Me and Trent….


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Well, shit. If another asshole just walks up to me and runs his hands over my back I am going to spit my drink in his face! I didn't come to the bar to become some jerks piece of meat. Okay, so being 35, 5'11”, 195 lbs of pumped up muscle, I should be used to being gawked at and touched. Hell no, I wasn't for sale or some stupid ass display in a store. Why guys get this dumb ass idea they can just touch me is beyond my comprehension.

Name's John by the way. I live in the southwest now after spending my life prior to now up in Milwaukee. Screw snow and sub zero temps! Yeah, I had enough of that crap and just had to go somewhere that maybe got chilly but not subzero and for sure none of that 27” of snow. I liked the look and attitude of the southwest, definitely a different pace then in the Midwest cities for sure. I worked at a gym as a personal trainer, doing most of my business outside of the gym as a private trainer. In addition, I had a degree for Project Management and another in Statistical Analysis. I was mostly a loner in college and spent all my time taking classes and working out. I figured with those under my belt, in a pinch I could pick up some type of job no matter where I went, even though I hated working in any office. Did a stint of that and thought I'd loose my mind after a month.

The gay bar was in another town about 35 miles from my house. After spending hours in Milwaukee rush hour trying to get home or to work, the 45 minute drive was a piece of cake. It felt good to be with other gay men, able to 'act up' if I was in the mood, maybe make out some if I met a guy I thought was hot, and who knows, maybe even spend the night with him. That rarely happened to me but still, it didn't matter to me. Yeah sure, I was hit on constantly but I am not into twinks at all and short guys. The man I liked was taller then me, strong, hairy and an alpha for sure.

A few of the guys I had met at the bar that weren't all over me came in and sat with me at the bar. After the hugs and cheek pecks, conversation got all animated and wild as we all wanted to get the others caught up in what was going on with our lives. None of it was important stuff, just goofy stuff that made us all laugh and feel good. One of the guys, Jeffery, was the typical match maker who felt it his calling to arrange for guys without boy friends to meet possible candidates. He said I was his biggest challenge because of what I liked. Even though I and everyone else in the group told him to just give it up and stop, he did what he always does, just ignore us. The bartender was Stew, a super nice guy in his 40's who joined our silly group whenever he wasn't busy with customers. He said it was so great how finally there were guys who got him to laugh and forget what a lousy day he had. We all took turns helping him out in a pinch, and cleaning up before closing. A song came on that just got my body moving. Course the drinks helped to really loosen me up, but still, the beat seemed to move me out to the dance floor. Of course the entire group went with me and we pretty much took over the dance floor.

I didn't notice the group of guys that came into the bar while we were having fun dancing. They were all fairly big, long dark hair except for 2 guys who had shaved their heads. They all wore leather stuff and ripped up jeans with cowboy boots. At first glance you'd think they were some sort of biker club, but it turned out they weren't, just a group of guys on a mini hunting vacation. I glanced their way a few times as it was always neat to see new guys showing up. Mostly truckers stopped by while traveling through or just resting for the night. The music changed and we all headed back to our place at the bar.

Oh my, now there's bound to be one you like in that group,” Jeffery said in my ear with his arm over my shoulder.

Jeffery, give it up, please?” I moaned. “I'm not in the mood at all and hooking up isn't a priority right now.”

Nonsense. Every gay man always in the mood to hook up you silly guy,” Jeffery laughed.

Well, guess I'm an odd ball then,” I laughed. “Stew, please cut Jeffery off. He's doing his matchmaker crap again.”

Jeffery, you know you promised the group you would lay off of John, so behave yourself or its just diet cola for you!” Stew said wagging his finger in Jeffery's face.

Now that's just not fair at all,” Jeffery whined.

Hey, a deal is a deal,” one of the other guys said hugging Jeffery's neck in his arm.

Jeffery began his pouting thing which we did our best to ignore. He looked so crushed, I just had to take his face in my hands and give him a nice kiss.

Now cheer up Jeffery. Have fun with us and behave yourself,” I laughed as he sat there with a super stunned look on his face.

Oh boy, you probably opened up a can of worms with that move,” Stew laughed as he filled up our drinks again.

A few of the new guys walked over and introduced themselves. One in particular ignored all the other guys and came right up to me. He was around 6' and had to hit close to 250 lbs. He had a buzz cut and a long goatee.

Hey there sugar, I'm Tony,” Tony said putting out his hand as his eyes looked me over from head to toe.

Pleasure Tony, I'm John,” I said with a guarded smile as I shook his hand. “You guys new in town?”

I guess we are. We are doing some hunting near here, like a mini vacation I suppose,” Tony said still checking me out.

Well, good for you guys. Uh, Tony, can I have my hand back now?” I said without a smile.

Oh, sorry John, just felt really nice holding it,” Tony said with what I thought was an evil smile.

Thanks, appreciate that. Well, hope you guys have a good hunt and enjoy your mini vacation,” I said with a smile and turned around with big eyes looking at Stew.

I felt Tony's hands on my shoulders as I was pulled back and his lips were right on my ear.

Now don't be rude John. Maybe we can have a fun time tonight,” Tony said.

I pulled myself back up into a sitting position, slightly turned and said “It ain't gonna happen Tony. Take your hands off of me.”

Okay, okay, no need to get all in a knot or anything,” Tony said as he slowly backed away from me with his hands up like I pointed a gun at him.

The rest of my friends were suddenly quiet and staring at Tony. He noticed and walked back to his friends who were not talking to any of my friends.

Are you okay?” Stew leaned over the bar and asked.

Yeah, I'm fine Stew, thanks,” I laughed. “You don't have to worry about me. I'm a personal trainer you know!”

Oh, well then, he's lucky as hell you didn't work him out to death I guess,” Stew said pretending to be serious.

Real funny Stew. I am strong and really fit,” I said as the group was cracking up at Stew's comment.

Yes, indeed you are baby, but that doesn't always equate to much in a street fight or against some guy who knows how to hurt you fast,” Stew said seriously.

Yeah, guess I never thought much about that,” I said thoughtfully. “Maybe I should take some self defense or karate classes.”

Sugar, you just rip that shirt off and pump those biceps and pecs at them. Nobody could survive that without melting for sure,” Jeffery said seriously.

The group really cracked up from what Jeffery said and the look of total disbelief I was giving him.

Ooooo, another super dance song! Lets get on the dance floor,” one of the group yelled.

We all let out a 'whoop' and danced our way to the dance floor. I purposely did not look towards Tony and his group just in case he thought I was checking him out or something. I felt hands on my hips pull me back into a crotch that had an obvious hard on in it, and then arms wrapped around my waist and squeezed me tight to a body.

Nice ass dancin' sugar,” Tony's voice said in my ear with a light lick.

I tried hard to free myself, but he had a tight lock on me and whenever I came close he lifted me up to put me off balance. I think what pissed me off the most was how he managed to rub me on his crotch like I was some sort of jerk off machine.

Man oh man sugar, you sure have to have one hell of a hot body on you,” Tony said as he licked my ear and then sucked and licked my neck. “Feel that big ass killer cock rubbing up on your ass? That is a present for you sugar.”

Tony, that's enough of that. Let me go. I'm not going to mess around with you tonight or any other night, especially after this bullshit. Now let me loose,” I said loudly and with a super serious look.

Is that right John? Well, hate to break it to you, but you are gonna ride my killer cock and I'm gonna fill you up lots of times before I'm done,” Tony said as his lips kissed my cheek.

I really began to struggle and do my damndest to get free of his grip. A few of my friends noticed how pissed off I looked and then recognized Tony tight up against me. They let the others in the group know and they all surrounded me and Tony.

What's going on here?” one of my friends asked.

Nothing that concerns you bitch,” Tony said with a look of anger.

You best unhand him,” Jeffery said in his most serious voice.

Piss off and mind your own damn business missy,” Tony said almost in Jeffery's face.

I felt Tony's body jerked away from me and when I got my balance and turned, there was Stew with a billy club ready to teach Tony manners.

Okay bud, that's all she wrote for you. Out of here, now,” Stew said as he took hold of Tony's bicep.

Get your hand off of me you shit face,” Tony yelled as he started to swing at Stew.

