My Broke Straight Bois 2

Written By Angyl

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So I had proven the theory that most straight bois will do anything for cash. Aaron and Clayton had been my test subjects. Since the initial test all I kept thinking about watching the two of them doing each other. That had been about a month ago. Several times I honestly thought about bringing up the offer to the bois again and see if they would go for it. I did not though, as I figured when the bois got desperate enough, they may come back for another round.

It was late one evening when Aaron, Clayton and their buddy Joey came home to chill. I had come down to grab a drink and some snacks. Aaron introduced me to Joey, before I headed back upstairs.

Joey is the same ages as the bois. I guess he is the same weight and build as Aaron. Well maybe taller. He is I am guessing about 6'4. His long brown hair naturally falls over one eye. Other than that, at the time I did not know much about him.

I sat in my room, on the computer chatting and shit. Aaron came and knocked at my door. I invited him in and he came and sat on the edge of the bed. He was quiet.

"What's up man?" I asked.

He looked to be pondering something, before speaking.

"We need some cash." He finally said.

"And what can I do to help?"

He looked a bit uncomfortable. I clued in to what he wanted.

"You want to do the same thing as before?"

"Yeah Clayton and I talked about it and thought you would help us."

"Well when your buddy leaves we can do it."

He sat for a bit longer and then he laid the bombshell.

"Well he needs cash too."

"Oh I get you, you want him involved?"

"Yeah, we told him we had a way possibly, but did not go into detail."

Well I had for some reason been expecting them to want another go, but the third guy was a bonus. I told Aaron for the bois to meet me in the den in half an hour. He nodded and left me to get ready. I was already getting hard thinking about a three way with these bois. I wondered seriously if Aaron or Clayton had said anything to their buddy. I guess I would find out soon enough. I though how lucky it was that I had taken out extra cash.

I got to the den and with the plan of waiting for the bois to come up. I heard voices and realized they were already there and waiting. I listened to the bois as Aaron was filling Joey in on what was about to happen. It sounded like he was freaked and wanted to get the fuck out of there.

"Come on man, is not that bad and we all need the cash." I heard Aaron saying.

"I ain't a fucking queer though!" Joey almost yelled.

"No one is gonna know what goes on." Clayton put in.

"But sex with another guy is so weird and wrong." Joey said.

"It's not much different from being with a chick." Aaron said.

"I don't know man if I can do this." Joey said sullenly.

There was a moment or two of silence before anyone spoke.

"If you do not want to do something then you just say no." Aaron said.

"Well I guess it would be okay, just kind of weird." Joey said.

"Aaron and I are not any worse for wear since we did it the first time." Clayton said.

"What the fuck, you two did each other?" Joey said shocked.

Aaron filled him in on the details of the last time. From where I was standing I could see the look on Joey's face as Aaron filled him in. He looked shocked and then he seemed to think deeply about it. Then shock his head in disbelief.

"I cannot believe you two queered out." He said.

"Well it's not like we do it all the time." Aaron said.

I decided it was time to get the show on the road. I walked in the room. All three bois looked up. Aaron and Clayton smiled at me. Joey just sat there. Aaron laid out the ground rules for the events. Joey still was unsure but you could tell he was not totally against it. I could swear I saw a hint of eagerness in his eyes.

Aaron had pulled the bed out without me suggesting it. Then all three bois sat on the bed. Clayton and Aaron sat together, but Joey was kind of at the edge of the bed. I had to get all three bois together so this would work. I suggested Joey go and sit in between Aaron and Clayton. He moved and took position between the two others. Once all three bois were sitting together I got things started.

My first suggestion for the bois was for them to pull out their cocks and start jerking off. 100 bucks was given to the three of them as they did. I was amazed that both Aaron and Clayton were already hard. I got a good look at Joey's cock, uncut and 8 inches. He took no time to get completely hard. How I would love to just crawl over and take I in my mouth.

