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A Midlife Odyssey 2003

Chapter 1

I celebrated the big 40 this year and to celebrate turning forty years young I was treating myself to a long overdue vacation: a cross-country road trip. Last year my wife of fourteen years lost her battle to the painful ravages of ovarian cancer. As her primary care giver for over three months after her last surgery I witnessed her pain and watched the life ebb from her skeletal body on a daily basis. The trauma of watching her die had caused me some major emotional problems. The depression had taking its toll on me, and others in my life.

When one loses one's mate it is like losing a part of one's self. One's wife is not just a lover but also one's best friend in life. After getting married I had distanced myself from all my old girl friends and many of my male friends, too. Somehow things just change when one gets married. I needed to rekindle some of the old fires: females and males. So, I thought that the little cross-country adventure might somehow relive my pain and satisfy my hunger for new quality of life. Not to mention maybe a new sex life, too.

Next month's journey would find me traveling the highways and byways across America all alone this time. I had devoted the whole month of August and the first week of September to this trip. The timing was perfect; I was scheduled to leave Orange County, California on Friday night the first of August, and would be returning shortly after Labor Day weekend. I had been planning this trip for weeks and nothing was going to interfere with my plans, or so I thought.

The itinerary for my journey had been finalized for a month now; everything had been planned down to the last detail. My business would be left in good hands, all reservations were made, and family and friends along the route across America had been notified. I wanted to be in Sturgis, South Dakota the following Monday, Tuesday at the latest for the big bike rally 2003. I would spend the whole week there. From Sturgis on Sunday it was southeast to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Daytona Beach, Florida, up I-95 to D.C., and then onto Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, before heading back northwest into Milwaukee. After the big celebration in Milwaukee I would head southwest quickly returning to California the first week of September.

My trip was scheduled to end at the big Harley-Davidson celebration in Milwaukee on the last weekend of August. That's why I was also taking my new H-D, silver and black 100th Anniversary edition, Fat Boy along with me. I had talked my cousin, who lives in North Carolina, into accompanying me to D.C., so I could participate in Harley-Davidson's Northeast Ride Home into Milwaukee. So, except for packing my new Chevrolet Avalanche with my clothes and expendables, hooking up the fully closed-in bike trailer, and hitting the road, everything was ready. I was really looking forward to rambling across country next month.

Here it was the weekend prior to the departure date as I sat daydreaming in front of the computer monitor in my home office. I was deep into my thoughts and eager with anticipation; therefore, I didn't hear the person calling to me from the kitchen.

"Hey," came a husky call from directly behind me in the doorway to my office.

The voice startled me back to reality as I turned around responding with, "Hey Ryan."

"What are you doing sittin at the computer Boss?" Ryan asked.

"Just checking some last minute details for my trip," I said as I got up and turned the computer monitor off, heading towards the kitchen with Ryan trailing close behind me.

"So Ryan how was work today?" I asked, approaching the kitchen sink to wash my hands to finish dinner.

"Just about finished with both jobs Boss," Ryan replied with that big confident smile of his face as he leaned back on the kitchen counter.

"How much longer to complete both jobs?" I asked Ryan, as I began soaping my hands.

Tuesday to complete the fence and deck job, and it will be ready for staining on Wednesday. Maybe Wednesday to finish the burned garage renovation, so the painters can get on it," he said, leaning on the counter resting his elbows on it to support his chin

Both jobs were fire repairs for custom homes that my company had built. The fence and deck damage was from a grass fire in Santa Anna that got out of control. The garage fire was from the racecar that was housed in the oversized garage/workshop in Fullerton. Ryan was a good worker who had worked his way up from a high school laborer to the renovation crew supervisory with my company.

Ryan had grown into a damn hot looking young man. As I moved towards the paper towel dispenser he rolled around slouching with his back on the counter with both elbows supporting his lean muscular body. I couldn't help but steal a quick glance at the crotch area of his Levi's as I moved past him towards the paper towel rack. There again was that bulge that so nicely filled out the front of his faded Levi's. I had often fantasized about what Ryan would look like in the nude, and with a full-blown hard-on, too. The closest I had ever come to seeing him in the buff were the times he had been swimming in my backyard pool. Ryan was a super good-looking boy with a great body. He could have and should have been a male model.