Tony was down like a falling rock in seconds. Stew smacked him so quick and hard, Tony didn't realize what happened. Stew reached down, yanked Tony up off the floor by his neck and pulled him towards the door.

What's the problem here?” one of Tony's friends asked.

Your friend is the problem. I don't allow anybody to maul my customers and disrespect them. He went way past the line and he's out of here. Is there some problem with that?” Stew said in the guys face still holding tight to Tony's neck.

Nope, none at all. Sorry he caused trouble. He gets a bit out of control when he drinks, especially when he is horny,” the guy said backing away from Stew with his hands up like Stew had a gun.

Stew got to the door, opened it and pushed Tony out hard. The rest of his friends were finishing up their drinks and shaking their heads as they talked among themselves. The one guy who asked Stew what was going on, came over and apologized for Tony and said he was sorry Tony ruined a nice time for all of us. I thanked him and he apologized to Stew as well, leaving a really nice tip for Stew.

Oh my goodness! That got my blood pumping for sure! I have to explore that rough trade stuff for sure,” Jeffery said fanning himself with a place-mat.

That was what we all needed, a super hearty laugh. We did our usual, stayed till closing, helped Stew clean up and then headed out to a little dive for the best breakfast around. We just about filled the parking lot and when we walked in, were greeted by the owner and waitresses. This was another regular place for us. We all spent money and left really nice tips so we were super welcome. Of course after placing our orders, the conversation focused on Tony and me. His motives and mind were dissected and analyzed 100's of ways before we finally finished eating and drinking lots of coffee. We said our good nights in the parking lot and knew we'd see each other tomorrow night for dinner and the bar, our regular Saturday deal. Just about all the guys were gone from the parking lot except for me and another guy. We talked a bit and he left. I stood there thinking about the night and how Tony was really out of line. Next thing I knew, an arm was around my neck and a hand over my head. I knew enough to know somebody was putting a sleeper hold on me. I struggled but he had a tight grip and had me pulled almost off the ground. My struggles slowed more and more as I was shook from side to side in his tight grip.

When I woke up, I was laying in a van, naked with my hands tied to ropes that were anchored by the frame of the van. They were stretched out and my upper body was off the ground nearly sitting up. My ankles were stretched out as well and lifted my legs up off the ground as well.

You ready for your treat now?” Tony's voice shocked me.

Tony, what the fuck! You have to be kidding,” I yelled, shaking and pulling trying to get free.

Oh no sugar, you are gonna be used by a real man and know what one is like. I'm gonna have my way with you so many ways until I'm completely dry,” Tony laughed.

He stood up from the front seat he was in and came towards me. He was completely naked, his cock super hard and mean looking as he slowly stroked it. He had low hangers that were big, a thick cock that had to be 9” long and a very large cock head. I saw the dribbles of precum moving out of his piss slit as he stroked. He let his cock go and licked his precum from his fingers before returning to his stroking.

Hot damn you are one hot number. Never had my way with a bodybuilder before. Think I'm really gonna enjoy this,” Tony laughed as he was at my feet, watching my muscles flex and pump as I kept struggling to get free.

Next thing I knew, Tony was sitting on my abs, his legs straddling me. He was slowly rubbing his cock across my pecs and upper abs. Then he slapped his hands hard on my biceps and felt my arms hard, then my shoulders, then my pecs. He cupped his hands on the bottom of my pecs and squeezed and released.

Hot damn, nice and hard like a good boob aught to be,” Tony smiled and licked his lips.

He slid his ass back and bent down, his mouth sucking in the cupped pecs he was massaging hard. He nibbled, bit, licked and sucked them. He got up, walked in between my stretched out legs and sat down in between my thighs. He used his hands to squeeze and hard rub my thighs. He grabbed my balls in one hand and squeezed as he pulled them towards him. He slapped at my cock until it was super red and hard.

Nice package you got there sugar pie,” Tony smiled, licking his lips.

Let me go you sick fuck,” I screamed.

Oh I'm gonna let you go for sure after you are full of my spunk and have been fucked by this real man,” Tony laughed.

He bent down, pulling my balls further from my body and adding more pressure to his hand that was holding them before he smiled at me, slowly bent down and flicked his tongue as his mouth headed for my cock. The more I struggled the harder his grip on my balls and the further he pulled them from my body. It hurt, hurt like hell. His mouth closed over my cock head and his mouth was doing this slurping thing with his saliva, tongue and sucking. I gasped and gasped as the sensations shot through my entire body.

Like that huh sugar,” Tony said looking at my face.

He didn't wait for an answer but went back to my cock head, his eyes looking at my face constantly. He used his teeth when I didn't show much of a reaction and that got me gasping, moaning and yelling without any problem. When he rammed his mouth completely down my cock to my pubes and his throat muscles started to squeeze and move along my cock while he made these humming and growling sounds, I thought for sure I'd have an instant orgasm. Somehow, Tony wouldn't let me cum, he just kept working on my cock with his mouth and throat, making me go nuts wanting so bad to cum. I was drenched in sweat now and having like spasms where my pecs would flex, my biceps, forearms, thighs, abs, shit even my ass cheeks got into it. It became very painful and I couldn't seem to control it with what he was doing to me.

You ready to get my cock ready for your ass?” Tony suddenly said as he watched my muscles going through the spasms.

Oh yeah sure,” I panted and gasped. “I'll bite that fucker off in a minute you fucker. That ain't happening.”

Oh, its happening sugar pie, got me something to make you do anything I want,” Tony smiled a sick smile.

He went back to my cock like before but this time with a vengeance it seemed. My body was going wild pulling hard on the ropes, lifting my ass high off the floor.

Tony really began to hard squeeze and roll my balls in his hand. Then, I couldn't breath, my arms and legs pulled so hard my ass was lifted and my cock was pushed deep inside of his throat. I started to have a major bad ass orgasm. He didn't really suck much, just kept up what his throat was doing which drove me even more insane. When my cock stopped shooting out cum, that's when Tony started to suck hard, my cock mostly in his mouth, his tongue moving hard and fast on my cock head. It became painful how intense the sensations became. I wanted desperately to pull my cock from his mouth. Tony just kept it up until he felt the beginning of me pissing. He lifted his mouth from my cock and laughed as my piss started shooting all over my body.

See, Tony takes good care of you sugar,” Tony laughed.

I was completely exhausted and my body basically went limp. I was gasping and panting, trying really hard to control my breathing. I didn't realize Tony got up and got something. He straddled my body, laughed and was holding something in his fingers. He knelt down, squeezed my jaw open and pushed a few pills into the back of my mouth. He forced my mouth closed and put his hand over my nose and mouth as his other hand hard massaged my throat. There was no way I could not swallow what he put into my mouth. I was swallowing like I had to empty a pool from what he was doing to my throat and the way I was trying to somehow get in some air. He released my face, reached around and opened up a bottle of water, forced my jaw open and pour small amounts of water into my mouth which I either swallowed or drowned. I was actually way to spent to put up any sort of fight after the orgasm I had and how he got me to piss all over myself. He capped the bottle and turned around. He grabbed my cock in his hand after he let the bottle fall to the floor and stroked it. It was super sensitive and I yelled and my ass flew up off the floor.

Soon sugar baby, Tony is gonna fuck you so good,” Tony said still stroking my cock and playing with my pecs.

He reached down behind himself and brought back the water bottle, opened it up and poured it all over my chest, abs and crotch.

There, now that piss smell won't bother us none,” Tony said with a smile.

I suddenly felt my head moving in slow motion. My eyes were heavy and I couldn't focus my eyes. He was blurry and the van seemed like it curved all around me. My breathing and his sounded like super winds in a storm. I was moaning and my head kept moving from side to side. Finally my head fell backwards and I was looking at the funny shaped back door and window of the van.

My sugar pie is ready for me I think,” Tony's echoed voice said.

