Michael Part 3

By Angyl

This story is 2008/2014 by Angyl, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations involving two males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. The premise of the story is...a guy coming to grips with being gay. Please send all comments to: angylboi@shaw.ca or angylrayvn@shaw.ca . My stories can also be found at: Angyl Stories


Well we did not do much for the rest of the trip. Michael moved to my bed and we sucked each other off a few time. It go a bit to hectic for much else. Don't panic we got to do more when we got back to the city.


Upon returning home, I had three days off. Michael worked one day and then he had a few days off. We discussed meeting up and maybe doing something. I got his address and headed out. He lived downtown but it was not a long ride on the bus (yeah I bus it too expensive otherwise). I had no idea what we would do or anything when I arrived there.


I was impressed by the exterior of the house Michael rented with his buddies and younger brother. He promised me that no one would be home till the late evening. We had the place to ourselves. I had big plans for Michael and I.


I walked up the stairs and was about to knock, when Michael opened the door. He was wearing only his boxers. I could see he was already hard. He pulled me inside and as the door shut began kissing me. I could tell he was as eager as I was to get in bed.


"Whoa there stud...let me get in the door." I said laughing.


Michael blushed. I got my shoes and coat off, and then followed him to his bedroom. He dropped his boxers as soon as the door was closed. Then came and helped me out of mine. I had gone commando so was all good. Did not take him long to get me out of my clothes and onto his bed. He got between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. He was really into sucking cock. I thought back to the first time he took my cock. He had been so unsure. Now with all the practice he swallowed my cock with no issues. I leaned up to watch him bobbing up and down on my cock. I reached down and ran my hands over his head, gently guiding him as he sucked.


"Shit that feels so good...keep it up and I am gonna fill your month!!"


He did not let up. He actually took my cock all the way and was using his tongue to do the work. I had definitely not taught him that, did not really give a shit, because he was doing well. I felt my balls tighten, and my cum flowing upward.


"Here it comes!!"


I barely got the words out, as I filled his mouth. He sucked and slurped and swallowed every ounce. He got on his knees and had a devilish look in his eye. I smiled back and took things in hand, not literally though.


"So what are we gonna do now?"


"Not too sure...could use a good fucking."


I decided I had other things in mind. I looked at him and then down to his cock. He was hard. I wanted his cock inside me and decided now was a good of a time as any to let him fuck me. I knew I could handle him as I used a dildo, and it was about the same as his cock. I looked at him and shook my head. He looked disappointed.


"I got a better idea."


"Yeah and what would that be?"


I reached for the bag I had carefully placed by his bed. I pulled out some lube and greased up his cock. Then I handed him the bottle and lifted my ass so he could grease my hole. He got the idea rather quickly. He applied a generous amount and began working it in my hole. Then he lined up his cock and slowly began pushing in. I guess I was not as ready for his cock because it hurt. I did not let him know, but just let him do his thing. I felt a plopping sound as his head passed through. I was able to let my ass muscles relax as he pushed deeper inside me. Once I knew he was all in me, I looked at him as he began to pull out and then slam back in. My ass got used to his cock being inside me, and soon I moaned with pleasure as he began giving my ass a work out.


"Yeah fuck me hard!!" I yelled.


Michael began moving quicker and harder. His balls slapping my ass every time he drove home. I reached down and began playing with my cock and balls. He was definitely doing something right. He kept hitting his mark. I was hard and ready to shot. Try as I did I could not control it, and shot my second load of the day, all over us.


Michael continued to plow me, and was really working up a sweat. He began to grunt really loud.


"Oh fuck...gonna blow...oh yeah...fuck!!"


Michael gave a few more hard thrusts and then emptied his cock into my ass. It really felt good.


Just as he began filling me, the door to his room was opened.


"What the fuck is going on?"


Both of us looked over to see Andre standing at the door with his mouth hanging open. We were seriously busted.


"Oh fuck!!" Both of us said in tandem.


Andre stood there and stared. He was not supposed to be home. Neither Michael nor I knew what to do, but cover up. We half expected Andre to bolt, but he just stood there.


Andre is a bit shorter that Michael. He's definitely built the same as Michael. Actually I think he is a bit stockier. If memory serves, he has an earring and a couple tats. Not much I can tell you right now.


Getting back to the situation that was unfolding, Andre was staring at the two of us. Michael moved and grabbed a towel and wrapped himself in it. I pulled the sheet over me. Imagine our surprise when Andre slowly began rubbing his crotch. Michael and I looked at each other and then back to Andre. He had shucked his clothes and was now completely naked. His cock was not a big as Michael, probably about eight inches. He was also uncut. He slowly walked over and smiled.


