you guys eh?" the man said with a strange look on his face.

"Well, be seein ya hall, sleep good," the man said giving Jer a salute as he backed away from the SUV.

"Who the hell was that and where did he come from?" I asked, still nervous.

"Looked like somebody livin in the woods around here I guess," Billy said. "Sure he didn't mean nothin."

"Yeah, seemed friendly enough," Jer said as he parked the SUV close to the cabin door.

"Well, make sure the door are locked and the SUV is secured. I just don't feel comfortable now," I said seriously.

"It's fine baby, relax," Jer said squeezing my thigh with his big hand.

"I didn't like the way he said 'uh huh' when you said it was just us boys," I said looking towards the road.

"Okay, in we go before you get all worked up over it," Jer said steering me into the cabin.

"Yeah, it'll be fine sugar plum, not to worry," Billy said giving me a hug once we were safely locked in the cabin.

So, we talked and goofed around some before taking a group shower and getting into bed. I was sandwiched in between Jer and Billy, a fur feast on each side of me. Jer's arms were long enough for him to rub Billy's body as I rubbed his and Billy rubbed mine. It got super hot in a very short time with me moaning and gasping as they were doing their thing to me and each other. Finally, Jer got this idea that while he was fucking me from behind on his side, Billy should fuck him. Billy didn't argue at all and I was surprised that Jer would let Billy fuck him. I thought Jer was a strict top, other then lips and tongue, that territory was off limits. God it was something else. I know Billy came in Jer at least 3 times and Jer filled me up 3 times before I passed out. Come morning, it seemed nobody moved all night. Jer was still rock hard inside of me and I had to guess Billy was rock hard inside of Jer. Billy started trouble again as he began to slow stroke his cock in and out of Jer's ass. Jer woke up and moaned, pulling me super tight into him as he began to slow stroke his cock in and out of my ass. Jer had his hand playing with my cock and balls. He filled his hand with saliva and really started messing around with my cock and balls. I came super easy and Jer just held on to my cock and balls as the fucking continued. Finally, Billy shouted out and I could feel his body jerking wildly and then Jer did the same. Both of them had super long orgasms. Jer pulled my head to the side and went nuts on my mouth with his lips and tongue. Billy moved out of Jer's ass, came around the bed and laid next to me, pulling in tight, his arm holding on to Jer's body. Jer moved over me and grabbed Billy's face and went crazy on his mouth. They went back and forth like that getting me like on every 3rd try. I didn't care. It felt so damn good and I was so happy they got along so well.

We finally got out of bed and I wanted coffee. The 2 of them hit the bathroom and I swear they sounded like 2 young kids messing around while taking a piss.

"If you miss the bowl, you clean it!" I yelled to them.

"Yes mom," the both of them yelled back.

"Smart asses," I yelled to them.

"Yes mom," they chimed back.

I cracked up. It felt good that both of them were letting go and having fun. By the time they came into the kitchen, I had coffee made and toast being made.

"So, what yah like to do today Kevin?" Billy asked me.

"Well, I'm not sure. Maybe take a nice walk around to see what's around the cabin? We could look around to see if there is a stream, river or lake around here. Be fun to swim in," I said thinking.

"Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. We can explore the wilderness all around us!" Jer said seriously.

I smacked him on the side of his head as I poured him some coffee. He and Billy thought that was so funny. When I came back to the table with the toast, Jer grabbed me and plopped me on his lap. I laughed but it did feel so damn good.

"You know, just to be a bit serious for a second, I have to tell you both how much you mean to me and how much you've made my life as close to heaven as I can imagine. Thank you both for giving me that," I said with a voice that began to get shaky.

"Hey, hey, baby, none of that tear stuff," Jer said squeezing me tight. "Its you who we thank for giving us a home and a family once again. You show us every day how much you care and believe me, I know I love it and I'm sure Billy does too."

"Yeah, damn right I do," Billy said taking my hand and kissing it. "If you hadn't taken me in, god knows where I'd be and what I'd be doing. You gave me hope and love and nobody can ever take that from me."

"Okay, we have to stop right now," I said balling my eyes out. "Time to leave the serious alone and go back to having fun."

"Amen to that," both of them laughed.

After finishing up the toast and coffee, Jer still holding on to me, stood up and headed for the bathroom.

"Shower time squirt," Jer yelled back to Billy.

"Squirt? Where did that come from?" I laughed.

"Well, he is shorter and smaller then me ain't he?" Jer said like it made sense.

"Well yeah, but squirt? Not shorty? or something like that," I said with a laugh.

"That's fine, I kinda like it myself," Billy chimed in. "Besides, it is something I really like doin if you catch my drift."

I thought I would piss myself I was laughing so hard. Jer was shaking me as he was laughing too. We all managed to share the shower, everyone washing the other. Jer and Billy put on some skimpy gym shorts and I put on my favorite cut off jeans which were raggedy and had the threads hanging long on the thighs, but they were so damn comfortable to wear I refused to part with them. We all had on hiking boots and loose T's along with back packs filled with bug spray, water, snack bars and I had first aid stuff along with wet ones. It was a gorgeous day out and the sun was coming through the thick bunch of trees so nice. We did find a stream and followed that for a short while and sure enough, there was a lake. It wasn't really big but it looked clean and the water wasn't super cold at all. Jer couldn't wait, stripped and took a flying dive into the lake. He finally came up and let out a loud woo hoo.

"You guys have to get in here," Jer said excitedly. "It is so great."

Billy didn't wait for another invite. He pulled off his clothes and boots so fast I almost missed it. He took a running leap and did a perfect cannon ball in front of Jer. There they went, messing around like 2 kids again. I made sure all their stuff was away from the water and in a nice pile. I undressed and slowly got into the lake. I had to admit, it felt really good. The bottom was all covered in stones so nothing mucky was sucking in your feet. It was deep enough for Jer to stand up and it was just below his head. Billy and I both had to move our hands and legs around to stay above the water. Jer told us to come to him. He wrapped one arm around Billy and the other around me, pulling us tight into his body. He kissed me hot and heavy and then Billy. Then Billy reached across Jer and pulled me into a hot kiss. Well, there it was started again. Jer told us both to jerk off against his body as he wanted to feel our hot cum pushing against his skin and floating down his body to the bottom of the lake. Kinky I thought. Billy pushed away from Jer's grip, went underwater and obviously took in a lot of Jer's cock as Jer's eyes got wide and he yelled out a loud animal like growl turned his face into mine and went wacko on my mouth. Billy would come up for air and then pop back down to take care of Jer's cock. When Billy came back up the 4th time, I suggested Jer lay back, Billy get between his legs and take care of business and I would keep Jer's face busy. That's just what we did. When Jer was going to cum, he bent his body in half, legs pushed tight together, pulling Billy almost completely up out of the water as his upper body went under the water and even then in between the bubbles coming up I could hear his loud yell and animal sound. Jer came back up, grabbed on to Billy's head and pulled him into a hot kiss. Jer asked him how he wanted to get taken care of and Billy said he wanted to fuck me. Jer smiled, pulled me to his front and started to slowly make out with me. Billy moved to my back and wrapped his arms around my waist as he started working on my neck and ears. I felt his cock head pushing against my rosebud and then slide in. Somehow it was much easier in the water and I also could feel his cock much better then before. It was all like in slow motion. Jer reached down one hand and started to work on my cock, using his fingers to move around Billy's cock as it pumped slowly in and out of me, pushing and pulling it side to side and further forward and backward. Damn that was wild for both me and Billy. I was quickly panting and moaning and then Jer's mouth covered mine as I shouted out as I came. I buried my face in his neck and held on so damn tight until the orgasm calmed down. That got Billy going and when he started to cum, Jer reached around me, latched on to Billy's ass cheeks and pulled him hard towards me, forcing Billy's cock even deeper inside of me. Billy went wild and latched his teeth on to my neck, biting, moaning and groaning like he was having a fit. It was almost too hot. I told them if they kept this up I'd be dead by Christmas. I got a stern lecture about saying that. Me dying was not an option to either of them and a subject to be avoided. It was really nice how after that conversation they became super tender and loving on me. It was amazing to me how these 2 macho muscle monsters could be so tender and loving. I was safe, protected and pleasured more then I could have ever imagined.

I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned to see what it was but there was nothing there. I didn't think much of it. I suggested we get out of the lake, dry off and go back to the cabin for lunch. They both agreed and said they were very hungry for some reason. I laughed at that one. We got out of the water, found a nice open grassy area and used our back packs as pillows so we could lay there and dry off. We didn't bring any towels but I knew next time I'd pack some. The sun dried us off super quick. We got dressed and headed back to the cabin. As we were walking along and talking, I swear I saw something move fast out of the corner of my eye. I told the guys and we all stopped walking so they could look all around us to see if they noticed anything. Billy finally said it could have been a deer since they are all around here. Jer agreed with him and put his arm around my shoulders, squeezed me into him and kissed me on my head. We started walking again and stopped dead in our tracks. There in front of us with that crazy missing teeth smile was the guy we saw on the dirt road the night before.

"Howdy guys," he said stomping towards us. "See you boys found the lake huh?"

"Yeah, sure was nice," Billy said with a smile.

"That's nice, glad you had a good time," the man said. "So where you headed about now?"