He straddled my chest with his thighs, grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and towards him. I didn't even care when his cock pushed deep into my throat. He had one hand under my lower jaw and the other on the top of my head as he moved it forward and back and began to fuck my mouth and throat with his cock. I didn't worry about breathing or anything. My mind had no clue what was reality and what was imaginary now. Whatever concoction he gave me was strong and powerful. He stood up, untied my legs and retied the where my wrists were tied so I was bent in half, my legs pulling my ass up and towards my head. He kept saying something about my bubble butt as his hands latched on to each cheek and began squeezing and pulling and turning then like some sort of knobs on a dashboard. Then his tongue began to flick and push on my rosebud and my ass crack. Even on the drugs I moaned and hissed, the feelings so much more intense thanks to the drugs. He was soon fucking my ass with his tongue going deep, biting and sucking as well. Then he would alternate between his mouth and at least 3 of his fingers in my ass.

Tony stood up then, held his cock base as he looked down at me with wide eyes and a big smile. He moved his body somehow so his cock lined up perfect with my ass hole and then he like fell down on me, impaling me with his cock all at once, his face right on mine and the weight of his body pushing on my spread out legs. He latched on to my face and began to wet tongue kiss me, bite my neck and then latched on to my pecs, biting and sucking hard as his hips began to pound hard into me, his cock ramming in and out like a jack hammer. If I wasn't drugged, I know I would have been screaming my head off from the pain of all that, but thanks to the drugs, I didn't really care about that, only the pleasure feelings I was having as his thick fat cock and cock head rammed and pushed hard over my prostrate.

Tony yelled, shook and nearly ripped my pecs off as his cock started volley after volley of cum to blast inside of me. It was indeed a super load of cum just as promised. Thanks to the drugs, I was somewhere out in the universe imagining the sight of his cum blasting inside of me and filling my insides. Tony collapsed on top of me and all of his weight was laying on top of my crotch pulling my legs super tight. Thank you drugs!

He finally stirred wet kissed me an awful lot, stood up and unhooked my legs, this time flat on the floor and sort of loose. He did the same with my arms so they were on the floor but not pulled tight at all.

Yeah, I knew you were gonna be one super great fuck,” Tony laughed as he laid on top of me and worked my face and pecs over again. “Did my sugar pie like how his big strong man rode him?”

mmmmmppphhh,” was all I could handle.

Man oh man, just feeling your body underneath mine has got me all hard again,” Tony laughed. “Another special load comin in yah baby.”

With that, he moved in between my legs, lifted my ass up onto his thighs as his cock pushed inside of me. He leaned forward and down and rammed his hips hard forward and back like he was trying to push something inside of me to the side. As he was fucking me this time he really went after my pecs and nipples. Before the pills my pecs and nipples were sore and sensitive, but I'm sure now, they were bruised heavily and almost raw from his biting and sucking so hard. His grips on my pecs were very tight and hard, none of that gentle shit he did at first before the drugs. He lifted himself up and latched his hands on to my biceps, his fingers ripping in hard as he used his arms to pound into my ass. It took him awhile before he finally screamed out, nearly ripped my biceps off and I felt his cum blasting out of his cock inside of me. He fell hard on top of me again and it seemed to take awhile for him to recover. He did that sloppy wet kiss thing except this time not only my mouth but my neck, pecs, and abs. He stood up his cock making a loud 'plop' sound as he pulled it out. I realized then that I knew just what he was doing, could feel most of it but not any pain, only pleasures and super sensations, from the drugs obviously. He sat in between my legs.

He reached down, took my hips in his hands and slid under me, lowering my ass right back down on his cock. He moaned and dug his fingers hard into my abs and thighs. Then, he started to work on my cock with his fingers and hands. He'd like slap his hands together on my cock then stroke it with both hands on it from base to the head. He kept doing that for a bit. He bent his knees up to lift the small of my back up so he could take the head of my cock in his mouth and do that slurpy thing again. Then lower my ass down and do the slap thing on my cock. When he lifted my lower back again with his bent knees, he really went wild on my cock head. To me it felt like it was going to burst, like it was super swollen. He did the slap thing a few more times then his hands grabbed on to my hips really hard. He started to lift and drop my lower body on and off his cock. Just the way his cock was positioned, it really was doing a number on my prostrate. It seemed like it was going on forever. Suddenly I was panting and gasping and he was screaming and yelling, swearing up a storm as he had another large orgasm. I did too almost at the same time. I felt my inside muscles and my ass tighten around his cock and he was still lifting and dropping my hips so it had to really be intense for him. I think he just fell backward as I felt his fingers hard sliding down my thighs and knees.

I'm not quite sure what happened or when after that as the drugs really messed with my mind. All was swirling and changing shape. I never felt him untie me and throw my naked body out the back of the van as he took off in a hurry. It was getting light as my eyes went wild with the rays and auras of the sun. The chirping birds sounded like they were all screaming so loud. I know I blacked out and came too a few times. I suddenly felt someone holding up my head and asking me things which I couldn't understand at all. I sort of noticed what had to be a State Trooper hat but it looked more like some wild weird ass animal about to eat me. I blacked out again.

When I woke up, I was in a bright room. I looked to each side and knew I had to be in a hospital. I had tubes in me and machines that beeped and clicked to a rhythm of some sort. I tried to sit up by my head wanted to immediately explode, especially when my upper body slammed back down. A nurse came running in and started talking to me as she checked all the machines and tubes.

Now young man, you just stay still and rest. You have been through an awful experience and your body needs to rest. Do you know what kind of drugs you took?” the nurse asked.

No drugs from me, from other guy who raped me,” I managed to get out.

Oh my word. You were drugged and raped?” the nurse said.

I just slowly shook my head and made a very painful face.

You in pain baby darlin?” the nurse asked.

Yes, lots,” I managed to get out.

Well, I'll be right back with something that will take care of that real quick,” the nurse said patting my chest gently.

Sure enough, she was back like a flash with a few needles which she injected into the tubes going into my veins and one big one in the bag of liquid hanging from a pole attached to my bed. It was like super quick when I felt the pain going away, my body feel like I was starting to float away. I smiled I think.

Good, looks like this stuff did the trick!” the nurse said all happy. “Now you just relax and try to sleep some more. I'll be checking in on you often so don't you worry at all. You are safe and we will make sure you recover nicely.”

I was out before I could say another word. I felt my entire body get so super relaxed almost like each piece was going to just slide away on its own without a problem. I have no idea what time of day it was or even what day for that matter. I was hearing murmuring voices all around me like very far away. Was I dreaming? Nope, I opened my eyes and there was Jeffery staring straight down into my face. We both were startled at the same time. Of course Jeffery let out a shriek and jumped where as I could only gasp. Suddenly, the faces of all my friends from the bar were surrounding me. Then I heard the voice of my nurse.

Alright boys, back off right now. He's not dead and unless you wish to be, you'll give the poor boy room to breath!” the nurse said in her no nonsense voice.

Yeah guys, give the poor guy some room. Probably like to scare the pants off of him with your faces in so close!” the voice of Stew said.

I couldn't help but smile at that. The one lone voice of sanity was Stew for sure.

Hey guy, how you feeling?” Stew asked holding my hand.

Uh, pretty high actually!” I laughed a bit.

And more coming my love,” the nurse giggled.

Does he need to be so sedated?” Stew asked the nurse.

Well, last few times he was awake, he was in quite a bit of pain. Doctor doesn't want him to stress at all so he thinks it is best to keep him feeling very good. Rest is what he needs most of all right now. I'm sure knowing you boys were here to see him has help to lift his spirits,” the nurse said.

Well, I'll leave my phone number with you just in case. If there is anything he needs you just give me a call,” Stew said as he patted my hand and leaned down and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

I sure will. I guess he has no family and no relatives here,” the nurse said to Stew.

None that I know of. Any of you boys know if John has any relatives here?” Stew asked the group.

It was a unanimous 'no, none' from the group. They were right on that account as I was definitely a loner with no known living relatives. Somehow, it made me feel a bit more relaxed knowing Stew had my back and would watch out for me.

Thanks Stew, I really appreciate what you said,” I mumbled in a somewhat hoarse voice. “And thanks guys for taking the time to come visit.”

Now you just rest and recover John,” Jeffrey said with a cracking voice. “If you need anything just have the nurse let Stew know and it'll be taken care of.”

I looked over where I heard Jeffery's voice coming from and smiled. I heard him whimper and sniffle. All of the guys came by my bed, patted my hand and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

Well, I'll be going too,” Stew said as he leaned down and gave me a kiss on my forehead as well. “You sure were lucky that trooper came by when he did and found you. Yep, sure are lucky.”

