Mr. Sunshine


   Joe Vitale had a smile that some said would melt the ice that ran though the veins of his boss, Don Hanover. Don was a Senior Vice President in charge of sales for a large conglomerate that sold Industrial chemicals. He ran his sales force with an iron fist and if they didn't produce or meet their quotas, they were out looking for another new job.

    Joe sold industrial chemicals with a smile, but he backed it up with knowledge of the products that he sold and represented. He had a keen sense of what his clients wanted and needed. A chemical engineer by training, he decided that there was more money in sales and he had been right. He was a master of psychology and people trusted him for they perceived that he had their best interest at heart. He knew their wives and kid's birthdays and often their personal problems because he was a good listener and never betrayed a confidence.

       Don was a big man standing over six feet four and and a former All American football player. He used his physical presence as a weapon of intimidation. Along with his booming voice, his size frightened people and he used that to his advantage. He was a taskmaster, a stickler for detail, a perfectionist, and even those that disliked him, applauded his professionalism. Nobody felt sorry for Don Hanover when his wife left him with their three children for another man. In fact, most gloated and were happy to see him devastated.

    Joe was fun to be around. He was heavy with a large belly that rolled when he walked. He had these big brown eyes that were warm and friendly and when he looked at you, he made you feel like you were special. People felt comfortable in his presence and no matter how dismal things were, he made you believe that tomorrow that things would be better. They called him Mr. Sunshine for he made people feel good about themselves. He listened to what people had to say and was never judgmental.

    Joe was forty-seven on his last birthday and a few gray hairs were beginning to crop up on his dark curly hair like weeds in grass. He had a small nose and apple cheeks like a small boy whose aunt had just pinched them. Divorced for many years, he never remarried and was never seen around town. He rarely went out drinking with the guys from the office and nobody ever questioned him for he was the number one salesmen and he worked hard to keep it that way.

    Nobody ever asked Don to go to lunch or for a drink after work. He was now living alone in a small apartment not far from the office.

    It had rained all week as Joe ran into the Briar Patch, a local watering hole that was close to his loft and not far from the office. Joe never carried an umbrella and never listened to weather forecasts since they were always wrong. He shook himself off like a dog coming in out of the rain and headed to the bar. This storm looked like it was going to last and he had no place to go but home and there was nothing waiting for him there.

    The bar was fairly empty and the smell of stale cigarettes and beer permeated the air. A juke box played fifties tunes and the bartender was reading the paper, a cigarette dangling from his lips. Joe ordered a beer and sat down waiting out the storm. It was a bar that the locals frequented and they resented the newcomers moving into the neighborhood. He turned and spotted Don seated alone in a booth.

    Don had graying hair that was cut short and brooding blue eyes that just stared at the wall in front of him. He had  a drink  that looked like a martini. On his finger he still wore a wedding ring. Joe figured he had to be in his late forties. Don's tie was loosened and he ordered another drink from the waitress as she walked by. From the slurring of his words, Joe knew that he had had more then a few.

    Joe walked over to where Don was seated and said. "Do you think that you need another drink?"

    Without looking up at who was speaking to him, Don answered belligerently. "Who asked you and mind your fucking business?"

    "I guess it's none of my fucking business," and Joe turned to leave.

    Don looked up and saw that it was Joe. "Don't leave," he said apologetically.  "I didn't realize that it was you. Please sit down."

    "I think that you would rather be alone and I never get involved with a guy who's drinking. They get nasty, say things they don't mean and they all think that they're Mike Tyson."

    "She took my kids," he moaned. "I don't mind she fucking cleaned me out but my kids. She said I was a lousy father and was never home."

    "It's all right Don." Joe sidled into the wooden bench that had been worn smooth over the years. Initials were carved on the table.

    "Am I such a dick?" he asked.

    Joe laughed and showed even white teeth. He had spent a small fortune on his mouth.  "You want the truth or do you want me to blow smoke up your ass?"

