my short comings (part #2)

This is a fictional story, and it is based upon one of my day dreams. No, I'm not gay, I'm actually bisexual, but only when I'm home alone. Also, I do not know the correct terms used during or when discussing male-on-male sex, so I improvised a little-- sorry. If you're seventeen years old or younger, then do not read on. Lastly, if you have any comments to share with me about my story, then you can contact me @ FORESTWRAITH1187 at HOTMAIL dot COM

        Several weeks' had transpired since that encounter with my coworker. Paul had not discussed our little one night stand, and it had left me wondering what his true intentions were. Was Paul gay, and was I bisexual? I didn't have the answer to either of these questions. Those thoughts burned in my mind like wildfires. I wished that I could be clearer on the issue, because uncertainty was a horrible feeling to harbor.

        Paul was tall, around the 6'2" mark with raven black hair and had soft brown eyes. No, he wasn't skinny like I was; Paul worked out in the gym and a nice set of muscles. Whereas I was 6'0", with dirty blonde hair and opal blue eyes.

        It was just another average Monday morning, the kind that you wished you could sleep through but never had the opportunity to do so. The office was abuzz with the sounds of heated conversation and phones which were constantly ringing off the hook. I, Paul and some other of the writers had just gangbanged another script. It had taken a couple of hours, but thanks to all that creative input, the script was one step closer to completion.

        I had just returned to my office, when Paul came wandering in and then sat down on the cream sofa at the end of the room. With a sigh of relief he lay back against its soft leather, and then looked over in my direction.

        "That sure was stressful" Paul confided.

        "Yup, it was"

        "What do you think of the script so far James?"

        "I don't like it; crime and murder are boring subjects."

        "Awesome, then I'm not the only person who feels that wayŚ"

        "That's right" I said with a grin.

        We chatted for ten minutes' more. After which, Paul left the room and I resumed my writing. However, my thoughts were split in two, between that of my girlfriend Jenna and Paul. Both of them seemed to care about me a great deal, but in obviously different ways.

        Upon returning to my flat, I found Jenna sprawled out on the sofa, and from what I could tell she was frustrated.

        For those of you not in the know, my girlfriend had long brown hair and emerald green eyes; with a diminutive figure and lightly tanned skin which I thought was real hot.

        "Where were you? Your shift finished an hour ago and you didn't even answer my call--!" Jenna asked in a demanding tone.

        "O, I got a little distracted. There was this great art event going on in the presidio"

        "Mm... I remember seeing that on the news this morning, but you're not of the hook... yet"

        "O, really" I asked.

        "Ya, really, come to the bedroom and I'll show you why"

        To the master bedroom we went, where we proceeded to make out, before getting down sex. Jenna sure was awesome in bed, and played the role of a slut perfectly. She loved taking it from behind and I loved giving it.

        Out of all the women that had come and gone during my short life of twenty-six years, Jenna had been the most pleasing yet.

        Unfortunately, that was one of last few pleasant days we spent together. As I was too much of a workaholic and she was really high maintenance. Our break up did not happing overnight, heck... I wish it had in some ways. As we spiraled down from strong bonds of love, into constant arguments and her throwing demands at me, which I could not meet. Then one day she was just gone, her clothes and items cleared from my flat, and in its wake was a horrible solitude filled with pleasant, yet fading memories.

        When I went to work the next day, I found Paul waiting in my office. Paul was not the type of guy to wait around, and whatever was on his mind must have been very important.

        He quickly sat up as I entered and closed the distance between us, "I was wondering if you were ever going to show up,"

        "Uh, sorry, but I have a lot going on at the moment..."

        "Did something happen between you and Jenna?" Paul asked, sounding overly concerned.

        "Yeah, she dumped me."

        "That bitch" cussed Paul.

        "Look, I really don't want to talk about it, so just give me some alone time, Ok?"

        "You know where to find me when you..."

        "Yeah I do, thanks," I interjected.

        I refuse to mention the rest of the events for that lame day, so I'll fast forward a little, to Wednesday, some two days later. It was mid afternoon and I just returned home early from work. Someone had left me a message, so I set the answer machine to play it back

        'Hey James, it's me Paul, there's an awesome football game on tonight, want to come over to my place and drown those sorrows of yours with me?'

        It looked like Paul was trying to make up for his verbal blunder, but I wasn't in the mood nor was I in the mood to eat. Pouring myself a small gin and tonic, I then let hours of junk TV shows drown my depression. However, it could not silence the one thought that had been playing in my mind like a broken record for days now.

