Memories of London

by Roy Davenport.

Authors Note: Parts of this story have truly happened. Which parts is for you to decide. I hope you enjoy reading this.

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GRTS Roy Davenport

"Hey Mike wait a minute, Didn't see you in a while."

"Yeah, Yeah, I know. I just got back from my vacation in Italy."

"So how was it. Did you get to shack the girls over there?"

"Uhm, no I didn't. But I did have a strange experience over there. I tell you all about it later, a little bit more private."

"Okay that's a deal. Tell me when and where and I'll be there"

"How about after work, uhm 7:30 or so. At you're place."

"Fine by me. See ya then"

"Alright, See ya"

Then we separated to go to work.

I was wondering what Mike meant with "something strange". It could mean a lot of things. I couldn't wait to hear all about it later that evening. I was sure it had to be good otherwise Mike wouldn't have mentioned it.

Oh, how rude of me. I didn't introduce myself did I. Well I'm Rob. Well actually it's Roberto but everybody calls me Rob or Robbie. So you can do that too :). I'm 18 and I live in a small village called Roggel. It's in the Netherlands, in Limburg, for those who would like to know. I've got both my rent's but they divorced when I was age of 8. I didn't see my dad often and we are not really close. My mom lives in Amsterdam.

I live on my own for two months now and I like it a lot. I can do and stand where I want, whit out any-one telling me what to do. I love it. That's probably why al my friends want to meet at my place. Most of them still live at home. I have a rather small apartment. It has two rooms, a bedroom and a living room. Then it has a small kitchen and a small Room which contains a shower and a toilet and that's about it. But I'm happy with it. Besides all my stuff fit's in it so why do I need a bigger place?

"So why don't you live with you're girlfriend?" you're asking. That's easy to answer: it's because I don't have a girlfriend. Why?? Well It's just that I prefer a penis for a pussy.

"So, you're gay then??".

Duh.. I just told you I liked a penis better then a pussy. What do you think I mean with that. Of coarse I'm gay. And to be honest I'm proud I can say that out loud. Yep that's right, I'm completely out of the closet. All my friends know and my family too of coarse. At first they had a hard time dealing with it. Specially my mom. They never expected me to be gay. Hey I wasn't acting like one so why should they. I told them 2 years ago when I had my first real relationship but that's another story to tell.

Okay enough introduction. Back to the story

While thinking about what Mike might have meant with "Something Strange" time passed. It was 7:30 a lot sooner then I expected. I didn't had anything to snack at home so I quickly went to the supermarket to get some. Then I washed the dishes and I put my clean clothes in my closet. While doing that I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door and Mike stepped inside.

"Hey there Robbie , How's live doing?" he asked while shaking my hand.

"Couldn't be better" I replied -- now that you're here, I finished in my mind. Yep that's right. I have a huge crush on Mike. He's totally my type. He is about 6ft high with a little hint of a six-pack. He has blond hair which is cut just beneath his ears. His eye's seems to get right through you. They are blue with a glance of yellow trough it. I love them. I didn't told him of coarse since I didn't wanted to ruin our friendship. I think he knows any way's.

Then we walked to my living room where he took a seat. I took a seat on the couch left from him and asked if he wanted something to drink. A beer would do he told me and after I got beers for the both of us I asked him what he meant with something weird.

Then he asked me something that surprised me. He asked me to keep quit about it to our other friends. And if Mike is asking something like that it has to be really serious.

I promised and he took a deep breath. Then he started his story:

"It was our last night in Italy", he began. "We decided we would have dinner in one of the most expensive restaurants in the neighborhood. The food was great as where the drinks. I had a couple of beers that evening and I had to pee real bad. I asked to be excused and headed to the toilet. There where 2 stalls, one already occupied. I took the other since I needed to dump. Then I noticed there was a hole in the wall between the 2 stall's...

When he said that a memory came back to me. An memory of a year earlier in London...


I was in London with my sister. We just finished our lunch in the Burger King located at Piccadilly Circus. I had too pee really bad so I asked my sister to be excused and headed for the toilets. All the urinals were taken so I went into a stall. There were three and I took the one in the center. While taking my leak I noticed a hole with a piece of toilet paper covering it. There was a small gap however and I decided to see if I could see anything. I bent forward and started to look. It took me a few moments to understand what was going on. There was a kid sitting there on the seat. He was occupied with rubbing his dick.

As soon as I noticed this my own dick was getting hard. I leant back and started stroking my own dick. I was curious and wanted to see the other kid coming so I leant forward again to watch. Then the other kid noticed I was looking and he stopped for a moment. His hand reached forward and I thought he was going to put the piece of paper all over the hole. Instead of doing that he took it away completely so I had a great view of him rubbing his dick. At that moment I freaked out. I had my own hard one however and I continued to stroke it furious till I came. Then I flushed and opened my door and left.

When I greeted my sister she said it took me a long time to get back. I felt my cheeks getting red. I never told here why.


That memory only lasted a second. In the mean time Mike had continued his story:

... "As soon as I noticed the hole", Mike continued to say, "My dick sprang to attention. I still don't know why but the thought that the kid in the other stall could see me dump made me very horny. I started stroking my self in the hopes the kid wouldn't noticed. Unfortunately he did. When he noticed he did something that surprised me. He started stroking his own cock while I was watching. That really turned me on, seeing him stroking his dick. When I came I spurted my load through the hole. Some of my sperm landed on his hand and he licked it up. Then when he came he spurted through the hole too and I licked his sperm. It tasted a little bit salty but I liked it."

When Mike finished his story I didn't respond. I was thinking what Mike would have done if I was the other kid. And I was thinking what would have happened in London if I didn't had freaked out.

I heart Mike talking to me but I didn't respond. I was occupied with my own thoughts. Then all of the sudden I felt Mikes hand on my hand. "You know" he said. "When I was in that toilet stall there was one person constantly in my mind. That's the weird part" he said. "And that person..." he continued to say, "...that person was you..."

That part got my attention. I looked up quickly to look Mike in the eyes. What was he telling me? Was he telling me he was gay?? Was he telling me he liked me? That he really loved me? I looked deep in his eyes to search for answers. He looked back and I found all the answers I needed. Then our heads moved closer and closer till our lips touched. I felt his tongue trying to get in and I parted my lips slowly. When his tongue linked with mine I felt complete.

I spent weeks of trying to get him out of my mind without success. And now we were kissing. He really kissed me. I wasn't dreaming this. This was for real. The guy I loved for weeks was mine now.

When our lips parted I was only able to say one thing:

"Mike, would you like to live here -- with me?" I said, looking him deeply in the eyes.

"Yes, Robbie, I would, I really would like that," he said before kissing me again.

First thing we did was have lunch -- at Burger King of course. The hole e between the two stalls still was there. Only now they had removed the door from the center stall. No more sneaky eyes watching from the other stalls. Too bad.


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GRTS Roy Davenport.