I wasn't fully sure I understood him but it didn't matter as the medicine began to kick in and I was floating off to where ever land. I woke up to the feeling of some hands moving me around in bed and me being washed and then lotion being put on my body.

Looks like you are awake John,” the voice said. “I'm Eric and I'm your nurse for the next few days. I just got you all washed up and all. You feel like sitting up a bit? How's the pain?”

Thanks Eric, nice to meet you. Yeah, sitting up would be nice. And please, I'd rather you guys didn't shoot me up with such strong drugs anymore. I feel like I've lost out on months of my life as it is. I'm not hurting much honest,” I said like I had to convince him.

Well that's a good thing then,” Eric laughed as he raised the back of my bed and some of my legs. “How about something light to eat?”

Yeah, juice and some coffee would sure be nice. Kind of have this super dry mouth and bad taste in my mouth,” I said getting a good look at Eric.

He was skinny, kind of tall and had a super warm smile and bright eyes.

Let me get an order in for you and then I'll come back with a kit so you can brush your teeth and rinse out your mouth. The meds and oxygen do that but it'll pass pretty quick once you start drinking fluids and eating. Any particular thing you like to drink?” Eric asked fluffing up my pillows and adjusting my bed.

Well, any kind of fruit juice is good as long as it isn't super acidic like grapefruit,” I said. “Oh and coffee is good in the morning, not a lot of milk and maybe some iced tea.”

Okay then, I'll see what I can do,” Eric said as he patted my toes and left.

I looked around the room and had to smile at the number of flower arrangements spread all over the room. The boys sure were gay from how different they were not only arranged but the flowers used as well. I had to laugh at one that had blow up balloons attached of some cute blond hunks holding their hands over their privates with surprised looks on their faces. Something just shouted out 'Jeffery' to me. Eric would later confirm it was indeed an arrangement from Jeffery.

It really did feel so good to be sitting up, have brushed my teeth and had juice and coffee to drink along with some jello. Eric said nothing super solid for a few days until my body could ease into it. I guess I was out of it for over 4 days and in some pretty serious condition. The x rays they took didn't show any evidence of ripped or town muscles, just heavy bruising and broken blood vessels. My ass was a bit chaffed but not torn at all. I had a good discussion but no broken bones. I had no idea if they knew that Tony did this to me, but I'd soon find out.

There was a knock on my door and a very tall, handsome State Trooper came walking in with a gorgeous smile on his face. The first thing I thought of was Clint Walker stopped by while filming some movie. He had to be at least 6'7”, 310 or so of gorgeous man. He had to be really hairy from the dark 5 o'clock shadow on his chiseled face and the amount of hair on his arms.

Hope I'm not disturbing you. My name is Trent Talser, Corporal Trent Talser, State Highway Patrol. I'm the guy who found you on the road. If this isn't a good time, I can come back,” Trent said.

I was gawking at him with my mouth wide open and my eyes buggy.

Oh, I'm sorry, sure, no, its fine, come on in,” I finally blurted out feeling like a complete ass. “Oh, and thank you by the way for saving my life it seems.”

No thanks necessary John,” Trent said with the most killer smile I've ever seen. “Oh sorry, I know your name from your friend Stew at the bar.”

Pleasure to meet you by the way and that's fine, Stew is good people,” I said looking at him like he just stepped from an alien space ship.

Mind if I take a seat?” Trent said still with that damn smile.

No, don't mind at all, please do!” I said all bubbly, well as bubbly as I could manage.

I will try not to take up a lot of your time and wear you out, but I'd like to get some information from you about what you remember of the incident,” Trent said with the sexiest serious business look ever.

No problem, yes please wear me out,” I said before realizing what I just said. “I mean, don't worry about wearing me out, ask away.”

Trent looked at me funny and then laughed. I think he got how flustered I was and how what I blurted out could be taken to mean something completely different.

Do you know who worked you over and raped you?” Trent asked.

Yeah, well sort of. All I know is his name is Tony and he was with a group up here for a hunting mini vacation. Have no idea where they were staying or where they were from, sorry. But it was Tony for sure, without a doubt. I watched him most of the time as he was doing his thing on me the sadistic prick. Oh, sorry, guess I shouldn't say things like that,” I said blushing.

Hey, can't say I blame you one bit,” Trent said. “So in your own words, tell me about that night at the bar and then whatever you remember.”

I proceeded to tell Trent all about the night at the bar, Tony putting on a sleeper hold in the parking lot on me and waking up tied up and naked in a van. I reluctantly told Trent what he did to me and then how things got a bit fuzzy after he gave me some drugs. I told him I knew what was happening, just couldn't care less and was having a hard time focusing my vision and keeping my head from bobbling around. I said how weird it was to feel pleasure and super sensations, knowing some of it had to be hurting me, but yet I felt no pain at all. I suppose I over did it describing how huge Tony's cum loads were but didn't think about that until I already told Trent. He was taking down notes and looking at me very seriously. He asked some questions now and then just to clarify things I said. He then proceeded to repeat it all back to me to be sure he had taken down all of it correctly.

Wow, you sure went through some hell John,” Trent said with a concerned look. “Now I don't want you to take this question the wrong way, just something we have to ask victims of rape. Are you certain you in no way gave him the impression that you wanted to have sex with him?”

I'm positive. Just ask my friends and Stew from the bar. They came to my rescue as it were when they saw me struggling and he was keeping off balance. I'm a pretty strong fit guy. If he wasn't a bit taller and able to keep me somewhat off the floor I probably could have gotten loose and decked the asshole. In the van I kept screaming and yelling at him to let me go and stop the bullshit, even swearing up a storm and calling him names. Nothing worked. So yeah, I can say without any doubt I in no way let him know it was okay. I made it very clear as often as I could that I did not want or wish to have any form of sex with him.”

Okay, I'm sorry, just had to get that out of the way,” Trent said with a sad puppy dog look.

Hey, its okay, it is your job after all and you are my savior,” I smiled.

No, not your savior, just rescuer maybe, but a day late and dollar short unfortunately. Just wish I was driving by sooner. Maybe I could have noticed the van and heard something,” Trent said with his head down.

That's silly Trent. Don't even think that way. So tell me, how did you find me?” I asked.

Well, I was heading down State Road 121 when I saw you all naked, trying to get up but you kept falling down. I pulled over and at first thought you were a drunk or drug addict but then I spotted the bruises and you were bleeding from your head. I knew something bad happened to you, especially when I got right up to you and saw your body, which is very very nice I must say. Anyway, I put in a call for assistance and got a blanket from my squad, laid it out and lifted you up on to it, covered you with it and tried to get you to drink a bit of water. I washed off your face a bit and held you on my lap until another squad showed up along with an ambulance. The rest I can't tell you except we did check out the scene, talked with some regulars who saw the van and got some good tire and foot prints. When I came to the emergency room, the doctor said tests showed you were violated and most likely raped. That pissed me off a whole lot, but being a trooper, I had to control my anger,” Trent said giving me such an intent look.

Wow, thanks for what you did and how you felt Trent,” I said with a sad smile. “From what I've heard, gay males are never 'raped' just used.”

Well, that might be true in some places, but not here for sure. Rape is rape no matter who the victim is,” Trent said. “So how you feeling now?”

Well, a bit sore, probably glad I can't see what parts of my body look like just yet. I was always pretty proud of my pecs and biceps. They have to look god awful after what Tony did to me,” I said sadly.

They are pretty bruised up and have some bloody messes under the skin, but from what I saw, they sure look good even with all that,” Trent smiled.

Thanks, that makes me feel a whole lot better,” I laughed wiping tears from my eyes for some reason.

Trent came and sat on the bed, pulled me into his body and held me.

Go ahead and let it out John,” Trent said in a super deep sexy voice. “I've heard its the best healing medicine around. Get those fears and sad feelings out of you and start really healing. Go ahead, its okay John, I'm holding you.”

Well, that really got me sobbing and all sorts of hysterical. Trent's strong arms and hands were so gentle and yet so strong. I felt protected, safe and didn't have to worry about being macho or anything. I felt his lips on top of my head and it all felt so so good. I did feel much better once I calmed down. Trent didn't try to make me stop or shush me in any way, just kept telling me to go ahead and let it all out.