    "The truth."

    "Don. You're a dick. You're a bully and most people were glad that she left you and you're hurting. Most applaud her for sticking it to you. They can't hurt you because most need the job and you pay their salaries. But on a scale of one to ten, you are numero uno on the scum bag parade and you're getting what you deserve for treating people the way that you do."

    "Am I that bad?" He gulped down the martini.

    Joe looked into his wide face with his strong jaw and fine chiseled features. He was a handsome man. "You're worse. You rule by fear and the office staff hates your guts. Me, I don't give a fuck one way or the other. I do my numbers, come and go and stay out of office politics. I'm sorry about your kids. I have to go."

    "Stay, have a drink. Nobody has stood up to me before. I respect you for it."

    The waitress brought over his martini and Don took a large swallow.

    "How many have you had?" Joe asked.

    "This is my fourth."

    "They're lethal."

    "I know but who gives a shit about a dick like me?"

    "I do," Joe said. "I care. I think behind that tough guy exterior is somebody nice that is aching to get out. You just don't know how."

    "Mr. Sunshine. Isn't that what they call you?"

    "It's easier to be nice Don. It makes life easier as you know at this very moment at how tough it really is."

    "To old to teach this dog new tricks."

    "Maybe, maybe not. What would you say if I got you home? I think that you have had one too many and I'll make sure that you get there safely."

    "And tuck me in bed?"

    "If that's what you want. I don't think you need anymore booze."

    "I don't think so either. I feel rotten."

    Joe paid the bill and helped Don out of the bar. It was still raining hard.

    "My place is just down the block from here. I'll make you some black coffee and when it stops raining get you home."

    By the time they got to Joe's loft, they were both soaked. It was a huge space in an area that young artists and artisans were reclaiming and real estate values were beginning to skyrocket. It had once been an old factory. The floors were highly polished and large abstract paintings covered the walls.

    "Sit," Joe ordered and came back with a large towel. "Dry yourself and take off your coat."

    Don had trouble and Joe helped him.

    "Your shirt is soaked through and so are your pants. Take them off and I'll bring in a bathrobe so you don't catch cold."

    "Why are you being so nice to me?"

    "You don't get it, do you? Not everybody has a motive or is looking for something. I'm doing it because you're drunk and I felt sorry for you for losing your kids. I also didn't want to see you get rolled and you would have in that bar as big and as strong as you think you are."

    "I'm sorry."

    "Apology accepted."

    Don took off his shirt. He was still muscular with a patch of gray hair between his pecs. His tits were full and his nipples were large. An appendix scar was visible on his firm belly. He looked like a former football player that had gotten softer over the years but he was still in good shape. His shoulders were broad and his arms solid.

    "Take off your shoes and socks. I paid a small fortune to have these floors done."

    Don did so obediently. His thighs were big and retained their shape and his calf muscles bulged. He was smooth with fine, hair barely visible. Don looked around the room. The brick walls were exposed and there was a large fireplace that dominated one wall. The furniture was mostly built-ins. "You kept the space bare." He watched Joe fixing them sandwiches and making coffee. A large dining room table faced the open kitchen. A beautiful Oriental rug covered the floor. The apartment overlooked the river and Don could see boats passing by.

    "I love the openness of the space," Joe said.

    "You sure have it. I like it. Me, I've always been uptight." Uptight the words spilled out and Don was surprised that it had. He was always so careful and measured his words and what he wanted to say. Maybe it was the booze.

    "Have you thought why you're so uptight?" Joe came into the room with the coffee and sandwiches. "Are you cold? You look cold."

    "I am. I don't know why but I am."

    Joe went to the fireplace and lit a fire and in a few minutes it was roaring. "I use to be a boy scout once." He laughed and his smile was warm and infectious. Don understood why people liked him. "Why are you so uptight?" Joe was also wearing a bathrobe that was open and his chest was hairy.

