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I watched him for a couple hours while he was sleeping. My mind was racing a mile a minute for fuck sakes. I wanted to go over and just kind of have a peek under his boxers. I was scared as to his reaction if I did, so I lay there in the semi dark wondering if I could get a chance at his cock. I thought back to earlier in the evening and when he had gotten up off his bed and I got to see his cock partially. I could see that he was cut and not a bad size. I definitely would have loved to see more. For everyone's information, we are sharing a hotel room while we are at work.

Michael is a cool guy. He is like I think 20 years old. He says he is 5'11 but he is shorter that I am. Well let him think that lol. He weighs I think he said 130 lbs. Has a nice body. His chest is smooth. He has his right nipple pierced. He has abs...nice looking too. (He was only wearing boxers). He has a tattoo of a cross...Celtic design on his right side. His legs are hair but that is okay...used to bug me when a guy had really hair legs, but not so much anymore. Oh I should also mention he told me he was straight.

So I was lying there looking at him as he lay there sleeping. At first he had been covered up, but as he moved on his back he pulled the covers back, he had one leg bent and his had by his crotch. I watched for a bit more, but I was beginning to fall asleep. The he moved so that his legs were both stretched out. I could see his bulge as he lay there. His hand was still there, but eventually he even moved it, and I could see more of his bulge. Fuck me I really wanted to go and have a look. I could feel my own cock getting hard with the idea.

Okay I finally could not take it anymore. I crawled off my bed, and went over to his.bed. I stood over him and looked down at his crotch. I called out his name, but he did not respond. I slowly reached down, and pulled up the band of his boxers. I only had the light coming in from the window, but I could see his cock. I could see he was a nice size. He moaned and I let the band back down. I was gonna move back to my bed but he had made no moves. I reached down again and carefully lifted up the band again. I moved so the band was under his balls and carefully took his cock in my hand. I started to stroke him, and his cock began to get hard. I sat on the edge of the bed and kept stroking him. I would stop occasionally to see if there was any reaction from him. No reaction for the moment. He was now completely hard. I moved as I got braver, and was now in a position to take him cock in my mouth. Wow this was totally stupid thing for me to be doing, but I guess my hormones were ruling the moment. Slowly I moved so my mouth was over his cock. I licked the tip of his cock, all the time trying to see what reaction I would get. I would definitely be in shit if he woke up and freaked on my ass.

When I saw I got no reaction, I took the knob in my mouth and sucked gently on it. His cock twitched as I did so. He let out a little moan, but he did not move or anything. Slowly I lowered myself until I had all his cock in my mouth. He moaned as I took him in. Slowly I worked my way back up to his knob, and ran my tongue around the tip before going back down.

"What the fuck?" He said.

I stopped and moved away. I thought I was in deep shit for sure.

"Fuck me man...don't stop that shit...did not think you would ever get over and suck me."

I did not think twice before returning and taking his cock back in my mouth. Michael took his boxers off and I moved so I was s between his legs. I took his cock back in my mouth and took him to the hilt and then back to the tip. I reached up and began playing with his balls as I sucked him. I began to get a rhythm as I quickened my pace. I wanted to taste his juices. He was moaning and squirming as I would work the tip and the go back down on him.

"Fuck me...yeah work my cock." He moaned.

I kept going massaging and suck. I ran my tongue down his shaft and then sucked on his balls. Then I went right back down on his cock. My other hand found it's way to his ass crack and I was running it in and over his pucker.

"Fuck dude that feels weird...don't stop though!!"

I kept fingering his pucker, and eventually my hand slipped right in. It caused Michael to jump, but he was really into it. I began to put my finger deeper in him, using saliva to lube him up. I had not stopped sucking and licking his cock. He squirmed and moaned as my finger found its target and started to probe his prostrate.

"Shit dude keep that up and I am gonna blow my load!!" He almost screamed.

I could feel his balls tighten and his cock become rigid. I took him all the way in and rammed my finger deep inside him. That was all it took for him to blow a massive load in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and kept sucking until his cock went limp in my mouth. I let it fall out and sat up on his bed.

"Shit dude that was fucking hot!!" He exclaimed.

"For a straight boi you sure liked getting you cock sucked by a guy." I said with a chuckle.

"Fuck man I am bi...just don't let people know."

I moved back over to my bed. Michael got up and went into the bathroom. I hoped I would get a chance to do that again. Maybe the next trip out of town, I could do it again. I guess I would just have to wait and see.

The End

Well there is another one from my mind. I only wish it really had happened lol. Oh well guess I can dream. Comments always welcome...

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