"Just going back to the cabin to make some lunch," I said.

"Lunch huh? So you fagger boys do lunch is it?" the man said with a suddenly serious face.

Before any of us could say a word, I heard a loud thud and Jer started to fall face forward to the ground, then another thud and Billy was doing the same thing. I was going to turn around and I felt a pain and everything went all black. When I woke up, we were in a strange area with lots of garbage strew about and the smell of something burning on a fire. I shook my head and tried to stand up, but discovered my legs and arms were tied up. I looked around as best I could and saw Jer was laying on his stomach, blood running from the back of his head, his arms tied behind his back with a rope tied from there around his neck. His lets were tied to a log that kept his legs spread apart. He wasn't moving at all. I heard Billy swearing up a storm and yelling at somebody. Then I heard someone walking up to me.

"Well no, ain't it nice, this one's come awake," the man said.

"Who the hell are you and what do you think you are doing?" I yelled.

"Oh, got some fire in this one too," the man laughed. "Well, I guess I'm your new owner like and this here is my home."

"Owner? What the hell are you talking about? You can't own anybody in the USA!" I said very angry.

"yah here dis one a here? Can't own nobody in USA he says," the man laughed talking to somebody I couldn't see.

Another guy came around a bend and was pulling a rope. Billy came into view, the rope being pulled around his neck and his wrists were tied to a log behind his back and neck. He had another log in between his legs that kept him from walking fast.

"OH man sugar plum, I sure am sorry I got us into this mess," Billy said as soon as he saw me.

"Billy, you alright?" I yelled trying to get up.

"Hey now sugar plum, don't get yourself all riled up now, the one guy who was talking with me said.

"Sugar plum is it? Mighty nice name for that one. I done seen him suckin up these boys cocks real good. Should try some I thin," the guy holding Billy laughed.

"Yeah, good thinkin," the man by me said.

They were both a bit dirty looking with the one by me wearing a raggedy shirt on, torn pants, old boots and no laces. The other guy was the one wearing the bib tops, no shirt, old boots and no laces. They were both a bit on the average size I thought even though you could see some definition on their pecs and they did have strong looking biceps and shoulders. The one with the bib tops had really veined arms and hands and his hands looked tough and weathered.

The guy by me pulled me up to a kneeling position, rubbed my face around his crotch and growled.

"No sugar plum, you listen how dis goes," he said. "You is gonna give me one ah dem blowy jobies and it better be good. Try anythin dumb and muscly boy there is gonna become a smoked ham and you'll be wearin his cock and balls for decoration. Got me?"

I shook my head nervously knowing this guy meant what he said and wouldn't think twice about doing just that to Jer. Billy started screaming at them, calling them all sorts of names.

"Its okay Billy, nothing bad happening, calm down," I yelled to him, trying to put a smile on my face.

"Hot damn, dis her one a be Billy huh?" the one holding on to the rope around Billy's neck. "Well, I kinda like the sound a that."

The one in front of me, untied the rope holding his pants up, let them fall down and started to rub his crotch around my face. He had a really fat cock, uncut, big head and super large balls. The smell coming from his crotch made me gag.

"Better be doin sometin quick sugar plum or else I gonna crank up the smoker," the man said pulling me hard by my hair.

I opened my mouth and tried to catch the tip of his cock head as he rubbed it back and forth. He finally got the message and held his cock right up against my lips. I began to circle his cock head with my tongue, push the tip of my tongue against his piss slit and suck in his precum which started to flow good as his cock got hard. What his cock lacked in length, thank god, he made up for in width. It was formidable for sure. He gasped and swore when I managed to push back his foreskin and get most of the head of his cock into my mouth and my tongue began circling around it as best I could. It had my mouth stretched out super far and I began to worry that he'd rip my mouth apart if he went super wild fucking my mouth. Well, real quick, he swore, jerked and pushed the back of my head into his crotch. His cum shot into my throat the blast was that strong. It started coming like a tidal wave, more and more. I couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up with it. It shot out of my mouth around his cock, sticking to his pubes, on his balls and on my face.

"Hot damn, that is sometin else," he yelled. "You done good sugar plum, real good."

"I gotta try some a dat," the other guy said as he kicked Billy behind his knees making him go down into a kneeling position real hard and fast.

The guy with the bib tops, unhooked the straps on his shoulders holding them up and let them fall down. His body was a bit different, solid with veins popping on his chest, abs, arms and legs. He was a bit stockier then the other guy, had lots of hair on his body, shoulders, back, ass, arms and legs, his cock was long but not as fat. His balls hung low and were very large. His thigh muscles moved forcefully as he walked towards me. This guy was probably a bit more powerful then the guy that I just sucked off, but then again all I saw was his cock really. Before he reached me, his cock was hard and dripping precum.

"Git er dun sugar plum," he laughed. "I dun made a rhyme Earl."

So the guy that was by me is Earl.

"Justin yahall wait Boe, yous gonna do more then ryhmin," Earl laughed. "Do him real good sugar plum an maybe I'll be nice and untie yah hans."

Boe pushed Earl to the side so he could get right in front of my face. He took a bunch full of my hair and proceeded to rub his cock all around my face. I couldn't get a good move in to lick his cock head so instead I went for his balls, sucking in one and rolling it around in my mouth with my tongue.

"Hot damn, looky here," Boe yelled out. "Yeah sugar plum, do da fagger ting on me."

I really wanted to bit his balls off, but knew better. He finally stopped moving his cock around enough for me to take in the head of his cock and let my tongue and lips work on it. He hissed, swore and yelled. I deep throated him a bit and I thought his knees would buckle. He latched on to my hair with both hands and banged my face into his crotch, making me gag. He started shooting his cum down my throat and then when he let me move his cock from my throat, filled my mouth just like his friend or brother. I was guessing brothers with Earl being the older of the 2. When Boe was finished shooting out his cum, his legs did buckle and he fell down on his ass, yelling and laughing like a goof.

"Told yah didn I?" Earl laughed.

"Sugar plum yahall did good," Earl said rubbing his hand in my hair. "Now I said I'd untie yah but you don be good or bad shit happens, got me?"

I said yes I understood and thanked him. He really liked that as he rubbed his hand on my head again giving a little laugh. He undid the ropes on my hands and it felt so good to have them move again. I had to shake them a bit to wake them up and move my fingers like I was clawing at something to get the cramps out. Earl and Boe were both laughing up a storm, talking about the blow jobs I gave them and how good they were. I pulled myself over to Jer and felt his neck to see if there was a pulse. There was indeed. I wished I had water and wipes to clean off his head wound, but I didn't.

"Jer okay?" Billy asked very worried.

"Yeah, I think so. He's got a strong pulse which is good. I think the smack he took on his head really did him in. Probably has a concussion at least," I said examining as much of Jer as I could. "Billy, just stay calm and don't piss these guys off. They aren't the brightest bulbs in the basket by any means and wouldn't think twice about chopping us up and smoking us. Like who the hell knows we are up here? We were stupid with that for sure."

"Yeah, all my fault. I should have checked this place out much better and made sure we had weapons with us at least. I'm so sorry," Billy said very sadly.

"Hey, stop that now. Its not your fault Billy its all our faults. Going down that road gets us nowhere, so knock it off. Just stay focused, calm and cooperate, okay baby?" I said as softly as I could.

"Okay, like you said Kevin, but I'm still sorry," Billy said hanging his head.

Earl and Boe came stumbling back from where ever they went, eyes blood shot and for sure they were drinking or high on something.

"I sure like this here one Earl," Boe said as he took a handful of Billy's hair and yanked his head back.

"Well, gotta be fair an all Boe," Earl said thinking. "Okay, tell yah what. Billy boy, here's how its goin down. Boe and yahall gonna fight to see what happens. Ifn you win, you take sugar plum and go home. Ifn you loose, Boe keeps you and I keep sugar plum. Now sugar plum, ain't dat fair?"

"What about Jer?" I said worried that they didn't mention him.

"Well now, Jer der is somethin else sugar plum," Earl said seriously. "Me an Boe worked out dat Jer muscle toy is gonna stay around and work for us and do stuff we tell him to. He's gonna go get some trainin an all, but he'll come aroun I know fur sure."

"You can't do that," I yelled. "We're human beings and this isn't right."

"Well sugar plum, it is what it is fer sure," Earl said. "I be thinkin yahall fagger boys ain't all there anyhow and we be doin the town a good deed so to speak."

"What? don't you know anything about what's happening around the country?" I yelled. "Most states allow gays to get married legally now. We adopt kids, buy houses, have jobs and pay taxes just like regular people do."

"Married? hot dam dats sick," Boe laughed. "Hey Earl, maybe me an Billy boy here will get hitched after he's mine huh?"

"Gotta win im first Boe," Earl laughed.

"Okay, sugar plum, you keep an eye out to make sure its all fair and square," Earl laughed as he lifted me up and sat me on top of some rusty piece of equipment.