"Can anyone join or is this a private party?" He asked.


He was standing next to Michael and hand his hand inside the towel. I guess we had no choice. Michael dropped the towel and looked at me. I shrugged as I pulled the sheet back. I moved off the bed and positioned myself between the bois. I got on my knees and slowly took Andre's cock in my mouth while I reached up and began jerking Michael's cock. I could not believe my luck. I had two hot cocks to suck on. I took turns sucking on each cock. I was working them both. I had both bois moaning in pleasure.


"Fuck that feels so good...I'm gonna blow soon!!" Andre moaned.


"Same here!!" Michael moaned.


Now here in lies the dilemma. I wanted to taste both of them. So I worked Andre til I felt him stiffen.


"Oh fuck dude...here it comes!!" He screamed.


I felt his seed fill my mouth. I swallowed quickly. I sucked him empty and then quickly turned my attention to Michael. He had been jerking his cock, and I just got my mouth over his cock head when he emptied himself. I drank him sweetness until there was no more. I got up and sat on the bed. I looked at both bois.


"Shit dude I did not know you were into this shit." Michael said, looking at Andre.


"Yeah been liking shit like this for a while...did not know you were into it."


"Just happen...Shane got me into it."


"Sweet...we should do more."


I was still sitting on the bed. Andre and Michael moved over to the bed. Michael crawled in beside me, and we both watched Andre as he moved and crawled in on the opposite side. I was hard, and hoped one of them or both would suck me off. I did not expect both of them to lean in and take turns licking and sucking. They would both lick my shaft and then again each took a turn sucking my cock. Andre moved down and began licking and sucking my balls, as Michael took my cock in his mouth. Shit this was too much. When Andre moved to my balls and Michael took my cock it was too much. I could not hold back. I let go, filling Michael's mouth with my cum. To my surprise Michael leaned and kissed Andre, sharing my load with him. That was kind of hot.


As both bois got up, I realized both were hard again. Hmm this could be fun. The thoughts in my head got me hard again. I tried to figure out how to get the three of us fucking. I definitely wanted a go at Andre's fuck hole. I was so lost in thought I had not realized that Andre was straddling me, and just sat right down on my cock. Slowly he began moving up and down on me. I thrust my hips every time he would sit back down. Michael was watching all this and stroking his cock.


"Hey man there is no need to waste that...come over here." I suggested.


Michael moved and straddled my face. I opened my mouth and accepted his cock. I let him fuck my face, while Andre was riding my cock. It was definitely a hot scene. Andre was bouncing up and down and I thrust my hips. Michael's cock was giving my mouth a workout. Michael had also reached back and was jerking Andre. It was a three way sex fest. I could feel my cock getting tight as my nectar rose up the shaft. I was unable to say anything as I had a mouthful of cock. I had not choice when my cock erupted deep inside Andre. He sat down and let me empty inside him. Not long after Michael emptied in my mouth. I almost gagged but managed to swallow. Andre erupted simultaneously to Michael. He shot all over my tummy, and Michael's back.


Once we had all emptied a second time we moved back and lay on the bed.


"Shit that was fucking awesome," I exclaimed.


"Yeah it was great."


Andre was quiet and seemed to be thinking. When he finally spoke it was kind of a disappointment.


"I did enjoy it, but I really don't think I could do a three way again...not my scene." He said.


"We understand and is all good." Michael reassured him.


Andre crawled out of bed and grabbed his clothes. He left Michael and I lying in bed. I looked at Michael and although I was a bit disappointed, he seemed none the less for it. I had a feeling he liked it more when it was just the two of us.


"So did you like it...or do you prefer just the two of us?" I asked him.


"Yeah it was okay...but I think I prefer when is just you and me."


I moved over and took Michael in my arms. We lay there and just enjoyed the moment. I really did not want it to end. I admit I had hoped that Michael would ask me out or something. I had thought about it, but did not want to scare him away. I got rather a shock when he spoke again.


"I really like what we have been doing." He said.


"So do I." I replied.


I thought something bad was coming.


"You know I have not been with a girl since." He commented.


"Wow...why not?"


"Cause I wanna be with you...after the first few times I realized I like this way more that with a chick."


"So you are saying you are gay"


"Yeah totally...and if you wanted maybe we could be more that just fuck friends."


Wow he had just asked me out. I had gotten my wish.


"I would love that more than anything."


Michael turned and smiled at me. He leaned in and kissed me. We knew that Andre would be somewhat okay with it, but we were unsure how his brother would react to it. All I knew is I now had a boyfriend I wanted to be with. Nothing was going to change that. We lay there for a bit longer before getting dressed. We did not want his brother finding out this way but wanted to tell him ourselves.


The End...to be continued,




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