Michael Part 4

By Angyl

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Well after asking me out, Michael and I got dressed and headed downstairs. Well I headed down, Michael quickly stop in Andre's room and talked to him. I went and sat in the living room. Michael followed a few minutes later, and he was smiling.


"So is everything okay with him?" I asked.


"Yeah he coolio...happy about us...convinced him to join us again, but only if you want it."


"Well is a possibility."


Michael came and sat next to me on the couch I had plopped in to chill. Although I was thrill to be with Michael I was honestly concerned about how Jesse would react. I think Michael sense my anxiety.


`Hun is gonna be okay...Jesse is cool."


"I know I am overreacting"


Michael gave me a hug and gently kissed me. Right at the same time Jesse walked through the door. He stopped dead in his tracks.


"Jesus Michael will you get a fucking room!" He exclaimed and laughed.


"Bite me bitch!"


Jesse wandered over and took a seat on the chair beside us. He looked at me and then to his brother.


"I wondered when he was gonna come to his senses."


"What the fuck are you talking about?" Michael demanded.


"Dude I have know you liked cock for a while...you talk in your sleep."


I burst out laughing; it was all I could do. Michael and Jesse both burst into laughter as well. Once we caught our breath I looked at Michael.


"Damn I got to be more careful."


"No shit Sherlock!" Jesse retorted.


"So you are okay with Michael and I?" I asked.


"Yeah man I love my bro...and if he's gay I love him anyway."


Jesse got up and came over. He plopped himself right between Michael and me. Taking us in his arms he gave us a big hug. To which we returned. Then he looked at us.


"Just no loud moaning man I got to get my beauty sleep."


He burst out laughing again. Michael made to punch him, but he ducked. I got him instead. He looked at me and we all started to laugh.


I swear to god Jesse is a younger clone of Michael. He looks exactly like him, only his hair is black to Michael's blond. He is a bit shorter than Michael. Everything else is the same. I wonder if everything is the same, I now bad thinking. Jesse is only 18. I know he is dating some girl, but other than that I don't know much. He worked at the same place as Michael and I but got fired for some shit. Never found that out.


It was late and Michael asked if I wanted to stay the night. Actually it was Jesse who suggested it. Not wanting to be on a bus for two hours I figured it was a good idea. I had not realized how late it was when Jesse came home. Nor how late it had been when I Michael, Andre and I finished. We all sat on the couch chatting. Andre finally came down from his room and had plopped himself in the chair. Michael and I were cozied up together and Jesse was sitting right next to us.


"Hey man how's it hanging...Michael and Shane are dating." Jesse informed him.


"Yeah I know." Andre said smiling.


No mention was made to the tryst that had gone on in Michael's bedroom earlier that evening. Probably for the better, I really do not think that Andre was to comfortable letting anyone know he liked cock. It got kind of quiet. We all sat and chilled. Finally Michael decided he and I should head off to bed.


"Remember...NO MOANING!!" Jesse said laughing.


"Fuck you." Michael retorted.


"You wish."


Michael just shook his head as he and I headed back to his room. The sheets needed changing before we could call it a night. I sat as Michael changed them. Then he stripped and crawled into bed. I followed after shucking my clothes. There as no action, we both passed out almost as our heads hit the pillow. Somewhere in the night I felt movement in the bed, at first I thought it was Michael getting up to take a piss, but I soon realized it was someone getting in bed. WTF?!? I opened my eyes, at first I thought I saw Andre, but upon looking again I realized Jesse had crawled in with us. Thank god Michael had a queen size bed. Jesse was on my right and Michael on the left. I closed my eyes, and tried to go back to sleep, when I felt a hnad move across my tummy, and down to my crotch. Jesse was gonna a cop a feel; I was instantly hard. A bit guilty though. I let Jesse take my cock in hand.


"Now what if Michael finds out?" I asked.


Jesse made no effort to remove his hand from my inflated cock. I felt a hand from my left on me. I looked to Michael who was awake and apparently hard.


"I already know." He said.


He reached and turned on a bedside light. He looked over to his brother and then back to me and smiled.


"Jesse comes in almost every night...I forgot about that."


"You knew...I thought you were asleep." Jesse said.


"Naw...was awake every time, and enjoying the suck."


Jesse was still absently stroking my cock. Not even realizing it, and busy listening to them boys, I shot a load all over. It was all over the inside of the top sheet. Jesse pulled the now soaked sheet off, and looked down.


"Damn such a waste." He said.


He leaned down and started to suck me off. I was hard instantly as his mouth worked its magic. He went down and back up. A couple times he stopped to lick down the shaft, and gently lick my ball sac before taking me back to the hilt. I looked over and Michael was stroking his cock, watching his little bro give me head. I turned my head and opened my mouth. Michael shifted and slowly allowed me to take his cock. He began fucking my face. Jesse had stopped sucking my and watched Michael fucking my face. He moved and lifted my legs. Slowly I felt his cock enter me. Thankfully Michael and I had not thought to clean ourselves, so his cock slipped right in me. He was a bit smaller that Michael but he was giving my ass a good fucking while my face was getting fucked by Michael. Shit I was getting both holes worked on. I blew a load all over us. Michael was fucking my face hard and fast.


"Oh...fuck...here it comes babe!!" He yelled.


I felt his spunk hit the back of my throat. I almost gagged but quickly started swallowing. I sucked and swallowed until he went limp. I let his cock fall from my mouth. He leaned down and kissed me. Jesse was grunting and soon filling my hole with his load. He kept going until he was limp. I leaned up and smiled.


"Shit that was a good time." I said.


Both bois nodded in agreement. Jesse grabbed his clothes and head out to his room. Michael and I decided this time we needed to shower before going to bed. It was a quick shower, and then after changing all the bed we crawled into bed. Michael dozed off almost immediately, while I thought about the events of the past little while. I really did not know what to expect, but so far I was happy with the way things were going for the most part. Now I am happy with being with Michael, which for me has been the best. As for the rest, I liked it but was not too sure if I would do it again. Only time will tell I guess.


The End



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