We compared notes on the two jobs while I finished drying my hands. I then informed Ryan that there was no more jobs scheduled for his crew the rest of the summer. Ryan was the crew leader, and his crew was made up of high school and college age kids that worked odds and ends projects for me during their summer break. I told him that I would have to lay off most of his crew; therefore, he and the crew that were kept on the payroll would have to go back to other crews as laborers for the final weeks of the summer, if there was enough work. He seemed a little dejected with the bad news, so I decided to invite him for dinner.

"Ryan, would you like to stay for dinner with me? I made pot roast and fresh apple pie for desert."

"Sure thing Mr. Shea! You know I love pot roast," Ryan said enthusiastically. "Mom is at a school board function tonight, so she wont be home for a while."

Ryan was my twenty-two years old next-door neighbor. I had known him and his family since my wife and I moved to Orange over ten years ago. I had watched him grow into a nice looking young man and had also been a big brother to him during his adolescent years. His father had been killed shortly after we arrived in the neighborhood. His mother was always appreciative when I helped Ryan. I had been there for him during those turbulent teen years, and also during the summers when I employed him as a part-time laborer.

I looked at Ryan and said, "Why don't you use the back bathroom to wash up while I get you a clean T-shirt."

"Thanks, Mr. Shea," He replied with that big infectious smile of his.

Ryan disappeared into the small bathroom off the rear entry to the house, while I headed to the bedroom to get him a fresh shirt. We are about the same build and size, so I knew one of my large T-shirts would fit him. I got him a clean T-shirt and delivered it to him in the bathroom. I always enjoyed getting to see Ryan without a shirt. His chest was well defined, smooth, and tanned. His nipples were beautiful brown things, so inviting and succulent.

"Here's a clean shirt; I'll take the dirty one and drop it in the laundry," I said, exiting the small bathroom and dropping the sweaty T-shirt into the washer on the way back to the kitchen.

Ryan reappeared clean and fresh smelling. I asked him to help me set the table in the dinning room. Once we were seated and grace was said I began passing the food across the table. After we had filled our plates it was quite while Ryan and I managed to devour all of the pot roast and side dishes. After we ate and the dishes were cleared I asked Ryan if he wanted desert now or later. He opted for later, and our conversation then turned to my up coming road trip.

"So, are you still leaving next Friday Mr. Shea?" Ryan asked looking across the table at me.

"Yep, plan on pulling out about nine Friday evening," I replied, wiping the corners of my mouth with the napkin.

"I sure wanted to go up to Reno this year for Hot August Nights," Ryan said.

"Yeah, I wanted to go to that too, but the dates just wont work for me," I said to Ryan.

"Why can't you go to Reno?" He asked.

"Conflict with dates. Sturgis and Hot August Nights are the same week same days," I told him, "Plus I want to stop in Las Vegas, too."

"Too bad you can't go to both events Mr. Shea."

"Oh well, shit happens," I said with a chuckle.

We got up from the table and carried our dishes and utensils into the kitchen, rinsed them off, and put them into the dishwasher. I began to clean up the kitchen and start the dishwasher while Ryan took the trash out to the can. We then headed for my home office where we discussed what was needed to finish the two projects that Ryan and his crew had to finish by end of week. Ryan assured me that both jobs would be ready for final inspection by Wednesday afternoon. Once the jobs were signed off the paint crews would put on the finishing touches.

I told Ryan that I had total confidence in him and his leadership ability to get the jobs done on time. I was now starting to feel guilty for not asking him if he wanted to go with me on the road trip. Ryan had gone with me on different outings since he was a teenager. He said that the road trip that I had planned sounded like it would be a lot of fun. So, I showed him the itinerary and strip maps that I had made from the computer. I had them all filed in an orderly manner in a loose-leaf binder.

"Wow, you sure have everything about this trip well organized Mr. Shea," Ryan said.

"Just the same way I organize things in my business life, that's why my business is so successful Ry."

The phone rang; it was Ryan's mother. "Ry, your Mom just called to tell you she is home. I told her you had already had dinner, and I invited her over later for some desert with us."