Earl walked over towards Billy, untied his hands and legs and turned him around to face Boe. Boe was smiling and drooling actually. Billy looked pissed off and after shaking off his arms and legs, got into a fighter stance. Boe looked close at him and tried to do the same thing. Boe had taken off his bib tops and just had on his old boots. Billy was naked completely. Billy didn't wait long and took a few swings at Boe when Boe was looking down at Billy's feet. Boe was surprised by the power in Billy's punches and shook himself off before getting into that funny looking fighter stance again. Billy took a hard swing and missed, almost loosing his balance. Boe didn't wait either and jabbed hard a number of times real fast into Billy's neck. Billy had a look on his face of pain but shook his head and was ready to get on with this. He took another hard swing at Boe, but Boe slid on his side in between Billy's legs and punched hard with both fists into Billy's balls. Billy gasped for air, unable to breath. Boe got up, reached his arm up under Billy's crotch and slammed his hardened forearm into Billy's balls a few more times. Billy went down on his knees, gasping for air, holding on to his balls. Boe grabbed on to Billy's hair and yanked his head hard back and to the side before pounding hard with jabs into Billy's neck and shoulder. He reached around Billy's head with one arm and with the other he grabbed on to the other side of Billy's head and began to twist and jerk Billy's head from side to side, putting lots of pressure on the neck and head. Billy showed some signs of being in pain as Boe jerked his head harder and harder. Boe let go of Billy's head, walked around in front of him and put one hand on Billy's chin, the other on the far side of Billy's face and from the way his biceps and forearms popped, started to put lots of pressure on to Billy's neck and head as he pushed on his chin and pulled hard on the side of Billy's face, like he was trying to unscrew a bottle cap from a large jar of pickles. Billy let go of his balls and tried to pull Boe's arms away. He even managed to get a punch into Boe's chest which made Boe grunt. Boe backed up, rubbed his chest and came forward, bending to his side and letting a number of super hard jabs fly into Billy's throat. Billy gasped, held on to his throat and tried really hard to suck in air. Boe went behind Billy, wrapped his arm around Billy's head and again, jerked it hard to one side like he was trying to twist Billy's head off. He let go of the hold, jabbed hard a number of time into Billy's neck as he pushed it down, his chin on his chest. He then made a fist, lifted his arm high and smashed hard a whole bunch of times with his fist and forearm on Billy's neck and head. He then slapped hard that neck twist hold again and began to put lots of pressure on and then jerk it hard. Billy was trying again to pull Boe's arms off of his face, but it wasn't having much of an effect. Boe let Billy's head go, jabbed a bunch of times into Billy's neck and walked around to Billy's front. He put one hand on Billy's chin and the other on the top of Billy's head and pushed, making Billy's head turn and push down like his ear was going to smack into his shoulder. Boe would move his body up higher every now and then getting a loud moan out of Billy. He let go of Billy's head and jabbed hard again a number of times. He also started to jab hard into Billy's shoulder muscles. He bent down and looked at Billy's face.

"Yahall ready to giv to me and be fucked?" Boe said right in Billy's face.

Billy surprised Earl, Boe and me when he managed to punch up and catch Boe right on his jaw, sending him flying up and back. Boe shook his head, moved his chin around and stood back up. He didn't wait for Billy to try that again. He jabbed hard into Billy's throat and then smashed his fist into Billy's balls and then his cock. Billy gasped, turned super red and flopped down into a sitting position. Boe grabbed hold of Billy's wrists and pulled his arms up and to the side, leaving Billy's cock and balls wide open. He smiled and then stomped his foot on Billy's cock and balls. Billy looked like his head was going to explode. Boe kept his foot on top of Billy's balls and cock, making Billy's eyes flow with tears. He then went back to latching on to Billy's head with like his forearms crossed , turning Billy's head hard to one side. He jerked it a number of times before taking his foot off of Billy's crotch and moved behind Billy. Boe wrapped his arm around Billy's head and jerked hard as he twisted Billy's head. He kept the jerking and twisting up for awhile and then moved back like he was admiring his work. He lifted his arms high in the air and then slammed his fists hard into Billy's shoulder muscles. He then jabbed a number of times very hard right where his fists smashed on Billy. He lifted his arms up high, opened his fingers up like a claw of some kind and slammed them hard down, right where Billy's neck and his shoulder meet. He started to dig and twist and turn, leaning forward to add more pressure to his fingers dug in to Billy. Billy had this look of total pain with his mouth wide open, not knowing what he could do to get Boe off of him. Boe would release his claw hold, snap on that twist hold and jerk hard, then grab on to Billy's head and push it hard down to one side while pulling up his chin. Then he'd release that, raise his arms up, smash his fists hard to the lower sides of Billy's neck and then slam on the clawed fingers again, digging deeper, twisting harder and pulling up. Billy's arms were just limp at his sides, no long able to even reach up and try to pull Boe's arms off of his head. Boe walked around to the front of Billy and grabbed Billy's throat hard with his clawed fingers. He pulled Billy up that way into a standing position, moved behind Billy, bent him backwards putting Billy's face into his arm pit and that arm around Billy's head. Boe then slammed his fist and forearm a number of times on Billy's chest. When he let go, Billy just fell hard on his back moaning. Boe smiled, knelt down over Billy's hips and began to squeeze, pull and rip at Billy's pecs. He even lifted Billy's upper body up off the ground by pulling Billy up by his pecs. Boe played around like that for a bit before pulling Billy into a sitting position by his pecs. Billy's head was faced down, his chin on his chest. Boe used his foot to pushed Billy back down. Billy didn't move.

"Well sugar plum, guess Billy boy belongs to Boe and you done belong to me," Earl said as he lifted me off the rusty machine, pushed me to my knees and let his pants fall, his cock hard as can be, leaking cum like a river.

He didn't say a word but just pushed his cock at my lips and I knew what I was to do. I did my best and as usual it seemed, Earl was filling me up with his cum.

"Hot dam sugar plum, yous is good at dis," Earl said rubbing my hair with his fingers. "You come on with Earl now, time fur us to bed down."

He pulled me up off my knees, wrapped his arm around my shoulders and walked me to this weird ass shelter. As we passed Boe and Billy, Boe had his cock down Billy's throat and was roughly jerking Billy off. I felt so bad for Billy, but knew at least he wasn't conscious for this. Earl pointed to an old mattress and I got on it. He stripped down and I finally got to see all of his body. He was built similar to Boe, but had a bit thicker muscle on him and a slight layer of fat over his muscled chest and abs, making him look even more formidable then Boe. He handed me a tin can with some liquid in it and I took a drink. It was bitter and super strong like rotten vodka. He laughed at my expression when I drank it and told me I'd sleep real nice now. He got on to the mattress, moved me on my side and pulled me into his body. I could feel his leaking cock up against my ass cheeks. He had his face right by my ear and neck , his big arm across my chest and a leg flopped over my thigh. He wasn't wrong about sleeping good. I don't even remember falling asleep at all. I woke up when I saw daylight coming through a few holes in the shelter walls. He was waiting for me to get up, made me drink another few swigs of that awful liquid and then wet his fingers. He rubbed on over my rosebud and got it to slide in from his saliva. He wiggled it around and got me to moan which he liked hearing it seems. He started to lick, bite and suck on my ear, neck and cheek as he got another finger inside of me. The liquid was already giving me a super buzz which was a good thing the way his fingers were playing inside my ass. Then no mistaking it, I felt his very fat cock up against my stretched out rosebud, his cock leaking a lot of precum which he forced in by hard stroking his cock from base to tip. When he decided it was enough, he pushed forward as he pulled me back. His whole cock head pushed in. It felt like a really big potato was being shoved inside my ass. That liquid was a god saver now. Without it, I know I would have been screaming and trying my damnedest to get away from him. Earl reached around and took hold of my cock and balls. He kept filing his hand with saliva as he smothered my cock and balls in his thick, rough, hard hands. He rolled over on to his stomach with me under him. He growled loud a number of times and then hard jammed his cock inside of me. There was no smooth rhythm to his assault, just force. Thankfully, not like an automatic weapon. His cock was so fat and loaded with thick veins, it easily massaged and rubbed my prostrate. I moaned and gasped which Earl liked an awful lot as he just about ate my neck, ears and cheeks off. He yelled out, gasped for air and rammed his cock hard into my ass. I could feel his usual huge load of cum filling my insides. I ended up coming which made my ass tighten around his cock, making him swear and yell and laugh as he had another orgasm. When he finished, he just plopped down on top of me. I wasn't sure I could breath from his weight on top of me. I managed to move around a bit which made him slide to my side, his hand latched on to my hip making sure his cock stayed inside my ass. He finally moved, pulled his cock out of me, slapped my ass and turned me around on my back. He shocked the hell out of me when he lifted me up by his hand behind my neck and did his best to kiss me. I used my tongue to guide him along and he really liked that. He picked up how to do it fast and was fucking my mouth with his tongue. He laughed, let my head fall down on the mattress, put his hand on my abs and rubbed then slapped me on my abs, tweaked my nipples and got off the mattress.

"Sugar plumb do real good. Earl be happy. You like Earl breedin you?" Earl asked.

What was I going to say? SO I smiled and said yeah with a moan. Earl bent down, latched his hands on my pecs and started to lick, suck and bite on my nipples. My wish was granted when he stopped and just pulled me up again by my neck and went wild in my mouth with his tongue.

"Earl, would it be okay if I gave Billy and Jer some water and maybe a cookie from my backpack?" I said as sweet and begging as I could.

Earl got a serious look on his face like he was thinking real hard.

"You do dat. Can't keep boys doin not feedin em," Earl laughed. "Goin get yah dah back pack."