        Why had Jenna left so suddenly?

        Eight o'clock quickly rolled in and by that point I was sick of being home alone, and right now Paul was the only person who wanted to spend some time with me. So I decided to take him up on his offer, and drove over to his place through the developing nighttime traffic.

        I arrived at his door and jabbed at the doorbell, and a minute later Paul showed up at the door, welcoming me inside with a affectionate hug. We watched a game or two of football and truthfully I don't remember which teams actually played. It was all the same to me though, because it was just a bunch of people running about with a ball and then kicking it, a no brainer really. Paul was getting quite drunk too. I had no idea how much he had to drink in advance, but he had certainly downed three beers since I had shown up.

        "I want to show you something" Paul said mysteriously.

        "Um, sure..."

        "Don't go being like that now, I only want to show you some stories I typed up" he explained with a little slur.

        No sooner was sat on his computer chair, before the messy desk and the laptop that dwelt there, when Paul started browsing the folder directories and then double clicked open an Microsoft office file.

        What I seen right then astounded me; it was a word for word recount of our torrid night together, typed up in a passionate tone. However, before I could dwell on it, Paul closed that office file and opened another. This story was about me as well. The folder contained fifteen stories in total, where they all about me, I dared wonder.

        Paul spun the computer chair around with me still sitting on it and then gazed into the pools of my eyes, and what I seen in his eyes just confirmed what the stories had said.

        Paul was in love with me and may have been for some while.

        He then leaned in and kissed me softly. I wasn't sure how to react at first but eventually my lips returned the tender affection. While his hands wandered down my body, caressing and stroking me. We didn't waste long in escaping his computer room and wound our way back to his bedroom. Embracing each other longingly we kissed again, while my right hand ruffled his black hair.

        It didn't take long for us to undress and soon I found myself on my knees, before his erect seven inch penis.

        "Suck it baby" he demanded.

        I was hesitant, and it was no wonder why. I had never done this sort of thing before, but I worked up the courage and went down on him, taking his cock into mouth. At first I gagged, but quickly found the safe level to stay at. I licked and sucked on his cock with all the experience of a beginner, trying my best to please him as I grasped his thighs. Time seemed to stand still as I sucked him off, until he eventually came, shooting his hot white load into my mouth in bursts.

        It was not the greatest taste but I swallowed it all and then wiped my lips off with my palm. We switched positions then and this time around Paul went down on me, eagerly taking my erect six inch cock into his warm wet mouth. His urgent licking, sucking and teasing nibbles drove me crazy. This man was a pro at giving blow jobs, and there was nothing I could do to slow the pleasure that his oral fucking was delivering o so rapidly.

        As I felt myself about to orgasm Paul with drew his mouth and then capped my cock with his right hand. I came in his hand with loud moans of pleasure escaping my throat, much to the pleasure of Paul, who grinned up at me, and then flashed his cum stained hand at me.

        The very next thing I felt was Paul pushing me down onto the soft double bed, "Rest on your knees baby and spread your legs wide, yeah just like that" he grunted.

        He lubed up his cock with my still warm cum and then moved behind me. Like a panther pouncing on its prey, he quickly wrapped me up in his embrace. Lining his waist up with mine, he arched his hips and prepared to claim his prize. With one hand he parted my ass-cheeks and then slid his cock right on up into me, as my love hole enveloped it with a slurp. Paul then began moving his hips in constant motion. I felt his member soar into my hidden heights. He used his left hand to masturbate my cock rapidly and the other to play with my excited nipples. His moist lips and tongue were at busy work too, kissing and sucking my arched neck with a passion that I had never felt before.

        All I could do was moan and groan desperately, while my new lover held me in sway, as the pounding of his cock relentlessly picked up pace, working towards a crescendo. Our moans were loud and quite frequent, as we climbed the ladder of ecstasy together.

        "Yes, o yes, fuck me faster baby" Paul rasped amidst his gasping breaths.

        So I bucked my hips faster, enjoying every brilliant burst of pleasure that his thick hard member delivered.

        When it was over and we both had cum, I curled up on the bed beside him, and gazed off into the distance.

        "I love you James, will you be my boyfriend?" asked Paul in a faltering tone, as he cradled my right hand lovingly in his own.

To be conintued? Not sure..."