"Cool, Mr. Shea."

Ryan acted like he was having trouble with his arm and shoulder, so I asked, "What's wrong with your shoulder buddy?"

"I think I strained a muscle earlier in the day."

"Sit down in the chair and I'll put some Bengay on it and give you a rub down," I said.

I went for the Bengay in the bathroom and Ryan sat down in a straight back chair. I returned with the ointment and told Ryan to remove his T-shirt. He stripped off the shirt exposing his broad back and well-developed arms and chest.

"Relax Ryan," I told the young man with his back to me.

"Wow, that stuff is cold and stinks," Ryan joked.

"Wait until later when it heats up," I said.

The kid was receptive to my touches as I massaged the muscles in his neck, shoulders, and upper back. I enjoyed getting to rub his lean muscular body. In fact, I was starting to get some stirring my loins. I secretly wished I could take this hot hunk to bed with me tonight. Why was I having these sensual thoughts about Ryan; he was like a son to me. Why was he turning me on sexually? I was horny and remembering my youthful days.

I had experienced sex with guys when I was in high school and college, but had not had any encounters after my marriage. Oh, a few of the young guys on the job and at the gym made me think, but I had never acted on those impulses. Maybe it was that time in life when one starts to have question about one's sexuality. I knew I was sure having some very erotic thoughts about the young man I was massaging. I stole a peek over his shoulders and could detect that Ryan's nipples were erect and it looked as if the bulge in his Levis might be lengthening.

"So, how's the love life Ryan?" I asked.

"You know, so so not much time for any love life if ya know what I mean," Ryan came back.

"Yeah, I know what you mean; it's been a long dry spell for me too," I said.

"Yeah, too bad about your wife she was a great lady. Bet you miss her in more way than one," Ryan said.

"Yep, my sex life has been non-existent for a couple of years," I said.

"I need to get me a girl friend, or in this day and age maybe a boy friend," I said to Ryan with a chuckle to see if I could get a rise out of him.

"Yeah, boy friends are becoming more acceptable now days. A few of my friends are gay and they are neat people," Ryan said stoically.

"Tell me about the gays now and how things are?" I was on a fishing trip; hopefully Ryan would take the bait.

Ryan began telling me about some of his friends and what they were into sexually. The conversation seemed to come easy for the young man and he was not too inhibited. I asked him if he had ever experimented with guys when he was younger. He jokingly replied that in this day and age most young people experiment with just about everything in the process of growing up. Although Ryan didn't admit to any experimenting in the male-to-male arena of sexuality he left the door open.

I asked him what he thought of some of the age differences in the gay community. He said that young guys and middle age guys getting together was not that uncommon. He told me that he knew guys his age that had hooked up with guys my age and were really happy. He said one of the things younger guys look for in older guys whether they are fit and in shape. Ryan said that older fat guys tend to be a real turn-off for most of the guys his age. He said however that I would be a real catch for a guy his age range. He said that he had always thought that I had a great body, and if he were looking for guy to get together with I'd be a number one choice on his list. Wow, Was this kid hitting on me. Damn, now I wish I had thought to invite him to go along with me on the trip, oh well. I was just about finished rubbing the ointment into Ryan's upper body.

As Ryan got up from the chair I noticed the bulge in his Levis had expanded, and so had mine. We both turned away from each other, maybe a little embarrassed. The doorbell sounded and Ryan scurried to answer the front door. I heard Ryan and his Mom exchange greetings as they headed back towards the dinning room. Shirley Day was a woman about the same age as me, and very well preserved for her age. She didn't look a day over thirty. She had never remarried after the death of her husband. I don't know why she never remarried. Shirley was still an extremely good-looking lady. She was physically active and had kept herself in great shape; instead of looking for a husband she had immersed herself in her teaching career and the church. Shirley had introduced my wife and I to her church.

"So, Ryan tells me that you are going to be gone for over a month starting the first of August?" Shirley quizzed, looking at me from across the dinning room table.

"Oh yeah, the big macho road trip. Hangin with the guys, motorcycles, leathers, and hot babes, you know. Could it get any better," I said in jest as I poured three cups of fresh coffee and set warm apple pie with scoops of vanilla ice cream on top in front of my guests.