Thanks for that Trent. I'm sorry I carried on like that. Its not the normal me, honest. I'm a pretty tough character I think, even though I do have a soft side I rarely let out unless I'm with close friends,” I said still sobbing a little.

John its okay, really its a good thing. You know it has to be even more traumatic for a guy who's built like you to have to go through something like that. I'd guess it never even entered your mind that it could possibly happen. So don't apologize at all. Showing your feelings isn't such a bad thing to do,” Trent said softly.

Thanks. I'm sure I owe you a new uniform shirt or at least a washing of it after all my tears and dribble all over it,” I said as I moved away from him and saw what a mess I made of his uniform shirt.

Nawh, its only a shirt John, no big deal,” Trent laughed. “Well, I'm sure I put you through much more then I should have. I'm going to go file a report and maybe get more info from your friends, especially Stew. I'll come back to check in on you and let you know what is happening with the case if that's okay?” Trent said standing up. “Oh and John? If its okay with you, I'd kind of like to pop in for a visit on my own time just to visit with you if that's okay with you?”

Wow, sure Trent, I'd really really like that,” I said probably a bit too excited. “That's awfully nice of you. Hate to be the cause of you missing out on your family and stuff on your free time or anything like that.”

Nope, no family, just me and my dog Hero is all. I'd sure like to though,” Trent said with what I thought was a slight blush.

Oh for sure Trent, I'd really like that a lot,” I said. “Really looking forward to seeing you again.”

Okay, great, thanks. Now you rest and take it easy. Don't be rushing things. Healing takes time and you always feel much stronger then you are so you be good and rest,” Trent said rubbing his hand on my sore bicep.

Oh shit, I'm so so sorry,” Trent said all worried after he saw me wince when he rubbed my bicep.

Its okay Trent, really. Just hurts a bit. Sure Eric the nurse will be in here after you leave to shoot me up with happy meds anyway,” I laughed.

Well, okay then. I best get out of here before I hurt you again,” Trent said all sad.

Don't be silly, you didn't hurt me Trent,” I laughed even though it did still hurt.

He hurried to the doorway, stopped, turned around and waved good bye with the cutest young boy look ever. It made my heart skip a beat I swear.

For the next week I was treated, had rehab and finally was well enough to be discharged. Trent kept true to his word and visited just about every day, staying for at least 2 hours on days he was working and then most of the day when he was off. He insisted it wasn't any problem with him and he really wanted to spend the time with me. By the time I was being discharged, we had become friends for sure, learning all about each others life, likes and dislikes, all of that stuff that helps to make 2 people feel comfortable and at ease.

Trent and Stew set up a schedule without my input of course to check in on me, make sure I was behaving and doing errands I might need, especially picking up medications, shopping for food and doing laundry. Why laundry I haven't any clue, but it was part of their scheduling for sure. I was not allowed to do it myself. I tried to once but got caught and boy did I get a lecture. When the lecture was coming from Trent, his size made it much more impressive and made quite the impression. He always ended up laughing since while getting lectured and told why it wasn't good for me to over exert myself just yet, he was holding on to both my shoulders, right on top of me. I just got this goofy look of awe on my face and stared at his face and eyes the whole time, not really paying any attention to what he was saying. I was fascinated by the muscle movement in his face muscles and neck. I so wanted to run my tongue across that constant 5 o'clock shadow of his. Stew on the other hand always just gave up when I would look into his eyes with a super big smile on my face. Both didn't give up at all, but kept telling me how serious all this was and that I had to follow doctors orders if I wanted to get back to my normal self again. Trent was super about getting my drivers license and credit cards taken care of. Tony kept them when he stripped me and didn't bother to throw them out of his van. Trent set something up where he would be notified if the credit cards were used, but that didn't seem to be happening at all. I figured Tony just destroyed them.

On one gorgeous evening, Trent decided I needed to get out of the house, so he arranged a picnic of sorts at a national park not far from my house. I was so excited to get out of the house, at least away from it. Just spending some of my time out in the backyard wasn't really enough. I wasn't allowed to work out fully just yet, so the picnic thing made me feel like I was going on a vacation. Trent kept laughing at how excited I was about the whole thing. He picked me up after work and already had food and even some wine, a blanket and hiking chairs that folded up super neat. The park was so beautiful, full view of the mountains like they were right in your face. The desert brush and low trees looked so neat against the sand. It was so perfect.

John, there is something I need to ask you, but I'm not sure how you'll react,” Trent asked while we were sitting on the blanket and eating.

Trent, just ask me. How bad can it be?” I answered unsure what he was talking about.

Well, okay, here goes. Ever since I picked you up off the ground, I started to get feelings for you. I know you kind of like me, well, especially how I look I guessed based on how you look at me. So, I was wondering if it would be okay with you if I, you know, tried to get you to be my boyfriend,” Trent said with his eyes down and a slight blush.

I was floored. All this time Trent never made any kind of move on me. Shit how I wanted him since I first saw him at the hospital. I was totally taken back by what he said and couldn't believe this big guy asked permission before sending our relationship into another direction. Rather then saying anything, I moved up close to him, lifted his chin with my fingers, gave him a warm smile and then leaned forward and gave him a series of soft, gentle kisses. He stiffened his body like he was in shock, but then slowly relaxed and wrapped his arms around me very gently. That got us into some serious passionate kissing.

Does that answer your question?” I smiled breaking away from making out.

Oh man John, I am so happy right now. I was afraid you would laugh or make up some reason why you didn't want to be my boyfriend. Yeah, that sure did answer my question and then some!” Trent said squeezing me a bit in his arms.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and moved us so he was laying down and I was partially on top of him. He moaned just about at every touch and kiss. When I started to push in my tongue to his mouth, he gasped and grabbed on to me so tight, then quickly eased up like he was afraid I'd break or something. I had such a hard on it almost hurt. I put my one leg over his and my cock was pushing up against his thigh, my crotch starting to get wet from my precum. I opened up his shirt while I was watching his eyes to see how he would react. His eyes got big and a smile was building on his face. Oh man what a body on this guy. He was really hairy, had solid pecs and abs, and the most inviting looking aureoles and nipples I'd ever seen. His whole body stiffened and his crotch shot up when I kissed then licked and then nibbled on his pecs and nipples. As I worked my way down towards his crotch, his abs were almost heaving his breathing became so fast. I moved my face right over his crotch and bit lighting at what had to be the shaft of his cock. It felt thick and was throbbing lots. Trent gasped and his shoulders came up. I looked at his face and he had a look of total disbelief for some reason.

I slowly moved my face back and forth with some pressure to make sure his cock and balls felt I was right there. I couldn't stand it anymore and undid his belt, pants and forcefully pulled his pants and underwear down to his thighs. His cock shot up and bounced against his abs. It was like 9 or 10 inches and really thick. He was cut and his cock head was a bit wider then his shaft which was covered in thick veins. He had super thick and bushy pubes. His balls were on the large size and very obvious inside his sack. When I kissed and licked his balls, they pulled up towards his body and I saw goose bumps popping up. I kissed and licked my way up his shaft from the base to the tip. I swear he was going to hyperventilate when my tongue started to slowly and gently work on his cock head.

Oh my god John, Holy shit,” was all Trent kept panting.

Finally he took hold of me by my armpits, pulled me up and really began sloppy wet kissing me. He turned us around so I was laying down and his body was partially on top of me. He worked on my neck, pulled my shirt up off of me and gently kissed and licked my still bruised pecs and nipples, my shoulders, arms and abs. He pulled down my shorts and gently caressed my cock and balls in his hand. I gasped and moaned it felt so great. Then his tongue and lips started to slowly work on my balls and cock. I was gasping and panting like a lunatic. Why this guy wasn't taken by someone was beyond me. He was so gentle and sweet it was almost scary. Like I kept waiting for the hammer to fall or something. Man did he work me over. Then, he slowly lifted my legs and pulled my shorts off completely, moved my legs towards my head and began to make love to my ass of all things. Well, weird as it may sound, it sure as hell felt like that. He was so tender, slow and I felt like I was melting butter after a short time.

Maybe I should stop now. Don't want to hurt you or have you feel any kind of pain John,” Trent said as he looked through my legs.