Earl came back in and dumped the back pack on the mattress. He threw a bottle of water and 2 packs of energy bars at me. I thanked him and he smiled when I did. I went out of the shelter and my heart sunk when I saw Billy sprawled out on the ground, all bruised up from his fight with Boe, his cock and balls swollen as well as his lips. He had dried cum on his face and pubes. Fly's were buzzing all over him. I ran quick, swatted at the fly's and took what was left of his T, got water on it and did my best to wash him up. He was just moaning and wincing with pain whenever he moved. I managed to get him into a somewhat sitting position and slowly got some water into his mouth. He coughed at first but then I knew he wanted more. I jumped when I heard Boe.

You don clean Billy Boy up good fer me,” Boe laughed. “You go with me, clean him up REAL good now.”

Boe bent down and pulled Billy up, braced his back on some junk and let Billy's body flop down over his shoulder. He slapped Billy's ass and kneaded it as I followed him to what looked like a really big water trough. He dumped Billy on the ground, pulled him up to sit with his back to a tank of some sort.

Er yah go sugar plum,” Boe said rustling his fingers in my hair.

I quickly soaked the rag I had and drenched Billy all over with it before gently washing every part of his body. Boe was sitting there watching me. I had a time trying to get Billy's back and ass so Boe came over, lifted Billy up and I got to wash his back and ass.

Dat lookin good sugar plum,” Boe said plopping Billy into a sitting position on a pellet in front of a bin of some sort. “Yahall do Boe now.”

Boe moved close to the tank and stretched out his arms and spread his legs apart giving me this weird ass smile of his. He told me to wait a minute while he took off his bib tops and boots. I got the okay once he removed those items. He actually had a powerful looking body. I drenched the rag and put it on his head, then the back of his neck and then the front of his neck. The water sliding down eventually covering all of him. I made sure I really got him clean. He laughed when I washed his ass, cock and balls. He shook like a dog after it gets wet, the water spraying out in all directions from his hair. I didn't realize I was staring at him, watching his muscles flex as he shook himself.

Likin what you lookin at sugar plum” Boe said with a serious look. “Boe givin yah a treat huh? You be liking the looks of Boe eh?”

I am sorry if I was starring at you,” I babbled all flustered. “Its just your muscles and veins have a really powerful look to them and I do like that I admit.”

Boe walked right up to me, looked me up and down. “Boe given yer a nice treat then, have at em sugar plum.”

I knew if I didn't he'd get pissed off and who knew what he would do. So, I moved my hands gently from his neck all the way down to his calves. He didn't know how to do a posing routine but he did manage to pump up his biceps, forearms and legs. I was fascinated by his pecs and abs. I found myself kissing and licking his biceps, forearms, pecs and abs. I'd look up at him every now and then and saw his goofy smile getting bigger and bigger along with his eyes getting wider.

Hot damn sugar plum, yahall done got Boe all tingly and stuff,” Boe laughed. “Do dat fagger tin for me, on my ass. I seen Yahall doin it with the other boys. Dem boys seemd to like it lots.”

I said a prayer of thanks that I washed Boe up really good. I had him turn around and bend over. I slowly licked gently from the back of his balls to the top of his ass crack, letting my tongue wiggle and circle a bit on his rosebud. Boe yelled out and reached back, grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them wide apart. I continued what I was doing and then added wet kissing and soft sucking on his rosebud along with gentle pokes with my tongue. Boe was yelling out a string of cuss words and lots of hot damns. When I started to play on his rosebud with my finger, he gasped super loud. I pushed in my tongue and slow fucked him with it. Boe was soon pushing his ass against my face. I pushed my tongue in as far as I could and slid in a finger, letting both of them wiggle around and rub. Boe started to jerk, yell out and then I know he was shooting a load of cum as his ass clamped open and close. His body was shaking like crazy and I just backed off, watching him try to straighten up and calm down.

What cha all doin here?” Earl said as he was standing close and watching it all.

Damnation Earl, you dun gotta have sugar plum wash yer up good and then do that fagger ass thing,” Boe panted and then whooped a few times. “Sugar plum got me ta shoot off an hean ain't touched my willy atall.”

I seen dat, kinda crazy huh?” Earl laughed. “Okay, come on sugar plum, my turn.”

I got up, had Earl strip and spread out his arms and legs. I washed him completely and noticed he too had that goofy smile when I washed his privates. He seemed to really like me playing around with his low hangers. I made super sure his ass was really scrubbed clean. He did the same thing as Boe and shook himself to get the water off. He smiled at me and walked up to me, obviously watched what Boe did because he did the exact same thing. I felt, licked and kissed his muscles. He turned around and bent down, grabbing his ass cheeks and spread them wide. I did the same thing on his ass as I did with Boe. He yelled, swore, growled and moved his ass from side to side and up and down. When my tongue got inside of him it was all 'oh man, oh fuck, damn, fuck me, etc.' with Boe in the background laughing up a storm and yelling 'told yah din I?' Putting the finger in with the tongue did it for Earl. He jerked and screamed out as he had his orgasm except before he calmed down, he turned around and pushed his cock into my mouth and told me to clean him up nice. He managed to give me a big mouthful of his cum before he pulled his cock out and pulled me up by my arm pits then doing his best tongue kissing.

Earl, yahall kissin sugar plum afer he was doin yer ass?” Boe said seriously.

Damn yes I is. My ass so what be da problem?” Earl said just as serious returning to making out with his arms wrapped around me holding me tight.

Hot damn,” Boe yelled.

When Earl put me down, I said I needed to clean up and give water to Jer. He looked around and found a pail for me to use to take a lot of water from the trough. I quickly went over by Jer and he was moaning and his head was rolling from side to side.

Jer, what's wrong?” I said trying to turn him over and sit up.

Gave me some kind of drug I think. Whole world is spinning like mad,” Jer mumbled.

Oh shit, well I'm going to wash you up and hopefully clean up your head wound,” I told him as I kissed his lips gently.

Uh huh, have at it baby,” Jer said with a drunken smile, his head now bouncing side to side.

As I was washing him, Earl came over and watched me work on Jer.

Dat boy feelin mighty good now,” Earl laughed.

What did you give him?” I asked concerned.

Some special stuff sugar plum,” he smiled. “Billy boy got it now too. Day be feelin good long time I tink.”

As I continued to wash Jer, his cock got super hard and actually throbbed with his heart beats. It flopped up against his abs and was splashing precum on his body. I've never seen Jer's cock do that.

Earl yelled out to Boe, “Bring dat Billy Boy here, got a nice treat for him.”

Boe came with Billy hung over his shoulder of course he was tugging, squeezing and slapping at Billy's ass.

Looky here,” Boe yelled with a woo hoo. “Muscle toy don got himself a boner looks like.”

Yeah, put Billy Boy on it, wanna check somethin,” Earl said.

Boe moved over partially slid Billy down his front and tried to line up Jer's cock and Billy's ass. Earl stooped down and grabbed on to the base of Jer's cock and locked it in place right in between Billy's ass cheeks. He shook his head at Boe and Boe just let Billy's body weight push him down on Jer's hard cock. Jer moaned, Billy jerked and moaned and Earl and Boe laughed.

Kay now, lift Billy Boy up and let him slide down er. Wanna get muscle toy all cited and shoot off good.”

Boe laughed and straddled Jer's legs, grabbed Billy under his arm pit and lifted him a bit then let go. Jer moaned louder. Earl started to feel up Jer's muscles on his abs, legs, arms and pecs after every few down slides Billy did on his cock. Earl had Boe lift and drop him higher and faster which got Jer moaning loud and Billy gasping. They played that game for a very long time.

Shes gonna blow,” Earl yelled. “Move Billy Boy up and down dis cock fast Boe.”

Boe laughed and did just that lifting Billy up and letting him go faster and faster. Jer's back straightened up and his breathing was panting really. He made this awful face like he was in lots of pain and then screamed out, his muscles flexing and his whole body jerking. Billy did the same, shooting his cum all over Boe's legs. Earl really got into checking Jer's muscles out and told Boe to keep doing that bouncing thing with Billy.

I thought that was kind of strange as it was obvious Jer had one hell of an orgasm and probably flooded Billy's insides. Boe did and Jer was giving out short screams sort of, his head rocking fast from side to side, his body jerking more and more. He really had a pained look on his face and then almost stayed still. He was pissing inside of Billy. I could hear the piss spraying out of Billy's ass all around Jer's cock. Loads of cum and piss were spraying out. Earl stopped his fingers at one spot on Jer's abs and under his pecs. He smiled and told Boe to pop Billy off, he got what he wanted to find. Boe laughed and pulled Billy off of Jer's cock which was still mostly hard. Earl laughed and took Jer's balls in his fingers and rolled them around.

Yeah muscle toy, you gonna learn good,” Earl said squeezing Jer's balls before walking away laughing. “Finish der sugar plum and get yer ass in dah bed.”