Everyone talked and laughed as we finished eating our pie and ice cream and sipping our coffee. The smell of Shirley's perfume made me wonder what I would do if the chance for some strange pussy presented itself. Janie's medical problems and later her death had left a huge void in my sex life. In fact, our sex life had been non-existent since she had the surgery. My sex life from then on consisted of the morning jerk-off in the shower and again sometimes in the evenings. Maybe I should ask Ryan to go along with me; a young man his age would be a real chick magnet, or maybe he was into guys.

"Ryan, I really feel bad not asking you to go along with me. Would you like to go along with me on the trip to keep me company and out of trouble?" I said, the last part was for his mom's benefit.

"Wow Mr. Shea that would be totally awesome," Ryan said his eyes lighting up like a pair of headlights on high beam.

"What do you think about the idea Shirley?" I asked as a courtesy.

"He is a big boy now, twenty-two years old almost a senior in college. I say it is up to him," Shirley said to both of us. "Now all I have to do is worry about is who will be the bad influence on who on this outing," Shirley said jokingly.

"I'll keep him straight Mom," Ryan said with a big smile.

"Well, in that case I guess we had better go into my office and make a list of what you'll need for the next month," I said to Ryan and his Mom.

I told Ryan's Mom that he wouldn't have to worry about lodging unless he wanted a separate motel room. He assured me that he had no problem sharing a room with me. That may have been a hidden signal that I would follow-up on. I told him that I would pay for all our meals, but if he wanted anything else he would have to pay for it. I assured him that I would have his paycheck ready well before we left. We finished the list of things that he needed to bring and what needed to be done before we left, and then Ryan and his Mom headed home.

Later that night as I sat on the patio having a glass of wine before bed Shirley Day opened the gate between our backyards and entered.

"Hello Shirley, having second thoughts about letting your baby boy go along with me on my wild road trip?" I ask in a humorous tone as I got up to pull a chair out for her. "Let me pour you a glass of wine, it'll help you sleep better later," I said as I got a clean wine goblet from behind my outside wet bar and proceeded to pour her a half-full glass of wine.

"No, it's not that Sean; it's just that this will be his first experience away from home for such and extended time. I guess I'm just a worrisome mom," she said, looking a little sad.

"Shirley, he's a big boy he'll be okay."

"Sean, I don't want him dipping into his college fund so that he can have fun with you for the next month, and he deserves to have fun. You have taken Ryan under your wing since he was thirteen. After the death of his father you've been a surrogate father to Ryan; for that I am deeply indebted to you and Janie. So, here is a check for three hundred dollars in case he needs some emergency money," Shirley said, pushing the check towards me with that look in her eyes that only a caring and loving mother gives.

"That's bullshit Shirley, you keep that money. The kid is getting a big bonus check next week before we leave and he's going to help me drive, so it's not like he's going to need much money," I said to her reassuringly.

"He didn't say anything to me about a bonus."

"He doesn't know about it yet, and don't tell him. I am going to give him the bonus check on Monday. So, why don't we all plan on going out for dinner together Monday night? My treat."

"Thank you Sean, you are a real gentleman. See you Monday night," Shirley said as she got up and headed back to her house.

Monday, July 28, 2003.

I woke up a little hazy with my normal morning piss erection and stumbled towards the bathroom as those first rays of sunlight filtered into the bedroom. I made it to the bathroom and relived myself, and then headed to the kitchen to put on the coffee and turn on the television. The smell of coffee was wafting through the air permeating the early morning hour in my house. I paid no attention to the news that was on the television. I headed back to the bathroom for my morning sit down, and then into the shower.

Standing in the shower I thought briefly about jerking off, but after a few strokes I decided against it this morning. I needed to get dressed have some breakfast and make an early meeting at the office at the warehouse. I finished in the bathroom threw on some casual dress clothes and sports jacket and headed for the kitchen. A bowl of Grape nuts and cup of coffee would be breakfast. I poured the rest of the coffee into the thermos for later. I headed out to my Z-71 Avalanche and off to work.

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