You stop now and I'll be a very, very unhappy camper buster,” I said super serious.

Okay, if you are sure,” Trent laughed.

I've never been more sure of anything, so if you know what's good for you, carry on PLEASE!” I pleaded.

Trent took that as a sign I was ready for him totally. He dove back into my ass and really knew how to use his tongue to get me all crazy. He somehow got his fingers inside of me while his mouth and tongue were still busy beavers. He soon had me begging and pleading for him to just fuck my brains out. That got him to add growling and nibbling to his melting down of me. Shit, I never wanted to be fucked as bad before. I had to feel his cock inside of me. I wanted to feel like we were one completely. He pulled my ass up on to his thighs and I felt his cock gently pushing at my rosebud. He stretched my legs apart slowly as he lifted his hips up slowly, pushing his cock inside of me little by little. I gasped when the head of his cock pushed inside. He got this look of complete panic on his face and I had to quickly let him know it was fine, nothing bad at all. That slowed him down some but at least he kept going. I had to get my wish for us to be one no matter what. Yeah, it hurt but I was doing everything I could think of to not show it. I concentrated on his pecs, abs, arms and shoulders. The slow ripple of his muscles was intoxicating to me. Before I knew it, more then half of his cock was inside of me and Trent released my legs and lowered himself down on top of me. His hips began a super slow pumping, letting his cock slide further in and then almost all the way out. Holy shit that felt unreal to me. His soft gentle kisses helped me to get my mind off of the lessening pain I felt in my ass. I was getting accustomed to his cock as my insides stretched out from the slow gentle march of him inside of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him the most passionate kiss I could. He moaned, groaned and growled which I discovered I loved completely. When I felt his thick pubes at my ass cheeks, he raised his upper body up and his face toward the ceiling giving out a super loud gasp and groan. Then his face turned down towards mine. He gave me the most intense look as his hips began a gentle pump. I loved the full feeling of his cock and how it slid. My prostrate really liked it more and more as his long cock strokes continued. I got my hands almost around his back and pulled myself up to bite and suck on his neck and then his pecs. He growled again and lowered himself enough to let me lay on the ground and have full access to his body. This had to be the longest and most intense fuck I've ever experienced.

Let me ride you,” I panted, wanting to feel his cock pounding me.

I don't know if that's a good idea baby,” Trent said softly nibbling on my ear.

I'm fine, honest. I know what I want and right now its to ride that bad ass cock of yours,” I said excitedly between moans and groans.

Trent smiled, kissed me passionately and before I knew it, he sat up, partially stood with me impaled on his cock, sat down and then laid his upper body down, leaving his legs bent so his thighs were almost against my back. I leaned forward and latched my hands on his shoulders. Then, with grunts and growls of my own, I began to lift and drop my ass up and down his cock. His eyes got wide like he was in shock but then they closed and he was fully into the pleasure I was obviously giving him. I made sure to tighten my ass as I lifted so both of us could feel intense pleasures. He seemed to really enjoy running his hands all over my flexing and pumped up muscles. I made sure I gave him a show once I caught on how much he liked feeling my muscles. I was sure having the time of my life, pounding faster and harder up and down his cock. Suddenly, his upper body shot up against mine, his arms wrapped around me tight and he yelled and gasped, his body tensing, shaking and flexing as his cock began firing blasts of cum inside me. I knew it was a super good load from how forceful it hit my insides and how much I could feel slowly moving down his cock. His cock was still shooting inside of me as the first mass of cum began to slowly come out of my ass all around his cock. I wanted to pound myself up and down harder but there was no way for me to move with his grip on me. So, I did the next best thing I could think of, flex my ass muscles and abs as hard and fast as I could. His head jerked back and he yelled more and louder, his grip loosening enough for me to move fast and hard up and down his cock. The feeling go to me and I began covering his abs and chest with my cum, several blasts hitting his chin. Trent buried his face into my neck and shoulder as he finished his orgasm. He squeezed me even tighter into his body and his abs moving hard from his heavy breathing and panting were doing some number on my throbbing cock, almost like his abs were trying to suck out my cum from my cock.

When we both finally began to calm down, Trent moved me away from his body and began to kiss me so sweetly and gentle.

Wow, that was something for the record books,” Trent panted. “Thank you baby, you have no idea how much I wanted to make love to you.”

No need to thank me lover. That's what I consider you by the way, my lover. Hope that is okay with you,” I said holding his face in my hands.

I didn't' think it could get much better and then you call me your lover,” Trent said squeezing me and kissing me. “Man I'm so happy now.”

Me too,” I bubbled.

It felt kind of good and yet strange how he made me feel. I was SO satisfied and really wanted more. He was the most gentle and considerate dominant guy I ever met. I knew he was in charge but it wasn't rough or threatening in any way. It was always kind, considerate and gentle, always paying attention to my feelings and expressions to be sure I was being pleasured. I truly felt he felt my pleasure was more important to him then his own. Trent laid back down taking me down with him, gently kissing my head and face as his hands moved up and down my body. Every now and again I would flex my ass and move it a bit up and down which made him gasp and moan. We both eventually fell asleep. It felt so damn good being on him and held in his arms. I fell asleep with a big smile as I finally realized I had my very own Clint Walker, my dream guy for like forever.

It was dark when we woke and his cock had slid out of me. Slow dribbles of cum were still coming out of my ass. I kissed him and told him I wanted to clean up before it all got dried up and stuff. Trent rolled me on to my back, knelt and rummaged through his back pack. He produced a pack of wet ones and proceeded to gently clean off my ass and then his pubes and thighs. I thought he'd do the same to my abs and chest which were covered in my cum, but nope, he leaned down and held my shoulders down as he licked my entire body of my cum. When he finished, he moved his face up and we got into a make out session. He eventually lifted himself up and looked at me me a super smile.

Okay, we have to stop that or else we are never going to get home,” Trent laughed.

And that is bad because?” I said with an evil smile.

Because you need to take some meds, we both need a nice relaxing shower and I have to get to bed since I am working tomorrow,” Trent said kissing my nose.

Oh shit, I'm sorry. I completely forgot you had to work,” I said sitting up and began gathering my clothes.

No problem baby, just know if we don't get home, I'm gonna call in sick tomorrow so I can spend all day in bed with you,” Trent said with his own evil smile.

Like I said, and that would be bad because?” I laughed.

You are bad John, real bad,” Trent said as he got dressed while I did the same.

While we were heading home I asked about his dog being left alone. He said he felt bad about that but it was just how it had to be sometimes. I suggested we stop by his place and pick up Hero so he could spend the night at my house rather then leaving early in the morning to get home, change into his uniform and set Hero up for the day. He liked that idea so that's what we did.

When we got to Trent's house, Hero became super excited not only to see Trent but to meet me. He was such a loving dog, a mix of some sort, not super big but not a tiny lap dog by any means. I think it was love at first sight for both of us. I could tell from the look on Trent's face that it pleased him very much that I liked Hero and wanted him to join us for the night. I hadn't had a dog in my life for years, but deep down I did miss having one. When we got back to my house, we showed Hero around and let him check everything out like dogs seem to like to do. While he was inspecting the entire backyard, both Trent and I hit the shower together, fully enjoying washing each other in between making out. We stayed naked and I pulled out some snacks of fruit and cheese for us while we all 3 spread out on the sofa in the living room and watched a bit of TV. It felt so damn good laying up against Trent's body with his arm across my shoulder and Hero sprawled out across both our laps. It didn't take very long for us to be making out again and then I stood up, took ahold of Trent's hand and pulled him towards my bedroom. I pulled down the sheets and blanket, got into the bed and pulled him down next to me. I partially covered his body as we continued our make out session which of course ended up into another love making session. It was almost a complete repeat of our session in the park, just a bit quicker and finally not as cautious. When we both had our orgasms, I fell off of being on top of Trent. He turned me on my side and spooned tight into me, even sliding his still hard cock back inside of me. We fell asleep like that.