I cleaned off Jer again, making sure there was no cum and piss left in between his thigh and under his balls. I kissed him gently and went back into the shelter where Earl was waiting on the bed for me. He handed me a cup and told me to drink it. I kind of delayed and he took hold of my balls putting some squeeze on them and told me in a nasty voice that he told me to drink. I did and figured it was the drugged stuff they gave to Jer and Billy. Earl pulled me down and had me laying on my back with his body along my side. His hand was hard massaging my abs as he kept having these almost quiet laughing spurts. I looked at his face and his eyes were completely bloodshot. I knew he had taken the drugged liquid too. Very quickly I started to feel dizzy and then like I had super pleasant electricity flowing up and down my body. I started to shiver as Earl's hand moved on my abs. Earl grabbed on to my chin, turned it towards his face and fucked my mouth with his tongue.

Cummir sugar plum, Earl wansa ta play,” Earl growled.

He moved me on top of his body, partially sat up and made my legs flop down towards my head, my ass by his head. I gasped when I felt his tongue going wild on my ass crack, back of my balls and ass cheeks. He didn't do anything gentle for sure. I couldn't believe how fat his tongue was when he pushed it inside of me. The tip of his tongue felt like a snake twirling and bobbing all around. He moved his face off my ass and pushed a finger in, wiggling it like crazy until he felt my body reacting to his finger when he just rubbed it and moved it in and out. His fingers were long, thick and calloused. His finger felt like a cock was working me over. The sensations were so wild from that drug stuff. I heard myself begging him to take me, to use me. My mind for a brief second thought I snapped and lost my mind completely. Then all that mattered was Earls tongue and finger up my ass. I could feel Earls cock grow hard along side my head. His cock was leaking precum that flowed on to my cheek, down to my ear and neck. I couldn't help myself. I turned my head and shoulders so I could lap up his precum and lick and suck the head of his cock. I pushed his foreskin down and he really growled after that as I worshiped his fat throbbing cock. Not that it was like super small mind you. It was at least 7 inches or better but didn't seem that long I guess because of its width. Anyway, I wanted it and needed it bad.

Earl let go of my hips and was panting and growling. I moved myself off of him and then sat back down facing him, my legs on the sides of his hips and my ass over his throbbing cock. His eyes were really wide and he was still growling. I pushed myself down and his cock head slid inside of me. I could care less about pain, which I didn't seem to feel anyway. My head shot back and I let out a very loud moan. My hands reached down and latched on to his pecs. Earl was in total heaven from the look he had on his face. When I started to push down more and the push up, his gasps got super loud as did his growls. He sat up more and pulled my chest towards him and he sucked in my nipples one at a time and chewed, licked and sucked. He then added his hands to the party, one on each pec which he was massaging, squeezing and pulling, or if he was on my left nipple his fingers were squeezing and twisting on my other nipple. I moved my legs so they were like in a kneeling position on the sides of Earl's body. I was panting, moaning and begging him to fuck me, take me, use me all up. Earl really liked that and he started to jerk his hips up when I was moving my ass down towards his pubes. Suddenly, Earl jerked, shot up wrapping his arms tight around me and ramming me up and down his cock. He did his thing with his tongue in my mouth and then I felt his hot cum pushing inside of me. I could feel it spreading out and moving slowly down the sides of his cock. That did me in and I yelled and screamed as I shot my cum all on his abs and the bottom of his chest.

Earl pulled me down on top of him and squeezed me tight to his body. He even kissed the top of my head before falling sound asleep. I followed very quick after his breathing slowed down. The sun piercing the holes in the metal of the shelter walls woke me up. I was off of Earl and he was turned on his side. I sat up and felt like somebody slammed me in the head with a hammer. Then I remembered last night, the drugged liquid, the wild sex romp with Earl and falling asleep on top of him. Earl turned on his back and pulled my face into his chest. My hands moved slowly over his body and he gave out a few soft moans.

Damn it boy, sugar plum you gonna kill me dah way you bein sexin me up,” Earl laughed as he put my head in a head lock.

I just slid my hand down to his cock and gently pulled his foreskin up and pushed it down.

Oh now, gotta hold off fer now sugar plum,” Earl laughed as he took my hand off of his cock putting it back down on his pec. “We got us a busy day takin muscle toy to some schoolin.”

A chill went up my spine. I had no idea what he meant by schooling but I knew it wasn't going to be nice at all. I heard a commotion outside and both Earl and I put on some pants and went outside. It was Billy cussing up a storm at Boe who was laughing and punching out at Billy like he was playing.

Now den Billy Boy, yous gotta get in yer head you done belong to Boe now, fair and square,” Boe laughed as he latched on to Billy's ass cheek.

Billy tried to push Boe off and hit his hand off of his ass cheek. Boe just laughed and reached in between Billy's legs and latched on to his balls. Billy screamed and then his mouth was wide open, tears were falling from his eyes and his hands darted down to his balls trying to pull Boe's hand off.

Now I dun toll yah Billy Boy, gotta behave urself,” Boe said in Billy's ear as he licked it and nibbled on it. “Boe gonna bed you real good like and ifn you be nice, Boe gonna do yahall nice.”

You could tell from Billy's expression of pain that Boe was squeezing and releasing his grip on Billy's balls. Billy's knees gave in and he sunk into a kneeling position with Boe moving right with him. I could see Boe's fingers rolling over one then another of Billy's balls and it wasn't nice and gentle either.

Now Billy Boy, gonna behave?” Boe asked licking his ear.

Billy tried saying something but the words just couldn't come out since he couldn't breath very well.

I ain't be hearin yah Billy, you sayin sometin?” Boe asked.

Yes, Yes, please stop,” Billy finally managed to croak out.

Boe smiled and changed to a gentle rubbing of Billy's balls.

Now yah see, Boe do yah nice ifn you behave,” Boe said fucking Billy's ear with his tongue.

yah see Earl, I break Billy Boy good, real good now,” Boe said proudly as he smiled at Earl. “Yep, Billy Boy be a fast lerner, smart too.”

Yeah, you doin good Boe, just don't get carried away and hurt the boy,” Earl said seriously. “Okay now, bring Billy along and lets go do some schoolin on muscle toy.”

Earl took me by my arm and walked me to where Jer was at. Jer looked terrible but he was awake and had a look of hate in his eyes. Earl lifted me and sat me down on a crate that would let me see all of Jer's side.

So muscle toy be awake now eh?” Earl laughed squeezing Jer's chin in his fingers.

The name is Jer,” Jer hissed.

Well now, guess da schoolin be needed fer sure,” Earl said seriously. “Boy, you gonna be shit ifn I say so. I own you boy, lock stock and barrel.”

You own shit hick. Nobody owns me,” Jer spat.

Well, no point discussin it, lets get schoolin goin,” Earl laughed.

He and Boe pulled Jer into a standing position, his back leaning on a big rusted metal box. Without warning, Boe took hold of Jer's balls and did what he did to Billy. Earl was fascinated by how Jer's arms and chest pumped up the more Boe screwed around with Jer's balls.

He's a biggun fer sure,” Earl said as he slapped Jer hard on his abs. “Looky here at dees hams on dis boy.”

I tellin yah, we should smoke him. We'd have meat for a big time,” Boe said digging into Jer's thigh muscles and pulling hard.

Nah, waste a animal is what it'd be,” Earl said slapping Jer's biceps. “Gonna use up dis boy fer hard work.”

Get your hand off my balls,” Jer managed to spit out.

Oh man, listen dis boy,” Boe laughed.

Boe removed his hand but then slapped it hard upward, smashing Jer's ball into his body. He then latched on to the sack, pulled down hard and had Jer's balls locked into the bottom below where his hand was pulling. He spun the sack around, reached into his pocket and pulled out a leather string. He wrapped it tight around Jer's sack and when he let go, you could see Jer's balls pushing hard against the sack that wouldn't stretch more right now. Boe laughed at his handiwork and pushed them back and forth showing Earl how nice they swung. Then he slapped hard on the balls and Jer yelled out swearing a streak at Boe. Boe laughed and put one hand behind Jer's balls and then slapped his other hand down hard on them. Jer gasped and swore some more. Then Boe put his hand behind the sack and turned to his side, cocked his arm all the way back and let fly a punch on to Jer's balls. Jer couldn't breath now and was trying super hard to suck in some air. His eyes were running tears and his face was beet red. His body was moving around as little as it could the way he was tied up. Earl went and got another leather thing, more like a strap and latched it around Jer's throat, hooking it on to an opening in the metal box behind Jer. He tied Jer's right foot at the calf to an iron bar, untied what was holding Jer's legs and tied his left calf to the iron bar. Jer's legs were now spread apart pretty wide. Boe let fly with a series of jabs and punches on Jer's pecs and abs. He zeroed in on the area right over and under Jer's belly button. After the first few jabs and punches, I could tell Jer just tightened up his abs and pecs, so the punches and jabs didn't seem to affect him in any way. Boe would take a very short break and do it again, really putting some force behind the jabs and punches. He switched to punches into Jer's biceps and then jabs into Jer's throat. When Jer was gasping for air after his throat was jabbed, Boe punched and then jabbed hard into Jer's balls. Earl poked around Jer's abs and pecs and shook his head for Boe to continue.

Boe was dripping sweat by the time Earl finally thought he did enough damage to Jer's body. I could see Jer's pecs weren't pulled tight nor where his abs, especially after having his throat jabbed and his balls punched. Jer wasn't breathing anymore, just gasping for air, sweat pouring off of him.

Muscle toy kinda lookin good all wet an stuff eh Earl,” Boe laughed as he slapped his hands on Jer's body and wiped them down towards his crotch, giving Jer's balls another jab. “Earl, I dun got me a need to play on dis one.”

