My Brother-In-Law

This story is 100% real, the only thing that I changed are the names, obviously. This story is about two brother-in-laws have sex. 
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1/ The beginning

The first time I messed around with my brother in law was in May 2009, when I was 19.

My name is Lucian, but everybody call me Lulu.

At the time I was a skinny boy, but not bony, with the same big and tight bubblebutt that I have today. I'm the only one in my family to not have a flat ass, so they like to joke about it, which always pisses me off.

I'm a short guy, being 5'4 (1m68), with shoulder length dark blond hair, green eyes and full lips. My cock is 7 inches (18cm) which is not bad I guess, but isn't that impressive either. And like most men in France and more generally in Europe I'm uncut.

My 28yo sister, her 27yo husband (lets call him Tristan) and their 2 yo son were coming back from visiting an aunt in the south of France. My parents told them:

"You must be exhausted, why don't you say and eat here with us tonight? That way you won't have to cook anything".

After the dinner, Tristan went upstairs to use the bathroom but 45min later he was still upstairs. We figured out that driving for more than 6 hours straight must have been exausting and that he might be upstair in a room taking a nap.

After a while my sister (pregnant with their second son at the time) was getting tired herself so she decided to get back home. She called for him but he didn't respond, so I went upstairs and found him asleep on my bed. I tried to wake him up but he kept sleeping. My sister had told us a few times that he was a deep sleeper, so that didn't surprised me that he didn't wake up.

My sister told me to bunk with him for the night and that he would go home in the morning.

I have to admit that even if I have nothing in common with him and that most of the time I find him immature and to be kind of a redneck, physically he's really hot. He is a sexy masculine jerk.

In fact I'm pretty sure that my sister only dated him because of his looks but decided to stay with him when she became pregnant 5 months later.

He's 5'6 (1m70), black messy short hair, dark brown eyes with long lashes, thin lips and stubble .

He is a house painter so his work keep him in shape. Not that he have big muscles, but he have a nicely toned body, with tight abs, and defined muscles. His chest and stomach covered with black fur that contrast with his white skin.

When I went to bed myself, I noticed that he was still fully dress and on top of the sheets. So I decided to undress him so he could be more confortable. His shoes and socks were easy to take off, but I couldn't take his pants off, so I give up, not wanting to shake him to much. But I had already opened his jeans and I noticed that he was going comando and something come to my mind...

He's always joking about his cock, how big it is etc... . So I thought "hey that's the occasion to check out if he's telling the truth or not.

So I run my fingers through his hairy stomach, pushing it south untill I met his nice bush. I stop there for a few minutes, looking up for any sign of awareness, but he just kept sleeping peacefully. I resume my exploration, moving lower at the hilt of his shaft. Then I tried to put my fingers around it and carefully I take it out of his pants. Pulling a little on it, it started to grow a little.

And I saw that he was telling the truth. Ok it was not the biggest dick in the world, not even in the city. But he would be an honorary member of the big dick club, if such a club existed that is.

His cock was getting harder and bigger as I touched it, soon it was at full mass. I stroked him a little, studying the big piece of meat in my hands. I don't know the exact size of his manhood, but at that moment I judge it to be between 8 and 8.5 inches (20-21cm). Unlike me, once fully hard, his foreskin was totally retracted, leaving his big helmet head fully exposed. After a few minutes of stroking I decided to stop and I let him be. I got back to my side of the bed, undress and got under the cover, on my side facing him.

A few minutes later I felt mouvements next to me and noticed that he was getting himself under the sheets too. And I soon felt a hand on my hip, moving toward my ass. I thought "crap he must think I'm my sister", but I didn't move right away, enjoying his caresses and gropings. But when his hand move toward my crotch, I took his wrist in my hand, trying to stop him, and called his name a few times. But he didn't stop. He kept pushing his hand to my junk, I thought "fuck, he's gonna freak out when he find no pussy but a dick". But to my surprise he directly put his hand around my semi-hard cock and started to stroke it. He took my hand and gide it toward his own cock, which I find bare and rock hard. The mouvement I felt earlier was him taking his clothes off.

I jerk him off a little, and soon he put his hand on my head, understanding what he wanted I went under the sheet and met his schlong. I first smelled it and licked it. Then I took it in my mouth, it was not easy at first but after a few minutes my jaws relax, and my throat open for his cock.

I always was able to deep throat a cock when I sucked it, but the challenge with him was that his dick is slightly arked upward. Which mean that the good position for a deep throat is kinda 69insh. So in the positionthat I was in, between his legs, the shape of his tool was making the throat fucking a little painfull.

I was surprise when after about 10 min of sucking Tristan pulled me up and start to suck me. That took me offguard, I was not expecting it.

I could tell that if it was not is first time, but it was clearly not something he had done often either because he wasn't really good at it. His teeth scratching my head, which was the only part of my dick he sucked on. That only last for a few minutes anyway.

Then he made me get on top of him and with no preparation nor lube tried to fuck me. I stopped him, telling him that it's not how it works. That unlike a pussy a mancunt doesn't lubricate itself. His only respond was to spit in his hand and try again with some spit as lube, but needless to say that it didn't worked. Well maybe it would have but after the head popped in with a lot of pain, I stopped. I didn't wanted to hurt myself and be needing stitches to repare my asshole. So I went back to sucking him, untill he shoot his load down my throat.

During all that, Tristan didn't said anything. The first thing he said to me since dinner was :

"You know Lulu I only did it because I know you wanted it. I'm not queer".

That hurt my feelings and make me kinda angry at him.

I thought "He make the first move, I didn't ask for anything. And he enjoyed it too. He even sucked me, which was on his own free will."

I was kinda pissed at him so I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and calm don't a bit, not wanting to start an argument. Then I went back to bed, and fell asleep turning my back to him.

When I woke up, he was already gone.

After that night nothing happend between us for a year. I didn't wanted him to feel like he was doing me a favor.

But in the end, that him who came back asking for my "help". but that's another story....