The alarm woke us up and Trent hit the shower as I made him coffee and some toast since he didn't want a big breakfast. It was kind of cute when I think about how Hero and I saw him off in the morning. Hero was very happy indeed not to be left alone. He became my constant shadow, I'm sure trying to learn my routines like I was trying to figure his out. I decided to go out for a power walk and took Hero with me. He was so excited and happy. He was a well mannered and disciplined dog for sure, responding to my commands right off. It was fun to have him with me rather then just being out on my own. I started to feel I had a piece of Trent with me and that made me feel super good. I kept reliving the love making sessions Trent and I had so far and I know I had on the biggest smile ever on my face. Hero and I were enjoying each other and the gorgeous day. I started to feel tired and decided I had to behave myself and take a nap. I wasn't sure if I should keep Hero inside or outside so I just left the back door open for him to decide on his own. I thought I heard him barking but then I didn't hear anything so I fell back asleep.

Suddenly, I felt my wrists being tied tight and then my ankles tied to the bed frame. I slowly woke up from the nap and happy pills I took not sure if I was dreaming or what. I focused my eyes and the figure bent over working on my ankles seemed familiar. When he straightened up and looked down at me, I think I went into shock.

Well, my great fuck is awake I see,” Tony's voice boomed. “Had to go and screw up my life just because I had my way with you didn't you. You sure learned how to use your ass to get your cop boyfriend to track me down. Got to hand it to you for using your assets boy.”

Tony, what the fuck are you talking about and what do you think you are doing?” I finally screamed. “You sick bastard, you best get your stupid ass out of here before Trent comes here.”

Oh, so his name is Trent huh? Sure, is it the uniform that makes the difference? Its fine for him to fuck you silly but not me. What didn't I do it for you muscle boy? Daddy didn't make you happy?” Tony laughed as he ripped my shorts off leaving me naked.

You are so full of shit. You raped me. You understand what that means? I didn't want you and you just violated me against my will,” I yelled somewhat in a panic.

Oh yeah, that's why you didn't cum with me I guess. Yeah right. You shot out a whole bunch of your spunk if I remember right. Guess that didn't mean anything huh?” Tony said fondling my cock and balls kind of tight in his hand.

Look, just leave and I'll do my best to stop Trent from going after you,” I blurted out.

Now that's not very nice of you. What kind of hospitality is that for you to give me? Trent coming after me? I don't think so. After what I have planned for both of you, he won't be coming after anybody very soon. You are going to learn your place and finally realize your ass is mine to use however and whenever I wish,” Tony said as he slapped his hand hard on my pec and began to cup it and pull on it hard.

Are you mental?” I spat figuring he had to be on some heavy drugs.

Yeah, after being hounded by police and loosing my job and life thanks to you and your Trent, I sure am mental. The way I figure it, I don't have much to loose anymore. You made my life shit and I'm gonna return the favor,” Tony said pinching my nipple hard and twisting it.

I yelled out in pain which made Tony put a sadistic smile on his face. He stripped and got on the bed, straddling my body with his ass over my crotch. He looked me up and down then began to hard feel and pull on my shoulder, biceps, forearms, pecs and abs. He added a number of super hard punches as well. My bruised pecs and biceps started to react to the pounding and ripping. Lucky for me I was still under the effects of my pain pills I took before falling asleep. He punched and ripped at me harder and harder until he was nearly exhausted, completely covered in sweat. His cock was hard and throbbing. He ignored my pleading for him to just stop. He stood up and stomped his foot hard on my pecs, biceps and abs, moved in between my legs and stomped hard on my thighs. He nearly lost his balance a few times but just recovered and kept at it. He had a super evil and crazy look on his face as he fell down to his knees, scooted up while pulling my hips up, lined his cock head on my ass and rammed my hips down, forcing his cock fully inside of me. That I felt big time and I began screaming and yelling from the pain.

Oh yeah, slut is liking it big time,” Tony spat.

His hands were like vice grips on my hips. He jerked me up and down hard, his cock pounding my insides mercilessly.

Squeeze that bubble but you slut,” Tony screamed.

I was way to busy screaming in pain to react. That's when he started to punch and slap at my face. He kept screaming at me to tighten my ass cheeks which I finally ended up doing just to get him to stop pounding on my face. He really started to pump my ass up and down his cock like a mad man. Then his hands latched tight on my throat and I was sure he was going to choke me to death. He had a long hard orgasm and released his hands from my neck. He spit in his hand and grabbed on to my cock and started to jerk it fast and hard until I was screaming and shooting cum all over my abs and chest.

Yeah, my boy likes it rough,” Tony laughed.

He then lifted my hips up and yanked his cock out, moved up my body on his knees until his cock was close to my face. He used his hands to force open my jaws and rammed his cock into my throat. He began to fuck my mouth and throat like a ram in heat. It took him a bit but he had another orgasm. He didn't stop fucking my throat but kept going until I felt his hot piss shooting down my throat.

Yeah slut, take my juices. You are gonna come to love them,” Tony laughed.

I thought for sure I was going to drown in his piss. Finally he stopped and moved his cock out of my mouth, wiping it all over my face. He smiled at me and turned himself around, forced his ass down hard on my face. I had to open my mouth in order to breath.

Eat my ass. Get your daddy all hard again,” Tony yelled.

I just kept my mouth open and was panting to get in as much air as I could. When my tongue didn't do what he said, he reached down and grabbed my balls in one hand and began to slap my cock hard with the other hand. Then he started to squeeze his hand with my balls in it. My hips shot up from the pain and I was gasping. He screamed at me again to eat his ass and my tongue quickly shot out and I was licking for all I was worth. That got him to release my balls and instead of slapping my cock he kept spitting in his hand and stroking my cock. He was rubbing his ass up and down my face for a time then he stood up, moved back down in between my legs, knelt down, lifted my hips and rammed his cock back inside of me. He flopped his body down on mine and wrapped his arms tight around my back, squeezing super tight as his hips began ramming his cock in and out of me. His mouth attacked my pecs and nipples ruthlessly. I hurt more and more in so many places I thought I'd pass out. The pain pill was wearing off slowly and I felt more and more pain as Tony was taking out his rage on me. Mentally I kept praying for Trent to come in the bedroom and just shoot Tony dead. The hate inside of me came out of no where. It wasn't my normal at all, but I actually wanted him dead now. He was a complete mad man who didn't listen to reason at all.

I must have passed out for a time as I could see it was starting to get dark outside. Tony wasn't on me anymore. I could feel his cum running out of my ass, my ribs and back joined the rest of my body in the pain party I was having. I was moaning and trying real hard to breath even though each breath hurt. Since Tony wasn't on me or on the bed even, I began hoping he left. I heard a car pull up in the driveway, not thinking it was Trent for some reason.

Hey baby, where you at? How come no lights are on?” I heard Trent saying.

Before I could yell anything out, I heard a loud bang and then yelling and screaming with things in the living room being smashed and knocked over. The ceiling bedroom light came on and Tony was dragging something into the bedroom. I lifted my head up and screamed as I saw it was Trent he was dragging. Trent was moaning and his eyes were closed. Tony ripped his clothes off and dragged Trent over to the closet door, tied a rope around his neck and went behind the door to pull Trent up into a mostly standing position. He came back around the door and used another rope or part of the same one to tie Trent's hands and then he went into the closet behind the door again and I watched as Trent's hands were pulled up close to even with his head. Tony came out then and ripped strips of Trent's shirt up and tied his ankles together. Tony stood back and looked Trent over.

Got to hand it to you slut, you sure know how to pick them,” Tony laughed.

Tony fondled Trent's balls and cock before his arms flew back and then forward landing his fists hard on Trent's cock and balls. Trent started to moan and his body began reacting to the blow. He finally woke up with a super look of pain on his face. He shook his head and looked around. He focused on me tied on the bed, all bruised and somewhat bloodied, then he looked right at Tony.

Who the fuck are you?” Trent said in a super deep, pissed off voice.

I'm your nightmare big boy. Tony's the name. You been fucking around with my boy the muscle slut there it seems. You are gonna have to learn a lesson about stealing another guys goods,” Tony laughed.

John isn't yours in any way shape or form you fuck,” Trent screamed. “You stepped into the wrong place dick wad.”

Gotta learn your place too I see. Well Trenty baby, YOU are in the wrong place. You don't live here and Johnny boy is mine. Guess you are gonna have to learn that real good I think,” Tony laughed as he punched Trent in his balls and cock again.