    Don sipped his coffee. "I guess it was my dad. He never showed any of us warmth. I never remember him hugging or even kissing us as kids. How I wanted that but It never happened. Even when I made All American. He never once came to a game to see my play and I was good." His voice trailed off.

    "That's a good reason. My dad owned this fruit and vegetable stand. "Don't touch the fruit," he use to tell the customers.  He fussed with those peaches and pears like he had grown every last one himself. He had this big black mustache and was built like me. But he was always hugging and kissing us kids. He worked hard with my mom besides him and there may of not been a lot of money but there sure was love in that house."

    "My mom was a good lady but she was so afraid of my father. She died young. Why am I telling you this?"

    "You're drunk, you need to vent and I'm a good listener. I bet you always kept things inside of you? Probably did it with the wife."

    Don thought for a moment and munched on the sandwich. "Me and the wife never talked much. I was so involved with the business and never did have time for her and the kids. I guess I do have a dick personality."

    Joe laughed. "Lighten up."

    Don smiled.

    "That's much better. You have a nice smile."

    "Next, you'll be telling me that I'm handsome?"

    "You are. You smiled and that frown on your face disappeared."

    "Me handsome? The wife never said it."

    "How often did you tell her that she was beautiful or she looked nice or smelled wonderful or the meal was great?"

    "I didn't. We haven't had sex," and the words popped out.

    "It's OK. None of my business."

    "No. For the last eight years. Since our son Scott was born."


    "I just told you my life story and it's fucking depressing. No wonder she left me. Nobody likes me and I haven't had sex in eight years and I am a fucking mess."

    "You're no different then the rest of us. We all have our own skeletons."

    "You're Mr. Sunshine. Everybody likes you."

    "So how come I'm all alone? How come I sitting here with my boss who is drunk and I'm not out being the life of the party?"

    "I don't know."

    They ate their sandwiches and Joe cleaned up. The rain continued to come down.

    "I tried the car service and nothing for tonight. I think that you're stuck here with me for the night."

    "You don't mind me staying?"

    "Not as long as you don't mind sharing a king's sized bed. That couch is too small. There's always the floor."

    Don looked at Joe. "I'm tired, grateful and I'm lonely. Having somebody in bed besides me will be comforting. Me and the wife slept in separate bedrooms."

    Joe gave Don a toothbrush and towels. Joe showered and then Don did. From the bed, Joe could see Don brushing his teeth. He had a broad back and water clung to it and beaded. His ass was round and firm. He was smooth. As he turned, he had a nice sized cock. He put on his boxer shorts and came into the bedroom.

    "Thanks Joe. I appreciate this."

    "Night Don." Joe tried to sleep but was unable. How come he was alone? That very question had haunted him for years but he had not found somebody to share his life with. He was gay and sleeping next to a man that he thought was very attractive, but he was his boss. He longed to reach out and touch him.

    "Joe, are you asleep?"

    "No, is anything wrong?"

    "I'm fine." He reached out and his hand touched Joe's fleshy chest. "I just wanted to say thanks."

    Joe took his hand and held it. It was large and felt warm. Don moved closer to Joe.

    "Can I hug you? Strange coming from a guy who doesn't show his emotions. I need to hug and thank you." He hugged Joe and Joe felt himself getting erect through his jockey shorts. His cock pressed against Don who felt the erection.

    "You're gay. That's it, isn't it? I would have never suspected."

    "Does it bother you?"

    "Yes," he stammered. "No, I don't know and really don't care. I'm so fucking confused. A year ago maybe it would have but not now. I'm so unhappy that anybody that is happy is someone that I envy. If you're happy being gay, then go for it." He held Joe close and began to cry.

    "It's OK Don. Go and ahead and cry." Joe held him close, caressing his hair and talking softly to him. What he never expected happened. He felt Don's lips on his. They were warm and tender. Joe kisses his cheeks and tasted the saltiness of his tears.

    "Hold me Joe. I'm so alone. Right now I want somebody to love me."