Well, okay but there's schoolin to be done,” Earl said as he stepped away from Jer.

Boe pulled over a frame that he could stand on and be slightly taller then Jer. He took hold of Jer's face and turned it one way and then another, kind of far I thought. Then he rubbed Jer's deltoids where they connected to his neck and the bottom side of his neck. He found what he was looking for and got up on his toes and began to pinch and grind his fingers into Jer's lower neck and deltoids. Jer hissed and threw his head back as far as he could, panting and groaning. The more Boe dug in and twisted and pulled, the louder Jer's moans got. Boe let go of his pinching, pushed Jer's head hard to one side and jabbed hard a number of times where he was pinching. Then the other side after which he slammed his fingers back hard and pinched, twisted and pulled, all the time pushing down to force his fingers deeper into Jer's muscle. Boe let go, shook his hands and stretched his fingers smiling at Jer as he looked at each side of Jer's neck. He then latched on to Jer's head just like he did with Billy, his arms crossed in front of Jer's face one hand pulling on the back side of his face and the other pushing on Jer's chin. Jer's head was twisted hard to one side like he was trying to look at something behind him. Boe got more pressure going every time he went up higher on his toes. He pushed hard and then seemed to ease up and all of a sudden jerk Jer's head hard back again. He did that for awhile turning it one way and then had it pushed the other way. He let go of Jer's head and looked hard at Jer again before going back to the deep pinching, twisting and pulling on Jer's lower neck and Altoids.

Dis here un be one bad ass dude,” Boe laughed. “Gonna have lots a fun.”

Boe let go of his pinches and moved his hands down on to Jer's ample pecs. He rubbed and squeezed and pulled at them one way then another. He positioned his hands on each pec with his thumbs under the thick ridge at the bottom of Jer's pecs and his fingers at the sides. He then leaned into Jer as he tightened his grip on Jer's pecs. He flexed his forearms and biceps a few times, making sure his fingers were dug in deep. Then he leaned back and he was pulling Jer's pecs forward as Boe was leaning back. Jer gasped and yelled out in pain which made Boe just twist his hands a bit back and forth like Jer's pecs were dials on an old radio set. He'd jerk his body back a few times, lean back into Jer, adjust his fingers and lean back again. I couldn't imagine the pain Jer was feeling as this guy seemed to be trying his damnedest to rip his pecs off of his body. Boe let go of Jer's pecs, started to jab and punch all over them and then went back to his routine, jerking backward harder and farther as his hands twisted further and with more jerks then the time before. He did that at least 4 times and by the last time, you could see the muscle tone on Jer's pecs was gone. They were loose and flabby, almost like jello. Boe admired his work and played with them for a bit. He even cupped his hands on the bottom and squeezed as he latched his mouth on one then the other and bit, licked and sucked, with a bunch of 'ooh yeahs' thrown in.

Gonna have us a fine muscle bitch,” Boe laughed as he looked at Earl cupping Jer's pecs like they were breasts on a woman.

Boe slapped Jer's pecs hard a few times, latched on to Jer's head again and did that push pull thing, jerking harder then before. Then he did the pinch, pull, twist thing again, much more violently it seemed to me. Both Earl and Boe ignored my continued pleas to leave Jer alone and stop torturing him for no reason. Earl finally turned and looked at me while my litany of pleading continued.

Sugar plum, dis her be schoolin,” Earl said patting me on my thigh. “Boy gotta be broken an know he ain't got nutin no more. He gotta learn he do as he told or gonna be a whole load a hurt on him. Schoolin sugar plum.”

I now finally understood. They intended to break Jer down completely to the point he was begging them to stop and willing to do anything they wanted. They knew none of this would permanently damage Jer's massively muscled body, but he'd know enough pain that it would be embedded in his mind that only by doing what they said would he be pain free. Boe was going to town pushing and pulling Jer's head one way then hard the other way. When he returned to the pinching, twisting and pulling, it seemed his fingers really dug in deep like some of Jer's muscles there gave way or moved or something. Jer screamed out this time when Boe twisted, pulled and pinched, making Boe get even more into what he was doing, stretching his body and legs up to put as much pressure on his hands as possible. He finally jumped down from the platform, covered in sweat and smiling. He had one hell of a hard on. He yanked Billy over to him, turned him around and pulled him hard into his body, sliding up and down just to rub his cock on Billy's ass. He wrapped his arms around Billy and started to play with Billy's pecs.

Gonna bed yah real good Billy Boy,” Boe said as he licked and sucked on Billy's ear.

Earl moved up in front of Jer and played with Jer's pecs a bit rather hard. He leaned into Jer's face and moved it so Jer was looking right into his face.

Gonna ask yah muscle toy, ready ta ask me ta fuck yah?” Earl said.

Fuck you,” Jer said very clearly.

Bad ass boy fer sure,” Earl said moving back from Jer.

Earl felt around Jer's abs and punched and jabbed above and below Jer's belly button. He'd feel some more, jab and punch more, feel some more.

Boe, bring Billy boy over here, wanna try sometin,” Earl said as he slapped Jer's cock back and forth until it was rock hard. “Okay, lift up Billy Boy an sit im on the cock.”

Boe laughed, lifted Billy up after turning him around and walked up to Jer. He tried a few times to impale Billy on Jer's cock without success. Earl finally bent down, latched on to the base of Jer's cock and guided Boe to get Billy's ass right over and on Jer's cock head.

Let er go,” Earl yelled.

Boe released Billy so the weight of Billy pushed Jer's cock completely into him until his ass was blocked by Jer's pubes. Billy's eyes shot open, wide and he screamed like somebody was ripping his balls off. Jer's head shot back, he gasped and had a painful look on his face. Earl walked in front of Billy, got Billy's knees up to his chest, moved his arms under Billy's bent legs and latched his hands on to Billy's ass cheeks. He lifted Billy up and then just released him, pushing Jer's cock all the way back in. Earl did that check a few times before moving back by Jer's side, feeling his abs above and below his belly button. He reached up and played hard with Jer's pecs, sucking and biting Jer's nipples while his tongue rough rode on them. He told Boe to do what he did, lifting Billy and letting him slide down Jer's cock. Boe laughed and got into it real fast. Jer was panting, grimacing and Billy was still screaming away.

Kay speed er up Boe,” Earl instructed.

Boe latched on to Billy and started to lift, drop, lift, drop over and over again. He even threw in turning Billy left then right for good measure. Boe was into a fast rhythm now, lifting and dropping Billy over and over again. Earl worked on Jer's pecs and nipples again and I could see they were stiff and hard. Earl told Boe to jerk Billy up and down fast like he was stroking his meat. Boe laughed, grabbed Billy and lifted, dropped over and over fast and furious. Earl worked harder on Jer's pecs and nipples and Boe was even biting and sucking on Billy's nipples now. Billy's ass tightened whenever Boe would play with his nipples and that was pushing Jer over the top along with Earl's playing with his pecs and nipples. Jer's body jerked, he yelled out and you could tell he was filling Billy up with his cum. Earl told Boe to keep it up until he told him to stop. Jer's body finally seemed to start calming down, but Billy was still clamped on tight, especially after he had just cum which kept heavy stimulation going on Jer's entire cock. Jer got a painful look on his face, his head flopping from side to side as he gasped and jerked. Then his body got still before he started jerking really fast. He was pissing inside of Billy. A fast stream started shooting out around his cock from Billy's ass. Earl told Boe to take Billy off of Jer's cock as he felt Jer's abs again and smiled. He used his index finger to push into Jer's belly button pretty deep I thought. I could see his forearm muscles moving which told me he was wiggling his finger that was pushed far into Jer's belly button. Jer's abs suddenly seemed to try and clamp tight to push the intruder out, but that just made things worse. The ab muscles locked around Earls finger and he had an easier time wiggling and twisting it around. The pain had to be very bad as Jer panted more and more, screamed out over and over as Earl's finger went to town inside of Jer's belly button. Earl pulled his finger out and watched Jer's abs just about collapse. He straightened his index and middle fingers out and jabbed them hard and deep inside again, same results, Jer's destroyed abs locking tight around Earl's fingers which were twisting and moving every which way. Earl started to twist his forearm and hand in hard jerks moving his fingers a bit out and then in deeper.

Earl held up Jer's head with his other hand and again asked Jer if he was willing to beg Earl to fuck him. Jer couldn't answer, he just shook his head 'no' wildly. I was hysterical watching this. These bastards were really sick. I knew they weren't kidding when they talked about cutting us up and smoking us for their larder. I knew they actually would without giving it a second thought. Earl called Boe over and told him to take apart Jer's abs real good. Boe licked his lips and walked up to Jer, turned to his side and let fly a super hard punch into Jer's belly button. Jer yelled out in pain. Then he turned to the other side and did the same thing, making Jer scream out again. He would switch from hard fast jabs all over Jer's abs and go back to the ferocious punches to Jer's belly button which was super sore now and tears were running down Jer's cheeks. He got up closer to Jer, bent his arm and fell hard into Jer's abs with his elbow. Jer jerked and dry puked. The way he was standing when he did that, you could tell all his weight was behind the elbow. He switched sides and did it again and again on the other side. Then he went back to punches and jabs. He'd feel up Jer's abs and laugh before going back to his routine. The more Jer yelled or gasped or dry heaved, the harder and more into it Boe became. Earl turned around, lifted me off the metal box, flopped me over his shoulder and walked to the shelter.