Trent's body was jerking and yanking hard to try and get free, but it wasn't going very well at all. Tony laughed as he watched Trent struggling. He walked right up against Trent's body, grabbed hard on to Trent's biceps and pulled down. That made the ropes pull around Trent's neck. I watched as his eyes got super big, his cheeks puffed out and his mouth opened wide as he began gasping for air. Tony laughed and finally let go of Trent's biceps.

You see there Trent boy, you ain't in charge any more. Your ass is gonna belong to me like the muscle sluts does,” Tony said as he held Trent's chin in his fingers and shook his head. “Okay, lets see just what the big boy is packin.”

Tony began to rough fondle Trent's balls and play with his cock. He moved to the side to make sure I could see all that was happening. He got Trent's cock hard and let his spit dribble and coat Trent's cock before his hand began to slow stroke.

Well now, looky here boy,” Tony said turning his head towards me. “The big boy here seems to like it rough just like you do huh?”

Let him go you sick bastard,” I screamed.

You just hold on there boy, daddy is gonna take care of you again so don't you worry none,” Tony said with a big smile.

He turned back to Trent and leaned his head in, his mouth sucking and biting on Trent's pecs, first one then another. Trent was screaming and swearing up a storm at Tony who just got rougher and punched Trent's balls hard. Soon, Trent's body was jerking and his muscles flexed. Tony stepped to the side and told me to watch how much Trent liked being handled by him. I saw his hand fast jerking Trent's cock and when Trent started shooting his cum, Tony cupped his hand to catch most of it. He waited until Trent was gasping and jerking from his sensitive cock being handled, laughed and rubbed his cum filled hand all over Trent's face.

There yah go boy, enjoy the spunk you put out for me,” Tony laughed.

Trent was trying to move his head fast side to side but Tony's hand just pushed harder on it until all the cum was rubbed in good. He stepped back and laughed, looked around on the floor and picked up Trent's baton. He looked it over and smiled, rubbed it over Trent's sweat drenched body, moved his arms around to Trent's back and put the baton up against Trent's ass. From the look of shock and pain on Trent's face, I knew Tony was pushing the baton inside Trent's ass. Trent started screaming and yelling in pain and Tony just laughed harder. He didn't stop until he was satisfied enough of the baton was inside of Trent to keep it from being pushed out.

Bet you never thought you'd be fucked like that huh boy,” Tony laughed as he fondled Trent's balls. “Let's see what other kind of toys you got here.”

Tony bent down again and stood up holding something in some sort of pouch attached to Trent's belt. He opened the cover and I recognized it as a taser.

Hot dog, one of them stimulation things,” Tony laughed. “Let's see what this can do.”

With that, Tony placed it up against Trent's balls and triggered it. Trent's entire body began jerking and shaking, his mouth was open to scream but nothing came out. His eyes were super wide open and it looked like he was having an epileptic seizure standing up. Tony liked that and used it on Trent's pecs, his abs and his thighs. The sweat was pouring from Trent and his face was contorted in a ton of misery and pain. Finally he was able to start screaming out and yelling. I was screaming at Tony to stop and leave Trent be. Tony just laughed and laughed. When he finally stopped, it took Trent some time to just go completely limp. I know he was super exhausted and had to be in a ton of pain. I was crying like a baby, so pissed and feeling so useless to help Trent. Tony reached around Trent and started to move the baton in and out of Trent's ass as he started to jerk Trent's cock again.

Cum for daddy boy, get out a big load for me,” Tony said with a big smile. “You see slut, this is how you work a man over good.”

My voice was hoarse already from screaming at Tony. I started trying to look all around the room so I didn't have to see Trent being tortured more. Its then that I noticed a figure slowly coming to the doorway. It was another trooper. He put his finger up to his lips so I wouldn't say anything. There was somebody behind him but I couldn't make out who it was. The trooper had his gun drawn and as he looked in from the side of the doorway, he spotted Tony and Trent hanging on the door. He charged in and smacked Tony on the head with his gun and smashed his elbow into Tony's face as Tony was falling backward. It turned out the guy behind him was Eric from the hospital who Trent picked up since he wanted to visit with me and see how I was doing. He was waiting in the car since no lights were on and he didn't want to just barge in with Trent unannounced. He heard and partially saw the commotion when Tony attacked Trent, heard the smashing and yelling and then heard the screams and stuff. He got on the squad radio and called in for help which brought the trooper over in a flash.

Eric ran up to me and started to untie me. I told him to untie Trent first. The trooper told Eric to stay back with me and he would take care of Trent after securing Tony. He kicked the clothes and equipment away and cuffed Tony. He wrapped his arm around Trent, used a knife to cut the ropes. He pulled out the baton from Trent's ass and held him up, slowly making his way to the bed. Eric had me untied and sitting up. We both helped get Trent on the bed and then Eric called for an ambulance. The trooper radioed in for backup and soon the whole house was lit up with flashing lights, paramedics and troopers all over the place. The trooper who stopped Tony asked me for a statement of what happened before Trent and I were loaded into the ambulance and rushed to the hospital. Eric road with us and was on the radio with the ER so they were all ready for us when we arrived. I already told the trooper what Tony did to Trent in front of Eric so he knew what the ER staff needed to check out and do for Trent. There were 2 teams waiting for us, one for me and one for Trent. They examined me kind of quickly asking all sorts of questions, took x-rays and blood tests and then based on my previous stay with them, set me up with an IV and pain meds. I was soon just floating in and out of consciousness, feeling nothing as a doctor checked me over in more detail. They were worried Trent might have a heart attack from how many times he was tazored, but his heart seemed to settle down and that worry was over with. He also was examined, xrayed and hooked up to an IV with heavy pain meds. We were wheeled to a private room, thanks to Eric arranging for us to be in the same room.

I came out of it first. It was good to see Eric in the room. He asked how I felt and I just wanted to check on Trent. He made me go slowly so I wouldn't fall down, but eventually I managed to be by Trent's bed. He looked horrible, but his breathing was normal and the monitors all showed him doing well. As I was gently moving his hair from his forehead, he opened his eyes and gave me a big smile.

Hey tough guy, how are you doing?” Trent asked in a raspy voice.

I'm doing good now that you are awake and seem to be good,” I said leaning down and giving him a gentle kiss.

More of that please,” Trent said.

I granted his wish and ended up kissing his entire face.

Okay, enough exertion for now,” Eric laughed. “If you get caught out of bed with me in the room, we're both in for it.”

I squeezed Trent's hand and reluctantly let Eric get me back into my bed. Eric left to let the doctor know we were both awake and our vitals were normal. Both Trent and I laid there looking at each other, me with tears running down my cheeks.

I'm so sorry lover that you had to go through that because of me,” I sobbed.

Hey, none of that. I don't want to hear another word. None of this is your fault so just stop that. We are both alive and that sick fucker is never going to bother us again. So you just behave or I'll have to get up out of bed and give you a what for!” Trent said seriously.

Oh shit, now I really don't need that for sure now,” I laughed.

Okay then, just tell me you like me and I'm good,” Trent said with a smile.

Like you? Hell no, I love you Trent,” I said softly with a smile.

Hot damn, that's it, I'm all better now and want to be home in our bed getting some loving for sure,” Trent said trying to sit up.

Easy there cowboy, you aren't ready for any fun just yet,” I laughed. “It will be a bit before the pain meds start to wear off. Who knows, you might be on them like I was for some time. I ain't going anywhere so just chill out and behave yourself.”

Yes sir, okay, I'll behave. Well, maybe,” Trent said with his devilish smile.

We were both very soon out of the hospital and back home. Turned out Tony had drugged some meat that he threw to Hero. He was none the worse for wear, even though I confused the hell out of him trying to get him to understand he was not to take food from strangers!!! Trent was on medical leave for a whole month and we took full advantage of that time to comfort each other and strengthen our bond. Trent sold his place since it was smaller then mine and moved in with me. Hero loved the fact that we were all together and he no longer had to be alone when Trent finally went back to work. We didn't go to the gay bar as often as I previously did, like every week! Once a month to catch up with the group and have loads of fun teasing the heck out of Jeffery. Guess all the trauma of our beginnings helped to make us bond even more then usual in a quicker amount of time then normal, well so says Jeffery. Yeah, my life was sure as hell good.