    "Are you sure?"

    "I've never been surer in my life." He held Joe close to him.

    Joe kissed his lips running his tongue on the outside of Don's lips and then into his mouth. Their tongues touched as they flicked them back and forth. Joe's hand reached out and touched Don's nipple, then softly traced his hand back and forth over his chest and down his stomach as he kissed Don now with more passion and he responded. He touched one nipple and then the other feeling them and holding them in his fingers and applying pressure that excited Don. His mouth caressed Don's nipple as his tongue licked at it and Don moaned never experiencing the joy of having his nipples sucked. Joe was gentle as he took it into his mouth and began to suck and felt it grow in his mouth. They were sensitive and Don moved his body under him and purred as Joe licked one and then the other. He slowly moved down Don's body touching, caressing, feeling and kissing as he felt the firmness of his stomach and tongued his bellybutton. His hand slipped inside the waistband of Don's boxer shorts and  he felt the mound of soft hair. His hands were gentle as he reached down and felt the roundness of his balls and Don cried out as Joe's fingers played with them. His fingers were like butterfly wings as they moved across his balls as Don kissed him. Don's tongue moved inside Joe's mouth with a passion that Joe had not known in a long time. Joe's fingers touched Don's penis and held it there and rubbed the head that was leaking pre cum. He tasted the sweetness and kissed Don who tasted his own cum and it made him hotter. Joe rubbed the head of Don's cock with his thumb and finger and his cock was now stiff and hard.

     "Oh, oh," he murmured as Joe rubbed it and kissed his belly as his tongue flicked at his body. He helped Don as he slipped off his shorts, his dick ready for the taking. "Oh, Joe," he whispered his name and held his head gently.

    Joe kissed the head of Don's cock tenderdly, his hand holding the shaft firmly as his tongue licked at the head that glistened. Don, cried out with pleasure as Joe took the head of his cock into his mouth and twirled his tongue around it slowly and down the shaft. He concentrated on the underside and Don moved his body wildly never experiencing the joy of having his dick sucked. Joe began to suck slowly, his mouth filled with saliva as he took in more of more of Don's love into his mouth. Joe knew the thrill of having a man in his mouth bringing another happiness as he made love to Don.

    "Oh, Joe," Don's voice was barely audible as his hand caressed Joe's face lovingly. "Oh, sweetheart," he cried out. Words spilled from his mouth and emotions that he never knew or felt erupted and washed over him like a tidal wave. "Oh, baby, he called out as Joe moved down the shaft and back to the head, his nose nested in the soft hairs of Don's mound. He smelled the manliness of Don's essence and tasted the sweetness of his cock as his head bobbed up and down in a rhythm that had Don moving and writhing under him. Joe wanted Don to cum, to know the feeling of being released and the contentment that came with it.

    "Please, don't stop," Don cried out as Joe moved with confidence tasting Don and knowing that he was close as he felt his body tighten.

    Joe's mouth took Don's cock and felt it hit the back of his throat and then slide out and then in faster and faster and he knew he was there when he heard.

    "Oh, Oh, Joe, I'm going to cum," he shouted and Joe felt the rush of semen as it filled his mouth. It was a huge load and he kept sucking as the juice erupted from him. Joe squeezed the meatus for the last drop. His hand milked the head until a pearl formed and he licked it hungrily with the tip of his tongue.

    Don cradled himself in Joe's arms and Joe held him. Don's voice was a whisper and Joe strained to hear him.

    "Thank you for loving me. What you did, you did to please me. I did nothing to satisfy you."

   "It's OK. You needed to know that's it's all right. You needed to know that somebody cared for you."

    Joe felt Don's tongue on his nipple. He licked at it softly and Joe reacted. His nipples were sensitive as Don sucked on one and then the other, his fingers pinching one as he licked the other.

    "I want to please you," Don said.

    "You don't have to."

    "I want to." Don moved down Joe's body touching him, caressing him, holding him. His tongue and lips moving across his body.