Earl took off his clothes and mine, pulled me out to the water trough and told me to wash him and me good. I did, my hands shaking like crazy after witnessing the horrible things they did to Jer. When I finished washing up and had Earl washed, he flopped me over his shoulder again and went into the shelter. He flopped me down on the bed and poured me a cup of that drug juice and told me to drink. I knew I had to or get punished so I drank, hoping I would be able to sleep and get the memory of today out of my head. Earl drank 2 cups and then spread his legs wide and pulled my head into his cock. I worked on it as best I could. Earl pushed me down, flipped me over and lifted my ass up to his face by holding me by my hips. His mouth attacked my ass like he was a wild starving man and food was inside of me. He let me fall down to the bed and knelt down, pushing his finger inside of me along with his tongue. The juice was kicking in big time and I was panting and bucking my ass into his face. He moved on to the mattress straddling my ass and pushing my head down into the mattress as he pushed his cock deep inside of me. He fucked like an animal in rut and filled me up with cum kind of quick. Then he pushed me down on the mattress, pulled my legs wide apart and rammed his still hard cock back inside. He was now using long, slow movements to slide his cock deep in and out of me. I know I had 2 orgasms and he filled me at least 3 more times. He flopped down on top of me and was sound asleep. I was unable to tip him off of me so I did the best I could to brace myself and keep from smothering as the juice took me farther and farther out to space. I know I heard Billy screaming which told me Boe was hard fucking him or making him obey some command, teaching Billy to listen to what he was told to do.

Morning came and Earl was off of me. I sat up and looked around and he walked back into the shelter. He poured another cup of the juice, made me drink and he took a double. He pushed me down, straddled my head with his thighs and held his cock at my mouth. When I began to suck, lick and kiss his cock head, his upper body fell forward as his arms held him up off of me. He pushed and pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth until I felt my jaw would break or I'd suffocate from having my air cut off. I didn't have to worry for long as the minute I started to gag and cough, Earl was filling my throat and mouth with cum.

Damn boy, sugar plum you damn good fagger fur sure,” Earl said with smile as he ruffled my hair.

Earl got up from the bed and pulled me up had me wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He walked through the woods and we ended up at the lake. He just jumped in with me holding on. God it felt so good to be in that lake. I felt dirty all the time even washing up. This was like a real bath, pulling the sweat and filth away from every pore of my body. We didn't stay long, but it was long enough to feel refreshed, the feeling really intensified from drinking that juice stuff. When we got back into the camp I guess you could call it, Boe was already at Jer, punching, digging in his fingers like claws, twisting and pulling. His eyes were really blood shot so I knew he was really high from the juice. Jer's abs looked horrible with lots of bruising all over the place along with his pecs. Boe made sure Jer's pecs were kept loose and pliable too since he loved to play with them and suck on them.

How's it goin,” Earl yelled out to Boe as we walked closer.

Real good. Done made his abs mushy as can be, have a look see,” Boe laughed as he put his hand hard on Jer's abs and jiggled them.

Done real good there Boe,” Earl laughed.

For some reason, Boe became fascinated with Jer's cock. He rolled the still held tight balls in his fingers, sucked on Jer's pecs and watched as Jer's cock grew and got hard. He spit on his hand, put it over the head of Jer's cock and twisted and turned. Jer moaned, gasped and panted. Boe kept doing that laughing as precum started to flow from Jer's cock.

I wanna bed yah real good muscle toy, yes sir, real damn good,” Boe said in Jer's face before licking it.

Boe reached down into some can he had with him, pushed his hand in it and then lifted it. It looked like a thick oil was dripping from his hand.

Got yah a treat muscle toy,” Boe laughed as he grabbed the head of Jer's cock with his oil slicked hand.

Boe twisted and turned obviously varying the pressure, slowing it down when Jer began panting and speeding it up when he was just moaning. Boe figured out what Jer's body was going to do before he shot his cum so he figured out how to hold tight to the bottom of Jer's cock to stop him from shooting. After a bit, he called out for Earl to bring him a strip of leather. Boe laughed as he wrapped it tight around the base of Jer's cock and the top part of his ball sack down to the already tied part holding his balls tight. Boe massaged Jer's balls with his oiled hand and then went back to working on Jer's cock. Of course he was sucking and biting on Jer's pecs. Jer began to pant and jerk and his body acted like he had an orgasm but nothing shot out of his cock.

Hot damn, it dun worked Earl,” Boe yelled proudly. “I kin play all day and muscle toy ain't shootin shit.”

Dats gotta hurt soon,” Earl laughed.

Please Earl, can't you just stop this? Jer isn't a threat and can't do a damn thing anymore,” I pleaded. “Why do you insist on torturing him so?”

Earl looked at me serious, lifted me up and sat me on that box with Jer in full view.

Well sugar plum, I'll tell yah,” Earl said. “Goes kinda far back but still real to me.”

Earl explained how when they were teens, they were living with their parents a bit further down in the woods. Some sort of biker guys or something, all heavy muscle bears were running around, higher then kites, totally naked. They spotted Boe there and caught him, stripping him down and one fucked him. He walked around with Boe impaled on his cock as he drank more and took more drugs. Earl heard Boe screaming and ran to find him. Another of the muscled guys grabbed him, stripped him and made out with him, laughing harder as Earl fought him which was useless. Earl and Boe's dad heard them and realized they weren't just goofing off in the woods. He and their mother went running towards the sounds and was knocked down by more muscled bears. They toyed around with their mother and knocked their father down every time he tried to stop them. The decided it would be fair to have the dad fight one of them for the mother and boys. Their dad had little choice in the matter so he stripped and was ready for a fight. The biggest and meanest of them came forward chugging down a bottle of booze. He looked at the dad and told him he was gonna fuck him real good before taking his sons and wife. He might even let the dad live long enough to watch his bitch getting pleased by some real men. The dad wasn't a weakling, but didn't stand a chance against these giants. The one fighting him grabbed on to the dad's crotch, squeezing his balls hard and lifted him off the ground. He started to shake the dad screaming and pleading with him to let him down. The guy laughed and just turned his arm so the dad was hanging from his balls in the hand of this brute. The brute dropped the dad who was unconscious and laughed as he told them all he won. He grabbed the mother, raped her a number of times and then took Boe, forced his cock down Boe's throat and played with his fingers inside of Boe's ass. Boe nearly drowned, and had enough of his air cut off to do brain damage. Another one made Earl suck him while he pushed his fist inside of Earl, twisting until he had a few orgasms. They heard some sirens and dropped the boys as they ran off. By the time they got help, their dad was dead and their mother died bleeding to death. Boe was damaged and Earl had to have surgery to repair his insides. That's why Jer was being treated this way. He is like those other guys who ruined their lives. I tried to convince Earl that Jer was nothing like that at all, but he had this mental block about big, muscled men.

Boe was having a good time making Jer get to orgasm and not letting him have a complete one. Jer's pecs and nipples were getting raw and he looked completely delirious from all the stimulation on his cock and balls and not being able to get release.

Earl turned to Jer, walked up to him, patted Boe on the back telling him he did real good.

Ready ta beg me ta fuck yah?” Earl asked in Jer's face.

He waited for Jer to say something, but Jer just shook his head 'no'.

Earl laughed and shook his head. He felt all over Jer's abs and smiled. Boe had indeed demolished them completely. Earl pushed in his fingers in Jer's lower abs and clawed hard, squeezing and twisting and pulling. Jer screamed and scream, then couldn't scream any more. Earl moved his hand to another spot and did the same. He moved all over Jer's abs, not one area was missed. He then punched hard a number of times at Jer's belly button and then got his index and middle fingers straight, put the tips over Jer's belly button and pushed in hard. Jer's mouth shot open but nothing would come out. He had a look of complete panic and pain on his face. Earl leaned in to Jer, pushed hard on his fingers and began to wiggle them and move them around. He did that a few times and then pulled his fingers out. He took Jer's jaw in his hand and asked him again. Jer shook his head so Earl jammed his fingers back in hard, pushing with his body against Jer to put the most pressure behind his fingers dug in deep. He then began to move them in and out really fast. Then he pushed them in hard again and made them wiggle and twist. He stopped, took Jer's jaw in his hand and asked him again. Jer just barely shook his head 'no'. Earl shot his fingers in deep again, moved them fast in and out hard, wiggled them and then moved them in and out hard again. He didn't bother to ask Jer again, he just would pull his fingers out, jab them hard back in and moved his arm fast in and out. The fourth time he pulled them out and then jammed them back in, Jer started to scream.

No more, please, I'll do anything you want, just stop, please,” Jer yelled in desperation.

Earl did it 3 more times before taking Jer's jaw in his hand and telling him he was learning real good. Earl had Boe help him take Jer down from the frame, tying Jer's tied up wrists to the belt around Jer's neck. If they pushed or pulled on Jer's hands or the rope, the belt would choke Jer. Earl pushed Jer on to his back, lifted Jer's legs up and got in between them. He knelt down pulling Jer's ass up his thighs. He reached down and started to knead and squeeze and pull Jer's pecs. Jer moaned and hissed. Without any warning, Earl rammed his cock deep into Jer's ass. Jer screamed out and pleaded with Earl to stop, but Earl seemed to go wild on Jer. He ravaged Jer's pecs and nipples, left bite marks on Jer's neck and shoulders and clawed and pulled at Jer's mushed abs.