I was enjoying watching the three jerking their hard cocks. I decided to go for more. I offered 300 hundred to Aaron if he would go down on Joey. Aaron looked to Joey, who just shrugged? Aaron Moved between Joey's legs and took his cock in his mouth. I could see Aaron's pink fuck hole with the position he was in. He was bobbing up and don that cock. I got an idea in my head. I looked to Clayton who seemed to be left out. I offered him 300 if he would get behind Aaron and eat his fuck hole.

" way!!" He exclaimed.

He sat there staring at Aaron's ass and then at the money, then back to Aaron's ass. I could tell he was contemplating it.

"Fuck it." He said.

He moved behind his friend, and spread his cheeks. He began licking around the pink pucker. Then he would push his tongue in. Poor Aaron was moan with a mouthful of cock. Joey had a look of pure heaven on his face as he lay back enjoying what was going on. His moans were getting louder.

"Fuck I am gonna shoot man!" He exclaimed.

I think he expected Aaron to pull off, but he just continued going up and down.

"Here it comes!!"

I could hear Aaron swallowing as his friend filled his mouth. He kept sucking until Joey was completely limp. Aaron was unable to move because Clayton was still eating his ass. Joey had no choice but to either move or sit there. I suggested Joey try sucking off Aaron, and offered him 500 to do it. I was unsure if he would do it or not, but he moved and got under Aaron and swallowed his cock. Well in that position it was hard for Joey to do much. Aaron resorted to fucking his face. I heard Joey gag a couple times but he got used to having Aaron's cock fucking his mouth. Clayton had stopped eating Aaron and was now watching. I handed him a condom and some lube. He quickly put it on. I gave him 700 to fuck whomever he wanted. I had figured he would fuck Aaron, but he moved and got between Joey's legs. He lifted them over his shoulders and greased him up. Not waiting to let Joey get used to it, he just slammed all the way in. Joey could do nothing because he had a mouthful of cock and his face was getting fucked pretty hard by Aaron, and his ass plowed by Clayton. His face got a look of pure bliss on it. He was really into this. I had the thought that it was too bad I had to pay these bois to have sex, but also knew they needed the cash.

I watched as Clayton and Aaron fucked this boi. What I did not expect was for them to lean in and make out with each other. From my vantage point I could tell Aaron was going to shoot. He was fucking Joey's face hard. He gave a final thrust, and let his load fill Joey's mouth. Joey had no choice to swallow. Aaron left his cock in Joey's mouth until he was empty then pulled out and lay down next to the two. Clayton was moaning as he fucked Joey's ass hard. Joey was able to say something.

"Fuck that feels so good!!"

"Yeah I am gonna cum!!"

I got one hell of a surprise from Joey.

"Wait take the condom off, I wanna feel you cum in me."

Clayton quickly removed the condom, and re-entered. He began fucking in earnest.

"Fuck here it comes!!"

A few more thrusts and he slammed deep into Joey.


Clayton kept pumping until he was limped and plopped out. Then he moved to lie next to Joey. All three bois were sweaty. I was so hard and wanted to have a good wank, but Aaron called me over. He pulled down my pants and took me in his mouth, again getting me off as he and Clayton had the pervious time. I suggested when all was done the bois go have a shower and clean up. I went back to my room, and wrote about this round.

Later that night I was down in the laundry room finishing up laundry. I swear I heard muffled moans coming from Aaron's room. I went and listened at the door. Sure enough I had been right. I quietly opened the door and looked in. Imagine the surprise I got when I saw Clayton and Aaron going at it. I cleared my throat.

"Well now this is a sight." I said.

The bois stopped and I came into the room. Aaron said after the earlier round both he and Clayton needed to know if it was the money or something else that they were feel. Both admitted that it was the latter that had changed things for them. They realized they loved each other and wanted to be together. Aaron reached over to the table and grabbed something.

"We were gonna wait til tomorrow to give this to you." He said, and handed me an envelope.

I opened it and saw all the money I had paid them today. I looked back at them and handed it back.

"Consider it a gift from me, and no argument about it."

Both bois nodded. I smiled and left them alone. It was not long before they were at it again. I headed back upstairs. I was so surprised by what had happened. I only hope the two of them never forget who brought them together.

The End...


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