    "Are you sure, you've never been with a man?"

    "It's no different when you make love. " His mouth found Joe's briefs and his face nestled in the mound that stood out like a tent. His lips took Joe's cock through the cotton briefs and mouthed it. His strong hands slid inside the waistband and pulled them down exposing Joe's cock that was twitching involuntarily.

    "You don't have to."

    "But I want to."

    Joe felt the softness of his mouth as it encircled his cock and slowly down the shaft and up to the head. His tongue tasting and loving the feeling of his mouth on the velvet head. Moving around the head, his tongue traced a line around the rim and he moved a little faster as he was gaining confidence. Holding the shaft firmly, his tongue moved up and down it and then licked and sucked at the head. His hand moved toward Joe's nipple and he sucked at his cock and squeezed the nipple in his fingers. Joe's body went into spasm as Don's lips tightened around his cock.

    "Don," he called out his name.

    Don tasted the sweet and the saltiness of Joe's balls as he licked at them. He thought of his wife as he tried to eat her and she pushed his head away in disgust. Here, Joe was calling out his name as his tongue licked and he sucked and Don knew that this was what loving was supposed to be like, It was not a favor but a joy. Don felt himself hard again as his tongue licked at Joe's perineum and Joe cried out in ecstasy.

    "Kiss me please," and Don kissed him with a passion that was released as they mouths touched, their tongues entwined. Joe felt Don's erection and roll on his side. "Fuck me," he said. He reached into a night table and found a rubber and lubricant and greased Don's cock, the rubber and his ass. He placed the rubber on Don's cock"

    "I've never done this before. I'm afraid I might hurt you."

    "Slow baby. Just take it easy and we'll both be fine."

    Don was sweating and Joe guided him between his two round buns and Don's cock was at the entrance.

    "Push easy."

    Don did as he was told and felt himself slip inside Joe and it felt wonderful. Joe wanted the foreplay but wanted Don to know the joy of what loving a man was like. Don began to move slowly and a sense of pleasure overwhelmed him.

    "That's it, nice and easy." They established a rhythm. "Yes, that's it, Oh, Don. Oh, yes, oh baby."

    Don never heard the words of joy and pleasure with his wife as he watched his cock enter and come out of Joe's ass. Joe was moving his hips and ass to take Don's thrusts.

    "Oh, sweetheart," Joe cooed. "Give it to daddy. Make his ass behave for you. It's yours," as Don moved faster.

    Words to Don but to him they meant the world for he was both giving pleasure and deriving pleasure.

    "Oh, Don, you're going to make me cum. Don't stop sweetheart," as his sphincter clamped down on Don's dick and he felt himself ready to cum. "That's it daddy. oh, baby, that's it." Joe began to rock from side to side and cried out, "I'm cumming," and shot a wad of cream into his hand that ran down his fingers knowing that Don was ready. He give Don his cream to taste and Don licked Joe's fingers and savored the taste. "Give it to me sweetheart," Joe roared with desire.

    With those words Don came and he thought his load would never stop as he emptied himself into Joe. Exhausted he pulled out and lay there. Joe took off the rubber and took his hand and lead him into the shower. They kissed under the hot water and when they had dried themselves off went back to bed. They lay besides each other. Don took Joe's hand and kissed it.

    "Thanks for taking care of me and making me feel like a man again." He kissed Joe with tenderness. "Would you mind if I came back again and we could have dinner and then back here to make love?"

    Joe smiled. "I'd like that."

    "So would I. Joe, I always have put labels on things but tonight, I had a gay experience and I loved it. Am I gay? I don't know. I do know that loving someone and sharing that love is important. Man or woman, sex is sex and love is what I felt tonight. All I know is that for the first time in a long time, I feel good about me." He kissed Joe. "I want to pursue it if you will let me."

    Joe hugged him and held Don close and Don fell asleep in Joe's arms. Mr. Sunshine fell asleep with a smile on his face.