You want me boy?” Earl screamed at Jer.

When Jer didn't answer, Earl took his fingers again and jammed them hard into Jer's belly button.

I asked you sometin muscle toy,” Earl yelled, pumping his fingers hard in and out of Jer.

Jer screamed over and over, “I want you, please fuck me, please.”

Learnin good boy,” Earl said slapping Jer's abs hard.

Earl went on fucking Jer hard and working over his pecs ruthlessly. When Earl screamed out and swore I knew he was filling Jer with cum. He didn't stop but kept going until he filled Jer up with his piss. He grabbed hold of Jer's pecs and squeezed and pulled before pulling out of Jer and a torrent of piss and cum came shooting out of Jer.

Boe, wan summa dis?” Earl yelled.

Boe came running with a big smile, bloodshot eyes and a goofy look on his face. He flopped Jer over on his stomach, hard kneaded Jer's ass cheeks and then slammed his cock all the way inside of Jer. He grabbed hold of the rope that went from Jer's arms to his neck and pulled back on it hard like they were reins on a horse he was trying to stop. Jer's head turned red and he was gasping. Boe let go and Jer sucked in air and was coughing. Boe took hold of Jer's wrists and pushed them up and away from Jer, like they were some sort of handle on a wagon. Jer yelled and screamed as Boe pushed higher and higher. Boe flopped down on top of Jer and moved his hips like he was a jack hammer. Then he waited until he caught his breath again, pulled Jer's upper body back towards him by pulling Jer's hair. He put his fingers deep in again where he was doing that pinch, twist, pull thing to Jer's neck, pulling back as he released Jer's hair and dug his other fingers into the other side. He was pulling Jer back towards him by just his fingers dug into his neck. Jer screamed and pleaded with Boe who just laughed. He let go of Jer and Jer fell hard face forward into the ground. Boe laid on top of Jer, dug in his fingers again and twisted, pulled and pinched as he slammed his cock hard in and out of Jer's ass. When Boe did finally fill Jer with his cum, when he calmed down he moved in front of Jer, lifted him up and put his face at his cock.

Clean me up good muscle toy,” Boe laughed.

Jer licked and sucked in Boe's cock, draining him of left over cum. Boe laughed as Jer tried hard to spit out his cock when Boe started to piss inside Jer's mouth. Jer choked and coughed and vomited when Boe finally moved back. He looked like he was thinking about something then his eyes went wide and he pushed Jer over on his back. He turned around and sat down on Jer's face and told Jer to do that fagger thing on his ass. Jer didn't know what Boe was talking about but figured with Boe's ass on his face, he wanted to be rimmed. Jer began slow and then quickly had his tongue fucking Boe's ass. Boe was sliding his ass forward and back over Jer's mouth and tongue, getting into the feeling of being rimmed. Boe turned his upper body around, reached back and pushed his index and middle finger into Jer's belly button.

OH yeah muscle toy, schoolin works real good huh?,” Boe laughed enjoying the feeling of Jer's screaming and gasping on his ass.

Works real good Earl, boy's learnt good so far,” Boe laughed as he got up off of Jer's face.

Yep, gonna have to keep that spot primed for awhile,” Earl said as he and Boe dragged Jer back to the rack but let him sit this time. “Gotta have me some.”

Earl moved towards Jer, spread his thighs to the sides of Jer's head and yelled at him to get on his cock. Jer quickly licked and sucked in all of Earl's cock, which blew Earl's mind as nobody ever was able to take all of him in their mouth. Well, not like he had a wealth of experience at it. While Earl was busy fucking Jer's mouth, Boe pulled Billy over, put him on his belly and rammed his cock inside of Billy, pulling Billy's upper body back by holding on to Billy's neck. I was hysterical even though the drug juice was doing some weird ass stuff to me. I made a plan to get Jer and Billy a good cup of that stuff to ease their pain.

Just then, there were flashing lights and a siren blared. Over a bull horn I heard the sheriff tell Earl and Boe to get on the ground with their hands on their heads. Boe hesitated and Earl screamed at him to do as the sheriff said unless he wanted to get a bullet in his head. Boe finally got it and nervously laid down with his hands on his head.

A deputy I think ran up to Boe, locked his hands in cuffs behind his back and did the same with Earl. The sheriff came over to me and asked if we were okay. I was sobbing like crazy. The sheriff spotted Jer and swore as he cut the ropes holding Jer's arms and the belt around his neck.

Gonna be okay son, hold on there,” the sheriff said softly to Jer.

He went over to Billy, shook his head in disgust and got Billy off the ground and sitting next to Jer. He helped me down from the box and I immediately went over to the boys and softly kissed them telling them it was all over now and they would be fine. I could see Jer was really in pain and decided waiting for the ambulance and the ride to a hospital wasn't going to happen any time soon. I excused myself, went into the shelter, dumped out some water bottles and filled them with the juice. I put them I the backpack, put the stuff back in it that Earl dumped out, especially the first aide kit and went back to Jer and Billy.

Here Jer, gotta have some of this, it'll help,” I said holding the bottle to Jer's lips. His eyes went wide as he swallowed and he looked at me. I shook my head to let him know he shouldn't say anything. I could see his body slowly relax and the pained look leave his face. I did the same to Billy and then did what I could to their cuts and bruises. I went for the pail, got a shirt and washed both of them completely.

Sure do have something for these boys don't cha?” the sheriff said with a hand gently on my shoulder.

Yeah, sure do sheriff. So how the hell did you know to come looking for us?” I finally had to ask.

Well, luckily you boys let the owner of the little restaurant you ate at how much you loved her cooking and planned to be back a lot. I came in for coffee and asked if you boys had stopped in again. She looked concerned and said that the way you boys talked you'd be coming back, but haven't yet. She didn't think that was right and something bad might have happened. I agreed with her and took a drive out to the cabin. When I saw your SUV parked and locked up, I knocked on the door and when nobody answered, let myself in. When I saw all your stuff left and looked around, I knew you boys were in some sort of trouble. I called in a deputy and he and I searched the woods and the lake. The deputy spotted a back pack on the ground and I figured it belonged to one of you. It was getting dark and searching the woods would be pointless. So this morning, I had a brainstorm thinking about who was around the cabin and might have run into you boys. Earl and Boe popped into my head right off. That gave me chills knowing how nuts these boys are. So, Deputy and I paid a visit and saw what was happening and put an end to it.”

God, I can't thank you enough. It has been hell the last few days. I really thought when these guys were bored with us, we'd end up in the smoker,” I said sobbing.

They tell you that?” the sheriff asked really serious.

Yeah, several times. I was the only one somewhat loose and that was because Earl told me what would happen to Jer and Billy if I didn't behave and do what he said,” I cried.

Well, its over now. I'm going to have to take some statements and file a few reports as soon as the docs release you boys. You are going to have to go to the hospital and be examined for sure. No telling what sort of disease these boys have, so we should be more cautious then usual,” the sheriff said rubbing my shoulder. “Can I get you anything right now?”

Well, a blanket for Jer and Billy would be nice. I'm good but these poor guys have been through absolute hell and then some,” I said.

Sure thing, you just relax and the paramedics will be here soon,” the sheriff said as he started to yell instructions to the deputy.

When the paramedics finally arrived, one of them just kept saying 'oh man, good god' every time he checked on Jer and Billy. We got into the ambulance and it sure sped off to the hospital in the next town. In the ER, the resident had a hard time understanding what happened to us. The sheriff luckily showed up and asked to talk to the supervisor. Once he did that, the head doctor started giving orders to staff and told the resident to be quiet and learn. None of the staff could believe what we went through. It sounded like something out of the dark ages, not modern America. We were admitted into the hospital, all of us in the same room. Billy started to come around and cried when he realized we were actually safe now. Jer took longer to come around since I made him drink the juice and the doctor shot him up with even more good stuff. It was a good thing because it allowed his body to heal quicker since he was completely relaxed and not moving around. Jer said he felt like he had his ass kicked in by some biker group. I cried like a baby when he actually apologized to me for not being able to protect me from all this. Billy joined in and we all cried a bit until I told them that was enough of the pity party and nobody was at fault except Earl and Boe.

When we finally were released and back at the cabin to pack up our stuff, I told the boys I felt a need to hurry up and get the hell out of there. They agreed with me and we had the SUV packed super quick. On the drive back home, Jer told Billy that he was never allowed to suggest a vacation spot again. He looked shocked and put his head down like he was bad. Jer and I both bust out laughing and he smacked both of us. When we got home and put everything away, Jer said he wanted to have a group snuggle in our bedroom.

Nothing hard and heavy guys, just sweet and gentle. I want to feel human and capable of love again,” Jer said with tears in his eyes.

That's just what we did after showering. We laid on the bed, held on to each other and gently kissed and stroked each others bodies, super easy and super loving. I mentally told myself that from now on, nobody is going to convince me to do anything I don't really want to do from now on. Well, at least until Jer and Billy ask.